Petite schoolgirl gagging on cock before sex

Petite schoolgirl gagging on cock before sex
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Aunt Liz 2 The experience of the previous day seemed like a dream as I woke up. But it was definitely not dream as my surroundings were my Aunt Liz's bedroom and my naked ass being in her bed. Immediately my dick responded, but had no time to react, I had to hurry and get ready for the State High School swimming meet. So I jumped in the shower. Ten minutes later, my cock still filled with blood but soft enough to let gravity allow it to dangle, I opened the door to get out of the shower.

Aunt Liz surprised me snapping pictures of my wet naked body as I exited the shower. At first, my initial reaction was one of modestly and started to hide my member, that only lasted a second or so as Aunt Liz said, "hey, what's with the sudden shyness?" The shyness completely evaporated as my eyes caught her free-floating tits shift under the silky top that allowed her hard nipples to stretch the fabric surface as they oscillated to her movements as she snapped picture after picture.

My cock responded, again being flaccid put filling to size. "Give me an Adonis pose, smarty", she commanded with a smile and a wink. I did my best, turning slightly, raising one leg, my cock silhouetted against it. Made me feel kind of sleazy, but definitely showing off. Aunt abruptly stopped, threw a towel at me and said, "get dressed and meet me in the kitchen, we have to get going". Breakfast was on the table, so I dove in while my Aunt played with her laptop down loading from her camera.

As I finished my breakfast, Aunt told me to come over and look at what she had put into her laptop. There I was, albeit with my head cut off, but there were the pictures of my naked body getting out of the shower. "Damn Carl, you are looking pretty darn sexy, if I do say so myself" she exclaimed, while grabbing my balls through my school labeled gym pants.

Looking at the pictures, I noticed a superimposed "CC" moniker in the lower redhead and nasty watch part on cutescam com corner of the photos.

At the same time as I was relishing the feel of my Aunt's fingers manipulating my testicles through my pants, I asked her what the "CC" was.

"Oh, that is just a club I belong to, have it programmed into my digital. We have to go, or we will be late".

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Took me almost the entire drive over to the college field house to get my mind off of my Aunt and into my game mind, but with the added incentive or motivation that I needed to qualify this weekend to make the finals for next weekend. I wanted more opportunities of nailing my Aunt.

The day's competition was broke into three segments, of which I had an event in each one. Unfortunately I placed third in my first event which put me outside the automatic seeding, but my time was also the third fastest of the four heats in that event, so I was placed as an alternate. Would have to do better in the next event. At the break between segments, Aunt Liz came over and stated she wanted to introduce a friend that had watched my event.

Feeling kind of self important, of course I would. Then again, would not have had time to say no anyway as a middle forties or so, petite, red headed woman approached. She made me feel a bit self-conscious as her eyes were focused directly at my crotch, which was covered only by my racing Speedo. At the same time, my eyes did a quick scan of her body. Dressed in a loose, v-necked green cotton wrap blouse, I could barely make out maybe "B" size breasts guessing from what could be observed from the slight jiggling motion of her exposed cleavage.

She had a very small waist that led abruptly to the slight flare of her hips, all covered with short, black skirt. Nice athletic legs too. Can not believe my mind, not only actually checking out what a week ago would be an "old" lady, but actually setting off a testosterone desire of curiosity.

"Hi, my name is Dana, a friend of Liz's", she said as her eyes moved slowly up my body to mine at the same time extending her hand. Taking her hand, "nice to meet you, I'm Carl, Liz's." I started, but Aunt Liz cut me off. "Dana belongs to my social club, you better get ready for the next event" as she gently turned Dana around and started back towards the stands. Absolutely my eyes followed. My Aunt has one hell of a body, all the right curves, but even older women like Dana still drove my sexual curiosity.

If my Aunt was a 9, Dana was at least a 7 ½. Somehow I was developing a lust for older females. I won the next event, giving me a secure seeded spot in next week's finals. During the break between the next segments, again my Aunt came down congratulating me on my win. "Guess this means it might be best to stay with me the entire week, doesn't it?" she said, looking directly into my eyes with a sexy smile and a wink.

She leaned forward, giving my cheek a kiss, whispering in my ear, "we'll work on endurance training all week, if you catch my drift." "Better hold that towel in front of you", she said as her hand brushed against my now hard cock, poking sideways almost out of my Speedo.

Damn, I was horny now. Over my Aunt's shoulder I saw an older woman approaching with an almost shit eating grin on her face. Crap, now I was getting embarrassed, she must have seen my dick getting hard and no place to hide it.

This woman had to be in her early fifties even though she had a younger gate to her movements. She zeroed directly in on us, "Liz, how are you? And…who is this good looking stud?" Aunt Liz spun around, "Nancy, glad you could intense threesome session with smoking hot twins it, this is Carl.

What do you think?" Nancy looked me up and down as if assessing a piece of meat, "Yummy, when can I take him home". She laughed. Could not help myself, this fifty-ish woman was now being checked out by this eighteen-ish boy. Her auburn hair was cut quite short, beautiful hazel eyes, some wrinkles around her eyes, excellent choice and application of make up, with bright red lips. Checking out the rest of her, as she was doing to me, she had huge tits.

They were definitely at least a couple of handfuls each, taking up much of her upper body. I'd say she was about 5'5" and around 140 pounds, maybe even 150 due to her humongous breasts. No protruding stomach as her pelvic bones were still obvious beneath her clothes, her hips were wider showing her slight middle age spread, but her legs extremely shapely.

"Well, what do you think?" Nancy queried, "You like them?" motioning to her tits as I stared. "Ah.Uhmm, sorry", I broke from my trans. "No reason to apologize, that is what they are there for, you like them?" I looked at my Aunt, she just giggled and said, "Well Carl, do you like them?" "Uh&hellip.yes, of course" I stammered.

The both laughed as they turned around. Managed to win the busty oriental vixen has her pussy slammed event, solidifying my seeding in next weeks final. On the way back to my Aunt's house I was feeling pretty frisky and kept groping at my Aunt's body. Grabbing a tit here, tweaking her nipple there, whenever the opportunity presented itself, as she could not fend me away as she drove.

As we approached her house, she warned, "do not get too wound up here, we have to go meet someone for dinner and I have plans for later tonight.

So save your load." As she grabbed my crotch and squeezed so tight my eyeballs almost popped out of my head. Took us almost an hour to get ready, but boy did my Aunt get dressed to kill. She had on a short yellow chiffon dress with a cleavage that dipped below the centerline of her firm tits. The back was open to dp german rodox porn 2019 below her waist and I could make out an outline of her thong underwear.

My pecker immediately stood to attention. "Stove that idea Carl, nice thought though, but not tonight," as she patted the front of my dress pants while walking past me. Looking a little surprised, "Oh my, going Rambo, this ought to be interesting", she giggled. My mind raced with the consequences of my decision to hang free. The anticipation of later that evening kept my cock in a stage of instant anticipation, a slight brush would cause an immediate hard on.

We went to a very fancy dinner club where my Aunt had made reservations. Every one there was dressed to the nines. What was obvious to me was the make up of the patrons. It seemed as though most of the pairings were older women and younger men.

Kind of felt that I fit right in with my Aunt, so I grabbed her ass as we headed for the table. She just looked back at me and smiled while taking my hand in hers as we walked. Sitting at our assigned table was Nancy, and some guy that was may be in his late twenties.

Could not help but have a smirk. But then the guy jumped up and greeted my Aunt with a full-blown kiss on the lips. I think my mouth must have it the floor. "Close your mouth, you'll catch flies", Nancy whispered to me while she motioned me to sit down next to her while she introduced us.

My Aunt leaned over to me and softly told me that Adam was her date for the night.


That she had made this arrangement prior to knowing I was going to be there and she would make strip poker foursome chicks happy dick stockings and athletic up to me at a later date. "Would that be ok?" Aunt Liz asked. "Yeah, I guess so…but aren't you marri." Her finger stopped me pressing lightly against my lips.

"Tell you what, I know that you are up to it and if you do one more thing for me, I will fuck your brains out this coming week." She whispered in my ear. "What do I have to do?" I asked eagerly. "I need to you escort Nancy for the night and do what ever she wants", she whispered, "Anything… I promise you it will be all your pleasure.

Will you do it?" " I'll try", I said pensively. "Don't worry, I know you can do it and I look forward to us too," as she tickled my ear with her tongue. Barely settling onto the chair, I felt Nancy's hand on my thigh. Without hesitation, she slid her hand right to my crotch grabbing my balls as she twisted slightly towards me. Nancy had on a very revealing black dress, and her cleavage exposed a tremendous amount of her bodacious tits that were now rising and falling with increasing frequency as her breath quickened.

Her nipples poked out of the fabric of her dress as if she had two more thumbs attached to the end of her tits. " Awe, you do like them," she said quietly. Coming out of my stupor, she leaned forward and without warning her lips locked upon mine. Unbelievably my lips responded in kind and my tongue initiated a probe into her mouth. The whole time, her right hand was still manipulating my cock and balls through the thin cloth of my slacks.

If this did not stop, I was going to lose a load as my body was uncontrollably heading for a climax. Nancy caught the urgency of the moment and just as my cock started to pulse, she clamped down hard at the base of my cock while breaking our embrace.

She squeezed so tight that the feeling left my dick, but it felt as though my balls were filling up with what should have been squirting from my cock.

Seconds later, it was over. It was like I had an orgasm without the mess. My breathing re-regulated, as Nancy had this look of self-satisfaction on her face.

Looking across the table, my Aunt Liz had an expression of wonder, her mouth forming a small "Oh". Shifting her look to Nancy, she asked, "He didn't did he?" "Yes…and no." Nancy answered, "he definitely O'd, but I cut it off at the stem…more for later." Nancy let out a little laugh; "this should be one of my dormida por el culo tube porn birthday's in a long, long time".

My Aunt ordered drinks and without asking me, she ordered me a glass of wine. This was another first campus ex girlfrienbd lucy doll getting fucked all folded up me and it did not take long for its effects to relax me slightly. Fortunately dinner was served before my second glass was half done, because the wine seemed to be taking some of my inhibitions away. Somehow, my left hand was now on Nancy's thigh and my cock was beginning to recover.

When dinner was through, Nancy excused herself to freshen up. My eyes never left her body as she walked away. Damn, what has changed in me, I wondered. My mind was filled with desire for her, not even reflecting on how old I was. My body begged for Nancy's. She had on a long black dress, the hem ending half way down her calves.

From the back, her body looked like a wasp, accentuated by size of her upper body and the slight mid-age spread of her ass. I had to see her naked…just had to. As dinner broke up, my Aunt gave me a hug and kiss, while also giving my gonads a quick squeeze, "enjoy your evening Carl, and looking forward to getting these this week".

Then her and Adam disappeared into the night. Nancy came up behind me taking my arm as we headed to the door. Very few words were exchanged as we drove to what I assumed was Nancy's condo, but that did not lessen the lust percolating in my mind.

It also did not help that every once in awhile she would reach over and grab my cock through my pants.


Like she was checking to see if it was still there. It seemed as we turned into her complex, Nancy's demeanor changed, at first slightly then more so. First almost asking for me to open the garage door, then telling me to open her door. It was more the tone. She still had a light smile, but her eyes had a look of determination. Something was happening, but it was not abating my horniness. As soon as we entered the condo, Nancy spun me around almost pulling my shirt from me.

"Strip", she commanded with authority, "come on, right now". I kicked off my shoes, unbuckled my trousers, and in seconds was standing naked in front of her with a semi-hard on just barely registering the demand in her voice. She grabbed my balls hard, almost squeezing them to the point of popping them as she pulled me towards her.

With her free hand she pulled the back of my head and at the same time pulled down on my ball sacks to where our mouths were at the same height. Absolutely I responded as her mouth roughly attacked mine, her tongue forced all the way back to my tonsils.

This lasted a few minutes, and then she tugged my nuts down hard while pushing the top of my head down. As my knees buckled to the floor, Nancy released my balls, grabbing the front of her dress and raising the hem. There, right in front of my face, was thick patch of dark curly pubic hair above clean-shaven pussy lips.

"Eat me!" Nancy demanded, "eat my juice." As she thrust my head into her crotch while spreading her legs slightly. My hands without thought, reached around and clasped on to her ass as my mouth clamped on to her exposed cunt lips, her pubic hair tickling my nostrils. She stepped forward, causing me to lose my balance and start to fall on to my back. In a coordinated move that could not have been choreographed better, Nancy moved over me until her tushy curvy blonde gets her ass gaped was sitting directly on my mouth with my tongue buried deep into her wet, hot cunt.

Nancy rubbed her cunt across my mouth, as if she was fucking my mouth. I alternately would suck her clit, her pussy lips, and then use my tongue again while trying to catch a gulp of air as her entire weight humped against my face.

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Her juices began to flow in volumes making me have to swallow. She pumped on my face for a good fifteen minutes and I did my best to match her flow and ebbs.

Then she started to cum, smashing her crotch hard onto my face as her orgasm came to a climax. Thought I was going experience a broken jaw right before I suffocated. Then it was over. Nancy leaned forward onto all fours, her hyper extended pussy lips hanging above my face from her gapping cunt hole. Her liquids now stringing from around her cunt to my mouth, glistening in what light was available. My hand had inadvertently moved to my cock and even though I had not exploded, there was quite a bit stringy pre-cum emitting from the end of my cock, forming a small puddle on my upper stomach.

Nancy stood up, "go get cleaned up", she ordered. She pointed me to the bathroom. The bathroom only had three walls, exposed completely.

I looked around; this was a very unique facility. There was a huge bed in the middle of the main room, the exposed bathroom to one side and a hot tub on the other. The entire ceiling was covered in mirrors with cameras mounted to every corner. Another room was off to the side and through the dim indirect lighting I could see that the room appeared to be decorated in some medieval decorum with wood floor, wood benches, and cast iron utensils lying around and mounted on the walls.

Nancy went to the bed and watched as I quickly took a shower.

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After drying, Nancy motioned me to climb on the bed, patting the mattress with her hand. She was lying on her side, supporting herself with her elbow. Her heavy tits pulled down by gravity one on top of the other. I visualized a picture of Mae West look alike that was in some smut book I had seen. Of course my body was responding and by the time my mouth reached the nipple of her left tit, my cock was back to being harder than a rock.

"Hold on there cowboy, need to stretch this out a bit. Here take this." Nancy commanded as she handed me a pill. Doing as she told me, I swallowed the pill as she rolled me onto my back and started exploring my body with both her hands and mouth. Nancy worked her way down to my hard cock, licking the shaft as I grabbed at one of her huge tits. She took her time, as if there brazzers naughty america 30 minxnxx not any urgency.

Me on the other hand, I was trying to push my cock into her mouth. Nancy would have none of that, taking her right hand and squeezing the top of my cock as I felt her long thumbnail pierce the entrance of my pee hole. The shock ran right up my spine, the immovability of my hard cock being spread internally by Nancy's sharp thumbnail forcing it's way inside. "Patience my dear, I need to enjoy this and you need to learn," Nancy breathed as she concentrated on her endeavor.

I tried to catch my breath, tried to relax and then looked at what she was doing. She had her entire thumb imbedded in my cocks piss hole! Nancy, while holding my cock with her other hand, began fucking my cock with her thumb.

The feeling went from pain, to discomfort, and then for some reason to a sadistic pleasure with each thrust. Again my body on its own volition began to meet her thrusts with my own pelvic thrusts. She pulled out her thumb, the cold air rushing into the open cavity of cock.

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Then she replaced her thumb with her forefinger, driving it deeper in my cock. My gawd, her finger was imbedded fully into the top of my cock, the first three or so inches of my cock looking like a snake that had swallowed pig.

She worked it in and out, my body again making uncontrollable motions. Without forewarning, she pulled her finger out of my cock and encapsulated my dick with her mouth. Her tongue penetrated the void left by her finger. The feeling was indescribable, my balls wadded up ready to unleash a load of sperm. Nancy perceived this and just as my nut convulsed, she clamped the base of my cock as if it was in a vise.

For the second time tonight, my orgasm had been stopped. But for some reason, my cock refused to soften, like it had a mind of its own. Nancy continued her ministrations for a few more minutes.

Then she pulled off my dick smiling at me as her hand massaged my hard member, cupping my full testicles, squeezing them between her fingers. Nancy reached across me, dragging those luscious tits across my face as she reached for something on the nightstand while still clasping on to my ball sack with the other. I sucked in the flesh of her tit, she shifted slightly, her nipple finding its way in my mouth.

I had an urge to suck her nipple hard enough to engulf the entire breast. No way, her tit was almost half the size of my head. Nancy broke free, going back to working on my balls.

She clasped her hand around the base of my scrotum pulling hard and twisting my balls around as her other hand clasped a metal ring around the base. She compressed the ring, it felt like she was going to cut my nuts off. "There, that should keep you controlled", she stated as she bounced my gonads in her hand. Nancy had me stand up. My testicles swung beneath me like an overhead speed punching bag.

As if she could not resist, she gave them a hard slap, my balls swinging back and forth against my inner thighs. My balls were the size of a baseball, and just as hard, only shaped like a water filled balloon hanging from the knot. They felt almost disconnected from my scrotum. Did not have much time to reflect as Nancy pulled me back on to the bed right on top of her. My penis instinctively found the entrance to her cunt. The warmth, the wetness, was not lost on me as I slowly penetrated into her vaginal tract.

Finally, I thought, I will be able to fuck a cunt to completion as I drove harder and harder into Nancy. She responded in kind, meeting my thrusts with her own. It was as if I needed her and she needed me, there was no difference in age, just mutual lust. This lustful abandon drove my movement, clasping my mouth upon hers, my hand manipulating one of her tits, the in and out pounding slamming my free swinging nuts into the folds of her ass as Nancy rose to meet my thrusts.

Our bucking built to a crescendo, her breathing becoming labored, as my brain sent the signal that the time was now. I had an orgasm of such intensity that had to hold my breath, but as my body convulsed in spasmodic movements nothing made it past the ring pinching my scrotum. It felt as though each convulsion sent a stream of jism into my sack. Nancy simultaneously clamped her legs around me, arching her back as she expelled, "God damn…I needed this&hellip.Agh!" as she too came.

I collapsed on to her, spent, except my cock was still hard. Not giving me a chance to catch my breath, Nancy pushed my head down. I was faced with her splayed open cunt, her pussy lips hyper extended from our hard fucking.

The smell from her juices tantalized my nostrils, as I dove in. Burying my face in that hot, wet cunt my tongue reached fucked in shiny tan pantyhose as far as I could stretch it.


Then I went to sucking on her clit, pulling it as far into my mouth as possible. Back and forth, clit to pussy, pussy to clit. Nancy again responded, her hips anticipating each of my movements. "YES!" she shouted as again she climaxed, then laid still closing her eyes. In seconds she was sound asleep, her pussy dribbling out a rivulet of her own juices.

I do not know why, but licked it up carefully. Nancy moaned softly. Even though she was asleep, I had an insatiable desire to both eat and explore her pussy with my fingers. I sucked her clit while opening her folds, putting first two fingers, then three. Nancy just lay there, moaning occasionally. Her cunt was amazing; I managed to get four fingers in, and then closing my thumb against my palm, inserted my entire hand.

Her cunt had expanded enough, holy shit! Between fucking her with my hand and sucking her clit at the same time, it had made me close to another orgasm. With my free hand I started stroking my cock. Nancy did not move, only moaning occasionally between slight snores.

As my frenzy increased, the momentum of my impending orgasm gained strength. Pow! My mind said I came, my hand felt the jerking of my cock. Nothing came out. Again it seemed as though my ejaculation was throttled by the tight ring around my scrotum. With each pulse seemingly being injected back into my nut bag, expending the skin. I slowly pulled my hand from Nancy's cunt, watching in fascination as her cunt regained its shape in such a short time.

Standing up in front of the mirror, my balls had expanded to the size of softball. Just as hard too, could not squeeze them and they now kept me from putting my legs together. To be honest, it felt big girl hors sexy rep of cool to pick them up and drop them…must be the kid in me.

Laid back on the bed next to Nancy, trying to get comfortable, but my cock was still rock hard. Wondered how this could be as I had climaxed at least five times, what ever Nancy given me, it was keeping me hard. She started to stir, reaching sleepily towards my dick, a smile forming across her face.

"Ah, still ready I see," she whispered, then rolled over getting up on her knees, her face on the pillow. "Get behind me", Nancy directed. I complied, laying my cock across the crack of her ass, my enlarged, hard testicles slapping the rear of her thighs. She reached beneath grabbing my balls between her legs, "oh yeah, these have really filled up", she said as her hand gave them a squeeze.

Her body shifted forward enough for my cock head to trace between her ass cheeks. Then she pushed back a little, stopping the descent of my cock, not quite down to her cunt yet. My mind was already thinking of impaling her cunt from behind, but I needed another inch or so. But I could feel my cock moving slightly into an area of her body that slowly yielding to the end of my dick. She pulled on my balls, further increasing the pressure on cock.

The orifice stubbornly yielded to my cock, the head moving in past a tight opening. She pushed back harder, and her body took in my entire length, her ass cheeks firm against my hipbones. "Yes,…yes, fuck my ass", she commanded. Oh my God…I thought. I have my dick buried in an ass…it is much tighter than a pussy.

Oh shit, it feels good…I started to move, first slowly, then… "Harder…fuck me harder, give it too me…" Nancy yelled. I started hammering, pulling her hips towards me as I drove my cock in as far as I could. I hammered as hard as I could, for as long as it took, perspiration running down my face.

Nancy just balanced on her knees and hands'; having me do all the work but that was ok. Her eyes were closed, but she goaded me on, "Yes…yes keep fucking".

I reached underneath her, rubbing her clit as I pounded. "OH…OH…OH, FUCK!" she yelled as her body convulsed, slamming hard against me. An electrical wave ran from my head to my groin…SHIT, this is the big one…HERE IT COMES.

Bam! My body said I was cumming, but no…pulse after pulse again was repelled by the constriction around my scrotum. My balls wanted to burst. Nancy fell forward, her ass releasing its death grip on my cock, an actual POP being emitted as my dick left her portal. I was played out. The next thing I knew, the sun was beating through the orgy in sem with amanda x brenda boop jesyka diamond bianca resa by. I had slept until morning.

Nancy was just walking out of the shower, drying her hair. Even in the light of day, her body was fantastic. "Hey sleepy head, time to get you back. Think we over did it last night from the size of your balls" she said, nodding towards the melon that my now flaccid cock was laying on.

There was a large purple round sack where my balls should have been. "Here, let me see if I can release that." She said as she sat on the bed between my legs. She looked serious as she tried to find a release. Then appeared to give up, giving my cock a gentle rub. "Guess I will have to have Liz take a look at that, come on get up, need to meet my husband for lunch today", she said without any hint of emotion. Son of a bitch, my gonads were so big I could not hide them in my pants. Nancy saw my predicament and just laughed, "Can't hide that, can you?" "Was hoping to release that, but…got carried away.

Thanks for the best birthday I've had in a long time", Nancy confided, giving me a kiss on the cheek.

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Taking both my hands into hers, she looked into my eyes, "You just gave a sixty year old woman the best fuck of her life, are you even twenty yet? Never mind…don't tell me, I want to relish for the rest of my life." My mouth must have been wide open; Nancy grinned and closed my mouth with her hands. An hour later, Nancy dropped me of at Aunt Liz's, but not before explaining my predicament. Aunt Liz closed the door, turned towards me and said, "ok, lets see it drop your drawers".

I obliged. She laughed hysterically, "my goodness, that is definitely a case of blue balls". She picked them up, twisting them from side to side then a furrow came across her forehead. "Hate to say it, but we have only one option. If we wait a couple of days your body will absorb a lot of the seminal liquid and we can probably get the ring off then", Aunt Liz confided. "But, unfortunately your Mother will be here in a couple of hours and that might be a problem". Shit, I thought as I headed up stairs.