Euro slut is very dirty minded hardcore groupsex

Euro slut is very dirty minded hardcore groupsex
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As we all wanted to eat, I dressed my shorts back and went to kitchen to heat up some food. Ben and George dressed too and sat at the kitchen table awaiting my mother's famous stew. In no time, food was on the table and we dug in. We weren't chatting, the only sounds we're making were slurping and chewing sounds. One might argue that our mouths were full, but that never stopped us before - we usually talked while we ate.

Not that day - I guess we were really hungry. But, I didn't miss to notice naked torso of each of my buddies. And they were gorgeous. Even with their shorts on, they looked so sexy to me. At that moment, my father entered the house. "Hello boys. I see you're busy. Never mind me, just enjoy. Johnny, I came by just to take some stuff since all three of us, mom, your sister and me will stay at your uncles over night and at least until tomorrow evening.

It turns out that prepping the walls for painting will take much more time than we anticipated. So, kiddo, you're on your own 'til tomorrow evening." "No problem dad" I said with an idea forming in my mind "but can I ask you something. Is it OK for George and Ben to spend the night here?

To keep me some company? You can be sure that nothing bad will happen to the house, I'll make sure of that. But, I'll feel much better if they're with me." "Well, I have no objections to that. Your friends will need to go and ask for permission from their parents right away - I can wait for them only 15 layla prices enjoying a hard dick stuffing from her teacher pornstars hardcore 20 minutes before return back." "Than we better go - and do not touch my plate, I'll finish my stew when I come back" Ben was already on its feet.

George followed and with my dad in his and moms room, I was left alone in the dining room. I should say that, at the time when this was happening and especially in my part of the world, sleepovers weren't common.

Three of us barely spent few nights at each other's houses, and that was back when we were little kids. I was expecting negative answer from my father, but he surprised me by saying yes. I also expected that George and Ben would get permissions in no time - after all, our families were very close and everything went in our favor. "Johnny, you'll have to setup living room for sleeping if you, Ben and George, are to sleep here tonight.

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And do take good care of the house - I'm putting my trust in you . do not squander it" my father was talking loudly from his and moms bedroom. I walked to the bedroom door and said "I won't dad, it'll all be OK.

Thank you for this - It means a lot to me" I was honest. As we chatted, Ben was first to come back "My parents agreed so I can stay over night". "Good. I'm finished packing so I'll wait few more minutes for George. Son, if he's not back until I have to go" dad said looking at me "well, you'll at least have Ben to keep you company." We chatted for few more minutes, and finally George showed up "I'm good to stay.

My dad says hi" George said to my father, who was already on his way out "I'm going back now. Try not to make too much mess" he said as he went on his way. As soon as my dad left the house, we were back at the table. After our meal was over, we cleaned the dishes and went back to living room. We sat on the couch, and I turned TV on. Nature show was on again and we watched something about chimps. As the show went on, we just joked and jmac carry holly mack and fuck her pussy on top naturaltits hardcore about monkeys.

But, when section about chimps mating started we quieted and some heat started to flow between us. As we watched some big chimp hump his female mate, Ben said "Guys, I'm hard again." "Monkey sees, monkey do" George joked, yet his shorts showed some tenting too. As he was sitting in the middle, with Ben and me at his sides, he just reached with his hands to our crotches. To be honest, as soon as Ben spoke of his boner, I pictured it and my own dick hardened in no time.

"Well it seems that we all have the same problem . let me do something about yours" George said pulling himself closer to me. His hand rubbed my hard member through my shorts. "Mmmmmm . let me make it easy for you" I said lifting my ass of the couch and pulling my shorts off. Free from its confinement, my cock slapped back on my belly. Ben followed and undressed too.

His gorgeous cock pointed straight out of his body, skin halfway off its dark red cock head. He walked over to me, cock swinging side to side. He stood by my right side closely watching what George was doing to me. An he was busy caressing my crotch.

He gently ran his hand over my junk, massaging my cock and balls. It felt really good, and I started to respond to his caressing with movements of my hips.

His other hand landed on my chest, foundling my tits in wide circular motions. When he took my left nipple between his fingers, I couldn't help but moan loudly. "Yes George, make him squirm" Ben said, slowly stroking his hard cock inches away from my face "make him all hot and ready for me. I want to fuck his ass." "Let me suck you Ben" I said "let me lube your cock in my mouth." Ben eagerly pushed his cock in my face.

As I took it in my mouth, his hardness felt really good. I started to move my tongue around his cock head making him sigh loudly. My tongue rubbed his sensitive spot below his cock head, which made Ben shiver and move his hips forward. But, as George took my nipple out of his hands and into his mouth, I froze from sudden rush of pleasure.

"Mmmmmm, don't stop, I just got into it" Ben protested, but I couldn't help myself - pleasure was too strong. George's hand was still over my hard dick so I started to move my hips grinding my cock on his palm. Combined with his sucking on my nipple, my cock started to twitch and ooze precum. Ben's dick was still in my mouth, and as I didn't move or did anything, he decided to help himself by mouth fucking me.

He started his fuck motions slowly at first, but he picked up speed fast. Soon enough, he he'd shove in his cock all the way, then he'd pull it out almost entirely, leaving just the tip of his glans between my lips. George stopped his sucking of my nipple and lifted his hand from my lap. I wanted to protest, but Ben was so much into fucking my mouth that I simply didn't. George, on the other hand, had other plans: "Come on John, sit properly - I want to sit on your cock" As he said that, Ben pulled himself out of my mouth and said "what about me?

When do I get to fuck some ass?" "Well, what if George would kneel on the couch? That way I can fuck him and you could fuck me at the same time." "Yes, lets try that" George said climbing on the couch. He assumed his position on his knees and hands, propping his ass to me. Thanks to his lean build, as he lowered his head his but cheeks opened exposing his pink pucker. In that moment - when I saw his pink asshole slowly contracting - I just had to put my lips on that ass.

It was something that I just did without giving any thought to it. I knelt down behind George and just immersed my face in his ass. My lips landed on his pucker, feeling wrinkled skin of his hole. He twitched a little, but than relaxed releasing big sigh of pleasure: "Ahhhhhh Nice black lovely girl looks cute on dong girlfriend hardcore .

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that feels really good" he said while his body pushed his ass back on my face. I started to run tip of my tongue in circles on his asshole. I licked and kissed his hole some more than left his ass to take a breather. I looked at Ben and he was jerking himself steadily, watching me licking George's asshole with wide opened eyes.

He couldn't believe what was happening in front of him and his face clearly showed its amazement. "George, I'm gonna fuck your ass with my tongue" I said while giving Ben devilish look. With my face back on his ass, I stiffened my tongue and pushed against his sphincter. Tip of my tongue entered his hole, his sphincter still tightly clenching around it.

I pushed some more, as far as I could push it. Warmth of his insides on my tongue was really exciting. He must've felt really good, since his hips and ass started to thrust back on my tongue while he loudly moaned.

My tongue street prostitute with tight pussy is worth every penny went on for couple of minutes, and I got tired of it.

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Ben, on the other hand, was very delighted with what he saw. His hand steadily stroked his cock, and precum seeped off of his piss slit. I stopped rimming George and grabbed Vaseline. After I generously smeared my index finger into it, my hand went straight to George's asshole. "Ahhh . it's cold" he protested. I slowly rubbed my finger all over his pucker, smearing Vaseline and lubing him. Than, I grabbed some more and lubed my cock, making all my fingers and palm slippery.

I went back to his ass and continued massaging his anus with my index finger. He responded by moving his hips in small circular motion and sighing. Than, I centered my fingertip on his shit-hole and slightly pushed.

Finger went inside with little resistance, followed by loud moan of pleasure George made. "Ahhhhh . this is nice ." George mumbled. I slowly moved my finger in and out of his ass for a couple of times, than added second finger. This time his ass fought a little more, but after I applied more pressure both my fingers went in all the way at once. "Uuuhhhhhh . yeah . that was good . fuck my ass John" George was clearly enjoying. So I did, for few more minutes, and George responded by slumming his ass on my fingers harder and harder.

"Come on Johnny, slam your dick in him and let me feel some ass already. I need to fuck you, and I need it really bad" Ben was impatient. George was loose enough already, so I positioned my self behind him, aimed my cock hawt mother id like to fuck gets a lusty fucking his asshole and pushed. My cock head easily passed his sphincter and went inside.

Tightness of hiss ass and warmth of his insides were incredible. This sensation was way better that I could ever imagined it. I halted my penetration to savor this moment - my first fuck. Wow !!! I truly was no virgin any more. Sudden coldness disturbed my moment of triumph - Ben was smearing Vaseline on my ass. He was quick about it, roughly moving his finger on my ass hole. His roughness gave me extra joy, I have to admit.

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In result, I jolted my hips forward and my cock entered Georges ass all the way. My pelvis met his toned butt cheeks with a slap. "Ahhhhh . Johnny, slow down . it hurts" George protested in painful voice. "Sorry" I said and held myself inside him without any movements, hoping his pain will pass as he accommodates. "Are you OK?" "Just hold it like that, it's already fading away" George said with relieve in his voice.

Ben, on my other end, was not so considerate. He smeared Vaseline on my asshole and removed his hand without even trying to test my ass with his fingers. Immediately I felt his hard cock on my ass, and as soon as he found my lubed chute he pushed hard. As he pushed, his bulbous cock head widened my sphincter entering my insides.

Searing pain pierced through my body from my ass straight to my head. "Aaarrggghhhhhh . Ben slow down, it hurts" I yelled. But Ben was far out of his world - hi felt only tightness of my ass on his cock and he just pushed harder and further into me. I yelped more as his cock penetrated me, but I had nowhere to go - George was in front of me, impaled on my hardness and Ben was holding my hips tightly with his hands while pushing his big cock in my ass.

Yet, as hi pushed further I felt more and more pleasure mixing overtaking the pain. Ben's penetration ended with loud slapping sound when his pelvis landed on my ass sinking his huge cock all the way in my ass.

"God damn Ben, you're big" I squealed. "Oh John, your ass feels soooooo goood . you're so tight . and warm inside" Ben praised my hole "and I'm gonna fuck you real hard." "Wait just a moment, let me relax . just keep it still in me". In the meantime, George must've got used to my cock in his ass, because he slowly began to pull himself off of me.

He moved his ass forward until just the tip of my cock head was all that was left in him, than he jerked back in swift motion making me enter his insides with all my length at once. As he repeated his motion, pleasure spreading from my cock took over and pain from Ben's fast and impatient penetration was entirely gone. I was able to enjoy fullness in my bowels, hardness of Ben's big cock and warmth of his body on my back.

I needed him to start to fuck me. "Hit it Ben . fuck my ass . slam that monster of yours hard in me . I wanna feel you all the way to my throat . your cock feels so good" I grunted and commanded, and Ben was so eager to comply.

He started his fucking, slowly at first, pulling his 1st night with black man out of me, almost completely, followed by fast entering until his lap would hit my butt cheeks making loud slap sound.

As he started to fuck me, my cock started to move inside George's ass. It was heaven - big, hard, throbbing cock in my ass fucking me faster and faster and my hard member buried in gorgeous, round and tight butt in front of me.

From that day on, being fucked in the ass while I fucked somebody at the same nice ass blonde gets bros friend huge dick was biggest turn-on to me. And, I believe it will always be. Well, maybe there is something even better, like one more cock in my mouth - but i have to try that one yet.

Ben was now fucking me with full force, and as he did my own cock picked up speed moving inside George. Ben shifted his weight a little and with that his throbbing cock found my prostate. Feeling was so intense, and every time he'd run his cock head over it he added a little more to my pleasure brought by fucking George's ass.

Luckily for me, I squirted three times that day already so I was able to control my urge to give in and release my orgasm. Limited maneuvering space also helped. As Ben fucked me, I lowered my torso on George's back, making my ass more accessible to Ben. Gia paige rides keiran lees big cock like a cowgirl the same time, this enabled me to take George's throbbing dick in my hand and jerk him off.

"Ah yes John, jerk me off . fuck me . this is so awesome . oh, you feel so good in me" George obviously enjoyed himself. While I was trying to find better angle to grab his cock, I must've found his prostate with my cock because he literally yelped in ecstasy "aaaaahhhhh . yyeeesssss . more, do that more" he screamed while his ass started to move faster. With Ben constantly hitting my prostate and stimulating my ass with his dick, George grinding my own cock with his insides and me jerking George's hard and throbbing cock it was no wonder that I couldn't take it any longer.

Pressure building in my balls was too great to handle and I felt that I'm about to cum, unable to hold it any longer. "I'm there George . I'm gonna fill your ass . aaaaaaaaaaaahhh" and that was it. Rush of pleasure jerked my hips forward burying my cock as far as it would go inside George's ass. Pressure of George's buttocks on my pelvis, Ben's cock head hitting my prostate, his shaft stretching my ass - all of it made my orgasm the most intensive one ever.

First string of cum squirted in George's bowels, then came second, then third . Meanwhile, as I spasmed in my orgasm my ass and insides redhead teen sucks and gets anal fucked over Ben's cock which proved too much for him to.

"Yeeeaaaaaa . I'm cumming . take it John, take my load ." said Ben, also burying his cock deep in my ass. Throbs of his ejaculation were followed by heat of his spunk spreading all over my insides.

Ben froze as his orgasm lasted, grunting and moaning, squeezing me against him in orgasmic daze. His hips jerked, making his throbbing cock slightly move in me. Meanwhile, my orgasm lost some of its edge and my cock twitched inside George without any sperm shooting. One could say I was completely dry down there. All I was able to do was to lie on Georges back, letting myself to recover.

Ben also recovered a bit from his orgasm, releasing grip on my hips while his own cock ceased to throb inside me. "Wow . that was wow ." Ben caught his breath first. "I'm beat" I replayed "I have no cum in me left, but it was worth it" "Yeah, it was awesome" George commented "but I haven't finished yet" I grabbed his cock in my right hand - I figured I'll jerk him off but Ben had other idea "John, move over. Let me suck him.

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I want to make him cum in my mouth". So, i dismounted George, taking my cock out of his ass. Surprisingly, it was still hard despite of everything that happened that day. George turned and took a seat on the couch, slowly stroking his hardness already glistening from all the precum he was leaking.

Ben took kneeling position between his thighs and for a moment just watched George's slow strokes. Than he simply pushed his hand away from his cock ant took it in his mouth. Again, barely one third of George's big cock fitted in Ben's mouth, so Ben garbed rest of his shaft with his hand jacking him off in fast motions.

Ben's cheeks satp dad son couch satpsister in his mouth as he applied suction, and by movements of his Adam's apple it was obvious that his tongue dances over George's cock head in his mouth. George responded by moving his hips, slowly face fucking Ben.

Entire scene was really hot. But, as I felt really worn out, my cock deflated almost completely - yet I felt compelled to take part in what was going on in front of me. Being that Ben monopolized George's crotch and cock, all I could do was to kiss rest of George's body that I had access to.

His chest seemed like right target for my mouth, so I climbed on couch beside George and lowered my face on his, giving him passionate kiss. He accepted my kissing with enthusiasm, making out tongues wrestle. Our tonguing lasted for minute or two before I broke our kiss and lowered my mouth to his left nipple, planting soft wet kisses on my way down. As I took his nipple between my lips, he moaned loudly while he jerked his hips forward burying cock deeper into Ben's mouth.

I lightly sucked on his nipple, slightly touching it with the tip of my tongue. George responded by face fucking Ben faster and pressing my hand on his chest with his hand. "Oh my God . faster Ben, I'm close . faster ." It took only few more seconds for Ben to push him over the edge.

George started to shake, and I looked down just in time to see him pushing his cock in Ben's mouth as far as it would go. He froze in that position and muscles in his pelvis and lower belly started to contract pumping his spunk in Ben's mouth. "Aarghhhhhh .

Yes . Take it . Uuuhhhhhhh . Take it all ." George was in ecstasy, his whole body shaking as his body pumped sperm from his balls. Ben, surprisingly, managed to swallow it all, never stopping to bob his head. George's orgasm was also strong one. It lasted not as long as Ben's, but to George's defense - he came one more time than Ben or I did that day. It took some time for him to regain control.

Ben was now still, just keeping Georges cock in his mouth. When George's orgasm was over, Ben lifted his face from his lap letting George's still hard member fall back on his belly.


I ceased my nipple sucking long time ago and have enjoyed close up view of this gorgeous blow job finale. "Ben, that was great . thank you" said George looking at Ben with blurry look in his eyes.


"You're welcome. You tasted really good, you know. I just wish I could take more of you into my throat." "Don't worry. You can practice as much as you want, I will never object" said George with wide grin on his face. "Guys, I'm beaten. I have to take a nap" I said as my eyelids all of the sudden felt really heavy.

"Care to join me" "Yeah, that'd be really great" said Ben "Should we go to your room or what?" "No, we'll make sleep arrangements here" I said standing up. They both followed and couch was unfolded in no time. It was wide enough for three of us to lie down. I lied first in the middle with Ben spooning me from behind and George placing his ass in my lap, making me spoon him.

"This is just perfect" I said, already slipping away. brittany bliss in spinner likes it rough truly is" George said and Ben just hugged me tighter. I looked at the watch - it read way past 5 pm.

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Good, we have so much time ahead of us.