Hotty feels sperm in mouth smalltits and hardcore

Hotty feels sperm in mouth smalltits and hardcore
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Needless to say the night after Karma gave me in effect a lap dance. . to completion. . I felt not only extremely shocked, but damn turned on. It wasn't just the fact that I was in a near sexless marriage with an attractive wife, though that certainly didn't hurt. No, I have to admit one of the most intoxicating part of the whole experience was the taboo, the exposure and the teasing. If there was one thing I wish I could tell my younger self is that it isn't hungry cock lauren phillips got wrex olivers cock inside her soft muff how hot a woman you get, but about how sexy she is, how much she can turn you on.

I mean Jesus, Karma had turned me on more overall and more intensely than I could ever remember my wife doing. Maybe it was that she was young and it was so unexpected. Maybe it was because she did it in public, where we could have easily been caught.

Maybe it was because she knew how to tease my cock just right to build the lust until I exploded so hard. Or maybe it was just that she was young, tiny and god damn gorgeous.

Whatever it was, I awoke the next morning feeling better than I had in years. So good in fact, that I went for a 4 mile run. I felt like I had so much pent up joy to release and I couldn't tell anyone so that was my next best option. When I got home Amber was making breakfast. I came up behind her and hugged her and kissed her on the cheek, my libido awakened again, but I got the same ho-hum response. She just was not a sexual person, and nothing had changed for her. No matter how much it had changed for me.

When Heather and Karma bounced into the kitchen to grab a bite before they headed to the mall, I was worried what it might be like between Karma and me, or god forbid if she had told my daughter about what happened.

But she didn't, she stayed in her character, soft spoken, introverted and sweet. She was wearing pastel pants and a pink lacrosse collar shirt today, and while just as proper and conservative as she usually dressed, I noticed her much much more. She gave me the same sweet smile she always did, and hinted nothing about our experience together. I was amazed how much Karma huge knob enters mouth of a awesome teen gotten my engine running.

All day for the next few days I found myself staring at every younger woman in sight, imaging how their bums would feel gliding along my shaft like Karma had. I also felt so masculine and confident. It's amazing what feminine attention can do. It was Wednesday the next week and nothing more had happened and I had convinced myself it was just a weird freak thing and tried to put Karma out of my mind.

Not that I did. Everytime I saw her I would get a hard on and every morning in the shower I would pleasure myself to the thought of her. Anyway I got home from the office and the girls were home from school. Amber was putting the finishing touches on dinner. I went to the downstairs bathroom the girls used to relieve my bladder before dinner.


I didn't even think about shutting the door all the way, it was my house and everyone was in the kitchen. I was shaking out the last few drops from my unit when I noticed something in the mirror.

It was Karma, staring through the crack in the door and watching me pee. My eye met hers in the mirror and she opened the door a bit more, came inside and pressed it most of the way closed behind her, though there was still a decent crack between the door and the frame. She was staring at me with smoldering eyes and that same knowing furrow with her brow. She was wearing red sweat shorts and a pink t-shirt. Her tight little body looking better and better to me each day. Her skin was tanning darker than it already was with the sun we had been getting and she wore nothing on her feet.

She walked over to me, where I still stood over the toilet, not yet sex old fat sex pourn. My penis was still sticking out through my zipper and from the second I saw her looking in, it had started to engorge. It was nothing but a chub at this point but with each step to me it hardened. Karma nestled her shoulder under the crook of my left arm, and rested her head on my chest.

Not a word was spoken but I watched her delicate little hand slide down over my shirted stomach until it reached the opening in my pants. Karma forefinger reached the top base of my penis and slid outward to the tip. The feeling was excruciatingly pleasurable and sent a jolt through my body and within seconds I was harder than 3rd year calculus.

She slid her finger back in along the underside of my cock, making it jump was I couldn't help but clench my kegel muscles. When she got back to the base she wrapped her slender fingers around it ( I noticed her nails were painted red now, something I hadn't noticed previously) and slowly and methodically began to jack me off. She never sped up the whole time, but did squeeze harder each time she moved towards the tip.

It was beyond a doubt the most talented masturbation a female had ever done to me. I couldn't speak, I was equal parts stunned, enraptured and intoxicated.

I loved the look of her small hand and dainty wrist slowly working me to release. Her brown hand on my peach cock stood out all the more and when I looked to the door after hearing a dish clank, I realized the risk of getting caught only added to the allure. As I began to feel those familiar feelings of no return one hand was gripping the towel bar, the sex stories pov creampie hot cougar had snaked around Karma's waist and my hand was slowly kneading that amazing ass of her.

That ass that had brought me to completion a few nights ago. Her ass cheeks has pleased me, her hand was now pleasing me, I could not help but wonder at her additional talents. "Karma, Jay. . dinner is ready!" I heard Amber holler from the kitchen. Oh my god, if she saw what has happening. Karma looked up as me, still slowly pumping my manhood, her huge brown eyes stared into mine.

I watched those plump brownish red lips part. "You better finish Papa." She whispered. I was breathing hard and my breath was now audible in the echoing tiled room. I felt the orgasm moving up from my testicles and yet Karma did the same speed and pressure combo. The body warming tingle moved slowly to the base of my cock, my legs and groin felt like they were on file. Karma saw the look on my face and smiled and looked back down at my unit.

Her slow methodical pumping and pressure were keeping my orgasm from exploding like usual. I waited for my cum to rocket out of my penis but all I had was intense waves of orgasm floating through my body. Then I saw it as Karma reached the tip on that stroke, and white cum slowly bubbled out of my penis, intensifying my orgasm. I clenched Karma's ass cheek in my hand and pulled her hard against me.

I buried my mouth in the hair on her head. "Oh Christ! Shit Karma! Oooorrrfff!" I hissed as quietly as I could. Karma went down the shift, still slow, still pressured. I pulled my head off of her to watch as her next stroke to the tip bubbled out another glob of cum. This continued for the next 6 pumps until is was all out. My entire body was tingling and I felt loose on my feet, worried I could fall, but Jesus. . this girl had just given me the most mind blowing, slow peaking orgasm of my life.

She was the most skilled sexual being I could imagine. When I finally released my grip on police group and redhead glory hole cumshot i will catch any perp with a immense black ass, Karma felt it was safe to trust me on my feet and pulled her cum soaked hand off of me and grabbed a washcloth to wet. She cleaned off her own hand and then laid the warm wet washcloth over my penis like it was a clothes thai babe koy sucks a hard cock, smiled up at me and walked out.

I couldn't believe what had just happened. Forget something like a grinding of a curious girl about the hardness below her. This was an intentional, calculated masturbation. This girl knew what I wanted and knew how to deliver it, how she knew was my biggest mystery. "Jay are you coming?" I heard Amber say.

"Yes, I'm cumming." I replied, smiling to myself at how true that was. I cleaned off my dick and any cum I could see that had spilled around the toilet and made my way to the dinner table.

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But not until after I washed my hands and face, just in case. Karma's seat was across from mine and it was murder not to stare just as her and express my lust for the little angel. She was sexier already than my wife could ever dream of being, and I wanted to know more of her talent. Once, I felt her toes brush up against my pant leg and I swear I thought I might cum from that touch alone.

Though I didn't even have a hard on right then. That night in bed I considered risking getting out of bed, going to the girl's room and fucking the ever loving shit out of that little temptress. Had she been fucked before? I could only assume she had with her actions with me. But I knew there was no way I could be quiet with her. I had too much pent up lust going now. Maybe Son attacking stepmom in kitchen could take her to the garage and in the car?

Even drive somewhere? It was all far too risky, so I forced myself to calm down. It was almost like each time she made me cum, I became more and more enraptured.


The next four days were excruciating. I jacked off every morning, and some evenings in the shower, jacked off anywhere if all the women were out of the house, every time fantasizing about my cock ramming up inside Karma and fucking her silly. I had visions of the big brown eyes clenched in orgasm, her straight black hair bouncing as her vagina milked my cock.

Then the fantasies progressed to ramming her from behind, thrusting my dick up her poop chute, and filling her colon with cum after filling her mouth and her pussy. The next encounter was that Thursday. . Amber was out on a business assignment until the next morning. It was torture. Karma was wearing a skin tight green my little pony t-shirt and super short yellow adidas shorts.

I am pretty sure those were Samantha's but I had never looked at them like I was now. Her ass cheeks were sticking sexy petite teens fucked by a photographers big cock the bottom of the shorts, as her ass was more shapely and extended than Samantha's. In fact, it seemed like Karma was maturing daily, I swear the lumps of her breasts had enlarged and I had no doubt her ass, and thighs had thickened.

We had dinner and the girls were running around doing what they do. At one point I was in the laundry room trying to get caught up on it and again wondering why the hell I hadn't ever hired a part time maid or housekeeper. Be that as it may, I was transferring a load to the dryer and filling the front loader with another batch of clothes when Karma's head popped in giggling.

"Oh, I was looking for Sammy." Karma said and turned to leave. I reached out and grabbed her hand, and pulled her to me. I knew I had a few moments to feel her, touch her, grope her, molest her before Samantha would know she was missing.

I wrapped one arm behind her waist and pulled her to me and planted my lips on hers, driving my tongue into her mouth. My instantly rigid cock was pulsing in my sweats and I ground my hips into her as we kissed. She accepted my tongue and returned my kiss lightly. I knew I didn't have much time and as much as I wanted to explore her mouth all night, I needed a release before I went out of my mind.

No matter how much I beat off, it didn't come close to the release I got from Karma's touch. My hand was already in her shorts, and I realized she was not wearing underwear. My fingers were exploring her backside, the wonderful bubble cheeks of hers. I moaned into her mouth as I felt her shorts slide over my hand and fall to the floor. God how I wanted to hoist her up against the wall and ravage her! Fuck her hard and fast and deposit my cum deep inside her young womb. Thank god I had half a lick of sense still within me.

I pulled my lips of her hastily and spun her around while simultaneously dropping my sweats to the floor.

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I looked down at that stupendous derriere of hers, and again fought the urge to tear her sphincter with my engorged cock. But I knew it wasn't safe, hell, none of this was safe, but a cock inside is so final, a cock against is not. I pressed her up against the washer, pushing the door closed. Thank god the dryer was making noise to give us some cover. Karma never fought me for a minute. She was such a well trained girl, and I was jealous of who trained her. The hours and hours and hours of training, all so incredibly hot, exploring her body and teaching her how to please a man's.

I grabbed my cock and jacked it a few times, and buried the shaft between her cheeks. I grabbed both of her hands and put them on the outer sides of her ass cheeks, pressing them together.

She responded by pressing them enough to get good pressure on the sides of my shaft. I began to bend my knees, and then straightened, sliding my penis along the inside of the crack of her ass. It was glorious, her skin was so smooth, so soft, her ass cheeks so firm. I heard Samantha calling for Karma.

Shit! I sure as hell was gonna finish, but my flexing wasn't fast enough for a quick expulsion. I looped my arms through Karma's and grabbed her and began to pull her up and pull her down in front of me, while I continued to slide my penis up and down. I started keeping a position that had my cockhead buried inside her cheeks for maximum sensation. What a site we must have been. Karma's head dropped forward, her hands pressing her ass together, my holding her up off the ground now, sliding her up and down my shaft.

I loved looking down and watching my mushroom cap disappear down into her crack and then burst through the top again. God that ass was so petite and tight! "Oh unga Karma. Oh god you feel so good. Karma. Karma. Oh god Karma, I think I am gonna cum!" I moaned as quietly as I could into her ear. She made no reaction but held her cheeks together. I felt my orgasm rising, rising to my penis and it exploded out the top. I saw shot after shot, after shot of my semen spurting out the top of my cock.

My cum soaked into her shirt and the rest dripped down onto her ass or into her ass crack, slicking compilation of girls who love to suck dick deepthroat and pornstar my own penis as I continued to jack my self off with her butt cheeks.

"Ungh! Karma! Oh my god Karma!" My orgasm peaked and my cock became so sensitive I needed pressure. I pushed forward to Karma, still grinding my hips as my orgasm receded. My eyes were shut as I tried to regain my composure. "Ung. . mmmmp, Mmmmp. Kaaaaaaarmmmmah. Ho god." I mumbled into her hair, my lips and nose buried. "Karma? Karma?!" I heard Samantha saying. Oh Jesus, she was right out the door. Thank god again for the dryer, or surely we would have been caught. Another moment later I heard Samantha call for her again, but further down the hall.

I forced myself to open my eyes. Karma was wedged between me and the washer, and I saw her hands were now pressed up against the washer, probably because I had been pressing the delicate young flower to hard against the metal machine.

I took a step back, and saw my half hard cock pull away from the crack in Karma's ass. Four long strands of gooey cum still joined the two, and it was a mental picture I will never forget. What a great little ass she had, and the cum smeared all over it only made it look more beautiful. I reached up on the fff mmm mmm gangbang orgy and grabbed an old towel I quickly wiped her down and yanked up her shorts.

Her shirt still had a large wet spot, but I jammed it inside her shorts. It looked a little weird but I doubted Samantha would notice. "You better go." I said softly. Karma took a few gingerly steps to the door, as she got to the frame she looked back at me and then down at my still chubby cock. She didn't say a word but looked forward and walked through. I pulled up my own pants and laid down right there on the laundry room floor. I was spent. But I also had a single thought racing through my mind.

It was that teasing wasn't going to be enough, I was going to have to have her.