Gorgeous redhead babe rides a fat dong cumshot facial

Gorgeous redhead babe rides a fat dong cumshot facial
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Aerobic Spank 2 When I returned home and cleaned up after my surprise experience at the aerobic studio, I sat down and gave the situation some thought. Sonia wouldn't be returning home until she got off shift at 7:00, so I had sufficient time to decide exactly how to react. On the one hand, I had certainly been aware that Sonia was bi-sexual. She had mentioned, for example, that when she saw Hope undressed in the locker room, she became aroused.

She loved Hope's firm, pear-shaped breasts and pink nipples.

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I also knew that Sonia liked being spanked, and we had made that a part of our sexual play. She had even shared fantasies at times that involved sexual situations with a few of her friends and co-workers.


What I had not been aware of, until I saw it with my own eyes, is that Sonia had acted on her fantasies and had not breathed a word about it to me, much less included me. I mean, most guys would love to watch what I had just seen by accident! I wanted to come up with something that would act as a combination of punishment for keeping secrets from me and encouragement to continue her sexual pursuits with my full knowledge, agreement and participation, if appropriate.

Here's what I did: I phoned Hope and told her what I had seen at the gym and what my reactions were. Sonia had told me that Hope was more comfortable in her sexuality than anyone she had ever met, so I was hoping that Hope would assist me in my plan. I was not disappointed! She said she'd be delighted to help, and actually suggested some enhancements I had not even considered previously.

At 7:20, Sonia came through the front door, smiling and talking as though nothing out of the ordinary had taken place that day.


I asked about her day, and she told me about the usual occurrences, customers she had waited on, a new bikini she wanted for herself and so on. I finally asked, "So did anything unusual happen today?" She looked a bit concerned as she responded, "No, why do you ask?" "Well," I said with a smile, "I stopped by with a sandwich at noontime, and you weren't behind the counter, and the door was locked." Sonia's face turned pale, and she started to stammer, "W-w-w-ell, I-I-I…" "Don't bother," I told her, "I watched it all through the window!" "Everything?" she gasped.

"Yep! I saw and heard everything! So…the question is, what are we going to do about it?" "I'm so sorry," Sonia began.

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"Well, I'm sorry too, Sonia," I replied. "I'm sorry you didn't tell me what was going on, and I'm sorry you didn't trust me enough to know that I would understand.

In fact, you know first time and use condom fantasies turn me on, so why would you think it wouldn't be OK with me for you to follow through on them?" "You mean, you wouldn't have been mad if you knew I was doing all that?" "No," I said, I wouldn't have been mad about that.

I'm not mad about that now. What I am furious about, though, is that you kept secrets from me! That really hurts me, Sonia! I love you and I want you to be happy, but I think you need to pay for deceiving me, too" "P-p-pay how?" she asked nervously. I think you need to take all your clothes off right now and take a good hard spanking on your bare bottom!" I replied.

"Or what?" she responded somewhat defiantly. "I don't want to live with someone who won't tell me the truth and wants to shut me off from a significant part of her life," I declared. "So here's the deal; you need to decide right now whether to take the punishment I've determined, and work with me to figure out how we'll arrange our marriage and your other activities, or I can pack some things and leave right now.

You decide!" "You mean I can continue to have the things I need outside of our marriage and still be married to you too?" "I mean that you can INCLUDE me and share that part of your life with me, or I don't want to be here!" I responded. She hesitated for a moment more, and then her eyes dropped to the floor as she began to undress.

As always, I marveled at her beauty, but now there was an added component, because I was firmly in control. I knew that she would do whatever I told her to because she truly wanted to continue our marriage. When she finally removed her panties and stood before me completely naked, it was one of the most thrilling moments of my life. "What do you want me to do now," she asked softly. "Well, before we go any further, I have a surprise for you. Only fair, I think, because I certainly got one this afternoon!

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Come on out, Hope!" Hope walked out of the hallway leading to the bedroom. She, too, was nude, her tall, slender body magnificent. Sonia's mouth dropped open; she was completely stunned. Hope didn't say a word, simply walked across the living room and took Sonia in her arms.

I watched as the two friends embraced passionately, breasts pressed together, hands caressing each other. Hope's hands moved to my wife's bottom and pulled her close.

Sonia's newly-shaved pussy pressed against Hope's thigh. I was totally aroused at the sight of my luscious hoe natasha nice gets humped by neighbor and her best friend playing this way.

Finally Hope pulled away and said, "Well, I guess there's a little business to take care of before we get too carried away. Sonia, why don't you get on your elbows and knees on the floor and get that butt of yours right up in the air." Sonia immediately did as she was told. Hope nodded at me, and as we had planned, I knelt on one side of Sonia and Hope on the other.

I began to rub one cheek of Sonia's magnificent bottom and Hope attended to the other cheek. We played with Sonia's bottom for a few minutes, a delicious task to say the least.

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"OK," I said, "here we go. I delivered a stinging slap to Sonia's cheek, which elicited a sharp yelp. Hope immediately popped the other cheek, and we continued alternately spanking Sonia's bottom until it was bright pink and she was squirming and sniffling.

Finally Hope said, "Sonia, have you showed your husband how you play with yourself?" This was something I had asked of Sonia in the past, but she had always demurred. "No!" Sonia exclaimed, "And I'm not going to do it now either!" "We'll see," Hope murmured and proceeded to pepper Sonia's backside with hard sharp smacks.

After 10 or 12 to each cheek, Sonia was in tears. "OK, I'll do it!" Sonia blubbered. Just stop, please!" Hope grinned wickedly and said, "Just reach right back between your legs and get busy, girl!" Hope looked at me and said, mindi and carmen enjoys pussy licking on their bath tub don't you just get up and sit on the couch and enjoy this.

I'll make sure Sonia puts on a good show for you…she does it for us on a regular basis." As I got up and moved to the couch, I asked, "Just how long has the deal at the studio been going on, anyway?" "About a year, I guess." Hope replied. "Sharon thinks up all kinds of "reasons" to spank us and have sex. All of us get off on it, so we're glad to play along." Sitting on the sofa, I had a marvelous view of Sonia's ass and her hand rubbing her pussy.

Hope big one eyed monster enters soaked black twat Sonia's back, facing me and spread Sonia's buttocks apart, making the view even more awesome. Then she started spanking Sonia's cheeks again, slapping both cheeks at the same time. Juice was dripping from Sonia's spread pussy lips. "Look at who's all wet," Hope smirked. "You love getting a spanking on your naughty bottom, don't you?" "Oh, I do!" Sonia gasped and rubbed her clit even more briskly.

Before long, she began to shudder and shake and had an intense orgasm. My sweat pants around my ankles, I watched and stroked myself while I watched my wife play with herself. "OK, now you have to show him the rest, Sonia," Hope ordered. No hesitation now. Sonia's middle finger, wet with her juices, was inserted into her bottom hole and then moved in and out, fucking her own asshole. Hope resumed slapping both of Sonia's bottom cheeks, and Sonia came again. When her spasms subsided, Hope said, "Well, I think it's about time to take care of your husband, like a good wife should." At Hope's direction, my wife crawled over to where I was seated on the sofa, took my hard penis in her mouth and began to lick and suck me.

Hope sat down behind her and began to lick Sonia's pussy as she pleasured me. Sonia reached behind her and began to rub Hope's pussy. And suddenly there was a knock on the door. Should I do another chapter?

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