Attractive cuties dont know who is fucking em

Attractive cuties dont know who is fucking em
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Rachel. Employee of the week, month, year and probably of her whole life. Sexy, blonde and incredibly successful for her age.

One look from her striking blue eyes could make men shrink away or drool like love-sick fools. She was half a head shorter than me, but she would've been a full head shorter bare foot. She always wore deliciously tight skirts and sheer see-through tops, which left the majority of her boobs and legs on display for any horny office dwellers to admire. Including me, her boss. It was a commonly known fact that Rachel was seducing each beautiful blonde girl masturbates with vibrator wecamnet her superiors as she moved up the hierarchy at my company.

Crafty little minx. There was no other way to explain how she had risen so fast from being a simple sales assistant. But honestly, I wasn't complaining. I knew she had her eye on me, and I wanted her to try me. I kind of needed a new secretary. Older-than-a-dinosaur Julie, my current secretary was nowhere near as. 'interesting' as the younger alternative.

The sooner Rachel got to me, the better. Now, a bit about myself. I inherited this company from my father, who decided to retire at 55, already richer than we had ever dreamed. Throughout my childhood, he taught me everything he knew, and on my 21st birthday, he handed over the reins to his little boy. In terms of rapid rises to power, Rachel wasn't the only one who had experience.

Although I didn't have to do anywhere near as much "sucking up" to get there.

So here I was, a single, rich, good-looking man in his mid twenties, waiting for a girl to come along. Yeah, ladies usually do come running after me. Someone knocked on my office door and I smirked smugly. I had dismissed my secretary for the day and wasn't expecting anyone. Except Rachel of course. "Come in." I said, and neatly slid a few papers into a black folder as my future secretary walked in.

"Ah, hello Rachel, I believe you wanted to talk to me about hanbaobao show her young tiny pussy part teenxxxnetworkcom I smiled at her pleasantly and checked her out.

She was wearing her usual style of black pencil skirt, which moulded around her ass and thighs beautifully. Her pale purple shirt was unbuttoned down to her breasts, and the top half of those gorgeous boobs were so tantalizingly bare. Oh, I could've just reached out and squeezed them then and there!

"Yes. Sir with all due respect, I believe I deserve a promotion." she said confidently. I leaned back in my chair and pretended to contemplate this for a moment, but instead let my eyes drink in the sight of the beauty in front of me. "And why is that, Miss Peterson?" I asked, curious that she was so certain of herself. A smile crept onto my lips and she must have noticed, because her face completely transformed. Her expression became intense, smouldering with passion, telling of nothing but lust and longing.

When she answered, she spoke slowly, letting each word sink in. "Because, Mr Harris sir, I have the courage and initiative-" she stepped around to my side of the desk "-to do certain things-" she spun my chair to the side, and leaned down, so we were face to face, "-that the other employees-" she grabbed the knot of my tie and pulled me close to her, our lips barely staying apart, "-would never dream of." She whispered the chinese hairy pussy milf veronica mei lee fucked bbc squad gang part and kissed me demandingly, the force of her kiss pushing my head back into the chair.

Of course, I was expecting something like this from the slut of the company. What I wasn't expecting, was for her lips to taste like artificial cherries.

My girlfriend in college wore cherry lip gloss, and the taste of Rachel's luscious lips now made my dick awaken in hungry approval.

"Rachel." I growled warningly after she pulled away. I was a bit mad that she had figured out my weakness, or maybe it was just a lucky fluke. I made it sound like I was scolding her, but I didn't actually want her to stop.

I just wanted to see how far she would go to 'convince' me. She kissed me again, and then replaced her lips with a perfectly manicured finger. "Shhh." she soothed, and smiled naughtily. I felt her other hand on my crotch, stroking and squeezing me through my black trousers. "I'll give you a demonstration of some of my skills." she suggested and knelt in between my legs.

Oh god, her boobs.

Her luscious round boobs. As she unzipped my fly to get my dick out, I could only stare down at her amazing rack, enjoying the way her chest was rising and falling.

From above, I could just make out the colour of her bra - deep red - and see that it was barely covering her nipple. Her nipples were as gorgeous as I expected, wide and erect in arousal. "Ugh, Rachel." I moaned as her tongue made contact with my dick. I was leaking precum already, and she let it ooze up at the tip of my cock while she licked the whole length of my shaft from base to head. Rachel was making a soft purring sound which was turning me on like crazy. She took hold of my cock in both hands and squeezed firmly, taking the precum with her lips.

Her tongue coated the head of my cock in saliva, and she continued squeezing realtor sells the house by riding his big pecker with her soft hands. Her shiny brown hair fell in curls down her back, and I ran my fingers through the silky strands as I watched her. Rachel wrapped her cherry flavoured lips around my cock, and looked at my eyes for a moment, before starting to deep throat me. "Ahhhh" I exhaled slowly and tilted my head back.

I had not anticipated this, but damn, she was good! My dick was full on pulsing in her mouth now. At full length it was a little over 9 inches. She must be practicing with something, because she completely swallowed the whole length of it in one go.

Her tight throat muscles on my cockhead were too much for me. From deep down in my throat, I let out a lustful growl and then shot jets of cum down Rachel's throat. She swallowed each and every drop without blinking and continued to suck my softening cock. Rachel stopped sucking just as my dick was hardening again and tucked it neatly back into my trousers. She licked her lips and rose, whispering in my ear.

"That was just a taste" she said, emphasizing the last word. Her hand found mine and she put a piece of paper into my palm.

"Come to this address at ten tonight to see my full presentation." And with that she buttoned up her blouse - making sure I was watching - and walked right out of my office. I arrived at the address about twenty minutes too early. I had been sporting a semi-boner the whole day, and couldn't think of anything else but Rachel.

Her legs, her boobs, her ass, her smile. I couldn't contain myself and had jacked off as soon as I got in the relative privacy of my car in the parking lot at work. Afterwards, I had sat there idly stroking my dick, watching the clock until nine thirty came around and I could go and find the address. As I walked up the front steps, I barely had time to reach for the doorbell before the door opened and a hand pulled me into the house. Rachel shut the door and pinned me to it with her whole body.

She kissed me fiercely, as if she had been starved of me for too long. I could honestly say I felt the same way. We French kissed for a while, her tongue sliding in and out of my mouth, flirting with my tongue. Soon, she slipped her hands under my suit, and let it fall from my shoulders.

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I held her by her ass with my strong arms as she proceeded to unbutton my shirt, yet neither of us broke the kiss. When all the buttons were undone, she flicked my tie over my shoulder, out of the way and stroked her hand down my chest slowly.

When she felt my chest hair, I was pretty sure she liked it, because she made that sexy purring sound again gorgeous big booty latin luana gettin bbc tube porn crushed her lips onto mine. She had me completely under her spell as she dominated my mouth with her cherry flavoured lips. My dick was straining against my jeans and I pushed my hips forward to grind it against her. She moaned lustfully and in a few seconds, my pants were around my ankles, my whole body naked except for the tie.

Rachel stared greedily at my swollen cock, the kiss paused for now. She held my arms out to my sides, like an eagle, so I couldn't touch her.

She bent and lifted one leg so her skirt rode up, revealing her bare pussy and ass. Did this girl ever wear panties? I made a mental note to check at work on Monday. As her pussy got closer to my crotch, I could actually feel her heat and wet arousal on my cock.

Our lips met again, but all I wanted was to thrust my dick balls-deep into her right then and there. She was rubbing her dripping pussy up and down the shaft of my cock, coating it in her slick pussy juices. When her pussy was at my cockhead, I thrust up into her, getting a fair few inches in, but she pulled back quickly after we both moaned ecstatically.

As this continued, I began groaning into her mouth with frustration each time she pulled away from my thrusts. I'd never been so turned on by not being fucked, and my lust was steadily rising. Rachel's grip on my arms suddenly went slack as she shook, overcome by an orgasm. I don't know if it was my brain thinking or my cock acting, but I took the opportunity and lifted her ass, pushing her pussy straight onto my rigid cock.

I cried out in relief as I finally buried my cock deep inside her juicy pussy, which was squeezing and clenching my dick in spasms. It didn't even take a single thrust for me to cum. She had been teasing me for so long and her sexy babe ziggy star feeling very hot and horny was so tight that I came in a few seconds, filling her up with thick semen. She threw back her head, screaming with intense pleasure and that was as much as I could remember, as my own body was overcome with waves of orgasmic bliss.

A few moments later, I lowered our tired bodies to the ground as we recovered from our orgasms, my dick softening and flopping out from between her pussy lips. "Come lie on my bed." she whispered in my ear. I was way too exhausted to drive back home, so I sleepily stood up and let her lead me to a soft, comfortable double bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow, all my strength was drained from me.

My eyes only stayed open long enough to see the empty space next to me. But as sleep took over my body and made my thoughts fuzzy, my brain distantly registered that Rachel hadn't lain next to me. Then I was out like a light.

When I woke up, I was really disoriented. The whole room was pitch black, with the only light coming from a slit near the floor. It took me a few moments to remember where I was and why I was there.

But that didn't explain why my hands and feet were tied up. I could feel the knots where the soft cloth was tied, but there was no way I could reach them to untie them. "Rachel!" I called out. I felt slightly panicked, but after years of giving orders under pressure, it didn't show in my voice. There was movement on the other side of the door, and the light coming from the slit shifted around.

As I waited for who knows what, I gradually started shivering. I'm not sure if I was just nervous, or if the cold was getting to my naked skin. As I waited, I pulled on my restraints, despairing as they tightened. At least they were cloth; rope would be cutting into my skin by now. I was concentrating on holding my arms and legs still (in the hope that my bonds would magically loosen and set me free) when I heard the sound of a door swinging open to my left.

The little slither of light on the floor had turned into a tall rectangle of glaring yellow light. I realised there was also a silhouette of a person. A woman in fact. "Rachel." I said sternly. "What's going on?" She flicked on a dim light in the room and although I was confused initially, my dick started responding to the sight in front of me with a series of irregular twitches.

Rachel had to be the sexiest lady I ever had the pleasure of fucking, and seeing her now just made me want her all over again. She was dressed in. barely anything. I had never seen her so naked before, and I saw her gaze flicker to my dick, which was half erect already and hardening to full strength fast.

On her feet were some sky high heels, black, sleek and 100% deadly. Her red and black panties strap on police petty theft suspect insisted on negating lp officers claims of theft simple enough, but what got me most was the matching bra.

She was wearing a lacy red one which barely held up her larger than average tits. They were demi-cup, and her wide brown areolas were so clearly visible that it looked like her boobs were falling out of the thin fabric. It was the same bra she had worn in my office earlier today (Or was it yesterday? I honestly couldn't tell.) Rachel had applied dark eyeliner around her eyes and mascara which gave her a strikingly sophisticated and intimidating look. Her lips were a rich shade of red, and whether she was smiling or pouting she looked like a viscous predator about to strike.

Her stride and the way she looked down at my tied up body on her bed made her intentions fully clear to me. Tonight, she was the boss.