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British teen pornstar michelle moist tube porn
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Staci's report card You knew as soon as you walked into the kitchen you were in trouble. Mom was sitting at the table crying and she had your report card in her hand. I knew it wasn't about me because my grades were better than yours any day, but yet you stop and was about to turn around and run up to your room. But you were caught. Mom says" Just wait until your Dad gets home young lady". We both had heard that phrase many times before and knew someone was going to get a whipping.

Dad didn't always punished us, mom did, but when Dad did it was a long hard spanking not soon to be forgotten. You had about 30 minutes before he got home. Then after mom and him discussed the days events he will get around to you. So I figured you had maybe an hour tops to live… I know I wasn't going to miss it.

You were reading a book in the front room when Dad came home. I noticed you had been on the same page for a long time, so I figured you had something else on your mind. After their stunning paige gets nailed in the dungeon hugs and kisses they went in to the kitchen to get dad a drink. You sat nervously trying to listen to them in the other room.

I could tell you were getting worried when mom's voice steadily get louder as she told him about your report card. It didn't take long before Dad got the whole picture, because he yelled for you to "go get the paddle." You slowly got up from the chair and went to the mantle above the fireplace where they hung the paddle.

It always got great rolls of laughter from anyone of our neighbors who happened to see it when they were over. You adjusted your skirt after your reached up and gingerly picked the paddle from its home.

Now you walked slowly into the kitchen with the paddle laying flat across both hands, like it was some holy object that you were delivering. You knew and dreaded what was going to happen next, but I reckon you had it coming for a long time.

Mom and Dad always thought of you as their angel, their little girl, little good girl. But I knew different.

If they knew about the days you had skipped school. The number of times you had cheated on tests and the number of times you had sneaked one of Moms cigs out of her purse, you would have been tanned along time ago. We both knew you had this coming. It didn't make it any easier for you though. Dad was waiting for you in the center of the kitchen, sitting in one of the high back chairs.

"Put the paddle on the table and come here Staci." You slowly walked over to him and knelt down to the floor between his legs.

Always acting the little girl part, but this time it wasn't going to work. As you sat there and listen to Dad lecture you on all the report card had to say, you could tell in his voice this was going to be a bad one. "Well" dad said, but you hadn't been listening to his lecture, so all you could say was "What?". "I said go to your mother and get your mouth washed out".

This was a new one for us as we never had been "soaped' before. You got up and walked over to Mom at the sink and started to cry because she was waiting with a big bar of Ivory soap. As she pulled you closed you opened your mouth to say something but Mom was quicker and stuck that ole bar of soap all the way in, and gave it a good twist.

You stupidly closed your mouth and thus when big tit teen takes a dildo ride on webcam pulled the bar out it scraped your teeth and left some on the back of them. Sputtering you spit and choked for about 15 minutes while mom and dad lectured on "you better start behaving or you will get this again, often." I was shocked but very pleased that you were getting yours… Dad then pulled you over his lap.

Your toes were barely touching the floor while your head was hanging from the other side of his lap.

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Dad slowly raised your skirt high onto your back so your white cotton panties with the little blue flowers were showing. I as your younger brother was happy to look upon this spectacle.

Dad started spanking you slowly at first, but with his large brutish hands he covered a lot of bottom with each spank. Between spanks he was telling you how disappointed your Mom and Him was.

After about five swats you began to cry like the little wet cunt is pleasured to the max I know you were.

After ten swats you were flailing around like a fish out of water. I could see your ass was turning a bright pink. Along with your white panties it was quite the site to see for a younger brother. I must say I was enjoying the show. At about the twentieth swat he stopped along enough to pull down your panties to your knees. You knew I was watching so this added to your discomfit. Mom looked up at me and just smile and said "Terry this is how you punish little girls. Keep them well spanked and they won't cause you too much trouble." After dad had adjusted your panties to his satisfaction he continue with your spanking.

About twenty more good hard swats on your bottom and the tops of your legs turned you into a bawling little baby girl. A girl, I knew because as you were thrashing about your legs open up enough for your younger brother to see all of your charms. Although it did look a little funny as I had never seen a pussy before and now I was looking at one for all I wanted too. I eve saw your little butt hole.

That was cute too. Anyway, back to your spanking. When Dad had turn your cheeks into a bright red spectacle he jerked you up off his lap and stood up and got the paddle.

'Get up on the chair.

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Kneel towards the back and rest your arms on the top. Now stick out your bottom because you are going to learn what happens when you misbehave at school or anywhere else." As you adjusted yourself on the chair I was disappointed that your skirt fell back down.

But dad didn't disappoint me he raised it back over your back and tucked it into your belt line. Now your ass was on total and gloriously displayed for all bukkake fetish slimed girls fuck gloryhole cock see and laugh at. A pretty shade of crimson, I'd say.

Dad Lined up the paddle and raised it high over his head and swiftly brought it back down on you ass, hitting both of your cheeks and sending you yelling at the top of your lungs. Mom walked over and quickly pulled off your panties and balled them up to shove in your mouth. " That is how you shut a baby up, remember that when you get you own baby girl, or wife!!" She winked at Dad then walked back over to the sink.

Dad gave you five more swats all the while telling you how you had better start behaving and doing better in school. Dad slowly put down the paddle but I saw something which I didn't recognize in his look at Mom… He slowly walked over to Mom and gave her a big kiss, bigger than I've ever seen them kiss.

Dad then told you to stop crying and go stand in the corner for an hour. As you were getting down off the chair you tried to pull your skirt down but dad yelled" Don't cover up young lady. You can just display your sorry ass until bedtime. And don't give your brother any of those dirty looks. He can and will be allow to see whatever you have from now on.

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If he wants to touch and feel that sore ass you will let him. If tomorrow if he wants to see your bruised ass you will bare it for him. In fact form now on, you will let him touch you where ever he wants to. He is a boy and you will submit to him. Terry, if she causes you any trouble let us know and we will just have a "touch up" lesson." You are standing in the corner, hands on your head and crying. I am sitting across the room, smiling, watching your every move.

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I love the color of your ass and the way your bottom winks at me. Like its saying, "Come play with me." Come play I will&hellip.