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1. Devil's Island The yacht was making good speed across the water toward the island. Jason looked at the chart and having made this trip before knew he was about six hours out from Devil's Island. He felt very pleased with his cargo this trip, if he was close to being right then his profit would be very good indeed. Jason never handle his cargo himself but let his crew take care of that but all four of them knew the rules and what would happen if the cargo was damaged in any way. Jack his first mate was an old hand and a brute of a man.

Jason had hired him eight years ago, fresh out of prison. Jack was loyal, and Jason trusted him with his life. The other three had been handpicked by Jack and they all had a somewhat shady past. They were perfect for the type of great blowjob from a great sexy slut 16 tube porn Jason carried.

As the yacht made its way, Jason turned to Jack and said. "Time to get them ready." Jack nodded and headed below to the cargo hold. When he reached the cargo area, he flipped on the light and called the rest of the crew. Jack surveyed the four cages, which each held a young woman. This was the cargo they carried. The yacht was a slave ship, even if they never carried more than six women at any time.

These women would be sold on Devil's Island, of course the poor women had no idea what awaited them, but they would find out soon enough.

Jack pointed to the fourth cage and told one of the men to get her. The horny girl was taken in butthole nuthouse for uninhibited therapy unlocked the cage door, grabbed the woman by her arms, and pulled her out.

Linda was an attractive 25year old brunette with a good body and nice breasts. She was only 5'6" and 130lbs and not the one that would fetch the highest price out of the four, but she would still fetch a descent sum. She was still dressed in the clothes she had worn when Jason had abducted on her way home from work. Like the others she had been sedated most of the time since then and had no idea how long she had been a captive.

Now she was fully awake and struggled with the man to get free but he was far too strong for her. Jack stepped up close to her and looked straight at her with his evil smile. "Where am I? Let me go." Linda moaned as the grip on her arms was hurting her a bit. Jack smiled; he loved this part when the women finally understood the situation. "You'll be going nowhere and from now on you better do as you are told, or it will be very unpleasant for you. See this, he held up a thick cattle prod to Linda's face.

The first time you don't obey, I'll put it on your nipple, the second time I'll increase the current on your other nipple and the third time it goes on your clit at full power. Trust me you won't like that one little bit. It won't kill you, but it will feel like you have been stung by a swarm of bees and you'll be dancing around for quite a bit.

It's up to if you want to do this the easy or hard way but you will obey eventually." Jack grinned showing his large white teeth, like a tiger waiting to strike. Linda had never seen a cattle prod or felt one, so although she was scared, the full impact of Jack's words didn't take hold.

"Let me go you bastards" she said in a firm voice. This amused the men and they looked at each other with evil smiles. "Strip", Jack ordered. "In your dreams." Linda replied. As soon as she had finished the last word, she felt two strong arms holding her tightly and Jack put the prod to her left nipple.

Her t-shirt and bra didn't shield her from the sharp stinging pain in her left nipple. Linda screamed as the current hit her. Her knees buckled but the two men held on to her.

"Strip." Jack repeated the order. "Bastard." Linda screamed but made no effort to strip. The prod hit the right nipple before she could say anything else. This time it was even worse, and Linda thought her nipple was on fire. The pain was severe. She screamed at the top of her lungs.

The men laughed, they all loved this, of course the best part was saved for last. Linda now started to regain her composure but was clearly subdued. "Strip" Jack ordered a third time. This time Linda started to pull her t-shirt off and bent down to untie her sneakers. "Faster unless your clit is feeling left out of the fun." Jack taunted her. "No please.I'll do it just no more please." Linda was a bit frantic; she didn't want that awful thing on her clit.

She quickly got her shoes off and pulled down her jeans. She stood erect but made no move to take her bra and panties off, Jack slowly brought the tip of the prod toward her clit.

"Nooo.Please don't." She wailed and started to unhook her bra. Jack grinned it never took them long to get the message. Only a few had ever tried to resist to the point where he had to put it on the clit and nobody had disobeyed after that either. Linda was now naked, and she tried to cover her breasts and pussy with her hands and arms. Her breast wasn't large but still a nice 36C. She had a nice bush even if it wasn't very thick. "Now here is what you are going to do and remember your clit is now bare no cloths to dampen the current." Jack said with a smile.

"You will walk over to the shower and bend over hands grabbing your ankles and wait. Ben here will take care of you, but I'll be watching you." "Now move it." Jack snapped. Linda was somewhat confused but started walking toward the shower, she had been sure they would rape her but now they wanted her to shower.

Linda realized that she was in no position to fight these men and perhaps it was better to just go along and maybe she would get an opportunity to get away. She bent over as she had been told and as soon as she did, she felt something probing at her asshole. t' felt cold as it quickly slid inside her. "Hold still or." Ben's voice trailed off.

Linda thought of spinning around and get that thing out of her ass but the pain in her right nipple could still be felt, so she tried to obey. When the water from the nozzle hit her in her ass, she couldn't help straightening up. "Don't move. You were told to stay bent over." Ben's voice was harsh. "Hey, Jack, she needs another lesson here." "No no no.Please." Linda was panicking and quickly resumed her position. She felt something touch her clit and she braced herself for the pain.

"Last chance Linda one more mistake and you'll be dancing with the prod." Jack said. "Yes." Linda stammered. "It's Yes Sir." Jack barked don't forget that. "No Sir." Linda whispered in a low voice.

She was relieved that there was no pain this time, but she was scared too. These men clearly would not hesitate to hurt her if she didn't obey. The water kept flowing in her ass and she started to feel bloated. "Now hold it inside until you get in the shower." Ben told her.

"Yes." Linda replied. "Yes what?" The words came across very firm. "Yes Sir." Linda corrected herself. "You really are trying hard to get yourself a nice dance aren't you?" Ben said with a grin.

"No Sir .Please I'll learn. Please." Linda was truly scared now. "That remains to seen. In the shower now and clean yourself real good. Shave your legs, wash your hair, wash every inch of your body, and be quick about it." Linda got in the shower and just sexy ramming of a constricted pussy hardcore and massage it before she had to let go and the water streamed out of her ass.

She looked at the men to see if that would bring the prod, but they were just grinning at her as they watched her relieve herself. Linda was humiliated but there was very little she could do, and she started to wash herself as ordered.

When she was finished, she stepped out of the shower and was handed a towel by one of the men. " Over there and sit." Jack ordered pointing to a stool and a small table.

" Dry your hair and apply make-up. You have fifteen minutes." Linda hurried over to the table and sat down. Turning on the hair dryer while looking at the picture next to the mirror. The woman in the picture had red lipstick, lots of eyeliner and light green eye shadow. She also had bright red and long nails. Linda didn't understand why these men wanted her to do herself up in this manor but didn't dare ask either. Her nipples still had a dull ache from the encounter with the prod. While Linda was busy applying make-up and drying her hair the second woman was brought out of horny rocco siffredi calls two hot babe and had so much fun jerking wi cage and pushed in front of Jack.

Tina was 22 and a little taller than Linda. She was blond with breasts that matched Linda's. Jack smiled at her and without warning put the prod to her left nipple. Tina howled from the pain and tried to get away from the men holding her. "That's to save time, you have watched Linda, so you know the routine.

Now get on with it and strip we haven't got all day." Jack told her. Tina still sobbing from the pain in her nipple slowly started to undress.

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When link photocom porn story sex sexi photcom storys was naked, she was pushed toward the shower and the nozzle was pushed in her ass. "Ahhhh." That hurts Tina moaned. The men laughed and one of them told her if this hurt, you have a long road ahead of you. Tina didn't understand what that meant but decided asking was pointless.

These men could do what they wanted to her and there wasn't anything she could about it, she knew it was best to play along for now at least. Jack walked over to check on Linda. She was almost done with her make-up. She applied the lipstick and looking at Jack said. "I'm done Sir." Jack put his hand under her chin and jerked her head back to inspect her make-up.

She looked good and had done a nice job. She now had a whorish look to her face. Jack wasn't about to give her any praise however, that wouldn't do at this point. Instead, he just frowned and said. " You look like a whore, but you'll do for now." Linda didn't like being called a whore. She had only had 2 boyfriends in her life and never slept around.

She felt very humiliated by Jack's words and had to struggle to hold her tears back. Jack pulled out a stainless-steel collar from a drawer in the table and without a word snapped it in place around Linda's neck before she knew what was happening.

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"What is this for?" She asked with surprise in her voice. The only response she got was a hard slap on her ass. "Aiiee." She cried out. "If I want you to talk I'll tell you to otherwise be quiet or you know what happens. I won't tell you again. Time to get you dressed." Jack pulled on the chain that was attached to her collar and roughly pulled her along to another table next to the door that led up to the deck. " Now put on the cloths on the table and remember you have used up my patience, so any hesitation or mouth from you and the prod will be used on your clit.

Do you understand?" "Yes Sir." Linda answered meekly. Jack didn't move and kept his eyes on Linda as she looked at the cloths on the table. Linda had never worn cloths like that before, but she feared the prod and whatever else this man might do to her.

She started to dress. First she put on a red half cupped bra. She had a little trouble with the garter belt since she had never worn one before, but she got it figured out in the end. Next she put on the red stockings and hooked them to the garter belt. The panties where no more than a couple of triangles in front and back. They hardly covered anything. She put on the short black mini two skinny babes drilled by hard dick, which came down only about an inch below her crotch.

The top was low cut, sleeveless and black. While she was dressing Linda couldn't help but to think as to why all this was taking place, what was the purpose of all this. When Linda saw the shoes and thought I can't wear those. The black shoes had 6-inch heels. Linda not daring to say anything stuck her feet in the shoes and locked the ankle strap. Linda was now ready for the auction block.

Jack pulled her arms behind her and shackled them together with a set of steel wrist cuffs. Pulling Linda behind him by the collar chain, he led her outside the door and then hooked the chain to a ring above Linda's Head. Linda barely made it in her new shoes but somehow she managed to keep her balance behind Jack. Her feet were already hurting from the high heels but just standing was better than having to walk in them.

Linda felt very scared. She had no idea what would happen next and she also got the feeling escaping wouldn't be easy, certainly not with the restraints and heels. Linda started sobbing feeling doomed. In the room, Tina was now busy at the make-up table and the third woman was crying as she stripped in the center of the room. Jackie was the youngest of the women, but she was the one that would fetch the best price. Her breast was larger.

Even at the age of 18, she had 38 D breast. Her long black hair reached to the waist but the one fact that made her the price of the four women was the fact she was still a virgin.

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"Please don't hurt me I'll do anything you want." Jackie was sobbing. She was so scared she had almost peed herself when the man pulled her out of the cage. " You know the routine." One of the men told her. "Now move it." Still crying Jackie now naked and shaking slowly moved toward the shower and the dreaded nozzle she had seen the other two women had forced up their asses. Ben took no notice and just showed it in her ass. "AAAAIIIIIEEEE" Jackie let out a blood curling scream but the men held her tightly and soon her stomach started to extend from the water and mild soap solution.

Ben feeling a little cruel gave her more of an enema than the other two. Jackie wouldn't make it to the shower he thought to himself. Sure enough halfway to the shower stall Jackie started leaking from her ass. The enema was just too much for her to hold. The men smiled as they looked at the poor girl trying to hold it in.

To add to her torment one of them said in a loud voice. "That will earn you the prod on your clit when you are done in the shower." "Noooo please I'm sorry." Jackie tried between her sobbing.

"If you do a good job in the shower and we like the show you might get away with it" Jackie made sure that the men could see everything she was doing in the shower and hoped that it was what they meant by a good show. Jackie was very scared and couldn't stop sobbing the whole time she was in the shower.

By this time, Tina had joined Linda outside the door. She wore the same make-up but was dressed in a red skirt and black underwear with red 6-inch heels. That was the only difference, she was restrained the same way Linda homegrownbigtits curvy babe with huge tits covered in cum. Neither one dared speak a word even if it looked like the men were busy inside with Jackie.

While Ben supervised Jackie dressing, Jack went outside to get Tina and Linda. Both women where pulled along by their leashes trying not to fall in their heels. Jack brought them to the center of the room and reaching above their heads pulled down a chain that he attached to their collars.

The chain was pulled tight to the point that Tina and Linda had to stand on their tiptoes. Jack attached leg hobblers to their ankles and although the chain was a foot-long walking in heels and hobblers would be very hard. They sure wouldn't walk fast. Jackie was brought over alongside the other two and secured in the same way.

She was dressed in all white like the virgin bride she was. Jack knew this would appeal to the man on Devil's Island. " You three will get to watch the show your friend in cage four will put on for us." " Remember not a sound from either one of you and don't ruin your make-up either, that would not be a smart move if we must start over with any one of you." "Understood?" Jack stared at the women. "Yes Sir." They all replied in chorus.

Just to make his point Jack lightly touched each one of them with the prod but without sending a jolt. Gina, the fourth woman was now retrieved from her cage and briskly pulled into the center of the room. Gina was a stunning brunette sturdier than the other three but with a very nice body.

Her breasts were firm and a tad bigger than Linda and Tina's. She was a 36D. At the age of 24, she was the most experienced out of the group. Gina was in fact submissive by nature even if she never explored that side. Jason had recognized that in her and that is why he had taken an additional risk in capturing her.

"Strip." Jack ordered Gina. "Yes Sir." Gina answered without really thinking about it. She quickly shed the few cloths she was wearing and started to take a step toward the shower and her enema. "Not so fast, you have a show to perform first." Ben's words startled Gina. Her hands were tied behind her back with a piece of rope while two of the men rolled in a flat-topped sawhorse.

"No please" Gina pleaded. The men ignored her proceeded to drag her over to the horse. Gina started sobbing as the men made her stand at one end of the horse. This wasn't an ordinary sawhorse; it had some different features to it. Gina looked at the horse still sobbing and pleading but she wasn't sure what was about to happen or what the step son fucking sleeping step mom while she was in deep sleep of the horse was. The men ignored her and started to attach Gina to the horse.


Gina's ankles were lifted and secured on either side of the horse halfway up the two legs. This forced Gina to fall flat on top of the horse. Her knees were fastened to the side of the flat top. Gina now rode the horse by her ankles and knees but her julia de lucia psycho anal-ysis or breasts didn't touch the flat top of the horse.

At the other end, one of the men had put on Gina's steel collar and her head was now secured to two upright wood stakes. Gina couldn't move at all with the exception a slight arching of her back. A headband was attached and pulled back to her wrist and secured there.

Gina was very uncomfortable, but all her holes could be used without any problem. The men undressed and stood in front of Gina's head, so she could clearly see them. "You are going to give us a good show one way or the other." Jack spoke in teasing voice. "It is up to you if you want to make it a painful show or a pleasure show.

We don't really care. We will fuck you regardless. So it is your choice how you spend your hour on the no holes barred horse." Gina started sobbing. "Please don't hurt me.please just don't hurt me." "If you don't like the pain you better work your ass of." One of the men said. "Yeah pale euro amateur babe bangs for money better fuck like a little rabbit." "One mistake and we all put our prods to work and maybe some other things too." Ben grinned.

"Please Nooo." Gina sobbed. Gina was very scared. The men sounded cruel and she had no doubt they would inflict great pain. Gina looked straight at the four men now semi-erect cooks.

They were all large cooks, larger than Gina had had before. "Are you going to be a good whore and fuck good or should we start with the prods?" Ben asked her. All four men enjoy this mental teasing of their reward for this trip.

With smiling faces, they all poked their prods at Gina's tits, which were hanging freely in the position she was in. Gina didn't notice Jack walking behind her but she felt him poking at her clit and pussy lips.

"Since she hasn't answered you, maybe we should give her some encouragement." He said as he poked her clit. "Noooooo.I'll be good." Gina howled which shear panic in her voice. "You'll be a good what?" "I'll be a good whore." Gina tried. "That's not good enough. Is that the best you can do then you are in trouble." Ben's voice rang out.

As he was saying that, he pressed his prod into her left tit. " Please Noooo.I'll be the best fucking whore for you." She tried in desperation.

" Hmmmm. Better but still not very convincing." Larry said. Stroking his 9-inch cock in front of her face as he spoke. Gina felt defeated what else could she say? What did they want her to say? She felt the prods on her body and knew she better think quick. " I'll do anything you tell me to Sir." She said. "Let's see if you are full of it or you can really perform. Open your mouth and starting sucking whore.

You don't know how to beg properly yet, maybe you know how to suck" Larry grinned. Larry put his cock to Gina's lips and reluctantly she opened her mouth. Licking and sucking the head as it entered her mouth. "You call that sucking whore?" With those words, he grabbed her head and showed his cock down her throat.

Gina gagged and grasped for air. She had sucked cock before but never one this big. Larry just held his cock while she tried to lick it with her tongue. He held it there until Gina though she would pass out from lack of air.

Slowly he pulled out and Gina drew a couple of hard breath and coughing. "Now let's try that again, when I tell you to suck you mofos sexy teen takes some cock sucking selfies stripper brunette it all in and work your tongue and mouth better whore. Thought you said you would be the best possible whore for us. This was worthless but then you are a worthless whore aren't you?" The question stung Gina's ears, but she felt the prods and knew she had to answer.

"Yes Sir. I'm a worthless whore." She sobbed. "At least you got that right let's see if you can get the sucking right now then." Larry told her. He again pushed his cock at Gina's mouth. This time Gina did her best to swallow it and sucked for her life while tears ran down her cheeks. Larry stroked in and out of her mouth allowing her to breath on each outstroke.

"Ok.Next." Ben stepped up and Gina started sucking his cock. Ben was a little smaller but not much. While Gina was sucking Ben, Larry slid under Gina and laid down on his back on the flat top of the horse. Gina would now get the full feel of how the horse worked. Larry started to adjust the horse, so the flat rose until Gina's tits were pressed against his chest and Gina could feel his cock as it pushed against her pussy.

When the top was raised Gina's ankles remained fixed and her knees followed with the top. She was now bent forward with her ass high in the air her head painfully bent back. Ben pulled out of her mouth and a third man took his place without giving Gina a chance to take a breath.

Instead of having Gina suck him with slow strokes, he fucked her mouth with force. At the same moment, Larry sank his cock deep in her pussy all the way to her cervix.

A jolt of pain raked through Gina's body as Larry hit bottom. She felt her pussy stretch as it tried to accommodate all of Larry's nine inches. Gina felt like she had been impaled. "UUGGHH." Gina treat these whores like the bitches they are not scream since her mouth was full of cock. The man in her mouth pushed his cock down her throat and held it there. Larry's cock was pushing against her cervix but held still too.

Ben had gotten up on the horse behind Gina and his cock was pointing right at Gina's asshole. Gina couldn't see him, but Gina was about to get her first ass fuck. Ben had lubricated his cock but not her ass hole. That was on purpose of course to cause as much pain as possible without damaging the merchandise.

"Get ready whore you have one more hole to be filled." Jack was saying with laugh. "UUUUGGGHHH." Nothing more came out of Gina's mouth, but the panic and fear was clear to see in her eyes and face.

"Fill her up." Jack laughed even louder. Ben plunged his cock in her ass with full force. He didn't get it all the way in on the first try so he pulled out and plunged again. This time the cock went all the way in. Gina could feel her ass being stretched and the pain was unbearable.

Her ass was on fire, her pussy was sore, and she couldn't breathe. Gina thought she would die. The three men started to fuck each of her holes vigorously. Gina was in severe pain and tears run down her cheeks. The fucking went on for about five minutes, but it seemed like hours to Gina. The man in her mouth came first and shot his load deep in her throat. Gina coughed but had no choice but to swallow. Gasping for breath as the man pulled out the pounding of her pussy and ass went on.

Larry and Ben both came about the same time and shot their loads in the respective holes. The semen gave some relief to the burning in her ass.

Both men dismounted her, and she was allowed a few minutes to recoup.


"That wasn't all that good. We had to do all the work the whore didn't work her ass." Ben calmly stated.

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" I know." Jack agreed. "Let's give her another round and see if she improves." "Leave her alone you bastards" Tina's voice rang out. "Want to take her place whore?" Jack said in a harsh tone as he went over to Tina. Without waiting for an answer, he stuck the prod up to Tina's clit and let her have it at full force. Tina's mouth opened but at first nothing came out and then her scream echoed through the room. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE" Her clit was on fire from the jolt.

Her whole body shook, and she almost lost her balance as she danced around. It took a good 3 minutes for the pain to subside to just a dull ache and burning.

Even her panties feel like torture on her clit. "Want to take her place or would you like to dance more for us?" Jack said. Nooo.Sir." Tina sobbed. Tina regretted having opened her mouth, but it was too late now. The pain was there and would stay with her for a while. She certainly didn't want the prod again. "I'm very sorry Sir." She sobbed meekly. Jack turned away and he said. "One more word from either you whores and I'll leave my prod turned on in her pussy." "You are supposed to watch and learn from the whore over there.

You'll all get your turn soon enough." All three women were closed to tears but scared to cry because that would ruin their make-up and would very likely earn them a close dance with the prod. So, they fought back their tears. Jack returned to Gina and the horse. Gina had of course been entertained in the meantime. She had a mouth full of Larry's cock and Ben was greasing her ass biggest cock fucking tiny muff striptease hardcore. John the third man kept her tits entertained with some light slapping and pinching.

"Places everybody." Jack chuckled. "Now you better work your tongue, ass, and pussy hard this time or we will bring out some more fun things for you to entertain us with." Jack told Gina.

"Please I hurt Sir Please no more.Please." Gina sobbed. "If you don't do a good job this time either you'll really being hurting.

No more nonsense from you. You are a whore and you do as you're told.understood." Jack's voice was harsh and with a touch alex harper takes a shower and analyzed while being filmed anger to it. "Yes Sir." Gina half whispered. Gina cried and sobbed but she was helpless in the hands of these brutal men. They could fuck her to death if she didn't try her best and she knew it.

Gina braced herself for the next attack. She didn't have to wait long. Ben's cock was at her mouth and she just opened and let him stick it down her throat. Next John's cock was in her pussy. He was easier to handle than Larry she thought.

Then fear struck her, that left Larry's nine-inch cock for her ass. "I see you figured out where Larry is going to put his cock." Ben laughed as he saw the fear in Gina's eyes. "Hope you greased her good Anal teen lita phoenix gets her tight asshole oiled up and poked in me. I intend to shove it all the way in at once." Larry said.

"You shouldn't have too much trouble with her asshole, it might hurt her a bit, but you should be able to stretch her enough to take it all. Might as well hot mom an son fuke her ready for the stallions on teacher spanks and fucks her coeds with dildo Island." Ben chuckled. The men did this mental torment on purpose. There more fear they could instill in these women before they sale to the man on the island the better.

It was important they would obey when the man inspected them, and fear was the best way to accomplish that in the short time they had. Gina couldn't breath and was starting to feel a little dizziness, but she heard them clearly and fear gripped her heart like a the hand of death. Stallions!!!! What was this Island?

Hell? Gina got no more time to think about it. Larry as promised drove his cock all the way home in her ass. "UUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH" Gina screamed into Ben cock. The pain was horrific in her ass. She felt like her ass hole had been ripped out.

The pain was so intense Gina passed out. She was quickly revived with a capsule under nose. "Listen whore you better stay awake and start moving your ass. Looks to me like you have three nice cocks that needs to be worked and pleased." Ben said.

"No action back here." Larry said. "Let's give her some incentive then" Jack replied. He walked behind Gina and put the prod on the skin between her ass hole and pussy. "I'll count to three, whore, if you are not fucking and sucking at top speed you'll get it and every time you slow down you'll get one." Jack barked at Gina. Gina scared out of her mind started moving up and down on the cocks in her ass and pussy and suck wild cock sharing at the pussy palace sorority hard as she could on Ben's cock.

Gina didn't want more pain. "Faster whore at this rate they will last days in your holes." Gina tried to move faster and tried to block the pain in her body. There was no pleasing these men she thought. After what seemed like hours but was in reality only fifteen minutes, Ben shot his load in her mouth.

"Swallow it all or you will be sorry." Ben told her. Gina swallowed she had no choice at least now she could breath. Larry was next and shot a big load in her ass. He then just pulled his cock out with a loud plop from her burning and swollen ass hole. John took longer, and Gina was starting to sweat as she bounced up and down on his cock. Then finally he shot is load in her pussy and pulled out.

Cum dripped from her pussy and ass together with some blood and shit. Gina was in pain all over and exhausted. " Hope you haven't forgotten about me whore." Jack voice rang out. Gina mentally surrendered. They were going to fuck her to death. "No Sir." She whispered.

"Well then let's see if you learnt to beg properly." "Please fuck me Sir." "Fuck you where?" "Please fuck my pussy Sir." Gina replied. "What if I want to fuck your ass?" "Please fuck my pussy and daytime adventure by sapphic erotica christen courtney and brigitte lesbians young and teen Sir." She replied again.

"Not your mouth then?" "Please fuck all my holes Sir." Gina tried a last time. "That's the way to beg almost." Jack said. Gina tried to think what else could they want to fuck.

What else could she say? "Please fuck this whore in all her holes." Gina tried. "You aren't very clean are you?" "Please fuck this dirty whore in her holes Sir." Gina sobbed. Her body ached, and she felt so humiliated. Gina started to feel like a whore. "Better but still not quite right. Make it sound like you need a fuck." Jack mused. "Please fuck this dirty horny whore in all her holes Sir." Gina again tried. "You forgot worthless or are you worth something?" " No Sir.

Sorry Sir. Please fuck this dirty black teen make her self cum horny whore in all her holes." "Finally." Jack exclaimed. Jack knew Gina was about broken and would make an excellent slave, but he needed to make sure, so the mental torture of Gina continued. Of course, Jack would fuck her too but that should be the last straw for her. The third round of cocks should break her totally.

"You want all your holes filled again whore?" Jack continued the torture. "Yes Sir. Please fill all my holes again." Tears ran down her cheek as she spoke. "Which cock do you want where whore? Think carefully in case your answer doesn't please us." Jack tormented her. Jack was as big as Larry and a double fuck with those two would hurt badly but Gina knew if she asked for anything less they might add more pain.

The way in which Jack asked the question left no doubt that was the only answer. "Please fuck this horny whore in my ass and have Larry fuck my pussy and let me suck Ben Sir." Gina whispered with fear in her voice. " Speak up whore." Gina repeated her request. "Fine, but you better work better this time from the get go." "Yes Sir." "Get ready whore here we come. On the count of three" Jack said. "Three." Jack, Larry and Ben drove their cock home at the same time with as much force as they could.

Gina screamed but all that came out was a muffled sound. "Get to work whore." Larry barked. Gina sucked as hard as she could and moved her hips the best she could to meet the trusts from the two monsters in her ass and pussy. Gina fucked and sucked. Sweat pouring from her body and pain racing through her body. This time it took twenty minutes for all three to shot their loads. Gina swallowed Ben's cum and collapsed.

The men released Gina from the horse and dragged her to the enema nozzle. Jack revived her again as Ben filled her bowls. Being all filled up they pushed her into the shower. Gina in a state of daze washed herself and let the enema go.

She shaved her legs and under her arms. The water felt good but the soreness in her throat and pussy remained. Her ass was still burning. At least it was over for now. The other three women where in the meantime given a talk by Jack. "You have seen how a good whore performs. Gina will make a very good whore, slave, and slut, bitch even and so will all of you. Gina just got her first training on board; the man on Devil's Island will train the rest of you.

If he buys you that is, if not you will be sold to a whorehouse on the coast. They don't train you, they just stick you in a room and you'll fuck fifty sixty men a day until you get all used up. Then they sell you to a street pimp. Between the diseases and drugs, you won't last more than a year on the street. There is no escape.

You have a new life now as whores, you can accept it or make it hard on yourself by fighting it, but you can't win. When we get to the island, the man of the island will inspect you. I suggest you obey his every command at once. He won't fool around and go easy with his prod and there is no low setting on it either. He will just stick it in your pussies and leave it there until you beg him to take it out. One last piece of advice, don't say a word from now on unless you are asked a question." Jack ended his speech.

Jack could see the disbelief and terror in the women's eyes, but none spoke. If they only knew what was in store for them. Linda, Tina, and Jackie couldn't believe this was happening to them but after seeing the brutal rape of Gina, they had no illusions about their fate.

They all knew they would be whores, sex slaves and probably painfully raped just like Gina. Linda looked down now she knew why she was dressed the way she was. She had to look like a whore for the sale. What else would they have to endure during the inspection she wondered? Gina joined them in the middle of the room; she was dressed and ready to go as well now.

The cargo was ready for the sale on the island.