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Whitney wright in tire my ass out full on
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The apartment that the Robertson's lived in was very small and was located in the slums of New York City. It was 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, and a small living room/ kitchen. The rooms were always dirty; trash was spread out throughout the apartment.

The wallpaper was peeling off the walls and the once brown carpet was turning an ugly greenish color. This apartment was the home to 3 people: Rod, Sarah, lesbian babes playing games with sex toys Lily. Rod was 40 years old and was the tallest in the house, standing at 6feet.

He was very muscular for he worked in a junkyard and lifted large heavy things all day for very little pay. Sarah was Rods wife, she was short, had brown hair, and was rather plump. Sarah did not work because of the fact that she has severe heart problems. Lily was their daughter. Lily was 15 years old but was short for her age standing at only 5foot. She had long brown hair, bright blue eyes and a slim curvy figure. Lily's ass was very firm and a good size for her age.

Hear breasts were a plump firm B cub and her legs were very muscular because she did a lot of school sports. Lily went to a small high school. Top of her class and captain of the volleyball team. Lily had only one friend; he was a teacher at her school, Mr.

Darrel. Because sport equipment was so expensive and her family was already struggling enough with bills, food and her mom's medical bills, Mr. Darrel helped pay for a lot of the things she needed for school. Mr. Darrel or Tom Darrel as the teachers new him, was a handsome man, dark hair, strong looking body, and he was very tan.

Tom spent a lot of his time outside with his shirt off. Lily knew this because she passed by his house almost everyday after school to go to the store for her parents. Tom was not married but always seemed to have girls with him. Tom had pictures all lovely legal age teenager wants to be gangbanged his classroom that he had taken.

It was a normal Monday morning when Lily woke up. She was tired, grumpy and hungry. Lily slept on the couch in the living room due to the fact that there was only one room. Lily stepped off the couch and walked over to the small kitchen area, opened the fridge, grabbed the small lunch bag that her mom packed for her. Lily set the bag by the door, walked back to the couch, reached under it and pulled out an old pair of jeans and a small shirt. Lily removed the nightgown that she was wearing and threw it under the couch with her other clothes.

Lily walked into the bathroom removed her panties and turned on the water to the shower. She stepped in, started washing her hair, then her body. Lily stood there for a moment watching the water run down her chest and drip off of her breasts.

She finally got done, stepped from the shower, dried off, got dressed and started walking towards the school. It was still dark out when she left. About ten minutes passed as walked further down the road. The streets were filled with the same 3 people that were out there every morning. 2 bums and a man Lily though looked like a drug dealer. Lily got to the place where Mr. Darrel lived. The lights were on.

She walked over to the door and knocked. Seconds passed and then the door swung open and Mr. Darrel stood there.

"Lily!" he said with a big smile on his face. "How are you this morning?" "I'm good." Lily said looking at Mr. Darrel. He looked like he was just about to leave for school as well. He was dressed in slacks, a button down shirt tucked in and a tie.

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"Do you need anything?" he asked. "Well, I'm kind of cold, and I really don't want to walk to school alone, do you think maybe you could walk to school with me?" Lily always felt safe with Mr. Darrel. "Of course Ill walk you to school." He said grinning. They left the house together. "So, how's your parent doing?" He asked. "Oh…" Lily hesitated for a moment. "My moms, not doing so well, and my dad is scared that something is going to happen to her when he's not home so today's his last day of working so he can stay with my mom." "How will you get money?" Mr.

Darrel asked sounding shocked. "That's what I asked." Lily said, tears now forming in her eyes.

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"Daddy said we would get by…" "Well if you ever need any money, I have some work that you could do over at my house." He said smiling. "Thanks." Lily said, "That sounds great, can I come over today?" "Sure, I've got plenty of work. And I need a new model, my old ones keep quitting on me." "Model?" "Yeah, I pay couple in pussy licking and blowjob in bedroom hardcore couples to come over and try on some of the clothes that I make in my spare time.

I'm trying to get a modeling and clothing business going so I can quit teaching." "I didn't know you made your own clothes!" Lily was amused. She never pictured Mr. Darrel to make clothes. "but yeah I would love to come over and try some of your clothes." "Great just come home with me after school. * * * * * The bell rang at 2:05 and Lily got up from her desk and started walking to Mr. Darrel's room. "Hey!" He said as she walked in.

"Hi. I called my parents to let them know that I would be at your place today." "Great." he said. "Let me just grab some things and we'll get going." She saw Mr. Darrel pick up some papers and then they both left together.

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It seemed like a very short walk to his house when she was with him. They got to the door, he unlocked it and they went inside. "Ok, so do you want to get started right away?" He asked. "Yeah!" Lily was excited. She had always seen the models in magazines and always wanted to be just like them, and now she was finally going to be one. "Ok. So what I want you to do is when I give you an outfit, go into the bathroom, try it on and come out and let me see. If I like it we'll shoot it, if I don't, we'll try again." He walked over to a large basket and pulled out a pair of very short, shorts, a small tank top and small pink bra.

"Go ahead and try these on." He said handing the clothes to Lily. Lily stepped into the bathroom and locked the door. She took off the shirt and bra she was wearing, then her jeans. She slowly pulled the shorts up.

They were much shorter then she thought, the leg part barely fell past the crotch. She put the small bra on. This was also much smaller detention clean up tube porn she had thought. It barely covered her nipples. Finally she slipped the tank top over her head. It was very low cut exposing much cleavage.

Lily stepped from the bathroom. Mr. Darrel looked at her. "I like it." He said. "Now just step into this room." He pointed to a door. Lily walked inside a little embarrassed. In side was a large white screen with a large camera and lights.

"Go stand in front of the screen and Ill position you from there." Lily did what she was told. Mr. Darrel walked over to her. He stood there looking at her for a moment. "Umm, Mr. Darrel?" Lily said, he voice a little shaky.

"Yes?" He answered not taking his eyes off of her. "How much dose this pay?" "It depends on what you do." He said his eyes drifting down to her smooth strong legs. He moved his hands to the shorts. He unbuttoned them and unzipped them so that her pink lace panties we visible. Lily was a surprised. "Mr. Darrel???" "Take off the tank top, it will look better." His voice was stronger now.

Lily waited a moment. She no longer felt safe with Mr. Darrel.


She was scared. She didn't want to make him mad so she did what she was told. She slowly slipped the tank top over her head and threw it to the floor. "This would look better if the shorts were off too." He said moving his hands up her legs and slowly pulling the shorts down to her ankles.


Mr. Darrel raised his head so his mouth was level with her knee. He kissed it. Dutch amateur girl first time small girl makes big moves moved his mouth up to her thigh.

He kissed her thigh a few times then ran his tongue up and down her leg. Lily was scared. She didn't know what to do. "Mr. Darrel…please." Was all she could manage to say. "You're doing this for your family, Lily." He said moving his head to her firm stomach. He moved his tongue around her belly. Mr. Darrel stood up. His hands moved to her back and Lily felt her bra unhook. She watched as it fell to the floor. Lily's eyes were full of tears.

Mr. Darrel cupped one of her firm tight breasts in his hand and squeezed it a little. Lily let out a little moan. "You like that?" Mr. Darrel said now both breasts in his hands. "Tell me you like that." "I like that." She said closing her eyes.

"I can do more." Mr. Darrel said. "Oh yes…do more." Lily loved this. Mr. Darrel moved his mouth over one of her nipples and started to suck. As Mr. Darrel did this he slowly moved his hands down to her crotch and started to rub the fabric that covered her vagina.

Lily started to moan more. Mr. Darrel moved his hands up to the lace band on her panties and slowly pulled them down to her ankles along with the shorts. Mr. Darrel's hand moved back up her leg to her pussy.

Slowly he inserted his index and middle finger into the wet hole. Lily moaned more. He moved his fingers in and out slowly at first but quickened his pace when Lily's moaning got louder.

Lily started to tremble and then her pussy erupted with an orgasm. Mr. Darrel removed his fingers. Lily sat down on the floor. Mr. Darrel moved his hands down to his own button and zipper. Lily watched as Mr. Darrel's pants fell to the floor.

Mr. Darrel then removed his shirt and his boxers. Lily was amazed as she looked at Mr. Darrel's naked body. He had huge pecks and a six-pack. This she had known from walking by his house. His legs were very built.

He dick was long and hard. Just by looking at it, Lily guessed it was maybe 8-9 inches. Lily could not take her eyes off of Mr. Darrel's naked body. She had also noticed that his body was completely hairless. Mr.

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Darrel walked over to Lily, and sat next to her. Lily stared at him. She wanted him. She was no longer afraid. Suddenly before she could stop herself she asked… "Can I touch it? It was a very childish question, but Mr. Darrel just smirked. He reached over and grabbed Lily's hand and guided it over to his monster cock.

Lily gripped it in her hand. It was warm and it was throbbing. She started to move her hand up and down his shaft. Mr. Darrel just sat and watched. "That feels good." Mr. Darrel said. "I want to make you feel good." Lily said still concentrating on his dick. "You know what would make me feel even better?" He asked.

"What?" "If you suck on it." He smiled and nodded. Lily let go of his dick and moved so that she was sitting in front of him. She leaned forward on her knees, placed her hands on either side of him, bent her head down and kissed the tip of his dick. She then moved down to the bottom of his rock hard monster and licked up. Mr. Darrel let out a small moan. Lily wrapped her lips around the tip and sucked for a moment, and then she opened her mouth a little wider and moved her lips up and down his shaft.

Mr. Darrel's eyes were closed as he enjoyed what was happening to him. "God your good at this!" Mr. Darrel said, eyes still closed. Lily stopped sucking.

She sat up and moved forward so that there was no room between the two of them. Mr. Darrel gently placed his hands on Lily's shoulders and slowly laid her down n front of him. Lily spread her legs apart, ready for him. Mr. Darrel moved himself down on her and Lily felt him enter her body.

It felt so good to her. Mr. Darrel thrust in and out of her sweet pussy. She was so tight, he could tell that she was still a virgin, well, not anymore. Lily closed her eyes and let out a loud moan. "Ohhhhhh!" She tilted her head to the side a little. "Oh yeah! Fuck me! Ohhhhh!" Mr. Darrel was now moving fast enough that Lily's breasts were bouncing up and down as he went in and out. Lily exploded with another orgasm.

This was it. Mr. Darrel wrenched his dick out from Lily's sweet, tight, pussy lips. He moved him self up, jerking his cock until he got up to Lily's face. Mr. Darrel trembled as a jet of cum flew from the end of his dick and landed right on Lily's upper lip.

Another jet landed on her nose, then her eyes, in her hair, and in her mouth. Mr. Darrel moved himself down and placed his dick into Lilly's open mouth. She closed her sweet lips around it and sucked it for a moment. Lily heard Mr. Darrel get up and leave the room She did not open her eyes because of all the cum that amazing mature woman gives her mouth for two friends them.

What was going on? She heard Mr. Darrel come back into the room. She knew he was close to her. She then felt some cloth on her face, Mr. Darrel was wiping the cum off her face. Lily opened her eyes. "Thank you." She said. "No, thank you." He said, walked over, picked up his clothes and put them on. Lily did the same with her clothes. "I should probably get going." She said." Thank you." Lily started to walk to the door.

"Hey," Mr. Darrel called after her. "Wait there." Mr. Darrel left the room for a moment and came back and placed a wad of cash in Lily's hand. "I said I would pay you." "Thank you so much Mr.

Darrel!" she said. "Tell your mom I'm thinking about her. And let me know if you need any more…work." They both laughed and Lily left his house. END.