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Teen webcam leggings xxx ivy impresses with her enormous baps and ass
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If you didn't read the first part please do so. To all of those that wrote their comments to help me make my story better I thank you. This part is longer with the sex further away as I needed to develop the story.

I hope you enjoy. Chapter two As Jim awoke the next morning he was surprised to find himself alone in the bed. He never slept so sound before. He did find a note on the pillow next to him, "I had to go to work. Please do not leave town without seeing me first. Ashly." Jim was surprised that she had left the note, but did tell himself that he would stop by the gas station before he left. One thing that he had not really had time to dwell on is how these 'powers' came to be.

He really wanted some answers but he knew that he could not talk to anyone about them. He knew that he had some sort of mind control, and that he might be able to affect objects.

He had no idea what other things he might be able to do. That was what troubled him the most. Might he inadvertently use the 'powers' and be discovered?

Jim sat back on the bed and thought milf babe fucked hard for her honey the first time he had got into someone else's head. He had not even meant to do so. But could he do the same thing and look deep within his own mind? The thought had him willing to try. Jim decided to grab a few pain pills the doctor had prescribed to him. He also remembered the hellish headaches.

He downed the pills with some water and filled the cup again just in case. He laid down on the bed and closed his eyes. He concentrated. At first nothing was to be found. Then he found something. It was like a wall. Nothing his mind would have put there on its own. But it was there. As he searched around it he found a hole in the wall starting to unravel itself.

"Did the hard blow to my head cause this?" He asked aloud not even conscious of the words leaving his lips. Jim started to scratch at the wall knowing what was behind it could be the answers to possibly all of his questions. As more of the wall came down a strong memory came to his head, with a voice that spoke to him.

"Son. You have found the what your mother and I had tried to protect you from." "Dad?" Jim said coming out of his trance. He immediately went back in. "Son. What you are about to discover will either be the death of you, or if you are strong enough, you could be the person to carry on what your mother and I failed.

People like us will seek you out, some to help, others to kill you once you are found to have our power. Go to your favorite spot as a kid. A gift will reveal itself to you. Take care my son". Jim couldn't believe what he had just heard. His parents were like him? What of his sister? Did she have these same powers? And what type of gift? So many questions rolled around in his head. But one thing was for sure. He would carry on his parents legacy.

No matter the cost. Suddenly Jim felt as if his head was going to explode. But this was different than the last times this happened. It was like he was gaining knowledge of who he was.

Truly was. And more then that he understood what his powers truly could be. He was just given the blueprints to study and with practice he could perfect his powers. Jim woke up to knocking at the door. His head still hurt a bit but not bad. He looked at the clock and it was 6:30 pm.

"Damn that took a lot out of me" Jim said. He walked to the door and it was Ashly. "I had thought that you left without saying goodbye" she said. Jim noticed that it looked as if she had been crying. "Are you ok?" He asked. "I just got to thinking that I am truly going to be sad to see you leave." She said. "I know that you are just passing through, but I have never met anyone like you before." 'You got that right' he thought.

"Well Ashly I could stay in town another day, but pass that I do have to go." He said trying to save her feelings as much as possible. "Take me with you" she said startling even herself by the words. "Please. I don't have anyone holding me to this town. My parents moved to Florida for their retirement spoiled teen white girl britney light fucks asian james bang it left me in this shit hole all alone." "You don't even know me" he said.

"I know enough. The way you were last night. No one has ever taken the time to think of me. But there is something about you that won't let me see you go." Jim didn't know what to say. But did notice that Ashly had a full stream of tears running down her cheeks. She was beautiful. One of the hottest women that he had ever had sex with. "Let's sit down for a minute in the room" he said.

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He could see the fear of rejection on her face. After they both sat on the bed Jim had this strange curiosity and he decided to check it out. He grabbed Ashly's hand and quickly looked in her mind. With his new understanding of his powers he needed to see something. Sure enough he had altered just enough that in Ashly's subconscious, he was the person who could be her 'everything' in her mind now. 'I guess I screwed the pooch on this one' he thought.

But something else made him see a very dark area highlighted in her mind. Some sort of deep fear. He tried to look deeper but it repelled him with force. 'I'm not strong enough to see it!' He thought with amazement. He looked again but saw something else that caught his attention. A want, a need to be protected and loved.

It might be why she was so easily entranced by the few thing that he had done during their love making. He could see this but again he could not see into the fear. He came out of the connection to see Ashly looking down in full sobs. "It was wrong of me to ask you I know. I just thought." He stopped her right there. "Ashly I would love for you accompany me. I can think of nothing I'd like more." "One thing I have to ask though" he said "are you afraid for some reason to stay in this town?" She looked at him with shock.

Why would he ask that question? Jim quickly went inside her mind. He wanted to try something. He imparted a notion in her mind that she would tell him the truth when he asked for it. He asked again. "My ex has been chinese flashing her boobs watch part on slutcamxxcom me and hurting me for years.

I even tried to leave once with a friend of mine. My ex found us packing her car with a few of my things and kidnapped her right in front of me. She was found two days later in the river.

He had told me that if I ever talked or tried to leave again he'd kill me too." The look that came over Jim was that of murderous rage.

"Where is your ex now?" He asked. "At his home. Near the river." As she said that fear came to her eyes. "Please don't go. He will kill you too!" She cried.

He looked right into her eyes. "I will be back. I will take you from this town and I will protect you so that you are never hurt again." He said "But this type of man needs to be thought a lesson in manners." "Please don't. He will kill you. I don't know want to see you hurt or dead." Jim once again looked right into Ashly's eyes, only this time with a slight smile and said the only words that he needed to "I am a United States Marine." Jim drove to the address that Ashly had given him.

The house was run down but he could hear loud music coming from inside. He got out of the truck and started for the front door. "Who the fuck are you?" He heard as a man came storming out of the house. Jim noticed that the man had a gun in his hand and a knife on his belt. "I just came here to look into the eyes of a peace of shit that likes to hurt women, and murder innocent people." "You spoke with the bitch I take it. She will pay for opening her mouth.

Just know, that with you're dying breath I will make her suffer." The man leveled the gun Jim's way but he was already moving. The gun was in the mans right hand and so when the gun came up Jim used his left to grab the man by the wrist and push it out to the right. In the same movement Jim reached his right hand to the gun hitting the button to release how to get in a movie stardust industries magazine then twisting the gun to reach the slide and caulked it back to unchamber the round.

Jim then pushed the man to the ground. At first the man didn't move so stunned was he by the Maneuver. Then the man took out his knife.

Jim at first thought the man was going to get up for a Repeat. To his surprise the man flipped the knife over in his hand so he was holding the blade and through it.

Jim had no defense and was too close to move out of the way. But to Jim's surprised and to the man on the ground the knife never touched Jim.

It was as if the knife had hit a wall. Jim felt some sort of energy pulse within himself. He knew that the knife had hit a Barrier that he had somehow enacted. But more then that he felt the energy of the blow stored within him.

The man got up and started to swing at Jim but the barrier was still enacted. The man terrified started to run away. Jim, feeling the energy from every blow knew something was off. It was like he needed immorallive licking cum on my friends ass disperse the energy that had built up or be consumed by it.

He touched a nearby post on the house and release all of the energy built up by the knife throw and by the punches and watch the post explode. Stunned but still remembering his objective he gave chase to the man. The man was cornered in a bedroom and had no where to go.

"Please don't kill me." The man pleaded. Jim had a better punishment in mind then killing this fuck. He reached into the mans mind and changed a few things. First he made sure that the man would remember everything but not be aloud to tell a soul or hint at what was to be done.

The anger was so strong in Jim that he was doing things to the man that in any other state of mind, with as little practice as he had at this point, would have been impossible for him to accomplish. He imparted in the man that he would from this day forward be gay. And a bottom on top of it.

The man would forever want dick in his ass, the bigger the better. The man would also cut off his own balls so that he could never get hard again. And the last was he would never be able to hurt anyone again. Jim thought to himself that he could have done more but couldn't at this point think of anything better so he just left.

Back at the hotel Ashly felt sick with worry. So when Jim walked back through the door all she could do was cry in joy to see him unharmed. "He will never hurt you again. And no, I didn't kill him, but trust me he is out of your life for good." He said.

"From now on I will protect you. As long as you wish to be by my side." Ashly couldn't believe the turn of events. She somehow knew that everything in her life was about to be so much better.

****************** Jim was sitting in the hotel room as Ashly went to pack a few thing. He couldn't believe what he had done during the fight. And now he knew that once they got to their destination that he would be doing a lot of training. He tried to put that part out of his mind and concentrate on Ashly for a bit.

Something about her made him want to put his all in protecting her. But he knew he couldn't always be there to do so. Or could he? He sat back and closed his eyes. He could sense her even from this distance. He pushed himself even further and and made the connection he was hoping for. He started to enact a safety within her that would trigger an alert in his own mind if she was ever in trouble. He found that it was more simple then he had originally thought. He wondered what it would take for him to be able to see the surroundings of someone he cared for.

That way if a trigger was popped he could assess the danger. He tried a few things but nothing worked. Then a thought came to him. He focused in her life force and then created an eyeball that would hover over said life force. It came in fuzzy at first then started to clear up. He could see her packing a few items and then look around to see if she would need anything else. Then something had gotten her attention and she walk to the door.

It was a young woman that appeared to be around her age and they were talking. He realized he couldn't hear anything so he created a ear, kind of like the eye. "What is going on Ashly? Your text seemed urgent." "Hi Samantha.

Please come I need to ask you a huge favor." She said. Samantha entered the house and Ashly shut the door. "Please have a seat." She said. "This is going to sound strange but I ask that you hear me out. I met this guy yesterday and I am going to be leaving with him." "Are you fucking stupid? You can't just leave with some guy. Plus Steve would kill you when he found out." "Actually this guy has already taken care of Steve." The look on Samantha's face was pure incredulity.

"What do you mean 'taken care of him?'" "He just scared the wits out of him but didn't harm him otherwise. But beyond that, I have never felt so safe in my life." Jim reached into Samantha's mind and tweaked it so that she was understanding and could accept what she was being told by Ashly.

"Please understand that I have to get out of here. I cannot live like I have anymore." Samantha nodded. "I just fear for you. I love you so much. What am I to do without you around?" Jim was still in Samantha's mind when he noticed something. Samantha was in love with Ashly.

But never acted on the feelings. So as a parting gift he was going to give a goodbye present to Samantha. The fun was making a hard one eyed monster burst out to begin. Samantha was just about the same height as Ashly.

She was strawberry blonde with very cute freckles around her nose and hot bods tail pipe sceneb creampie big tits her eyes. Her eyes were green. She was on the thin side but not unattractively so. She always thought that one of her best attributes or her breasts. They were big and full. She prided herself on working out. Her stomach and legs were very toned. "We will still talk everyday I promise. And I want you to move out of your apartment into this house I know how much you love it here." Samantha didn't know what to say.

She was hurt to know that her best friend as leaving, but for some reason she didn't know why she was ok with it. Ashly stood up to give her friend a hug. As they did she looked at Samantha and kissed her on the lips. Samantha was shocked.

But in no way was she going to stop her friend. Ashly started to kiss her neck. Even nibbled a little. A soft moan escaped Samantha's lips. Ashly started to lead her down the hall to the bedroom. Once there she guided Samantha to the bed. She continued to kiss her and even started to remove Samantha's shirt. Jim couldn't contain his excitement. He used his powers to heighten both women in their sensitivity and pleasure.

By this point both women had removed their cloths. And Ashly was working her was down to start kissing Samantha's pussy. This was everything Samantha had ever hoped for. And she could already feet her arousal heightening to new heights. When she felt the first contact with her pussy she felt a shock of pleasure course through her body. She felt Ashly's tongue touch her clit and new that she was already close. As Ashly started to move her tongue her first orgasm hit her.

She cried out and pulled Ashly's head tight to her so she wouldn't stop. "More! Just like that. I'm going to cum even harder!" She screamed. Her next orgasm hit her so hard that she started to squirt. Never had she done this before but it just kept going. When she finally can down Ashly had already started to move up to start kissing her. Samantha pulled her head close and savored the taste of herself on Ashly's lips.

While they kissed Ashly started to rub her pussy on Samantha's. She couldn't believe the feeling and how hot it made her. Their clits made contact and both women started to moan out with pleasure.

They moved their bodies into a better position started scissoring. They both were getting close to reaching their peek. They moved faster making sure to keep their clits rubbing together. "Cum with me Ashly! Cum on my pussy." Both women cried out as they came. Both pushing their pussies together. They just laid there. Out of breath. Neither wanting to get up from the bed. ********************************** When Ashly arrived back at the hotel she hesitantly, but honestly told Jim what had happened back at the house.

She was surprised that he was not mad. "If you ever have sex with a woman again can you do me a favor?" He asked. She looked at him with shock.

She had thought he would storm out of the room, or worse punish her for what she had done. But instead he had a huge mischievous grin on his face and was asking for a favor. "What is that?" She asked. "Could you bring me proof that what you say happened indeed really happened.

I'd be ok with a picture, but video would be better. Or if you mom son sexy xxx dad come back really kind, you could let me sit in the corner and watch. I don't need to join, although I wouldn't mind, but it will be like I'm not even there. You might hear smacking and grunting sounds from my side of the room but other than that I'll just watch." Again she couldn't believe what she was hearing.

But she thought 'if I ever sleep with a girl again, he will be in first fantasy with black passion black ebony cumshots ebony swallow interr bed with us.' They packed their stuff into the bed of Jim's truck and headed out.

They still had 15 hours of driving ahead of them before the got to his home town. Jim used his GPS to navigate the route so that if it came to the point of having Ashly drive she would know the way. About an hour into the drive he saw that Ashly was moving her fingers around her pussy. She was still very horny from her spout earlier. She slid down her pants and underwear and started to rub her pussy. She moaned every time she made contact with her clit. She started to feel strange. She had never before done anything like this.

She had always been very conservative in the past. But for some reason to her things were changing. She slid a finger into her pussy. And with the other hand she started to rub her clit.

Even though Jim was trying to concentrate on the road he felt something like regret coming from her. So he looked into her mind.

He saw that she was thinking about how Samantha squirted during their love making, she wished that she could do that. He made a mental note to see if he could figure out how to make the needed adjustment within her body.

But for now he just let her continue. She started to moan louder and she knew she was close. She slid two more finger into her very tight pussy.

She started to rub directly on her clit. And with a few final pushes of her fingers she was cumming. She looked over and saw that Jim was hard as a rock. "Pull out your dick." She said. He glanced over and said "are you sure?" "More than anything." She replied. He pulled down his pant and his cock stood to full attention.

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She slid over and put her hand on his cock. He moaned as he realized she had used her pussy juice as the lubricant. The trucks front seat had a middle seat as well so it made it easy for her to work her magic. She was more on her stomach with her ass in the air so it made it easy to give head while continuing to rub her pussy. She moved her hand up and down his slick shaft and added even more lubricant when she added her mouth to the equation.

She loved the taste of her juices on his cock she realized. She moved her head and mouth faster and once again used her tongue to swirl around the head of his cock as she bobbed up and down. She could taste his excitement and that made her rub her pussy even faster.

The head big butt teen avery adair getting cowgirl and creampie pornstars and hardcore his cock started to get bigger and she knew he was about to cum even before he warned her.

She wanted him to explode in her mouth. He deserved all she could give to him. She stroked, sucked, and rubbed in excitement of what was about to happen. She felt the first load hit the back of her throat. This just made her suck even harder. As the next volley shot off in her mouth she started her orgasm.

As he finished his orgasm she swallow what had not slipped out of her mouth and licked up the rest. She said that she was going to take a nap so that when her turn to drive was she would be good. About six hours later she woke up as Jim pulled into a gas station to fill up. "Do you need to go to the restroom or get any snacks for the road?" He asked. "Yes to both" she laughed.

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After they got everything they needed Ashly offered to drive. Jim's readily agreed. He could use some rest. As they got on the road Jim laid his head back and fell asleep. Only it wasn't sleep. The blueprints flashed into his mind and started almost a full download into his head. He looked, studied, and learned what he could. He saw the potential for everything. Only practice would form the abilities he saw into reality. Then he saw something that he had never expected.

He was able to use some of blondes eden sinclair and dylan snow sharing facial at party cumshot college abilities right away. But the reason floored him.

It was because he was the only person to have been born with the abilities from two parents. Never before had this come to be. And his dad had given some of his knowledge to Jim as his dad built the wall. The last notion imparted was, because of the being born from two parents with the abilities he would learn to be stronger than even the most skilled.

It was all crystallizing in his head as more and more of the wall began to break. Now the blueprints were showing him what he could learn. Telekinesis, creating invisible but tangible objects. How to alter his own body for physical strength, speed, and endurance. Mind control.

Physical and mental barriers for protection. He could also learn to remove the abilities from any other gifted individual.

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And more. Jim opened his eyes. He was surprised to see Ashly pulled over to the side of the road screaming at him to wake up. "What's wrong?" He asked. "I've been trying to wake you for ten minutes. I thought the worst." He looked at the clock and only then saw that 8 hours had gone by. They were at their destination.

He took over the driving to his old house. His sister had not even known that he was about to arrive. He got out of the truck and started for the door.

When he got to it he knocked softly. He heard the footsteps from inside getting closer. The door opened.

"Jim?" Jess said "Oh my god Jim!" Jessica ran and jumped into his arms to give him a great hug. The reason they hadn't talk was not be use they didn't get along. In fact they both Were great friends. Jess knew why Jim didn't year old creampie pov missionary sex after school fucking her teen pussy. When he left he had asked her to go with him, but she couldn't leave the house where she lived with her parents.

Jim hated this town. But he did love his little sister. Neither of them would have ever had to work a day in their lives if they didn't want to. Their parent were very wealthy. But Jim in needing to get away sought a new family. And because of that, he all but forgot about his sister. It pained him to see her now. He felt ashamed for not calling.

"I missed you so much big brother." Jess stopped in her tracks seeing Ashly. It even pissed her off a little that her brother had brought this tramp. 'Pretty tramp, but a slut nonetheless' she thought. Ashly saw Jess and was very shocked at the similarities between her and Jim. Her eyes were just like his. The blue in both of their eyes could not be described. It was like they glowed a brilliant light blue.

Ashly also had blonde hair and was fit and tall. Ashly felt very plain when looking at this beautiful creature. "Jessica this is Ashly. She is my." He didn't know how to label her. "I'm his girlfriend" Ashly said. She had no problems putting a label on him even in this short amount of time. It was like there was going to be some type of showdown right there in the front yard of who he belonged too.

Jim felt weird about this little stare down between these two girls. 'Why was his sister even jealous if he had a girlfriend?' He thought. "Let's unpack the truck of our stuff and we can talk a little bit more later after we have gotten a little bit of rest" he said. "One room or two?" Jess said with a frown. He just laughed. "One will do little sister." As they unpacked all of their things Jim went downstairs to get a glass of water. As he did so he looked into the back yard and felt a strange feeling.

He followed the feeling to the barn and looked around. At first he saw nothing. But the feeling got stronger. He fell within himself and concentrated. He used his powers to locate the source. It was a lever under a floor board. "My favorite spot as a kid, the barn" he said.

He tried to pull on it but it would not move. Then he got a notion from somewhere in his mind. 'Use your mind to pull the lever' he thought. It worked. A staircase leading to an elevator ran 3 miles beneath the ground to a huge structure.

The first room he entered stopped him in his tracks. Jim looked at that point as if a small gust of wind would have knocked him over. Comments are welcome. Next part to follow.