Sweet natalie heart spreads her pussy to fuck pornstars fingering

Sweet natalie heart spreads her pussy to fuck pornstars fingering
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My sister has been a sexual person since I can remember. The first memory of my sister being sexual was when I was six and she was four. My sister was what you would consider to be cute; she had brown hair and green eyes and a smile that my parent called contagious.


We were sitting in front of the TV on the floor watching a children's program, I was lying on my stomach while my sister was sitting on her bottom. I was hear weird noises coming from the side of me so I turned my head and saw my sister grinding her pussy on the carpet.

She had her legs spread wide in a V and was grinding her clit into the carpet. I had no idea what she was doing at the time, me being six and all, so I called to my parents thinking she was going to pee on herself. When my parents came rushing in the room my sister had stopped grinding into the carpet, I leggy angel gets willing for sex games I scared her when I called to my parents, so I had to explain what she was doing.

My sister thought she was going to get into trouble by my parent so she quickly explained that she was just trying to make herself feel good. My parents then explained to me that sometimes kids experiment with their bodies to see what feels good and that it was natural. My mom then told my sister that she could only do that at home because it wasn't appropriate for a young girl to do that in public.

So some would say that this doesn't in fact make my sister a slut but when added to all of her other experiences I think you will agree that she is indeed a slut.

The Washer Machine: The next experience is when were helping our mother with the laundry. At the time we were five and seven. My sister was still humping the carpet but only at home.

As we were helping my mother with the laundry my mother pick my sister up and sat her on top of the washer machine so she could fold the towels. I was separating the whites from the colors when the phone rang. "I'll be right back!" my mother said as she ran to go answer the phone. My sister and I continued to do our task when all of a sudden the washer machine started the spin cycle and my sister stopped folding towels and spread her legs in a V like she did when she was on the floor.

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Only this time she was moaning louder than she did when she was on the carpet. She was so into what she was feeling she started humping the washer like she was possessed by something.

I was so captivated by her that I just stared at her while she pleasured herself. She finally was at her big climax moment (but I didn't know this at the time) because she was rolling her head around and moaning really loud, she even bit her lip so hard that she cut her lip. When her ordeal was over she was shaking. My mother picked that moment to come back into the laundry room.

"Sorry about that you two… Jeremy are you okay?" I obviously had a look of shock on my face from what I just witnessed. "Yeah mom I'm fine" I went right back to separating the clothes so that my mom would drop the subject. But I couldn't help looking at my sister to see how she was doing. She was still shaking but not as much as before and she had a glazed look on her face. "Mommy can I go to my room I don't feel good" my sister asked my mom who then put all of her attention on my sister.

"Yeah Kendall no problem" my mom picked my sister up and carried her to her room. When they left I looked on top of the washer machine and saw a wet spot. It really confused me so after my mother left my sister's room I went in.

She was sitting on the bed curled on her side rubbing her legs together. "Hey Kendall you okay? What happened to you in the laundry room?" she sat up and looked at me.

"I don't know Jeremy it felt really good. Like when I rub against the carpet but better… but… I don't know I can't even explain it. After that she would wash a pair of socks just to feel the washer machine rock her to orgasm. Mr. Watson: The next experience was when she was eight. She was struggling in school and our parents were worried that she wasn't going to pass the third grade, so they asked her teacher, Mr.

Watson if he could tutor her after class everyday. Mr. Watson agreed because my sister was trying to learn the material. The first few meetings were innocent and focused on the material.

But after a few sessions my sister would come home and talk about Mr. Watson all the time, Mr. Watson this, Mr. Watson that… my parents found it adorable that she had her first crush. I on the other hand was suspicious because I noticed one day on the way to school that my sister had no underwear on.

"Why aren't you wearing underwear?" "I like to feel the breeze under my skirt" "But does mom know? What if your skirt blows up?" I was really concerned that my sister would expose her privates to everyone in school and be made fun of. "Fine! I'll put some underwear on if your sooo worried" We went to school that day and my sister put underwear on, but viki slovakia zsexy sat tv and more school let out she pulled her underwear off without me knowing.

So while I was on my way home amazing virgin suggests her slit as payment was headed to Mr.

Watson's classroom for tutoring. "Hi Mr. Watson!" she said as she bounced into the classroom. He looked up and smiled at his new star pupil. Mr.

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Watson is thirty-two with dark brown hair and blue hair. He is around 6 feet tall and very handsome. "Hi Kendall! You ready to start you lesson?" Kendall jumped on top of one of the student desk that was right in front of Mr. Watson's desk. "Yep! I've been waiting all day for you to give me my lesson" she said that last part in a very sweet but sensual way.

She then spread her legs wide for Mr. Watson to see her bare pussy. He looked directly at her pussy and started coughing. "Kendall… your legs… umm… you need to…" Kendall took that moment to hop off the desk and walk around to Mr.

Watson's side of the desk and sit on top of his desk with her legs spread wide open for all to see. "Kendall what are you doing?" Mr.

Watson asked but did nothing to correct the situation but stare at her eight-year-old bald pussy. "Mr. Watson I have problem right here between my legs and I need you to help me" Kendall then grabbed his hand and pulled it to her pussy and rubbed his hand all around her pussy and when she thought he had the idea of what she wanted she let his hand go so he could take over. Mr.

Watson was stunned by the events that were unfolding right before his eyes but he was somehow slowly rubbing this young beauty's pussy. "Oh yes Mr. Watson… Oh GOD it feels good. Harder please" at that moment Mr. Watson had decided that he was going to give this little girl what she was asking for. He laid her on his desk and spread her legs wide so he could taste japanese girl jabardasti xxx storys little eight-year-old.

He then leaned down and suckled her clit while rubbing her pussy lips. Mr. Watson was so into it that he started licking and rubbing faster. Kendall jumped when Mr. Watson's tongue dug into her pussy.

"You like that don't you?" Mr. Watson asked Kendall when she was starting to shaking and gripping the desk. "Are you about to cum?

Yeah cum for me baby". That's all it took for her to spill her love nectar all over Mr. Watson's face and he licked every last bit slut is fully in love with sex games the nectar.

Meanwhile Kendall was rubbing her nipples of her non-existent boobs. "Thank you Mr. Watson. You did an excellent job now I want to repay you" Kendall slid off the desk and was right in front of Mr. Watson's crotch.

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She then reached for his belt buckle and was in a hurry to get his pants off to see his cock. Mr. Watson was pass the point kendra lust takes his rod balls deep in her pussy worrying about his job and his freedom from jail when he attacked her pussy. He just leaned back in his chair and watched her free his cock.

Kendall has only seen her brother and father's cock. Her brother's was small and not fully developed but her father's was a good size to her but compared to Mr. Watson it was just average because Mr. Watson's was 8 inches and thick like a flashlight. Kendall tried to wrap her hand around his cock but they were too small so then she tried to put her mouth around it but her mouth was too small.

Mr. Watson was laughing softly at her attempt to take care of his erection. "Kendall stop. It's okay you don't have to do anything." Kendall gave him a pouty face that made him want to fuck her so hard and fast but that was a line that he wouldn't cross.

"Mr. Watson teach me how to take care of your thingy. PLEASE!" She gave him puppy dog eyes that he could deny no more than water in the desert. "Okay but just your hands, alright?" Kendall nodded her head with a big grin on her face. He took her hands and wrapped them around his cock and moved them up and down in a slow speed and then gradually picked up speed. Foxy blonde minx rides a big dick didn't take long for him to start pumping his hips into her baby soft hands.

Then Mr. Watson felt his balls tighten up and with his last pump he started to cum all over Kendall, himself, and the desk. When he was finished he stopped her hands from moving and handed her some tissue to clean herself up. Luckily it didn't land on her clothes and just on her face and hands. "Kendall, no one can know about what we did here. I can get fired and go to jail, so this has to be our little secret." "Okay Mr.

Watson. I don't want you to get into trouble because of something I made you do." After that Kendall and Mr. Watson continued their relationship with the cover of it being a tutoring session. Kendall told me that she asked Mr. Watson to take her virginity but always told her that her was satisfied with her just giving him hand jobs and him eating her pussy. They continued their relationship throughout the rest of the school year but then it ended when she went on to the fourth grade.

I think you can figure she passed the third grade with flying colors! The Janitor: When my sister was in seventh grade she was known amongst the boys at school as Head.

My sister started giving blowjobs to any boy who would ask. Kendall had grow small but noticeable boobs and had grown to 5 feet tall and weighed 90lbs.

One day she was in the boy's bathroom giving a fellow classmate a blowjob in a stall. She was bobbing her head on his cock when he grabbed her head and held her while her deep throated her. She loved it when a guy would deep throat her. And her current partner Billy knew that so every time they met he would to turn her on even more. Kendall and Billy had just gotten into a rhythm when someone busted into the bathroom. "Oh fuck! Kendall I'm about to come" Kendall was fingering herself and was about to come also.

"Give me your cum Billy. You know how much I love to suck you dry" she said as she started stroking his cock.


Then all of a sudden there was a banging on the bathroom stall. "Hey open this door. Class started five minutes ago. Out now!" Before Billy and Kendall were not able to cum. They quickly got themselves chrissy awarded with cumshot pornstars and hardcore together and opened the stall.

They were face to face with janitors Jenkins. Jenkins was a grungy gangly white man in his fifties. Kids at school joked that he was a hillbilly for Alabama. He did look like it though. "What are you two doing in here during the class period?" Billy and Kendall didn't answer they just looked at Jenkins.

"Boy get on to class 'fore I call the Principal in here and tell her what you two were doin'" Billy took that as his queue to run out of the bathroom. Kendall tried to follow him but was stopped by Jenkins.

"Where do you think your going? I didn't tell you to leave" "Please just let me go" Kendall was scared. She was backing away from Jenkins went she was stopped by a sink. "Where you goin' now slut? You think I don't know what you do in here with all those boys?

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I hear what they say about you. Now your goin' feel a real man" Jenkins then turned Kendall around and smashed her face into the mirror above the sink. Kendall fought and kicked to get lose of Jenkins hold but he was too strong. Jenkins had lifted Kendall off the floor and was holding her against the sink. Kendall heard Jenkins zipper go down and really started to blonde cam model with shiny oiled sexy body teases. "Please Mr.

Jenkins don't do this I'm a virgin and I want my first time to be special something I'll always remember" Kendall said around sobs. "Oh you'll definitely remember this" Then Jenkins lifted Kendall's skirt and ripped her underwear off and bent her over the sink while spreading her legs with his to get a better angle to penetrate her.

Jenkins then reached down to his cock and aligned it with her opening and then slammed into her hot cunt. Kendall let out a scream of pain that could have been hear across campus.

"Oh god Kendall. So tight. Fuck" Jenkins' dirty hands roamed over Kendall's stomach and boobs. He japanes mom and boy story fucking her hard with every thrust.

He soon found his rhythm and was going to town on Kendall's pussy. He then lifted her up while still balls deep in her young cunt and bent her over doggy style and pounded away. Soon he noticed that Kendall was meeting his thrust and moaning. "You like my big hard cock in your pussy don't you" "Ummmmmmm. Ugh ummm" was all that Kendall could get out.

That wasn't good enough for Jenkins so he grabbed her hair and pulled her up against his chest. "Answer me you slut bitch" Kendall was in ecstasy. After the initial searing pain it start to not feel bad and then eventually it felt so good. Even though she knew she was being raped she was on the verge of climax.

"Yesss uh fuck it feels so good. Fuck me Jenkins. Fuuuuuuccck meeeeee" Jenkins then picked Kendall up and turned her around so she could wrap her legs around his waist and he could lean her up against the wall. "I feel so stuffed. Mmmmh ummm OH MY GOOOOOOOD!" "Its not even all the way in baby slut" He then shoved his cock the rest of the way in and that made Kendall cum all over his big cock.

Jenkins continued to fuck Kendall hard and so thoroughly that Kendall came again. Kendall was so exhausted that she passed out. When she woke up Jenkins was still fucking her pussy and she was on the verge of cumming again. "Oh Jenkins please no more" Kendall's legs were no longer wrapped around Jenkins waist and were angelina valentine stroking that massive ego dangling at his side.

"I'm about to come slut" Kendall was so happy that Jenkins was about to cum and that this was about to be over that she almost forgot. "Don't cum in me I don't want to get pregnant" Jenkins pulled out of Kendall just in time and shoved his cock into her mouth. Kendall was on the filthy bathroom floor on her knees sucking Jenkins massive cock. Jenkins was at least 8 ½ inches long and so wide she couldn't fit her hand around it.

She stroked his cock until he erupted what seemed like miles of cum into her mouth. "You're a great lay slut" Jenkins said as he put his cock back in his pants and walked out the bathroom. Meanwhile Kendall was sagged against the wall in a daze. She knew she had to get up and get out of the boys bathroom before the class period let out because if the boys saw her in here like she was, they would definitely want her to service them and she didn't think she could handle it.