Listen and learn from stepmother darla crane

Listen and learn from stepmother darla crane
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I have gone to different school in the past but not his kind. I am not a gay guy but I have done things sexually with a guy or two. I was a sophmore in high school and I met this blonde haired kid, hes about 5' 5'' tall.

Nice build, blue eyes, just a sweet built. Well hes a wrestler and I was the Athletic Trainer the man who takes care of injuries. It was one morning in December where he asked the coach to stay longer to work out and practice so move in thin air.

If you understand what i am saying. Well the coach told me to stay until he finished to look up. We dont have school for aweek b/c of o winter break so basketball and swimming were all done.

Our head Athletic trainer just told me to lock up when i am done. This kid was a good friend of mine annd we hug and stuff. Well he goes are we the only ones here and i siad yea. At this point he had no shirt, tanned, six pac and his upper body had a good amount of muscle.

He was all sweaty and goes you want to lern how to wrestle. At this point I wanted to learn. I told hm that i didnt have any clothing to wrestle so i will just watch. I went into the stroage room, and my friend called me out and this was the most shocking moment of my life.

He was sweaty, blonde haired blue eyed kid standing there naked. I said What the Fuck are you doing? I am not gay are you. He said no but since i swinger show young couples blowjob orgy cosplay group sex and babe have clothing he thought we should have a nude wrestling match.


So i said what the hell, i stripped down and it was me a 5'9'' Brown haired, brown eyed boy who has a upper body, the pecs, bisceps tricepts and ABS. He said wow, I siad what?? He went up to me and said dude you got a nice body and a nice dick. I said you aint bad either. So we started to wrestle and pretty soon he took me down, and i was basiclly pinned. He was about to let me go but grasped me and asked. " Have you ever done anything sexually with a guy?" I said "no." He goes good.

I was laying there and he began to shift his body. Keep in mind i am flat on my back and he is sitting on me after moving around. His legs were one of each side with his dick and balls on my abs. I said what do you want to do. He said, I was hoping you suck my dick. I was like ok. He scooted closer and I sat up, his back was on the matt, but i was on my knees and his butt was on top of my dick. I was sucking him for young amateur lesbo has oral and dildo sex casting european and reality 5 mins, up and down up and down i teased him with my tongue as he would say.

I was like wow this is great, and a bout 2 mins later hes like i cant hold it and BAME a shit load of cum came out of his dick. So I was getting up to go clean myself, he got up and ran up behind me and gave me a hug from behind I turned my head to see his mouth against mine and i began to kiss him and then i turned around, tripped him, i fell on to him and we had a French Kiss fest.


then he pushed me over, and i was laying there like o he had a enough but again I was wrong, he statred to suck my dick. Now i am not gay so ui have had many girls give me a blowjob but he o man was the best. He sucked and licked and teased my dick for a long time. I held my hand abouve my head while he suck and rubbed my body.

I was like hey man I can hold this, and he was Like dude fucking squirt i want it. So he stroked me faster and faster and i squirted into his face and body.

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We decided that we would go take a shower. we took the cum off our bodies in case someone was still here, we closed the wrestling room up and went down stairs. As we were wlaking another friend of mine a swimmer was like o hey whats up. My other friend was like shit we cant take a shower together. I was like I thought you left, hes like nope i have been waiting for that light to go off to take a shower. I thought the coach was still here and i didnt want him to see me shower.

I was like well me and him wrestled and we are going to shower you want to join.

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He s like yea thats fine. So he striped, and he had a nice body not as tonned as ares but not fat, you can seee a six pac getting formed. sO i went up to him on our way to the shower, and i put my arm around him, do you feel comfortable with US looking at you.

He said He was so comftoable and loved my body. I told him you want to some. He responded no I am not gay. I said I am not either but all of us are curious. So he was like ok. So my other friend grabed him or huged him and started to kiss him, i went up to him and I began to suck his dick.

As my other friend rubbed him and kissed him he was like hthis feels so good. and then we switched i was kissing and the other guys was sucking.


So he finally squirted and it was so much to fill a Mountain Dew bottle. Then i layed on the gound and told him to get his ass over my dick and i began to fuck him while the other one didnt want to be left out and got on his knees and out hi dick in my mouth.

I sucked him and fucked the other for 10 mins. Then we finished up carla cox pov tube porn wasing each other and kissing.

This was great. Me and the Blonde do this all thoe time. The other has been to busy but has joined us. O i loved it.