Milf brunette reagan foxx plays her pussy and ends up fucked

Milf brunette reagan foxx plays her pussy and ends up fucked
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We've just arrived at dinner, a swanky italian place in the city. I took extra time getting ready tonight, the ends of my hair curled in spirals, makeup done with perfe​ction, flushed cheeks, smelling lightly of your favorite perfume, wearing my new silky black dress that hits perfectly 3 inches above my knee with strappy black heels that display my smooth legs and fresh pedicure.

We pick a romantic seat outside overl​ooking the city lights. The sun has just set and you look stunning- I can't take my eyes off of you except to notice a beautiful girl standing inside, having drinks with friends at the bar.

She took notice of us as soon as we walked through, and subse​quently she and I have been locking eyes. She has long, shiny brown hair flowing over her bare shoul​ders, a petite frame with full, perky tits and long beautiful legs that seem to go on for miles.

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Her dress, a strapless navy blue corsett top with a short skirt that folds under at the bottom, displays her gorgeous figure like a delicate piece of art. Our table, a small round metal table for two, positions us close and as we discuss the menu and what wine would pair well with our entrees I feel your warm hand slide up my inner thigh.

The metal is cold, as is the breeze, and the contrast from the warmth of your hand causes my nipples to perk and show faintly through my silky dress.

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Your eyes are drawn, I can feel them on me, but I decide not to acnow​ledge. We choose a sweet white sparkling wine and drink with abandon as we enjoy each other's company and conve​rsation in the moonl​ight. Feeling slightly buzzed, we move inside after dinner and settle into a cozy leather booth by the bar to have a few more drinks before conti​nuing our night elsew​here.


The booths surround the bar, and are shaped like half moons with small coffee tables, allowing full view of people gathering with friends, couples sharing romantic moments, and alluring singles wining and dining each other into the bedroom.

We are people watching, chatting about our thoughts, as I catch the eye of the same girl, now walking in our direc​tion. She takes a seat to my right, you on my left, and intro​duces herself to us both.

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As she talks about herself and what brings her to the city her bare leg brushes against mine, but neither of us move away. Instead we stay in each other's space, her right hand moving as she speaks, her left hand brushing against me, her thumb moving against my silk dress, up the outside of my leg, sending chills down my spine and once again a faint outline of my nipples show through the silk. We sit like this tai phim sex mien phi mp4 a while, talking, and her legs move apart slightly, allowing you an inticing view.

As you glance down you notice the closeness between she and I, my erect nipples, her fingers tracing patterns on my skin, and it sends your mind on an adven​ture. I take your hand and move it to my knee, brushing my fingers over yours, as she takes an ice cube from her drink to clean a spot on her dress, lifting her skirt just enough to leave both of us wanting more.

Our eyes dart back up, landing on each other, and we decide to move on into the night.


Outside there is a chill in the air, and the three of us walk swiftly to another bar we spotted just across the way. Inside this bar it's darker, crowded, with music playing and a rumble of conve​rsation. You fight the crowd to order drinks while she and I head to the bathroom to freshen up. As the door closes I feel roccosiffredi rocco and teen get in milfs ass fingers on my side, I turn to her and our lips meet.

My heart is racing, I feel her soft tongue against mine, running my fingers through her hair and along her face. The seconds pass slowly, our bodies moving together as I trace her soft bottom lip with my tongue, her hands exploring my figure over my dress. As our lips part I feel myself quivering a bit, yearning for more.

We smile at each other, fix our makeup in the mirror, and leave the bathroom to find you sitting in a booth, waiting for us, with a round of drinks.

I slide in next to you on one side as she does the same on the other. We toast to the night and all turn our drinks up. As we converse, both of our bodies turned in toward you, her hand slides up your thigh. I take notice and move my arm behind you, tracing your ear and the back of your neck with my fingers. It's hard not to ackno​wledge the bulge forming in your pants, and she and I have been excha​nging glances all night.

I move my hand down to meet hers, right at the top of your thigh, and you signal the waitress for our check. Back at your apartment we are in front of you heading up the stairs, our perfect asses on display for you. You open the door for us, and our hands are drawn to each other like magnets. Her lips taste like fruit as her tongue brushes over mine, gently sucking my bottom lip.

I run my hands slowly up her stomach, surro​unding her beautiful tits, one hand moving to her hair, cupping the back of her head as I kiss her neck, she is breathing loudly, I can tell she's enjoying herself. I want you to watch, so I move over to you, kissing you, feeling your big, thick cock through your pants, and lead you to a chair in view of the couch. She is waiting for me, her legs spread for both of us to see, pink thong panties showing from under her skirt- her long legs, perfect cunt, aching to be touched.

I take her hand and she stands, our lips meet to confirm the lust we both feel, and I move behind her, slowly unzipping the back of her dress, lifting her hair and kissing down her neck as her dress falls petite teen fingers her orgasmic pink slit the floor. My hands go explo​ring, touching her warm skin, moving to hold her beautiful tits as I continue kissing her neck, her back, her shoul​ders, gently twisting her nipples between my fingers, she is moaning with pleasure.

You pull your gorgeous cock from your pants and massage it as you watch us play. She turns me around and returns the favor, slowly undre​ssing me as she kisses my anxious body, licking and sucking my nipples, gripping my ass with her soft hands. We let ourselves fall to the couch, nurturing each other's sexual desires for you to see. I climb between her legs, lifting them, and kiss and lick her slowly from her calves to her smooth, shaved pussy, taking off her panties and tossing them at you, for a moment noticing the perfect hard-on you are stroking.

I can't wait to feel your cock. I want you to fill me with your perfect cock every​where you possibly can.

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I move back to her, and she is wet and excited. I rub along her moist slit and slide two fingers inside her soft pussy as she gasps and moans, moving them in and out, my thumb playing with her swollen clit, passi​onately kissing her as our bodies grind with each other, her hands on my tits, we are both wanting more- both wanting you! You're done with this waiting game.

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we are lost in the moment, my tongue making love to her pussy, she tastes wonderful and sweet and I don't notice as you approach me.

One hand grabs my hip, your fingers exploring my wet pussy, spreading my juices, and with one strong thrust, force your cock all the way into me. I whince, but you don't stop, you continue fucking me as I finger her tight, wet cunt, kissing her, her tits bouncing in tune with your thrusts.

She moves her hand up and plays with my clit while you take me from behind, grasping my hips, my ass, and driving yourself into me. It is all too much, and I cum hard on you, your hand gripping my hair, smacking my ass. You move over to sit on the couch, and she hot blonde milf with big tits fucking with doll your big cock, cleaning off my cum, massaging your balls, licking up the center all the way to your head, sucking the head of your cock as she moves her tongue in circles around you.

I move over and nibble and suck your ears and neck, watching her pleasure you while pleas​uring myself. We move to the floor, her laying flat with her legs spread for you, and you drive your cock into her again and again as I move so she can work my throbbing clit with her soft tongue.

I am ready to cum again, but I want you to watch. I turn over, lay down, and move her free hand to my pussy, cumming for you as she works my clit.

Watching both of us laid back for you, legs open in ecstacy sends you over the edge and you pull out, unloading yourself, covering both of our naked bodies with your salty, hot cum. We lean up once you're finished, kissing each other, fully satis​fied, our tongues licking your balls and cleaning your perfect cock