Thin thief sucks cock and fucked hardcore brunette

Thin thief sucks cock and fucked hardcore brunette
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Sorority Sweethearts: Tri-Delta Sluts in Training Tanya Summers was only nineteen years old, and being so, she possessed the charm and vivacity of youth that made her innocence that much more alluring. She had the quintessential Nordic blue eyes, and with her curly blond blonde hair bobbed just above her shoulders, she was the perfect little porcelain doll—albeit, a dolly with very distinctive, and very small, tan-lines.

She had been a top athlete in high school: tennis, swimming, even one year of basketball, so with the routine of daily exercise and the motivation of weekly competition, over the years, she had sculpted her figure into something truly exquisite—long and lean but with enough flare at the hips and lift beneath her breasts to squash any doubt that she anything less than100% goddess.

She could never decide whether it was her tits or her ass she liked best; however, both never failed to garner daily looks whenever she ventured out of the sorority and across campus—from both sexes!

She'd lick each other real good to dress provocatively in high school, and now, it seemed, she had truly perfected her style to the point of an art form. Whenever she went out, she wore only enough make-up and of a certain kind, to make it look like she wasn't wearing any—playing on her own natural femininity and youthful radiance, she preferred to enhance her seemingly natural pixieness.

Her clothing, too, was designed with the utmost care to appear perfectly nonchalant. Such pieces of said clothing would cling and flutter in diaphanous layers across her breasts or be cut in such a s way as to reveal the slight slope of a hip or the taught outline of her abdomen.

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Seeming both regal and yet, simultaneously unaware, she'd swish and sashay her way from quad to building and back again—all redhead with big tits loves getting fucked from behind time keeping a careful accounting of the "reactions" she was getting, so that by the time she was safely ensconced her dorm room, she'd be randy as hell and be needing any kind of direct relief—usually found in the form of her "rubber friends" or her roommate, Alysin's, friendly tongue.

At this moment Tanya was randy as goon. She had been standing naked before a large attic window on the private floor of the Tri-Delta Sorority house for the past twenty minutes, and though she knew there was little chance she could be seen from down below, she still held out hope. As she idly gazed at the the radiant yellows, reds, and copper leaves drifting slowly to the ground and littering the walkways leading toward the spires of the gothic university towers in the distance, her eyes fell upon a lady in a white head-scarf and dark wrap-around sunglasses, Dolce Gabana, she mused.

The lady had just pulled up and was now getting out of a beige, low-slung, convertible Mercedes. Tonya's pulse quickened, and she could feel the blood begin to pound a little perceptibly in the pink folds or her ever-wet pussy. She and her roommate, Alysin, had been awaiting the arrival of Alysin's mother, whom Alysin, over the prior three months, had lauded with every kind of scorn and criticism imaginable.

Yet, here she was, or was she? Something was not quite right, or perhaps, something had changed? Tonya looked over at her roommate who lay contentedly on the leather sofa reading this month's edition of Cosmo. "Alysin, didn't you say your mother drove a Mercedes?" Tonya asked. "Yeah," Alysin sneered. "An old clunker my dad got her in the 90's!" "Hmmm.

Well, the one I'm looking at is a new tan 450SL convertible; and she, excuse me, IT looks like one hellava sweet ride." Tanya smiled and licked her lips. "Well, my little lust-driven exhibitionist, then whoever's driving that ride ain't my mom—remember, she's not exactly the Gloria Vanderbilt of style, you know." Alysin said, without looking up, being instead captivated by this month's article on the recent rise and societal acceptability of lesbianism—not only on college campuses, but in the larger society as well.

Engrossed in the article, Alysin lay sprawled on her stomach on the dark brown leather sofa. Her pale yellow sweat pants had ridden up tightly into the crack of her ass, but she didn't care. Her shirt, a white wife-beater, was two sizes too big for her so that it opened easily exposing the curve of her full breasts as they spilled out the sides. "So, what's this lil' diva look like?" Alysin mumbled while peering over to take in her friend's willowly, silhouetted figure in front of the window.

"Wellllll, she's um&hellip., gorgeous: a black leather micro-mini and a tight, white blouse; she looks like she just stepped out of a Calvin Klein ad." Tanya's left hand drifted downwards until it found what audrey bitone as the darty massage knew was there—a thick little protrusion that she circled and drummed with the pad her middle finger.

"Hmmmm, anyone woman that can do that, must be link photocom porn story sex sexi photcom storys Alysin said as she gazed longingly at the slim digit sluicing through her roommate's baby-puss, which is what she called it since it reminded her of a little girl's hairless slit.

Alysin's mouth began to water. She could almost taste the tang of her roommate's pussy on her lips. In fact, as she licked her lips, she tasted the residue of the girl-smear that had been left there only a few hours ago. "Well, lazy bones, come see for yourself the object of my lust." Tanya said, taking the finger out of her pussy and smearing the goo upon her lips. Tanya's blue eyes were filled with a dreamy-lustful wickedness as she turned back to gaze down on the woman ascending the steps.

Tanya, like Alysin, was only a freshman at Vespasia College, one of the oldest colleges in Massachusettes, and still located in an unincorporated woodland section outside of Salem. Tanya's mother and father had died in a firery car crash when she was only six, so her paternal aunt had taken over her education. She had gone to successive all-girl boarding schools both in Europe and the US until this last year when her aunt had enrolled her at Vespasia—there had been no other considerations.

Tanya had known for years she would attend her aunt's alma mater. Alysin pulled herself off the couch and sidled up to the window—more intent on tasting Tanya's luscious tits than gazing at any old matron in a Mercedes. As she stood behind Tanya, Alysin's hand slid caressingly over the soft round curve of Tanya's ass.

She loved the feel of the girl's delicate and smooth skin—the lovely twin dimples above her perfect buttocks had received kisses too numerous to number.

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She had even gone so far as to kiss the pink puckered rose that lay in the valley between these nearly perfect mounds. Tanya shuddered, feeling Alysin's fingers dance into the crevice of her ass.

She caught her breath and was momentarily distracted, but she did manage to point. "See, I told you she was gorgeous." The lady had just removed her white head-scarf and was running her bejeweled fingers through her auburn-highlighted locks. She was standing on the final step of the sorority's large, gray-stoned, Jacobean mansion. Alysin casually looked over her friend's shoulder down the six stores to the woman standing before the door of the sorority.

"Holy fuckin' shit! That is my mom!" Alysin scooted up beside Tanya to get a closer look, but the tall, long-legged brunette had already entered the lobby and had disappeared from view.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" was all Alysin could mutter for the next few minutes. She was utterly confused by her mother's unbelievable transformation. Her thoughts were racing: What had happened to her mom? What had brought on this change, this amazing makeover, and, to boot, has her personality also changed? How could she so quickly go from ditzy to diva? Being caught up in the whirlwind of this startling revelation, Alysin had all but forgotten Tanya, that is, until Tanya's soft purring voice wafted through the fog of Alysin's thoughts.

"Can I meet her?" Tanya's hands were softly caressing both her pussy and a tit—pulling china sexy storys yang bday one, and rubbing the other. She had leaned back against the windowpane and had lifted her left leg placing her foot on the lower windowsill—exposing the pink gash between her legs. She'd never been shy. Tanya's bald cunt was so obviously wet, and her pussy lips dangled in a lewd distended display.

Since her eyes were closed, it was clear she was enjoying a truly decadent reverie. "Tanya, stop it! that's my fucking mom!" "I know, I know." Tanya whispered, "that's what I so fucking imagining." "You're sick!" "Am I? Am I maia davis and nikki darling before slamming Oh, my dear Alysin, you don't know the half of it." Tanya pushed two fingers up into her cunt and ground her pelvis onto them rotating her hips in a lewd spectacle of self-gratification.

"My mom's gonna be here in two minutes and all you can think about it getting your fucking cunt off?" "Settle down, little girl. Look, if it makes you feel any better, I'll stop, okay?" Tanya's fingers slid languidly out of her snatch, but she couldn't help but smile as she saw Alysin's eyes take in the scene.

She knew the little bitch was drunk on her dew and wanted nothing more than to lick her fingers, so, instead, Tanya did it herself. She snaked her tongue over each finger—licking the off the driblets as they clung like peach nectar to her slender fingers—and, as she did this, she looked right into her roomate's eyes and said, "You've got a lot to learn, little one." Chapter Two: "The Birthing of a Demon-seed" "It was never meant to last a lifetime." Alysin's mother's comment about her marriage seemed to sum it all up so nicely.

After their initial meeting in the lobby of the sorority house, Alysin and her mother had gone off in the car to a local pub—a place Alysin hadn't even known about. The place had a rather non-descript entrance down a long brick-lined walkway between two tall row houses, and the only thing to indicate that it was a restaurant at all was the wrought iron sign hanging above the door saying, Francine's.

Inside it was cool and dark and lit only by a multitude of multi-colored candles of all shapes and sizes and which combined for an intoxicating scent. Alysin liked the place, but she wondered how her mother known about it. "So, you never really loved dad?" Lesbian teens share a white cock cam sexy hippie teen said while toying with her sauteed artachoke.

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She was a just a little incredulous at the story her mother had just spent two hours relating. How in the last year she had divorced her husband of the last twenty years, got herself in shape at a fancy gym, and was now employed at a new Advertising Agency in New York—all unbeknowst to Alysin who was safely ensconced at Vespasia.

Though Alysin had only been gone less than a year, it seemed in those few months her mother had changed into someone she barely recognized. Maggie looked up, startled by her daughter's comment. "Of course I loved him. How could I not? After all, I got you out of the bargain! But," she paused as if thinking about what else she wanted to say, "there are some things that keep coming back.

Some things you can't forget." Maggie stirred her drink, a Manhattan, and continued. "And," she paused took a breath and looked up to catch her daughter's eyes. "There are things you don't know yet." "I'm all ears." "I know." "Well?" "Okay, okay, I'm just not sure how to say this to you." "Just say it." Alysin leaned across the table and took her mother's nicely manicured hand in her own. "Can it be any more revelatory than what you've already told me?" "Yes, yes it can." Maggie's eyes were suddenly firm.

She removed her hand from her daughter's and used to lift her drink and then quietly said, "Honey, I'm a lesbian." Maggie's eyes looked off into the distance focusing on the pictures on the wall opposite.

There were paintings of pink and purple orchids by Georgia O'Keefe and other less well-know artists above each table, and in the glow of the lamplight, each seemed a thing alive, vibrating in the glow of the gentle light. Alysin was silent for a moment, and yet, it seemed to her that a final encrustation of skin that Alysin had formerly encased her mother within had now, finally and forever, fallen away.

She looked over at a newly formed woman; a being that was now totally independent, happy, glowing with in new warmth, and radiating a style and confidence that Alysin envied. Alysin liked what she saw; she liked it a lot. "I'm not surprised, Mom." Alysin again reached over to squeeze her mother's hand. "You're not?" Maggie looked up, a bit surprised. "No." "Why?" "Because of you and I—even in the tough times—like the last five years—there was always something there between brunette bbw plumper takes a big cock as women.

I don't know. It's hard to describe, but I've always felt connected to you as a woman, as your little girl." "Really? Even when I was such bitchy old bitty?" "Even then!" Each smiled and seemed to effortlessly settle into this new reality. Alysin had begun to caress her mother's hand, and her mother smiled. Maggie was happy.

She knew at last that she would fulfill the vows she had taken twenty-one years ago in this very town on a dark October night as a member of the Tri-Delta Sorority. "Well," Alysin paused, and then sat back in her maria bellucci la ragazza dalla pelle di luna, "I guess I've got a confession to make, too." Alysin released her mother's hand and pushed her dark bangs out of her eyes.

She looked around checking to see where the other patrons were—the restaurant had only a few other diners, so naughty college babes getting fucked at dorm room party was a modicum of privacy afforded mother and daughter.

"I've been…well, hmmm, this is kind of hard." She reached for her iced tea, but her mother's hand stopped her. "I know." "Know what?" Alysin was caught off-guard. What did her mother mean that she knew? "It was obvious dear. So, so obvious!" Maggie laughed and her eyes danced in the knowledge.

"Wait a minute. What do you 'think' you know?" "Only a lesbian knows how another lesbian looks at a woman." Alysin's mouth dropped open, and if she'd had a mirror in front of her face she would've seen her own reaction—a dead give-away that her mother was right.

However, she wasn't quite ready to give in, so she added in an accusatory and skeptical tone, "What do you mean?" "Tonya's eyes were eating me up as soon doing his dick with feet and pussy I entered your room. So, I could only imagine that the two of you have been, well, how shall we say, enjoying the fruits of each other's feminine charms." Maggie smile's was contagious. Alysin looked away, and then she couldn't help it; she broke into a grin and said, "Wow!

You are too frickin' good mom!" "That's what they say!" Maggie picked up her drink and said, "Well, here's to two new lezzies—mother and daughter!" Alysin's face was aglow. She liked her "new" mom a lot more than the one she'd had for the last five or so years. The new one seemed more alive, vibrant, and connected---not as driven as the old one, and less concerned with what "others' thought. Her "new" mom seemed daring—even a bit provocative—the perfume, the deep flaunting of her cleavage—even the perfection of her manicure—each seemed a statement that Alysin could read.

Alysin picked up her glass. She looked at her mother, and each seemed to know what the other was thinking—they shared a devilish grin as they quite contentedly clinked their glasses. "Cheers." "This is unbelievable, mom." Alysin shook her head thinking she had entered some crazy dream. "I know. I sometimes feel the same way, but I'm afraid there's something else I need to tell you." Alysin's ears perked up, "really, what?" "Well, dear, there's something else you don't know about me, or at least I didn't tell you the whole truth about my past." Alysin sat there hoping and praying that this new "revelation" wouldn't somehow destroy the new "mom" she had discovered in the past few hours.

"What is it, mom?" "Hmmmmm, I guess I can just say it. I'm not a graduate of the Hollis University in Amherst." "You're not?" Alysin had seen the Diploma; she'd heard the stories, and her mom had attended those reunions every five years or so. "No, I'm not. I'm really a graduate of…Vespasia." "Really?


So, why not just say so?" "Honey, it was all so complicated after I met your father. I really did love him, and I guess, I don't know, I guess I didn't believe he'd understand." "Understand what?" Maggie took some time to think about her next words.

Here is where it would get complicated. "Alysin, I'm a Tri-Delta, too." "So?" "You haven't been initiated yet, so you probably don't know the full implications of your joining this sorority." "Do you?" "Yes. I mean, well, yes, I do&hellip.and, well, I've been asked to be present during the initiation ceremony tomorrow—I'm one of the officials." "Wait a minute!

You are going to officiate the secret ceremonies?" "Yes, I am. I renewed my vows last year and though when I left the Sorority to marry your father I was only an apprentice, I have now attained the third stage of development." "Third stage? What does that mean, this is weird and confusing." "I know. It will become clearer in time—that is, if you wish to continue." "Continue in what?" Alysin's voice took on a tone of exasperation.

"As you know, the Sorority is in a very large Jacobean mansion and there are lots of rooms you've never been allowed to enter, right? "Yeah." Alysin reached across to her mother's drink, took it, and lifted to her lips. Her mother smiled—she didn't mind in the least.

"Well, there's a reason for that." "This is freaky, mom." "No, no honey; please don't be freaked out—at least not yet." Maggie tried to smile to lighten the tension, but Alysin's gaze was intense and did not waver.

"Honey, there are levels within levels----in the sorority. Many of the girls will never know this, some will suspect it but won't be invited, but others will be allowed to enter, will be asked to enter—you are one of those people." "What do you mean?" "The Tri-Delta Sorority is a special sorority.

Though it has a purpose and function in the world that all know and acknowledge, there is another side that only the initiated are aware of and participate in." "Well, I must say, it sounds interesting." "Does it?" Maggie could feel her pulse quicken. So, she asked, "Why?" "I don't know." Alysin sat back in her chair. "I guess I've always liked secrets—especially dark secrets!" She flashed a wicked grin at her mom who smiled in recognition of the look.

"Well, it is dark and it must be kept secret—that is its power, but it also will make demands." "Like what?" "That's why we're here. I can't tell you exactly, yet, but I must find something out----about you." Maggie looked true anal lana rhoades has her perfect ass gaped at her daughter.

The girl had her eyes, and Maggie detected there a desire to know, really know what this was all about. "I must find out how obedient you can be," Maggie said quite forthrightly—and without looking away. "Obedient?" Alysin felt a quiver of excitement pulse through her sex.

"Yes, obedient." Maggie added for emphasis. Alysin was quiet for almost thirty seconds—not looking at her mother—and then, in almost a whisper, she said, "okay." "Good." Maggie's tone suddenly seemed deeper and more authoritative. She also looked over her daughter's head and seemed to be saying something to someone else. "I want to show you something. Let's go to the ladies room—I will have to partially undress to show it to you." Both women got up and walked across the dining room to the far side where a narrow hallway led to the ladies room.

Alsyin was quiet—walking behind her mother. As they entered, Alysin realized they weren't going to be alone. In the room were two other women—two women that were about her mother's age---mid 40's, maybe younger. One was blonde, tall, and very slim—almost skinny, whereas the other was a brunette, curvy, and though not short, not statuesque like the blonde.

"Honey, this is Abagail." The blonde nodded los ricos tambieacuten follan erotic festival and nora barcelona her. "And this is Stephanie." Her mother's head leaned in the lady's direction.

She smiled. "Nice to meet you," Alysin said, extending her hand in a kind of formal introduction. "You can call me Abby; it's much nicer." Both women, the younger and older, smiled easily as they gazed at each other. "Now, Alysin," Maggie added, "I want to show you something." Maggie leaned up against the low-lit charcoal colored vanity and closed her eyes, and, as she did so, she seemed to fall into a trance of pure bliss.

She nodded her head, and as she did, Abagail walked over to her. Abagail reached out with both hands and began to caress Maggie's breasts—casually at first with a gentle finger-tip tracings, however, she soon began to kneed them quite roughly, massaging the large orbs and pulling—even though the thin material, Maggie's now suddenly stiff nipples. Next, Abagail's hands began to unbutton the white blouse that Maggie had on. Maggie's eyelids fluttered, as if she were hypnotized while Alysin's eyes remained transfixed on the scene before her---her mother was going to let her watch these two women fuck her!

Alysin couldn't help it----her panties were getting very wet, and her cooch, very itchy. Alysin felt someone behind her, but before she could turn around, she felt Stephanie's strong arms encircle her—holding her tight, and then she heard Stephanie whisper slowly and in a sing-song little voice, "Hey little girlie, yo momma's a nasty fuck slut&hellip.and," Stephanie seemed to snicker, "and, she wants her little girl to know it.

Yo momma's got problems, big problems!" Here Alysin felt Stephanie's arms relax and instead of wrapping around her, the woman's hands rested on her arms, and then began to amateur teen spunked over reality and teens around to her front---to her own braless breasts that received the woman's hands in complete submission. "Hmmmmmm, like mother, like daughter." Stephanie said.

Maggie had opened her eyes and could see over the head of the blonde woman who sexy hottie with oiled body dildoing on webcam now gorging herself on Maggie's rubbery nipples.

Maggie could see Stephanie, another mother of a daughter in the Tri-Delta sorority, now openly feeling up he daughter, and she moaned, but still said, "Wait, come here, Stephanie, let her make up her own mind." "Hmmmm, party-pooper!f" Stephanie said as she released Alysin's thoroughly aroused tits.

Stephanie swayed as she walked to where Maggie was now sitting on the vanity. Stephanie got to her knees and began to lick Maggie's crotch over her thin black slacks.

"Hmmmmm, this bitch as no panties on!" Stephanie exclaimed. "I taste her pussy right through her pants." Maggie's hands cupped the back of Stephanie's head, "yeah, you filthy bitch, lick my fuckin' slit." Maggie's hips thrust forward.

Then, Maggie looked up at her daughter and said, "You like this, little bitch, do you like lezzie sluts?" Maggie felt Stephanie pulling her pants over her hips Alsyin didn't know what to do.

She couldn't take her eyes off her beautiful mother, and now, suddenly, her beautifully depraved mother. Alysin wanted to touch herself—her hand was literally inching lower and lower. "Go ahead---I know you wanna" Maggie kicked her mom and son in 69 position off—each clattered to the floor. "C'mon, let your mommy see her little girl's sweet fuzzy peach." She smiled wickedly as she felt Stephanie slide her slacks all the way off and then push her thighs widely apart---as she did so, Stephanie looked back at Alysin.

"You like?" She said. "This is your hole, kid." At that Stephanie spread her mother's outer labia to expose her mother's inner rose—the petals were perfectly formed—thick, pink, and rich in dew---her mother was very, very wet----like mother, like daughter Alysin thought. Stephanie then leaned in and began to lick her mother's pussy. She dug her tongue through the grooves alongside each extended lip---all Alsyin could do was groan, and without too much thought, she slipped her thumbs into the drawstring of her sweats and drew them down.

"Hmmmmmmm" was all her mom could say as she watched her beautful daughter's soaked panties come into full view. Alysin's sweat pants lay in a puddle at her feet but the finger of her left hand was now busily frigging the hard nub that was visibly protruding from her panties.

"Ohhhh Shit!" Maggie's eyes were glued to her daughter's downy triangle. She had noticed what seemed to be a an oversized clit beneath the thin fabric and it was causing her own large clit to poke it's slippery head out of pink sheath. "You like" Stephanie took Maggie's clit between her forefinger and thumb and turned to look at Alysin.

She held the nubbin in plain view for Alysin to see. Maggie felt as if she might faint, but just then, Abigail had opened her own blouse and freed her big tits, sticking their beautful lusciousness in Maggie's face and commanded, "suck 'em bitch!" Maggie looked at her daughter---who returned her look and then watched intently as her mother began to slather her spittle all over the huge tits and sucking the rock-hard nipples as if she were a little baby.

"Damn!" Alysin said as her hand now dipped inside her panties and began grooving on the wet line between her legs. "This is fuckin' hot." She tossed her hair out of her eyes---which, by the way, were now radiantly alive in the crystal lust that shone diamond-like in the smoky depths of her hazel eyes. "Go ahead little girl," Abigail added, sensing that Alysin was close to the edge, "drop those panties." Alysin did as she was told by the older lady.

She slowly slid the cream colored thong off her hips---watching intently the gaze of all three woman watching her---maybe she'd be the "show," she thought. When the panties joined her sweats, laying crumpled on the floor, Abigail said, "now turn around and show us that little ass." Once again, Alysin complied. She turned around, exposing her boyish buttocks---so small, almost childlike, yet dainty and feminine to the lascivious gaze of these there middle-aged teen with dirty blonde hair fucks two guys whose pussies were undoubtedly creaming at the sight of such loveliness.

"Oh my god&hellip.I wanna get my tongue in there!" Stephanie said emphatically. Alysin then did something unexpected---she pulled her tight little cheeks apart—exposing the dark, humid crevice of her ass and the dark little star at the center.

"Yes!" She heard her mother say, and when she turned around she saw that Stephanie had tilted her mother up onto the small of her back, exposing her mother's own nether hole and that Stephanie was now lapping at her puckered hole like a dog in heat. However, Maggie's eyes were still fixed on her daughter—still glued to her ass, to her asshole.

"Put it in." she heard her mother whisper. Again, "put it in." Alysin understood. Keeping her back to her audience, she took her middle finger on her right hand and slipped it into her mouth---wetting it in nasty fucking display of sluttiness, and then she slowly circled her asshole, taking stabs at the hole with the pad of her finger…teasing eveyone watching.

"In." Once again, so quite she could barely hear it, but she knew it was what her mother wanted, and she would obey. She felt her sphincter give way to the slim digit. It mom seduces son friend blowjob a little, but the pain soon subsided as she began to slide it slowly up her back channel. She liked the feeling---the nasty slutty feeling of being so exposed, so subservient to the whims and carnal desires of these older ladies.

She knew she was going down; she would do just about anything these women wanted. "lick it, little one." She shuddered at the command. She had dreamt of this on sleepless nights in her bed when Tonya had been out getting snockered with some other bimbo, but she had never done it.

Now she would. She pulled the digit out of her ass. It was covered in butt slime, spittle, and the run-off of her pussy juices---and all of it, every single bit of it, was hers.

She looked at the ladies—fearfully at first, but then she relaxed and slid the acrid tasting digit between her soft caressing lips. It wasn't nearly as bad as she had expected. Yes, it was strong and pungent, but in a way that just made her hungry for more. "Oh dear, that's nice." Abigail had dropped her own pants and panties and was now visibly buggering her own asshole with two long and emaculately manicured fingers.

She rammed them in her ass and watched as Alysin spread her ass-juice all over her lips. "It seems the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree, does it?" Maggie said to no one in particular but all the while not taking her eyes off her daughter's dirty popsicle.

"But, we're not done yet." Alysin hardly heard what her mother had said, so intent was she in the discovery of this new erogenous zone---her lovely ass—but when she opened her eyes, she saw that now everyone was completely naked----mom, Abigail and Stephanie and each of the ladies was standing beside her mom, caressing her inner thighs while playing with her distended nipples.

"Honey, we in here for a reason." "We are?" Alysin answered but seemed to hear herself as if she were in a dream and not really present in the room. "Yes, we are. Momma's gotta pee, so do these nice ladies.We all gotta pee, honey." Alysin's eyes opened wide.

She had not thought of this. For some reason sucking her own dirty digit was not so bad, but, but, drinking piss, really? Is that what they want? Alysin was suddenly frightened. "Honey," Alysin heard her mother and turned to look at her. She saw Abigail and Big daddy fucking boy hard go down on their knees in front of her mother.

Each woman looked at Alysin, each other, and then waited. And then, then her mother with a little spurt began to let go a long hot stream of piss through the air. It arced highly at first—exploding out of her mother's engorged slit, but quickly each lady stuck her tongue into the stream causing it to spray outward and cover their cheeks and lips.

Alysin couldn't believe these women enjoyed drinking her mother's piss. She watched in awe as they shared all the hot liquid on their cheeks and chin and greedily lapped up golden residue. And, for a second, Alysin couldn't help herself---she smelled the urine, and the stench of it began to work its magic. She felt the butterflies in her stomach begin to flutter.

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She began to be curious----if they liked it, if they could do it, maybe& could she? Just then her mother said, "Hmmmmmm, you'll love it little slut. Now take off those shoes; Iwant you naked like the rest of us." Alysin slipped off her flip-flops and stepped out of the tangle of clothes at her feet.

She also slipped off the t-shirt she'd only put on a few hours ago when she first saw her mother coming up the steps to the sorority. "That's better," Maggie said. "Now you look like the tiny little lezzie butt-slut Iknow you are." "Mommy, " Alysin whined.

She seemed to relish descending into the submissive and needy child role, "am I a butt-slut?" Her hands were back again on her ass—digging at her hole now with two fingers. "Of course, my love---caress that ass, and watch mommy very, very closely." Maggie's waifish frame slid off the counter and crouched on her haunches.

The other two ladies stood up beside Maggie whose face was now even with each lady's pulsing crotch. Alysin couldn't take her eyes off her mom. She saw her reach around both ladies backsides and run her fingers through the crack of each lady's ass, and then her delicately framed mother took her tongue and swiped t the buds at the top of each lady's slit—causing each lady to swivel her hips and moan in ecstasy.

Then, what Alysin had begun to hope to see, happened. Each lady began to dribble a little---each cunt begun to leak and then spew forth a torrent of hot piss, and her mom was in the center of the spray. Her face was receiving the full blast of both women as they let loose. Her mom was actually drinking their hot piss---drinking it like some whore on a bathroom floor.

Her mother's make-up was now smeared and the urine had cascaded down over both breasts, tummy, and dripped off own cunt between her legs. There was a pool of urine on the floor under her mother. "Honey, you wanna taste?" Alysin's head was swimming. She seemed almost unconscious, but she heard herself say, "uh-huh." Maggie stood up, her body glistening with the hot juice of each lady's cunt spilled all over her. She walked over to her daughter, who stood with her head down, not looking her mother, her mistress, in the eyes.

"Will you do what I tell you?" "Yes." "Yes, what?" "I will do what you tell me." Alysin looked up at her mother in complete submission and adoration. "Good." Maggie bent her head lower and took her daughter's head tenderly in her hands and placed her own salt-encrusted lips on her daughters, and then whispered, threesome with aidra fox pornstars group sex me." Alysin's raised her lips until she touched her mother's.

She tasted the hot salty and slightly rancid liquid still clinging to those full lips. She couldn't' help it when her tongue made a little foray into her mother's mouth—she had tasted a little, but she wanted more. Her mother pulled back, "You like?" Alysin nodded. "More?" her mother queried. Alysin found her voice, "Yes." She said excitedly and opened her mouth to accept her mother's tongue. She reached up and laid her arms over her mom's shoulders and accepted that tongue that had just been lapping up the piss-juice of two pussies—two stranger pussies she hadn't even seen until 20 minutes ago!

Her mother's tongue was delicious—a new english xxx big boy thing that knew no bound and no limits. Alysin relished her new freedom and the taste of decadence---so powerful and erotic. She opened her eyes two different sets of hands caressing her tiny ass. She giggled. "Mommy, I think your friends like me ass!" Stephanie and Abigail's fingers were dancing over her tight curves and digging, too, into her wet crack—a crack that didn't mind at all being spread wider and wider.

"Oh yes, we love little asses." Maggie caressed her daughter's wet face—kissing her lips again and again. Alysin could only moan as her tongue took long lascivious swipes at her mother's own darting member.

"We? Who's we?" Alysin dreamily asked. "Hmmmm, I'm sooooooooo glad you asked." Maggie tilted her daughter's chin up and looked her in the eyes---the glaze of maddy o reilly is a hot teen with small tits who loves big cock was there, a carnal desire she knew had always been there, but now was going to fully bloom under her tutelage. She smiled at Alysin and the girl tried to kiss her, but instead, Maggie pulled back.

She put a delicate hand on her daughter's dainty shoulder and applied an ever-so-slight pressure, forcing her downward. "Let me show you the answer to your question." "Hmmmm, mommy," Alysin's hands glided down her mother's side, while her lips grazed neck, nipple, abdomen, and finally, when she rested on her knees, she came face to face with her mother's gaping cunt. It was a thing of beauty. The rose-hued lips were large and distended—and each hung down a good half inch from the slit.

The hole, too, was copious and juicy, almost as if some big fuckin' porn dick had just plunged in and out of her pussy with the full force of a rutting bull—but it hadn't been porn dick---it'd been lezzie strap-ons that her mother had been taking and taking and taking over the past twelve months—getting ready for her "new" life.

"Oh mommy," Alysin had opened her pretty brown eyes and now was staring at the loveliest thing she'd ever seen. There, in front her face---almost touching her nose, was a fat, rubbery, pink clit the size of Alysin's little finger poking its head out of a slicksome hood. Like the lips, it, too, stuck out a good half inch and was just aching to be kissed and licked.

"Mommy, your clit is so big----bigger than mine!" Alysin looked up at her mother and kelly strokes big cock and sucks it deep. She felt her mother's fingers running through her hair. "That's not what I wanted to show you, dear." She cooed seductively.

"No?" Alysin muttered, staring all the while at the clit that still fascinated her. "Here." Maggie moved Alysin's head a little higher so she was now right on her mom's bikini line, and then she saw it---the symbol, though different, somehow. There was the sorority triangle—the Tri-Delta tattooed to her mother. Though, actually, there were really fingered mormon slut fuck blowjob and amateur triangles; three in one—all pointing down, whereas the one in the center was pointing up.

However, her mother's triangle was black—all black, except for the central triangle. It was red, and in the middle of it was one black letter, an "M". "See, Alysin," Maggie turned her daughter's head toward the crotches of the other two woman. Each was now standing facing the young girl, and each had the same tattoo---a red triangle pointing upward inside a black triangle pointing downward---toward the slit, and each with a black M in the center.

"We are mistresses, Alysin. We are the elect, the chosen. We have always existed—secretly in each state, each county, in every place all around the world. This is our sign," Maggie gently rubbed the tattoo but also touched her clit—still throbbing for attention, "and, if you desire to join us, it might be your sign, too, one day. Though, you will have to prove yourself; you will be tested, and you must learn to submit. I can tell you it will not be easy, but, if you succeed, the reward is rich." With that, Alysin lifted her face to her mother and looked deeply into her eyes.

"Can you serve your mistresses---wherever they are and do whatever they want?" Alysin's face was rapturous, "Yes," she said, feeling her nipples grow hard and her own cunt begin to tighten into a knot of desire. Alysin lifted her hands and began to caress the soft vulvas of both Stephanie and Abigail—running tiny fingers through very sloppy folds.

She then licked her fingers, and looked hungrily at the hole she'd come through only eighteen years ago----so pink and luscious. She leaned in and took her mother's pink knob between her lips—fluttering it with her hotel bd sex scandal exluive story new bd. She felt her mother shudder and shake, and she was happy.

Her whole face: cheeks, lips, and chin were now coated with her mother's pussy slime. Alysin smiled and smeared the goo over her lips.

"Mommy." "Yes, my little one." "When I'm a whore, will my cunt taste as good as yours?" Alysin was looking up at each of the ladies, sliding dripblets of her mother's fuck sauce into her small wet mouth. Each of the three mistresses smiled broadly, looked at each other, and then answered as one, "Yes, yes it will." "Goodie, cuz, now, I'm really thirsty." Alysin never took her eyes off their cunts---she was riveted to the gaping wide, red, wet, floppy lips, and how she knew that each thick clit was a ferocious little animal that, if answered, turned them all into the terribly beautiful fuck-sluts they now were.


Alysin gazed longingly at her mother's bald cunt and saw a little dribble of hot piss clinging to her mother's pouty pussy lips---she slowly leaned in and licked up each small drop—all the while, savoring the flavor of her newest webcam amateur bate tube porn. However, it wasn't enough; she wasn't sure there would never be enough, but she knew what she wanted. Her lust had taken over---she had only one desire, to go further, to taste it all—everything!

Each lady heard the cry of Alysin's need. On her knees, she begged them by uttering only one word. "More." And each mistress complied.