Huge muslim first time took a fantastic refugee home

Huge muslim first time took a fantastic refugee home
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This has been pent up inside for years. I have never told a soul until now. As to whether this is a true story or not, it is true to the best of my memory. The thing is there truly are two sides to every story, so I am telling my side&hellip. The way I remember the following events. I was fifteen playing football on the high school freshman team; left outside linebacker and second string fullback. I wasn't real big. From the time I started school until eighth grade I was one of the biggest kids in my grade, however, I stopped growing and everyone else shot up the summer before high school.

I was five foot eight and weighed around 120 pounds. Shoulder length "almost" black hair and was shaving by this time about twice a week.

Football practice at my school started a week or two before school started, so when I came home from afternoon practice my younger sister Kimmy was home and my mom got home from work about fifteen or twenty minutes later. On this particular day I came in the house and trotted up the stairs, a flow of adrenaline still pumping through my body from practice.

At the top of the stairs there was the master bedroom to the right and two smaller bedrooms to the left. I turned left to go to my room and Kimmy's door was open and she was listening to a new record.

(You brunette wife likes black better interracial blowjob those things that had music on them before CDs or cassette tapes) "Hey come in here and listen" she said before I could get to my bedroom. I walked in and dropped my duffle bag on the floor and sat on the floor next to her.

I honestly can't remember what she was listening to but she ranted on about it for a few minutes. A little bit about our relationship here. I was two years older than Kimmy so although I was always the protective big brother, a lot of the time she was just an annoying little brat. Don't get me wrong; I loved her and didn't mind hanging out with her&hellip.

Unless there was something better to do. Kimmy was about four foot eleven, on a tall day, and at thirteen had not begun to develop yet.


Her hair was a couple inches longer than mine and a couple shades lighter. She wore glasses that were a little too big for her face and at that age was what one might refer to as an ugly duckling. So we are sitting on the floor and Kimmy all of a sudden lies out across my lap to grab my duffle bag that was on the opposite side of me.

She pulls it back to her unzipping it along the way. "What you got in here?" she asked, pulling my jock strap out and holding it above her head. I can't even begin to describe how fucking embarrassed I was. "Give it here" I yelled diving for it. Kimmy dropped to her side on the floor clenching my jock strap in both of her hands. I tried to grab it from her as we wrestled on the floor but she was wirey and kept squiggling away.

To my shock, as we were flopping all over the floor I realized I had a massive hard on. I finally got the strap back but as I was opening my duffle bag again to put it away, she grabbed it out of my hand again. She stood up, and I jumped up knocking her on the bed on her back, falling on top of her; still trying to grab the jock strap that was again above her head.

So this is the scene. My baby sister lying on the bed, legs spread, arms stretched above her head… me lying on top of her, my virgin cock pressing into her pubes with my hands on her hands trying to pull that fucking jock strap out of her hands&hellip.

Both of us squirming in our little fight&hellip. and our mom walks in. "What the hell are you two doing??!! Get the hell off her&hellip. Go to your room!" Twice now in the last couple of minutes I was mortified. The jock strap fell loose in Kimmy's hands and I grabbed it up in one audrey bitoni the negotiator police swooped up my duffle bag in the other as I ran to my room. Mom turned around and marched down the stairs.

I sat on my bed, door closed with a million thoughts going through my head. "God I am in so much trouble&hellip.Mom probably thinks I was dry humping Kimmy&hellip.

Aw shit I have a hard on still&hellip. I was dry humping her! the thoughts rolled through my head. I got up and locked my door, dropping my pants I took my cock into my hand and started stroking it slowly. I went over and lay on my bed stroking harder and faster. As I said I stopped growing that previous summer, so by this time, my cock was as big as it is now&hellip. seven and a half inches but pretty fat. When I looked down at my cock in my hand, it was as big as I had ever beautiful european girl lulu love rammed by rocco siffredi it previously.

Looking back, I was just a teenage boy with hormones going in every direction&hellip. But that day all I knew is that I was horny as hell. When I shot my load I thought for sure it would hit the ceiling; of course it didn't. It did go everywhere though. I ended up running to the upstairs bathroom to get a wet wash cloth to clean my jizz off my neck and chest, my bed spread and even off the carpet. Shortly after mom called us down stairs for dinner.


When I walked into the modest dining room Kimmy was already there. Still in her playful mood. When I stepped into the room she was waiting and pinched me hard in the side. Now I don't know what was going through her mind, if anything, but I was still freaking out about what mom thought.

So being a fifteen year old boy I punched her in the arm&hellip. Just as mom walked into sight. "What has gotten into you today?" she blared. "You two have been fighting ever since I got home&hellip. Now it's time to stop or you'll both be grounded 'til Jesus kendra lust brooklyn chase jacky joy christy mack annika albrite romi rain kelly madison back!" Mom wasn't religious; it was just her way of saying 'forever'.

Now to this day I don't think it was intentional but with Kimmy's goofing off and pinching me it solidified, to mom, the fact that we were fighting and not that I was trying to get into my little sister's pants.

That took a lot off my mind. The three of us sat and ate dinner as we always did; mom at the end of the table, Kimmy and I across from each other. Dad had passed away a couple years prior in a work related, so now it was the three of us. His insurance paid for the car and the house and left a little in the bank, so with mom working full time we were able to get by.

That night was like any other. The next morning mom went off to work and I was getting ready to go to morning practice. Kimmy was following me around the house rambling about what ever popped into her head. I was heading out the door and told her I would be home in a couple hours. She jumped up with her arms around my neck and kissed me hard on the check then ran up stairs.

"That was weird" I thought.


Then that evening at dinner I felt something rubbing my foot under the table&hellip. Too small and not hairy enough to be our dog. I casually looked under the table and Kimmy's barefoot was rubbing my foot. I looked up at her and she just smiled. I'm so naive that I'm thinking " aw my kid sister… she looks up to me" and thought nothing more of it; until I realized it felt good and that my fucking cock was hard again.

Damn it. It was always hard. The next night we were watching T.V. Mom was sitting in the recliner with her knees tucked up under her massive boobs and was covered with a small blanket.

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I was sitting on the couch when Kimmy came bouncing into the room and threw herself on the couch next to me. "Kimberly" mom yelled "quit jumping on the furniture!" "Sorry" my little sister replied as she sprawled herself out, head at the far end feet pushing against the side of my leg.

I passed on the opportunity to bitch at her about taking up the whole couch, and continued watching the television. After a moment she grabbed one of mom's throw pillows and tucked it under her head, readjusting herself so her feet were now on my leg&hellip.

Not near my cock, but I guess my cock didn't realize that. and again, I was hard. I pulled a blanket off the back off the couch and covered my lap so no one could see my erection. Did she know what see was doing? Or was this just her being a 13 year old girl and me having no control over when I got a hard on? I didn't know which. After about half an hour of just watching TV.

Mom got up and said "I'm going to bed kids, don't stay up too late" and she padded across the carpeted floor and up the stairs to her room.

It didn't take 30 seconds before Kimmy's foot then moved to my cock, just brushing it at first, again I was too embarrassed to say anything, so a few seconds later she moved in for a full fledged rub. "Stop it" I whispered. "Whatsa matter, you got a woody?" "What do you know about it?" I asked in a grumbling voice.

"I know things" she countered. "Yeah? What?" I asked again. The older girls on the bus said that boys like it when you rub their stuff& you like it?" "No." "Doesn't it feel good when I do that?" "Well yeah it does.

That's why that happens" I said nodding toward my erection; which her foot was still lightly rubbing by the way. "Well if it feels good then why don't you like it?" "I don't know" I mumbled. She had questions that I didn't know the answer to. I didn't understand my own body well enough, and definitely not enough to explain it to her.

On top of everything else, she is my kid sister. She just continued rubbing my crotch watching me as she did. She was right, it did feel good and it was a hell of a lot better than her being a little brat; so I laid my head back and closed my eyes.

Kimmy's bare feet were now both rubbing my cock through my jeans. My cock was threatening to bust out; I unbuttoned my jeans and let the tip of my erection pop out the top. Kimmy's foot was now directly on my cock head. The first girl to ever touch it&hellip. Other than my mom when I was a baby, but obviously I didn't remember that. Only a moment later I shot my wad all over her foot and my belly. She giggled "Oooooo it's all gooey" I got up to get a wash cloth " sit there" I told her "You get that on mom's carpet and she'll kill us".

Looking back on it, if she knew what just happened she would have killed us twice! I came back in the room with a wet cloth wiping off my stomach. I sat back down on the couch " Gimme your foot" I told her. She placed her foot back in my lap and for the first time I got a good look at my cum all over her cute little foot.

I think that's why I have such a foot fetish today. I took the damp rag and wiped her foot clean as she jumped, "That tickles" joi fishnet jerk off instructions with lola said. Then she snuggled up to me. "Did you like that?" she asked.

"Yup" I said. Then immediately thought "I'm an idiot. My sister just became the first girl to ever make me cum snd all I big one eyed monster enters soaked black twat think to say was yup? Really? "I couldn't see only the top of it, can I see it all?" Kimmy asked.

Before I could answer her hand was busy unbuttoning my pants again, then the zipper and then my cock was free from my pants and prisoner to her hand. "Wow it's kinda big" (It's actually only about 7 ½ inches long, but pretty fat and fully erect again.) I won't lie, that gave me a boost of pride and a boost of confidence. I slid my hand up her shirt finding her small 'over easy egg' tit.

I awkwardly rubbed my thumb over her nipple. I must have done something right because I got a long 'mmmm' from her.

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My confidence rose again and I lifted her shirt and for the first time I saw a girls breast. I leaned my head forward and let the tip of my tongue over a nipple and when she didn't stop me I took it in my mouth and lightly sucked on it. Kimmy's hand began to stroke my cock. I was in heaven.

And then mom's voice from upstairs; "what are you kids doing down there? It's time for bed." You have never seen two kids move so fast. Kimmy's hand shoved my swollen penis back into my pants&hellip.

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I thought she broke it! My head shot back allowing her baggy t shirt to drop and cover her chest. Kimmy was on her feet and bounced up the stairs. I readjusted my member in my pants, buttoned and zipped and then slowly followed. I jacked off two more times that night before finally falling asleep. My alarm went off way too early. When I got home from morning practice, I jumped in the shower and headed back to my room. When I opened the door, Kimmy was sitting on my bed wearing a pair of blue gym shorts and a white tank top displaying the emblem of an Indian Chief, which was our high school logo.

Big brother instinctively stepped in. "What are you doing in my room?" I grunted at her. Forgetting the fact that she had given me a foot job last nice chick gapes wet slit and gets deflorated virginity and hardcore, she was in my room. (what a teenage punk I was) "I just had to do something" she retorted. "well do it and get out". She stood up and bolted toward the door, grabbing my towel on the way by.

I turned to chase her to get my towel back. I guess I could have just closed the door and got dressed but she had thrown the gauntlet. I chased her the couple of steps into her room. She was backed up with no where to go. Me blocking her escape from the front, her bed and the wall behind her. I lunged for the towel and she moved to the side.

I hooked her with my arm and pulled her to the bed. She rolled trying to get away and I rolled over on top her just like before I was laying on top of her with her legs spread this time however I was naked.

She pushed her hips forward, grinding her self into my erection and moaned loudly. I pushed my lips to hers and she slid her tongue into my mouth. I would love to tell kinky lesbian action with two saucy blondes that it was a long warm passioate kiss, but in reality we were both inexperienced so Im sure it was more like two Saint Benards slobbering on each other.

We started meeting each other's thrusts as I grabbed the bottom of her tank top and pushed it over her head. My mouth found its way down to her small breast and I took a nipple in my mouth.

Kimmy was now groaning out her pleasure as she wrapped her legs tightly around me and began to scream. She held on to me until her quivering subsided. I wanted to see her pussy; I had never seen one in real life before. I slid down and started to slide her shorts off and noticed that they were wet right through. I slid them over her thighs and calves and then her cute little feet.

Looking up, there it was; starring back at me, parted, wet and welcoming my touch. My cheek ran up the inside of her leg as I slowly worked my way toward her wetness, When Igot there I kissed it Kimmy purred.I kissed it again then I licked her juice from my lips. I slowly explored around the outside of her hairless pussy with the tip of my tongue. Kimmy squirmed. It was nice making her squirm. I let my tongue go into her wet lips "That feels so good" she sighed.

I was taking my time… not because it was turning her on but because I had no clue what I was doing. I was listening to her reaction so I would know what girls like and didn't like. It would take a few more years to figure out that all females didn't nessisarily like the same things.

I licked faster and harder until Kimmy came hard and long. I got such a rush making her cum. Then she took my swollen penis in her hand and stroked it until I came; she kissed the head of my prick just as I was blowing my load.

It went all over her face. It didn't even seem to faze her. She just licked it off her lips and moaned. I skipped afternoon practice and we threw clothes on when mom got home. We spent the rest of that day and all of that summer learning and teaching each other about our bodies.

There would be many years to follow.