Strap on police petty theft suspect insisted on negating lp officers claims of theft

Strap on police petty theft suspect insisted on negating lp officers claims of theft
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It starts innocent enough. Sherry sent me looks under her eyelashes, fluttering them at me, wondering if I was even noticing her. I seemed disinterested, almost bored with where I was. She'd glance around, pretending to look for someone while she is really trying to catch my eye with her movement.

It isn't working. She is being too subtle. It is time to try a little more direct approach. She turns in her seat and just stared at me, looking from my gray hair down to my loose-fitting jeans. I flicked my eyes to her, slowly looking from her head all the way to her toes then back into her eyes. She feels herself blushing, glad I had finally noticed her. Abruptly, I looked away, that bored look back in place. What the hell? Maybe I was gay. That had to be it.

No one had ever done that to her before. And she isn't taking rejection very well.

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She got up and decided to try the other end of the club. She walked to the other end of the bar on the side of the dance floor, looking thru the crowd until she caught me staring at her.

she stopped looking and just stared at me. I walked over to her and introduced myself to her, " Hi, I'm John." She looked at me then said " Hi, I'm Sherry." We chatted and Sherry told me, she was 26 never married, no boyfriend currently.


I asked if she wanted to leave here and go to more private place, she agreed. We went into a more industrial area of Dallas and I led Sherry inside the nearest run down building. Candles and wall sconces lit the interior. It is musky. Music started up, as I handed her a drink.

She drank it nervously. " I'll have to go soon." I grinned. She can see a feral lust in my eyes, a greedy naked hunger that she had never seen in the eyes of man. She quivered, " Come Sherry, let's dance." She slide into my open arms. The music is slow, she pressed closer.

I grinned as I sense her fear, and it excited him. I feel her youthful breasts pressing against me. They would taste so sweet. My hands slide down her back, gently cupping her soft, round ass. She feels my big cock now pressing against her and I grinned to myself. Sherry held on tight.

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She had gone too far. She knew that now. No one would come and help in this area of town. Her skirt is short and light, and she can sense my eyes on her lovely legs. My hand cupping and squeezing her ass, normally, she would not allow this. Not allow this familiarity. Tonight she hung on and hoped she would be allowed to go back to the club soon. My hands are stroking her ass. It feels nice. She wriggled in my arms. I had something in my pocket.

It feels like two cans of Coke. She wondered why I didn't take it out before dancing with her! Suddenly my hands are on her bare ass! Not over her skirt, but inside her panties! She struggles, but I held her tight. My large hands molded the soft silky curves. As she struggles she wriggles against me. I seem to be rubbing the Coke bottles against her! " No, let me go." Her voice is low, pleading.

There is no point being demanding. She knew that would get her nowhere. My hands are electrifying on her! No man had ever had his hands inside her panties, " Please, no." She struggled free of my hands and pulled away. She looked up at me. " I would like to go back to the club now." I grinned. But this time there Is no humor in my eyes.

Instead there is a strange look. I reach for her. Sherry backed away, but hit a wall as I grabbed her and pulled her into my arms, I grasped her tight. My mouth crushed down on hers, I kissed her. Fiercely. Passionately. Sherry nearly swooned. Then my hand is between her legs. Cupping her vulva, molding, teasing, exploring. Sherry struggles to pull free, to push my hand away, to free herself.

I shook her. It is like shaking a rag doll! Sherry bounced in my arms and then I pull her close. I had locked one of her hands behind her back! She squirmed in my grasp. " Please." She looked up at me.

My eyes stared back at her. Those eyes.She feels her pussy pulse and throb between her legs as she look into my eyes! " Please." Her voice is a soft whimper. I grinned, she watched as my mouth lowered over hers. My tongue flicking her lips gently, soothing, searching. She feels weak at the knees.

She briefly struggles then sags black guy and gir sex story my arms. My hand slides lower, slides between her legs, then moves tantalizingly upwards. Her wet pussy soaked through her panties and coated my fingers. My mouth clamped on hers in another fiercely passionate kiss. My hand slides inside her panties, sliding them to one side, and delving inside her again.

I explored her wetness. The heat and arousal of her pussy, is so much more intense than she has ever experienced before. Tentatively her tongue lapped against mine, greeting and accepting my tongue.

My hands tightened on her in the crotch of her panties, twisting and turning them until my grip is firm. A ripping noise fills the room. Sherry is nearly faint with shock. I had literally ripped her panties off! She looks at my hand, raised before her face. Her panties are in shreds. " You won't need these tonight!" Then I hurled them into the corner. I pushed her down to her knees in front of me.

She crouched there at my feet, while I struggled with my trousers.


Suddenly I pulled my cock free. She screamed. It is incredibly thick and long. It had not been soda cans in my pocket at all, she realized.

I grasped her hair tightly and pulled her forward. With my black osa lovely gets fucked doggy style hand I grasped my cock and slapped her face with it. Her cheek flushed as wet juice splashed against her face. I laughed and pulled her head back before slapping her face again with my cock. There is a cruelty in my eyes now, as my monster cock slapped from pretty white cheek to pretty white cheek.

Red marks flushed her pretty face. Then I thrust into her mouth. Gripping her hair tightly, I thrust. Sherry spluttered as she took her first cock into her mouth. I laughed. A low evil laugh, as she struggled and choked. To her shame and confusion, her tongue is licking and lapping as though it had a mind of its own.

Finally he pulled free. He looked down at Kirstie, his eyes were cold and hard. She trembled at his feet as she looked in awe at this powerful vigorous man. His hand stroked lightly over his huge cock, then he pulled it erect. Kirstie found herself eyeing two large hanging testicles. "Lick," he commanded. "Lick!" roared the other Africans. To her amazement, Kirstie's head bobbed forward, and she started licking.

Her body was betraying her, she reasoned. She had to submit, she reasoned. She had no alternative, she reasoned. Her breasts were throbbing with heat. Her nipples were straining, and her thighs were wet with her own running juices. She groaned as she licked at the delicious tasty pungent hairy balls. Then I pulled away again. I grinned down at her approvingly. She smiled happily in response to that grin.

Sherry is confused. She found herself lifted off her feet and carried backwards to a mattress. My hands ripped her clothes from her body. Then my Hands probed eagerly and roughly fondled her. Squeezing and stroking.

She gasped as I loomed above her. Her eyes fell to my cock. It is huge! It will split her apart. She clutched at the mattress as I'm preparing to mount her, to take my pleasure from her. Her hand slides across slippery flesh, as She lay beneath me, a vision of loveliness. Ah, so young. Goosebumps raced up and down her gorgeous white body. Her breasts heaved.

I looked at her. " Well," Sherry whimpered as her tightly clasped legs loosened and parted. She stared fearfully into my eyes, as her legs slowly drifted apart, opening for me. Finally she lay beneath me like a frightened bird. Spread, I grinned as I lowered myself. I laughed as she screamed as my cock impaled her tightness. I chortled, as 9 inches thrust all the way home to Sherry's desperate wailing.

Her body shook and rolled in orgasm despite the pain of her danny d and tara holiady. " I can't," she sobbed, turning and twisting under me trying to dislodge me. " What's wrong?" I said. " I can't," she repeated, trying to turn sideways to me. " Redhead teen alaina dawson swallow a meaty cock never.

had a big cock before." My hands came up and grabbed her naked butt. I pulled as my cock slithered up into her tight pussy again. She is best handjob tease hes a busy guy is tight and I'm long, thick and hard. My cock filled her pussy up like a hand fills up a glove. Sherry's womb said " Hi there Mr. Penis, how bout a squirt?" Her pussy sucks at my cock like a puppy sucks his momma's tits.

Now my cock is buried in her belly. I'm thrusting in and out like a engine piston, then I groan as my cock flared and erupted, splashing thick white cum all up in her pussy. I gave a hard shove as my cock spat a glob in her untried womb. I came hard and long. I pumped semen like a fire truck pumps water.

I pulled free from a sated, exhausted Sherry. Later Sherry feels my cock slide into her and again, she held her breath. It filled her and stretched her again. There is intense pain at first. But it tickled something way up deep inside her that feels just fabulous and then it swelled up and begin spurting hot stuff inside her again.

She can feel each spurt and she can feel the heat. I'm cumming in her pussy again. Sherry knew it was wrong. She knew she shouldn't have done it. But she leaned forward and kissed me as my cock sputtered and spat it's last few dribbles of cum in her. " Ohhhhhh thank you," I groaned. " I shouldn't have let you," she said, looking me face to face. My cock is still hard as I pull out of her. I flipped her over onto her stomach and held face down.

Sudden pain wracked her body, as my cock penetrated her virgin ass. Splitting her anal cherry with a fierce and eager lunge.

Sherry screamed as I thrust hard pushing deeper into her ass. She bucked against my cock in her ass. The feel her tight ass around my cock made me lose control, my thrusts turning into bone-breaking slams, until, with a groan, I reached my orgasm.

Semen spouting out of my cock in a flood, splashing on the walls of the helpless woman's ass, filling her up to the brim. Having taken my load of passion three times in one night had been an experience that she would never forget.

To experience the intense pleasure my body had given her, pleasure that she had never even imagined before was something that she would always hold close. It was just before twilight as Sherry lay on her bed and silently picked up the hem of her nightie and moved it around her stomach. She quietly touched herself to find she is still puffed up, and very sore. Still very wet with her juices and my cum.

She can hardly wait until the next time I came hot girlfriend get pumped in her ass her, she knew I would. It is amazing to think that I was such a savage.