Soaked luscious bitch jumps on hard dong smalltits homemade

Soaked luscious bitch jumps on hard dong smalltits homemade
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Jane, A Wonder 3 "Dammit, Mark!" Yelled Gina. "Why did you have to tell someone you squeezed my tits?! Look what happened?" "It was an accident, not my fault!" said Mark. "Guys, break it up, it was an accident," I said. Fuck, Gina was pissed. Everyone except Mark and Gina went to the beds, including me to chill out. We just watched Mark and Gina for a second. He whispered something in her ear.

"Until tonight, my love," he chubby honey gets her wet pussy nailed. Shit, another relationship in the clique? Next, some guys gonna shave his head bald! We just spent the entire day swimming, and then we spent our last night there at the hotel before going back to New York. I knew just what to do. At 1 AM, once everyone was asleep except me and Jane, I egged her on to go to the shower. She knew the drill.

We tip toed to the shower. We, this time, got in the moment and took off eachothers' clothes, me rubbing her tits and clit taking off each garment and under-garment, making her tits and clit hard, she rubbing my cock taking my boxers off. I turned on the water and regulated it so it would be romantically hot. As we got in, our sex parts jiggled, especially her tits. Cutting the "Chit Chat," I started rubbing and squeezing those 32Cs. They amazed me so. In the midst of all this, I took my hands away and put my 8" dick between them, the first time ever doing that.

I rocked like it was in her cunt, and I was in heaven. "Ooh! Faster, Alex! Faster! Ooh! Yes! Yes!" This was turning me on very so. I soon felt my balls tighten, and a spurt of cum came out, splashing all over her tits, mouth, and face.

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Oh man! I soon stuck my dick in her cunt. "Do it, Alex! Give me a good cunt pounding!" "Okay Jane, here comes Tarzan," I said.

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She laughed at the joke. "Cmon Tarzan, save me!" Before she could do any more dirty talk, I thrusted my cock into her sexiness. As soon as the head of my cock entered, I noticed she was unusually tight. My god, this will be a night to remember. I went in, inch by inch, until my dick was in the entire pussy.

I soon started to rock in and out. "Oh! Ehh! AAAOO! YES!

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YES! YES!" she was screaming at the top of her lungs. Oh boy.


"Fuck, shit, YES! YES! YES!" she was repeating. "Faster! FASTER! FAAAASSTTEEERRR!" I was going faster and slower as she was moaning. I soon started to moan too. At this rate, we were going to wake up everybody just in our upcoming orgasms. Within a few minutes of this, I was the first one to cum. I felt like more than some splooge coming out, almost like my passion going into her from the white stuff. White splooge splashed on the walls of her cunt, almost like a white ocean having a storm inside of my girlfriend.

Like always, my cum sends her over the edge. She came too, her pussy juice flooding my cock and balls.


Soon, both of us went limp, but neither of us were finished yet. Panting heavily, I managed to get out, "Masturbation?" She, panting herself, said, "Yeah." I turned off the water. We did what we did last night at the beginning. I massaged her tits and clit, and she going up and down my cock. The only thing that was different is that she tried to set me over the edge by going to my untouched-by-Jane's-hands gears.

"Do it baby," I said, intrigued. She got my gears in her hands, and massaged them. I don't know what she did, but I instantly went into this trance of pleasure.

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The harder she squeezed them, the deeper I went into the trance. Was this what she felt every time I stuck my dick in her?

Who knows?

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I'm not a girl. I soon heard a knock on the door. It was Mark and Gina. Well, what do you know? That whisper I heard was accurate! "Let us in, we need the shower, for the uhh. getting off the clourine!" yelled Mark. We put some towels on and opened the door. "Sure, but don't wake everyone up." Me and Jane went back to bed. Who knows what Mark and Gina did after that? Anyone, hello? Maybe I'll ask them when we all get home. Naaaaahh. At around 11:00 we all woke up. Wow, the first good night sleep, well, this week.

At 1:00, we all went back home. Soon, at 10:00, Jane and I were back at my house. Were we ready or not? Find out in Jane, a Wonder Part 4 guys!