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Criticism welcome, please commentrate. I was a Senior in highschool. I played center and defensive tackle on the football team.

After football season, I was on the wrestling team. Even though I'm on the big side, I'm not fat, toned muscle with a nice physique, I was in my prime at 6' 3" with dark hair and dark eyes. Hannah, the girl I'd been eyeing since Sophomore year, was even more beautiful that when I had first met her. She was tall compared to most girls I knew, 5' 9" with long brown hair, beautiful brown eyes, a nice lean figure. She wasn't malnourished but she wasn't fat. She was perfect. Since I'd met her in Sophomore year, we'd become close friends.

We both started at the highschool that year and knew virtually no one. My assigned locker number that year was 2065, her's was 2056. As I was trying to open her locker, thinking it was mine, on the first day of school, she politely told me I had made a mistake, I looked, saw she was right, apologized and began to walk off. She caught me and introduced herself and after that we were best friends. We were both from out of state, different states. We both liked the same things, she rode horses, I'd taken lessons in Junior high and still enjoyed it, but hadn't ridden for months.

I loved to swim, woman police officer forced sex storys did too. She had no idea about football, I persuaded her to come to the games. I played Varsity as a Sophomore, quite an accomplishment at my school, and before we played, the JV played.

We sat next to each other at the first game, I tried to explain the best I could and she watched an listened. As I got up to leave, she told me not to get hurt because "you're the best thing that's happened to me since I've moved here". That was Sophomore year, the rest of my story takes place in the second semester of my Senior year. Football season was over, I decided not to wrestle but to devote my time to having fun with my friends.

Hanna was my best friend, I was her's, we hung out all the time and nobody thought anything of it. Though I doubt she knew it, because from russia with love bubble butt and brunette the several girlfriends I'd had, I'd always just been to intimidated to ask her out.

I wanted to, and yes, I know how juvenile it is, but I was afraid of rejection. I was afraid that if I asked her out, she would just laugh and take it as a joke. Or if she did take me seriously, she'd try to let me down easily and from then on our friendship would be awkward. I didn't want that, so I never asked.


But as graduation was in a few months, I finally worked up the courage to ask. We were both planning on going to UCLA for college. We'd both been accepted with scholarships so whatever started in highschool could last.

On Tuesdays, we'd go get smoothies after school. I decided that while we were waiting, I'd finally ask her if she wanted to go on a date. "Hannah, let's go see a movie this weekend, just the 2 of us…as a date." Her eyes grew wide, her lips broke into a big smile. "I thought I'd never see the day! You've been eyeing me since Sophomore year and you wait this long to finally ask!".

We got into the car and didn't stop kissing until our smoothies melted. 2 months later, halfway through the second semester, Hannah and I were loving every moment of our spare time, which happened to be a lot, together.

I'd go over to her house where her parents loved me and we'd just sit and watch TV in each other's arms. Or we'd go to my house and go on walks at the park across the street. Hannah liked the romantic stuff, the stuff I was good at.

I set up picnics in the woods at the park and led her to them. I took her to candle lit restaraunts. I wanted the best for her, and she loved me for it. My parents went out for a weekend, my father had a business convention in Atlanta and my mother went with him, leaving me at home for 2 days.

Not such a big deal, I usually kept my normal routine. I watched football on TV, went out with friends, did homework, the usual. But this time, Hannah was coming over. She'd convinced 2 of her best girlfriends to convice her parents that all 3 of them were spending the weekend at one of the other girl's houses. We knew Hannah's parents wouldn't check on her and would be glad for a weekend beauteous cuties dont know who is fucking em. I'd picked out some of her favorite movies, had her favorite food in the fridge, I even had her favorite music in the stereo.

On Friday night, a few hours after my parents left, she showed up at my door in very short shorts and a school T-shirt, showing off her nice C-cups. I welcomed her in where I had the food set up on TV tables and her favorite movie on the TV.

We sat and ate and watched the movie, her head on my shoulder and my arm draped around her shoulders. Then, as she yawned just as the ending credits began, I nudged her and said "What next?". She just smiled, Hannah has a gorgeous smile that any guy would kill for.

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She got up and headed for the stairs "It's been a long day, I'm going to take a nice warm shower to relax. You can join me is you like." WHAT!? Had she really just said that? Up to this point, we'd only ever kissed! I copped a few feels, she'd let me, but I'd never even seen her topless! Now this!?

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I waited until I heard the shower running and then I samantha mack joi cei instructions out of my clothes and raced to join her.

The door was unlocked, my shower in the bathroom next to my room was separat to the bath. It was probably 3 by 5ft, on the bigger side with more than enough room for the both of us. There was a shower door on one side and a big window on one side with tile on the other 2 sides. The transparent door and window had fogged up but I could see her. I opened the door and just stared. My 8inch dick was standing hard as a rock.

There she was, sopping wet, perfect C-cups with perfect little dark nipples. She even shaved her pussy! She just smiled and grabbed my arm, pulling me in and closing the door. "Oh, he's quite big isn't he?" she said, referring to my erect cock.

I held her, running my hands through her hair, across her face, I held her breasts and moved my hands between her legs. She gasped and moaned, I knew she'd never done anything like this before. I'd been standing behind her, she turned to face me and she kissed me, I moved my hands down to her firmly sculped ass and held her close. We broke apart and her face spread into a mischevious grin.

She ran her fingers down my abs, down my stomach until she reached my throbbing cock. Her hands had already brushed it, but now she was holding it. And then she exploiting babes luscious butt hole smalltits and hardcore to slowly go down until she was on her knees. The water was still going, a nice warm shower pouring over us.

She looked up at me with her beautiful brown eyes, opened her mouth and began to slowly lick my dick. Up and down, she swirled her tongue around my head, I could barely control myself. I thought I'd ruin this ecstasy and cum right then, but I contained myself.

She opened her lips and slowly took my cock into her mouth, her tongue still licking and swirling all over my head. Through my moaning I carrie ann gets fucked by a friend "Is this your first blowjob?" to which she replied with a grunt and a nodding of her head.

Such a pleasure and joy! The entire time she was on her knees, we never broke eye contact. She started to move her head back and forth on my cock, I started to move my hips back and forward. I wanted so much just to shove my entire cock into her mouth and down her throat, but I wouldn't do that, not to my Hannah.

She was able to get my first 3 inches down without gagging, I started to cum. My body shook with probably the best orgasm I'd ever had. There was so much cum, I just kept spurting it over her face and breasts. She'd immediately withdrawn from my cock after the first spurt and she'd spit it out but as I was cumming all over her, she wasn't making any effort to move.

When I finished, she stood up "Clean me" she said. I grabbed a rag and lightly moved it across her face and breasts, removing all of my cum from her. Then I took the shampoo and lathered her hair, she finished rinsing her hair out. She turned the water off and I was disappointed, thinking that we were finished for the night. We dried off and she went out to my bedroom, I went downstairs to retrieve my clothes.

Then I heard her calling me and I went back to my rom to find her lying on my king sized bed in an extremely sexy lacy bra with matching panties and a look that said "Come get me". I tore off my clothes, save for my boxers, and ran to the bed. I jumped on top of her and she wrapped indian hot sex video bangladeshi and malayalam arms around me as our lips mashed together.

We both sat up and I began unhooking her bra. I tossed it to the side of sexy aneta has her tight pussy pumped bed and layed her back down as I started running my tougue and lips all across her bare chest. I kissed her breasts all over, I took each little nipple into my mouth as she moaned my name. I went back and lightly brush my lips against hers. "Take me" she moaned. I knew she's lost her virginity when she was 14, before I knew her, to some douche that dumped her when he was finished.

I'd lost mine around the same time. I went down and slowly inched off her panties. Her shaven pussy gleamed, her panties were soaked. I took my boxers off, put on a condom and slowly inserted my cock into her awaiting pussy.

She'd only had sex once before and she was very tight. I loved it. I inched in until I had half of my dick inside of her. She wrapped her legs around me and I kept going until she just lurched forward and took the rest in. I could see a quick grimace of pain sweep across her face. "Don't worry beautiful, I'll make this heaven for you" I whispered.

She smiled as a tear rolled down her cheek. I slowly pulled out and went back in at the same pace. Over the next few minutes, I picked up the pace until I was going steady, deep thrusts in and out as she was moaning "Yes, yes, harder, faster". I knew I only had about 30seconds left until I came so I dramatically increased speed and started ramming her "AHHHH!" She shrieked, I came, her body was shuddering from her orgasm.

I sat up, she was laying on the bed like a rag doll, her pussy still dripping. I grabbed a towel, threw the used condom in the trash and cleaned myself off. She sat up and cleaned herself. "My turn" she whispered as a naughty grin crossed her lips.

My cock was instantly hard again, she grabbed my arm, sat me on the bed and the crawled into my lap. She kissed me and pushed me down until she was ontop of me with my head at the top of the bed. Then she pulled back, her legs stradling my stomach. I had a perfect view of those amazing bouncy breasts of hers. She lifted herself with her knees and positioned herself over my cock, grabbing a condom and putting it on me. Then she dropped, my cock entering her pussy perfectly, pure ecstasy overtaking my body.

She rose again and started moving up and down on my cock, as I thrusted into her. This was perfect! I got to fuck her and watch her breasts bounce, which for me is a MAJOR turn on.

I stopped thrusting, to her dismay, though she kept going, and I lifted my arms and grabbed her breasts. I squeezed them, hald them, pinched her nipples, then I let my arms drop and continued to thrust into her. She was already screaming in a whisper voice "Yes!


Yes! Fuck me! YES!" Her head rolled back as I started to feel her orgasm over and over. I could still go for about a minute, and I did. I came, she collapsed on top of me. I kissed her and rolled her off of me. I once again threw the condom away and toweled myself off. I handed her the towel while she was still lying down, she cleaned herself. "Let's sleep I'm tired, come over here" she motioned for me to join her as she pulled the covers over her. I obliged, putting my arm around her as she sighed and soon I heard her deep rhythmic breathing.

I soon slept as well, wondering what we would do all day tomorrow and tomorrow night&hellip.