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Xxx full 3g movie in ebony dubbed
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Jay and Amy part 6 When they finally drive off, we all relax. "Thanks girl for showing up, my nails were getting fucked," Michelle says to Nicole. "What's the video?" Mike asks. And well Nicole goes on to blow us away.

"I taped the 3 of them having sex&hellip.with each other," Nicole says before putting away her taser. "They're related," Luke says while stunned at the surprise.

"Why'd you fucked them up?" I ask curiously. "After I taped them, I stashed the video. I then went back to bust them, fucking Emily told me to join them. Fucking lost my shit and beat the shit out of her, broke her nose and she was almost bald by the amount of hair I took out. Chad got into my room that night, tried to rape me, he had my pants down, trying to pull my underwear down but I bit his ear and then I screamed. He left but I knew that wasn't the end of it.

So the next morning, I went to the guest room with a bat and broke both his arms with a bat, and then I fucking beat the shit out of his dick with the bat. I tied Chad's ass up when I heard Andrew downstairs, I thought Andrew might try to rape me too so I decided to get to him first. I pretended to be interested and shit, when his back horny busty with fat boobs dick intruded turn, I tased him and then broke one of his legs." Nicole says calmly.

"Chad's mine. Parents?" Mike asks. "Didn't listen to me explain, sent me away to a ghetto ass relative," Nicole says before spitting on the ground angrily. "How bad?" Mike asks. "Don't got to tell you," Nicole replies back. Mike steps up to Nicole, and gets real close and asks again, "How bad?" Nicole looks stun and answers swiftly back, "Real bad, didn't have food, didn't have running water, didn't have electricity, didn't fucking care. Aunt ghetto is a druggie and sells her flesh, wasn't fun walking into that.

Had to live with that Had to fucking survive myself." "How?" Mike asks again, but his voice sounds extra scary but also as if he's holding it back. "Slinging drugs, running errands for higher ups, fighting, and robbing.

Wasn't easy but it had to be done," Nicole replies back. "You wear nice shit, nice car, how?" Mike asks while placing both his hands on her back to hold her to his body. "Made a name for myself.slinging got easier and more profitable.

Made one last big deal and pulled out with others paying to take over," Nicole replies but tries to push Mike back.he doesn't move& at all. "Sell flesh?" Mike asks. Nicole sucks in air and replies coldly back "Fuck no." But her voice says there's something else and Mike sees it. He moves his hands to her face and holds her firmly and then asks her, "Someone fucking touch you?" Nicole struggles harder than before and starts to slap Mike's hands but he doesn't let go.

"Yes or no!?" Mike explodes to Nicole. Jay and Luke step forward but stops when Nicole answers. "Yes." No one says anything but the tension is bad.toxic. tits that nice deserve a load czechsuperstars before my rep was out, low time dealer&hellip.corner me. Tried fighting back but he was stronger and determine.

He broke my wrist, eye socket, and nose&hellip.I was a virgin so there was blood everywhere. I waited till the next day, pretended that I was gonna give him a blow job.

I stabbed his dick instead, when he went down, I cutted his fucking dick off, so it's okay," Nicole says. "Holy shit," MIchelle says. "Oh fuck," Luke mutters. "Fuck," Jay mutters. "," I mutter. "Shit girl.I was gonna find him for you but now I ain't got shit to worry about," Mike says with awe in his voice. "I don't need or want you to do anything for me," Nicole says quietly.

Mike smiles broadly and proceeds to talk all caveman like that will definitely blow your underwear off; "Lets get some things straight. You belong to me, you won't admit it anytime soon but you feel what I feel. You can fight all you want, but I'll fucking corner you and wear your ass down till you admit that shit. You're strong and hard headed but I'm a fucking dick so I'm harder than you and I won't back down.

I protect what's mine, I'll hurt for mine, and I'll fucking kill for mine. You were force to live like shit for the past 4 years, now I'll give you good. I don't do flowers and shit but I do fuck and I'll fuck you beautifully. So fucking hard and nice that you'll feel me for days, and then you might feel 'it'. We haven't even fuck yet and 'it' already feels nice so can't wait till we get down to business.

Understand me?" "I'm only back for revenge," Nicole says breathlessly back. "Gotta corner you again," Mike mutters before kissing Nicole. He still had his hands on Nicole's face so he only had to lean down a little.

And might I say it's hot watching them kiss, Mike was teasing Nicole with his tongue and I was kind of taking notes so that I can try on Jay later. Mike finally pulls away and smiles. "Understand me?" Mike asks again. "Yeah," NIcole replies but still looking daze and confuse. "Good, now you got 2 choices; 1.we take a shower together, or 2. I'll take a shower alone and you park your car and wait in my room for me&hellip.and if you try to leave, I will find you and I won't be too happy." ".Option 2 sounds pretty good.yeah uh-huh.number 2…" Nicole replies with her face getting a little red.

I say little miss badass just blush. Everyone pulls away and I pull on Jay to stop him, I lean up towards his body and whisper into his ear, "Let's go to my house.and shower lovely hottie gets pleased on the sofa Jay asks back but I'm too confuse, until he reaches down and taps on my private part softly. "'s a little sensitive but I'm ready for round 2." "Lets go," Jay replies back and takes my hand to his car.


Before pulling out the driveway, I see Nicole parking her and walking in the house. "She's not going to admit it anytime soon, she'll fight tooth and nail babe," I say to Jay. "Hell yeah she is, but Mike will wear her down," Jay replies back. It's weird that both of families know that we had sex, but it feels nice knowing that they trust our decisions.

I was scare from the get go of this relationship, but now, I'm more confident than ever. I know that Jay and I can get through and over any obstacle that heads our way.

It feels amazing knowing that I've found my one and that he's a great guy. When we reach my house, we head to the shower right away. We pull off each other's clothing and get into the shower. Jay pushes me against the shower wall and lines his dick at my pussy lips but pauses. I push down and he slides in.deep. I have my arms and legs around Jay's body and he's holding me to the wall, pounding into me&hellip.slow.

"After.everything tonight.I savor this&hellip." Jay says to me. I nod and he continues to make passionate, slow love to me and it's wonderful. "I'm.about to cum babe.little more.more…" I say to Jay.

Jay moves his hand down to my clit and rubs with his thumb and I cum hard. Jay thrust 2 more times before pulling out and I slide down to my knees to swallow masturbation au soleil masturbation in the sun no cum tube porn cum.

"Every.fucking that mouth will be the death of me.ahhh…" After I swallow Jay's cum we head off to bed. The next morning at the school parking lot, everyone's there by the time we make it there. Jordan looks mad and tense. Luke and Michelle are kissing. Mike and Nicole are standing close to each other but not touching.

I do notice that Nicole is wearing the same jeans from last night but is wearing Gal with nice butt fucked cumshots and creampie leather jacket over her tank top.

So she must have slept ever Mike got that to happen.amazing. "Fuck man, sorry about last night, the bitch actually tied me to the bed," Jordan says to Jay and I when we walk up. "All's good man," Mike says. "Heard they called everything off," Jordan continues to say to us. "Might be, but it ain't over," Nicole says. Mike walks up beside her and places his arm around her waist. Nicole turns and glares at Mike but he simply just smirks at her. "Damn, you boys move fast," Jordan says to us and starts to laugh.

"I get it now, you're fucking him so that's why you're helping them.fucking traitor!" Emily says before appearing out of nowhere with Andrew and Chad behind her. "Traitor? Mhm.interesting…" Nicole says pretending to thinking about it. "We're fucking family! You betrayed us!" Emily shouts at her. "We're no family," Nicole replies back firmly and continues to say, "No fucking family would ever do what you guys did. And fucking worse, ask me to join.

Because I defended myself, I was sent off and lived fucking hell for 4 years." "Aunt sugar is not that bad!" Emily shouts again. "Not that bad? Are you fucking serious with me? That bitch sells her own front of me. She tried to get me to join her. So I know what hell is," Nicole says back moving to get in Emily's face, Mike moves with her with his hand still on her waist.

"She doesn't sell her body for money.she just really likes sex a lot" Emily says but her voice cracks a little. "You don't know shit that happen down there," Nicole says to Emily. "You're it was obviously that not bad. Stop trying to be a victim!" "Victim?" I should note that Nicole sounded like she can would have kill Emily at that moment if it wasn't for Mike that's still holding onto her.

"It wasn't bad when I had to lock my door every night so Aunt sugar's johns wouldn't come in to my room. It wasn't bad when I walked into her fucking one of her johns in the living room. It wasn't bad that I had to sell drugs to make money to eat. It wasn't bad fighting to keep territory on where I can sell my drugs.

It wasn't bad robbing drug dealers for money. It wasn't bad running from the drive bys. It wasn't bad getting felt up by the grimey ass cops. It wasn't bad getting rape. It wasn't bad getting beat while getting rape. It wasn't bad cutting off the rapist's dick. It wasn't bad all those times.

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It was fucking great here when I watch the 3 of you fucking. It was fucking great here when I had to listen to my little sister trying to convince me to join them. It was fucking great when I rejected, and my cousin tried to rape me in my room.

It was fucking great when I tried to explain myself to my family, they didn't believe me and they sent me away, never fucking checking up on me. You're right wasn't that bad at all." The air changes around me. Nicole just said they infront of her siblings and in front of Jordan. Her face is red but it's not blush, it's anger.

Emily looks shock and Andrew looks murderous. Chad looks scare. Before anyone can react, Andrew turns and punches Chad right in the mouth. Chad stumbles back a little and Andrew grabs his shirt and punches him again in his nose. "She's lying man.I didn't try to rape her," Chad yells to Andrew but he ignores him. "That's my sister!" Andrew yells out.

Andrew pulls his arm back to punch again but Emily yells stop and Andrew pauses. "Chad, how could you? She's family.why would you want to force her to do something she doesn't want to?" Emily asks and I can hear her voice trembling.

Chad tries to walk away rebecca linaires and sasha grey lez it out together Luke gets in his path and pushes him into a circle form by us. "I didn't do shit, she's fucking lying, she wanted it!" Chad yells to us. Mike grabs his shirt by the collar and holds him tightly. "Tell the fucking truth or I'll fucking kill you," Mike says calmly oh yes mommy lesbian seduce his intensity says something differently.

"I.I.I.yeah.I tried.tried to make.make her.but hey she got me back, she broke both my fucking arms and she fucked up my dick so bad I had to get surgery.see! Fair!" Chad shouts back at us. Mike looks back at Nicole and then punches Chad in the eye, Chad pushes Mike back and grabs his legs trying to lift him off the ground. Mike knees Chad making him let go and then grabs his legs, slamming him down to the ground. We all hear the crack when Chad's head smacks the concrete.

Mike starts to kick him in the ribs, making him cry out in pain but Mike doesn't stop. Nicole finally steps forward and pulls on Mike's arms. Mike jerks his arm away and continues to kick. Nicole pushes Mike and Mike pauses to look at her.

Nicole puts her hand on Mike's cheek and says calmly to him, "Calm down," Mike looks back to Chad's curl up body thinking about killing him. Nicole moves his head back till he's facing her and she says more calmly to him this time, "Please stop." Mike nods and his body visibly relaxes.

"What is going on here?!" Ms. Brown our history teacher calls out to us. I look around and notice other students stopping to look and other teachers looking shock.

"Someone better explain to me why there's a student down on the floor bleeding from the eye, the nose, and the mouth!" Ms.Brown yells out to all of us. "I did it," Andrew comes forward and says. Everyone looks to him in shock and he explains sunny leon xxx bp having sex Ms.Brown, "Chad lied and thought that he can get away with it so I taught him a lesson that he'll never forget. I will gladly accept my punishment Ms.Brown." "Suspended for 3 days Andrew.

Chad, you're also suspended for provoking a fight, 2 days for you. Now, if you don't go to school here, please leave.

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If you do go to school here, get your little butt in class before everyone gets detention," Ms.Brown says before walking away from us. While all the guys give nods to each other, us girls get in a huddle. Michelle: "That was crazy intense, but you did good Nicole." Me: "You were amazing, I'm so proud of you." Nicole: "Um.thanks you guys.

But I think I kind of dig myself in a big hole with Mike because of this." Michelle: "Just accept it girl." Me: "They believe in first love at first sight.


You're it for him. No turning back now. Accept it and be happy like us." Nicole: "I'll admit&hellip.he's broody, intense, fiery, and crazy hot. He's like always in my face and won't back down.

After his shower last night, he came out in his towel and hugged me. It was.nice&hellip.but I don't know." Michelle: "Mmm.shower." Me: "You did sleep in his bed with him." Nicole: "He didn't give me a choice, when I suggested the couch, he gave me the "don't even think about it' look.

And then he hauled me into bed with him.and he was naked. But he did cuddle with me, so it wasn't that bad." Michelle: "Luke cuddles too." Me: "Jay does too. I say these men don't play games when it comes to getting what they want." We all nod and start to giggle, and then we break out laughing.

We all finally stop laughing and say bye to Luke, Mike, and Nicole. Michelle, Jay and I finally get into school, half an hour late. During lunch, Emily and Andrew walks up to us and sits right on down. The table gets real quiet, no one is moving or talking, just waiting. "Everyone leave please," Jay says out loud and everyone grabs their lunch and walks away. Leaving Emily, Andrew, Jordan, Jay, Michelle and myself. "We got a problem?" Jordan says.

"What's up with Mike and our sister?" Andrew asks instead of answering Jordan. "Can't call her overwatch sex pov tracer the best sucked big cock sister," Jay says quietly back.

"Why the fuck not?" Emily asks. "I don't know anybody that would ask their sister to join a threesome," Michelle comments. "You guys don't deserve to call her your sister," I say to them. "From what I can see, Mike's serious about her, so we're her family now.

So we can call her our sister," Jay replies. "I don't fucking think so," Andrew booms out.

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"She's not some kind of slut for Mike to use," Emily says loudly. "You guys care now? Are you serious? She was gone for 4 years and you guys never care. How dare you guys sit here and try to be all protected of her when you guys were never there for her. But since I saw your reactions today, I'll tell you guys a little something. She isn't some fuck for Mike, she's his forever girl. You guys have nothing to worry about. Mike will lay down his life for her. After everything she's been through, she should enjoy some happiness and Mike's going to give it to her.

Just let her be happy for fuck's sake," I say to them. Everyone is quiet when I'm done. Emily and Andrew look in shock. While Jordan is grinning. Michelle kisses me on the cheek and grins too.

Jay hooks my neck and kisses me on the lips.and yes with tongue.lots of it. When he finally lets me go, he whispers to me, "Fucking proud of you baby." "His forever girl?" Emily asks quietly back. "The men in this family don't play when it comes their women," Michelle says. "I don't want my sister to get hurt," Andrew says quietly. "Why the hostile reaction at Chad today?" Jordan asks suddenly.

"What the 3 of us did was all consented, we never force each other. But to hear about how he tried to rape Nicole is fucked up," Andrew says through gritted teeth.

"You guys don't ah.consent to each other anymore?" Jordan asks. Andrew and Emily shares a look before Emily shared. "It was fine at first.and then Chad kept trying trying to push it," Emily pauses and sighs before going on again, "He wanted it too rough, he wanted kink, and he didn't like taking no as an answer." "So we couples seeking teens riley reid zoey holloway stop.

Emily and I are twins so if she didn't feel comfortable anymore then that's it. Nicole is my sister and I'm gonna make it up to her for all those fucking shitty moments she had. Chad is just a cousin, a fucking worthless piece of shit cousin. If Nicole wants Mike, then I'll let it be.

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But if I hear differently, I'm fucking step in," Andrew stops to look me in the eye, "Please watch out for Nicole, she's hard headed, stubborn, and willing to hurt people to push them away before they get too close to her. If she ever needs anything, please let me know." And with that, Andrew and Emily gets up to leave, but Emily stops, "We all have some kind of history.

But I'm not losing Nicole over this, tell her that she has us." "What's up with everyone talking caveman around here? Am I missing something?" I say out loud to the table.

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