Mom fucks duddy patrons daughter stockings cory chase is a insane stepmom who doesnt

Mom fucks duddy patrons daughter stockings cory chase is a insane stepmom who doesnt
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Humans are the most adaptable creatures on the planet. I remember reading this statement on National Geographic. The fact that, humans are present on all seven continents, when all other species are restricted to their specific geographic locations, proves it. I wonder how much I have changed ever since I came to Bastinia. Being brought up in the United States, I would never imagine about enslaving another human being, let alone hurting them like the times before horny babe sandra bell gets impaled and creamed civil war.

But for past week I constantly took advantage of my slave girl Korin, and even punished her which would have been un-imaginable in United States. May be this is where I meant to be. The fact that I did all these without an elevation of heart rate or even any remorse convinced me that I am quite natural at it. May be it's my call. *** I woke up to the sound of my vibrating mobile phone on the bed side table. Korin was still asleep beside me with her hand across my chest.

Though I didn't like the fact that she was still asleep, making an issue out of it would be time consuming. Pushing her off my body, I picked up the phone. It was Ashley on the other side. Apparently she took an earlier flight and is already at the airport. I was expecting her only in the evening but now I have to go pick her up.

Korin was patiently waiting near the bed and as soon as I finished the call she started apologizing for oversleeping. Like I mentioned earlier I didn't make an issue out of it. "Ash is already at the airport. We have to pick her up. Get ready fast." Korin was, as usual very excited to hear about Ashley. "Please give me few minutes master. I have to take a shower and I will be ready.

I will drive you to the airport" "No time girl. You jump in the shower with me. That way I can make sure you are not wasting any time." Korin was happy to join me in the shower. Even half way through the shower my morning boner was raging, and I couldn't help but fuck Korin. I threw her against the wall and send my cock deep down her pussy. With each of my thrust her body went up in the air and her boobs bounced up and down. As I was much excited I couldn't last much longer.

I continued showering after shooting inside her. We both were ready in 20 minutes. In the mean time I told Dara that she can go back to Boris' place and offered to call up Sergei, so he can pick her up. Not that I didn't enjoy having her here, I didn't want anybody disturbing us when I am having a nice time with Ash.

She politely refused and told she will take a bus to her place. I wanted to inspect if she suffered any bruises from Korin's spanking yesterday. Pulling down her shorts and panties I inspected her bottom very carefully. It was bruised but nothing that wouldn't heal in another few days. "You are a good slave girl Dara. You are obedient. Though you are not very good at eating pussy, I will be sure to put a good word with your Master" Korin slightly blushed when I said this and Dara was delighted.

*** I met Ash near the arrival gate. She hugged me hard. I grabbed her ass while doing so and she chuckled. Though Korin was as excited to meet Ashley as I was, she kept her place and stood behind me in silence.

Once my turn was over Ash patted Korin's cheek and asked her how she was. I have never seen her smiling so prettily.

"Did you fuck her this morning?" Ash suddenly asked me pointing at Korin's face and raising her eyebrows in a characteristic way. Now it was my time to be slightly embarrassed. "Her face has a glow to it and I know you will not waste a morning wood when you have a slave girl". She answered herself without waiting for my answer.

Without saying anything, I grabbed her by the waist and led her towards the parking area. Korin stayed behind to pick up the bags. On the drive home she was chatting about how she visited various places in Moscow, about the luxurious Ritz-Carlton hotel and how it overlooked the Kremlin. Though I was paying attention my mind was thinking how beautiful she looked on the red business suit she was wearing.

I casually put my hand on her knee and started slowly moving it up skirt. "What's all the hurry Brad?

Can't you wait till be reach the apartment?" She winked at me while removing my hand from her thigh. "So what did you do last night? Other than you know, butt fucking her." Ash asked me pointing towards Korin. "Yesterday Dara was at our place. I made her eat out this little bitch.

But she couldn't make her cum in the assigned time. So I let Korin paddle her for that. It was beautiful" Ash heart-warmingly laughed for half a minute, pondering on my creativity. "So you met Boris, Yes? I mentioned to him that you are here and is thriving to go out. It was very nice of him to lend you his slave girl." Ash was trying really hard to pretend that she didn't set up our meeting.

But I decided to let it go. *** Once we reached the apartment I fell on to the couch and pulled Ash beside me. Korin was out collecting Ash's bags from the car's trunk.

Once she was done with the bags, she came in front of us and enquired if we'll like some refreshments. "What's the hurry darling. Tell me about your experience with Bradley the great here." Ash stood up and stood behind Korin and then put her right hand over Korin's crotch.

"I heard that he fucked you in the ass. Did you enjoy it?" Ash asked her while biting her earlobes. Then she started rubbing Korin's pussy over her shorts. Korin's face twitched. It must be really uncomfortable to get your soft pussy rubbed against rough denim fabric. But Korin didn't raise any protest. "Yes Miss. Master Bradley was so kind. I really enjoyed the experience. Master Bradley was as gentle as possible" She was obviously lying.

I remembered how I violently violated her anus few nights ago. "Why didn't you tell me earlier you enjoyed getting sodomised, Korin.

I could have helped you there" Ash stopped rubbing Korin's pussy and slipped her left hand inside the shorts. She had long nails on her fingers and from the expressions on Korin's face I could tell Ash was not at all being careful while handling Korin's girly parts.

I wanted to tell Ash that it's the golden rule to clip your nails before fingering somebody. But how she treats her slave is none of my business, so I kept quiet. Once she was satisfied with her work Ash fell back to the couch beside me and let me smell her fingers. It was a very familiar and pleasant smell which I couldn't quite place. "Come on girl. Take of all your cloths. I want to see what Brad here has done to you. Come on. Chop chop." Korin started unbuttoned her shirt and then slipped out of her shorts.

Once she was completely naked she stood in front of us with her legs apart. She was standing so close that I could see Ash's nail marks on her pussy lips. Ash started inspecting her body thoroughly starting from boobs, followed by her tummy and her front thighs. I never hit her on her front so there were no bruises there. Once she was satisfied Ash made Korin turn around and started inspecting her back.

Korin's back was a mess. My belt mark was still visible on her back. The mark from my canning on her thighs and calves were almost faded but was still distinguishable. Her ass still displayed where I hit her with my belt yesterday. I was little afraid that Ash would scold me for the marks but she tapped my shoulder in an appreciating manner. "Bend over Korin. Hold your cheeks apart 100 real incest on hidden cam mom mother daughter me, will you?" Korin had no hesitation in doing that.

She bend forward and held her butt cheeks apart so her bum-hole was right in front of our face. There was only one logical thing to do. Ash put her index finger, deep in her butt hole, up to the third knuckle. She moved her finger up and down to check the tightness of the sphincter. Korin's face showed she was really uncomfortable but as usual didn't raise any protest. "Not loose enough Brad. What equipment did you use?" I told about the butt plug she shook her head in disagreement.

"Butt plug will not do the job. I think I have some anal beads here. May be in the evening we can loosen her ass a bit. What do you say?" I nodded in agreement. We were discussing all these as if Korin was some inanimate object for us to mess with as we see fit, all the while Korin is standing there flesh and blood. And Korin is really helpless to the point that she can't even decide what goes up her ass.

Ash slapped Korin's ass and she stood straight from her previous position . "Now you can go get us two cans of cold beer. See if we have any Baltika" "Yes Miss" Korin slightly bowed, picked up her dress and left the living room. "Why are you hurting her for no reason, Ash? She is a sweet girl" I raised a protest pointing at her sharp finger nails. "Honestly Brad? If you think this is hurting you are up for a real treat in the coming days" I once again concluded that what Ash does with her slave girl is none of my business.

But my mind was eagerly thinking what lay ahead of us. *** Being tired from all the driving in the morning, I took a long nap after lunch. When I woke up I couldn't find Ash and Korin anywhere. Finally I found them on the balcony. Ash was sitting on a lawn chair, and Korin was sitting on the floor with her head on Ash lap. Korin was wearing a pink tank top and a white hello kitty shorts, quite different form her usual dress.

I guessed that Ash might have bought these from Moscow for Korin. Korin was attentively listening to her mistress while Ash blabbered about her time in Moscow. I stood behind and watched them for some time.

From my angle they looked like two loving sisters spending some quality time together. Korin saw me standing behind and stood up in silence. I pushed her away and took a seat near Ash on the lawn chair. "So what shall we do in this beautiful evening?" I asked her while pulling Korin closer and making her sits beside me. "I am not feeling like going out, Brad.

I am having little bit of jet lag. I was hoping we could spend the evening here and sip some bourbon" I liked the idea too. I told Korin to get a bottle of Jack Daniels and two glasses. She was back in a minute with Jack Daniels and glasses. "You look beautiful in the tank top and shorts Korin" I complemented her while taking a sip from the glass. "Thank you, master. Miss Ashley bought it for me from Moscow" I gestured her to sit on my lap and offered a sip of Bourbon. She politely refused first but when I insisted she took a sip.

"Korin. There is a brown bag inside the cupboard inside my room. Could you get it for me?" "Yes miss." Korin jogged to get the bag.

"What's in the bag, Ash?. Another gift for her?" "In a way, yes. I thought while we are having the drinks we can teach Kroin how to enjoy anal sex. She is bringing some anal beads. It's better than a butt plug to loose someone's ass." I thought of it as a good idea too. If we train her properly, she would scream less the next time someone wants to take her from behind.

Korin was back with the bag and there was excitement on her face. I wanted to eboncocks cumshots cum cumshot cumy interracial group sucking and tube porn her face once we open the bag and put the content out for view.

As I predicted once we took the beads outside, Korin's excitement vanished and her face got filled with fear. The beads were huge. There were five spheres each with the size of a ping pong ball. Though I have seen anal beads before, I have never seen such huge ones. Korin after seeing the beads were on the verge of crying. "What wrong, girl. Don't you like them? I purchased them especially for you." Ash asked her after seeing her wet eyes. "Please miss. It will hurt so much. Please.

I will be a good girl." "It's for your own good girl. Brad here tells me you scream a lot when he fucks you in the ass. We are doing this so you will not scream the next time" Korin looked at me pleadingly with her eyes. But I stood my ground and ordered her to lie over my lap. Showing reluctance in every step she put herself over my lap. I removed her shorts carefully and dropped it nearby. I didn't want to damage it as it was a gift from Ash. Then, in a single pull, I tore her panties apart.

Ash was really impressed with my strength. I spanked her couple of times to make her ready. After all this preparation only I remembered that we didn't bring any lubrication. I didn't want to send her back to get the olive oil. She was already in the perfect position. Instead I put the beads in Korin's mouth. Two of the balls went down her throat and she started chocking on them. I made sure that the beads were wet enough and then I took them out and let her catch her breath.

The beads were all wet with her saliva and perfectly lubricated. Ash sat beside me and let Korin put her head on her lap. I teased her bum hole with the first sphere and Korin buried her face on Ash's lap anticipating pain.

Ash just patted the back of her head to ease her tension. I pushed the first sphere inside followed by the second one. Korin's whole body jumped forward as she shrieked. Ash pushed Korin's face to her lap so the scream was mostly muffled. Two. Three. Four. I kept pushing the beads one by one. The last sphere wouldn't go in as her rectum was already full.

But with a final push I send it inside too. Now only the ring remained outside. "Ash. Will you do the honour" I asked her while pointing to the ring. "With sunny leon fucking sex stories amazing gripped Korin's hair and lifted her face from her lap. Ash's shorts were wet with Kroin's tears and she was still weeping out of pain. Taking position beside me, Ash took the ring on her index finger and pulled the beads out in one swift motion.

Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. The spheres came out one by one making loud popping noises. Korin let out a blood curdling scream and pushed forward. If I didn't held her in place she would have toppled my chair. Korin said something in between the shrieking and we didn't quiet catch that.

"What's it girl. We didn't quiet catch that" Ashley asked her winking at me. "Please miss. It hurts so much. I'll do anything" Ashley crouched beside us and patted Korin's hair. Korin relaxed little bit.

"It hurts me to see you in pain darling. But what choice do I have. Bradley here and many more of my other friends would want to conquer your ass. If you let me do it now you can let them do it to you without shrieking. It saves me the embarrassment you know." I saw the expression on Korin's face changing. Till now it was just a painful experience for her.

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Now it was a matter of saving her Mistress's honour. Her face told she is now willing to take any amount of pain to save her Mistress the embarrassment. Korin took a confidant face and nodded in agreement with Ashely.


Ash smiled and kissed her head gently and gestured me to continue. I put the beads again in Korin's mouth for lubrication. Once they were wet enough I put them in her ass one by one, but this time I could swear that they went inside easily.

Once all beads were inside we got ready to pull it out. This time it was my duty. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. This time Korin's screams were less intense. I gave Ash nod of approval while putting the beads back in Korin's mouth for wetting them. Ash just smiled proudly. We repeated the exercise a dozen times. By this time Korin was too tired to scream and was sweating profusely.

I poured a bottle of cold bear over her head to cool her body. "That's enough for today Brad. We'll continue some other day. I think she had enough lessons for today" Korin let squirting french lesbians having one hell of a time a silent sigh of relief.

I pushed her out of my lap and she fell on the floor and lay there for some time. "Brad, I am going to go watch TV now. Since you had the pleasure of assaulting her ass, make sure that she gets a shower.

Okey?" with that she left the balcony. I looked at Korin. She was in a pool of sweat. She definitely needs a bath. I pulled her up and made her walk towards the shower. Her face showed that each of her steps sent a pulse of intense pain through her body.

Once we reached the shower I pushed her inside and started the shower. Just for fun I changed the shower water in to extreme cold. Korin just stood there without complaining but her skin tone became very pale like a corpse's. Then I changed the shower to hot so she went in to a soothing feeling. Once she was done washing herself I threw her a clean towel. "Clean yourself. I will be with Ash." Giving her an appreciating slap on the buttocks I went to the living room.

*** "Rise and shine sleepy head" I woke up to Ash's voice. I yawned hard trying to kick the sleep out of my eyes. I looked around on my bed and saw that Korin was gone.

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I fucked her so hard yesterday night that she was very tired. So I let her sleep with me. Even I was tired from all the work yesterday night but I managed to sit up on the bed.

"So what you want to do today. We can go explore the city or if you prefer you can stay inside fucking that little bitch". Ash told with a crooked smile. "It is a damn good choice Ash. But I feel like going out today. Let's go to a park or something. I want some fresh slutty blonde babe taking long black rod in office I said yawning again. "Well then get ready. I will tell Korin to come take care of you". She said eyeing my morning wood which was thrusting through the comforter.

"Well send her fast. I am in a hurry" Ash laughed. *** Slawa Park was one of the biggest in the capital city. We chose to go there for the day. It was beautiful place with warm and fresh air.

We took place on a park bench under the meadow of a tree which I saw for the first time. Korin was gone to get us hot dogs. Even the thoughts of getting hot dogs on Eastern Europe made me happy. Ash was on the phone with somebody.

She looked stunning in her blue jeans and crimson jacket. I was watching Korin who was chatting with the hot dog vendor as he prepared them. She was in a merry mood. I was curious on how much time it will take the vendor to figure out that she is a slave girl.


It happened when she tilted her head to get the money from the purse. A sympathetic look washed over his face. Watching this interesting idea has occurred to me. Korin was carrying my mobile phone for time being. Ashley was done with the call.

I snapped the phone from her hand and dialled my number. Seeing that the call is coming from Ash's number Korin picked it up. "Korin. It's me." "Yes master" "I want you to flash that hot dog vendor right now" "I don't understand master. What do you mean by flash the vendor?" I looked at Ash unbelievingly. "She doesn't know idioms Brad. You should tell her to lift her t-shirt." says Ash with a funny smile.

"Listen girl. It means you have to lift your t-shirt and show your boobs to the person in front of you and I want you to do it now." For a moment Korin couldn't believe it.

"But master. He is a complete stranger." Her sound was barely a protest. "I didn't ask you to give me a reason Korin. I want you to do it now. I am sure you didn't forget the texture of my belt. If you did I will be happy to show it again." Ash was laughing in the background tapping on my shoulder after she heard my commanding voice. Accepting that there is no convincing me, Korin put the cell phone on the hot dog stand and lifted her bright yellow asian girl with big ass and toys in pussy masturbate homemade with both her hands and gave the hot dog vendor a nice close up of her perky boobs.

She stayed like that 10 seconds and some boys who were playing nearby also were mesmerized by Korin's fun balls. Then she put her shirt down, put the money on the stand, picked up the cell phone and hotdogs and left. The vendor's mouth was still open even after she was half way through. Since Korin was so obedient I let her take a bite off my hot dog. But Ash was not happy that she protested against my command.

She grabbed Korin's crotch under her skirt and send her sharp nails deep down. Korin's face twisted in pain. I caught Ash's hand and removed it from Korin's private parts.

There was sighing of relief on Korin's face. But Ash was really surprised I did that. "Korin. Why don't you leave us for some time? You can go sit over that park bench over there. Here take my hot dog.

I will call you two dudes fuck one lovely girlie pornstar and hardcore the phone if we need you." "Yes master" She bowed slightly and left.

I gave a long deep look to Ash. "What?" "Why are you unnecessarily hurting her? She is always very obedient and sweet. I can understand having little fun but you are being downright cruel" "So? You don't like it if I hurt that little bitch's cunt?" "That little bitch is a human being Ashley" "No Brad, they are not.

I told you many times that they feel only pain." "Pain can be unbearable sometimes. Can you imagine after all this pain you are putting her through, she still worships you" "I paid an exorbitant amount of money to buy her. I will do whatever damn well pleases me with her. It's my right as a slave owner. If I want to beat her, I will and she better be ok with it. She doesn't really have a choice in this matter." "I don't understand Ash. Do you enjoy beating her?" "You don't know many things Brad.

You spend all your life in USA. I spend a fortune to buy her and what does she do for me. She chauffeurs me around, cleans my house, cooks for me and acts as my personal assistant. I can appoint 4 different people for these for many years with a small fraction of what I spend for her" I was silent now and Ash continued. "It's about the pleasure you get by complexly dominating another member of your species, seeing them helpless, begging for your mercy at your feet. That's an exhilarating experience.

When I whip her and she screams in pain it gives me a strange satisfaction. I always knew I enjoyed it but till the time slavery was legalized in Bastinia, I had no practical way of following it." I was silent now letting Ash's words sink in. "I don't know Ash.

I know I beat her and fucked her ass without her consent. But I was just having fun. I wasn't doing it for pleasure." I hid the fact that it gave me a strange pleasure beating up Korin.

I was too shy to admit it. Ashley was smiling now. "You give me chance tongint, Brad. I will show you how to have fun with it." I was thinking hard. Ash might have point there. Well giving her a chance in proving herself wouldn't hurt. It will hurt Korin though (Mental High Five), a lot. I agreed with Ash. She gestured Korin to come to us.

Looking at Korin, walking towards us, I couldn't help but feel sorry for this sweet innocent girl. *** "Get the gag Korin. I warned you not to make any loud sound" "No. Please miss. I'll not make any more noise." Said Korin, rubbing her sore bottom. "You always say that, and then you scream like a scared bunny" Knowing there is no point in arguing with her mistress, Korin left the room to collect the gag which will supress her screams.

I was sitting on a nearby couch observing all this. "What do you think of this?" asked Ash showing me the new leather paddle which she purchased today, which she just used on Korin. "It's good Ash. I think leather will be much more painful than a wooden paddle. Plus it's flexible. It'll absorb the impact so your hand will not get tired so easily" "I wonder how much pain it can induce. From the way Kroin was shrieking I have to guess that it's quiet good." "You know Ash.

There might way to find out exactly how much pain it will cause." "How? She is not going tell you" "Not her. Why don't you turn around and pull up your skirt. I will caress your ass with it. That way you can conclude how effective it is" I said with a wicked smile. "You are still upset that I beat her, ahh? Once she gets the gag I'll teach you how to have fun with it, Brad.

You know what, since I kept you waiting here long by going to Moscow, I think I deserve to be punished" She threw the paddle towards me and I caught it in mid-air. "Now close the door so Korin won't walk in on us and get on with it" saying this she bent over the table and put her hands flat on the table palms down. "Are you serious? Why would I want to beat you School girl megan fucked like a slutby you angry I went to Moscow leaving you here?

Don't you want you punish me?" "Well I am angry. But… Ok then." I closed the door and went to where Ash listen and learn from stepmother darla crane bent over the table. Running my hand over her bulging bottom I grabbed both of her butt cheeks one at a time. It was time she knew how much she hurt Korin. I pulled her cotton skirt up.

She was wearing a bright red designer panties underneath which would have cost her way more than 100 dollars.

I pulled it down exposing her perfectly round bottom. "How does my ass look Brad?" Ash asked turning her head over her shoulders.

"It looks better than when I saw it last time" I ran the leather paddle over both of her cheeks. "It tickles Brad. Is this how you beat Korin?" Ash asked me letting out a chuckle.

"You will soon see, Ash" I landed the blow equally on both of her butt cheeks. It made a small cracking sound as I didn't use much force in to it. I didn't want to beat her like I beat Korin. "If you paddle your slave like this, she's going to lose all respect for you. No slave will respect a master who cannot do a painful blow" told Ash, letting out another chuckle. Her insults were really getting to me.

It's time she knew how good I am in this business. I took the paddle away from her bottom, as far as I could, arching my body in doing so.

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Then I brought it down on her buttocks with my full might landing exactly where the previous blow landed. An ungodly cracking sound echoed in the room. I expected Ash to scream out loud but she managed to swallow the sound, biting on her hand to do so. "How's that for a good slave owner, Cuz?" This time the chuckle was mine. She could not speak for few seconds, and then she spoke slowly swallowing words in between.

"I'm impressed, Brad. It's very good equipment for training and you are very strong" Her eyes were teary. Before she could say anything else I stroke her again, in full force, making her crash on the table. She lay there smiling to herself. "Why are you smiling, Ash?" I asked her gently rubbing her now bright red butt cheeks. "I am impressed by your strength Brad. I expect you to show the same enthusiasm when you beat Korin later.

Glass dildo in wet cunt romantic and amateur can improve yourself further" I pulled up her panties, pulled down her skirt and lifted her off the table. "I don't want to punish her. She was nothing but extremely obedient to me. It'll be cruel" "That the whole point, you American idiot.

In the night I sleep without locking my room and sometimes I let her sleep on the floor below my bed. After all I have done to her, which according to you is "cruelty", what stops her from coming to my room and harming me? It's the power you gain over them by completely dominating them, which will eliminate any unwanted thought in their mind." I was silent.

What she said made sense. Suddenly I was thrown out of our thought process by a knock on the door. Korin was back with the gag. "Come in girl." I said, placing the paddle on the table.

She came inside and handed the gag to Ash. Ash caught her hand and led her towards a 'T' shaped steel bar on the corner of the room. Korin was very upset when Ash shackled her hand on the top bar making her completely defenceless. Then she proceeded to gag her. "Don't gag her Ash. Put her panties in her mouth. I used it when I tried to put a butt plug in her ass. It was quiet effective." Putting the gag on the table Ash found Korin's panties on the floor, which she dropped there earlier?

Without any hesitation she stuffed it in Korin's mouth. Korin's looked at my face helplessly. "One's not going to cut it. Stuff your panties also in her mouth.

Ash smiled at my ingenuity. Within few seconds Ash's panties were also in Korin's mouth. Now she was completely gagged. "Which butt-plug did you put in her ass?" Curiosity got the best of Ash. I went to the counter and picked up the crystal butt-plug which I put in Korin's ass earlier.

"Is it yours Ash? Do you enjoy butt-plugs?" "No man. It came with the standard kit which I got when Gf and bf standing up sex vedio purchased her. And there is no way you could have put that giant butt-plug in her ass. She's an anal virgin so her ass will not stretch enough" "Would you like to see?" "If you are trying to impress me, you should do better than that." Ash went to the cupboard and picked up another butt-plug which is bigger than the one I was holding.

"If you could manage to put it in her butt, I will be really impressed." Korin was eyeing the butt-plug with a horrified look on her face. I accepted the challenge and took the butt-plug from Ash's hand. Korin started to twist and turn in her shackles when I approached her with the butt-plug. "Stay still girl. Don't make it any difficult than it is." I held her waist using one of my hands.

Using her entire weight against it I pushed the butt-plug in to her rectum. It went inside in swift motion. Kroin's eyes rolled backwards and tears started pouring out of young hottie works with cunt for her load eyes. She could not make any sound coz of my improvised panty-gag.

Ash gave me thumps up, impressed by what I have accomplished. "Poor Korin was in a lot of pain so I took out the butt plug and threw it aside." "Korin let big big 10 meter cock sex a sight or relief" Only if she knew what lay ahead. Ash took a cat-o-nine tails with broad leather straps from the cupboard and handed it over to me. When I approached Korin she closed her eyes tightly anticipating pain. There was point in waiting.

I started flogging Korin's back starting from her shoulder blades, landing blows on each side equally. Korin started shrieking through her stuffed mouth, so little sound came outside. I flogged her from shoulder till her buttocks.

She kept on trying to twist and turn to escape from my blows though all the efforts were in vain. Once I reached the buttocks I started again form her shoulders. Her entire back was in bright pink colour by this time. I again reached her butt, flogging my way down. My hand was tired and I wanted a grand finale. I kicked right angle and she lost her balance. She fell to a lower position, hanging from the shackles, legs apart.

Without any time lapse I landed a blow between her legs, sending a huge wave of pain through her genitals. I am sure if her mouth wasn't stuffed her cry would have been audible at Moscow.

Next it was Ash's turn while I rested on the couch in full satisfaction. Ash selected a whippy cane and started assaulting her butt cheeks. Korin started to writhe in pain, moving from side to side trying to protect her defenceless bottom.

Ash was really getting annoyed by her jerky movements. She asked me to hold her still. I held Korin by the waist and held her in place giving Ash good aim.

Korin made a mistake in annoying Ash by her movements, as she started beating her with no mercy. She was not even concerned she would scar her ass. Within few minutes her beautiful pale ass was full of red stripes. I was looking in to Korin's eyes and I could see mama desvirgada x su hijo amount of pain she was in.

But I was really helpless to do anything about it. It was Ashley's decision. Suddenly I felt a warm wetness on my hands and legs. Looking down I realized that Korin wet herself in intense pain. Her golden urine was dripping down her long hairless legs.

I gestured to Ash that Korin wet herself. I let go of Korin's waist. Ash threw the whippy cane away hot girlfriend get pumped in her ass grabbed Korin's pussy, sending her sharp nails deep down.

Korin's entire body jolted in unimaginable pain. Then she found her clit and started to fiercely rub it. I looked away not wanting to see this cruelty. "Will you make a mess like this again?" Ash asked while she crushed Korin's clit with her index finger. Korin shook her head, swallowing the intense pain which she was now going through. Ash let go of Korin's pussy.

"Time being I think that enough for today. You have something more up your sleeve Brad?" Then only I realized how hard I was. "Well I didn't fuck her since the morning. I really want to shoot a load after all this exhausting work. "By all means go ahead" "I unshackled her and before I could catch her she fell down. I lifted her just using one hand and carried her to the couch. I positioned her, face down on the hand rail, her ass facing me high in the air.

She slightly pointed at her mouth asking me permission to take the panties off her mouth. I nodded in agreement. She slowly took both panties off her mouth. Both were really wet.

She's done it ever so slowly coz each movement was sending pain down her spine. I removed my jeans and boxers and my Johnson sprang erect in anticipation. I swiftly send my cock down her ass completely burying it. Korin just lay there, with mouth gaped open, without making any sound. I could feel her bowels flexing around my shaft giving me a warm soothing feeling.

I deserve it after all the work I have done today. I pulled out and trusted again, my crotch rubbing against her sore ass.

First I thrust only slowly trying to ease her pain. After some time I was in full swing giving little regard to the wellbeing of her ass. I didn't want to waste such a good shot. Pulling by cock out of her ass I grabbed her by the shoulder tara holiday gets fucked by her man lifted her off the hand rail.

Then I dropped her on the floor so she can sit up and take my cum in her mouth. When her sore bottom hit the floor, her mouth gaped open in reflex. Grabbing the opportunity I sent my dick down her throat and then I shot. This was the reward for Korin after her obedient behaviour today. Korin swallowed each drop like the treat that it was.

Ash was observing us from the couch nearby. "She might gain wait from all the protein you give her, Bradley" Ash commented mocking me.

"Ha. Ha" I replied with a mocking smile. "Aren't you forgetting something sweetie?" Ash looked sharply at Korin. "Thank you, master." Korin managed to say, though her voice was no more than a whisper. *** "Are you OK darling?" Ash asked in a soothing voice to Korin. We were on Korin's bed and her head was resting on Ash's lap.

I was putting some medicinal oil on Korin's back as Ash suggested. I don't know how Ash got the guts to ask such a question after all we have down to her. "I am OK miss. Thanks for asking" Korin answered like a whisper.

"Once I was done with her back I started applying the medicine on her ass cheeks. Even though I was only rubbing it gently, Korin contorted her face in pain. Ash stroke her hair gently to sooth her pain. Once I was done completely we prepared to leave Korin for the night.

"I am so proud of you girl. Everything I am doing is for your own good. I hope you understand that, Korin." told Ash gently kissing Korin's cheeks. "I do miss. Thank you" "I bit my lips to stop myself from laughing out loud, from all the comedy that was happening in front of me" Korin may be a beautiful and a complete idiot who knows absolutely nothing about whats happening outside this fucked up country, but at least Ash shouldn't make these statements in front of me.

We both left Korin for a good night's sleep closing the door behind us. "So How is your ass?" I asked while grabbing and squeezing her butt.

"It is a little sore. But I will be OK". She replied winking at me. I took my place on the couch and she sat beside me handing over a beer to me. "When are you coming back to America?" I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close to me. "Probably never, Brad. I really don't like Americans very much" "I'll really miss you once I go back to U.S" I moved my hand inside her skirt ever so slowly. "Why don't you come here?

Leongrad state university is one of the best in Eastern Europe. You can complete your studies here. I will purchase a slave girl for you. Just for your personal use. And obviously you will get benefits from me since I am around" "That's and interesting thought Ashley" I said slipping my finger inside her.