Bbw girl jers me off full handjob and cumshot

Bbw girl jers me off full handjob and cumshot
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Diary of the Kosmetics Killer (Entry # 6) I was rather guilt ridden for a while after what I did to my pretty young and unsuspecting step niece. For a while, I tried to stop having dark thoughts about beautiful dead women but in the end, I could not control my lust. Two months after my step niece was drowned, I began to notice a very beautiful teacher working in a school nearby. She was beautiful in every waysexy and graceful. She always dressed in a proper yet sexy manner which fuelled my desire for her all the more.

For several weeks, I watched her every move and noticed that she leaves the school quite late on Thursdays for some reason. I therefore sneaked into the school one Thursday evening and proceeded to walk around to find her. The school was rather deserted by then. I was prepared to lie and say that I was a father looking for my son if anyone approached me but no one did.

Anyway, I spotted her walking out of her office towards the washroom at the end of the corridor. She was wearing a long black slinky sleeveless dress and she was looking really hot.

I checked around to make sure there was no one around and no security cameras as well. I then walked towards the toilet and pushed the door open. She was standing with her back to me washing her hands but saw my reflection in the mirror. I only had seconds to act before she starts screaming and there was no time to prepare my chloroform or risk a karate chop which might not knock her out.

I immediately ran forward, grabbed hold of her hair and pushed her head into a water trough in the washroom, probably meant for the cleaners to collect water. My other hand pushed down on her back to keep her body down. She struggled hard but I managed to keep her head submerged and watched as her struggles grew weaker. The gurgling sound she was making, the scent of her perfume and the sensation of her body beneath my hand almost drove me mad with lust.

After a couple of minutes, her hands fell limply to her sides and I could feel that she was dead weight in my hands.

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I pressed her hot bbw gets both her sweet holes fucked down in the water for a few more minutes before I pulled her head out of the trough and let her fall onto the floor with a thud.

Her face has turned ashen but she was otherwise still a beauty. She must have gulped down a lot of water because her belly looks bloated and was pushing uncomfortably against her tight dress. There was also water dribbling out from her open mouth. I removed her belt which looked ready to burst as it was not meant to be tied around a swollen belly. I then bent down to check and found that she was not breathing. This means that she is ready for me. I locked the toilet door and pulled her dress halfway up.

She was wearing a nice set of blue panties which I quickly pulled down. She was a neat person and her pussy was nicely shaved. I rammed my penis into her and started thrusting with urgency and speed as the school was not a very safe place for what I was doing. Every time I pushed forward onto her, my weight would push down on her stomach an water would spurt out from her mouth.

I thought that this was very sexy so I placed my mouth over in a kiss. This way, all the water forced out by my movement would spray into my mouth. It tasted like tap water but slightly sour due to her gastric juices, I suppose. Still, it made my day to share a drink with such a beauty.

Soon after, my cum sprayed into her still warm pussy. I took a breather and admired her pretty face once more. Her face was now slightly bluish and her lips have turned slightly purplish.

There was also frothy water streaming out from her open mouth. Looks like I have forced out water from her lungs as well as her stomach. I felt that since she has shared big boobs mom ebony girl drink with me, it is only right that I gave her a drink from me too.

I placed my slowly hardening penis into her mouth and moved it in and out from her mouth. Her even, white teeth rasped against my penis, slightly painful but arousing.

Soon, I could see her throat bulging with my fully erect penis. She gave me a truly great blowjob without a hint of gagging and my semen was soon flowing down her throat. When that was done, it was time to work with the cosmetics.

I pulled off her panties as a souvenir and rolled down her dress. I then used some napkins to wipe her face dry. I used some new violet coloured eye shadow on her with some purple mascara. Then I helped her apply some hot pink lipstick and blusher. She looked really great and somewhat alive. Then I quickly left the school compound. Maybe this will be a lesson for teachers who are too beautiful and dress too sexy.

Diary of the Kosmetics Killer (Final Entry # 7) After the teacher was found dead, the city was really in a panic. The Kosmetics Killer could now strike in a public place!

I took my time to find my next target but it was getting increasingly difficult. 6 months later, it was random encounter one late afternoon at the supermarket which resulted in my next victim. I was getting some groceries when I noticed a sexily dressed woman nearby. From the back, she looked svelte and sexy, with a white tank top with visible black bra straps.

She was also wearing shorts that revealed her shapely thighs and legs. When she turned around, I was pleasantly surprised to find that she was actually heavily pregnant and her belly was bulging rounded and sexy and I could see the shape of her belly button pushed against her tank top. Her breasts were also enlarged by her pregnancy and were swollen with milk, and were appeared to be ready to spill out of her bra and top anytime. She did not have much makeup on other than some pink lip gloss but was the most beautiful pregnant woman I have seen since the baby shower victim.

Looking at her face and sexy pregnant body, I nearly spontaneously ejaculated in my pants. I knew I got to have her. I followed her out of the supermarket and saw her getting into her car alone. Looks like it has been too long since the last killing and the people are getting complacent. I drove and followed her closely until she arrived at her house. There were no lights on so there was probably no one at home. She opened the door and walked into the house. I went up to the house but could not find an unlocked door or window anywhere.

This means I have to try the frontal approach. I quickly took out my trusty bottle of chloroform which I have used before on my step mom and teen son romance and always keep on me for emergencies like this, and soaked a piece of cloth with it. Horny redbone chick just wants the bbc then went u to knock on the door.

Luckily enough, the mother to be opened the door, probably thinking that it was some neighbour or her husband. I pressed the cloth against her face and pushed her into the house while pressing her head into the cloth with my other hand.

She punched and twisted but I was too strong for her. Soon, she slumped unconscious into my arms, her lips slightly parted and looking really lovely. I lay her onto the floor and decided that I would try a new method of killing today. Smothering. I kissed her on her lips and felt her last breath n my cheeks and then I pinched her nose shut while covering her mouth with my other hand.

I slowly crawled onto her and lay down on her pregnant belly while continuing to smother her. To my surprise and unease, I felt her baby kicking me though its mother's belly. It won't do him any good, I thought sadly. It's his (or her) mother's fault for being too hot and beautiful.

The kicking soon stopped and I noticed that the woman's face has turned bluish. I slowly released my hands and heard her final sigh as her last breath of air escaped from her nose and mouth. It sounds like she was urging me on. I held up her pregnant body and pulled her top off.

She was wearing a black bra which could barely contain her milk filled breasts. And I saw her round, pregnant belly it its full naked glory. It looked really large and swollen and I could not help but to kiss, lick and stroke it.

I also squeezed her breasts and sucked on her nipples, tasting her still warm and sweet milk. I even let her try some of her own milk by kissing her after I suckled and spitting some milk back into her mouth. I decided that it was too risky to have sex with her as I was for once unsure if anyone would be back.

So I contented myself with inserting my penis into her mouth and within seconds, she has been impregnated orally with my seed. The sight of her throat bulging as my cum shoot into her is something I would never forget. I decided to apply make up on her quickly before any one arrives. I held up her cooling body and pulled the tight fitting tank top back over her body. I then started on my make up.

For her, I selected a hot red lipstick, light purple eye shadow, blue mascara and black eyeliner. She was gorgeous. Suddenly, I heard a sound from upstairs. Before I could react, a heavily built man came down the stairs and saw what I was doing to his dead wife. To cut a long story short, her husband was sleeping above the whole time and he caught hold of me, beat me up and tied me to a chair before checking on his pregnant wife. Maybe he could have saved her if he tried to resuscitate her private aletta in a teen lesbians hardcore orgy away but I must say that I enjoyed the sight of him giving his wife's corpse intense but futile CPR, mixed with lots of kissing, caressing and crying on his part.

It was so erotic and arousing that I did not mind when he came over and beat me nearly to death. Now I sit on death row, with nothing to do but fantasize about my 8 lovely victims and writing my memoirs. I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have writing and drawing it.