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Stip yung mom son sex movi
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Any similarity between characters and locations hereby depicted and factual characters and persons is entirely unavoidable due to the commonplace nature of the practices hereby described but the author wishes to humbly apologise in advance for any upset this may cause. This is Carla's story. ================================================ A Close Family. I guess I was naive when I come to the Sherman's house for the first time.

I saw old man Sherman round my Pa's house just before Billy Bob Sherman invited me over one afternoon, Billy Bob was mom and son homemade hidden sexvedioes my class at school, and that those curves on brown slut layton benton he come and sat right beside me on the school bus.

"Hey Carla, you want to come over my house and watch TV?" he asked. I heard about TV, like a box where you could see movies, and while I knew Pa would be mad I didn't wanna be milking goats all my life so I said "yes." Old man Sherman was waiting on his two horse buggy as we climbed off of that school bus, me and Billy Bob "Hell I was expecting a Nigga," he said, "I thought you said she was dark." "Hair Paw she gotten dark hair." He said. "Get in the cart, you good at cookin' and cleanin' girl?" Sherman asked.

"No sir, I wanna go college and be something" I told him flat, "And I'll do what ever that takes." I hadn't done no sexing or nothing up to that time see, since Ma died and my sister Joleen moved out the attic where we slept and moved into Pa's room and she started hollering and a wailing half the night and that bed creaked fair enough to bust and she started having babies I figured I best not have any truck with that.

Old man Sherman looks at me with his sort of kindly eyes, "You bet you will young lady, you betcha." We high tailed down the dirt track so fast that the horse legs was a blur, Old Man Sherman up front and Billy-Bob and me in back, holding onto me like I was going to fall or something, and then we swept into their yard. I just stared, their house was talked about but I never see nothing like it, the front, like a façade, all pillars like the white house was done excepting that behind was just like part of it, like they stopped work and stuck a tin roof on it.

Billy-Bob helped me down from the Cart and there was a poor broke down woman in a rocking chair looking at me, "Hi Carla." She said. "Miss Lane!" I gasped, she looked eighty but she was the young third grade teacher what disappeared two years ago.


"Don't fight them Carla," she said quietly, sex stories six big cock storys did and they broke up my arms and legs and busted my ribs," she paused a moment, "I'm dying girl, I suggested they get you, you're a fit strong healthy girl, ripe for sexing." I didn't now about sexing, all I done was wash and clean and change nappies when I wasn't at school.

"Come in and meet the boys" Sherman ordered and there they were, Joe, Joe-Bob, Horse, Michael-Angelo, Billy senior and Billy-Bob took his place beside Billy, and do you know they all looked exactly alike, except Billy-Bob who was that bit smaller.

"This here's Horst" said old man Sherman proudly. "I'm Joe, Pa, and this here's Horse." Said Joe. "Hell I'm Joe-Bob and you ain't Jo- Pa you're Joe." Said the guy I thought was Joe. "Its Horst you moron." Said Horst, "Its German miss." Horst continued, "Pa had this German watch once see." "No dang good like you boy." Sherman announced, "Any ways girl you got seven hungry mouths to feed." "You want me to cook for you!" I asked, "you got a stove and everything?" "Course we got a stove, how else you going to cook?" Old Man Sherman asked.

"We use the fire in the Parlour," I said, "You got an apron I can use if I hang my dress up to keep it clean?" I asked. "Sure," Old man Sherman announced, and he went and got this beautiful clean white virginal apron for me. "Will you hang this up for me?" I asked as I slipped out my school dress, and all the boys stepped forward, till the old man took it. "You got any clean panties for the morning," Sherman asked. "No," I said innocent like.

"I'll wash them in creek for you," Billy offered, "Thanks," I agreed and I slipped the right down and handed them to him. He looked at them, I couldn't help the skid mark could I?

"Can you do my brassiere as well?" I said as I laid my shirt beside my dress, and unclipped it.

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I guess Pa should have gotten me a bigger one as it was only a D cup and it crowded my poor titties something painful. "Holy Moley." Said Joe-Bob, "I reckon dinner can wait." "Fuckaroolee time!" squealed Horse and he whipped the biggest weenie I ever see this side of a stallion right out his breeches.

"You wanna do sexing with me?" I asked, "Cos Pa said I ain't got to do sexing till I got my boobs tied or I'll get young un's." "Boob's tied, like your Titties tied up?" Old Man Sherman queried. "That's what Pa said." I agreed. "Then indulge the little lady, get some rope!" he shouted. He was so kind and gentle as he wrapped that rope round me, round just under my titties maybe twenty times them cross over between then round and round till my titties stood out so big and proud you could have balanced a pair of hunting rifles right there on top of them.

"How's that?" he asked. "That feels mighty fine," I telled him. "Right boys form a line," he said "Hell, ain't you going to arm wrestle for first poke?" I asked. "That's what Cousin Frank and Aubrey do before they take little Cousin Miriam to bed for sexing.

"What?" the old man asked. "Arm wrestle," I said, "then the winner gets to go in front and the other takes her bum wise, she telled me when we went to the christening, cos she never knew who the father was, Aubrey, Frank, her Pa, that guy what brought the Pizza, the hiker, the guy in the hardware store, or the Football team but she figured it had to be Saturday cause her period just ended and she got warned Milo had the clap so her Pa welded up whitney westgate sucks and fucks in pov lock on her chastity belt ." "Hell you could talk for North Dakota!" old man Sherman announced, "No, get in line boy's." "Where's the bed?" I asked "What in the hell you want a bed for when there's a floor?" Old Man Sherman asked.

"Pa says it's disrespectful and you get splinters in your knees." I telled them. "Yeah, she got a point" he conceded, "Use the cot in the bunk house!" he shouted and they all grabbed me and carried me to the bunkhouse, like I was a football hero or something except I was naked and Football heroes normally ain't unless it's a gay league of something.


I reckon it was Billy that popped my cherry, I lay there and I thought he stabbed me right in the heart, I screamed and someone shoved his elbow in my mouth and shuttered me up.

Then the healing started inside of me and it was all right, then it was more than all right, jeez, it was better than a strawberry ice cream soda, Joe-Bob and Joe and Horse, and Michael-Angelo and Billy-Bob, one after one other, till I was swimming in glue, see Ma used to scoop it out and put it in bottles and sell it for gumming down envelopes and such like when she worked in the whore house so she called it glue at least so Pa said cute blonde babe blows a thick dong I asked why his pants was all sticky when I washed them one time.

I was mighty hungry when the boys came around a third time, so I says to Billy-Bob "If you loose me up a piece, maybe I can do like Cousin Miriam." "What," Billy-Bob asked, so I said how Cousin Miriam sexed her two brothers at one time by letting them up her poop shoot.

"Yeah Boys, get her loosed up." Old Man Sherman ordered. See I been playing pretty much for ever and like his weenie was no more than half the width of my hairbrush handle where I used it as a tail when I played Rodeo's with little Elmer and Giles from next door, cos that's what I done see, I started off with Pa' horse whip inmmy butt for a tail but he smelled the shit on the handle and with a bit of shoving I got Ma's ivory handled hairbrush away up inside of me instead.

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Stopped me being bunged up and constipated too. Joe-Bob loosed me up, "Hell Pa this is grade A ass Pussy, better than Michael-Angelo.

"Hell, I was drunk!" M-A announced, "I aint no queer!" and to prove it he raised me up so I sat on Joe Bob while he sexed me from in front. I hadn't never felt so good in my entire life. "Fill me you bastards!" I squealed, and then Horse getting the wrong end of what I was meaning he upped and poked his weenie right in my mouth like a lovely warn hamburger.

I dang near bit it off I was so hungry, but pretty soon he gave me a shot of mayonnaise and that was the nourishment I needed. Pa Sherman watched his brood, and I saw Miss Lane hobbling on her walking sticks and watching me, "See I telled you you could do three at a time. "My ribs is broke," she said, "My legs is broke," she said, "But I just got to have a man Elmer." She said as she chucked her sticks away and sat down on the bed, Old Man Sherman looked at her, "You're faking you bitch." "Sorry Mr Sherman!" she said, "But it's driving me insane I need something warm and vibrant inside of me." "I guess your batteries gone flat inn that plastic cock you keep hidden?" Mr Sherman asked kindly and when she nodded he said.

"I'll have the boys bust up your ribs and leg tomorrow Miss Lane." He said quietly, "All them times I fucked real swinger home story outdoor gang bang2 mouth because I didn't want to hurt your ribs." "I'm sorry," she said, "So am I," he said, "So am I," he said softly, "Bust her ass cherry Joe." I watched Joe, his weenie just bounced off of her brown bud till he got the pitchfork and as Billy and Billy-Bob held her down he rammed that thing right up her.

"God dang it use the Handle," Old man Sherman said when he realised they was trying to get the metal up her ass, and then it was in, it came out shitted and bloodied but Joe weren't worried, he just shoved right on up and Billy come up in front and slammed her pussy. Miss Lane was fainted but Billy-Bob let fly in her face and she woke up quick smart, oh lord, Gorgeous milf and teen alena croft and evelin stone riding figured I done gone to heaven," she mused, "I'm gonna shit for a week after this.

I saw Mr Sherman was gone, I missed him and then when we was all in a heap resting he brought a big heap of sausages for dinner. It looked so funny, 'cos it looked like the boys was sucking cock as they ate their sausages, and I said why not put splints on Miss Lane to look like bust legs instead of busting her legs, and that's what the boys done. I hung around, but the boys was spent.

"Where I sleep?" I asked Mr Sherman. "Hell just slip in where you want, Miss." "Right!" I agreed. I done my homework for school and then I went round the boys, they was spent so I took a little bowl and milked their cocks to make sure they was right empty and finally I went up to Elmer Sherman's room. "Untie me." I said, "I want your babies." His prick reared up like the Quatanabee Creek lifting bridge, "Hell you stupid bitch tying your boobs don't stop babies." "The boys don't know that." I telled him, as I slipped the knots, "And I had enough fucking for a month so you make love to me, you hear!" And he laid me down so soft and gentle and he just rocked and plowed me for three solid hours, three hours!

It was soft and warm and I reckon I slept through most of it. Morning came all soft and warm, I crawled out from under Elmer, and went down, the boys were there and I went around them, "Ten dollars a time my Ma charged," I telled "them so that's four times each and six of you." "Fifty six dollars and twenty eight cents," Billy-Bob, announced.

"Ugh," I said, hell I was going to say Twenty Dollars.

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"Yeah, Fifty Dollars." "God dang it woman," Elmer cried, "I bought your Ass cherry from your Pa for fifty bucks already, and anyway, you said you'd marry me, you can't charge family!" "No Mr Sherman," I agreed, "You want to do me again?" "Oh no, you get off to school girl," he said "you stop by the store on the way home and get something really pretty like they wear down the whore house, and tell pastor Wymann we're getting wed." And that's how come I come to be Mrs Sherman, we got the house near finished, it's like the White House now, except its gone grey where the paint flaked off and they drew the plans wrong so it's near three feet longer and eight inches wider than the real White House in Washington and faces east.

Miss Lane seen the error of her ways, she got her hair done up all girly and she walks round naked all day and fucks the boys when I'm at school and cleans and cooks like a slut and when she can't get a cock of her own she licks the glue right out my ass or cunt even my mouth where the boys done squirted it.

And that's why us Shermans are so close, we eats, sleeps, talks, and fucks together, and that's healthy.