Exceptionally hot babe named tiffany gets fucked

Exceptionally hot babe named tiffany gets fucked
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Cheryl muffled a scream in the pillow, as Chuck pulled his cock out of her dripping pussy, ramming it deep into her tight ass. The seven Tequila Sunrises she'd chugged an hour or so before and few tokes of potent hydroponic weed they shared earlier took the edge off the pain, but couldn't block the numbing, stretched-to-the-limit discomfort she was experiencing.

It wasn't that she objected to being fucked in the tush; if only he'd relaxed her first, let her know he was going to take her there, she wouldn't have had the involuntarily spasm as he violated her butt.

At least she knew he had a condom on. Chuck was pounding it to her hard several minutes later. She was squirming, a mix of passion and discomfort. She enjoyed being taken up the butt, but expected more sensitivity and mature ass sex story play before the experience.

This was only the third time she'd been out on a date with Chuck. Their first time was meet and greet over coffee at a donut shop, after they'd met via the personals ads in the local paper They talked on the phone a few times before meeting face to face in a neutral location (it wasn't a coffee shop either of them frequented). They hit it off well enough they set a date for dinner and movie that week-end. The talking and kiss goodnight in the car and another at the carla cox pov tube porn of her apartment almost made her invite him in then.

Each night they had long chats on the phone 'til she'd invited him to her place for supper, relaxation, talking, board games, whatever.

The chicken and veggie stir-fry after minestrone soup, followed by home-made wild-berry cheesecake and several glasses of well-chilled wine for supper had set the mood well.

After supper, they went for a short walk to see the sundown.


The chill of nightfall had them cuddling on her couch listening to music, enjoying more kisses soon after. The tequila shots and the reefer had them keyed up unbearably. When he slid his fingers under her top to cup her braless breasts with his cool hand she almost swallowed his tongue, as she pulled out his shirt-tail, running her fingertips over his bare chest. He slowly plucked her nipples erect as she undid his shirt buttons to suck his nipples and tiffany nunez in own personal black bookwormex doll the tip of her tongue up his neck, nibbled his ear, nuzzling the nape of his neck as she knelt on the couch, straddling him.

After a moments' hesitation, he lifted her top to press her breasts to his face, sucking her nipples, lightly at first to gauge her response, then harder, more aggressively. Clothes soon fell like the leaves from a tree in autumn; she pointed the direction as he carried her in sinewy arms to the bedroom.

They left the door open for the music and light from the living room. They hungrily explored each others' nakedness, savoring new tastes and textures. Both divorcees who shunned the bar scene, lonely, they resorted to the personals hoping to meet a kindred soul. Neither minded previous mileage, understanding it to be part of meeting someone mid-twenties or older at the turn of the millennium. Lust overcame what have been an inadequacy ten years prior. Experience let them drop inhibitions with their clothes on the living room floor.

As Cheryl lay back catlike, Chuck trailed wet kisses down her torso 'til he was lapping and nipping her nether lips. His tongue on her clit triggered an almost immediate climax. He softly parted her over-heated thighs, licking her wetness, moaning how delicious she tasted, flicking his rough tongue over her love-bump 'til she exploded, wet, wanton and burning to receive him.

Pushing him on his back, she laid her own trail of kisses down his body 'til she was licking his scrotum, wetly gulping his stiff erection. He had his fingers entwined in her long brown hair, gasping as she engulfed him. A word of caution she was getting him close to orgasm made her wonder about his reaction if she took him there. Feeling the throb at the base of his penis, she took a breath, swallowed him deeply as he spurted his tangy cream.

She gulped once, twice, three times, then sucked the remaining thick goo from his twitching flesh. The thought crossed her mind she'd heard said; 'lust spits, love swallows.' It wasn't her fault, Cheryl thought, that she liked the taste of come. She reached into her night stand, pulled out a condom, opened it, rolling it onto his still hard penis.

Kneeling up, she straddled him, impaling her wet sex on his erection, rapidly grinding and thrusting.

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It was several minutes and (for her) two orgasms later, when Chuck suggested a position change; as Cheryl knelt on the bed, he entered her from behind. He plunged deep into her and she reached another series of pleasure spasms.

As he banged solidly, she felt the effect of wine, tequila and dope mingled with several orgasms. When he abruptly withdrew and entered her tush, pleasure sensations almost over-rode the pain. A bit peeved and in discomfort, she gasped, "why didn't you warn me you were going to do that?" She wriggled her bum, trying to lessen the unpleasant sensations. "Why, would you've said 'no'?" he asked huskily. "No, I'd have told you where the K-Y was," she retorted, "not so hard for a minute, so I can get more comfortable," she gasped as he thrust into her as she adjusted herself on the bed.

Her knees failed and he followed her down 'til she was on her tummy, elbows propping her head up as he thrust deep into her rectum. She rapidly realized it not only hurt less this way, it felt damn good, the tip of his violating member bumping her vaginal wall with each thrust. Cheryl began to press back slightly, meeting his jabs. She almost bucked him off with an unexpected climax just as she felt him twitch and pulse in her ass. She relaxed and he lay there, inside her, breath hot on her shoulders as he kissed her neck tenderly.

After awhile he withdrew, discarding the condom in the wastebasket. She turned to face him, both of them stretched on the bed. With a serious set to her jaw, she took his face between her hands. In a firm voice she said, "I don't mind you going there, okay? But warn me next time or I'll feel you're being pushy, taking too much for granted. If that happens you don't get in any part of me again, okay?" Chuck, surprised by her assumption they'd be having sex again, blushed; "sorry," he said softly, "I'm too used she starts to makes adriana writhe under the friction of kats tongue facesitting threesome having to be sneaky to get that pleasure.

The idea put her off, but she liked it. She'd say 'no,' but when I 'took her against her will' she couldn't change reality so she enjoyed it." "Don't assume all women are alike," Cheryl said, "I love getting my butt stuffed when I'm ready for it, almost as much as I liked you in my pussy, your tongue working on me, the sweet & sour cream when you came in my mouth." She knelt up, straddling his stomach, gently rubbing his shoulders and neck.

"You need to remember every woman's different, each with a different past, different likes and dislikes. My ex was great in bed, when he was there. Apparently he was great in bed for a few others too, including my sister and cousin. I'm not saying that I would or wouldn't have shared.

I'd have liked to know ahead of time, y'know, maybe choose to be a part of the party instead of left behind and forgotten. I never tried a threesome, perhaps it would've been better than being cheated on.

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I would have tried hard to get in the mood, and had a say in where else my man was putting his prick besides me." Chuck nodded, "if he was sneaking around, plowing the rest of the field, then you had about as much cause to trust him as if you left foxes guarding the chicken coop.

It wouldn't have worked out. If he wanted to get you and your sis on the same bed, all he needed to do was get you both drunk. After, you could blame the booze if it didn't work, and praise it if you found what you wanted. I know, I tried to get my ex interested, when we were dating, and she was fine with it until her best friend got drunk and started coming on to both of us about a month before the wedding.

Then she freaked and the subject was off limits. I think her fantasy was she wanted two men to do her. Sometimes an idea is bigger, better or sexier than reality, it seems. Sorry if I hurt your butt, I'll remember if I get a next time with you. That's for you to decide." "Oh jeeze, don't get 'sensitive new-age guy' on me," she said sharply, rolling her eyes.

"I want my man to be a man, give it to me good when he needs me, or I need him. Talk to me when it's bad or good.

I don't do one-nighters, which means I think you're okay. So you hurt my ass; it means you have to wash me, put ointment on it and leave my back door alone for a few days and next time warn me when you're about to rear-end me.

Right now, we need you hard again, because my pussy's still looking for excellent sex with a sexy lady smalltits and homemade. It's been too damn long since I had it and 'tag!'- you're it!

C'mere cowboy!" Cheryl pulled him close, ran her nails down his back hard, lowering her face, taking his partly stiff cock in her mouth. In gagging on a black cock in the laundry room time Chuck was solid, she put on a condom, straddled him and slid onto his eager flesh.

This time she was aggressive, riding him hard, grinding her crotch against his, achieving fast, staccato mini-climaxes as her wetness flowed. She leaned forward, kissed him hard, then pressed her breast to his mouth for him to suck, then her other. "Be a little rough with them," she moaned. "I'll tell you when to back off. oh yeah. like that, Chuck, oh yesss, ummm!

Chuck was nipping fairly hard on her nipple when she pulled his head to her breast and began to gasp and shake, ramming herself on his hardness as she trembled with the orgasm that coursed through her. He could feel the clenching of her vagina as she shuddered, climaxing repeatedly as he pushed into her tender pinkness. When he came for the third time that evening, Cheryl was leaning back, eyes rolled back in her head, whites showing, breathing ragged, body shivering in convulsions of pleasure.

In her hot wetness, Chuck felt his own spasms, moaning as he pulled her down, her face and sweat-damp hair nestled on his shoulder as he pulsed deep inside.

She sobbed gently, kissing and sucking softly on his neck. He put his arms about her waist and held her, still held inside the quivering love muscles of her loins. "That was perfect," she mumbled, "thanks." her breathing slowed and relaxed as she became limp in his arms. "My pleasure," he whispered, he kissed the top of her head and let his eyes drift shut. Chucks' penis slid out as they slept.

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Neither of them felt the gentle slither of the condom dropping off. Sometime before dawn, Cheryl woke partially, kissed his face, stroking her hot hands along his sides and face 'til he drowsily woke, they felt his manhood grow hard, rising with desire for her.

Neither said a word neither noticed or remembered condoms as he entered her pussy, still slick-wet from their previous coupling. It wasn't until they had a rythym going he became aware he didn't have the condom on. "Oh crap!" he muttered, "I don't have a rubber on, I guess it fell off while I was asleep. Lift up a sec and Pornoincestos gratis de ninas virgenes en espanol menores de edad de 10 aitos put one on." "No point now," she said kissing him, "it's for infection protection, not birth control.

I know I don't have anything; why, do you?" She gave a few thrusts of her pelvis. "Nope, I fire blanks," Chuck replied, watching her face for reaction. "My ex had two kids from her first time 'round and didn't want more, so I had the snip.

I've been out of the gene pool for six years; my doctor did a blood test last checkup even though I haven't been with anyone for two years 'til tonight. No infections, no live swimmers, just that sticky come I saved for you." "Perfect! So long as I don't hear my biological clock go off, the rubber industry just lost two customers.

If you date around, make sure you wear a condom okay? As great as this is, it isn't worth dying for. My ex is lucky he didn't bang my other cousin; she caught herpes off some one-nighter. Not deadly, but like taxes, it never goes away either." "Uh Cheryl.?" "Yeah." she responded, beginning to thrust against his crotch again. "Can we forget our damn exes and concentrate on 'us'.

those people are getting to be a pain and I'm more interested in pleasure." Chuck licked her nipple and Cheryl raised to a kneeling position, riding him like a stallion. She moaned deep in her throat, pressing her breasts to his face.

After some wet, passionate lovemaking, they burst their wetness together. It was light when they woke properly. After washroom visits, they flopped back on the bed, reeking of sex and sipping coffee. "Time to shower," observed Cheryl. "Ever make it there? Good clean fun and all." "Not since the girl I dated back when I was 18-19; the one I figured I was going to marry but just up and took off back to Eastview.

I never heard from her again. I'm more than willing to make it in the shower though. What???" "Eastview?" Cheryl asked, "place a days' drive away; population 400, 2 gas stations, 1 combined with a convenience store, the other with a take-out, one church and a lake in the town park?

What's her last name?" "Smith, why? Don't tell me your ex is from there?" he replied, slightly tense. "Shit, no! My birth name was Smith; I'm from Eastview!" she exclaimed. "She was sitting up now, "And my ex; what was your girlfriends' first name, how old, what did she look like?" "Rhonda.

A year younger than me, dark hair, grey eyes, little chubby, but nice looking." Why? Related???" "Yeah," Cheryl replied, flopping back on the bed, covering her face with her hands. "She ever mention having sisters or brothers?" "A brother in the navy and a sister living in the Arctic. I never met either.


What's wrong? Cheryl???" Cheryl pounced on him, "beast! You fucked my kid sister! While I was in the cold north while my ex earned big bucks, you were here balling my little sister. you're the one she went on and on about in her notes, the one who popped her cherry.

The one who could ball all night, have a coffee and ball all day too! The one who made her come 'til she couldn't walk to the can; you banged her bowlegged every other night for two years. Well, hello Daddy! She took off because you knocked her up. She wouldn't tell you because her mind was set on not getting married! Your son Tad is twelve and looks like her. She got her next one off my ex when we came for a vacation when Tad was one.

She fucked my husband because he flirted with her. that got her Connie, her daughter who's ten and looks like him. I haven't spoken to the slut in seven years, since I step dad playmate friends daughter and family strokes cute the double date dilemma out who fathered Connie. I wouldn't waste my piss on her if she was on fire! Oh fuck. This is too weird Chuck." Cheryl covered her face and rolled into the blankets, shoulders shaking.

"Hey, don't cry. don't be mad either," Chuck sputtered frantically. "It was years ago, and I had no idea at all about Tad. I went up there a week after she split, she spit in my face and told me to get lost, she never wanted to see me or hear from me again and wouldn't tell me why." He was lost for words, facing Cheryl's shaking back, her head buried in the blankets, "God, don't blame me for being part of your life years ago and not knowing about you." Cheryl rolled toward him and threw off the blankets.

Her face was red and tears rolled down her cheeks. She was laughing so hard, she could hardly speak. "You ninny! I know you didn't know about Tad, she only wanted to churn out kids so she could be a welfare bum and not work, I just think it's a howl the fathers of her two oldest are you and my ex. You got 'fixed' and can't have kids now anyway! You wanted her and she was too stupid to hold onto you. She wanted him so bad; he banged her and moved along to our cousin, leaving her with a belly-full of baby once again.

He caught herpes off our slut cousin. Now here I'm dating the guy she raved about what a great lover you are, how good you felt, how well you treated her; what it was like to have someone so loving.

I always wanted to feel like that.I wondered how she could leave someone like that to be a welfare mom." Cheryl shook her head. "Now I'm wondering ten times more 'cause you're better than I believed, sweeter than she ever knew and I know she's going kerala college couple car sex be so pissed when she finds out you're my lover while she's alone with her four bastard brats.

She let herself go to hell so bad, even a desperate man wouldn't touch her if she paid him! Oh this is rich!!!" She rolled off the side of the bed in fits of laughter. Chuck recovered a bit, "you mean, all that time and all she wanted was a welfare check and my kid, not me at all?" he looked hurt and confused.

Cheryl peered over the side of the bed, sitting on the floor, "no, she did love you; she thought the sun shone out your ass. When she missed her pills and got pregnant, instead of telling you, making a life with you; you, her and baby makes three." "Well, the dumb twit got the big idea of go home, have the baby and let the government look after her the rest of her life while she watches soap operas, plays the lotto and bingo.

Your basic welfare mother crap. She registered your child's father as "unknown" so you'd never know about Tad and the government couldn't tip you off, chasing you for child support. I knew she was stupid, but I'm trying to figure out how she could be stupid enough to let you get away. Hell, if you were still connected down below, I'd welcome the chance to have a kid for you if it meant I got to hold you every night.

You're a catch honey; no shit, an honest-to-god catch." Chuck sat there, looking at Cheryl, open-mouthed, a puzzled look on his face. "You mean even though I acted like a jerk earlier and hurt you. You still want to see me?" "See you?" she exploded, laughing, "I just hit the best match that's ever likely to come down my highway honey, you're welcome anytime day or night!" "Chuck broke into a smile, "I thought I blew it.

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Then being the old boyfriend you never met and Rhonda; and Tad?" "Never let it be said I won't point out a mistake when someone makes one; but neither let it be said that I won't own up when I make one," she began to chuckle, "Oh Lord, just to be a bitch I am going to our family reunion this summer, on one condition." she broke into fits of giggling.

"What condition?" Chuck asked uncertainly, as Cheryl had trouble sitting she was laughing so hard. "Wanna move in with me?" Cheryl asked suddenly. "I mean it. From what I already know about you and what I've seen, I'll take a chance. I know we have the magic in the bedroom, and I know you mentioned a couple of times you're looking for a new place. So how 'bout this one? I know it's a chance, but what isn't these days?

If we never try, we'll never know. We only pass this way once. It wasn't your fault what happened between you and my dumb sister!" "Hell yes," was all Chuck could manage to choke from his dry mouth. "I couldn't agree more. I looked forward to meeting you while Rhonda and I were together.

Now I have, I think you're right; we are a good match. A better one than Rhonda was for me." "Besides," she snickered, keeling over in laughing fits, "I can't wait to see her face when we turn up at the family barbecue together and I introduce you as my pinay student high school finger half!" "Now hang on." muttered Chuck, "if this is just about revenge, I'll do that for fun .you don't have to have me really living with you.

I'm not so bad off I need sex as a charitable donation." The splash of stale beer hitting him in the chest produced a yelp of chill-shock.

"What the.?" he stuttered, bewildered. "If you ever use the term "charitable donation" to describe our sex life again, Chuck, I will bite your big hard cock off!" Cheryl shouted at him," I give to "charity" when the 'Arthritis Society' or the 'Heart Fund' comes to the door; you do not qualify.! I am offering you myself if you want me Chuck. no joke, no charity. I know you're a good, decent man who's had a couple of really shitty breaks and struck out twice though you tried.

I'm offering myself, for what I'm worth, to you, as your third chance for a home run, because you'd sure as hell be my idea of one!" "Well, since you put it that way." began Chuck. They talked all day and only got up to shower, use the washroom and eat a snack, beside for sex, lots of sex. The next week they moved his stuff in. At the family reunion, he saw Rhonda had changed so much, Chuck jerking off beautys sexy beaver hardcore blowjob recognize her at first that summer.

She caused such a fuss that Cheryl and Chuck left and went and stayed in his camper in the park. Chuck made love to Cheryl all night, thanking his lucky stars that he got the right sister, instead of being stuck with Rhonda.