Blonde slim siren sucks and rides pecker in bathtub

Blonde slim siren sucks and rides pecker in bathtub
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"No, heather hunter takes black cock not going!" Jesse Kingston said to his best friend Marissa.

She pulled on his arm and dragged him to the door, "Your going even if you dont wont too!" Marissa was invited to this party and was told she could bring another guest.

She of course picked her best friend Jesse. They've been friends since dipers. Now in high school and last year, things were to changing. Jesse groaned and followed. Marissa was the party animal and wasnt afraid to do anything.

Jesse was the shy, cute guy who didnt like attention drawn to himself. He doesnt know why they hang out, they were totally different people but bring the best out to each other. Marissa and Jesse arrived at the house that was already packed with people. Jesse followed Marissa in and immedinately became nervous. Marissa was all hyped up and ready to party as usual. When she noticed Jesse, she went behind and pushed him towards some girls across the room.

"Go talk to them!!!" Jesse tried to stop by digging in his heels but it didnt help as he almost crashed into them which made him get attention. He stood there and stared, not saying anything. After a while, they laughed and walked away. Jesse looked behind him but didnt see Marissa anywhere.

He signed and started walking around slowly. During the middle of the party Jesse sat down at a table and looked out of place. He was wearing an old t-shirt, some faded jeans and convers. Everyone else had fancy clothes on and would glance at him from time and time again to laugh. He was about to get up and leave until he felt a tap on his shoulder. Jesse turned and got nervous when he saw a girl.

She looked at him and gave a small smile, "Hi, im Rebecca!!" Jesse felt.good. She was beautiful in a light blue dress, some heels and light make-up. He felt his pants tighten, "Great!" He thought, "Just what I need to embasserse myself more.

He sat ramrod enters wet vagina hardcore and blowjob and covered up before she could see his boner, "Im.Jesse!!!" Rebecca sat across from him and gave another smile, "Nice to meet you!" After talking for about an hour, they exchanged numbers.

Jesse couldnt stop smiling as he and Mariissa left to go home. It was around 11. Even though it was the weekend, the parents wanted them home before curfew. Marissa was driving home and noticed Jesse's smile. She focused on the road but talked to him, "Okay, who's the girl and when are you going on a date?" Jesse shook his head, "I.didnt meet a girl" Marissa gave him a look which mad him sign.

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"We exchanged numbers but I dont think it will work out" They stopped at a red light and thats when Marissa looked at him with an eyebrow raised, "Why?' Jesse signed, "Because she's beautiful and im a nerd!" "She probably felt sorry for me" Marissa drove again, "Dont worry Jes, she'll call" Jesse was busy thinking about Rebecca that he didnt notice Marrissa's change of voice.

A week later Jesse still had Rebecca's number but was afraid to call because she would probably laugh at him. It wasnt until Friday that same week when Jesse got a surprise of his life. He was walking to catch the bus when he heard his name being called. The hallway was emptied as he turned around, "Yes?" His eyes opened wide as Rebecca came jogging towards him. When she reached him, she gave a smile, "Hi" Jesse stared opened mouth, "Uhh" Rebecca giggled and shut his mouth, "You okay?" He shook his head and gave her a smile, "Umm, yea" "You go here?" She nodded, 'I started a couple days ago" They started walking to the exit "I've been waiting for your call Jesse" She said shyly He couldnt help but laugh, "I was waiting for your call!" "I've been scared busty teen love it form the back from dirty old men call, I though you would laugh at me" Rebecca layed a hand on his shoulder, "I was afraid you would laugh at me" They laughed as they stared at each other.

Jesse leaned in and was about to place a kiss on her lips when a teacher yelled at them, 'Hey, you two! Get going before your late!!" She walked away as Rebecca and Jesse stared at each other again.

Rebecca smiled, "I 'll call you tonight Jesse?" He nodded. He watched as she walked away, swinging her hips in the process. Jesse silently groaned as he felt his pants tighten yet again, "That girl will be the death of me" So for the next two months, Rebecca and Jesse continue to hang out and go on dates.

Jesse's dad left when he was only a baby, he only lives with his mom so when she met Rebecca for the first time, she was exited and surprised that a girl came over. Jesse couldnt stop his mom from showing the baby pictures though. It was so embassing, he wanted to be sucked into a ball and hide. During the time with each other, things were getting heated.

They hadnt fucked yet but they came close. Rebecca's gaven him handjobs, blowsjobs. Jesse has given Becca the best orgasm she ever had. Jesse and Rebecca were at her house alone as her parents were at work. The two were both on the bed and Jesse was eating Becca out, "Mmm gonna.cum!" Her pussy was dripping juice every 2 seconds as Jesse licked and sucked at her clit. His tongue lapped every inch of her walls and hole.

Rebecca squirmed as Jesse plunged 3 fingers into her tight hole,"Yea yea yea.fuck me FUCK Meeeeeeee!!" She breathed hard as Jesse cleaned her juices up then up went to kiss her. Becca moaned when she tasted herself on his lips, "Damn baby, your tongue is amazing" Jesse smirked and rubbed one finger over her clit which made her moan softly. Becca smirked as she pushed Jesse onto his back and straddle his legs, "Im gonna make you feel the same pleasure you just gave me" Jesse's eyes closed when his cock came into view of Becca's eyes.

Her hot breathe felt good as she leaned over and gave one lick.


Jesse groaned, 'Please dont tease Bec" Jesse knew she was smirking but he was in too much pleasure to look up. He groaned louder when Rebecca finally grabbed his 8" cock and started bobbing her head up and down, "Oh fuck!" He placed his hands on her head and pushed down to make her deepthroat his rod. Rebecca felt his head touch the back of her throat and moaned in pleasure.

Never has a guy make her feel this good. She's given guys plently of blow and handjobs before but nothing compares to Jesse's 8" cock.

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His cock was beautiful, nice and hard and Becca loved it. She used her hands at what she couldnt reach which earned her another groan from him. She looked up at him as Becca took his cock outta her mouth and rub him, "Your cock is wonderful Sexy, its so rock hard in my hands and mouth" Becca went back to sucking his cock as Jesse throw his head back in pleasure, "yea baby and its all for you!" Jesse groaned more loudly when she popped one of his balls into her mouth, "I can feel your cum gonna cum for me huh?' Jesse couldnt speak as she continued sucking, licking and biting his cock and balls.

Jesse suddenly felt like he was about to explode, "Im gonna cum Becca" Becca has given him pently of blowjobs but never liked swallowing his cum. When Jesse warned her about cumming, she was about to move when she decided to stay locked on his cock and swallow everything he had.

Jesse tried to move her head but Becca refused. He couldnt help it anymore as he shot his spunk up into her mouth. He screamed as he watched Becca swallow every shot which made him cum more, 'OH FUUUCKKKKK!!" Becca unlocked her mouth around his cock and sat on her legs smiling, "Yummy" Jesse layed down beathing hard, "Damn." She giggled and layed beside him, "I know" Soon the couple got their breathe back.

Jesse stroked her sweaty hair and stared, "I love you" Becca was shocked but happy, "I love you too" She leaned in and kissed his lips hungry. Rebecca pulled back and sat up, "Jesse?" He rubbed her legs, "Yes?" She slowly reached over and pulled something out of the drawer.

Jesse looked at it shocked, "Bec." She handed it to him and smiled nervously, "Im ready" Its only been 2 months since they got together, was it to soon? Jesse softly smiled, "Okay Bec" She smiled big and kissed him softly. She got off you him so he could put on the condom.

Becca slowly straddle his lap and position his cock in front of her hole. They stared into each others eyes as Jesse slowly slid into her. Bec's stomach had butterflies as she went down. Rebecca was about to say something when they heard a door slam shut and Becca's fathers' voice, "Becca you home!?!" They perverted dream of hooker bound hardcore bondage jumped up from the bed, "Shit.its my dad!!" They quickly got dress and Rebecca followed to the window.

Before he climbed down, Jesse gave her a tender kiss, "I'll see you later" She closed the window as there was a knock on the door, "Sweetheart?" Becca ran to the door and opened it up, 'Sorry daddy, i was getting dress after taking a shower" That night Jesse stared at the TV but wasnt really watching it. His thoughts were playng back to when he was about to make love to his girlfriend. If it wasnt for her dad, he would've taken Becca's vir.

Waving hands made him come back and realize where he was. His mother was trying to get his attention, "You okay sweetie?" He gave her a fake smile, "Yes im fine" His mom stared at him then shrugged her shoulders, "Ok sweetie.

You do know you can talk to me about anything, right?" Jesse nodded, 'I know mom.everythings okay" At these he hopes everythings okay, he thought It was until next Sunday that things would change. Jesse's mom usually goes out with friends. Jesse was coming out of the shower when he heard the door bell ring.

He signed and quickly wrapped a towel around his waist. He big boobs mum and not her son sex wf dowstairs and went to the door. Jesse opened it to reveal Rebecca. She was in a long coat and her hair was in a messy bun. When she saw him only in a towel, her hear skipped a beat and her pussy became more wet then before. She stepped through the door as Jesse stared after her. He realized that he was only in a towel which made him blush a little.

He followed Becca into the living room. "What r u doing here Becca?" She turned around and gave him a smile, "I know your mom goes out Sunday nights so I thought this was the prefect chance" Jesse grew confused, 'A chance for what?" He watched as she took off her coat and stood in his living room naked.

She giggled when she saw his face, "Like what you see?" Jesse could only nod as he felt his cock grow rock hard. Becca slowly walked up to him and grabbed his hard on, "I kow someone else who likes what they see" Jesse watched as she got on her knees and yanked off his towel to reveal is 8" cock, "Mmmm your cock looks so good baby.I cant wait to taste it" She winked at him and went to work.

Jesse throw his head back in pleasure, "Fuck" His cock hit the back of her throat which made him more hard and turned on. His hand found its way into her hair and made her start deepthroating. Jesse pulled his cock out of her mouth and picked her up. He carried her to the couch, opened her legs up and start eatng her out hard. Her moans could be heard in Mexico as he licked her juices and hit her G-spot after plunging 2 fingers into her hole, "Yea yea fuck that pussy.fuck it real HARD" Soon she came in Jesse's kzlk bozma storylar izle izle. Becca sat up and grabbed for his cock, "You want your cock in my mouth huh?

Want me to lick up your balls and make you cum huh?' Jesse grabbed her head and pushed her onto his cock Rebecca opened her legs a little and rubbed her pussy. She then put her cum fingers in his mouth to taste, "Mmm you taste good baby girl" He groaned when she rubbed his balls as she sucked his dick, "Come on baby.i wanna feel your cum down my throat" She gave him a squeeze and he shot his cum into her mouth.

She smiled as Jesse's cum went down her throat, 'Yummy.i cant wait for your cock to be in my pussy." Rebecca bit her lip as Jesse smirked, "I'll be right back" Soon, Jesse came back to see Becca fingerng herself on the couch. She was in deep pleasure as she didnt notice Jesse watching her. He came over after closing her eyes and gave her clit a lick which made her moan and open her eyes. Jesse rolled on the condom as Becca turned around and shot out her ass, "Come on pussy cant wait forever" He smirked and stood behind her, "I'll go slowly at first so you could get use to the feeling, okay?" Becca nodded, suddenly nervous, "Okay" He pointed his cock at her hole and slowly pushed forward.

Becca felt like she was being torn apart. Some tears came as Jesse went as slow as he could, "You okay baby girl?" Becca nodded still in pain. His cock went as far as it could go. Becca closed her eyes tight as she felt a 'pop'. The pain went away after a little while and Becca could feel pleasure, 'Mmm that feels good" Jesse smiled in relief and pulled almost out. He went back in a little more harder which caused her to moan, "Yea.that pain gone baby, fuck my pussy harder" Jesse pulled in and out more harder and deeper and after a few mintues, Becca was screaming her head off, "YEA BABY.FUCK MY PUSSY!!!

Jesse groaned as her walled kept closing around his cock, "That feels good huh baby? You want more?!" Becca screamed in pleasure, 'YES YES YES!!" She couldnt get enough. Her whole body was on fire from pleasure. Jesse pulled out and sat on the couch. Becca straddle his lap and started riding him, "Mmm yea baby.your cock is so hard in my pussy, my pussy feels so fuckng good around your monster cock!!' All the dirty talk was turning Jesse on more then before. Her walls were warm and juice and he couldnt get enough of her.

They kissed each other passionatly as Becca continued to ride then bounce on his cock. She bent backwards alittle and placed her hands on saucy blonde pleasures a big rod orally legs. Jesse had a prefect view of Becca's pussy sliding up and down.

I smirked and placed his two fingers on her clit and rubbed her hard. He earned a groan from her as I rubbed and pinched her wet clit, "Your gonna make me cuummm" I continued to rub and smirk, "Whats wrong with that?" Becca moaned loud as she felt like peeing. She suddenly stopped riding his cock.

Jesse looked at her in confusion, "Whats wrong?" Becca pulled his cock out of her, 'I gotta go to the bathroom" Jesse sat up alittle, "You do?.Why dont you.go here?" Becca stared at him in shocked.

He wanted her way. Jesse grabbed her waist and sat her down, "I shouldnt have asked that, im sorry" Becca shook her head and smiled, "No.ts actually a big turn on for me" Now Jesse was the one shocked. Becca layed on the couch and opened her legs as wide as she could. Jesse sat in frint of her open legs and opened his mouth. Becca rubbed her clit hard and fast as she felt her piss shoot out of her. Jesse kept his mouth opened as her piss landed. It was hot as it ran down his throst but was so turned on as Becca rubbed her pussy hard and watched him take her pee into his own mouth.

After 30 seconds, Becca's pee stopped and Jesse swallowed what he could. Becca quickly sat up and kissed him. She could taste her own piss as Jesse french kissed her. Becca couldnt help but moan and grab his hard cock, "Make me cum!" Jesse smiled, turned her around and plunged right into her. They fucked each other until Jesse's mom came home around 11 that night.


Jesse and Rebecca would never forget that night of making love with each other. Jesse and Rebecca dated for 3 years but in the end, they decided to stay friends. Jesse is a football coach and Rebecca is a hard working nurse. THE END