Group of babes has fun at the party

Group of babes has fun at the party
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Le Petite Morte, Part I by Phyllisroger How I came to love Zoo and learn its many joys. At a young age I got lucky. I learned about the joys of sex; learned how stimulating my privates could set me a-tingle; how stroking my young cunt would make me shake and feel on a different level; how among the many pleasures in life there was one thing that was the highest thrill: cuming, climax, full body orgasm, an orgasm that takes one's breath away which some call Le Petite Mort.

["the little death"] I was the luckiest girl to learn this early so I would have plenty of time to enjoy in the years to come…as in "cum." I had girlfriends who talked about sex things but when it came time for them to "do it" often found themselves puzzled, wanting, unfulfilled, disappointed, longing and aching for the unfulfilled orgasms I had discovered for myself at an early age. I wasn't a virgin…first my fingers, then a hairbrush and finally a deeply penetrating thick carrot had taken care of that!

That time of discomfort or pain was gone and I was ready to enjoy. In fact, one time I used a cold carrot from the ice box and the combination of the thick carrot, it being cold extremely wicked sweetheart gets fucked hardcore blowjob my hot cunt was the first time I had a Le Petite Mort. That cold carrot had taken my breath away as I writhed on my bed squeezing my cunt on it deep inside!

I loved the feelings of sex and cuming but never had the real thing though I dreamed about it a lot. I did a lot of wondering about when I would enjoy fucking and being fucked by a real cock.

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I had a lot to learn and to dream about. When I was young, my Mom and Dad, in the bedroom next to mine, would make noises late at night that awakened me and, full of curiosity, I would sneak out on the balcony, and peek into their room to see the reason for the noises…there were my naked parents having sex…I saw Dad's thick cock and Mom sucking on it, playing with his ball sack, his fingers cuddling her hair…then having more sex and enjoying it…hence the noises.

Like most children I admired my Mom and Dad…and also wanted the same joy that made noises. I was lucky and carefully private with fingers, hairbrush and carrots. When they went on vacation, I stayed at my grandparent's farm. There I got a chance to explore and experiment in the privacy of my grandparent's yard: at the corral and barn where they had farm animals.

I had watched Mom suck Dad's cock and how excited Dad had gotten when his balls were caressed, fingers in Mom's hair, his shaking and cuming as she lifted and licked him until cum ran out of the corners of her mouth. One day, my dream came true, visiting my grandparents, watching the goats and donkeys in their corral…I was in my skimpy little housedress.

I was outside and watching the animals which were fucking and making animal noises…noises not unlike Dad and Mom's! I watched nature in its sexual exuberance in the corral…saw the animals' cocks out fucking their mates and afterward their limp cocks hanging, pulsing and cum dripping. It was nature and I coaxed a goat over to where I was leaning at the corral railing, his cock hanging down and dripping.

It was me imitating my parents. I kneeled down, took hold of the goat's cock and lifted it to my mouth for a lick. The goat moved closer and I kept licking and stroking the goat's cock until it went stiff again. The goat looked paradise films horny anal teen pussy licking and masturbation me and was very still.

I thought I was all alone but granddad came around the corner of the barn and caught me in the act…"Phyllis, why not lick mine?" he said. I was startled and looked around. There was granddad…pants open, hand on his stiff cock …approaching me. I stared at it. Except for Dad it was the first human cock I'd seen.

The chance of a lifetime in my young life! Granddad held his cock for me and I put asian babe gets her hairy cunt drilled in my mouth…just like Mom had done…imitating her…granddad's hand cuddling my hair and making those sex noises.

I was proud of myself when I reached into his pants, held his ball sack and made granddad cum in my mouth. I felt really grown up and my cunt was hot and wet, too. But the animals were still on my mind that night after all the excitement: that goat and his willing cock and the donkey…Goat was first…now I wanted the donkey, …but granddad had interrupted and it was my first time to suck a man's cock.

When granddad stiffened, his cock tensed and came I got all agitated and wet…when I stood up I squeezed my legs together and got another thrill. "That was great, Phyllis…you did a great job," he had said and I felt good about myself.

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I also wanted more and got lots more. I was staying for part of the summer at my grandparents so I had time to dream and my dreams were about cocks and taking control of them…making them respond to my attentions. I loved sucking cocks, how they got tense, flexing and coming in my mouth…cum out of the corners of my mouth. [Truth? It made my body shiver and cum too and I shook deep inside when the cock tensed and came in my mouth.

I got a thrill squeezing my legs together at just the right moment…the cum dripping out of the sides of my mouth. Just like Mom!] I was excited that night after making my granddad cum and I dreamed of more.

"More" happened the very next day when both grandparents went shopping. "Want to come with us Phyllis?" they asked. "No," I said. "I want to read my book," and off they went, leaving me alone…which was my plan…the book could wait until later…it was me at the corral that I had in mind. I had tried the goat but I had 'donkey' on my mind…'donkey cock' in particular. I had watched both animals at their mating and had seen both of their hanging down cocks…Donkey had a serious member…more serious than the goat, more like granddad's…and I wanted to take the next step.

After I was sure grandparents were off to town I went out to the corral and into the barn where the hay bales were piled high…some bales were on the ground for immediate feeding and the barn smelled fresh with all the feed. I saw the goats going at it outside but the donkey perked up as I entered the corral and walked inside the barn. I think the donkey wanted to check things out and maybe have a little hay to eat. I had something else in mind and since the donkey hadn't been fucking…food on its mind…he was probably ready for a little playing around with me.

I was going to take things in hand.and body if I could. It was dark in the barn and smelled really good. Me in just my skimpy housedress and feeling very sexy with my thoughts of the previous day…I had cock on my mind and recalling the taste of goat cum and granddad cum made me lick my lips. I wondered what Dad's cum tasted like.

Would I find out some day? In the meantime, Granddad and animals would have to do. What would Mom say if I asked to suck Dad? And what would Dad say? In the meantime I was in the barn in an expectant aroused condition. I was already shivering and hot. I sat on a hay bale in the back of the barn in anticipation of what might happen. I didn't have to wait hot pregnant babe handles two cocks at once. I sex stories yoga teacher blue film hear the goats outside making fucking noises and into the barn walked Mr.

Donkey…probably wanting a snack…I made little kissing noises to alert donkey who perked up, looked at me and the noise and trotted over.

I held out some oats for him and he nuzzled and grabbed some, chewing enthusiastically. I petted his nose and ears and he grunted his little donkey grunts, nodding his head. There was a curry comb near me and I started stroking him with the comb as he chewed some more. I stroked his back with the comb and along his side.

He moved his hind legs apart and I kept stroking…him chewing and flexing his body to the strokes. I saw I was arousing him because his nice red cock came peaking out of its sheath. I kept stroking with the comb and put my hand down on his cock sheath. It wasn't long before that beautiful donkey cock emerged some more from its sheath…Aha! Young Phyllis was making the animal respond! And respond he sure did. He turned his head and nuzzled me. His cock was getting nice and stiff and even dripping…I gripped that cock, was stroking his side with the comb and stroking his cock with my hand.

He squatted a little and lifted his tail, turned and looked at me. I went down on my knees on the straw on the floor of the barn taking his cock in my mouth. The donkey let out a little sound as I stroked and sucked away on his cock. He nuzzled my shoulder again…I was thinking he was in donkey heaven just now!


Then I stood and slipped my housedress over my head so I wouldn't get it messed and knelt down again in my total nakedness to concentrate on that stiff donkey cock. He spread his hind legs, squatting down a little…I took his cock in my mouth and began to suck and lick in earnest. He stood very still as he got even more stiff…responding to my attentions…nuzzling me at the side to show he was enjoying the attention. Then he licked my shoulder and shuddered, licking me again and pushing his nose at my waist…I licked and sucked and in my mind there was more that could happen to me in the barn.

There was a small harness table, next to the water trough, and holding that cock in one hand I led the donkey to the table…the donkey got the hint and followed right along.

He didn't want me to stop.


I wanted more just then and leaned down on the little table lifting my bottom up…it was just the right height for the donkey to move forward and straddle me with his front legs and let nature take its course…a young female animal in heat and a young male animal…his stiff male cock pulsing and a willing, wanting young, hot and dripping, female cunt…I lifted my bottom up to the donkey which was straddling me and the table.

I urged his forelegs forward, pulling on his cock and his belly moved over my back. I got lucky in that the table was low enough so the donkey cock and my cunt were at just the right level…I reached back and took hold of the cock again…it was stiff and hot and wet and I was hot and wet…urging him forward as he straddled me…I put the tip of his cock at my opening, rubbing it on my cunt lips and pulled it into me…he quickly took the hint.

He must have felt the soft folds of petite blonde minx receives a messy facial anal cunt around his cock and liked it…wanting more of that feeling and he pressed forward as I led his cock into me…then he took over and pushed deeper inside, I gripped the side of the table and waited… then another push and thrust…an animal instinct…cock and cunt…he thrust deeply, moved out and thrust inside my cunt again.

It was my turn to make little fuck noises and he grunted, too. My eyes were closed, I held tight to the sides of the table, lifting on each thrust, waiting for my dream ride. I felt the donkey's cock at my throat…he was milking me…a few more strokes and I was riding into the dark on that powerful thrusting cock…I was breathless and in ecstasy and delirious and abandoned myself to his thrusting and came and came again…that donkey got tense and earnest and desperate to finish and I wanted him to release his cum into me.

I squeezed hard on his cock, holding on…then I felt hot jets of cum washing my body…I was sweating and there were tears as I squeezed and milked him when he shot off…I cried out. It was so beautiful. I went deaf and delirious, holding on, finally letting go. Later, we relaxed and cooled down…he moved off the table, his cock slipping out as I gave it a final exhausted squeeze, the donkey cum oozing out of me and down my legs.

In my delirium, when I had cried out, I had felt that little death, Le Petite Mort.

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My breath had been taken and now it slowly returned as I rested on the table. Later I found a towel and wiped off. The donkey was over at the bale chewing on some hay…my legs were weak and I sat for a time on the little table…my head throbbing, my hands between my legs, stroking my hot flesh and smoothing my wet cunt.

Every touch made me shiver a little more…I was still in a dream state…Then I heard a car approaching…it was grandparents…and I rushed to put on my housedress and splash water on my hot face. I walked out of the barn toward the house. "Hi, Phyllis…what were you doing in the barn?" "I was taking care of the donkey," I said.


[Was I ever…Did I ever take care of him!! It was a day I dreamed about many times.] After that time, I always found books to "read" when grandparents went shopping. And there were really contented "animals" that I "cared for" in the barn…both of us contented "animals." I had a lot parents films this homemade sextape tube porn dream about, including the idea of Dad's cock.

I couldn't get the vision of Mom and Dad out of my mind. I always wanted to please my parents, especially Dad, and I wondered about it all. In a few weeks I would be back home where I could have more dreams and make my plans. I knew those were naughty thoughts. I had lots of naughty thoughts: goat, granddad, donkey…fingers, carrots…so why not Dad and his wonderful cock? Naughty me was having fun!

Being naughty was good. Very, very good!