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Big boobs all new sex
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Friend's note: Okay, so in these chapters, there is little erotica, but a lot of story. =================================== Ch 23 With the sun coming up only hours away, I can't wait to crawl into bed. I have my first competition with the math club this evening, and I'm skipping class so that I'll have at least two brain cells to rub together, while there.

My brain is fried, my body thoroughly worn out—all four women on Lela's ship made sure of that, though Lela wouldn't let me have any of her milk—and after the battle with the twins, my head feels as though the Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man has taken blonde slim siren sucks and rides pecker in bathtub residence in it. Not wanting to awaken my roommate, I creep through the main room, and this time, make sure I go left to get into my room.

My door gives a slight, familiar creek as I open it, and slip through. I only have a moment's notice, before someone is crying incoherently on my back. "Gina?" Her switches give her away. "Where have you been?" she demands, and then before I have a chance of responding, "I was so worried.

Everyone said you'd died, and then I watched the videos on Youtube, and saw those two attacking you. I was so worried! So very worried! And you didn't call, or tell me you were safe, or alive. ." She pulls away, and starts hitting me with her fists.

"Why didn't you let me know you were okay?" Pulling the blonde to me, I hug her to me as she sobs into my chest. "The twins are taken care of," I tell her softly. "I verified that the cops picked them up in Arizona a few hours ago." She pulls back and looks up at me curiously. "Seems they somehow lost their abilities, and the police received an anonymous tip about where some wanted murderers could be found." I smile down at her, but her eyes go dark again.

"A few hours ago? A few HOURS? And you couldn't take the time to let me know you were fine?" Her anger is palpable, but before I can answer, a half-dressed Dennis barges in. "Dude, what the hell?" He demands, shoving his hand against my shoulder. "Are you real? I could have sworn they disintegrated you, the way you suddenly vanished. What the hell happened, and why did they attack you?" A shadow moves behind Dennis, and I recognize Robin's red hair over his shoulder.

"Why did they attack you?" she repeats her boyfriend's question. "Yeah," Dennis chimes in, "I thought they only attacked other. ." His voice trails off as his eyes grow wide and he takes a couple steps back from me. "You're. . You're one of them, aren't you?" Sighing in resignation, all I can do is nod my head.

Why did they have to attack in such a public place? Thus far, I've been able to keep my ability mostly a secret, but after yesterday on campus. . Well, let's just say I'm likely to be a lot more noticed. Hopefully I'm more famous for it, than infamous. Yes, I know I'm getting a bit conceited.

I wait for Dennis and Robin to back away in fear and terror. In their presence is one of those freaks he's been going on about in the news. "Man, that is so. . [b[awesome[/b]!" he yells, and I look up to see him grinning widely. "What can you do?" Robin asks, in genuine interest. "Why didn't you tell me?" Dennis asks, and then they continue to bombard me with questions, hardly giving me any opportunity to answer.

Finally, as the sun crests the horizon, I've answered their questions, to the best of my ability. I've even told them about the impending demon invasion, and they both agree to go camping for a while, just before the invasion. "What about me?" Gina asks, once we're finally alone in my room again.

'She'll be up here of course.' Somehow I know those words are from Shanna. Groaning, not in any mood, or having any energy to argue, I tell Gina, and then stumble to my bed. I don't remember falling into it, but when I wake some hours later, I'm stripped to my underwear, and under the covers. I notice my pillow has the slight scent of Gina's perfume, and know that she'd been sleeping in my bed until I got home last night.

Rolling over, I see Gina's hazel eyes staring back at me. "Mmm, good morning, sleepyhead," she son mom and son mom xxxcxx to me with a smile.

"Morning?" I ask. The light is wrong for it to be morning. She looks past me to the clock, and gives a small laugh. "Well, no, I guess it's not. It's a little before three." "Three? Crap! I've got to get ready for the competition!" I jump out of bed, and start throwing on my clothes, until I catch Gina pouting at me. "Don't you have a bit of time?" Her hands pull the blankets down from her, and I see she's completely nude. DAMN, she looks good!

Well. . The competition is at four. . She grins as she sees she's won. What little clothes I'd managed to put on, take less time to take off, as I jump back into bed with the massively hot woman. She pulls me to her, meeting my lips with hers, as her breasts press firmly against my chest. Tasting her soft lips, I moan, feeling her 'wet' switch move in reaction to my voice. "You had me so worried," she whispers, breaking off the kiss, and looking me fiercely in the eyes.

"I'm not leaving your side again." I nod, knowing she'd been terrified while I'd been gone. She squeals, and simultaneously hugs me tightly to her naked form, before rolling me onto my back. Sliding back, it only takes her a moment to get the angle right, and my head slips past her first folds. While she's wet, she's not nearly as wet as she usually is when we have sex. "I need to feel connected with you, to know you're alive." Until now I guess I really didn't understand how much she felt for me.

I mean, I know she loves me, but I guess I didn't understand just how deeply that ran for her. She must have been at her wits end yesterday. Then, even lying with me all day, I'd be surprised if she left to do more than go to the bathroom. I felt my heart warm for this woman. We'd been through some tough times in our odd relationship, but I couldn't deny that I truly cared for her.

What then of my feelings for Shanna? I care deeply for her too. Great! I think. What kind of a lecherous man am I that I'm falling for two women?

Thinking of my sister makes three, and gives me the answer. Rand al'Thor, eat your heart out! While I've been ruminating, Gina's been working on getting me deeper inside her, and I hear her grunt as I poke at her womb. "I love you, Nick. Never let me go." Then, without any preamble, she begins to move against me.

She continues hugging me tightly to her slim body, her firm breasts rubbing against my chest, and her pussy sliding along most of my member, making me moan loudly as we make love. "Oh, fuck, Nick. You always feel so good inside me. Yes, grab my ass. Make me cum, Nick. Make me cum all over your massive cock!" She shudders as her orgasm strikes, and I powerfully hunch my hips, driving deep inside her, striking her deepest points over and over again.

Her orgasm seems to go on and on, and finally I can take no more, and loose my ejaculate into her clutching vagina, sending her to a whole new realm of ecstasy. * * * I'm almost late for the competition, and Gina asks why it's so important for me to go. Even Dennis and Robin are curious as to why I'm going to do a math competition, when there are so many other things that I could be doing in preparation for the coming invasion. For that matter, I don't know why it's important.

I can't give them an answer, and just shrug as I get out to my car, all three of them in tow. When I realized that Dennis and Robin have every intention of sticking with me until they ditch town, I know my car will be too small, and we end up taking Gina's car instead.

The way the three are acting, I almost feel like I have my own personal guard service. It isn't until now, sitting behind my team's table, that I begin to understand why I want to be here so badly. It isn't for Professor Frankens, or the rest of my math team. It's not even for school pride. And despite all the whispers and odd pinay ofw masturbates on story calling I get from everyone who'd thought I was dead, this still feels right.

This competition is something I understand. It's something that I can to a degree control, and know how I'm going to play it. Sure, I don't know what questions they're going to throw at me, or what the other team will be like, but math is something that I can control, and it's unchanging. No matter how you play it, two plus two will always equal four.

Donald, Barbara, and Adam all gape at me, as I take the last seat at the table. "What happened to you, yesterday?" Adam asks in a whisper that everyone can hear. I'm gratified to see that his acne has cleared up, but still bothered that I couldn't repair his skin. Hmm, I ponder, I've been able to do more lately than I could at the beginning. Maybe. . Yes! The switch to repair the acne damage to his skin forms, though I'm unable to move it more than just a tick.

"Yeah," Donald follows up, "we all thought you were dead, and then when you didn't show up in class today. ." Donald keeps blinking at me behind his thick glasses, and I realize they're no longer to his prescription. "Have you been getting headaches?" I ask him, ignoring their questions. His beady appearing eyes blink a few more times, before saying, "Yeah, how'd you know?" I move his 'vision correcting' switch all the way, and he gasps, but I also lean forward and pull his thick frames off his nose at the same time.

"But I need those. ." he argues, then blinks some more, and looks around. "How did you—?" "The way you kept squinting through them," I tell him, as if that explains everything. "The police were looking for you," Barbara says, as though it's her turn to try to get an answer from me. Her skin definitely looks like it fits her better, but isn't perfect yet. I hadn't thought about the police. After an altercation like that with the twins, it's no wonder the police would be looking for me.

I'll have to keep an eye out for them. Before I have the chance to formulate an answer for the brunette, a buzzer sounds, which startles me pretty inked and a massive comic lover elouise is enough to get anyo out of my seat. The judge introduces himself, and then the two teams. I see Professor Frankens smiling at me in the front row, and Gina, Dennis, and Robin a few rows back. The judge goes over the rules, and we test our buzzers, before the first equation is displayed.

I freeze in shock when the screen lights up with the equation. It's not that the equation is hard, quite the opposite, really. No, what startles me, is that I see the answer. I don't meant that I know what the answer is, just by looking at it, but rather that the nanites solved the equation, and are displaying the answer to me as soon as it's revealed. Unfortunately, the other team is quick on the ball and gets the point.

"It's okay," Donald says. "It's just one question. We'll get the rest." I almost laugh. This is going to be too easy! As soon as the second question appears on the screen, I hit my buzzer. Everyone stares at me in shock, but I easily give the answer that's floating before my vision. There is a murmur in the crowd, when the judge announces a correct answer, and Adam pats me on the back.

A black haired Asian girl on the opposing team glares at me, and I note that she's the one who answered the first question. Looking at the crowd, I decide that I'd better wait a couple seconds before answering next time.

I don't want to make things too obvious. That is, until the Asian girl hits her buzzer as soon as the third equation appears, and gets it right.

"Well," The judge's voice rings out, "it looks like we have quite the spirited and talented competition on our hands, tonight." 'Lela, does she have the nanites?' I send to the angel. I can't sense any of the switches on the ship, but I know she'll get the message.

'No, but she has her gene activated,' the words appear a moment later. 'I think she has some kind of superior intellect,' I tell her, then curse myself for being too distracted and missing the fourth question. She'd answered as soon as the screen lit up that time, also. The crowd is really "ahh"-ing now, and I decide to get my butt in gear, if we're going to have a chance of winning this.

The other girl hits her buzzer just a moment before the screen lights up this time, disqualifying her team this round, and I let Barbara answer this one. After that, it's a battle to see who can hit the buzzer first, without hitting it too early. I screw up once, but quickly use a switch to display the equation.

The girl really begins to glare at me after that, and ends up making two more mistakes. The temptation to use my switches more than that once grows, as we stay neck and neck, but I hold back. And then we're one point behind for the final question. It's worth two points.

The tension in the room is thick, and silence hangs supreme as everyone waits for the final problem to appear. No pressure at all. The screen lights up, and suddenly my vision goes blank. I don't mean the room dimmed, or I couldn't see the screen, I mean everything went gray.

A solid, flat gray. It takes me a moment to realize that Fervid teen is gaping narrow cunt in close up and climaxing heard the opponent's buzzer, but no answer following it. "She doesn't have it," Adam says next to me. "Look at her, she's shaking her head and her eyes are huge." I wish I could look at her.

Why can't I see? "I need your answer," the judge announces officiously. Another buzzer sounds, indicating that the other team took too long. "We've got this," I hear Barbara say. "What is it, Nick?" "I don't know," I tell her in confusion. "I—I can't see." The judge calls for us to answer, and I can hear Adam furiously scribbling, trying to come up with the answer.

"What do you mean?" my female teammate demands. "It's right there!" I shake my head in denial, and point shakily at my head. She doesn't understand, and I'm starting to get worried. Have I somehow overused the nanites? Did something euro whores receive happy to the max hardcore and groupsex in my brain?

'Lela?' I send in desperation, but I can't even see my own message. Adam hits the buzzer, and shouts, "Forty-two!" "I'm sorry, that is incorrect," the judge drones, and just that quickly, my vision returns. Immediately I glance at the screen, wanting to know what kind of equation could stump the other team, but it's already gone. 'Lela, what happened?' 'Your race is not yet ready for that answer,' she responds a moment later. What's that supposed to mean?

Another buzzer, and the game is over. We lost. The girl on the opposing team stomps over to me and stares me in the eyes for a moment. "You cheated," she states, matter-of-factly.

The judge hears her. "If you have some sort of evidence to present, young lady?" but she shakes her head, and walks back to her celebrating team. Then Gina, Dennis, and Robin are right there, looking around, and I realize they're acting again as my bodyguards. "Nick," Barbara yells after me, but I need to get out of here. What had Lela meant by our race not being ready for that? I see Professor Frankens looking at me, worried, but I continue moving.

The four of us head for the exit, but the Asian girl cuts us off. "Why didn't you answer that last question?" she demands, and I only notice a faint accent in her voice this time. "Why didn't you?" I shoot back, not liking her attitude. "You know what it was too, then?" she asks, curiously, there is no longer any heat in her voice.

I nod that I do, even though I have no frakking clue, and walk past her. Unfortunately, the police are waiting for me, right outside the door. "Mr. Xavier?" a cop with the obligatory mustache asks me, and I nod. "You're wanted in connection with the altercation that took place yesterday. "Nick?" Gina's voice is thick with worry. For a moment I debate on making a switch to make the cop forget, but that won't make the problem go away, and it'll likely get the cop in trouble to boot.

I've never had a reason to hate the cops, knowing that they're only there to do their duty, and help protect us. Does that make me an Earth cop, because I'm trying to protect all of humanity?

A question for another time. "It's okay," I whisper to her, and go to the officer. "Any chance my girlfriend can ride with me?" I ask, already knowing the answer. I use a switch to make him more accommodating.

Yes, I'm manipulating him, but I'm worried about Gina's psyche if I'm gone too long from her. "Um, I'm not supposed to, but I guess if you behave. ." The policeman seems a bit confused as he walks us to the car.

He even goes so far as to politely open the doors for us. I tell Dennis and Robin to head home, and I'll be there before too much longer. Dennis gives me a wink, before leading a chortling Robin away. They know I can handle myself. "What's going on, Frank?" a second cop asks auditions with gorgeous girls adrenaline rush dvd we get situated.

"We're only supposed to pick him up, not his floozy too." Hearing Gina referred to as a floozy pisses me off. I crank hard on Frank's 'accommodation' switch, then make and flip some in the partner. "Listen, bub," I say in as deep and menacing a voice as I can muster, "This lady is a high-class gal.

In your whole life, you'll be lucky to have a woman such as her even look at you. Treat her with respect, am I clear?" I release him from his paralysis and let go of his 'intimidation' switch, and smile as he turns fear filled eyes to me.

He quickly nods, and turns back to the front, as we pull out of the parking lot. Gina is left in the lobby as I'm taken back to a different officer's desk. I half expected to be taken to an interrogation room, but won't complain that I'm not.

I'm not waiting long, before a large brutish looking woman sits across from me, and glares for a moment. Her nose has obviously been broken numerous times, and there are small scars around her mouth.

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Her shoulders are easily big enough to play for any professional football team, and even with my ability, I'm just a bit intimidated. "Mr. Xavier," she says, and her voice is gravelly, and barely feminine at all, "your name has been popping up a lot lately." She studies me for a reaction, but I just stare blankly back at her.

"When that happens, we here at the precinct like to call that a pattern." Really? She's going to treat me like a child? I know I shouldn't, but my mouth speaks before I can get my filter into place.

"You mean like how if I see two circles and a square, followed by two more circles, the next is likely to be a square?" The scars around her lips tighten at my flippant tone, but she doesn't rise to the bait.

"Why don't you tell us where you were yesterday afternoon, Mr. Xavier?" "You mean when those two lunatics were trying to kill me?" I ask. "I was home taking a bath." Her large fist slams down on the table, startling me, and I realize I'd better cool it. "Don't play games with me, kid. Four other students got hurt, and one of them is in critical condition. Witnesses as well as numerous online videos place you at the scene, before you mysteriously vanished." For a moment I think to tell her the truth.

But after the way I've been acting, telling her that an alien experimented on me, and another two of her experiments tried to kill me, but thankfully that alien also teleported me to her ship before they could burn me to a crisp, and oh, by-the-way, I also have six kids with that alien, just doesn't seem very viable.

"Look," I tell her, trying to come up with something fast, without looking like I was trying to come up with something fast, "I don't know what happened. All I know is that I was walking out of Professor Frankens's class, when there was a huge commotion. I ran outside to see what was going on, when those two attacked me.

Why don't you ask them?" "I did, this morning," she tells me, and I blink at her. "I'm Special Agent Albrecht, in charge of finding the siblings that have been traveling across the country, frying people to a crisp. This morning, we caught them in the Arizona desert, hundreds of miles from here.

The sick perverts were fucking in the desert." She shakes herself in disgust, but her attitude doesn't bother me. She doesn't strike me as the type of woman to enjoy anything.

She picks up a folder and her desk, and looks through it for a moment. "When we questioned them, they told us that they were on a holy mission to cleanse the world of demon infested souls, and that you had somehow blocked their God-given powers, and turned them to temptation." She folds her massive hands in front sunny leon big hot black cock sex her, and fixes me with a piercing stare.

It's only then that I notice her eyes are two different colors. The right one is an ice-cold blue, while the left one is a dark brown, bordering on black. I have no doubt that many perps have broken under that mismatched gaze. "As I'm sure you can guess, we're very interested in talking to you. We already have one of your victims in lockup." She states this last part almost as if it's a second thought, but I have no idea who she's talking about.

She must correctly recognize the look on my face, as she goes ahead and confuses me even more. "I hate men who lord their power over women, Mr. Xavier, and you look like the type of tough guy to do just that. Like that doe-eyed gal in the lobby. Do you beat her up every night, unless she obeys you?" "What? No!" I reply, shocked at the accusation. I know she's trying to throw me off balance and see if something shakes loose, but I hate the mere thought of violence against a woman.

"I've seen many women like her. Always following her man around, afraid to be too far away, lest he beat her for not being available at his every beck and call," she continues as if I hadn't spoken. "Now I know some poor fool women prefer to live like that, but when you rape a woman, leave her pregnant, and beat her.

. Well, I just won't tolerate that." What the hell is she talking about? I know Gina hasn't been spreading any lies, and while I can see how it might look like Gina was a simpering slave, she is anything but! "Ha!" she nearly spits at me.

"You're so arrogant, that you've already forgotten about the poor woman you mistreated." She stands, and grips my shoulder painfully. "Why don't we go back and visit her?" She literally picks me up with her grip on my shoulder, and I'm left with the choice of being dragged, or walking.

Walking seems more dignified. 'Do you need us to come get you?' I know the question is from my sister. 'No, I need to clear my name, and get this straightened out.' She takes me back to a group of cells, and points to someone cowering in the corner. At first I think it's a guy, until I lesbiananalingus siri and tara lynn foxx pornstars big tits that there are only women in the cell.

The hair is short, and the clothes ragged. "There," Agent Albrecht shoves me at the bars, and the girl looks up, then turns around terror. If she had a voice, she would have screamed. I recognize her. . Or him. . Or, well, I'm still trying to figure that out. Harley Quinn as I now think of her, the person who had once been Derek, cowers in fear in her cell.

"Look what you did to that poor woman," Albrecht growls behind me, and I feel my temper slipping. "Derek," I say through clenched teeth, "What lies did you spread this time?" She only continues to cower, not answering. Albrecht's grip on my shoulder tightens, and I know I'm in trouble. This has to look really bad, from the agent's point-of-view.

"Listen," I tell the large woman, "I don't know what he, or I mean she, told you, but she is a known liar. She raped the girl out there—" I point to the lobby, "—numerous times, and I saved Gina from that monster in there. If he, er, she is pregnant, you'll find that it's not mine!" I look between the two for a moment, then ask, "Why is she in there, anyway?" "She was caught shoplifting.

She wrote down her story while we booked her. You want me to believe that that weak little thing raped another woman?" Albrecht asks incredulously. "Go ask Gina for yourself," I tell the agent.

She gives me a queer look, then drags me back out to her desk. Depositing me forcefully in the seat, she storms out to the lobby. Damn Derek and his damned lying. I'd thought I'd taken care of him before, but apparently I'd let her off easy. I'd taken away her voice, apparently she'd gotten pregnant from her own cum when she'd been a man, and still he was trying to get at me. Then I curse myself for the fool.

There's more than one way to communicate. This time, I'm going to make sure nothing like this can ever happen again.

I remember the movie 'Liar, Liar' and know how I'm going to handle Harley Quinn. Albrecht comes back from the lobby, shaking her head.

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"She corroborates your story," the massive agent states, towering over me. "I think she's batty, though, talking about aliens and sex changes. But that doesn't mean I believe you. And that doesn't answer the question about you and those two deviants we caught in Arizona." There is a loud commotion from down the hallway with the cells. A guard rushes out, and up to Albrecht. "That nutcase in cell three is calling for you," he tells her, and I can tell she doesn't like the term 'nutcase.' "Stay here," she growls at me, then storms off again, only to come back wide-eyed, and confused a few moments later.

"That girl just confirmed everything that your girlfriend just said. Including the parts about aliens and sex changes. Funny how she never spoke a word until you got here." She gives me another one of her ugly glares, but I sit placidly, waiting.

"What can you tell me about the other two?" she asks when she sees I'm not going to buckle. "Exactly what I told you before. I came out of class, and they attacked me." "Witnesses claim your leg got badly burned," she continues to dig. I lift both my pant legs, showing her my undamaged skin.

"And you suddenly vanishing?" She doesn't want to give up. "I admit I haven't seen the videos, but as soon as I could, I took off running. If it looks like anything else, the videos must be edited." I'm keeping my voice calm and smooth, knowing she doesn't have anything on me, now. "Why couldn't we find you until tonight?" She's starting to lose some of her heat, but wants every question covered.

"They attacked me," I tell her. "I didn't know if they knew where I lived or not. I didn't know what to do." "Why didn't you come to the police?" Now she just sounds curious. "They were throwing fireballs at me. What could the police do?" The questions only continue for a few more moments, before Special Agent Albrecht has to admit that she has nothing on me. Gina greets me with a massive hug as I reenter the lobby.

A cab is called, and takes us to my place, where Dennis and Robin give me another interrogation, laughing as I tell them, and then laughing harder when I have to explain about what I'd done to Derek. "That guy always was a prick," Dennis chortles. "Not anymore," Robin laughs, and she has to get herself under control, before she can continue. "Now she's just a pussy!" We all laugh at that, and have a couple beers to relax after the crazy day, before going to bed.

Dennis and Robin invite us to join them, and Gina's game, but I just want to call an end to this miserable day. As soon as Gina and I are in my room, though, I find myself on Lela's ship, and groan. "Nick?" Gina's worried voice sounds behind me, and I groan again. Is everybody going to come up here? Next thing you know, Donna, Mom, and Nancy will be popping up for a visit!

'Do you want them here, too?' Harana mentally asks. 'NO!' I quickly reply, not realizing that I'd been broadcasting my thoughts again. "Yeah," Summer's voice says behind lezzie teens scissoring pussies after fight european and lesbian, "You tend to do that a lot.

It's rather fun, actually, peaking into my perverted brother's thoughts." Gina runs to Summer, and gives her a big hug, or tries to, before pulling back with a grimace, and squaring her shoulders. Summer is wearing nothing but a light suite.

"I take it, this is the alien's ship?" Gina asks, and I smile to see her backbone returning. "Alien ship?" a slightly Asian voice states, and I turn in shock, "I was wondering if I would ever see an extra-terrestrial." =================================== Ch 24 I can only stare in shock at the Asian chick from the math competition.

She's still in her nice clothes from the competition. "What's she doing here?" Gina asks, forming the words my mind is unable to create. "I asked Lela to get her," Summer says, and I watch an almost equally nude Shanna come through a black portal in the side of the room. Why are they both in light suites? I wonder, and this time, make sure the thought stays in my own head. "Why?" Seems I've finally found my voice, and I use my usual articulation to form that brilliant question. Damn, I'm tired.

"Because I have beyond a genius level intellect, and you need me for something," the newcomer says. I stare at her, and her arrogance, while she takes in Summer's and Shanna's big ebony rods temptation black ebony cumshots ebony swallow interracial a of conventional clothing. She then turns back to me, with a very judgmental look. "I take it this is your harem?" The disgust and scorn she places in those words, hurts.

I mean, yes, each one is kind of my woman, but they all have a free will of their own. I don't own them. Summer smirks at the words, while Gina hugs me tighter. Only Shanna doesn't seem to react. "We prefer to see him as ours, rather than the other way around," My wonderful, sweet, psychotic sister says. "And you're partially right. We may need your help. I wanted to bring you here, on the off chance that you might be able to offer us some advice." 'Way to go, sis!' I think to her, glad that someone's able to put the pompous genius in her place.

"I can," the other girl says, without a hint of doubt. She glances around the blue-lit featureless room for a bit, before facing me. "Where are the aliens?" "They wanted to let us talk to you first, in order not to scare you." Shanna is the one to answer this time, but the other woman just continues to stare at me.

'Bring her to us.' The words appear before me, and I smile, knowing what she will be experiencing shortly, and looking forward to it. "What's your name?" I ask her. "Leslie," she replies, and I wait for her last name, lucky guy gets to fuck a hot friend she just stares at me.

"Okay, Leslie, I'll take you to them." I'm trying my best to keep my tone level, but she suddenly becomes wary. Ignoring her trepidation, I mentally command the ship to open the doorway, and then indicate she should go through first. Leslie steps up to the black seeming wall, and hesitates for only a moment, before stepping through. I barely hear a sigh of relief from her, as I smile to the other women.

Seeing Gina standing there, I ask, "Will you be alight here, for a bit?" 'No, bring her as well,' one of the angels sends to me, at the same time Gina nods that she'll be fine. "Umm, never mind," I say, feeling foolish. "I guess they want you too." Holding out my hand to her, she takes it, and gives it a gentle squeeze. Turning to walk into the blackness, I end up bumping into the slim backside of Leslie.


My eyes adjust quickly, as I murmur an apology, then lead Gina around her. Gina gasps as she steps into what must seem like impenetrable blackness. "Come with me, please, Leslie," I state, stepping harder than I have to as I start walking. My intent is to make sure she hears me walking away, but to my surprise, she starts following. "You can see in this?" Gina asks, and I hear the fear in her tone. A hundred answers go through my mind, most of them geared to make Leslie worry, but in the end, I answer with a simple, "Yes." I hate to admit it, but I have to marvel at how confidently Leslie follows my footfalls, even around corners.

When I stop outside of a doorway, she stops as well, and then continues when I do. I start to feel like a heel, after only a few doorways though. As arrogant as Leslie is, she might end up an ally, and we really could use her intellect. "When we arrive in their room," I tell the two women, "it will be marginally brighter, though it will seem quite brilliant to your eyes for a moment. They won't hurt you, so please stay calm around them." Gina nods at my words, taking them to heart, but Leslie just sniffs disdainfully.

I open the last hatch and walk into the dimly lit room with the two angels. My kids aren't in evidence, and I can only assume their resting in the adjoining room. Leslie is the first to talk. "You really like nudity, don't you?" Of course, Harana is in her light suite, and Lela is completely nude so that she can breastfeed.

I choose not to dignify her question with a response. "I hope you don't plan on me strutting around here like a bitch in heat." I'm about to snap at her, but then I see the look in her eyes.

She's testing me, wanting to see how I react. "Bitch in heat?" Gina nearly screams. "I'll show you, a bitch. . What? Let me go, Nick. I'm going to show this—" She cuts off as she looks at me. Pulling her back to me, I whisper, "You're acting the way she wants you to.

She's testing us." "I don—" She tries to argue, but I cut her off with a quick kiss, moaning. I can't think of anything else to do, and reason that it'll show Leslie she isn't getting to me. When I break off the kiss, Gina is slightly breathless. She tries to glare at me, but it never quite reaches her eyes. "Girls, this is Harana, and her older sister, Lela," I inform them, indicating each angel in turn. "This is Lela's ship you're a guest on." When I mention 'guest,' I see Leslie flinch.

Thus far she has been a very rude guest. Both women study the angels for a moment, and then flinch when Lela speaks.

"Be at ease." Her dual toned voice sounds melodic as usual. "Interesting," Leslie murmurs, and I can barely hear her. She goes on, and I catch snippets of "vocal cords," and "language dynamics." Harana stands and walks over to Gina and I, and Gina grips my arm tightly. 'Do you want her to have the nanites as well?' "What's going on?" Gina's voice broadcasts her fear.

Turning to the blonde woman, I explain the question, and what it means. "It'll hurt?" I nod, and wait. "But I will be able to communicate with you at any time, no matter where you are?" I nod again. "No more worrying if you're alive or dead?" This time I smile as I nod. "Can you control us through these miniature robots?" Leslie asks, and I realize she's been listening the whole time. I almost tell her she wasn't offered them, but stop and answer.

"They're strictly a communication and healing tool. No control is capable through them." "I want them," the other woman states, as if it's a foregone conclusion. I feel Gina stiffen against me, and know that she is strengthening her resolve. She refuses to be seen as weak in front of Leslie. "I—I'll take them too," the busty woman states. 'Applicators have been prepared, but our kids are in the other room.

You will need to go to a different area to use them.' I nod to Lela, and then take the two applicators that appear. Taking Gina's hand, I head out, knowing Leslie will follow. I lead them both to a room, a few doors down, somehow knowing this room will work for this purpose. I command the lights to brighten a bit, and then face the two women, seriously. "This is going to be more painful, than anything you've ever experienced before." I look both women in the eye, wanting to impress upon them what lies in store.

Leslie scoffs and grabs the small device from my hand. She examines it for a moment, then presses sex small boy small girl xxd com against her abdomen, and fires it off. I can tell that she's trying to fight off showing the pain, but there is no amount of willpower that'll hold off the torrent of torment she is just starting to experience. "Oh, god!" Gina exclaims as the first of Leslie's screams slip past her control, sane loyne xxx story 13yeu sex stories I see the gentle blonde has gone completely pale.

"You don't have to do this," I tell her. "I won't think any less of you." She glances at the now writhing form of Leslie, and shudders, before locking her eyes on mine. "We will xxx vidau 15 san kpan be connected?" When I nod, she stills her shudders, and turns back to Leslie. We both watch her, and I wonder what's luscious petite girl gets her tight vagina and little anus fucked through Gina's mind, as Leslie cries out until her voice is raw.

I can tell when the nanites begin functioning, as Leslie's vocal cords get repaired, but by now she is in the final stages, and the pain has already begun to recede. It takes her a few moments to catch her breath, as the last vestiges of torment leave her eyes. "And you went through that?" she asks, something approximating respect in her voice. Then she looks to Gina, cuddled up to me. "And she's already recovered?" "No," Gina answers the question, and Leslie smirks, until Gina continues coldly, "I was having too much fun watching your torment." Ouch!

Trying to head off a cat fight, I speak up, "Head out that door, and follow the arrows that appear for you, to get back to the other room." She gives me a dubious look, but apparently doesn't want to back down in front of Gina, and heads out the door. I have to open it for her, remembering that she doesn't know how to yet, and not really feeling like being generous at the moment.

"I'm scared," Gina says, drawing my attention back to her. "You don't have to do this," I remind her, but I see her hazel eyes grow steely. "If that bitch can do it, then I'll do it better." She draws in a deep breath, which does wonders for her bosom.

"Just. . Just do me one favor?" "Anything," I promise her, without hesitation. "Make love to me, while it happens. I—I think I'll be able to handle it better that way." I blink at her, not sure that I've heard her correctly, then lean down and softly kiss her lips. Her mouth trembles against mine, and I can tell she's terrified about what's about to happen.

I set the applicator to the side, as I move my kisses over to her ear. "I will do anything in my power to help you," I whisper, then hesitate only a moment before adding, "My love." I feel a little dirty for saying it, not because it's not true, but because Shanna is my official girlfriend, but I haven't said the words to her yet.

As the words leave my lips, I know them to be true though, and when she pulls back. Searching my eyes, I nod, letting her know I mean it.

I debate on telling Shanna through the nanites that I love her too, but refrain, wanting to deliver those words in person. Gina squeals in delight, and kisses me with a passion she's never shown before.

As I had earlier today, I feel like a lecher, loving more than one woman, but I can't deny the veracity of my feelings. Slipping my hands up her shirt, I cup her ample breasts through her bra, and moan as I feel her stiff nipples through the thin fabric. I want her to enjoy this as much as possible, in order to distract her from the coming torture, and lightly turn up the sensitivity to her areolas.

She moans back into my kiss, and I feel her hands dip into the waistband of my pants and boxers, easily finding my stiffening wood. 'Leslie just came back,' Shanna says through my mind. 'Is everything okay?' 'Yes,' I reply as I lift the cups up over Gina's breasts. 'I'm just helping Gina a bit.' 'I'm sure you are.' While it's impossible to tell emotion through the text, I somehow get the sense that there's no heat in it.

Gina starts working at the buttons to my pants, as I playfully thumb her nipples, and move my mouth to her neck, nibbling lightly. Lifting my hips to let her pull my pants off me, she separates herself from my body, leaving me temporarily cool, after the heat of her presence, and a moment later my goose-bumps triple in size as her lips wrap themselves lovingly around my phallus. This time the moan that explodes from my throat isn't one designed for her enjoyment, but one that somehow expresses my love, desire, and pleasure all at the same time.

Gina redoubles her efforts, and despite this lovely already having received one load of cum from me today, I can already feel myself getting close. I gently lift her head from my lap, and lean forward to meet her delicious lips with my own. Continuing to push forward, I press Gina onto her back, never breaking the dance with our tongues.

I place my hands on her hips, then softly slide my hands up, taking her shirt up over her head. Her bra is still sitting over her tits, but I ignore it, as I latch onto one of her sensitized nipples, eliciting a moan from her.

I feel her fingers dig into the back of my neck, and I start working at her pants, easily undoing the buttons, and sliding them down and off, using my feet to shove them away the last bit. Switching nipples, I allow my hands to travel up to her sex, slightly surprised at how wet she already is.

Despite having just gotten her pants off, there is a steady stream of hot fluids flowing from her sweet canal. My fingers find her sensitive clit, and I tease it a little with the tip of my finger. She hunches her hips against my hand, wanting more contact. I bite a little more firmly on the tip of her breast and press hard against her clitoris for only half a second, before her juices gush out of her and she arches her back, moaning loudly.

"Make love to me Nick," Gina moans, and I aim my rod for her opening, and plunge in. I've been with Gina a number of times before, but this is the first time she's every gone this wild before. It's a good thing that I've had a bit of a break from her fantastic blowjob, as she bucks and grinds underneath me, or I'd be spewing all over her insides within seconds.

She feels so great as her velvety folds slide around my member, and I'm pulling every mental trick I can to keep from cumming already. She pulls my head up to hers, and thrusts her tongue down my throat and I know she's close. I grab the applicator, and as soon as I feel her fluids flowing down my balls, I fire the applicator off in her.

My own body locks up, and my cum mixes with hers, and then is driven out of her, as we both reach a new level or orgasmic bliss. Gina is panting heavily, and it slowly turns into a groan of pain as the nanites start to take effect in her bloodstream.

Without hesitation, I summon the healing yellow light, and feel myself recover in her gripping cunny in record time. Her chest mashes against my chest as she holds me tight. "This helps," she tells me through gritted teeth, and I feel her hips start moving against brooke banner gets fucked by the customer again.

We continue in this manner, her vagina getting tighter as her pain increases, but she never lets up, and refuses to stop. After my third load is deposited into her womb, I just stay hard inside her.

As great as she feels, knowing how much torment she's in impedes further orgasms. * * * Our hair is a mess, and there's no mistaking what we've been up to for the last while. Of course, walking in with nothing but light-suites on doesn't exactly imply chastity, legal age teenager deep throat oral job. The alien suites had been my idea, wanting to snub Leslie in one last way, as she's now the only one dressed in normal clothing.

The Asian woman's eyes narrow even ebony college les licks lesbiansex and lesbians as she spots us, and then go wide, as she spots my limp member. Even flaccid it's likely more than she's ever seen. I see her cheeks burn red, as she flips around, and stutters through whatever she'd been talking to Lela about.

Shanna walks up to me, and I lean over to kiss her gently on the lips. Too late I remember where my lips gorgeous nicole rey gets fuck by dudes big cock for money been, as she licks her own, and smiles.

Gina pulls away from a little, but Shanna pulls her back, and kisses her softly. It occurs to me that with us all wearing the special suites, we shouldn't be able to touch each other, but somehow the suites allow contact, as long as both people are wearing them. I still remember the pain of touching Lela that first time. 'Am I in any trouble?' I send to my girlfriend. 'You know nothing, Jon Snow,' and I can't hide my smile, knowing that I'll be alright.

Summer walks over to us, and gives me a hug. As always when we touch, the awareness of all my switches expands in our minds. 'I like the new switches in your girlfriends,' Summer sends me, and I know she's referring to the ones increasing sensitivity in the other two women. 'You'd better do the same for me!' 'Pervert,' I send back to her as she backs away, but I create the switches all the same, bumping them up a little.

My sisters eyes expand, and I can see her nipples grow taught, as she gives a nice little shiver that does wonders for her curves. I realize that these are the first switches I've made in my sibling. "Has she been any help on coming up with a way to defeat the demons?" I ask out loud, nodding to the only dressed person in the room. "Kind of," Shanna says, glaring at the other woman.

"Once you get past her arrogance, she truly is a genius, but she doesn't know much about tactics, or even a way to stop such overwhelming numbers." My heart drops when I hear this, but Summer steps in. "She is, however, able to interface with this ship, and already the ship is upgrading itself." I light up at that.

"Weapons?" I ask, excitedly, only to be let down a moment later. "No, we just don't have the resources on board, and can't cannibalize the other ships either," my sister states. "She has, however, been able to upgrade the ships engine.

We are a lot more agile than we were before, and they're still working on other things as well." "Well, beggars can't be choosers," Gina says next to me, and I agree. Thinking about just how smart the newest member to the crew is, I remember that final question, and walk over to the two conversing in the corner.

Leslie looks at me as I walk up, and I catch her eyes drop once again to my midsection, before she very pointedly turns back to Lela. I notice Harana isn't around, and figure she is in with my kids.

"Lela, what's the deal with that last equation at the competition?" I ask, and Leslie looks at me in shock for a second, before girl plays with nice tits naked and gets badly pounded reality and private embarrassedly away. "You don't know?" She says to the opposite wall. "No, my vision went gray just as it popped up. I never actually saw the question," I tell the back of her head. 'Sit down, please,' Lela sends to all of us, and we oblige.

Leslie's knee touches mine for a split second, and she flinches away, likely after contacting the light suite. Harana comes out, carrying two softly mewing kids, and hands them to Lela, who begins to breastfeed them without preamble. The conservative Asian woman's cheeks go deep scarlet, and she looks away, only to look back a second later, and stare. Her stare turns to me, then to my semi hard cock (hey, I'm around a bunch of naked females. What do you expect?), then back up to my eyes.

"Those kids are yours!" she blurts out, and the other three human females in the room burst out laughing, which only embarrasses Leslie even more. "Long story," I tell her, and then turn back to Lela. I know I can talk to her through the nanites, but it's just easier to talk out loud. "So what happened with my nanites?" 'The equation that appeared is too advanced for your race to handle responsibly,' the those college nice looking sluts hardcore reality appear before all of our eyes.

'It was automatically blocked.' "Too advanced?" Shana asks, incredulously. "But Leslie saw it." "And solved it," the woman in question answers haughtily in her slightly accented voice. "I noticed that the government had started watching over me since just before the holidays. I think they planted that equation in the hopes that I would solve it, but I immediately recognized what it is for, and refused to do so." "Her refusal to answer that question is why I knew we could trust her," Summer says, and we all look at her.

"What? I knew what that look on her face meant, and knew that we could use her." "Yes, but I didn't have these tiny robots helping me," Leslie says pointedly, looking me hard in the eyes, and I can tell she is trying hard not to look down. "What was it?" Gina prompts, at least as curious as I am.

'It was an equation that would have unlocked the entire human genome,' Lela tells us. "But that could be used to cure genetic maladies, like Alzheimer's syndrome, or MS!" Shanna shouts, unexpectedly.

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"That could help the human race advance in so many ways!" Then her eyes grow large, and we all see the problem. Yes, that knowledge could indeed cure the human race of any genetic diseases, and even help make us stronger, smarter, and so much more than we currently are. But it could also be used to destroy what makes each person different, or make some kind of genetic attack that could be used to wipe out an entire civilizations as well as specific diseases.

If one government had it, they could make an army of super soldiers that mature within a year, completely brainwashed, and then die within four. They could take over the world, and rule with an iron fist, with impunity. In short, the human race truly isn't ready for that knowledge. "Since you didn't answer, are we safe?" Summer is the first to break the silence.

Harana swaps out two more kids with Lela, after the yellow light swells her breasts again. I notice Leslie's eyes glued to the angel during the whole transfer, and then she looks away, her cheeks flushing again. 'As long as no others with Leslie's intellect can find the answer, it should take a couple more decades to solve it.' We all sigh in relief, but I have to ask, "Will we as a race be ready then?" 'I cannot predict the future.

It may be that your race will surprise yevonne hot blonde sucked a big cock all, but it could also be that you wipe yourselves out. Until your leaders can learn to work together, however, I wouldn't hope for much.' Lela's words are daunting, but not apocryphal. We spend a few more hours into the night trying to come up with some sort of strategy, or way to stop the demons from destroying the Earth and humanity.

Summer pulls out the Rocket Twin's necklaces, and goes over what little she's learned from them. Summer can use the abilities she's discovered, and after some testing, so can Leslie and I, but for the rest of the women in the room, the necklace is simply made of large diamonds.

When Shanna puts one on, with her dyed-red hair, I can't help but think of Wilma Flintstone.


'More like Pebbles, and you're my Bam-Bam,' she sends to me, after I make the comment to her. Even with Leslie's immense, overbearing, overdone, and domineering intelligence (yes, I'm a little jealous), we don't succeed at coming up with any good ideas.