Slender blond bitch dped by nasty black guys on the bed interracial gangbang

Slender blond bitch dped by nasty black guys on the bed interracial gangbang
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To anyone looking in from the outside, my life and my family was a fairly typical one. My name is Jordan Pickering, I live with my mom, my dad, and my older brother. I was born 13 years ago in the local children's hospital and really that's how I think it all started. This whole wild and crazy story that has me wet just thinking about it. This is the story of how I was born a slut. See the moment I was born, there was a difference between what people saw and what my family did.

I was brought into the world with no complications and cheering doctors and I was brought home just a few days after.

But the moment the front door shut, my family could finally be ourselves, without having to put on our public faces and adhere to social norms. On that day it was no different. When my parents walked into our home with me for the first time, they placed me down on the ground. Shed all their clothes and started fucking as if they were horny teenagers all over again. Though this may seem odd, it doesn't really stand out does it?

After all, these two lovebirds couldn't exactly get it on in the maternity ward of a children's hospital. What pushes this whole situation over the edge, and sets me up to be the person I am today is the fact that once my dad was close to cumming, he pulled out of my mom who promptly grabbed my sleeping baby body and brought me under his cock.

Then she jerked my dad off so that he sprayed his cum all over my tiny body. Even though they did it as a spur of the moment thing, we would always joke later that this was the moment of my christening.

A baptism by cum if you will. The rest of my life would continue on this path. Sex was always just something that happened and my parents did. They never hid their sex life from my brother and I and would openly encourage us to watch or even join in. One of the first memories I have must have been when I was about four or five years old and I was on my parents bed with my brother who was wo years older than me. My dad was on top of my mom fucking her deep and hard while her legs were up in the air.

I just remember watching their sweaty bodies slamming into each other with fascination. I didn't find it sexy or gross but I just found it interesting. It was like watching people play baseball or studying blonde teen kelly paige milks big cock of stud like a nature documentary.

After my dad pumped his cum into my mom drew his cock out and held it in front my brother and I. "alright, who wants it" my dad asked us, and before I could even say anything my brother lept in and started licking the glistening mix of my mom's juices and my dads cum off of his cock.

Our lives would continue like this for the next while, with my brother and I watching our parents and cleaning them up when their done. Once in a while, they'd get us to "help out" by jerking or sucking my dad off, or licking my mom. When my brother, who's name is Jeremy by the way, started getting erections, my parents decided to sit us both down to have the sex talk. Jeremy and I were sitting on the couch and my mom and dad were sitting on chairs opposite of us.

"You both should obviously know what sex is, but your mother felt that we should teach you two more than just the basics." My dad started. "Of course it goes without saying, anything that happens in the family stays in the family".

That was the number one rule in the family and has become almost like our motto. No matter what happens or what is said in the house or to each other, it stays a secret. No one outside of our immediate family, even grandparents and uncles, knows about what we do. To a kid, that was exciting, it felt like we were secret spies with a deadly mission. We relished the opportunity to know something that nobody else, not even the adults in our lives, knew. "First, Jeremy, lets start with you." My dad continued.

"Tell me, what is masturbating?" "Duh, it's this" Jeremy replied while miming a jerking motion in the air. "Don't fake it, actually sania mirza sexy bf story it." My dad said sternly as Jeremy dropped his blue pajama bottoms and started stroking his young penis. After a while, his penis grew larger and got harder as he absent mindedly stroked it. "Good, now as you can see your cock can get hard now, which means you'll soon be able japan grand father in law romantic love story cum and you can finally have sex." My dad said almost scientifically.

"What that also means is you need to assume the role of a man rather than just a boy." Jeremy blinked confusingly at my dad. "As a man of the house you need to take control of the females of the house, that includes your mother and your sister." My dad pointed to my mom and I. "You need to discipline them and control them because it is your job as attractive cuties dont know who is fucking em man to control worthless cunts like these." He said as he waived dismissively at my mom and I.

"Let's try it shall we, I want you to use your mom here." "I… uh okay… hey mom" Jeremy said nervously. "You can do better than that Jeremy, you sound like a cunt yourself right now" My dad scolded him.

"Okay… slut get on your knees" my mom complied while smiling at her son and my dad nodded in encouragement.

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"Get over here and suck my cock like the slut you are." Jeremy said now with more confidence as my mom shuffled over to him while still on her knees. *slap* "Wipe that stupid smile off your face you worthless cunt." Jeremy yelled as she slapped my mom across the face, causing my dad to break out into a proud smile.

My mom recovered from the slap and proceeded to put her son's cock in her mouth while hanging her head down low. After a few minutes of Jeremy getting a blowjob from my mom, my dad pulled her by her hair off of him and threw her to the side. "That was good, I think you could still be harsher and you should definitely hurt her more but that's definitely a good start" My dad congratulated Jeremy as my brother beamed a smile back to him.

"Now, Jordan, it's your turn." I sat up and waited for my dad's instructions.

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student fuck teacher in class a girl, you have to remember one thing. You are worthless and your sole job is to pleasure men. It doesn't matter if it's your brother or me or some random person on the street, if there's a man asking you for sex, or if even looks like he wants sex, it's your job to be a good girl and do whatever he wants, is that clear?" I nodded enthusiastically in response.

"Now, let's test it out shall we, your mother has gotten your brother hard, so what do you think you should do?" I thought for a moment then leaned over to suck my brother off but a second after I moved, my dad slapped across the face so hard that it caused my ears to ring. "Two things you did wrong. One, you're not on your knees where sluts are supposed to be.

Two, you didn't beg for permission from your brother." My dad said sternly. I rubbed my face where I'm sure it was red from the slap and got on my knees. I then looked my brother in the eye with my best puppy dog eyes and said. "Please Jeremy, may I suck your cock." I asked him.

"I don't know, it doesn't sound like you want it." He said back with a smirk. "Please Jeremy, I beg you to let me put your cock in my mouth. I'm a worthless slut and it's the only thing I want." I pleaded with him. "Ah alright then." He replied, faking an exacerbated sigh as he grabbed my head with both hands and slammed my face into his crotch.

I barely had time to open my mouth to let it be filled with my big brothers cock.


It certainly wasn't the first time I sucked my brother off but for some reason it felt different. It felt right, like I belonged there on my knees pleasuring him. I felt content feeling him fuck my head by thrusting deeper and deeper into my mouth.

Even though my eyes watered, my throat hurt and I felt like I could barely breathe, I knew there wasn't anything else I want to be doing. Eventually, I guess my mouth was too much for Jeremy. I felt him shudder in my mouth and heard him groan. He held my head with his cock deep in my mouth and came straight down my throat. It wasn't a lot but it was his first time cumming and I was so happy that I was the one who swallowed it. My mom, who had been quiet for a while, suddenly hugged me from behind and kissed the back of my head.

"Oh I'm so proud of you Jordan, that was a great blowjob." She said while holding me tightly. "Yeah that was great sis… I mean you did good for a worthless cunt." My brother said breathlessly. My dad didn't say anything but just smiled.


Then he pulled down his pants to reveal his cock which was in the process of getting harder and harder. I didn't miss a beat before putting it all in my mouth, choking myself a little. For the rest ver xxxbuenas con chicos jovenes that night, I spent almost all of it on my knees alternating between my dad and my brother's cocks while my mom watched proudly from the side.

I don't even know how much cum I swallowed that night but I just remembered how happy I was. Happy to be able to serve the men in my house and happy that my mom was so proud of me. Also, I was just so happy that I was a slut.

The one thing left for me to do now is to lose my virginity…