Dump this loaded condom down your throat cei masturbation instructions cei jerk off instructions

Dump this loaded condom down your throat cei masturbation instructions cei jerk off instructions
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Dana had a special gift and it made her horny all the time now. The Sorority girls loved their new sister and her hot body. Dana learned the skills of pleasing eve hewson artist robin hood woman quite naturally. Her small town backwards upbringing had taught her nothing about pleasing boys or girls but, here in San Diego she excelled at teenie pussy filled with warm cum after getting fucked anyone off.

Carmen's room was down the hall and Dana woke up before sunrise and opened the door. Kathy had already left to go jogging before breakfast and Carmen was alone in the room.

Dana crawled into bed with her Sorority sister and kissed her fully on the lips to wake her up. Carmen kissed softly and they made out kissing and breast cupping each other for a while. That ticklish sensation shot down Dana's abdomen from her nipples right to her pussy. Her little pearl that should have been her clitoris actually was a fully functional penis with her sperm filled balls still inside. Dana's pussy was so wet now and Carmen fingered her inside until she found the g-spot.

Dana's g-spot stimulated her balls too. That special stimulation made Dana's dick start to fill with blood and extend out. Carmen took hold and lubed it with Dana's pussy juice.

Dana had it all and Carmen wanted to study every detail. She was a pre med student and this was better than any class or film. Carmen hand pumped Dana's erection and made the veins bulge out. Dana called, "Oh finger me inside some more please.

I love that feeling where you were just doing it." Carmen gladly stuffed her other fingers in and continued to jack stroke the stiff dick in her hand. It was like having a threesome with just the two of them. Carmen turned around the the bed and put her pussy in Dana's face. Dana licked Carmen's clit and fingered around to find that spot inside too.

Carmen went from stroking to sucking and continued to finger Dana's puss. Dana started to feel her balls tingle inside and started to stiffen her legs and shake.


Carmen sucked on Dana's glans and swirled around the hooded foreskin. That sent the load down the sperm duct like the trigger on a squirt gun. Carmen stuck one finger in Dana's ass while the other stayed in her pussy. Dana screamed and blew up like a geyser.

Dana couldn't get enough of this fucking. Her whole life in Kentucky had gone by with practically no mention of sex.

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She wondered if her parents even still did it. These hot California Sorority girls had taught her a lot and her hermaphrodite sexuality was teaching them lessons that, school did not offer. Carmen came softly from Dana and her tongue work and decided she needed to do some real scholarly research on this subject.

They were a little late for breakfast and had some fruit an yogurt before they left for school. Hot lesbian orgy with delicious sex bombs went right to the science library and found some articles that shed some light on Dana's sexual background. It seemed that the hermaphrodite trait usually passed directly from mother to child.

Carmen wondered if Dana's mother had the same features. Clearly back in Kentucky it was not a dinner table subject. Those small town hillbilly habits did include a lot of fucking in the family. Maybe the inbreeding in past generations had let this gene express itself. Carmen spent all morning reading and then went to the afternoon class section on.

She told her Professor Dr. Sylvia Eddy about her interest in hermaphrodite genetics. "That is a fascinating subject, Carmen.

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Why don't you do a paper on it? It would take extra time and you would probably need to go to other campus libraries to look up obscure research. I would give you a great recommendation for Med School if you follow through with it!" Dr. Eddy had belonged to the same Sorority back in Massachusetts. Carmen wondered if the girls back in the land of witch burnings and Puritan churches were as kinky as in California. She did not know how to bring up that subject so she just said, "Yes, I think some original work on the subject could collect a better understanding of the subject." Carmen tried to sound scholarly and scientific but, her mind was more occupied recent sex.

"Good," said Dr. Eddy. "Our school needs to keep up with UC San Diego and I think your research paper could be a great example of our fascinating lady is precious at blowjobs pornstar hardcore Carmen thought to her self what Dr. Sylvia Eddy would think if she knew the real nature of their schools new talent. Dana was a case study that might get her into Med School. She just had to figure out the best way to proceed.

Back at the Sorority, Carmen questioned Dana about her home life. It seemed like Dana's parents never kissed or anything.

She wondered how they were in the bedroom but, Dana had no clues to offer. She tactfully asked about the birds and bees. Dana said she had learned more in the last week that in her whole upbringing. Carmen realized this was not going to be easy to learn about from Dana or from the Library. Kathy and Carmen had been room mates for two years and had been lovers the whole time. Kathy intended to get married and have kids but, her addiction to lesbian sex had to be included.

Carmen dug out a strap on and put it on her leg harness. Then she got the double dildo and stuffed the gripping end in her squeeze box. She waited for Kathy to come out of the shower and kissed her in the bathroom doorway. Kathy looked at Carmen's equipment and knew she was in for some hard fucking. Carmen sat Kathy down on her leg with the lubed strap up her ass.


Then she fingered Kathy and kissed her from lips to breasts. Kathy moaned and panted with anticipation. She knew Carmen was hot and on a mission of some sort. Carmen fingered Kathy wide open and made sure she was wet and ready. The she pulled Kathy up on the ass dildo and slipped the double header into her puss. Kathy was impaled like a lamb associates step sister and mom russian asshole jane doux in when father is away stepmom a spit with two skewers to keep her from turning away.

"I know you have something on your mind Carmen!" Kathy mumbled deliriously. "When you start fucking this crazy, there is always a lot more to come!" Carmen laughed and pumped her leg into Kathy's ass. "You are so right sister! You just don't know how right you are!" Carmen stuffed and pounded Kathy until she fell into Carmen's arms and came repeatedly.

Kathy usually took charge and being taken like that thrilled her more than usual. Carmen took Kathy back to the shower and the stood together and cleaned up. She washed Kathy's hair while Kathy ate her out and then they went down to dinner. Kathy came from a wealthy Texas oil family and had left the South for the same reason Dana left Kentucky.

California was much more up to date and that small Texas oil town had no culture besides country music. They had cars and airplanes and her dad gave her millions of frequent flier miles tax free. Carmen knew those extra miles would come in handy on her research paper&hellip.

She told Kathy about her meeting with Dr. Sylvia Eddy. Kathy agreed it was a worthy project and promised to help any way she could. Kathy did some further questioning of Dana about her family and upbringing. The only thing she learned is that Dana had learned practically nothing about sex at home. She wondered how Dana's mom ever got pregnant or what her parents really knew about sex. After a busy school week many of the girls left for the weekend. Kathy and Carmen conspired to get Dana into yet another hot threesome with them and they showed her what they could do with all their sex toys.

Kathy majored in engineering and had some electro stimulator devices that could make a girl come without touching or licking. Dana had her ass electrified and her dick milked by remote control. They had the housemother wondering if they would ever take any meals that weekend.

Dana asked for some help with her homework and at least they kept up on that. By Sunday night it was clear that some travel would be needed to find out about Carmen's study of hermaphrodite genetics. Kathy transferred thousands of miles into Carmen's account and set up an account for Dana.

Dana transferred her sperm into the other girls pussies and did what she could to reciprocate their generosity. A good time was had by all. Studies were advanced and their pussy juices filled the air. California College life was hot!