Exciting a lewd phallus gloryhole and hardcore

Exciting a lewd phallus gloryhole and hardcore
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"Young Cindy" By Gail Holmes Firstly I can't tell you my age as you may consider me to young, my sexual activities started when I'd happened to come across my big sister and her boyfriend at it. It was my sister's gluttony for sex that started me off. A lot of my girlfriends had already had sex, but myself no, ok, from their experiences I feel I've missed out, and I mean big time, one actually had had a coloured guy, and from her own experiences they are the biggest, or at least their cocks are, hell one couldn't help getting wet by just listening to her.

Needless to say, all us underprivileged girls were weakening at the knees at the contemplation, okay I'd had a session with my hairbrush, I even gone shopping with my Dad, but making sure that I selected one with a nice thick handle. God; what would he have thought should he have known as to what I wanted it for. To be honest I think I'd overstepped the mark, it wouldn't go up inside me, whether I didn't have the knack I don't know, but the pain was excruciating, the thing was the handle of the brush was nowhere near as chunky as the cock's they'd spoken of.

It was a Saturday night; Mum and Dad had gone out, my sister had brought her boyfriend home, okay you can guess as to what happened, however, my sister always made sure that I'd kept silent with regard to Mum and Dad with a backhander, which was handy. However, the noises coming from her room had andy san dimas gives nasty foot job hankering after cock for myself. I knew her boyfriend didn't know of the backhanders that I was getting from my sister to keep quiet; sometimes I don't think he even knew I was in the house.

Anyway, on this particular occasion, I just had to find out for myself. I knew by the clearness of the sounds her bedroom, the door had to be open, thus giving me a chance to see into the bedroom.

I was amazed at the sight before me, not so much as to the noises she was making. He had her kneeling on the edge of the bed, he'd one foot of his own placed up onto the bed beside her, I could see everything, and as my girlfriends had implied a cock was a huge kolkata police search some porn. Well he was really giving her some; it looked hellishly long to me, my eye's watered for her, my finger went straight down to my pussy, okay the sense of feeling was nothing compared to what my sister was getting.

Ok, in my time I'd never been fingered by a boy, the sight of this though was more than gratifying, even my finger appeared to bring me off. It's a wonder they never heard my own moans. I knew I'd have to try cock for myself very soon, but knowing I had to make it so it couldn't be found out.

The chance came to me on a Saturday afternoon; my sister was out not expecting her boyfriend for at least two hours or more. There was a knock at the door; I was in the garden at the time reading, it was her boyfriend, needless to say I asked him in, offering him a cool beer, it was a nice hot sunny day, telling him to go out into the garden and I'd bring his drink to him. When I finally had the drinks I went out into the garden, he'd taken a chair just below the recliner that I had for myself.

Normally I'd have been wearing shorts, today however I'd a short skirt and blouse on, after seeing as to how he'd initially scrutinised me when he'd enter the house an idea came to me. "There you go one nice cool beer; compliments of the house!" I smiled at him sitting back onto my recliner.

"You don't mind if I carry on reading my book do you!" "Hell no, you go ahead give me a chance to relax!" He implied. I knew from his viewpoint, should I lift my knees he'd pretty latina gets huge load of sperm in her face good observation up under my skirt.

I'd done this before and caused quite an audience, this time I had my mind made up to excite him; it would be at least two hours before my sister returned home.

I lifted my book; making sure that I'd enough room over the top of it to watch his movements, as soon as I lifted one knee he turned to face me, but making sure that at this particular time his eyes were not in my direction.

In fact he even commented on the warmth of the day. I never looked up agreeing with him, still studying my book. He'd considered my interest was fully in my book; it was then that his eye took in the full view before him.

As luck would have it I was wearing a brand new pair of silk panties that I brought the day before, I couldn't have chosen a better time to wear them. His hands dropped into his lap, I never realised it would take effect that sudden, I still to this day can understand as to why such a sight turns a fella on, if I'd have been in a bikini, nothing would happen, what's the difference I wonder? Ok, if I see a bulge in a fellas swimming trunks; then that's fine, but girls have nothing protruding, whether it's panties or bikini.

I know sometimes my panties would fall into the crease of my pussy, but I couldn't be sure that that was the case at the moment; he was really kneading his crotch now, God, I wish I could get worked up as quick!" "Is your drink okay?" I asked looking over the top of my book.

"Yes, fine!" He replied. "You look flushed; are you alright?" "Fine, I think it must be the sun, it's quite hot now!" His hands were still in his crutch area, I knew I'd have to make a move or all would be lost knowing he'd not. I dropped my book into my lap and looked at his hands, he dare not move them, as he'd reveal his stiffened manhood. He looked and smiled at me. I eased one leg over my sun recliner, assuring he'd of an uninterrupted view. I stood before him, lifting my arm looking at my watch.

"At least another hour and a half before Judy gets home, I can't just sit and see you suffer!" I implied looking down at him. "Suffer! I'm fine!" He managed to say. "I don't think so! Remove your hands!" He was adamant at first, then slowly he moved them, I'd have expected it to be more prominent than it was, however it still protruded from his shorts.

"There! I knew it; whatever has caused that to happen? We'd better see as to what we can do!" I went down in front of him onto one knee, there was no need to undo his flies, so I reached up the inside of his shorts.

God, the sensation that went through my body when I'd actually got him into my hand, it felt huge. "He is up and coming isn't he!" I smiled. "I really don't think you should be doing this!" He implied without any movement to stop me.

"I can't let him stay like this, tell me what would Judy do if she knew you were in this state?" "That's different!" "It's no different at all, she'd willingly assist him I'm sure of that, now don't be such a spoilsport!" I couldn't believe my eyes when I finally got him out through the bottom of his shorts, I'd never really seen one close up, I couldn't believe the size and shape of it's head, it was gigantic.

Taking it into both hands I rubbed it soothingly, then put my mouth over the top, he wriggled in his chair to get a more appropriate position. This was my first time, thankfully a blowjob had been explained to me, and I don't think I was doing to bad, by the sounds that he was making. Trouble was I was getting quite hornie myself, however I'd been informed by my friends that no matter as to what my needs are; I must see him through until the end, then it would be up to him if he'd take me to bed or not.

He placed his hands down onto my head holding me firmly assisting my efforts on his cock, Christ at one stage I thought I'd choke as to his willingness to speed of my actions, his hips were now lifting to my movements. Leaning forward he pushed suny and denis in a nice lesbian scene by sapphic erotica masturbation hand up under my skirt, I sensed his long fingers searching for the side of my panties, willingly I reached down pulling them to one side, his finger felt enormous, this was to be my first invasion, he was the first to touch me there.

I sensed it wouldn't be long now by his actions and moans, his hands now held my head firmly his cock thrust in to my mouth deeply, then it happened, thankfully his cock was so deeply immersed in my mouth his cum forced itself straight down my throat, I thought I'd never be able to catch my breath again. Finally he lifted my head bringing my face up to his own, kissing me gently on the lips. "Christ, does it run in your family?" He grinned as he eased our lips parted.

"Run in the family?" I questioned. "Your sister is the same, you both give a magnificent blowjob!" I couldn't believe his words, I'd considered that I'd not done bad for my first attempt, I didn't realise I was that good.

"So, now you owe me then?" I smiled up to him. "You mean it don't you! You hot oral sex and wild anal sex hardcore and blowjob do, we'll have to see about that though.

I mean with you it could be jail bait!" "I feel quite honoured!" "Honoured, how come?" "You telling me that I'm jail bait, I've never been called that before.

How old do you really think I am?" "That's the problem these days it hard to tell!" "Believe me, I'm old enough! So when do I get my reward then?" "Well, for a start you've drained me dry, and then there is Judy, she'll be home soon, I like to have freedom, I don't want it to be a quick wam-bam-thank-you-mam, you deserve better than that, we'll have to make a date for it!" I knew if I didn't pin him down to a date then I'd lose out, I was sure he'd work his way around it.

I'll be at home all day on Tuesday, Mum, Dad and Judy will be at work?" He thought for a few moments then replied. "We shouldn't be doing this you know!" "You didn't consider that five minutes ago! It was alright then?" I questioned. He knew I was right, recognizing as most girls do, he wanted to bed me!

If it happened he would be in for s nice surprise, not to many men get to bed a virgin. Providing he'd not realised as he fingered me that is. "Ok, you're on, say about ten?" "That sounds fine, it'll give me chance to have a nice bath, I'll be more than ready for you then!" I smiled. "Now I think its time for a top up, like another beer?" "Sounds good to me!" He replied.

I was just getting the beer from the fridge as Judy walked in. "Beer! I never thought you liked it?" She implied. "It's not for me!" I laughed. "Rodney is out in the garden it's for him!" Judy said no more, and walked straight out into the garden.

"Hiya, you're early, I didn't expect you till four. I hope Cindy has been looking after you?" Judy smiled down, as Rodney adjusted his sitting brunette ex girlfriend delilah blue sucking dick and banged allowing her to sit onto the edge of his chair.

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"She's done well!" "Not to well I hope?" Judy grinned leaning forward kissing him on the cheek. "Here you go; beer for Rodney and a lemonade for you!" I said taking the glasses off the tray. "Had a good time shopping?" I asked hoping to render Rodney's embarrassment, he was sure that Judy could tell that something had happened. "He's nearly drunk us out of beer, I've been running up and down to the kitchen since he's been her.

Rodney looked at me and smiled, knowing that I'd broken the run of speech, and he was in the clear. "Yes I've brought a few bibs and bobs, I have something for you, I'll show you later!" Judy grinned. Judy reached across his lap grabbing his cock; Cindy knew this was her queue to leave, not wanting to cramp her sister's style. She didn't realise it takes a man time to recuperate after a session, even a blowjob. "Not in front of Cindy" Rodney whispered "She knows when to leave us don't worry!" Judy grinned then moved down in front of him undoing his fly.

"We'll soon have him up and running!" She mused. "Don't worry Mum and Dad won't be home till six, and I owe you this!" Judy brought his cock out into the open then went straight down on it. Rodney was worried as to whether she'd get him up or not; he knew he'd to think of Cindy next Tuesday. Thankfully it worked, she was looking out of the kitchen window, putting her thumbs up, to which he returned the gesture, knowing she was also worried as to whether Judy could bring him back up.

Tuesday came Cindy was getting slightly agitated, thinking that her mother wouldn't leave the house. "You seem to be on edge this morning Cindy; are you alright?" Her mother asked in a kindly manner.

"Just a mite tired Mum; think I'll go and jump into the bath see if I can liven myself up!" "As long as you're ok, as I'll have to be getting to work now" "I'm fine Mum, you have a nice day, I'll see you when you get home later!" Thankfully her mother then left, Cindy quickly headed for the bathroom, and she was in it for no more than five minutes when the front doorbell rang she'd just managed to wash her bits.

"Hell you're early! I'd only just got into the bath!" Cindy advised as she opened the door to Rodney. "Something has come up, I'll have to leave at 11.30, I saw everyone had left the house, not wanting to let you down I thought you wouldn't oldnanny grandma is having fun in the bathroom if I was a bit premature?" "No that's fine, come on in!" Cindy pulled her dressing gown together at the front; the draught from the open door had chilled her.

"Would you like a drink of some sort?" "Coffee if you have it?" "Can you help yourself, you know where everything is, and I'll just go and finish my bath" "Sure thing, can I wash your back?" Rodney chuckled. "Why not, it might give you a chance to find you're way around!


I'll have a old bitch seduces her daughters man tube porn also whilst you're at it!" Cindy smiled to herself for being so brave, she couldn't believe as to her own words. "I'll be right up then!" Rodney replied with a snigger Cindy got straight back into the bath making sure that she washed all the necessary bits; she was just drying herself when Rodney came into the bathroom with her coffee. "You may as well take it straight into the bedroom, you know which is mine!" Rodney left making for her bedroom, he'd never seen into it before, being surprised as to it's lay out, she must have had everything in it from when she was a child.

Cindy took a last look at herself in the mirror, adjusting her hair. "Well today's the day then, today you're going to become a woman!" She said to herself. She wasn't to sure whether or not she should tell Rodney of her virginity, knowing that it would hurt the first time, but she decided against it; she didn't consider that he'd be rough. hot black bitch gets fucked and facialed you've made yourself comfortable then!" Cindy sniggered at the sight of Rodney lying out on her bed "Come you here!" Rodney smiled sitting up on the bed.

As I walked up to him he reached out taking me by the hips, then looking up to me he started to untie the belt of my dressing gown allowing it to open. "Jesus! Now that, that's what you call a body!" He implied holding the front of the gown wide open I felt somewhat embarrassed by his remark I knew my figure was somewhat dominative up against my sisters, she was very heavily busted up against my 34a cup Rodney stood then started to peel my dressing gown from my shoulders, I couldn't have felt more naked, he placed it onto the bed then turned and stood in front of me.

"Perfect, just perfect, I'd never have dreamed that you had such a heavenly body!" He smiled turning me and easing me back down onto the bed then lying beside me.

His hand went straight to my breast, kneading it as he kissed me. The feeling was good, the warmth of his hand and the flicking of his tongue excited me, and leaving my lips he moved down leisurely nibbling my neck then hovered over my breasts.

"Never have I seen such firm breasts!" he remarked before going down on them. His hand had now moved down onto my tummy, I waited hoping the his fingers would start exploring my pussy, I knew that I'd been wet from the time I'd got up, he toyed with my pubic hair running his fingers through it giving it a gentle tug every now and again; my body became alive to his motions.

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Unexpectedly, he sat up then moved me around so that I lie lengthwise along the bed, then he moved in between my legs, to start with he just looked at my pussy. "Now that is different, never have I seen such a compact pussy, I'll bet that's not had a lot of cock, certainly different to Judy's!" It was then that he went down on me, I'd heard of this action, but hell it was good, I'd have never realised so much gratification could be had from just a tongue it was sending shocks throughout my body, I wasn't to sure as to how long it could be sustained.

I sensed a finger entering me; this with the actions of his tongue threw me into an almighty orgasm. "At-a-girl, you know what you like don't you?" I sensed another finger, but this time it became hurtful, I wondered as should I tell him of my virginity, but decided to withhold the information, I didn't want to belittle myself. I had to hold my breath the pain was so severe. He sat back up undoing his trousers, I was mesmerised when his cock literally jumped over the top as he pulled them down, whether it was my lowness to him I don't know; but his cock looked massive, agreeable I'd only seen half of it out in the garden, when I'd drew it out from under his shorts.

"Now for some real enjoyment!" He grinned. I was about to find out as to why my sister was so noisy, in a way I could almost understand her predicament with a cock this big. He moved over my body, the huge cock in his hand. I pulled him down to me; I didn't want his to see any signs of stress, as I knew there would be. Feeling his cock as he butted it up against my pussy he encircled it within my entrance as to pick up some of my juices. It was then that I sensed the starting of pain as he eased it up inside me.

"Hell, you're tight, of that I do know; still as you advised me, you've not had a lot" He smiled down to me. Both his hands were now at my sides, and then he started to put his weight behind his cock. Again I reached up pulling him down until I could place my head onto his shoulder. The pain was excruciating, I bit my lips hard, hoping the pain would soon subside.

"Relax, your to tense!" He could tell that my body was tense; I tried to relax more, but the pain was agonizing. I gripped his shoulders, I didn't know whether to scream out or pull myself away from him. I knew the best thing to do was to pull myself onto him in one swift movement it would be done then; however, I decided against this as it would have made me look cheap, I didn't want him to think he was my first, and then again I didn't want to look as if I was used to being fucked.

Suddenly his cock broke through my maidenhead; Christ the pain, it was horrendous; so abrupt was it that his cock seemed to sail straight up inside me as soon as he was through. "Had me going there! That sure was pussy power; I've never had a woman hold me back like that before. God, you're fucking tight!" He chuckled then pulled back to look down at me.

"You alright?" He'd noticed that my eyes were watering; if only he'd have known they were tears he'd of known of the reason. "Fine, hell that feels good!" I replied. "You're nowhere near as lose as Judy, still that's a good thing" he implied as he started to fuck me in a measured pace. The initial pain had now subsided, although I felt completely stretched, his cock felt really good; I'd never had the inclination that it could be so pleasurable.

He started to speed his pace; his cock banging against the bottom of my womb, nevertheless, the sensation was orgasmic, I held onto his wrists, my eyes closed, it was like a dream, I could fully understand my sister's moaning, I'm sure that I to did likewise, orgasm after orgasm it was almost as if I was in another world.

Rodney was panting I sensed that he was about to cum, knowing as to how tight my pussy must have been to him. He was pushing himself into me so hard; or should I could say abruptly that I'd moved to the top of the bed.

He leaned down kissing me passionately, I sensed his hips lowering then he came, God, and the sensation of it was out of this world; I clung onto his shoulders, then young bbw get fucked hard by big cock him hard on the lips. "That was my first; I'll never forget it!" I smiled up to him, only then realising as to my words.

"Cindy, you little fool, I wouldn't have been so harsh if I'd have known that!" He withdrew his cock smoothly out of my pussy then looked down between us, the telltale remnants of blood showed along the sides of his cock. "Why ever didn't you say?" Again he lean down and kissed me. "I thought you might not have continued should you have known!" "I'd have been a lot more sympathetic and gentle I can tell you that.

Still it's a first for us both, you're my first virgin!" He smiled. "You're telling me that Judy wasn't?" "Am I in for a feud here, I take it by that question she told you she was!" "Don't worry I'll say nothing!" I smiled. "Like a drink before you go?" I said leaping from the bed. "Sound good to me, just a cup of tea!" "I'll just get cleaned up I'll meet you downstairs!" I left the room and headed for the bathroom whilst Rodney was still lying on the bed.

I couldn't believe the mess that I was in, it's no wonder that Judy always seemed to walk funny after she been bedded by him, I sat on the toilet and gave a long push within my pussy, it just pored from me in one long stream. "How do you feel now?" Rodney quizzed as I came into the kitchen. "You really want to know?" I smiled.

"Uh-ha" He replied. "For your benefit; really and truly fucked! However, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope that'll not be our last?" "I think you're walking on glass here!" Rodney surmised. "We'll just have to be careful; that's all. So long as I don't wear you out for my sister it should be fine! I'm sure there will be times when she's not available, in fact I know there will be, if you take my meaning" "Yes I can see your point, but still care must be taken, you might have to come over to my place, I think that would be the easiest and safest for that matter?" Rodney smiled lifting his cup up to his lips.

"To be fucked on the same bed as my sister, hell that sounds great?" "Cindy, how old are you?" "You have me worried; I'm not saying that I'm as young as I look?" "Tell me?" "Don't worry you're safe!" I laughed. "Ok, I better be? Now I have to go I'll more than likely see you this afternoon, as I have to pick Judy up at 3 pm!" Judy got back home at 2.30. She was in a bit of a rush.

"Do me a favour sis, Rodney is coming soon, can you get the dinner on the go, if I don't have a portion soon I think I'll go mad for it!" She implied. "Portion?" I questioned. "Portion, get laid! Oh of course you wouldn't know would you? I mean getting laid, Christ, I haven't had it for nye on four days. He'll be here at three I'd like to get a bath and freshen up before he gets here!" "In the afternoon?" I asked with a grin. "You wait until you have the need for it, you won't be so frivolous then.

I'll see you in a bit, if he comes make him a mature redhead loves sex with young cock or something, he'll not be expecting this, I just hope I haven't caught him on a bad hair day, God, do I need it!" "You go on up, I'll start preparing dinner or we'll have nothing ready by the time Mum and Dad get home. Judy threw her coat over the hanger, and headed for the bathroom, moments later Rodney rang the doorbell. "Hope you're up for it as Judy is gagging for it, would you like a drink?" I chuckled "A cool beer if you have it, thanks!" Rodney mused as he sat at the kitchen table.

"You'll be all right won't you?" I questioned not knowing if he'd be able to perform with her. "No problem there, she'll be all right, I'll let her do the work!" Rodney smiled up to me as I gave him the beer. "Thanks!" Judy came downstairs in her dressing gown walking straight toward Rodney. "I have a little job for you to do!" Judy put her arm around his shoulder giving him a peck on the cheek then looked toward me with wink. "You don't need me for anything do sis?" "No, everything's under control, I have it all in hand you carry own!" It was but minutes before Judy started with her moans, she was really making me wet, my mind went back to the morning, and as to how I'd felt with his huge cock up me.

Christ, I know what she meant when she said she had a need for it, I wouldn't turn it down at the moment should I have the chance. It's a pity she wouldn't share him! They both came downstairs at about twenty to four; Judy was fully dressed.

"Thanks sis!" She said, blowing me a kiss and closing her eyes as if to say that was wonderful, whilst her back was facing Rodney "Another beer Rodney?" I smiled toward him.

"That sounds like a good idea!" He replied sitting back down to the table. I didn't see Rodney again until Saturday, he was real korean masseuse in tug job session Judy out to a nightclub, and thankfully he managed to get me on my own. "Any chance of seeing you in the morning, say around 10.30" he whispered in my ear before he left. "I'll be there!" I replied discreetly. I was over the moon with the idea, like my sister I'd a taste for his cock now, I just hoped we could continue without Judy finding out.

"Don't wait up Mum, I'll be staying over at Rodney's to night see you in the morning!" Judy shouted back from the hallway. "Don't you be late back; don't forget were going over to see your auntie in the morning!" Dad informed her. "I'll be back in time!" I looked back at Rodney he gave me a wink, so I presumed that Judy would have left by 10.30.

I was really looking forward to my next session with him now that my dreaded virginity was out of the way. I had an early night I wanted to make sure I had a bath before leaving to meet Rodney.

Judy was already home when I came downstairs after my bath. "Didn't expect you back so early!" I implied sitting next to her at the table, I take it your evening went well?" I questioned. "Not only the evening. Hell what a night, I'm sure he's thinking of someone else half the time he's never put so much effort into his lovemaking, mind you I still enjoy it!" "By the way Mum, Rodney and I have some news for you when he gets here tonight!" Judy smiled.

"I hope it will be good?" Mother replied without turning from the sink. "What's the news?" I quizzed, knowing she'd not tell me. "Later, you'll see!" Judy sniggered Rodney was still in his dressing gown when I arrived at his flat, it was the first time I'd been there. "Just got up?" I laughed as he let me in. "God no, no point in getting dressed if I've got to get undressed again is there!" He smiled "Oh I don't know I could have helped you!" I grinned. "Get you into the bedroom!" He replied lightly smacking me on the rump.

I threw my coat onto a nearby chair and sat onto the bed, which looked as if it had just been made. Rodney was down beside me, his arms around my shoulders. "So how's my little virgin today then?" he asked but kissing me before I could reply. "She's fine!" I replied as he eased me back down on the bed. His hand went straight up under my skirt, his fingers probing my panties; it didn't take him so long to find what he was after this time.

"Not quite as tight this time are we!" he mused as his long finger slid in and out dakatar and mrij xxx sex stories me. "Are you sure you've the energy?" I asked him taking his chin into my hands and kissing him squarely on the lips. "Is nothing sacred now-a-days?" He grinned "What's the good news that your bringing tonight then, Judy was full of it when she got home!" "Well if you already know why ask!" He smiled.

"That's just it she wouldn't say?" "I'll tell you later, firstly lets have these panties off! I've been thinking of you all week!" "So I've heard?" I grinned. "I hope you're not saying I talk in my sleep?" "No nothing like that; don't worry, it's just that Judy thinks you might be thinking of somebody else from time to time!" "Really, why would she say that?" "By all accounts you're lovemaking is getting better, or so she say's.


But I'll have to find that out for myself wont I?" I sat up and rolled him onto his back the opened the dressing gown, I hope he's clean!" I mentioned. "As he always is!" Rodney chuckled.

As soon as my lips engulfed the semi stiff organ his fingers had enter my pussy, it couldn't have been but a couple of second and my mouth was choc-a-block full with the mighty organ, its helmet catching on my teeth as I tried to withdrew, it seemed gigantic.

I sensed my clothes being removed from my body, lifting my arms as he slipped my blouse away from me. "Right, now let's get down to what you really want!" lifting my head he lowered me to the centre of the bed, spreading perky cheater blows fat cock in car legs extensively then moved in between them.

I felt his cock enter me; I felt that my legs couldn't open far enough to give the angry organ its headway. Gripping my ankles he lifted my legs up to my chest, it was then that I sensed the full magnificence of his cock. It was as much as I could do to sustain my breath, his huge cock was thrusting in and out like a piston, he'd recognised my need, it was sheer heaven, my body tensed, a feeling of well of being overtook me, cloud nine wasn't the word that I could use.

My back arched, orgasm took me, never had I sensed such sensation, my legs felt numb, shocks where travelling throughout my body, my arms and fingers tingled, I felt I was slipping, slipping into another world, a world with just flowers and birds, lakes with swans, autumn leaves were falling, golden, amber, rustic, the ground was covered with the many colours.

I heard my name being called from a distance, the voice was manly, again I heard it, and slowly I managed to open my eyes. "God, you had me worried there! Are you all right?" Rodney was looking down into my eyes; he briefly kissed my cheek. It was then that I realised that he was holding me in his arms; our lovemaking completed, although my pussy still felt as if he'd still got his cock in me.

"God, What happened?" "You passed out, you're okay now!" He squeezed my body towards him, kissing me gently on the lips, "That was out-of-this-world!" he informed me. Needless to say, I had to agree with him wholeheartedly, I felt weak, as if my body had been drained of its pure essence.

He eased me to one side laying me lengthwise along the bed. "I'll get us a drink, you rest there for a while!" He smiled down to me as he stood from the bed. I must have fell asleep, as the next thing I knew was when he was tapping my arm.

"Come on lazybones, I have a nice hot cup of tea. You feeling better now?" I sat up onto one elbow as he hand me the cup. "I take it that you enjoyed that then. I've been wanting to do that all week!" "So that's why Judy had considered that you were thinking of someone else then?" "Don't worry she hasn't gone short!" He smiled.

"So what's this surprise then? I asked my eyes not leaving his. "You can't guess?" "She's not pregnant is she?" I smiled. "Hell no, we're going to get married!" "Oh!" "Why oh!" "Well that looks as if I'm out of the door so to speak!" I replied, somewhat dazed by his answer.


"On the contrary, hopefully we'll be living at your house, I'll be closer to you then. .Of course that's if you want to continue our relationship that is? That way I'll know as to where you both are, and when the need arises, bingo!" "I don't think that's fair on Judy, at the moment it's fine, but when you're married, well that's different, I mean that is really cheating! I couldn't do that to her, as much as I enjoy you" "Well it's up to you, its there should you want it!" "I know she thinks you're wonderful, especially in bed.

I can only agree with her there, but there again I've only ever had you!" "Tell you what, you get laid by another guy then, then you'll have something to compare me with?" Rodney smiled.

"What just like that!" "I know of a guy that will willingly take you to bed, he fancies you something rotten!" "Nice, do I know him?" "His name is David Wallace!" "I know him, now he's real dishy!" I couldn't believe my on ears. "Really, you know him?" "It's through him I got your true age!" "So how old am I then?" "Nineteen, but you must admit you do look much younger" "That's the story of my life, everyone thinks I'm to young no matter what for!" I replied with an air of disapproval in my voice.

"So you want me to fix you up a date then. How do you know him?" "Same school. I fancied him at school, I never realised stella cox and jasmine jae full sex a crush on me?" "Consider it done!" Rodney smiled.

"But don't let him take you to bed on the first night; let him have a feel around just to keep his interest up! And only then release yourself, doing that to a guy, makes him want you all the more, the end result can be explosive!" "Your telling me this from your own account I take it?" "Well, look what has just happened, did you not enjoy it!" "That's different, I was a virgin the first time!" "No silly, it was me, I was really built up over you, and I had to make sure it was good for us both!" "You mean it's not always like that!" "I'm not saying that, but if you gee a guy up enough, if you let him take you on the first opportunity, then to him it's just a fuck.

He'll respect you my way, but make sure he gets all around your body, but no further!" The evening went fine Mum and Dad were as pleased as punch for Judy, there were hugs all around, when my turn came with Rodney my hand went down between us, just to make sure he knew I was there.

"It's on for Thursday evening!" He whispered into my ear. Rodney had arranged for me to meet David at the local nightclub, God, he looked dishier than ever, he reminded me so much of Arnie, I remember my friend Becky she was always after him at school, but he appeared a shy boy at the time, well at least as far as girls are concerned that is. We left the nightclub around 1.30, he'd a car so there was no need to walk home, he stopped about halfway, asking me if I liked Indian food, I told him babe with glasses exchange pussy for sex I'd try anything once.

That sounds interesting he informed me, I knew by his tone as to what he was talking about. Rodney had left me high and very dry since last Sunday, I knew I'd have to make some move or another, remembering as to how shy David was, I was just dieing to be fucked. But remembering Rodney's words I knew that I'd not to step over the line, just to let him have so much leeway and that was it.

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I knew I couldn't go to far as I still felt hot from the nightclub. David had picked a table in the corner of the restaurant; it was quite busy well I considered so for the time in the morning at least. This was the first time that I got a chance see him properly; even then the light wasn't too bright. I'd dressed as I thought sensible, but David's eyes seemed to be focused on my breasts, I didn't know if I'd a button undone or not.

It's not as if I was large in that department very far from it. Once our meals arrived he seemed to settle down, there was a lot of small talk mostly of school days. I asked if he'd like to go Dutch, he was amazed as to why I should have asked, but to me the meals were quite expensive, it's not as if I was a regular date.

On the way home he pulled into a gateway mature xxx sex stories storys com the local park, it was then that I realised his shyness had gone as we chatted his arm came around my shoulder pulling me toward him, agreeable it was a mite cold, we chitchatted for a while then he seemed to edge toward me kissing me on the cheek then on my lips, the first that I noticed was the invigoration of his tongue in my mouth, if anybody wanted sex he defiantly did, it wasn't helping me none, as I knew I'd have to leave him in the lurch as it were, that's if I followed Rodney's advice.

His hand was into my blouse as if that's what he was planning in the restaurant, working out the best way into it, his hands were warm to my skin, I know I should have shown some resistance, but it was getting late, I just wanted to see as to how gentle he could be, and gentle he was.

He wasn't a person to waste time, his hand was soon up under my skirt, and his probing fingers soon found their mark, God, it felt good, he was now suckling my breast. I knew I'd have to stop him soon or my surrender would have been irrepressible; I wanted to put my hand into his groin, as to give him some relief but there was little room between us. "David I must go home now!" He looked up into my eyes. "You're not a prick teaser are you?" David I don't mean to do this but it is late, what are you doing on Tuesday, as I have a day then?" Thankfully his doubt was reassured by my proposal, little did he realise I wanted it as much as him, I just hope he'd have the time.

"Afternoon?" He questioned with a smile. That would suit me fine, say around two!" "It's a date then, I'll been there on the dot!" Outside the house I thought he'd never leave, his hand went up under my skirt teen water bondage and dad rough sex with playmate partners daughter fuck my ass pound, I just hoped that Mum and Dad we're fast asleep, as I'm sure they'd have been able to see should they have looked out of their bedroom window.

Mum and Dad went out on Sunday afternoon, Rodney had come over; he and Judy were in her bedroom for most of the afternoon. All I could do was to listen to her moaning; I just hoped David would be as good when he came on Tuesday; Rodney was the first to come down. "Any chance of a cuppa; I feel bushed!" "By the noises Judy was making; I should think she is to!" I replied. "How'd it go with David then?" "I'm seeing him after lunch on Tuesday!" "Any chance of me coming around in the morning?

Remember you owe me?" "Owe you?" "Well I fixed up the date for you?" "In that case I suppose you'd better; what time?" "Same as before around 10.30, would that be all right for you?" "I suppose it better be!" "Now that's not nice is it, I thought you enjoyed my lovemaking?" "To be honest it's hurtful listening to my sister, when I know that I like to be the one up there with you!" "By the sounds of it, you'll more than likely have the two of us to contend with after Tuesday.

I'll bet you won't complain then?" "Remember it will be just a trial!" "Maybe so, what happens if you enjoy him, word has it he's very well hung in that department?" "Who's well hung?" Judy asked as she came into the kitchen.

"You and you're mind Judy, we were talking of wallpapering. Cindy was asking how much it would cost to re-paper her bedroom!" Rodney laughed. Tuesday was upon me before I knew it; Rodney's knock on the big booty latina enjoys a big black cock startled me, but as soon as I let him in he took my hand and guided me to the stairway.

I was quite taken aback by his eagerness; I'd have thought at least he would have passed the time of day. No sooner were we in the bedroom than he'd started to undress me. Considering he'd had Judy the night before I couldn't understand his impatience, but as soon as his own trousers were down I think I that was an understatement his cock reared up, standing for it's country you might say, and not just for me. If I'd not had it before it could have been quite a frightening sight.

"Trouble is if you know that you want it, and you know you're going to get it, there's little need for foreplay, he was into me before I'd chance of getting onto the bed properly, taking me from the rear as I tried to amble across the bed.

Christ it felt good, this way he seemed bigger than before, I pulled the pillow down in front of me, I had to bury my head into it to stifle my cries, after the fingering that David had given me on Saturday night I was more than ready for this. Whether or not Rodney was trying to prove himself I don't know; but whatever, he was doing a tremendous job.

God his cock felt good, I knew this wouldn't help me when I heard Judy's cries in the future, I was jealous as it was. My orgasms came in waves, all I could do was to grip the pillow, as soon as he sensed one was coming he'd fuck even me harder. At one stage his balls were thumping my belly, which took me through another orgasm, just the thought of it. He moved himself up onto the bed, his feet either side of me, God, if I wanted depth I surely got it in this position, I thought his cock might come out of my mouth he was in so deep.

Then his pace dawdled, I knew this was the time that I'd get my filling, and filling I got, and the feeling was out of this world, he was in so deep that I felt engorged by the amount of cum he was pumping up me, even my belly seem to expand, it seemed to be a boiling sensation, this must have been as to why I passed out the last time. "Where do you get you're energy from?" I asked when he finally withdrew.

"I'm not with you?" He grinned. "Well I know for a fact that Judy had a good seeing to last night, and here you are hours later giving me the same?" "As long as you both enjoy it why question it!" The word both, disturb me somewhat, he was such a good lover I hated the thought that I was sharing him.

"Point taken I suppose!" I replied. "Well, you'll be in for another session in a couple of hours. See how you find David, by all accounts you'll know your being fucked when he gets his rod up you." "I can't see that he'll better you!" "That I can't tell you; nevertheless be prepared, he's got one hell of a broad cock so I'm told, so you'll certainly know your being fucked by him!" "Don't be unkind!" "How do you mean unkind?" "Well he can't help the size of it can he?" "You're funny you are; I'm not being heartless, I'm just warning you to be primed for it, still you should be alright.

Think yourself lucky it was I that took you're virginity and not him! Make sure you get plenty of foreplay; you'll need it. I'll be back this evening to see as to how you got on?" He smiled After coffee he left, knowing the mess he'd left me in the last time, I went back up to the bathroom and took a shower for quickness, it was just as well, it was already running down my legs as I stepped in. I was grateful for the freshness that the shower left me in. I sat and watched as the time went by; I'd just finished my snack when the doorbell rang, if it was David he was twenty minutes early.

As I opened the door a smile greeted me. "You're early, come on in!" David stepped into the hallway his eye's everywhere. "Hope you don't mind I had time to waste so I thought I come early!" "No that's fine; would you like a drink of any kind?" "Just had one thanks!" "I'm sorry about the other night I didn't mean to leave you like that, I felt dreadful when I got home, it was a nice evening.

I thought I might have spoilt it for you?" "No way, I'm sure you'll make it up to me?" He smiled. I'm sure this was his way of saying lets get up to the bedroom, I still sensed the feeling of Rodney's cock inside me, the thought of another appealed to me at this time, especially knowing it was going to be bigger. I just hoped that he'd not realised that I'd already be fucked once that day as it was. I took his hand leading him up the stairway; he didn't need much persuasion he was at my heels all the way up the stairs.

"I hope you don't consider me forward; but as I said I felt I'd let you down the other evening, I feel that I must make up for it?" "Not to worry it's made me want you even more!" He chuckled.

I sat on the bed and watched as he started to undress. "Aren't you going to get undressed?" He grinned "I'll let you do that for me!" I hinted with a smile. Rodney was right, Christ he was well shod, even the thought of it in my pussy sent my head into turmoil, and it wasn't rigid at this stage. Nevertheless, it seemed to grow as he undressed. Rodney had certainly done him justice; I could feel my eyes watering at the sight of it. No sooner he'd undressed he was doing the same to me, his cock swayed to and fro with his every movement, he'd only just got my panties down and he was there his tongue between my legs, my pussy welcomed his actions.

I did wonder if all of Rodney's sperm have left me, I felt more than wet. "By the taste of this you've wanted me more than I'd have thought?" He briefly lifted his head to converse with me. I almost felt as if I was being eaten alive down there, then the finger, then another, I think he was making sure that I was having plenty of foreplay, and then another.

This was a strain though, I gripped the bedding as they were forced up me, and I mean forced. He was like a man demented I could only imagine that he was doing it for a reason. Leaving my pussy he started to climb my body, nibbling as he went, when he'd got to my breasts his hand went down between us, believe me the sensation was humongous, his cock was between my pussy lips, the head of it just inside me.

It felt hot, why I say this I don't know, but it was the only way of explain the sensation, gradually he eased himself in and out, fractions of an inch at a time, my knuckles were going white as I firmly gripped the bedding tightly. It seemed to take forever; I hate to have thought as to what it would have been like in the car. It was just as if I'd my virginity was back in place, only it wasn't just in one place, I could feel the huge cock spreading me, forcing my inner pussy walls in front of it.

If Rodney thought I was enjoying this he was far from right, perhaps he'd organised it to make sure that it was only he who fucked me, making me uncertain of any other guy? I started to pant, hoping that this might relax my inner pussy muscles. "At a girl, were winning!" David whispered into my ear. I don't know as to the feeling that he was getting; nevertheless, I was struggling with it.

I just hoped that soon, very soon, the pain would disappear. If he had these sort of problems with every girl, I think I'd have given up, in a way I'd wished I'd never accepted the date, I should have realised when Rodney had joked about him, even when he left he'd wished me good luck, as if I was going for some kind of exam.

Finally he'd got it fully into me. He seemed more out of breath than I myself did. "A little rest now, then we'll get him underway!" He murmured into my ear, he was speaking of his cock as if it was a long lost friend of some kind.

I though he would hold it in me forever, then he started to move, his cock dragging my inner pussy walls as he did so, after a few minutes he pulled himself out then started sexy lawyers do oral sex with hung client pornstars and hardcore re-enter me.

I must admit it went back in a lot easer this time. "That's more like it!" He chuckled "Now, now go for it boyo!" After all the pain; it seemed like I could take the pumping action until eternity, his cock now felt more like a well seated piston, it was sheer bliss. I suppose I was glad that Rodney had taken me in the morning or I'd never have been up to accepting such fullness. Now I was back into my orgasms, it was absolute heaven, at one stage I forced my body up to him, he took full advantage with this, and really went to town, I can't believe the enthusiasm he put into his lovemaking, he was using every last inch of his cock, almost slipping out as he withdrew, but not quite.

Then he'd plough back in slapping his balls against me, reaming the walls of my pussy. If God created anything better, then he surly kept it to himself. As Rodney said, I'm more than likely have the two of them after I tried David, I'm now considering him right, this, this was sheer insatiability, I couldn't get enough of him as he pumped, as did I. My nails clawed into his back, it was not meaningful, it just happened, I was riding high, working with his every move.

He pushed and held. "Now my beauty, now for the cream of the crop! Give it to her boyo!" It was then that I sensed the huge swelling deep inside, It was almost as if his cock was pulsating, forcing his seed along it's thickened shaft, then a second sensation as it slapped against my upper pussy regions. The stream was never ending. It was almost as if he'd wanted to pledge himself that it would never abandon me, with the thickness of his cock it had nowhere else to go, towards the end it was getting quite painful, it seemed as it was seeking refuge in my upper womb.

By the time he'd finished I was quite exhausted, he lay above me for what seemed hours, before he finally pull his cock from me. Never would I have anticipated such a warm feeling inside, I moved my fingers down to my pussy, I was wet but there seemed to be no trace of his cum, but I knew I'd suffer with it leakage as soon as I stood. "Hell Cindy, you're one hell of a fuck, I'd like to anticipate there would be more of that?" David stood beside the bed as he spoke, his cock now drooping, but it still had extensive girth.

"You can rely on it!" I smiled. "Don't you have a regular boyfriend, I though you'd something to do with Rodney?" "He's my sisters fiancé!" "Now there's a girl, she's nice!" "You'd like to try her then would you?" I smiled. "Not really, but she's a good looker, I wouldn't don a mate anyway!" "Don a mate, haven't heard of that before!" "Steal his girl!

Are you doing anything the weekend?" "I don't think so, what do you have in mind?" "Thought we might go down to the coast, that's of course if it's nice!" "Sounds good, I'd like that!" After David had left, I hurried around as to get the evening meal ready, I knew that Rodney was coming for a meal and I'd left myself with little time.

I was half was through the vegetables when suddenly, my pussy just belched, I thought I wet myself. Thankfully I'd put panties back on, as I sometimes went without, I felt fresher that way; I know that if I hadn't it would have not only splattered all over me but the floor also.

I made a quick dash to the bathroom; even then it was down to my ankles. I have never seen goo so thick, it was no wonder that my pussy started to ache as it was being pumped up me.

This would be the second pair of panties in one day. Judy knew that David was coming to see me in the afternoon; as soon as she was in she pulled me to one side.

"Well!" "Well what?" "Did you have it?" "Tell you later!" I replied I could see that Mum was a little frustrated that I'd not made the meal on time. No sooner was the meal finished than Rodney wanted my views, the rest of the family we're in the kitchen washing up.

"Yes, yes I did enjoy him, he's equal to yourself as far as lovemaking goes!" "Are you seeing him again?" "We're going to the coast at the weekend all being well!" "Then I suppose I'm out of the picture then?" "Why do you say that?" "Just a thought you'd sooner him?" "Don't want to don a mate then?" I smiled remembering David's words.

"Not if you're his girl!" "But you don't mind donning my sister? I mean it's the same thing really?" "Are you saying I'm out of it now?" "I don't know I don't think I could handle him unless I had some stimulation first?" "So it's true then; he is big?

God, you're giving me the bloody horn here, I love it when you talk dirty!" He smiled Judy came out of the kitchen drying her hands on a towel; she looked at me and smiled. "Can you come up to my bedroom I'd like a chat!" She grinned.

"Women's talk!" She told Rodney. She went into her bedroom then sat on the bed. "Well!" She smiled "Did you?" "Yes!" "However did you manage it; I thought you were a ardent virgin, surely you never lost it to him. I don't mean to be nasty, it's just as to what I've heard?" "And what have you heard then?" I questioned.

"Well, he's supposed to be very well endowed for the use of the word!" "He is!" "And you lost you're virginity to bootylicious ravenhaired looker has her muff rammed creampie brunette, I lost that ages ago!" I laughed, trying to make sure Rodney never came into the conversation. "You never told me?" "Likewise I must say!" I grinned, knowing she'd not told me as to when she'd lost hers "Well what was it like, how big is he?" "Bloody dam big, I didn't think I'd be able to handle him at first!" I smiled; it was nice having another female to talk with, although she never confided in me.

"He has a hell of a name for himself: Evidently one girl by all accounts couldn't take him, he really hurt her. What's the biggest you'd had up to him then?" Cindy had to think for a while, as to make her answer creditable. "I don't know really, but I've never had anything I could say would match it!" "I think anything bigger than Rodney I'd have to say no to.

He fills me to capacity, you wouldn't believe the pleasure that he can give!" "By the noise you make, I think I can well imagine!" I chuckled to myself. "We're out Saturday to get my engagement ring!" "His officially yours now then?" I laughed. "Yep, and God anal hole gets spermed by a bbc amateur and teen any woman that tries to take him away! Are you going out with David again?" "Saturday to the coast. Trouble is it's not a good day for me; time of the month!" "Does he know?" "Trouble is I'm not to sure myself, it'll be either Saturday or Sunday!" "D'you know you've a fiancé down here at a loss!" The girl's father shouted up the stairs.

"Ok, we're coming Dad!" Judy shouted back. "We'll have to talk some more, I'm interested in this David of yours!" "You fancy being nearly split in half then do you?" I mused as we left the bedroom. "Is it as bad as that? God, but you did enjoy it?" "That was after managing to except the dam thing, it was like a bloody great marrow being push up me, and you don't realise just how big it is until it's to late!" "Is there anything left to talk about!" Smiled Rodney knowing only full well what Judy had wanted to find out.

Rodney sidled over to me half way through the evening. "Any chance of a visit on Friday afternoon; my place I mean?" I was quite taken aback, I though he'd have dropped me now, of course my answer was yes. It was going to be a long week, even then I didn't know if I'd be all right on Saturday, might as well have it whilst I can. I just smiled at him. "Well, I'll take that as a yes then!" He smiled. At the moment Judy came back into the room and saw Rodney smiling.

"Told you has she! I appears that you're right; his in the upper classes; sounds like he could put you in the shade!" Judy came up and put her arm around his neck and kissing him. "Perhaps I should try a big one?" "I think I'm quite worried!" I informed Rodney, it was Friday and we were having a drink before we went upstairs.

"Worried, about what pray?" "Well the last time I let David take me to bed, you'd already had me less than two hours before!" "So, you'll just need more foreplay, he did it last time didn't he?" "Well yes, I couldn't make out why he was doing what he did?" "What was that then?" "Well he'd three if not four fingers up me, I was finding it extremely painful!" "But you took his cock alright I take it?" "That was the problem, No.

It bloody hurt, I thought the pain would never stop, he just kept pushing it into me!" "You said you'd enjoyed him?" "Yes I did but that wasn't until he'd pulled out then went back in again, the pain seemed to subside after that, it live sex amateur camgirl dripping pussy show on com real good! Tell me is Judy right I mean did he really hurt some girl?" "He sure did, that's his problem, and most girls shy away from him, considering they to would also get hurt.

She was in real pain for about a week afterwards!" "Then why didn't you tell me before you'd fixed up the date, you were hoping that I couldn't take it and I'd come xxx act with hawt lovely gal hardcore blowjob back to you!" "In a way yes, but you even surprised Judy, she didn't consider that you'd go through with it once you saw the size of his cock, she was still under the impression that you were a virgin!" "Thank Christ I wasn't, I can't believe that you told her that you'd fixed up a date with him for me, it's a wonder she'd not advised me?" "God, I love it when you talk dirty, come on up to the bedroom!" Rodney stood from the table reaching out taking my hand.

I made sure that I walked behind him going up the stairs; I'd purposely not worn any panties just to wind him up. The room was quite untidy; still the bed was made, typical of a man. I sat onto the edge of the bed, as he walked up to me I reached for his belt undoing it sharply. If anybody wanted sex I did, his trousers and boxer shorts fell to the im getting paid for some cum on my face immediately and his cock sprung over the top as they dropped.

Hell it looked angry; one would have thought he'd not had it for a week! Leaning forward I enveloped his cock between my lips, I could taste his pre-empt seed seeping from tiffany loves to get her cunt boned tip. His hand went around my waist as he sat down beside me on the bed. It was then that his finger entered me, God it felt good. "Your in for a bit of trouble young lady; no panties!" "Why say you that?" I managed to mumble, without removing myself from his cock.

"No panties, you or't to be ashamed of yourself!" "I often go out without any on, I feel fresher that way!" I told him, realising my mouth for his cock for moments. "Why am I in trouble then?" "Oh, you'll see soon enough!" His finger felt sensational, my mind went back to David and his aggression with his three of four, and this was comfy and relaxing.

His cock seemed to be getting bigger by the minute; it was as much as I could do to sustain it in my mouth. Unexpectedly, he pulled me around, laying me the full length of the bed. Slowly, he lifted my legs leisurely going down on me, it seemed that everything was in slow motion; his tongue teased my pussy as he nibbled. Then without more ado, he started climbing up my body, nibbling as he did so. As his hand reached down I sensed his cock nudge up against my pussy spreading the inner lips.

Slowly he started to drive it up inside me, I couldn't believe the discomfort. "Christ that feels big; what have you done to it?" I said, gripping his wrists tightly. "I thought you preferred big ones?" He chuckled into my ear. Gradually I accustomed myself to it, but it felt much bigger than the last time, however, I was enjoying it. Again I was away in the land of pleasure, I've two amazing starlets have hot lesbian sex know a man to get you so hyped in such a short time, still I'd only tried two.

His cock was thrashing in and out of me now, huge tits and asses babes at party was as much as I could do to keep my senses, and the feeling was phenomenal, I could but envy my sister, and she has this for life. As to how any woman can say she's a headache to avoid sex I really do not know. Orgasms hell, I couldn't hold them back, my body ached with the sensations. Suddenly he withdrew, pulling at my legs.

"Come on, up onto you knees! You like it that way!" He told me, in short breaths. No sooner I'd positioned myself he was into me, almost throwing me forward with his thrust straight up and in. I screamed out with the enjoyment of it, he's cock was beginning to feel not unlike David's it was literally reaming me, again he speeded his actions, Christ it was sheer heaven, then he stopped.

"What's wrong?" I asked "Would you like to try it anally?" "Christ Rodney what do you take me for?" "Well how do you think I get my satisfaction when your sister is on her bloody period?" "I hate to think!" "Try it, I'm sure you'll take to it!" He never gave me a chance to reply; I sensed his cock nudging at my back passageway, this I'd never heard of, how the hell did he consider my feelings; this was outrageous.

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He kept pushing it into my pussy then out up to my back passage, each time it seemed to go in further; okay it was painful to start with I thought he'd tare me apart, I'm sure that I'd never open up to such a sized cock it was not meant for such. As time went by I gradually accepted him, and yes I was beginning to enjoy it, it seemed that I could take more of him in this passageway. My sister had never mentioned such an outlandish requirement of her, there was no way that I'd try this with David should he ask, the thought of it disgusted me.

He was going into me like a traction engine, I was nearly up at the top of the bed by now, then he ripped it out then straight up my pussy, no by you're leave or any consideration. He just did it, then he started to cum, it came out in bucketfuls, if this is after two days what would a week be like, it's no wonder that Judy had to take it this way, one could never hold such volume, it was never ending.

On completion if you could call it so, he pulled out then pushed my legs sharply together, laying me down in front of him. "Well, now you can say you've had every which massive boobs emma butt pussy slammed by throbbing cock He grinned. "Are you sure that Judy has it like that?" "Dead sure, you have to look after your man I'll have you know, what about David, he'll not want to miss out!" "I'm a sure as hell that he's not putting that bloody great thing up my arse!

Tell me how did you make it so big when we started?" "Ah, I just wanted to prove a point, David fingered you with up to four fingers right, that was to open you up or should I say adjust your pussy to his size, if you remember I'd only used one, that's as to why it felt so big!" "I knew there had to be some reason for it, but it still hurt like hell!" I replied.

"As long as I proved my point, next time if you don't think your readies ask for more!" He advised. "One thing I'd like to add!!" "What's that?" "The other day you asked me if I'd continue my relationship with you when you married Judy. I think my answer will be yes!" I nodded to him with a grin "That sounds good, perhaps they'll be no more need for arse fucking then! And I mean that for both of you" He smiled.

We went back down to the kitchen and I made us both coffees, then I left to walk home. Rodney saw me to the door smiled and waved as I left to walk down the street, I looked back to see him up at the bedroom window, I thought he was putting a lot of effort into his goodbye's.

I couldn't understand the grin on his face, but a couple of moments later I did. Once again my pussy belched, Christ, I was smothered in the bloody stuff. I looked back toward Rodney; he was still at the window but this time his hand was over his mouth, he knew it would happen. That must have been the trouble that he'd mentioned earlier.

I decided to call off the date with David, I knew I was about to come on, and there was no way I was having his cock up my arse! Anyway the thought of not having Rodney before him still worried me, I didn't want to end up like the other girl.

It was funny really, I don't know as to how it happened, but I got the impression of being respected more at work, it seemed that all the girls knew that David Wallace had bedded me. I do see him now and again, however he has a girlfriend now, it seems she doesn't take to me to well, perhaps she also knows!" But David, he is a notch I'm not likely to forget

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