American step daughter seduces step daddy to fuck hardcore while mom is away

American step daughter seduces step daddy to fuck hardcore while mom is away
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I was almost asleep by the time I felt Gino get out of bed, and get dressed. He came over to me and kissed me full on the mouth and said "Good night, sleep well! And thank you so much for giving your lovely body to me.". When I got up next morning I found I still felt a little bruised around my bum, but I really felt randy when I thought about what had happened during the night.

When I pulled the bedclothes back there was a little blood in the bed, as well as lots of sticky spunk, and I realised that Gino had really split my rim while taking my virginity.


I applied a cool antiseptic cream fingering it liberally into my bum hole and it felt much better. Gino the Hotel manager had given nothing but sex for a busty wench my first real experience with a man and had taken my cherry and sown his seed in me. I loved it and now, the next morning, I knew that I couldn't wait to feel it again. I didn't see him at breakfast but Gino met me just before I went out for the day, and whispered "That was lovely last night, thanks you so much.

If you want some more fun tonight, turn your light off, leave your door unlocked, get undressed and sit on your bed at about 10:30 ". I felt really thrilled all day, and was so randy in the coach going to lunch, I couldn't keep my hands away from my cock. Luckily, in the coach, I had a whole row of seats to myself and it didn't take me long to shoot a load, most of which went into my pants.

When I went into my room in the late afternoon for a short siesta, I found a note asking me to ring a certain number in the hotel and ask for Mario.


I did and to my surprise he sounded very English. When I told him who I was, he said he had fulxxl sex stories sex school story see me for a few minutes and if I had the time he would come to my room now. I agreed and in a couple of minutes there was a knock at the door. When I opened it there was one of the biggest and fattest guys I have ever seen. He probably wasn't as old as Gino, but certainly looked strong.

He almost pushed me into the room and closing the door came to the point immediately, saying that the chamber maid had told him about the blood and spunk in the bed, and how naughty I had been. He knew it was Gino and said he would have to tell my parents that I had let Gino fuck me.

I pleaded with him and said that I would do anything rather than him do that.


He turned the key in the lock and said "OK, kneel down and take my cock out!" I knelt down in front of him, opened his flies and putting my hand in I found the gap in his pants and then felt his hot meat. I pulled it out and it was much fatter than Gino's, uncircumcised but only about five inches long. "Get your lips round it and suck me till I tell you to stop!" he barked. I put it in my mouth and started sucking and wanking it. As I slid the foreskin back off his glans the taste was incredible; I almost had sexy nomi blew a guy fast and hard take it out but he held my head where it was and said "I wanked off earlier just thinking what I was going to do with you and where I was going to shoot my next load, so you can clean off all the old spunk and perhaps I'll shoot a fresh load down your throat." I continued to do all the things Gino had taught me, just trying to bring him off as soon as possible, but he suddenly took it out of my mouth saying: "I'm glad Gino taught you how to use your mouth as well, but, thinking about it, before I shoot my load down your throat I wanted to see what it was like up your arse.

Get striped off!". While I was taking my clothes off he went over to the chair, dropped his trousers and sat down.

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When I was naked he called me over and made me sit on his lap, then kissing my mouth and forcing his tongue into it, he moved me around until his cock was under my arse. Then with one arm round my shoulder he took my genitals in the other hand and, pushing me down, he thrust up with his cock and it started to penetrate me. He asked me to wriggle my arse a bit, and started kissing all natural ebony girlfriend gives interview and prepares for sex again, and I felt his cock forcing into me and growing.

He bounced me on his lap and I felt his dry cock splitting me again while rubbing hard just inside my rim. His right hand was gripping my genitals quite hard, and his left was squeezing and pinching my nipples. He started really sucking at my neck and I was feeling very bruised and used all over. And gradually all his cock disappeared up my bum, the soreness went off and again I felt a pleasurable warmth and fullness fill my arse.

After a while of bouncing me right down on his big dick, he pushed me off and told me to get between his legs and suck him off.

I wanted to get rid of him as soon as possible, so I sucked like mad, fingering and kneading his hairy ballocks and very soon had a mouth bubbling full of strong tasting spunk, some of which I had to swallow, and some dribbled down my chin.

As soon as he had finished he stood up, pushed his wet cock into his trousers, and laughing, went out saying that I would feel him up my bum again very soon, and this time he would shoot his spunk in there. I now seemed to be in some sort of trap, not able to get sex out of my mind, yet dreading what was happening to me.