Mom and kid son teaching

Mom and kid son teaching
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Missy, brother and Dad (3) Josh sat up in bed, thinking about Missy. Wow, he thought, she can sure fuck good for a 14 yr old. I want her all the time now. It's Saturday and tonight I want to go in her room and fuck her all night. Missy is so hot for Josh, and wants to find ways to sneak a fuck behind mom and dads back. Missy knows Josh is right in the next bedroom wanting to fuck her, and she wants him bad.


Missy over hears mom and dad talking about a shopping trip and wants the kids to go with them to buy some clothes and fit them there. Missy knew what to do when they're at the mall. The girls bathroom is where her 16 yr old friend Sandy sucked a guy off once in there. She pulled the guy in a stall and locked the door, and pulled her panties down, and sat like usual, the guy stood in front of her with is dick out.

She jacked him so fast he had to cum right away, and she swallowed it all. Missy got so hot hearing the story, she masturbated right in the girls bath room at school that day. At the mall, all the shopping was done, and mom and dad went for coffee. Missy said Josh and her were going to the video shop, and left them. One set of bathrooms was next to the video shop. Missy told Josh to wait here, while she checked out the girls bath room.


Soon, she quick pulled him in and in a stall, and took out his boner. She pulled her shorts down. He reach down and felt her sweet tits as she jacked him fast. ("Isn't this naughty!), she whispered. Josh felt those little lips he loved sucking on his dick, as she played with her clit. Oh damn, she was so good at this, he could feel the cum coming. She rubbed her clittie faster and faster and gave out a tiny moan.

Josh muffled a moan and huge shots of cum came out in her mouth. She wasn't expecting him to cum this much and some dripped on her top, making a big spot on it. She tried wiping it, but it was noticeable.

Josh smiled, said: "I'll be right back." Josh went and bought an ice cream, and gave two taps on the door.


Missy peeked out, then came out. Josh jammed some ice cream on her, right on the spot, and said: "Opps, my bad, sorry." They laughed as Missy wiped it and tasted it with a smile, and continued eat her ice cream cone. That night Josh snuck into Missy's room, and crawled in bed with her, under the covers. She giggled and felt his boner. ( is this for me, Joshie?) ( it sure is missy baby.) They quietly started kissing, as she got real hot, and took off her night gown.

She really pushed her tongue in his mouth,,(.oh josh, I miss you so much, you make me so hot I want to fuck you all the time now.) Josh never locked the door, and they never even heard it open and close. It was her dad. He sat in her chair and listened to his son and daughter moan and start fucking under the covers. His hardon grew huge. It was the hottest thing he had ever heard.

He held his dick as it was starting to pulsate in his hand. He could hear Josh and Missy moaning, kissing and licking each other. He thought.…well, my boy has also found his sister is a hot little girl, can't blame him, she drives naughty raven haired babe fingers her juicy twat crazy too. She's so sexy and hot, I'm so lucky to get to fuck her.

She's got him now to…wow, I was going to tap her little sweet pussy tonight, but this is hot, listening to them having incest at it's finest. This has got me tingling all over, hear her sweet little moans, and him moaning as he fucks her.

Two kids enjoying each others body's. I bet he cum's a gallon in her, and she climaxes good with him. He can't stand it, he's breathing so hard. He gets down on his knees and goes over to her bed. Josh and her have not cum yet, but it's close. I'm just going to crawl in bed with them, they'll freak out until I join in and fuck her too.

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He slipped in her full size bed as they froze and went quiet. He whispers: (."keep going you guys, I'm just going to join you"…) They don't move. (".daddy?".

Missy whispers&hellip."oh my gosh, come on in and we'll have a 3some!.this is the best! …my two lovers and now we're all together!…joshie, scoot over to give daddy some room."…) Josh is about to have a heart attack, he's skyler green cant cumuntil now instructional handjob shook up.

He's afraid to speak. His heart is jumping out of his chest, beating so fast. ("… sister is the hottest girl in the world, and I.I oh my gosh.") ("Shhhhh…we can't wake you mother, she would have a heart attack is she catches us."…) Josh needs a rest. His dick went down a flash. Missy starts kissing her dad and feels his huge boner…(".oooo daddy, you really want me bad tonight!.that's a huge boner you have for me.".) His big boner really excites her, and she goes down to suck it.

Dad's hands feels her sweet little butt and starts to moan. He's very close to cuming, he's so hot. Now Josh's dick has sprung up again and he feels her butt too.

Together they start kissing her little body, feeling her pussy and titties. She's in heaven feeling 4 hands on her, feeling all her good parts. She tries not to moan, but can't hold it back.

(…"oh god you guys…your making me crazy!, cum in my mouth, daddy…I want to taste you …now!…) She started sucking and jacking him fast. Dad, turns his face in a pillow and yells as he shoots cum in her little mouth, over and over…and over! Missy is moaning, trying to swallow it all. It's the biggest cum he's ever shot in her mouth before, and she's loving it&hellip.("wow daddy!.you had a big cum that time!.I like big cums, you like me to suck you, don't you daddy.

I make you cum big. I like that.") Josh is about to explode and Missy turns and puts his dick back in her pussy. She starts fucking him fast&hellip.'joshie…make missy cum.yes …do it fast.oh gee, it's cuming joshie .it's… Oh god josh!! eeeeee and she bucked sexy girlfriend davina davis cum filled by bf buried her face in josh's chest and yelled her moan…her whole little body shook steady…and shook some more as she climaxed big.

Josh made animal noises as he felt his dick explode in her, his balls ached at he pumped load after load in his sister…he moaned a long moan…and trembled and shook, then collapsed on top of her.

They just held each other and shook. Missy and Josh just had the best cum's of they're life. All was quiet now,&hellip. just a spasm or two making them jump. Dad was exhausted laying there. He too just had a super cum, that left him in bliss. Missy finally rubbed around her soaking wet little pussy and whispered: (".my two men, making me so happy."&hellip.) She felt her pussy and played in the cum and juices, feeling it over and over dripping out of her pussy.

She rubbed some on her little clittie, and felt Josh still in her and it felt so good. Dad held her little face and kissed her softly. He got up and quietly left the room. Josh lay spent on top of her. Rubbing her body slowly. Missy kissed him. She put her little arms around him and they fell asleep&hellip.


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