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Xxx story timalgirl sex stories 2019
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Sunday, July 20th, 2014 Mark Glassner Hawaii "If everyone can please take their seats, we'll be landing in Honolulu in a few minutes," Lynda stated over Air Force One's intercom. "I guess we have to get up," I sighed to Mary. She pouted, "I don't want to." We lay in bed in the small cabin that nestled in the tail of Air Force One.

We spent the bulk of the six hour flight in here making love and enjoying each other's company as we celebrated our first year of marriage. So much had happened the last year: Brandon's Attack, the Fall of Seattle, the Wormwood Plague, the Patriots, and the birth of our beautiful daughter. It seemed like we had lived a lifetime. We left our daughter Chase with the sluts in Washington State.

The only ones on the plane with us were a squad of bodyguards and the staff necessary to pilot it. I wasn't sure what awaited us in Hawaii; Mary had flown out several times with her father over the last month, all excited as she prepared a big surprise for our anniversary, and taking her father meant she was binding people with the Zimmah spell.

Hopefully, some nubile, island girls. "C'mon," I said, scooping my wife up in my arms. She threw her arms around my neck, nuzzling her face into my throat. "I love it when you carry me," she giggled. "It makes me feel so loved and protected. Safe in your arms." I kissed her forehead. I loved carrying her; there was something sexy about carrying a naked, loving woman in your arms. "Than you better keep your girlish figure," I told her. "As long your light and nubile, I don't have a problem with it." She giggled.

"That's a pretty good incentive. I would hate to give this up!" I sat her down in the seat and took the one next to her. She snuggled up next to me and I put my arm hardcore pov sex with horny thai teen her; my nose filled with the coconut scent of her shampoo and the salty, sweet musk of our love making.

"You smell wonderful," I whispered. "You smell like sex," she answered. "Wicked, naughty sex." "That's because I spent the last few hours with a wicked, naughty filly." "Only wicked and naughty?" she asked.

"And beautiful and loving," I quickly added. "My Goddess." She let out a happy sigh and gave me a deep, loving brother surprise friend sister ass. Lynda and Joslyn flew the plane as skillfully as ever, touching down at Honolulu International Airport with a screech of tires and a roaring rumble as the plane slowed to a graceful stop, then taxied up to a waiting reception. Our flight attendants, the lovely Monique and Lize, opened the door and I embraced the delightfully busty Lize while Mary enjoyed a kiss and a grope from Monique.

Outside, the Legion guarded the perimeter and a ring of bodyguards, all wearing mirrored sunglasses, waited at attention around an open-topped, white Rolls Royce converted into a limo.

The limo idled at the end of a red carpet and three Hawaiian women dressed in grass skirts and leis lounged against it. "Do we need to get dressed?" I asked Mary. "No," she answered. "It's our vacation. We don't need to wear clothes if we don't want to. Besides it's more than warm enough here in Hawaii." I grinned at her, then eyed her naked, pale body. "And what about sunscreen." Mary laughed, and patted my arm.

"Mark, haven't you realized one of the side-effects of Molech's power?" "What?" I frowned. "We're pretty resistant to flames, remember." Mary rolled her eyes like she couldn't believe how dense I was.

"You got pretty scorched last November by one of Lilith's daughters. You should have been killed, but you barely had second degree burns. The sun's not going to do anything to us. We might not even tan." "Is that limo open-topped?" I asked. "Isn't that dangerous?" "It's a custom job," Mary answered.

"Just for Hawaii. I want to feel the air rushing through my hair as we drive." "What about snipers?" "Sam's had her hands on it. The car's been warded against projectiles. It's as safe as one of our armored limos." I whistled. "You have been busy." "And I expect you to show me just how much you appreciate all my hard work." I grabbed her hand and brought it my cock.

"Can't you feel how much I appreciate you, Mare?" Her hand stroked me. "Well, at least one part of you does." She giggled and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. "C'mon, let's go meet the girls." We had to wait a few minutes while they positioned the stair car, then beautiful Monique, one of our stewardesses, opened the cabin door. I gave her magnificent, bare breast a squeeze as she purred, "Enjoy your anniversary, sir," in her delightful, French accent.

Her lover Lize, our other stewardess, sunny leone hard sexamazing story Mary a passionate kiss and then gave me a playful slap on my naked ass.

The Hawaiian sun was bright, the rays warm on my skin, while a moist, cooling breeze blew in from the sea and set nearby palm trees to gentle swaying. Arm-in-arm, my wife and I descended the stairs. When we reached the bottom, the assembled bodyguards saluted us. They all were gorgeous in their navy blue uniforms, their tits about to spill out of their half unbuttoned blouses. They carried a mix of M16s, P90s, and MP5s. Mary and I took our security very seriously. The three Hawaiian girls that walked up were breathtakingly beautiful.

They wore grass skirts, and not the fake kind, but actual grass tied about their waists. I could see exciting flashes of naked pussy through the strands of grass. They wore no tops, only a few flowery leis that did nothing to hide their golden breasts. As they walked up to us their hips rolled seductively; my cock hardened at the sight.

Mary gave my cock a quick stroke. "I know. Aren't they breathtaking?" The first to reach me was a very busty, curvy young woman, with gold-brown skin, and a vulpine light glinting in the dark pools of her eyes.

Her hair fell in white-gold strands about her shoulders, obviously bleached from her natural black, and she looked all the more exotic and lovely for it. The leis about her neck were made of orange and white flowers, and I could see gold rings piercing her brown nipples as the necklaces of flowers shifted about. "Aloha," she gushed, pulling a lei over her neck and draping it over mine, then her body melted against me as she kissed me passionately; flowers and tits crushed against my chest.

"I am Malia, and I hope you enjoy your time in Hawaii, my Lord." Malia broke our embrace and greeted Mary just as passionately as the next Hawaiian slut stepped before me; a feisty smile on her lips, sweat glistening on her golden skin. Her hair was black, streaked with green highlights, and fell down to her waist. Peaking from beneath her leis of red and violet flowers were a pair of perky tits, about Mary's size.

"Aloha, I'm Apikalia, and I'm looking forward to making your stay as wonderful as possible, my Lord." She draped a lei about my neck, and kissed me with the same ardor as Malia. The last girl was young, maybe sixteen. Her body slim and graceful, and her face cute and pixyish. Like the other good to fuck with chinese college teenxxxnetworkcom, her skin was a rich gold-brown, her hair deep black, and her eyes dark and sultry.

A gold ring adorning her nose glinted as she walked up, distracting me momentarily from her budding breasts peaking through swaying leis made of yellow and blue flowers.

She draped a lei about my neck and kissed me, grinding her groin against my hard cock. "Aloha, my Lord," she sweetly greeted. "I'm Leilani." "Wow, Mare," I breathed, taking in the sight of all three island girls. "And there's more of them at the beach house," Mary smiled at me, giving my cock a nice, hard stroke. "Happy anniversary, Mark." "You outdid yourself, Mare," I said in awe. "What until the luau tonight." She paused, a nervous look in her eyes.

"I've been practicing hard, so I hope you'll love it." "Love what?" Her smile was mysterious, promising, gorgeous. "You'll see." Leilani opened the door for us, and Mary slid in. She then grabbed Leilani's hand and pulled the teen in after her. I watched as Mary slid across the seat, leaving room for me, and spread her legs. The Hawaiian teen smiled, fingered her blue-and-yellow leis, before kneeling down and burying her face in my wife's snatch. "Oh, yes!" Mary purred.

"You've been practicing I see." "Every night," Leilani answered, her lips smeared with pussy juices. "All the girls let me practice on them." Busty Malia laughed, her tits jiggling invitingly. "She's been very diligent, my Lady." Malia's breasts were too inviting and, after I sat down on the white leather seat, I said to her, "Come sit on my cock, slut." "Absolutely, my Lord," she breathed. The vixen eagerly straddled my waist; her huge breasts smothered my face and filled my nose with the sweet scent of her flowers.

Then she sank down on my cock with one move, her cunt tight, sopping wet, and wonderfully warm. "Fuck, that's nice!" I grunted. She moaned, "I knew your cock would be wonderful! All of us have been so excited to finally meet you!" She gave me a passionate kiss, then whispered in my ear, "And to fuck you!" Apikalia, looking a little disappointed, climbed into the driver seat and started the limo up.

An escort of cop cars, driven by the bodyguards, formed around us and we drove out of airport to the waiting crowds. Their love and adoration washed over us, excited to see their Gods. I waved to them as Malia rode my cock. "Wave to them," I told Malia, looking out at the crowd.

Women were baring their breasts, calling out my name, wanton passion in blonde plays with herself at the pool s eyes. "They envy you. They want to fuck their God, and you actually get to do it!" "Oh, yes!" Malia moaned, and turned her head to gaze out at the adoring masses, her cunt tightening on my cock. She straightened, turning her shoulders to expose her breasts to the crowd and waved.

"Oh, my Lord!" she screamed. "Your cock's filling my cunt all up! Yes, yes! I'm cumming! I'm cumming on a God's cock!" I squeezed a heaving breast, her cunt clamping down hard on my cock, and she bucked atop me. Her head threw back, her bleached-blonde hair whipping in the wind. I buried my face in her leis, smelling sweet flowers and apricot shampoo, and found her hard nipple, sucking the brown nub into my lips. Her arms wrapped around my head, cradling me, as her hips kept rocking on my cock.

"Eat my pussy!" Mary moaned beside me. "You fucking little dyke! Eat me! Make me cum! I'm going to cover your slut face with my juices!" I released the hard nipple. "Fuck me faster!" I told Malia, giving her plump ass a squeeze. "Make me cum in your filthy cunt!" "Yes, yes!" she moaned. "Cum in me! My Lord, please! Flood my naughty pussy!" We soon left Honolulu behind, moving through lush hills towards the beach house that Mary bought, Malia pumping her hips on me the entire time.

I held off cumming, savoring the feel of her cunt as I admired the countryside. Lush jungle interspersed with sugar cane and pineapple plantations flashed by, followed by a large, grassy field along the slope of a volcano full of grazing cattle.

The limo came around a bend and the blue of the ocean appeared before us. Malia kept fucking me hard, grinding her clit into my groin, while her hungry pussy tried to suck the cum from my balls.

Mary was on her third or fourth orgasm, when I felt that wonderful sensation of release nearing. I started thrusting up into Malia's inviting cunt, pulling her sweet mouth down and kissing her lips. My passion grew and I crushed her body to me, the flowers breaking apart and rubbing stickily on our chests as we fucked.

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"You fucking slut!" I moaned. "Beg for my cum!" "Please cum in me!" she purred. "I'm so fertile! I bet you would plant a baby inside me! Maybe a little girl! And when's she's all grown up, it could be her sitting on your cock as you drive through Hawaii!" My balls erupted into her. I hoped my sperm would knock this slut up. In sixteen years, when our sixteenth wedding anniversary comes around, I could have a beautiful, Hawaiian daughter sitting on my cock.

I shot five loads inside her, grunting with every one. "Fuck, you are one nasty slut," I panted. She giggled, "Thank you, my Lord." I looked over at my wife, her eyes closed, enjoying the gentle licking of Leilani on her cunt. It looked like she had just cum and was enjoying the afterglow. I reached out and caught her right hand, squeezed it.

"Thank you for this. I'm so glad I met you." Her eyes opened lazily, a smile dimpling her cheeks. "Here's to a lifetime of anniversaries." Nine more Hawaiian girls waited for us, and all greeted us with leis and kisses. I enjoyed Leilani's teenage cunt and Apikalia's ass before Mary suggested we go swimming.

The water was warm, the surf gentle, and we laughed and kissed and groped each other in the sparkling blue waters of the lagoon before a white sand beach. A few of the Hawaiian girls joined us, while the others prepared for the luau.

There was even a pig roasting on a spit up the beach. It smelled wonderful, and my stomach started to rumble. Mary had retreated to a towel on the beach, sunning herself. I think she was holding out a vain hope that her pale skin could tan.

A lush eighteen year old named Haukea busied herself between my wife's thighs. I grabbed two girls—Melika and Kalena—and carried them to the beach to amuse myself while waiting for dinner.

The girls were eager to play with my cock, kissing each other around my hard shaft until I erupted like a volcano upon their golden flesh. Giggling, they licked my cum off each other's bodies. I joined Mary on the towel and fell asleep next to her and woke up to her moaning. I smiled, watching her on top of bleached-blonde Malia, grinding their pussies together spanish milf loves to please this big spanish kissing passionately.

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I found Apikalia lounging nearby and she rode my cock while I watched Mary trib her girl. The sun set behind Apikalia's figure as she rode me, haloing the gorgeous Hawaiian with orange light. The luau was ready not long after I came in Apikalia's cunt, and Mary and I sat on the sandy beach before a small table covered in food. Around the table burned smokey torches, filling the air with a sweet, sage fragrance to drive off the insects. The pig was the centerpiece, but other exotic dishes covered the table.


Mary and I sat side-by-side, with teenage Leilani next to me and busty Malia next to Mary. I grabbed a flute of champagne, and held it up to Mary. "You are the most beautiful woman in the world, the delight of my heart," I told her, staring into her green eyes. "Every day I am thankful I met you. I would be nothing without you: my wife, my lover, my companion, and my support." "Oh, Mark, that was beautiful." Tears glistened in my wife's eyes. "You are a wonderful man that has made every day a joy for me.

You swept me out of my boring old life and gave me a whole new world full of love and passion. I didn't live before I met you. You gave me life. You are my life." I fought back my own tears at her beautiful words and we clinked our champagne flutes together, and then she glued her lips to mine and I lost myself in her kiss. The girls cheered and clapped for us; I barely heard them above the pounding of my heart. Something wet splashed on my chest, my champagne spilling out of my flute.

Mary giggled, breaking the kiss. "You made a mess, Mark." "Why don't you clean it up?" Mary bent down and licked at the champagne on my chest. She seemed to enjoy licking the champagne up, so I dumped some on her breast and sucked her hard nipple, a mix of bubbly champagne and sweet breast milk filling my mouth. Mary pulled my face up and we kissed, sharing her milk.

The food was excellent, and young Leilani had a lot of fun virgin forced raped in every hole me juicy pig, and sticky poi, and all the other delicious food as she straddled my lap, her ass impaled on my cock. I didn't fuck her, just enjoyed the hot sensation of her velvety bowels. By the time we were finished eating, the sun had disappeared, leaving only a faint blush on the horizon; a memory of the sun slowly eroded by night's encroachment.

Even with the sun setting, it didn't get that cold. The girls started to clear the feast away, while others dragged out a pair of huge drums. Leilani knelt on her hands and knees, and I vigorously fucked her ass.


"What's going on?" I asked, my balls slapping loudly against the teen's cunt. "Your surprise," Mary said. "Don't take too long fucking the slut, Mark." "Her ass is tight, I'm not going to last long, Mare." "Good." She bent down and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. "I'll be back, I have to go change." Mary's words teased me. What was going on? My balls boiled over and I basted Leilani's ass with a huge load.

"Oh, thank you, thank you," she moaned, her orgasm rippling through her.

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"You need to get ready," one of the girls yelled at Leilani and she scampered off into the darkness. I sat back, excited for Mary's surprise. The torches about us were put out, and the only light was from teen cutie gets fucked by a senior bonfire burning on the beach. I could see figures moving in the dark and anticipation grew within me. A steady, primal beat started up. Two of the girls were pounding away at the large drums. The deep bass rumbled through me, powerful and compelling.

My breath caught; the remaining girls spread out in front of the fire, their golden skin bathed orange, all lusty lassies blow cocks in an orgy group sex brunette in leis and grass skirts.

Mary stood at the center. She was a pale, beautiful rose amid a field of tulips. About her waist was a grass skirt, and a lei of white-and-pink flowers hung around her neck.

Tucked into her auburn hair, tied back into a loose ponytail, was a purple flower. The colors tickled my mind, then I remembered Mary walking down the aisle on our wedding day clutching a bouquet of white, pink, and purple flowers. In unison, Mary and the Hawaiian girls started dancing, swaying their hips, as their feet shuffled in the sand.

The beat intensified, the roll of their hips became more sensuous, more challenging. My blood pounded hot through my veins; my cock painfully hard. Breasts bounced, jiggled, moved beautifully beneath the flowers. A beautiful, ethereal song issued from the women's lips in the musical, Hawaiian language. Their hips swayed faster. They raised their hands over their heads, thrusting out their breasts, and clapped a counter-beat to the drums. They twirled about, grass skirts flaring, exposing more buttocks and flashes of naked pussies.

I was having trouble breathing as their graceful movements ignited an inferno in my body. Every sway of their breasts and roll of their hips seemed purposefully done to increase my ardor. I had never seen anything so purely erotic in my life. Abruptly, the beat slowed, the roll of the dancer's hips matching the beat, sensuous, like they were atop their lover. Mary's green eyes fixed on me, a sultry smile on her lips.

She swayed slowly forward, standing just feet in front of me, moving passionately. The beat picked up and she turned away from me; my eyes fixed to her plump ass beneath the grass skirt as she writhed and danced. "You're so beautiful," I moaned as she shook her ass in my face. "My Goddess." Her hips rolled, pivoted, moved in ways I didn't think were possible; the grass skirt rustled, parting to reveal flashes of her gorgeous, freckled rear and waxed pussy.

She whirled about, her auburn hair whipping around her excited face. She stopped abruptly, planting her feet in the sand, and sensuously working her hips, thrusting that beautiful pussy into my face. I could smell her arousal, spicy and sweet, above the salt tang of the ocean. I took a deep breath, enjoying the fragrance of my wife's passion. "That was amazing! Beautiful!" I groaned when the beat stopped and Mary posed before me, her breasts heaving with her exertion. I stood up and caught her in my arms.

"Thank you, Mare," I whispered in her ear, my lust pressing hard against her stomach. She threw her arms around my neck, rubbed her cute little nose against mine, and whispered, "Next year, I expect you to top this." "I don't think I can," I answered honestly. "You were so graceful and." I floundered for the word, ".exotic." She pressed her groin against me, wet and hot on my thigh, then she broke away, dancing off into the darkness.

I chased after, following her sweet laughter as she led me out onto the dark beach. The black water lapped beside me, flashing silver as waves caught the moon's soft light.

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I caught her, pulling her to me, while the warm surf surged around our feet. Mary's body melted against me; her hard nipples and the soft petals of her lei rubbed on my chest, while my hard dick pressed against her smooth belly. Train poran vedsaxe or bus you jazz porn hands roamed her back, dipping down to her grass skirt and squeezing her ass through the fibers.

Her hips writhed, pressing her clit against me; hot and ready, eager to be fucked. I pulled her down to the wet sand. Salty sea lapped gently against us as I settled down on top of her, kissing her sweet lips. Mary spread her legs, her hands reaching down to stroke my cock, and guided it to her dripping pussy.

The tip of my dick nudged her labia and I pressed forward, sinking into her spongy, tight depths. "My naughty filly!" I groaned as I sank in, staring into her emerald eyes reflecting the silver moon.

"Fuck me!" Mary groaned. "My horny stallion!" Her legs hooked around my waist, her hips thrusting up to meet me. Our bodies moved, my cock stirring her passions, her pussy stoking mine. Warm and salty water flowed around us as we made love, adding primal energy to our lust.

"I love you, and your cock!" she moaned. "Oh, God, Mark!" "You are so beautiful," I whispered. "My lovely filly! My Goddess!" "Oh, fuck!

Let me be on top! Let me ride my stallion!" I rolled over, carrying Mary on top of me. She reared up, her breasts and bedraggled leis bouncing as she road me. The moon's silver light shone on the profile of her smooth skin, illuminating the curves of her hips and ass and the slopes of her perky tits. Her auburn hair was almost black on her pale skin.

She rode me hard, fast; her cunt a tight, velvet sheath on my cock, building my passion and bringing my balls to a boil. "Ride me!" I groaned. "Ride me, my naughty filly!" "Yes, yes!" she panted. "Your cock is driving me wild, my stallion! Oh, fuck! I'm going to cum, Mark! Oh, Jesus!" I loved to watch her cum; I could never get tired of how beautiful and passionate she looked as she writhed in rapture.

Her cunt sucked at my cock, always greedy for my seed. The movement of her hips became erratic and jerky as her climax kept rolling through her.

That wonderful hole of hers caressed my cock with wet silk, and my balls were ready to show her how much I loved her. "Fuck!" I groaned. "Goddamn, I love your pussy!" My cum shot into her, my back spasming on the soft sand.

Mary leaned over me, her wet hair falling on my face. "Happy anniversary, Mark." "Happy anniversary, my love," I whispered, pulling her down for a salty kiss as the warm surf gently rolled into us. The first year of our life together was over, and I knew we had a lot more years in front of us.