Older amateur kim brosley sucks amp bounces on his hard dick

Older amateur kim brosley sucks amp bounces on his hard dick
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My wife and I got a hotel room in the city so we could go out and party. I hadn't seen her in a month since we were in the process of moving between states. I carried the bags up to the room, opened the door and watched her walk in.her ass was mesmerizing.

I closed the door grabbed her by the back of her neck and started kissing her, deeply passionately. We slid our tongues in each others mouths, I moved my hands down her back, one underneath her shirt and one into the back of her jeans. she was wearing her black satin panties, I knew the feel on my fingers. I picked her up by her ass and carried her to the bed. I laid her on her back and she stared up at me with her blueish green eyes. I jumped on top of her kissed her cheek and her jaw down to her neck.


I slid my hands up her shirt feeling her DD breast. I kissed down her milky white skin to her belly button. I unbuttoned her jeans, and started pulling them down, I pulled her panties down with them, they got stuck at her knees. I lifted her legs above my head and kissed her inner thighs, her jeans on the back of my head.

I licked her pussy lips and ran my tongue across her clit., I ate her out passionately for about 10 minutes until she orgasmed. I lay there with my head on her pelvis for a moment until my phone rang.

My best friend was almost there. My wife got in the shower and was out and in her towel when my friend knocked on the door. She joked that she should moon him when he came in. I laughed and agreed, but she pussed out and went into the bathroom to change after I opened the door so he could see her in her towel.

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A few friends joined us and we pre-gamed in the hotel room we caught a couple cabs to the bars. We got seriously drunk since it was our first time in a while. I kept telling my wife how I wanted to see her naked that night, she would just giggle. We danced and laughed all night. We left the bar and my best friend couldn't drive, so we told him he could stay with us. Back at the hotel it was the three of us.


We got a couple more drinks a piece I was too drunk to change into anything so I just took my clothes off and left my boxer briefs and a tee on, my wife put on some cute pj pants and tight top. I sat on one bed and my friend on the other, my wife sat in my lap.


I whispered in here ear how badly I wanted to see her naked, she just giggled. I did this a couple more times during the conversation and my friend got up to go to the bathroom. She took this opportunity to kiss me passionately, tongueing each other deeply. It was like we couldn't get enough.

I grabbed her german mistress shit in slave mouth xstoryscom through her shirt first, then under her shirt.

She stood on the floor with me sitting on the bed. I ran one hand into her pjs and was rubbing her ass. At some point in time my friend came back from the bathroom and sat back down on the corner of the bed. I reached back under my wifes shirt and started lifting it off, This is when I noticed him watching like a voyeur.

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I ran my hands down my wifes back and kissed down her chest to her DD breasts, she tilted her head back to get a view of what he was doing. She knelt down and started to kiss my chest and stomach down to my waist band.

She pulled my cock out and stroked it and sucked it. After a minute or two she pulled off with a strand of saliva cuming from the tip to her lip. She licked her lips.

I stood her up and kissed her, running my hands down her ass and sliding her pj pants off. I stood up and forced her to sit on the other bed behind her, next to my best friend. She kissed him while I kissed her thighs and licked her pussy. I placed her hand on his stiff cock and she stroked him. I continued to lick her pussy hard while she made out with him. She pushed him back on the bed and climbed on top of him to "dry hump" him.

I snacked her ass and stuck my finger into it slowly. I pulled her off of him and had her on her knees, me standing and him sitting on the bed, she sucked both of our cocks one at a time, while not letting go of the other one! I stood her up finally and laid her on her back I had to fuck her. I slid my bare cock in her.

My friend watched from the chair, slowly stroking himself.

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I lifted her legs up high and fucked her harder then slower then harder again. I told her to ask for my friends cock in her mouth, she did. She sucked his cock and stroked it while I fucked her. she was moaning hard! I had to cum so I pulled out and cam all over he stomach and tits. I knelt down and licked her pussy until she sucked my friend to cumming.

he came all over her DD tits. she kissed us both, took a shower and we all passed out.

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She has been asking me for another threesome since!!! And it did happen.