Awesome babes from brazil love meaty weenies

Awesome babes from brazil love meaty weenies
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His name was Kevin. He was the perfect guy. Tall, muscles, and a smile that could light up your world. On top of that he was hung *jaw drops*.

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I met him when I was 16 and he was going by a pseudonym ScorpioMagnum and he was 23. Despite age, this man lit my fire. He was everything I wanted: free, party-going, and fun. Everything I wasn't as a Capricorn.

Even though our differences were an issue that did not stop me. I was grown, grown and stable.


I was 19 and was working for a hospital, medical billing. I had my own place in Seattle.

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I was happy. I was free. Kevin and I had become best friends. Everything was good. One night, I jokingly texted him: Lemme lay in your bed. He replied: That's not a bad idea. I said: I'm on my way. And I was serious. That night I bought me a ticket to BellaDonna, Fl. That Thursday I called him and told him, "This weekend you're mine." And hung up. After work Friday I went to the airport and hopped my Delta flight to BellaDonna.

"Are you gonna pick me up?" I sent even though I knew he had no idea what I was talking about. "From where?" Told you. Me: The airport Kev: Where? Me: BellaD foo. I been waitin for my bags, now come get me Kev: Your not serious. Me: I'm dead ass lol come on. He called me and asked me what was beside the airport. I told him a McDonald's and a Shell gas swinger wife luca bella takes a abc in her ass. He was there in 30 minutes.

He got out of the car and walked over to me. And my God, pictures did him no justice. He towered over me by at least a foot, his muscles seemed to be stuffed in his flannel t-shirt, and his tattoos on his arms were breath-taking. He wrapped his arms around me and said, "Wowww." Then took a step back and extended his hand. I shook it sexy fuck date with teen lucy tyler hugged him again. He picked up my suitcase and put it in his trunk.

He opened my door and walked over to the driver's side. We drove for a while, our conversation filled with the awe of meeting in person. He made little flirtatious comments about the way I looked.

When we got to his apartment, he rolled my suitcase to the door. "What a gentleman." I remarked. He turned around with his key in his hand and said, "And what a beauty." I gave a shy smile. "Shy ain't you in that tight ass dress and them heels are way too high for my taste." He was talking about my Green, Pink, and White Polo dress.

I made an "Oh really?" look mostly to his back. He opened the door, stopped at the counter that separated the kitchen and the living room, pulled his wallet out of his jeans, and slid it across the counter. Something fell out. I went in front of him, lined the back of my pink 5inch heels up to his Jordans, and bent over to pick it up. "Is this us tonight?" I said waving the Trojan Magnum in his face. "If you want." He grabbed my butt, more playful than lustful.

I grabbed my bag from behind him and walked into his living room. "So where am I sleeping?" I asked. "My bed," He walked towards me "Isn't that where you wanna sleep?" He was practically breathing my mouthwash in, he was so close. "Kevin, we're not having sex, we're just friends." I said and plopped down on the couch. He picked up my suitcase and took it down around the couch and down the hall. "Your stuff's in the hall closet." I heard a door shut.

I guess he wanted me to come back there, so I didn't. I went to the room off the living room that contained stacks and stacks of paper, a computer desk, and his computer. His billing office, Kevin worked in medical billing, also. "Mez, what are you doing?" He had changed into his "Victory Is Mine." Stewie pajama pants and that was it. He stood in the door way, his tattoos on his chest rose and fell with his ribcage. My lips trembled; he was a sin in himself.

I just realized the time lapse between Seattle and BellaDonna, it was almost 11. "I'm not doing anything, gosh." "I didn't know you were so nosy." He said pulling me out of the room by my hand. His hands were so big and soft.

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"Me," I scoffed "Nosy? Neverrr." We sat on the couch and he flipped through channels. "So-o, Kevin." I said after he turned to a movie. "So-o, Mez." He said, not looking from the TV. "Wow, we talk on the phone 24/7, I get here and you don't say a word to me." I said. "Nah, I'm mad at you." He said.

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"Why." I laughed. "Cause you said I'm not gettin' none tonight." He pouted. I laughed very loudly and straddled him. Fat dude bangs pregnant wife and cm like never before laughed.

"Does that feel good? Cause you're sittin' on the remote." I laughed, got the remote and threw it to the end of the couch where I was sitting. I put my arm on his shoulders and shook my long hair off mine.

"You know I was playin', right? You are such a sin, and I'm a sinner." He smiled and said, "I've never been called a sin before." I covered my face. "What?" He said. "Your smile is so amazing." I smiled. He grabbed my arms and pulled my hands away from my face. "And your lips are so beautiful." He pulled me by my chin and kissed me, his left hand found its way to the zipper of my dress. Once he got it down, he rubbed his big hands around my back, but kept stumbling over my Vicky S.

bra strap. I pulled away from him to strip myself of my ruffled dress, and returned to his lips. His hands went back to my bra strap and he unclasped it. He grabbed my legs and lifted us both off his couch. He carried me to his room still kissing me deeply. He laid my body down quick but gentle on the edge of his bed.

He lifted my arms, pulling my bra towards him and threw it over his shoulder, playfully. My C-cup breasts were sitting on my chest heavily while he kissed my stomach.

He moved down slowly with his fingers hooked on the band of my boyshorts. He stopped the kisses to pull them off and threw them in the direction of my bra. He spread my legs with his right hand and held my right leg with his left and started to eat my pussy. He licked my lips and moved over my slit. I could barelt think past go, he was a professional. He started to make obscene slurping sounds, which add to the pressure in my sex. I moaned and moaned for the next ten minutes, while he made me cum over and over again.

He discontinued his service and I lifted my head. He kissed me and whispered, "Move up." He moved smoothly over to his night stand. I could see his pajamas sporting all of his 9 inches. He opened his drawer and pulled out a black box. He ripped off the end package and tossed it to me. I laughed and opened it. He dropped his pants and I was awestruck at how much I wanted it. I rolled the condom over his dick and he got on me. Making himself comfortable between my thighs, which were soaked in my juices.

He put my thighs in his elbows and started fucking me. He rocked his dick back and forth in me, not giving me the full length of him. He kept stinting me out of at least 3 inches and I wanted it all. After moaning out fuck me's and harder, he finally started giving me all he had. His bed started to shake as he picked up speed. The raised ink on his arms rubbed my thighs and I could feel the head of his dick in my stomach.

After I came, he told me to turn over and I did as I was told. He grabbed my hips and lifted my ass into the air. He went in my soaking wet pussy and started to wobble the bed again. My hair lay over my back, swaying with us.

His cock began bumping my core and I knew I was going to cum. My knees got weak and he started to go harder and faster. He smacked and squeezed my ass. His dick started to twitch inside my tight walls. He rocked my body one more time and my whole pussy was squeezing and jumping on his cock.

One more stroke and he was throwing his head back in ecstasy. My heart was pounding and knees were shaking. I collapsed into the deep ocean that was his comforter. After he had come off his orgasm high he went to the bathroom, I heard water and he returned. I was still on my stomach with my awesome cumshot compilation hd assjobs legjobs handjobs ass up in the air.

I tried to roll over and get under the covers but my body was so weak. Kevin was lying beside me with a satisfied look on his face, under the covers.


I rolled over and covered my torso with his pillow. "Are you okay?" He broke the silence. I laughed and said. "Sh-yeah." I moved over and put his arm around me.

We spent the rest of the night talking, flirting, and laughing. It was perfect.