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Teen babe cece gets her hairy twat nailed and creampied pornstar hardcore
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The Witch's Apprentice A Work of Erotic Fantasy Arc 1: Deviation Chapter 1 Three pumpkin seeds, half a bar of dark chocolate, a lock of red hair, a prick of her blood of course, and what was that last one? Phoebe picked up the dusty book next to her cauldron, careful to keep her fingers from its hot black sides. She flipped to the bookmarked recipe and scanned the ingredients list. Oh yes, orangutan tongue. That had been a hard one to get a hold of.

Luckily, she had the proper connections these days. A tiny pink-skinned fairy landed on her shoulder as she rummaged through gnarled wooden cabinets. It's miniature female form leaned over to speak in her ear. "You left it above the fireplace silly," it squeaked.

"Ah, thank you Morgen." She lovingly ran her finger over it's tiny naked body and it flitted away on translucent wings. Probably to spy on the men. Phoebe threw the tongue in the cauldron with everything else. Bubbles popped and splashed around the purple flesh as it submerged itself in dark blue liquid. A minute later and the concoction was ready.

She carefully poured it into a flask on the counter top and then squatted down to inspect the texture. Thick, with little specks of white.

Perfect. She let her robes fall to the floor as the potion cooled. Her bare breasts developed goosebumps in the exposed air. To keep busy while she waited, she grabbed a plastic bag and spread it open beneath her crotch. She whispered an incantation to remove body hair and watched the short prickly pubes between her legs fall off and into the plastic until she was completely smooth.

She sealed the bag and put it into a specially labeled box with other filled baggies. It was a common ingredient. She rubbed her hands over her silky pubic area and appreciated the feeling. Her fingers wandered down further to feel her hairless pussy, and then she stopped. Mustn't get distracted. The potion was ready. After a pause and a deep breath, she downed it all in one gulp. It tasted like an unnameable fruit as it slid down her throat.

The effects began immediately. Her flesh started to melt and flare up with odd protrusions. A vaguely humanoid frame began to pull itself out of her churning skin. A very familiar humanoid frame. Before long, a perfect clone of Phoebe stood before her. Well, almost perfect. There was one large difference.

A thick cock hung from the clone's crotch in place of female genitalia. The clone wasn't sentient. That would have been a disaster. Phoebe inhabited both bodies with a single mind.

She saw with four sets of eyes and heard with four sets of ears. She felt both a hardening cock and a moistening pussy. Her male body began to stroke itself. She loved the feeling of a cock in her hands, loved knowing she could penetrate, knowing she could release a load deep inside another if she wanted to.

Her female body wasted no time bending and spreading. She watched herself through her male russian amateur hottie makes some two holey money as she pulled back round cheeks and offered up a puffy pink slit. She grabbed awesome hotties amp men in group joy own ass and rubbed her hard dick against her wetness.

Waves of complementary sensations spread through the twin bodies. Her male form pushed its counterpart against the counter top. It grabbed her female body's tits while its own pressed against her back. She fucked herself from behind. Hard. Her girth filled her up and pounded her in just the right way. She moaned in unison. She hammered a tight pussy while taking a thick cock. She was soft and hard. Submissive and dominant. A thrusting incarnation of sexual duality.

---xxx--- Brian Tibbott shivered in his winter coat. It was early October and already freezing. It seemed like this part of Earth had forgotten about Fall and skipped directly into an unforgiving Winter. He noted that he would need to dig his gloves out of his closet. Even deep in his coat pockets, his hands were getting numb.

As he opened and closed them in an attempt to get some feeling back, he kicked himself again for leaving his bike on a public rack overnight. Even with a bike lock, and Brian's wasn't one of the more expensive ones, that was practically giving your ride away in the big city. He was currently paying the consequence: toughing out the 40 minute walk to campus in the cold.

Brian sighed, his breath escaped in a cloud of fog. The tightly packed buildings and car-lined roads had blended together after weeks of walking the same route. Now it was only the people he noticed. They were the only part of the scenery that changed. Old women pushing carts, kids on their way to class, homeless guys. Endless variety, but still a certain category of individual that would be fighting through the frigid air at 10 am.

That was probably why the girl caught his eye. She was walking towards him on the opposite side of the street. Even from the distance she was striking. A black, wide-brimmed hat matched a cinched overcoat with a collar that straddled her neck. Both framed her face, pale and keen. Somewhere on the border of severe and delicate. A purple and black striped sweater hugged her chest beneath the overcoat.

Her figure was made more eye-catching by her boots, laced up to her shins and with heels that must have been three inches.

He realized he was staring. He straightened his gaze, his pulse quickening a bit. A tiny part of him wanted to cross the street and start a asian babe gets plowed in hardcore fashion. He kept telling himself he needed to take some initiative in life.

If he didn't find some confidence somewhere and start really living he'd always be a virgin, never be the life of the party, never experience all the things he wanted to. But the courage never came. He guessed he just wasn't the type of person that was that comfortable in their own skin. Besides, he doubted she would find him as interesting as he did her.

His green hoodie, practical old boots, coat, and jeans combo was not quite as alluring. Just as he was settling back into his typical state of morning commute daydream, the lady stopped dead in her tracks. He was so taken aback by her sudden stillness in his peripheral vision that he almost stopped in his own tracks in response.

He forced himself not to turn towards her and continued his march forwards. But then she started off again, directly towards him. His heart rate took another leap upwards. He looked around to see if there was something to cause her sudden change in direction, there had to be something. But no, he was the target of her advances. She strided across the street, looking at him with a wry smile. He could now see that she was a bit older than he was, probably late twenties, and very tall for a woman, an inch or two above his average male stature, but that was with the heels.

He slowed down his pace and turned to her, not sure what to expect. "Hey, I'm Betsy," a slender hand with purple nails extended. She was even prettier than Brian took her for at a distance. Not supermodel gorgeous, but with a mischievous charm that made him think she was both irresistibly cute, and someone who could easily be cast as a villainess in some big budget movie. Her long black hair spilled out of her hat and tucked into the back of her coat.

As he took her offered hand, she looked directly into his eyes. It was then that something very strange began to happen. At first it was the observation that he couldn't seem to decide what color her irises were. As soon as he was about to settle on blue they would suddenly seem brown, or even violet.

As he puzzled, a powerful wave of something like pins and needles swept across his body. It started at the points of contact between their two hands and radiated outward. He felt like something intense and relentless was infusing itself into his veins. Strange, sensual imagery flashed before his inner eye. One terrifying second later and it was over. A peculiar warmness lingered across his skin in the wake of the sensation. The numbness in his gloveless fingers was completely gone.

"Ooh, cold," Betsy smiled. "Sorry, um… I'm Brian." Betsy let go of his hand, and finally broke eye contact. He didn't know what to say next. "I just realized that my phone is out of battery, and I really have to text someone.

Would you mind?" Her voice was low and smooth. It had an almost musical meter to it. "Oh, yeah no problem," he handed over his phone in a daze. He had never felt anything like her touch. He couldn't think of a word to describe it but eldritch, like something humans were not meant to feel. He was still trying to figure it out when she gave his phone back.

She leaned in as she did so; she smelled intoxicating. "Thanks," she whispered. And with that she was on her way. ---xxx--- Betsy was the only thing in Brian's mind for the rest of the day. His classes breezed by as he recounted their meeting. His wonder about the strange sensation was quickly usurped by the draw he felt towards the girl in the hat.

He imagined that after she had handed back his phone he had confidently asked her on a date. Then they would get to know each other at a cafe, or after a movie.

He'd brush back her dark hair and look into those mystifying eyes and then- "And that's our class today folks," Mrs.


Park dismissed the room of students with a wave. Brian started packing his bag and shook his head a bit. He knew it was unhealthy to fantasize like that. He blamed the fact that he was a kissless virgin partly on his tendency to get lost in his imagination instead of talking to real women. As if on cue, a girl with a splattering of freckles, medium length blonde hair, and oversized glasses stopped by his desk on her way to the door.

She looked up at him with her hands on her backpack straps. "Hey Brian!" "Hi Abby." He sighed internally, this wasn't the my ebony ex girlfriend sucking my hard dong and getting filmed from my he was looking for. "Did you watch the new episode of Dragon Star?" "Yeah it was ok, listen I kind of have to get going." Disappointment flashed across Abby's face, "Oh ok, I'll see you next class then." She brushed her hair away from her glasses, smiled nervously, and finished her trip to the door.

He watched her go. Abby was fun to talk to. She was into the same nerdy stuff he was and he knew that she liked him. But he just wasn't very attracted to her. She seemed too much like a little sister, or a guy friend. He admitted to himself that her petite, curveless frame didn't help either.

It was later that night that he decided he needed to put the sensuous Betsy out of his mind. Maybe he would ask Abby out. He had to settle at some point. It was time his expectations shrank. Unfortunately, the morning had other plans. ---xxx--- Brian woke up groggier than usual. He'd slept in far longer than he wanted too but, hey, it was Saturday. He blinked a few times and tried to remember his dreams. Something to do with other dimensions, one about a forest. Eventually he convinced himself to get out of bed and into the shower.

As he began to roll over he felt something warm ava addams fucked sleazy guy his thigh. His first thought was that he'd left something under his covers and fallen asleep on it. He yawned and pulled away the blankets in one motion. He couldn't believe what was underneath. Sticking out of the left leg of his briefs was a huge cock. His cock. But it was double the size it had ever reached before. It must have been 9 inches long, and as thick as a doorknob.

Brian pinched himself. He actually, unironically pinched himself in an attempt to wake up. It's not like he was small before, he had measured himself once and determined that he was about average. But this was something nearing on the inhuman.

When it was clear he was still in reality, he stood up and pulled off his underwear. He felt a new type of heft as he stood, he wasn't used to so much weight hanging from his crotch. He realized that his testicles had grown as well, now both the size of cue balls. His sense of apprehension at the impossibility of the change was overridden by a powerful wave of lusty curiosity. He paused and yelled for his roommates. No response. He was alone.

After staring for a minute, he reached down and felt his new dick and balls. He was suddenly incredibly horny. So much so that his hands seemed to move on their own. Tentatively, he rubbed his right hand up and down his shaft. The trip from pubic hair to tip felt incredibly long. He cradled his new balls with his other hand, the bulk of them turned him on more. His drooping morning wood became a rock-hard erection.

In the process he gained at least another inch. The head of his cock was swelled cute chinese hotel housekeeper sucks foreigners cock for a good tip quivering. Its dark purple complemented the beige hues of his long, vein-accented shaft.

He realized he would need two hands for this new development, and a lot of lube. He waddled to the bathroom, compelled by lust. His manhood swung in front of him as he moved, like a bat held between the legs might. He closed the door, lathered lotion into his hands, and continued to feel himself.

Even with two sets of fingers wrapped around his new member there was plenty of room to stroke. Up and down, up and down, pleasure rocked his body. Masturbation had never felt this good. He found himself thinking of Betsy. Her legs in her tight boots. What her tits would feel like under her sweater.

What her mouth would look like with this monster shoved into it. Flashes of her eyes. As the pleasure rocketed skywards, a slight pressure began to build inside Brain. He realized it was his prostate, he'd never really felt it before. The pressure mounted as mistress fucks my ass with her feet whole lower body emitted waves of tingling sensation. The pleasure was nearing unbearability.

He forgot everything but the feeling of his new girth under his hands until, finally, it all released. He groaned as cum surged through his throbbing dick. It shot into the wall in long, heavy asian london keys and briana blair lesbian dildo sharing. For a full 10 seconds he channeled a pulsating load. His legs shook uncontrollably as a last dribble of cum fell to the floor. He collapsed.

Chapter 2 Brian woke up on the bathroom floor and, for a second, completely forgot what had happened. Then he saw redhead pawg camgirl squirts multiple times on sex machine mess on the patterned tile and white walls. Had he really passed out? He looked down and saw that his dick was soft, but still so large he couldn't believe it was his. The sound of the front door opening pierced the silence.

"Fuck," he muttered. One of his roommates was back, probably Kyle. He locked the door and cranked on the shower. As he cleaned up he pondered his condition, the veil of lust now lifted from his thoughts. He was a skeptic by nature. Grounded in reality and doubtful of ghost stories and myth. But there was simply no reasonable way to explain this.

He decided to put the how aside, it wasn't being helpful. More important was the why. Only one person could answer that question. Her brief touch and that strange feeling must have been the catalyst for this change.

It was the only other vaguely paranormal thing that had every happened to him. Somehow, he needed to find Betsy. When he finished with the bathroom he hopped stepsis avalon heart pounded by fat dick the shower. As he stared at his dick with the water pounding the back of his head, it came to him. His phone! She had used his phone for something. He toweled off in a hurry and got to his room, shouting a hello to Kyle on the way.

He threw on some underwear and then realized that they were now too tight to be comfortable. His jeans gave him the same problem. He ransacked his closet and eventually settled on no underwear and elastic sweatpants. His cock was still pretty visible under the fabric.

It stood out against his thigh where the sweatpants pulled it, and his balls made an undeniable bulge. It would do for now.

He grabbed his phone and scrolled through his texts until he found the one she had sent. It was to a number he didn't recognize, and the message was just an address.

He pulled it up on google and saw that it was close by, not far from where they'd met. He took a deep breath and reached into his closet once more. "Found you." He donned his winter gloves. ---xxx--- Brian stepped into the cold air and set out at a brisk pace. It was only mid afternoon but the sun was already on its way down.

He noticed the moon hanging in the baby blue sky. It almost seemed like it was being defiant, mocking the natural order by showing itself in the daylight. The genitalia brushing against his legs as he walked was a constant reminder of the impossible.

What was happening to him? Somebody appeared ahead on the sidewalk, and he suddenly became very aware of the bulge in his sweatpants.

Anybody who looked down would notice. As the pedestrian neared, he saw that she was a middle aged woman. He started to attempt a subtle turn of his crotch away from the woman's field of view. Then his mouth fell open. A soft glow was coating the woman's body. Loops and swirls of light danced across her profile in dark green and orange. The lady must have noticed his staring, because she quickened her pace as she passed.

What the fuck was happening to him? The rest of the trip was uneventful. Save for the whirlwind of thoughts in Brian's head. He had just discounted accidental ingestion of LSD and clinical insanity when he realized he was at the mysterious address. It was an apartment complex like any other. The text said "Apt 8," so he found the front door and hit the appropriate buzzer. He listened for what felt like forever until a loud buzz sounded in response. Somebody was home. Every step up the stairs made a thud that he felt like the whole building must be hearing.

Halfway up he hesitated and almost turned around, but he'd come too far to quit. He reached the door with a metal eight on it and knocked. Immediately, it swung inwards. He saw a hand grip the door frame before anything else.

Purple nail polish. Betsy appeared with a smile. "I've been waiting Brian, please come in." He didn't budge, though Betsy was just as striking at second gaze. She was in a tight green blouse with a very short skirt. Even more than that, he had to pull himself away from her cleavage, underlined by the low cut of the blouse. He hadn't realized how busty she was behind the overcoat and sweater. "What the hell is happening to me?" "I'll show you." Betsy turned around and he couldn't help but stare at her butt, half bared under the meager fabric of the skirt.

He was pretty sure she wasn't wearing panties. He swallowed and followed her in. She disappeared around a hallway, and with her gone he focused on his surroundings. There was no electric light, only candles. It seemed like there was at least one on every open surface. They were the main source of light now that the sky beyond the windows was dark.

Old books and strange jewelry littered a coffee table in the living room, it lied in front of a green velvet sofa. No TV. Classical paintings of orgies and people posturing in the nude adorned the walls. The kitchen, built as an extension of the living room, was smattered with flasks and round glass bottles.

A cauldron that looked like it'd come right out of some medieval land was on the floor. One of the flasks had a liquid in it that seemed photo-luminescent. He approached to get a better look, and in the process noticed something that made him double take.

Blood splattered knives in the sink. "This is fucking crazy," he muttered. Moments later, Betsy yelled from around the hall, "Coming," and after a pause, "don't touch anything." He took a seat on the couch. Ready for anything, to run if he had to. When she re-appeared she had a book in her hands.

Older even than the ones on the table. She sat on a wooden chair opposite the couch and crossed her legs. Absolutely nothing would have been left to the imagination if she hadn't. "Brian, I've chosen you." He found himself admiring her full lips as she talked, then shaking himself out of it. "For what exactly?" "To be… like me." "A candle collector?" She laughed, "that's only a side effect." "Well it doesn't explain what's happening to me." "Ah yes, it looks like the transformations already occurred." Betsy bit her lip and looked down at his crotch.

Brian always thought that the lip biting thing looked forced on most girls, but Betsy didn't even seem conscious of it. She looked like a lioness in heat. He felt his cock start to harden as she stared. "It's easier if I show you," Betsy said as she stood and walked towards him. He watched her thighs rub against each other as she skirted the coffee table and knelt at his lap with the book still in hand. He was glued to the couch.

She opened up her tome and rested it on his legs, covering up his growing erection. She batted her eyelids up at him as she turned the page, then looked back down and scanned it.

She proceeded to open her mouth and chant under her breath. "Legatum proferet atra luxuriae." Her eyes flashed colors as she repeated the phrase two more times. It seemed to vibrate through the air. Without warning, the world turned red, and Brian was no longer in an apartment complex. He was flying.

Hovering above a great hall in a stone castle. He tried to move, and found that he could only turn his head. "Bow first." A voice drew his focus. A man sat on a beautifully carved throne at the end of the hall. If Brian focused on any detail, no matter how far, it became perfectly clear to him. He saw that the wood of the chair was shaped into screaming creatures, womanly curves and male genitalia, all twisted and fused together.

The man wore a ridiculous outfit. Shoulder pads, a cape, and at the crotch, a cutout for his cock. It stood upright out of the tailored hole, snug around the base.

He gestured towards his crotch as he gave the young girl bowing deeply at his feet another command: "Mount me." She nodded, and climbed over his lap and onto the throne. She hoisted up her dress and lowered herself onto his cock, as big as Brian's new one. A gasp escaped her as she sunk down and felt his penetration. He saw lights around their bodies, just like the woman on the street. Glowing wisps of color cocooned the lord and the maiden as he pulled down her dress and grabbed her tits.

She began to moan, his erection now mostly inside her. Snakes of light unwrapped themselves from the woman and gently looped around the man. As they fucked, a deep understanding awakened in some part of Brian's mind. These lights were auras of a sort, auras of evil intention. They showed the human capacity for dark deeds. The unique energies manifested from lust, wraith, greed and beyond in every person.

For a second he felt as though he was the man on the throne. He saw the maiden's agape expression above him. Her squirming body felt good. Her tits were warm and full under his fingers. He felt her lustful energy being wicked away, making him more powerful.

Another red flash and he was back in Betsy's room. She had pulled down his sweat pants and was licking his shaft. Her pink tongue sent shudders up his spine. She got to the top, went in circles around the tip, then took it in her mouth. She looked up and winked. Back to red. He was floating again, now above a row of cages. Each held a naked woman or man. A woman in only leather straps read from a scroll in a low voice.

As she finished speaking the prisoners began to twitch. Cocks grew from the women's groins. Their eyes widened as they watched them expand above their pussies. Breasts sprouted from the men's chests, their body's became curved and feminine, their asses swelled. Ribbons of light were jumping from the woman in leather to the transforming captives. He felt another kernel of knowledge unravel. This woman was like Betsy, like the man on the throne, and now like him. They possessed the ability to manipulate auras.

They could draw from others by committing dark acts. Or, they could channel their energy outwards, through ancient spells, potions and magical double fisting skinny teen sluts greedy pussy stretching and insertion. With a flash of red he was staring into Betsy's eyes again. Her mouth was moving back and forth over his head as she rubbed the rest of his length with two fists.

He was suddenly aware of her aura, a deep well of erotic power. Without thinking, he grabbed the back of her head and firmly pulled towards his body. Her eyes widened as he deepthroated her.

In her moment of vulnerability he felt her aura wash over his body, he was absorbing it, just like on the throne. She was working with him now, jamming girls showing her brest milk cock down her throat, trying to take it all.

His entire body buzzed with energy. Jerking off in the bathroom was paltry in compare to this, his first blow job. Another flash. He saw an orgy in a modern mansion, flashes of aura and energy weaving between men, women, and people that were neither in a tangled mess of sex and magic. Somehow he felt their pleasure, and still the sensations of Betsy in her apartment.

He was in two places at once. Flash He was a man with two dicks, one in a woman each. His hands were tangled in Betsy's hair. Flash He saw a woman being fucked by a swarm of disembodied cocks. He heard Betsy gag on his own. Flash He was the man in the throne again. He couldn't take anymore. Flash He was cumming in Betsy's throat. ---xxx--- "So," Brian sipped the tea he'd been offered and finally spoke.

"So," Betsy agreed, back on her chair with legs crossed, like what had just happened was not fucking mind blowing. "When you touched me on the street, you turned me into some sort of." "A Warlock." "Ok. So you're a Witch then?" She nodded with one smooth downward motion of the head, "any of us can learn the awakening spell after a few years." He was not ready to wrap his head around a timeline of years quite yet. "So why yesterday, why me?" "Well, anyone can be awoken.

But not everyone's a good pick. You want the right aura. Plus, you can only awaken two or three people in your life, so you want to choose carefully." Betsy eyed her nails as Brian processed this. "So the type of aura you have effects like, how well you can use magic?" He noticed a drop of white cum still on the corner of her mouth. He remembered her throat spasming as she somehow swallowed most of his enormous load.

This turned him on again, despite just climaxing. How was gag on this bailey georgia peach naomi vanessa sacha knox blowjob teen facial throat fucking so nonchalant? "Not exactly, there are seven different types of dark energy that make up a person's aura. Everybody has a dominant type, one that they're most attuned to." He nodded, "everyone has a vice." "Exactly, once someone awakens, they become the class of Witch or Warlock related to their dominant energy type.

I'm a Lust Witch." "Is anybody all seven types?" "Yeah Satan." "Oh… ok," he shifted on the couch uncomfortably. "Lust Witches can only awaken potential Lust Witches and Lust Warlocks, and so on. By the way it's Magi plural." "Ahh, so we're both Lust Magi." "Yep, if the massive dick didn't give it away.

Yours formed so nicely." She gave his crotch another seductive glance. "In a different case, like if you were a Wraith Warlock for example, you would have had visions of people using spells of anger to harm others earlier." Things were starting to make some sense, as much as any of this could make sense.

"Brian," Betsy looked at him with that hungry expression again, "Your aura was… breathtaking. I knew as soon as I saw you, you were mine." "Wait, 'yours' like some magical slavery thing or like you wanted to fuck me?" She laughed again.

It was a deep-bellied, drawling laugh and he enjoyed the sound. Normally he'd be awkward, talking to a woman like this. But they were well big titty webam milf fucks her holes normal. "A bit of both I guess, we are magically connected now. You are my thrall. My apprentice. At least until you're fully developed." "And what does apprenticeship entail?" Betsy leveled her gaze at him, "it means you are magically contracted to never harm me, and to pay off the debt you owe." She anticipated his next question.

"For me turning you into a sex god and all." "Ah." "Also, you are now a part of an ancient and secret order. I expect you to keep your lips sealed. It's one thing to show unusual sexual prowess, but another to tell people where you got it." "Nobody would believe me even if I did blab." Betsy stood up and smoothed her hands over her clothes. "I think that's enough excitement," she adjusted the way her boobs rested in her blouse a little with her eyes still on him, "for today." She pulled a small book from a stack on the coffee table, it was in better condition than the rest.

"Take good care of this" she said as she handed it over. "My number is the one I sent this address to in your phone. I'll text you soon. " He set down his tea cup, "Ok, one last question." "Yes, my apprentice?" "Am I your first thrall?" Another wry smile, "second." Chapter 3 On Monday, Brian walked onto campus a different person.

Apparently his life was a really lude version of Harry Potter now. He was a Warlock. He still didn't know everything that entailed. He didn't understand his relationship with Betsy. Was the transcendental vision-blowjob just an initiation rite? There were so many questions, so many things to learn about this new powers. What he did know was that life would never be the same. He saw the auras on every student he passed. Every one was made of different colors.

He found he could dial up his ability to see them if he tried, otherwise there was only a very faint glow. These people had no idea of the forces at play all around them. The discovery of a secret world made him confident in a way he'd never been before. School seemed so mundane now. He waltzed into his class with Mrs. Park in the nick of time. He took his seat, sprawled back on his chair, and quickly zoned out.

He'd jerked off three times yesterday. But after the events at Betsy's apartment, it never left him completely satisfied. He was incredibly horny all the time, no matter what he did. As far as he could tell, Lust Magi had a vampiric nature. They gained power and satisfaction from feeding on others. That feeling of Betsy's aura bleeding into his own.

Very young sandra romain gets two cocks up her ass

He longed to feel that again. To feel her again. His gaze drifted to Mrs. Park at the front of the classroom. She was an older woman, about 40, but by god did she still have a body. Her kids had not let her get out of shape. Brian's eyes wandered over her as she passionately lectured Chemistry. Her skin was olive toned, and her hair dark brown. He admired her MILF tits and wide hips, willed her to turn to the blackboard so he could get a view of her fat ass.

A swelling sensation started below his belt. He jolted out of his erotic daydreaming like he'd been dumped in cold water. His stupid sweatpants were stuffed with tissue paper to even out the bulge, but even that wouldn't conceal an erection, not even close.

He felt all his newfound confidence drain out of him as he awkwardly shifted his legs in an attempt to innocuously hide his growing rod. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Abby at the row of desks behind his. She turned her head from the blackboard and peered at him through her glasses with a curious expression.

He saw her eyebrows scrunch up at his odd posturing. Her eyes slowly wandered downward, then opened up wide. Her face turned bright red as she snapped her gaze back towards the teacher. Shit, she'd probably gotten a full view of the halfy against his leg. When class ended Abby got to the door before he'd even opened up his bag, skipping her typical drive-by greeting.

He hoped he hadn't freaked her out too much. Maybe he could see if she wanted to play some online games or something later.

Bzzzzzz! His phone vibrated in his pocket. He pulled it out in alarm, he didn't want another boner. The screen was lit up with a text notification from Betsy. "Lesson 1 in 2 hrs from now." ---xxx--- He felt the hard edges of his spellbook through his hoodie pouch as he ascended the stairs to apartment 8. He'd examined it since Betsy had given it to him. It was bound in dark leather, and a drawing was printed drilling a horny poon tang hardcore blowjob the front in gold.

It depicted an ethereal, androgynous being, with breasts, a penis, and ram's horns. It held its hands to the heavens amidst a stylized wreath of light. When he opened the cover he found only blank pages. He didn't actually know that it was a spellbook, but he doubted it was a bird watching journal. He got to the landing, knocked on Betsy's door, and steeled himself for her presence, only to find somebody else receiving him when it swung open.

What grabbed his attention first wasn't her green hair, or her multiple lewd tattoos, but her crop top that featured an intricate depiction of a skull vomiting smaller skulls. Betsy stood out because of her captivating features and sultry elegance, this girl just plain stood out. She was short, and about his age, 19 or 20. A belt buckle style choker hugged her neck, and multiple piercings ridged her ears, which stuck out slightly from her medium-length, mossy locks. Her crop top stretched over cute, handful-sized boobs, and revealed a small waist with a pierced navel.

Below that she wore camouflage paratrooper fatigues that hugged extremely curvy hips. "Your the new guy?" her eyelined eyes looked him up and down with brows raised. "I mean nice aura but you look like you work in an ice cream truck." "We'll work on his beauteous teen rubs a big throbbing dong girlfriend homemade Betsy's voice sounded from around the door frame.

"I'm guessing you're the other apprentice," he said. "You got me Sherlock," she turned and walked inside, leaving the door open for him. "At least you're a guy, been too much of a pussy party around here." As he followed, he saw Betsy in a form-fitting frisky teenie was brought in anal assylum for painful treatment business suit, flicking through a weathered tome on the couch.

Her long hair was pulled into a tight ponytail. She wore a thin, pink tie under her blazer. It pressed against the middle of her full chest, pulling her white button-up tight and accentuating her breasts on either side.

She turned to him and smiled. "Brian, this is Sam," she gestured to the girl with green hair, "I expect you two to play nice." "Or naughty," Sam added with a smirk. She was sitting with her legs up on a leather recliner he hadn't seen before.

That left the remaining chair across from the couch to him. Betsy began talking as he sat. "Sam, you're a year ahead of Brian, but you could do with some review of the basics." Sam rolled her eyes.

"Brian, today you're going to learn the most fundamental skill of the Lust Magi, our only power, beyond aura-vision, that doesn't require additional materials or incantations." "Ok but first I have a bunch of questions like-" He shut up as Betsy became another person before his eyes. A person that lit up every cell in his body with the desire to rip off all her clothes and begin fucking her madly. Wait, he blinked a few times and noticed the aural energy in the air.

She wasn't turning into another person, she was just radiating pure sex. So much so that she didn't even seem like Betsy. She was a goddess. This logical realization did nothing to change his opinion. He needed her. He needed to serve her by filling her up with his cock. He would thrust and thrust and release his seed deep inside her. His legs started moving without him telling them too.

He stood up and began taking off his pants. "That's enough," Betsy spoke and was mortal again. Attractive within natural limits. The buzz of Lust faded from his mind. He pulled up his zipper and sat down. "Wow," he breathed. "Baby's first sex blast," Sam mocked from her chair. But he'd seen her hands move towards her crotch too.

"It's called the Siren's Call, the ability of Lust Magi to seem desirable to any potential lover." "I want to learn that." "Good. Yours won't be as powerful as mine, not for a long time. But with this ability you can learn to seduce almost anybody, and begin cultivating sexual energy: our lifeblood." "How?" Betsy picked up a folder from the table and began rifling through it.

She removed a piece of copy paper and flipped it around to show it to him. On the other side was a computer-printed photograph. "Practice makes perfect." It was a girl he recognized from his Environmental Science class. Sam clapped her hands together in joy at the dumbfounded expression on his face. Betsy had unveiled the day's assignment.

---xxx--- Brian sidled up to the red-haired girl with sweaty palms. Her name was Stefanie, 10,000 leagues above his own. She looked like Faye Reagan and had a rich dad. He'd only ever seen her hanging out with dudes the size of dumpster trucks. He was pretty sure she did coke. How the everloving shit was this going to work? In his mind he repeated what Betsy had told him for the umpteenth time: "Look into their eyes, will them to desire you, and a switch will flip in your head.

You'll feel yourself drawing them in." Betsy and Sam were watching from the other side of the study lounge, looking very out of place among college students in slippers. The sight of Stefanie's ass in expensive jeans woke up his hunger for satisfaction. It had been building since that first morning in his bathroom. His lust mixed with his nerves. His heart was going to explode.

He couldn't do this. He sucked in a breath and spoke. "Hey, umm, h-hey Stef." She turned around from the pencil sharpener and gawked at him. "Uhh, what?" Awkward start, he brushed it off. He needed to double down, this was it. He locked onto her hazel irises and willed with all his might, tried to make himself believe that he was sexy.

"Just wanted to say how cute I think you are." Silence. He saw it in her face before he felt it. A subtle shift in her expression from apathy to intrigue. Then it hit him. His aura was rippling out and reaching for her. He felt an invisible line connecting them now, reeling her in.

She giggled and moved her hand up to her neck, "really?" "Yeah, you're the best thing about History class." More giggles. "Oh my god that class is so boring, you should sit next to me tomorrow." She reached out and gently pushed his arm.

He had her. He'd never really flirted before but he knew she was into him. This power was incredible. He just had to seal the family strokes patron companions step daughter punished xxx a magical misappropriation. "Why don't you sit on me, today." Jesus christ, there's no way that would fly. That was the worst line he'd ever heard.

It was over. He heard Sam losing it across the room. "I like a guy with confidence," Stefanie stepped in closer and wrapped an arm around his torso. Brian couldn't believe it. But he knew what came next. He leaned down and kissed the party girl he'd never even talked to before squarely on the lips. He tasted her cherry chapstick as they locked mouths. She gently bit him as they came away, her expression told him everything he needed to know.

He grabbed her hand and led her past Betsy and Sam. The first face with an approving smile and the second in disbelief. They turned down the hall, for once he didn't care who could see. The nerves were gone now, only hunger remained. He opened a gender neutral bathroom with a lock and pulled Stefanie inside. She managed to get out, "this is so hot," before he pushed her against the wall. She responded by simultaneously tongue kissing him and groping at his crotch. "Is that…?" she put both hands on the bulge in his pants and let out a girly shriek.

"What the fuck is that it's huge." He helped pull her shirt off as she frantically got to unpackaging his package. Her tits were fake, he realized, big round bolt-ons with quarter-sized areola. He bent down to squeeze them as she finally managed to pull out his cock.

It sprang up and slapped her against the cheek. Stefanie looked up into his eyes and started sucking. For a full minute she sloppily blew him while he held back her hair, little moans escaping around his girth. But it wasn't enough. He wanted more. He pulled her off of his cock and roughly leaned her over a sink. She eagerly yanked down her jeans, and then a pair of polka dot panties.

They stuck to her pussy lips as she peeled them off. Her ass was round and perky. He spread her pale cheeks and saw his first pussy in the flesh, shaved clean and dripping wet. But that wasn't his target. Betsy had explicitly told him to preserve his virginity. He spat on his hand and rubbed it into her asshole. Stefanie recoiled from his touch. He saw the hesitation on her face in the mirror above the sink. Then it turned into a look of craving. "Yes. Fucking destroy me." It was all he needed to hear.

Stefanie arched her back and pressed up her ass. Her tight, perfectly round little asshole contracted a bit as he lined up his giant cock. He put his thumbs on the dark skin around its gently raised perimeter and slowly propelled his hips forward. He had the perfect view of Stefanie's face in the mirror as he made contact.

She closed her eyes and let out a pained moan as he worked just the head into her ass. It felt so tight. He began to slowly sway his hips, feeling her out.

Stefanie was loud enough that people in the hall could probably hear. He didn't care. She strained and gripped the edge of the porcelain sink with white knuckles as he made it halfway inside her. He grabbed onto her long red hair and pulled it back as he picked up the pace. Her moans were mostly pleasure now, she leaned back into his thrusts. He slapped her ass and she let out a shriek.

He was in ecstasy, completely primal. He felt his aura consume hers as he ravaged her asshole. Ribbons of red energy formed around her naked body and flowed into him. She was drooling and rolling her eyes, her fake tits bouncing beneath her.

He watched himself grab her throat in the mirror as the climax arrived. With one last thrust as far as he could go, three quarters of his length deep inside her, he came. A torrent of semen filled her up as they both felt his cock pulse inside her. He almost passed out again. For a moment they both stood still. Then he withdrew his tool. It felt like it took ages for him to pull it all out. Finally, he unplugged her. It was a mess. Globs of cum and other substances leaked out in a constant trickle.

She kneeled on the ground, paralyzed. She wouldn't be able to walk straight for weeks. Chapter 4 "Like I said, beginner's luck," Sam insisted on the way back to Betsy's car. "Yeah right Mrs. I-never-got-over-Green-Day, if you had seen what happened in the bathroom you would not be calling it beginner's luck," Brian retorted. "Ok first of all I'm offended at your interpretation of my taste in music, second, that would not have worked if that girl wasn't a giant slut." He'd left Stefanie to clean up, but not before she gave him his number.

Images of her hair pulled taunt above her stuffed ass still lingered in his mind. He'd gone from watching porn in his room to that in a matter of days.

"Enough fighting you two," Betsy interjected. "Yes, I chose Stefanie because she was an easy target. But Sam, you should be proud of your brother-in-apprenticeship, that was a remarkable first performance." She led the way to her purple VW Beetle.

"Impressive as hell. Your aura is more potent than I thought." He felt renewed and energized in the wake of his adventure in sodomy, and more than a little proud at Betsy's words. Somehow he felt more powerful. He realized it was the aural energy he'd absorbed. When they reached the car he remembered that the passenger's seat was full of glass containers and bones wrapped up in newspapers.

He climbed into the back seat with Sam again while Betsy pushed the ignition button. "Check your spellbook Brian," she said as she adjusted the dashboard mirror. He pulled the book out of the bag he'd left in the car and flipped it open to page one. It was no longer blank. "Deviance Assessment" was printed at the top in sex fairy tales pornversan francisccordoba argentina font.

Three boxes were underneath, labeled, "Preternatural Magnitude," "Entities Offered, and "Aural Capacity." They each held a number: "0," "1," and "340" respectively. The car pulled out of the parking garage and took to the evening city streets.

Betsy spoke from the front. "I used some of your cum to bind it to you, it'll magically update while you mature as a Warlock." "What does this stuff mean?" "PM is essentially shorthand for how powerful and experienced you are. 0 is a nooby, 10 is a grandmaster. There's only one 10 that I know of, my friend Phoebe." "What are you guys?" "I'm an 8, Sam is almost a 3." Sam briefly glanced up from her phone at her name, then got back to it with a bit of a scowl.

Her green hair dangled above the glowing screen as she scanned it. He was acutely aware of their knees almost touching in the cozy back of the Beetle. "EO is just a count of how many you've sexually interacted with and drained energy from," Betsy continued. "How many people?" "Not necessarily." "Why aren't, uh," he cleared his throat, "why isn't it counting two?" He thought he saw Betsy's lips curl upwards from behind.

"Other Lust Magi don't count. In that case it's more of a back and forth exchange of energy. Some other things to remember: virgins count as 5 and people too young or otherwise unable to feel sexual desire don't count at all.

They don't have any Lust energy in the first place." So maybe that had to do with why Betsy wanted him to save his technical virginity? There was one statistic left for her to explain. "Aural Capacity is what it sounds like, the baseline amount of Lust your aura maintains. PM reflects what you can do with your aura, the spells you can cast and potions you can make.

AC reflects how hot tub sex with an asian couple the effects will be. If you use enough magic in a short period of time and your reserves run dry, you'll need to renew them with rest, relaxation, and lots of fucking." "And mine is above average?" "Well above average for a beginner." He flipped to the next page and saw that it had filled with technical information about auras.

Another page detailed the Siren's Call. The car lurched as Betsy made a turn he wasn't expecting. "Aren't we going back to your place?" he asked. "First a detour. We're going shopping." ---xxx--- Two days later Brian was tugging on the sleeves of his new jacket on a green couch that was starting to become familiar.

As soon as they had gotten to the mall Sam was off to some store or other. Betsy had led him alone through several specialty clothing shops. He quickly lost count of the number of outfits she had him try on. She would slip into the fitting room with him and nip and tuck at the clothes.

He remembered the claustrophobic warmth of her body right behind his in front of the full-length mirrors. She had definitely grabbed his butt a few more times than was necessary, but how much of it was a game to her? How did she want him to respond?

Collaboratively, they decided on a "Warlock style" for him. At the checkout lines Betsy would always pull out a shiny credit card, despite his protest. He now had a closet full of quality t-shirts, hemp jackets, and chino pants with specially lowered inseams for his, what was the word Betsy had used? "Equipment." They'd also gotten several pairs of fashionable footwear, and a vat of pomade.

Oh, and the outfit he was most excited about: a tailored black suit with extended coattails. When they'd been given the price estimate his eyes must have near bugged out of his head. He'd looked over to her, sure she would finally say no. Not even a blink, she handed over her credit card like it was for the week's groceries.

Now, looking around her dingy apartment in the light from the morning sun, he knew she was deceptively loaded. Come to think of giving a horny yr old some hard cock outdoors, how old was she really?

Some of the artifacts at her place looked like they belonged in museums. "Hey apprentice," she appeared around the hall in a fuzzy bathrobe. "Sorry, I have a tendency to take long showers." "No problem, uh, Master?" "Mistress," she corrected, "But Betsy is fine." He nodded, involuntarily thinking about how she was completely nude under the bathrobe. She sat down in the recliner and began combing her hair. "Today is lesson two.


You get to learn your first spell, and I get to be your practice." She paused as she worked through a knot. "So here are the basics. All spells have two parts. First you say the rights words to 'load' the spell. You'll feel your aura gathering around your fingertips. Then you 'shoot' by pointing your fingers and letting the energy fly out of them. It's kind of like cumming." "Ok, sounds simple enough, what are the words?" "Luminis igne libidinis," we call it a Lustball, I think it started as a joke about Fireball spells.

"Are those real?" "Sure, we can't really do them as Lust Magi though. I knew this Pride Witch that would just roast people." Again, so many questions, but he was itching to try his first spell.

"Ok here I go, you want me to aim drilling by a toy and thick dong at you?" Betsy stopped combing her hair and got up from the chair. Then she let her robe fall to the floor. His breath caught in his throat. If such a thing as perfect tits existed, she had them. They were cantaloupe sized, and clearly natural.

They hung from her chest magnificently under the orange candlelight. They gently sloped downwards from her collarbone, and then tipped slightly up at her puffy areola. Her legs were long and sculpted. Slight lines at her hips pointed to her crotch.

He was surprised to see a trimmed dancing and stripping on her bed of curly black pubes there, covering the details of what was underneath.

She opened up her arms, "Give me all you've got honey." He pulled off his jacket in preparation, then spoke the words, "Luminis igne libidinis." He balked at the shake in his voice. But despite the delivery, the effect was immediate. A surge of swirling desire made its way down his arms. It felt like his fingers were coiled springs, ready to burst. He lifted them up, they trembled as much as his voice had.

Betsy closely watched his hands as he aimed them at her chest. He let the springs explode. His fingers surged like electric wires. It was clear why they called it a Lustball, smokey light coiled off his fingertips in lazy rings that formed two crimson spheres in the span of a second. The tennis ball sized globes floated towards Betsy at a leisurely pace. As they left the vicinity of his fingers he felt like he'd lost some substance, some energy, but also felt strangely satisfied.

It was a little like cumming. He looked up in time to see the spheres hit Betsy. They burst like bubbles dead center on her tits.

The smokey energy sunk into her skin and she reacted immediately. Her nipples visibly hardened. A soft "Ahhhhh," escaped her lips. "Oh Brian," she grabbed her tits with both hands and started massaging deeply, "My talented young apprentice." She lifted her left breast up to her lips and started sucking on it, beckoning to him with her other hand.

He walked over and hesitantly reached to her chest. She let out another soft noise at just his bare touch. She was unnaturally sensitive from the effect of the magic spheres. He squeezed and felt her shudder under his firming grip. When his tongue met her nipple she started to moan. His cock was tight in his new pants as he leaned down and felt her tic-tac sized teat under his tongue. She let her left breast fall from her mouth and began to make small circles over its center with her palm.

Her eyes closed and her free hand took the back of his neck. He gently bit her and that was all it took. She let out a last, quivering sigh as she had an upper-body orgasm.

A second passed. She opened her eyes and took his head in her hands. She kissed him on the lips, jamming her tongue into his throat before he knew what was happening, then withdrew with a smile.

"Very good boy." She shrugged her bathrobe back on. "Don't tell Sam I mentioned this, but it took her three tries to get that right." He was too much in a stupor to respond, his cock was painful against his pants. Precum had soaked right through and left little wet stains.

Betsy looked down at his very apparent boner, handed him his jacket, and winked. "Better go take care of that now." She grabbed a book from the kitchen counter and father fuck sleeping doter xstory around the corner.

---xxx--- 20 minutes later Brian got to Mrs. Park's class late. He hated coming in late, but he didn't mind the reason for it this time.

Several students gave him looks as he squeezed and scooted past occupied desks to get to his spot. Mrs. Park's voice hit him like a hammer from across the room.

"Mr. Tibbott! You're so casual about Chemistry, coming in late and all, you must be overprepared. Would you mind answering the question?" Uh oh. His brain was still reeling from being with Betsy. His libido had become a raging beast after the dissatisfaction of being left cold. The hunger was building again. He was not in the right state of mind for Chemistry. Well, not the chemical equation on the board anyways. It didn't help that he had neglected to do the homework.

A high voice rang out from the back of class. "It's norepinephrine, Mrs. Park." Abby had bailed him out. She shot him a sheepish smile from her desk. "Lucky break Tibbott. Now, as we delve deeper into our exploration of brain hormones…" He gave Abby a weary thumbs up from his seat. Thank god she liked him. Or should he be thanking Satan now? As class continued his eyes wandered over Mrs.

Park. He started to fantasize about her in what was becoming a class habit. Something about her dressed-up, professional look and soccer mom body just set his imagination on fire.

Then, as class quieted down for a 10 minute individual assignment, he got an idea. She was grading papers at her desk in the corner of the room while everyone worked.

He could see her crossed legs under the wooden desk, and everything above her stomach, which was pressed against its edge. All that could be heard was the scratching of pencils and the occasional cough. He whispered as faintly as he could under his breath. "Luminis igne libidinis." He new nobody else could see what he could, but he still held his breath. Two gently bobbing red globes weaved their way between desk chairs and absently tapping feet. They floated past the teacher's black work heels, up her shaved, tan, voluptuous legs, and finally disappeared under her striped pencil skirt.

"UUuuhhg." An unmistakable moan crashed through the silence. Every student in the room looked right at Mrs. Park. She was bent over her desk with her hands gripping the sides of her chair, like she'd just spilled something on her lap. "Don't oohh, don't mind me just, ahhg, my goodness. Just… just dropped something on my foot." She managed to get a reassuring smile out.

Her explanation seemed to be accepted, and people started getting back to work. Brian felt bad, but he kept his eyes glued to her wriggling body. She shifted her butt back and forth in her chair, trying desperately to control her facial expressions.

Trying to resist the paranormal waves of heightened sensitivity radiating from between her thick thighs. She couldn't stop a few glimmers of passion slipping through, a trembling lip or a sharp breath. He was getting hard again, but he was prepared this time with his backpack rested over his lap. Mrs. Park glanced around the room a bit, then looked at the clock, then another glance. Her hand disappeared under the desk as her legs went from crossed to side-by-side.

No way, she wouldn't. But a second later he saw the subtle shapes of fingers moving under her skirt. Mrs. Park closed her eyes and began to silently masturbate. The tip of her tongue meandered across her upper lip.

He was surprised to notice a few wisps of aural energy flying towards him from under her skirt. He felt a bit of the hunger in him retreat. As far as he could tell, he was the only one catching Mrs. Park in the act. It was the best 10 minute individual assignment he ever had. ---xxx--- As soon as class ended Abby popped right up at his side.

How did she pack her stuff so quickly? "Hey Brian you heard about Cowboyz 3 right? I got my pre-order in the mail this morning." She pushed up her glasses and looked at him excitedly. Oh yeah, he'd been really excited about the game a while back. With everything going on it had completely slipped his mind that it came out today. "Awesome," he said, "I was dying to play it after Russian mom sex porn sex fairy tales saw the trailer." "I know right!" Abby looked down for a minute.

He heard her take a deep breath. "Wannacomeoverandplayitwithmetonight?" She fired the question off with an unrelenting string of syllables. He thought about it. Some normalcy sounded great right about now. Just playing a game with a friend, getting away from Betsy's teasing and the complexities of magic. "You know what, I'd love to." "GREAT!

umm, see you later then." Brian just hoped he could stave off the ever-building hunger. Chapter 5 Sebastian kneeled next to his sister on the stained grey carpet and prayed. "Heavenly father, keep us pure and true in the coming trials. Let us defeat our enemy and cleanse your Earth of darkness. May we always keep our promise to you, no matter the material temptation before us.

Amen." "Amen," Esther repeated by his side. They stood up in their combat gear and ignored the stares from the local church goers. Sebastian would have preferred a catholic establishment, but this was the only holy place in walking distance of their target zone. They made a striking pair, him and his sister. He'd worked hard for a body in peak physical condition, and he was blessed to have had a large frame to start with. White combat pants stretched over his tree trunk legs.

Muscles bulged underneath his matching white t-shirt with a red cross emblazoned on the front. His long, cylindrical neutralizer les jams dildo in asshole babe and anal from a thick white belt among a variety of pouches.

The church had updated the uniforms of their order to blend with the times a while back, white robes and plate armor were far too conspicuous. His sister wore much the same, but tailored to her slimmer, still powerful body. She was a world class sprinter and it showed. They had matching silver-blonde hair, inherited from their parents.

Both of them ran 1" clippers over their heads every month to maintain a simple buzz cut. It was part of their duty to keep an austere appearance. "Anything else from the informant?" she asked as they donned their white winter coats and exited the church cute teen public gangbang playmately family competition the dark city streets.

"Just what got us assigned this place. Multiple possible Lust Magi, high chance of at least one attending the University." "So just patrol for now?" "Affirmative." They walked under shining street lamps in silence for a few blocks.

This would be their first time going up against Lust magic, Sebastian wanted to take every precaution. "Esther, there's something I wanted to talk to you about." She looked at him quizzically. "It's the makeup." "Oh, come on Sebastian. I look enough like a man with the hair, it's nothing flashy." "You won't look like a man," he assured her, "but any sexual adornment could lead to the sinner's path. You know this." "I am as bound by our vow of celibacy as you are.

This is for my well-being, not an attempt to excite some pleasure-seeking pig." He grabbed her by the shoulder and swiveled her around on the sidewalk.

"Remove it sister, for me." She averted her gaze from his. "Ok, for you." Devices attached to both of their belts suddenly erupted into beeps, starting them out of their conversation and into combat positions. Magi were near. ---xxx--- Brian and Abby's laughing mixed with the sounds of the city under the evening sky.

Their breath made twin puffs of white in the cold air. For the first time in days Brian's mind was clear of thoughts of witches and warlocks. He was just a normal dude hanging out with a girl. They were walking from campus to Abby's place. It turned out that she lived kind of close to Betsy. Their conversation had been great, turning from video games to favorite movies to personal questions.

"So do you have any roommates?" he asked. "Yeah but they're all out tonight, it'll just be us," she looked over at him from under her big fluffy winter hat, "Hope that's ok." For the first time he found himself attracted to Abby, and he was pretty sure it wasn't the magical urges. This conversation, her cute freckles. She'd been there all along, right masturbating in pantyhose free in pantyhose porn video c5-pantyhose4u tube porn his nose.

"That's cool. Abby, I'm really gl-" Bzzzzzz! His phone went off. He pulled it lesbian models open up their deep anals and penetrate enormous magic wands and saw that it was Betsy. Fuck it, he'd check it later. Let her wait for once. "Sorry, I was just saying I'm excited to play that new deathmatch mode." When Abby didn't respond he looked over, just in time to see a flash of white stealing her from his field of view.

"BRIAN!" she screamed, struggling against her assailant. A giant man in all white pried her arm back and held some sort of baton against her neck. "Submit Witch," he spat with a twisted expression. Suddenly there was a white figure on him too. A woman with short hair. He grappled with her in complete bewilderment. She had her own baton out and was trying to wack him as he gripped her wrists.

Saucy blonde bint masturbates in the bed

What weapons did he have? What could he do? Only one thing came to mind. He activated Siren's Call at full blast. She made a strange face. Her arms weakened. He leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. Her arms fell completely limp and her baton dropped to the floor with a thud. He heard the large man yelling from behind them. The woman wasn't resisting, but she filthy lesbos cant stop the sex lesbian dildo kissing back either.

She stood with his face against hers until a hand appeared on his shoulder and tossed him to the side with incredible force. He crashed into a fence and was up in a second for Abby. She'd been pushed to the floor too, and was still getting to her feet. He pulled her up by the arm and they booked it. He looked behind his shoulder as they turned the corner. The man had the woman by her shoulders, she still looked dazed.

---xxx--- "What… was… that?" Abby got out between breaths. They'd ran for 10 minutes straight. Brian had led them to the only place he knew to go. They were on the stairs up to door number 8. He checked his phone and read the message Betsy had sent right before the attack on their way up: "DANGER, GET TO ME NOW." "Are you calling the police?" Abby asked.

"No, um, Abby I'm really sorry you got involved in this." "What do you mean?" At that moment a loud bang resonated from the bottom of the stairwell, followed by several thumps. They both tensed. Somebody was climbing the stairs. He whispered the Lustball incantation under his breath, he didn't know how it would work as a weapon, but it was better than nothing.

"Ah!" a green-haired girl shouted in surprise as she turned the corner. "Jesus fuck Brian you scared the shit out of me." "Yeah you got us good too," he said as relief washed over his body.

"Oh, uh, Sam this is Abby. Abby, Sam." They greeted each other awkwardly. Abby looked to him, then looked back at the punk-metal girl on the stairs. "How do you two know each other?" "We'll get to that," he replied.

Abby was becoming more and more entangled in this mess. When they knocked on door 8 adorable hottie sucks and bounces on jock swung open instantly. Betsy appeared in silk pajamas, her brow was scrunched up with worry.

"Oh thank the devil you're safe." She gave him and Sam big bosom hugs, then turned to the geeky girl wringing her hands behind them. "And who is this?" "My friend Abby, I know I shouldn't have brought her but we were attacked and I didn't know what else to do I-" she help up her hand to silence him.

"Attacked?" "Two maniacs in all white jumped us." "Fuck. They sent two. You're very lucky to have escaped. Here, come in. All of you." Abby looked around the apartment wide-eyed as everyone took seats around the coffee table.

"Shit so they're really here then. How'd they find us?" Sam started. "Hold on," Betsy replied, "Abby. Dear. I need you to hang out in my bedroom for a bit. You can't hear this." "Uh, listen I know that was scary but shouldn't we just call the police?" She responded in a timid voice. Brian spoke up, "Abby trust me, these guys are friends.

Could you just stay in the room for a few minutes? I promise I'll get you home." "If you say so." She let Betsy lead her around the hall. The sound of a door shutting and locking came back to them before Betsy did. "Those people were Magi Hunters, they've been employed by the church for hundreds of years," she revealed as she started to search the room. "They basically think we're depraved monsters and need to be destroyed," added Sam. "Aren't we though?" "Yeah but they're still assholes." "This is no light matter my thralls," Betsy said as she flipped through a book she'd pulled from the bottom of a dusty stack in the corner.

She stopped on a page she seemed to like. "Brian, you are still a virgin right?" ". Yes." Sam snickered. "And that girl you brought, is she?" "I she loves to drills her tight ass so." "Then I have a plan." ---xxx--- Brian had very mixed feelings, but it was too late to change his mind.

Abby was already unconscious, in only panties, and tied to a mattress he'd helped drag across the living room floor. All other furniture had been cleared away, and a circle of candles was placed around the new centerpiece. He told himself there was no other way to generate the magical energy they needed. Betsy and Sam stood to either side. All present were naked. Betsy's hourglass figure was lit in candlelight across from Sam's triangle shaped build. He hadn't been surprised when she'd thrown off her clothes and revealed a pierced labia and curling ram's horns tattooed above it.

Her fun-sized tits were perfectly round and she had an amazing, thick, bubble butt; hips that made him think she must have brazilian blood. She gave him an uncharacteristically grim look from her spot outside the circle. Betsy gave a reassuring nod from the other side. He walked forwards and gazed down at Abby past his hanging cock. Her waist was twisted so her legs were lying on top of each other. She looked fragile and exposed. Without clothes he could see that she was petite, but still developed.

Slight curves traced a cute, perky, round ass and tiny tits with dark pink nipples that were stark against her pale skin. The shallow hills of her tits were smattered with freckles like the ones on her face. Without her glasses she was prettier. He gently shook her leg.

"Abby, wake up." Her eyelids fluttered open and she strained a little against the ropes around her wrists and ankles.

"Brian." He began to stroke his cock. He didn't know if he could stop if he tried. For the last few minutes the hunger had been rapidly building, it was all-consuming at this point. The tiny nubile girl in front of him. His friend. Abby. He was going to fuck her senseless. Down on the mattress, her attention was entirely on his dick. Her eyes moved back and forth with his stroking hand. He wondered if his mammoth was the first cock she'd ever seen in the flesh?

He walked over her so that his legs were on either side of her slight waist. She looked up at the underside of his dick and his heavy balls with something between fear and admiration in her eyes.

He lowered himself until he was straddling her stomach, his cock rested on her ribcage. It reached between her little boobs, past her slender neck, and bumped her on the chin. Her body was cool against the skin of his shaft. Still spread eagle, she tucked in her head and took just the very end of him into her mouth with a little kiss. Her eyes were wide. He fought the urge to move forwards, he let her take the first steps.

She took the whole head next. Her tongue moved over him as much as it could in a full mouth. After Betsy, he could feel how inexperienced she was. He reached down and licked her nipples on either side of his shaft as she simultaneously explored his tip. The other girls began to chant in latin. He gripped Abby's sides and rubbed back and forth over her body. He watched her tiny upper lip slide over the puffy edge of his mushroom tip as he did so.

Eventually, he backed himself to the end of the mattress, withdrawing his manhood from her mouth and kissing her body as he went. He was in between her legs now, looking down at her yellow underwear.

His dick rested against her thigh. She pulled against the ropes to get a view of herself. A strand of saliva still hung from her chin. She gyrated her hips against his hands as he used them, and his teeth, to rip the panties off in fervid tearing motions.

Her pussy was laid bare. A line of wetness dribbled out of two tight pussy lips. They formed a single, perfect crease in a smooth mound of skin that had been completely shaven clean by Betsy and Sam. He picked up his cock and slowly rubbed it against her pussy. Not going in yet, just exploring the possibility. He looked up at her face one last time. "Abby…" "I… I want it in me.

Really." He obliged. He leaned over her and looked into her eyes as the first inch went in. She gasped and twitched sharply against the rope. Neither of them were virgins anymore. He slid further inside. "Ooooohhhhhh," she let out a low noise that raised in pitch as it came out. He felt something momentarily resist his cock at the entrance of her pussy. He'd broken her hymen. "Ahh, ow," she squealed. He fought his body's instincts and paused, afraid he'd hurt her.

"No, keep going. Brian… I've been waiting so long for you." She let out her loudest cry yet as he completed his penetration, he couldn't go any further and he couldn't believe how much of him she'd taken. She thrashed in both pain and pleasure as he broke her in. He began to pull out and felt the tight walls mia scarlett is riding a big cock like champion slut her vagina cling to him in response.

The girls chanted louder and raised up their hands, both of them were channeling huge amounts of energy. A steady rhythm developed on the mattress. Abby's chest would heave as he pushed himself into her and then reversed direction. Her hands clung to the taunt ropes tied to her wrists. "Fuck me, fuck me with your big dick" she whispered over and over. The pace picked up. He fucked her tight hole with relentless passion.

Both of their body's were slick with sweat. He could see the outline of his cock through her stomach as he pounded her tiny body. His dick looked monstrous between her petite thighs.

He thought it was odd that he hadn't noticed their auras in the last few moments, then he realized that the entire room was coated in a solid mist of smokey light. Abby was practically wailing now, her high voice mixed with the low chanting of Betsy and Sam. She bucked and squirmed against her restraints. Pussy juice and a few drops of crimson stained the mattress.

Their bodies were one writhing beast in the candlelight. He felt an orgasm coming, an intense pressure deep in his lower body. She had her mouth wide open in an "O" shape. He didn't know if it'd be safe to cum inside. In one motion he leaned back and pulled his cock out. Her legs shuddered as he withdrew. Her pussy gaped open in the absence, stretched far more than it had ever been before. A guttural noise escaped him and he began to cum. Abby's body went limp as an unrelenting stream of semen shot forward for an unbelievable amount of time.

He was in a state of pure bliss. His load fell onto Abby like a shower of hot rain. He cummed all over her freckled chest, her pink nipples, her sunken stomach, her face and her hair. He fell onto the mattress next to her, completely empty. The chanting ceased. "We welcome you to our earthly realm, friend." Betsy's silky voice broke the silence. "Wonderful to be here," replied the Demon. -------------- AUTHOR'S NOTE: This was my first attempt at erotic fiction.

Hope you liked it! I'd love any critiques or discussion through comments or private messages on this site. I plan on two or three more arcs to complete the Witch's Apprentice story, and boy is shit gonna get crazy now that I've laid down this groundwork.

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