Lusty and wild oral service job spell

Lusty and wild oral service job spell
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I should preface this story by saying that I would never, ever, actually do this sort of thing in real life. Fantasies, however, often come unbidden, and I personally don't feel that they're harmful in and of themselves. Let he or she who has never harbored such fleeting thoughts cast the first stone. ******* Kimiko wrote on the blackboard with the chalk, then turned to face her unruly class, several adolescent members of which were laughing, pointing and talking.

Her style of dress had aroused a great deal of comment among the teachers and administrators at the school. A tiny woman of 24 years, she favored very short miniskirts that barely concealed her skimpy panties, and tight, low-cut blouses that accentuated the aggressive thrust of her breasts. She had been spoken to by the Principle, Mr. Merriam, about it, and had agreed to tone it down just a little bit.

Kimi thought Mr. Merriam had sneaked a few peeks himself, in the midst of lecturing her. He wants to fuck me, too, she had thought to herself, finding the idea repulsive. When she had first arrived at the karter foxx cherrie deville in mature lure, he had made a number of inappropriate comments about how pretty she was, and had suggested several times that they have dinner "to discuss her theories of teaching".

She had put him off, not wanting to put herself in the position of having to fight off an unwanted advance. In any event, she had ignored the admonition regarding her clothing, and was dressed as sexy as ever. It was who she was, and she wasn't about to change. "Quiet down! David, will you come up and work the problem on the board?" Twelve year old David Drake rose slowly and walked to the front of the 7th Grade class. Kimi watched him, thinking to herself for the umpteenth time what a beautiful child he was.

Short, slight, but with fair, unblemished skin, soft blonde hair, and the biggest and most gorgeous blue eyes she'd ever seen.

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It was her second year as a teacher. Her first had been spent at another school in another state. She had tried to fight down the memory of her previous job.of the incident that had precipitated her abrupt departure. She didn't want to think about that. But David kept reminding her -- he was so much like. "I don't know the answer" said David, sheepishly, as he stood by the blackboard. "David, this is review. You should know this by now", said Kimi.

"I think perhaps you haven't been applying yourself." The class giggled as David stood there blushing. "I just.don't understand all this stuff", he said softly. "See me for a minute after class, David, okay?" The class laughed as one, but she silenced them.

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"That's enough. Who wants to come up and solve the problem?" After the class ended, David came shyly up to Kimi's desk. "David, I think perhaps I should spend a little extra time with you after school.


Can you do that?" "I.I guess so", replied the boy, his eyes lingering on his lovely teacher's breasts. God, she was so beautiful, he thought. He'd do anything to gain her approval, to make her proud of him. "'s my address. Come by at 4:00 this afternoon, okay?" Kimi handed him a slip of paper, "Okay, Miss Hashitani," he answered, putting the slip of paper in his pocket.

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At 4:01 that afternoon, David knocked on Kimi's apartment door. Getting no response, he rang the doorbell and listened. From within the apartment, he heard his teacher yell at him to come inside. He opened the door and walked inside, hearing the sound of a shower running. "Make yourself at home, David, I'll be right with you," xxx act with hawt lovely gal hardcore blowjob Kimi, over the sound of the running water.

David looked around the looking around the tastefully decorated room, then sat down on the sofa. Kimi's taste ran to Asian art, and there were artifacts on shelves and Asian prints on the walls. He heard the water being shut off, and after a few moments, his teacher emerged from the bathroom wearing a short silk floral robe.

"My, you're right on time, David," she said, as she sat down next to him. The robe was tied losely, barely concealing her firm breasts in its shadows. He found himself imagining what glories lay between her legs, barely concealed by the short robe.

She smelled absolutely heavenly. "I.didn't want you to be mad at me," said David.


'So sweet!' said Kimi to herself as she smiled at him. "David.I'm not mad at you. I've never been mad at you. I only want to help you. Don't you know that?" "I.I guess so." "David.I like you. Do you like me?" she asked, softly. David didn't know what to say. The truth was that he absolutely adored his teacher, had dreamed of her every single night of teacher and his student xxx hot life since he found himself in her class.

His youthful penis sprang to attention every time he even thought of her. The other boys he knew were always talking about how much they wanted to fuck her. David had only the vaguest idea what they were talking about. "I.yes.I like you, Miss Hashitani. You're so pretty!" he slammed hooters cummed on big tits blonde. "Thank you, David," she smiled.

"I think you're a very handsome young man, too. Tell you have a girlfriend?" "" he said, hesitantly. "I don't know very much about.about girls." Kimi smiled at the innocent child.

So sweet! "David.listen to me," she purred. "I want you to know that you can always be honest with me, about anything, and I'll never be mad at you. Would you like to learn? About girls, I mean." "What do you mean?" he asked, still intimidated by the presence of his sexy teacher.

"I mean.this, David." Slowly, she reached out her hand to his, loosening the tie of her robe with the other. Holding his small. slim hand, she guided it beneath the folds of the robe, and pressed it against her breast. David thought he was going to die on the spot. His hand was cupped around the most beautiful breast of the most beautiful woman he had ever known. Slowly, he caressed her full, firm breast, feeling her nipple stiffen against his palm.

His penis was hard as a rock in his pants, and he felt hot and dizzy, just like a stupid little kid. "David," she whispered. "Do you like that?" " feels nice, Miss Hashitani." "Call me Kimi, David," she murmured. "I think we're on a first name basis now. Have you ever felt a girl's breast before?" "No.never," said David. He had seen his older sisters titties a few times, but would never have dared to touch them, and she would have slapped him silly if she had caught him even looking.

"Does it excite you, David? To touch my breast? Does it make your penis get hard?" David blushed with embarrassment. "Yes.I can't help it, Miss.Kimi." Kimi smiled. "You don't have to apologize, sweet boy. I love it that I make your, your cock. Men have cocks. I love it that your cock gets hard just from touching me." "It gets hard all the time.


Sometimes I don't even know why," said David, shyly. "It gets hard every time I look at you." Kimi reached between his legs and closed her fingers around the bulge in his pants, squeezing it gently. "David.I know it does. I've seen it." Slowly, she stroked it with her fingers. "May I see it?" "I.I guess so," said David. Kimi smiled at his boyish face. "Let's take your shirt off first, okay?" she whispered, reaching out and undoing the buttons one by one. When she was done, she helped him take if off.then leaned forward and closed her lips around one of his nipples, sucking on it for a moment.

He shivered with pleasure as she suckled him. And then she relased him, sliding down onto the floor, on her knees. "I want to see it," she murmured. She untied his shoes, and took them off, then slid his socks off.

Her hands moved to the buckle of his belt, and slowly undid it. Then she unfastened the button of his pants, and slid his zipper down. David waited, in an agony of anticipation. Finally, she reached up and tugged on his pants and shorts, and he raised his hips to help her. She slid his pants down, carefully extricating them from his stiff penis, and tugged them off of his feet and tossed them to one side.

Her hands slid up his thighs, pressing them apart. His cock stood up eagerly, perhaps five inches long, slim, and.beautiful. Kimi gazed at it lovingly. " have a lovely sunny leone bf story new 2019 she whispered, smiling up at him. "Girls will be fighting over it one of these days. Have you ever played with it?" David's words caught in his throat.

He had never experienced anything remotely like this, never heard a girl talk like this, and he had no idea what to do or say. He shook his head. Kimi looked into his face and recognized his confusion. "It's all right, David.I told you I'd teach you, and I will." With that, she reached up and slid her hands up his thighs, nearly touching the young boy's aching cock.

"There's just one thing, David," she said, quietly. "You can never tell anyone what we do together. Ever. It has to be our secret. Do you promise?" David would have agreed to crawl on his knees to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, and back, for just one little touch of her fingers on his cock.

"Yes.yes, I won't tell.Kimi. Not ever." "Good", she murmured, and hot aunty xxx nude fucking story fingertips began to lightly caress his penis, gliding up and down the erect shaft. "David.I'm going to suck on your penis.

Don't be'll make you feel nice." "I'm.not afraid, Miss.Kimi," Davis said, almost fainting with his need for her. Slowly, Kimi bent forward, extending her tongue, and slid it underneath his youthful, almost hairelss balls. Her tongue-tip slid upward between them, and traced slowly up the underside of his penis as she held it away from his body with her fingers.

Reaching the flard, circumcized head, she slowly encircled it, making it glisten with wetness. God, his cock was so beautiful, she though, gazing at it. Just like.Jeremy's. Unable to stop now, she kissed the tip, and then slowly let her lips part, and slide down around the crown of his penis, sucking it into her mouth. "Oh.ohh.aaaaghhh." he moaned softly, as her mouth engulfed him.

He had never felt anything remotely resembling the feeling of Miss Hashitani's warm, wet mouth on his young cock. It was like heaven. His mind reeled with the unfamilar sensations, as her mouth descended the shaft of his cock and took hiim all the way into her mouth, her lips pressing against the base. Her tongue slipped forward and teased his balls at the same time. Suddenly, in his excitement, he felt himself lose control, and his balls went numb, his sperm erupting from them with youthful exuberance.

"Unnnnnhhhhhhhhh!!!" Kimi moaned softly as he flooded her mouth with his delicious sperm, pumping an amazing amount of sweet-tasting cum into her eager mouth. Again and again his penis flourished, flooding her mouth as she moved slowly up and down his cock's rigid length, gulping down his semen. "Mmmmmmmmmm." she purred as he erupted in her welcoming mouth.

At last he was spent.Kimi pursed her lips tightly around his penis and slowly moved up to the head, and then released him, her tongue lovingly licking the lingering sperm from his boyish cock.

"Oh, jeez.Miss Hashitani.that was.that was unbelievable", said David, worshipfully. " I've never felt anything so wonderful. i wish it had taken longer." Kimi smiled up at him, her lips pearly with his sperm. "Oh, darling boy," she whispered, smiling up at him. "You came, that's all. You had an orgasm. What came out of your penis, into my mouth, it's called semen, or sperm, or cum. It's what you'll make babies with, when you're older. And tastes heavenly.

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I loved it when it spurted into my mouth." Kimi's tongue slowly encircled the crown of his penis as she spoke. "You mustn't feel bad about how quickly you came. I loved it that you got so excited. And there's always more, David, more cum where that came from. You'll see." David gazed down at the ultimate vision of loveliness. "Ohhh, Miss Hashitani.I don't know how to thank you," he whispered.

"Mmmm." she purred, smiling up att him, her tongue still caressing the head of his penis. "But I do." TO BE CONTINUED