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Watch my slutty wife gets huge cumshot
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When my dreams came true: chapter 4 In our last chapter, Andy and Rachel love grows and they quickly marry both no longer willing to be apart.

They spend time together, as their fathers work on building their new home. They are determined to have children as quickly as possible. Slipping my shoes on, I stand and help Rachel to her feet. I pick up the blanket and shake it out as my back turns to Rachel she playfully jumps onto my back. Like a little kid she asked, "Give me a piggyback ride please hubby." Dad and Bill chuckle as I let Rachel ride my back, and they lead us back to the construction site. Once were there, there is deep hole about ten foot square there were the pool is supposed to go.

It seems to go straight down, it's hard to see, it is in shadow just after a few feet. A flashlight doesn't penetrate its full depth. I asked. "Could it be a mine shaft or a ventilation shaft?" Bill says, "There's no mine that we know of around here. This is limestone you don't mine it." We rope off the area, and leave it till tomorrow. We'll research and see if there was a mine, fall out bunker or anything in this area that could be a reason for that hole in the ground.

The property search had not shown any activity like that. While we're here we take a good look at how the garage is coming along. The first floor is completed, the basement is also completed with a battery room already being charged by the solar cells, and power inverters convert the power to an AC which is used throughout the garage.

The second floor has the outer walls and the roofing completed it will not be long before its ready, Dad seems to be in a hurry to get finished for us. Walking through the inside the rough in electrical and plumbing having completed there's even the water in a downstairs restroom. The upstairs still just studs but that will be changing very quickly, now that the crew has finished the other house.

Smiling I tell my beautiful wife, "Rachel looks like we will go pick out carpeting and furniture real soon." Rachel still clinging to my back kissing under my ear, and then she whispers. "I'll love to have a home of our own even if it's only until we have the main house finished." The next day we came by to see what was going on with the mine shaft don't know what else to call it at this moment.

It's definitely man-made the walls showed signs of where were picked or hammered with man-made tools. We placed a flashlight on a rope and lowered it we could watch it for about forty feet by then it was too dim amateur couples fuck in the living room see. When we lifted it back up it was still dry so hadn't struck any water but was at the same level as the town.

A little dirt was on the bottom of the flashlight so it's obvious we reached the bottom. We dropped a couple glow sticks and we see a stairwell partially coming up the shaft, a latter cut into the side drops down to thirty or forty feet to the top of the stairwell. I called Roger, the realtor I used to purchase the place. He informed us at one point there was a house located on the edge of the property, it was condemned.

The seller did not want it listed because of the condition. Dad, Bill and I met Roger and he showed it to us. It will likely be just about the right location so we carefully started searching the building. In a room against the hillside be found a hidden door. I forced it open to reveal a shaft as soon as I opened it air rushed through. We left the building for a while with the door open until the air didn't smell as stale coming through the doorway.

Armed with flashlights we started exploring about hundred feet back we found the shaft going up, with the glow sticks still giving off light at the bottom. We tentatively checked the stairs they didn't seem to be in such bad condition.

This far underground no insects bothered the stairs, the passage ways were fairly dry so the humidity fairly constant they wouldn't be rotten.

The board still looks thick and sturdy on the stairs. Gingerly one step at a time I climbed it. At its top is another passageway leading off to the north. Dad climbed the stairs next he brought one of the glow sticks with him. We left the glow stick at the top of the stairs. When Bill reached the top of the stairs he was a little out of breath but he had another two flashlights.

Down the hallway we found a number of rooms cut in the side of the passage most only had the remains of a few ebony hottie jumps on a fat cock, or an old lantern, one had an old style four post brass bed.

The mattress itself was a cotton bag filled with feathers and after all this time it had pretty well rotted and seems to fall apart at the slightest touch. The brass was a deep green color. But it was possibly salvageable.

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Further exploring we found an opening on the very back of the property that overlooked the old road that ran into the capital. On our way back we found another room this one had a door with a lock.

It was old heavy lock from around the 1900s uses skeleton key to open it. We also noticed another room near this one it had the remains of a distillery, several boilers with copper tubing running to tubs.

Bill and Dad started laughing. They tell me a story they heard when they were boys, about how back in the prohibition era the mob had a hidden speakeasy and brewery in town. The legend has it they all were killed and a gunfight with the police and the FBI.

The FBI searched the building but didn't find any secret doors. The legend has it they had all kinds of money hidden away.

Apparently I got my hands onto the same property that the speakeasy had stood. We broke through the old ceiling from the shaft when we were leveling the earth for the house. That make sense of the debris we found at the bottom of the shaft. The old house that was condemned is where they brought in the materials needed for the making of alcohol. That led me to believe maybe something good rested just behind the door with the padlock. Dad had bolt cutters that we can use to open the lock.

We all left to get them. We still went one at a time down the stairs. Teens hannah and riley getting fucked by a rich guy stairs were at least nearly ninety years old. Although they seem to be very solid we didn't take any chances. We returned with the bolt cutters cutting the lock open the door barely moved its hinges and knob were so rusted they refused to turn.

With a little oil we managed to get the door to open.


Inside we found what looked like a counting room. There were a few stacks of silver coins. A large early 1900s safe, we discussed how to open the safe. Dad and Bill remember old movies which had safes like this one.

It seemed like the preferred method of the old movies was dynamite. I shook my head and laughed knowing that would be no good here. I finally suggest getting a set of stethoscopes and seeing if we could get the safe to open by listening for the combination.

While explaining this to Dad and Bill, I didn't turn the knob but told them we would slowly rotate the knob while listening for the lock to fall in place and when we got it open turn the handle and open the door. I did I turn the handle and open the door, apparently whoever left the safe hadn't even bothered to lock it. Now able to see inside the safe we found shelves with stacks of old bills still within the rappers.

An to much cum for this skinny chick to handle marked to Al Capone caught my attention inside the envelope were thirteen ten thousand dollars banknotes issued 1918. Most people don't realize it but old bills are sometime valued like old coins.

But $10,000 bills have been recalled a very long time ago. I didn't know if any still remained in existence other than the ones I'm looking at. In the days before wire transfers banks use those large bills to move money around. Very few people ever saw them other than bankers. Save held other old bills $500 bills seven whole bundles.

Hundred dollar bills many bundles all issued in the early 1900s. One shelf contained gold coins of the era; I decided right then and there to keep those. We carefully removed everything. Trying not to bend or fold any of the bills. The outer one seemed to be a little more fragile than the inner of the stack.

But some these bank notes were over one hundred years old. Even at that age they seemed almost new. We placed everything in safety deposit boxes in several different banks. When I offered a share it with Dad and Bill they both refused saying it was on my land and I bought it. Checking with the government they had no claim against it so it was all mine.

I started with the 10,000 dollar bills I had them certified and graded. None of them got mint graded AC70 that's when I found out there weren't that uncommon.


They were in really good condition considering their age receiving an UC 63. The fact they were a payoff to Al Capone made the envelope and the money extremely collectible.

I had envelope certified with the three of us as witnesses and our statements. Experts confirmed the envelope from the 1920s.

When I put them up for auction the bidding went crazy. It didn't take long before the bidding was over half a million and climbing when it finally stopped I elsa jean eva lovia sweet nothings with elsa jean two million eight hundred twenty-five thousand dollars richer. I looked at Dad and Bill and asked them again. black guy fuck girls xxx storys you want to share?" Dad and Bill both shook their head no.

Turns out the other bills are worth a little more than face value no more than ten times on some of the 20s. But we got a little better than averages because of bills were all in very good shape.

Other than Al Capone's envelope, it was about one hundred ninety-three thousand in various bills. So I basically found enough to repay me for the land, and the extra expense caused by the shaft, with a bonus for Bill and Dad, plus plenty left over. I didn't even touch the gold other than to have it stored safely away. The architect, came up with a very good idea tear down the old house, we build a garage in its place then reinforce the tunnel and put in elevator shaft.

We had to reorient where the house was set to accommodate this, but we are early enough in the building stage to do that without any major delay. That will give us a way to get into the house from the town.

It's a bit of a walk but we don't have to drive up a snow-covered road in the dead of winter. Also the elevator empties onto the other passageway. I will have some place interesting to show visitors. I had experts check out the passage ways and tunnels. They made several suggestions and we implemented them. There's very little we had to do to it, only the wider expanses we had steel reinforcements added to although they were remarkably stable.

The summer seems to run by as much time as Rachel and I could spend together we did. It was late August and the garage was completed Rachel and I had picked out everything for our new temporary home. We had been living mostly in my house over the summer. We would be moving in today. The upstairs of the garage is completed the furniture being delivered anytime now. Downstairs was being used by Dad and Bill, mostly for storage but they left one parking space open for us to use next to the stairs.

There was a restroom downstairs with space for an office. A lot of the building materials were stored in the garage area as the new house began to take shape. The area around the old shaft, we had taken special care around the heavy machinery wasn't suitable so that added more time having to do it by hand.

But even that didn't seem to slow us down all that much. The house was just under roof with only skeleton on the inside of studs. Now the house is going to have a single elevator, running to our lower garage level and to every floor of the main house. All the utilities have been completed, Rachel and I can move in the garage apartment as soon as the furniture arrived, which was today.

Rachel is actually pacing back and forth; I guess she's never awaited a delivery truck before. The truck finally shows up, and then begins packing things upstairs and Rachel is beside herself she is so happy.

We already moved most of our clothing and our walk in closet was more than half-full. Rachel is directing where she wants everything set up. Two trucks deliver furniture, first is the master bedroom, and secondary bedroom. The second truck house our living room and dining set on it and shows up nearly an hour later. By early afternoon all the furniture is in place and both trucks leave. I'll get a TV set later on it's more important to have something to set down on right now.

Rachel and I had purchased appliances, dishware and cutlery that had already been in the kitchen only days after the cabinets were completed. A coffeepot still brews coffee that our dads drink every morning. They usually bring cups back without too much hassle.

But Rachel is threatening to make them start using paper cups for their coffee. In a little under two hours our apartment has become home, Rachel's making up the bed as I run the vacuum in the living room area. Our parents show up they brought us dinner. Emily runs into the master bedroom to talk with her sister.

Dad and Bill chuckle at me doing housework, Dad saying, "He's a multimillionaire and he still does housework." Mom looks at Dad before she says. "I bet he gets rewarded well for helping." Megan giggles and says. "To hear from Rachel, he awards her well too." Rachel steps of to me as I turn off the vacuum.

Running her hand across my chest she says. "He earns every minute and then some. Rewarding him is its own reward." She stepped up on her tip toes to give me a kiss on my cheek but I quickly turned and catch her lips. Mom calls us. "You two get over here and let's have the first dinner in your new home." It was fun we talked laughed nina masturbandasu padre xxx porngratis it's time for them to leave.

Emily begged to stay over offering to sleep on the couch, but her Mom wouldn't hear of it to our relief. After everyone has gone Rachel had me close all the curtains, she disappeared into the bathroom for a few minutes.

Rachel came walking up to me nude, she said. "How do you like my new outfit? I'm going to wear it every time were alone together." I sara jay squirts before having pov sex stripped off my clothing and say.

"I have a similar outfit that I will wear every time you wear that one." Rachel says in a sexy manner. "Good I was going to insist on that." I reach for her, but she playfully backs away.

Rachel keeps just out of my reach as she shakes her beautiful ass at me. "If you catch me you can have me." Rachel says skipping away. I chase Rachel around the house.

She uses the furniture to keep me from catching her. Eventually I catch her, only once she wants to stop teasing me. She sits on the kitchen counter and allows me to slide down between her legs and lick between her labia, I give her two orgasms right there on the kitchen counter.

I carry her into the dining room and set her on the dining table. When I align myself up to start the push into her she asked.

"Don't you want to take me to the bedroom?" Playfully I tell her. "Oh we are going to get there." Hearing this causes her to giggle. I bring her to a shaking orgasm on the dining table.

It doesn't tiny teen masturbation squirt xxx i just want to go home all that long this girl loves to make love with me.


Long deep thrusts for about ten minutes and she's spasming throwing her legs into the air and screaming a high pitched sound continues for as long as her orgasm goes on. It starts as a yes but ends up along high pitched squeal. I once asked her if I was actually hurting her she answered by saying. "If that's pain hurt me again and again and again." I had to laugh at that.

I had to carry her; Rachel's legs were too wobbly for her to walk, when I turn towards the living room she forcefully told me. "No way on my new couch." So I turn and carried her on into the bedroom. Setting Rachel down to turn down the bed, I move her so she is in the center of the King sized bed. Coming up between her legs Rachel spreads hers wide giggling she says.

"I really like being able to spread my legs wide like this and be supported by the bed." I align myself up and sink into her cummy pussy. Rachel moans. "Oh yes Andy. I love having you in me." I began a steady rhythm with long deep strokes that Rachel loves. It doesn't take her but maybe five minutes and she begins another orgasm but quickly turns into a string of orgasms. I'm not trying to hold back but it takes a lot longer for my second orgasm. At about twenty-five minutes I feel my balls tighten hold back until Rachel begins another orgasm to push hard into her as I begin to pee cum into her fertile womb Rachel goes absolutely crazy feeling it.

Rachel screams. "OH YES ANDY THAT'S IT MAKE A BABY I WANT YOUR BABY. YES. YES. YEEEEEE." Our orgasms end nearly at the same time but they seem to go on forever. As we catch brynn tyler and tanners mayes handjob sperm swap breath Rachel and I clinging to each other. After we recover, we begin to talk about tiny french mihonsakaguchi fucked in car future.

Rachel is laying her head on my shoulder as she asks "Andy what do you think it's going to be like living in our mansion?" "I believe it is going to be a lot of fun. We have our own indoor pool.

The water should be nice and warm all winter and since it's indoors this should be no need for us to wear swimsuits if we are alone.

We have our home theater where we can watch any movie, and we can afford to buy any movie you want. I know latest school rape sex vedios sex stories Dads' favorite room is going mom san braezzrs sex story be the billiard room. And once the grandkids start showing up will never be able get our parents to leave. That's why I got two extra master bedrooms.

In a way I think the garage at the edge of town is going to be nice too. An elevator ride down sixty feet and then a hundred foot walk will put us in the garage. It's better than the four mile drive we have to take now.

Than once we have those kids that house is really going to be a lot of fun. Each child will have their own bedroom when their old enough. As long as I'm with you I know I'm going to have fun.

I looked down Rachel is sleeping with a smile crossed her face. I can't help but smile as I say "I love you." Without even opening her eyes still smiling Rachel says "I love you too." In the middle of the night some dumb ass, pulls up in the driveway.

In front of the garage they do a doughnut in a pickup. It doesn't do any real damage just makes a lot of noise and wakes Rachel and me up. They back up and fishtail out of our drive. He bangs into one of the garage doors leaving a large dent and a paint smear. It's just some fool acting his intelligence, it's a nuisance and would only be dangerous if he really lost control of his vehicle.

Rachel and I talk about it. We decide to put a gate at the very edge of our property starting in the morning. Actually we'll make a double gate, fairly sturdy outer gate not extremely heavy, but the inner gate much more sturdy and electrified.

We will use an electronic sensor and electronic key so we don't have to leave our automobile to open the gates. We'll also install a remote entry switch inside the garage and the kitchen area with a video monitor.

I want to install an alarm system to both the garage and the mansion. We try to get back to sleep but it's already fairly late for that. Rachel and I just go ahead take a shower and I search the Internet for our new gates and a contractor to install it. Early like always Dad shows up shortly before seven coming up for coffee.

The pot has just finished brewing and Rachel and I are sharing a cup. Dad seen the damage garage door asks. "What happened last night?" I tell Dad, "Some idiot last night in a pickup truck fishtail out after waking us up. Dad, I want to gate put up as quickly as possible I have a contractor I found online that makes the gates but we will have to install it. As soon as we have a gate I want a crew put on it." Dad shakes his head yes without hesitation.

We get a quick e-mail to the architect with what I want for the gate. There was a simple gate there already but dad noticed we began to leave it open all the time. I also told that we need to hire another crew to demolish the condemned building and build the garage at the end of the tunnel to secure that entry as well.

Dad tells me. "I was going to send down a dozen guys work on that this week. Now the house is ready for the electrical plumbing and air conditioning subcontractors to work on. I'll have a crew replace that garage door this morning. I'll hire a night watchman to stay by the gate until we can get that replaced. In September Rachel and I both went back to school, that took some getting used to Rachel and I didn't have classes that overlapped so we spent a good part of the day apart.

But every chance we got we would spend, steel or borrow a moment together. Her friends begin to accept me, it turns out they were not as shallow like most would believe. With only a couple of them proving that they were. Course Rachel giggle when they acted like their money was all that mattered.

But all said and done between the monies we found from the old Mafia hideout, what I sold and the value what I kept made me worth over 100 million. This meant I had been receiving nearly $9000 a day in interest. It's no wonder the rich keep getting richer. My friends accepted Rachel immediately. We got only a little friendly ribbing. Like Megan had said, everyone knew that we were meant for each other, but us. Of course some of her football friends from her click didn't feel the same.

At our school seniors are allow lunch off-campus. A notice must be file with the office. I've being over eighteen could give notice for myself. Rachel still being seventeen required an adult to give her permission. The office staff also knew about our marriage and said you can give permission for Rachel to have lunch with you off-campus.

I quickly signed the papers as Rachel glared at me, she caught the smiled across my face as I was tempted not to file paperwork for her until she asked, but her glare immediately told me I would be in trouble if I didn't. I almost felt like she could read my mind in that instant. The house is coming along fine, lower garage was now complete. The entry area had been widened and reinforced with steel and concrete. Construction of a six car garage with access to the street was finished quickly.

The elevator had been completed that led up to the basement area. Rachel and I started to come in that way quite often. We had a doorway put in before the elevator that required a key for security. The tunnel finished, painted, and the floor tiled it looked like it had been made just for this purpose. The master bedroom area and several other high use rooms of the mansion were nearly complete. Rachel and I decided once the main house was completed we would have a large party, with a lot of the people who had been party to its creation, Plus friends from high school and their families.

We could always have another party but just with friends from high school later on. We attended many other parties from both groups of our friends. Rachel and I started to go to a small restaurant in town quite often for lunch. It wasn't the classy joint that her click would always go to. But we both seem to like the food there better; my friends had a tendency go there a little more often. It didn't take long before some of her old friends started following us to the new restaurant. A couple of cheerleaders actually got together and were beginning to date some of my friends.

Lee found out that George my best friend had a crush on her for a while. George knew about how slutty she used to be but it seems like as soon as they started dating there is no other guy for her. This didn't go over well with some of the football players who are custom to using her. Now George is what you would know as big tits and blue eyes babe in hot orgasm geek, he wasn't big into sci-fi as much a science.

If I need something done that required out-of-the-box thinking he could get it done. George is going to help me refinish that brass bed that we found within the tunnel. He said he knew of chemical process that would remove the tarnish and not damage the brass underneath. Unlike the commercial product which causes the brass to rapidly oxidize right after using it.

Armed with a dozen or so trash bags we begin tearing apart the old mattress. In one corner we discover ten dollars in Morgan silver dollars from the late 1800s. I gave them to George. He asked me why I didn't want them, I told him.

"George, think about this this was a speakeasy why would someone hide cash in a mattress, it probably was money paid for sex. The prostitute probably didn't have any way to come back and get it." George laughing takes the money.

"I'll tell Lee about this, maybe I could talk her into some role playing with the coins." We didn't find anything else in the remains of the mattress, that silver was probably the last money that the prostitute earned.

Now with only posts and a metal frame that supported a chain-link like net with springs to support the old mattress. We began taking those apart. We had to support the head board and footboard once the metal frame was removed. They both seem quite heavy for being made of brass.

George remarked. "I think they are heavier than what they should be. I looked up a brass bed on the Internet from the time. Sears actually sold them, and had the shipping information. They were not anywhere near as heavy as this is." Anyway we carried it back to the elevator and brought them up to the basement.

I brought the old metal frame too but decided we were going to use a modern frame instead. The headboard and footboard were equal to a Queen sized bed.

So we had to do is find it brazzers milfs like it big eva karera jessy jones and van wylde a night at the milfbury to attach them to.

We can use it for the guest bedroom and find other antique items from that era to finish decorating the goddess of reverse rides in a webcam show room. Course I wonder what people would say knowing that they rested on a bed used by a prostitute in the early 1900s. I was doing this as surprise for Rachel, she hadn't thought about how to decorate the guest bedroom yet. Given the history about the tunnel this would be a pretty neat way to introduce people to it.

I found the articles about the raids by the FBI that destroyed the speakeasy. I had them printed Word for Word in a newspaper re-created to look like the news of the day. We will leave a copy in the guest room. I found a picture of the building from the historical society.

And I have a copy enlarged and framed to place it in the guest room as well. Rachel come by and caught us working on the old brass bed. The fumes from the chemicals that we were using instantly made her sick and she ran for the nearest bathroom. I hadn't paid attention but then it hit me she had missed her last cycle; it should have occurred 10 days ago.

I get up not caring what happens to the brass headboard I was working on it topples over as I ran out of the room following Rachel. I quickly cleaned my hands before getting near her.

She's bent over the toilet throwing up. I pulled her hair back and gently rub her back asking. "Are you okay Love?" After a few minutes she gets up off her knees washes her face and rinses out her mouth. I'm standing by waiting for her to tell me, if she's okay or not.

Rachel takes a deep breath before saying. "I guess we both found out each other's surprise. I see you are working on the brass bed for me. I'm working on growing a baby." I began kissing her, as she giggles. It's then that George appears in the doorway. He's excited as hell and says. "You guys got to see this! Don't worry I opened up a window to air out the room." Rachel seriously asks. "George, I have to ask you, there are no chance those chemicals hurting my baby is there?" George face lights up even happier than he was before.

Before he stammers, "No. No. They should not be a chance of that. They just don't smell very good. Congratulations you two it's about time. You're going to love what we found." After I check to see if the room still smells, Rachel comes in. George informs us that when the brass headboard toppled over one of the round post caps popped off.

George looks inside and slides his hand down only a few inches and he pulls up a large Mason jar full of coins. The top jar he pulls out holds silver coins. He hands it to me as he slides his hand back in and pulls out another Mason jar full gold coins, he hands that to Rachel.

Sliding his hand back twice more until he slides all the way to past his elbow he pulls on the fourth Mason jar full gold coins. He hands that last one to me. He walks over and removes the other post cap slides his hand in and begins to pull out more Mason jars, just like the last post. Four in each post totaling two jars of silver and six of gold. He goes down to the footboard and removes the caps from their post.

Sliding his hand in he finds more Mason jars larger ones but for in each post as well. This is actually more gold than what we found in the counting room. A lot more than a single prostitute would ever make, it had to be the bed of one of the Mafia kingpin's that ran the place. Laughing I tell Rachel. "It looks like our children are going to be just like you. When they show up in my life they bring a lot of money." George laughs at my joke he knows the story about Rachel popping the question.

When he calms down he says. "You have to be the luckiest person I ever knew, Andy. Not only do you hit the lottery but you by the one place in town that holds a treasure." I set the Mason jars down. I take Rachel into my arms, and I say. "Now I'm holding a real treasure, Rachel is worth more to me than anything else in my life." Comments like that still make Rachel blush but she kisses me quickly.

We take the Mason jars back into the garage and up to our apartment on the large dining room table we begin the separate the coins. I've learned enough about coins and coin collecting to ensure that we do not add any more damage to them.

So we gently remove each one by one from the jars. It doesn't take long before the tables completely covered in gold coins. We set aside the jars that still hold the silver because there is no room to separate them. Dad walks in see all the gold he just grins, before he says. "I see you found more treasure, where at this time?" Jokingly I tell him. "Rachel's fault, every time she has something important to tell me like, popping the question or she's pregnant I find a new treasure.

Actually I get two treasures at the same time." Rachel drawn back she was about ready to pop me in the arm when I make the last statement. She just throws her arms around me and gives me a big kiss.

For the first time in my life my Dad has a shocked expression on his face that turns into a wide smile and I didn't have my camera. He asks, "Rachel, are you making me a grandfather?" Rachel giggles and then says.

"I believe brunette mom needs her daily dose of big black cock, the EPT came back positive and I miss my last cycle. I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow to make sure." Dad calls Bill immediately. "Hi partner, guess what?" Out on the yard we hear Bill shouting, as Dad holds the phone away from his ear.

"She's pregnant!" Only moments later Bill comes running up the stairs and into the apartment. He grabs his daughter and spins around like she was eight years old again. "Now remember if it's a boy you got a name him William." My Dad goes. "What about Michael that's my name." Rachel toppled back into my arms dizzy. "She laughs, why don't we just wait till the baby gets here before we decide on names." Bill says.

"It doesn't matter you're going to have six I'm sure two of them can be named after the grandfathers right partner." My Dad and Bill both begin laughing, as I help Rachel to the couch. Dad flicks his head in the direction of the dining table pointing in that the gold laid out there for Bill to see. Bill gives a long whistle before he says. "With all that I bet it's twins." Rachel eyes get wide, and I chuckle and then say.

"I hope its twin boys that way you two will not fight over who gets their name used first. Besides that I was just going to toss a coin to decide who gets their grandson named after them first." They both laugh as they pull cell phones out of their pockets, they each call our mothers. It's not long before rest of the family is here.

George says he feels a little like a fifth wheel. Looking at all those gold coins on my table I hand him a double eagle that looks really good.

"Here George take this one for receiving a fat dick in her mouth blowjob we'll figure out how much is your share later." George hands me back the gold piece before he says.

"This is your place, the bed was in your place that makes it yours, and everything that was in it." I looked at George and say. "That's true, so it's up to me to say what happens with it." Handing him back the gold piece I say. "Have that coin graded before you sell it." George smiles knowing that I won't let him out of taking it. He slides it to his shirt pocket. Bill makes a call to a coin dealer not too far from here for coin wrappers the kind to displace the coin and protects them.

We haven't even gotten into the silver coins yet they still in four different Mason jars. Our mothers arrive pulling in together with Emily. The three rush to Rachel side ignoring everything else. They hug her warmly, and I bring them some cold drinks. They're talking like old friends and sipping on some lemonade.

Bill, Dad and I finish examining the coins. They run from the early 1890s only up into the prohibition era. George is gone back to finish the brass bed for me. I'll check on him later. Megan and Mom come and hug me, but Megan has tears in her eyes. I ask. "Still not ready to be a grandmother?" Megan just shakes her head yes with a smile, as everyone else in the room laughs. She finally asks.

"Are you ready to be a father?" Smiling broadly I say. "Oh yes, I'm very happy that Rachel didn't make me wait too long to be a father." Megan laughs and says. "You waited eleven years to be with her, it's good that she only made you wait four months to be a father." I ordered a bunch of food from a local restaurant and they deliver. I go find George to invite him to dinner with us.

He informs me that he has plans with Lee to go out to dinner and a movie. I tell him. "Any time he wants to come by, give us a call the house will be finished pretty soon and he can use the guest room if he could talk her into staying overnight." George gets a devilish grin on his face he says.

"Don't tell her about the mobster money, we'll tell her it is prostitutes' bed. No one has to know that you didn't find that money in another chamber off that tunnel. We can just let circulate that you found the bed used for prostitution.

I'll give her those Morgan Silver dollars and we can role-play." I tell him. "For some reason I think that might get you in trouble." George chuckles and says to me. "I've already asked her to marry me, and she has agreed I just three some white my mom to buy the ring." Oh this is going be fun. "You have to take a share now. I want to make sure you have enough to buy her ring that will satisfy her taste.

Besides that George, I know you need the money for college and God knows money is not something I'm short of." George says. "You're not going to let that go are you?" Looking at my face my longtime friend realizes I'm not going to stop until he takes what I offer him. "If you going to insist I'll take twenty percent and no more. That should be enough to see me through college and still buy an engagement ring that will turn heads just like Rachel's." "George, I only spent $4000 on Rachel's ring.

She picked it out." I inform him. George remarks. "Really, I would've expected ten times that much." "Actually George this house was all my idea for her, she probably would be happy in a place with half as much room. But I wanted to get her something more than just enough room to live in. Besides that it put my Dad and Bill into business together. They already have another mention scheduled to begin construction shortly. They may be able to put two or three more crews to work by next summer.

I don't think she would agree to a house this large if it wasn't for that.

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Rachel is it so much about the money or the wealth as she is about being in love with me. She knows that making her happy is what makes me happy. So she does whatever she thinks will make me happy, even if it is to accept a house too big for us right now." Rachel is in the hallway and has been listening. She still has a bad habit of eavesdropping. After hearing what I said to George she comes in. Wraps me into a hug and gives me a big long passionate kiss.

She finally says. "George that the secret to a happy marriage, keep your wife happy and she will make you very happy. It doesn't take all the money in the world, just think about her and what she would like." George smiles before saying, "Obviously it's working for you two; I'll make sure I do that too." Rachel asks, "The food will be here soon, George will you be joining us?" George says, "Sorry already have plans for dinner." I ask, "George, What time is your date?" George looking at his watch says, "Oh my God only have half an hour to be ready." I run him out to the basement and the downstairs garage.

I hand him the keys to the SUV telling him. "George take it, it's clean and full of gas. You can bring it back tomorrow." George drives away and I meet Rachel by the elevator. On our ride up the elevator I tell her. "George and Lee are engaged, I'm going to give him enough of the gold to make sure he can go to college and buy an engagement ring for her." Rachel smiles and says, "That's my Andy.

You're going to look out for your friends even when you don't have to." George's been a friend for a long time. He never asked for anything even knowing I just won the lottery. I tell Rachel, "I owe it to him. George kept pushing me to talk to you.

I just hope Lee can be as good for him as you are for me." Rachel says as we walk back through the tunnel to the garage. "Lee is a changed woman. She's head over heels in love with George. It wouldn't matter if he's dirt poor or richer than King Midas to her. I can't tell you she will be good for him but I already know he's been great for her." Back in the apartment Dad is explaining about the table covered with gold coins and how I informed him that Rachael is pregnant.

Mom's eyes go wide, is the first time the women really are paying attention to the table. Mom's comment echoes what Bill said as she says, "I bet it's twins with all that." Megan still having tears shakes her head yes.

But Emily looks at it again and says, "As much of a hurry those two are in it's probably triplets." Rachel's hand drops to her stomach and her eyes are wide she says, "I hope it's only one, it was a lot of fun getting pregnant." Dad laughs saying. "Telling you to buy this place was the best advice I've ever given." I say. "No, it wasn't Dad.

You telling me to talk to Rachel was, too bad I just was too frightened of losing her to get her." Rachel giggles. "That's funny I was afraid of losing you, that made me jump." Now hugging Rachel close to me I say.

"We just didn't know it at the time we're both head over heels in love with each other and to afraid of rejection to find out." Our parents begin the laugh shaking their heads yes. Emily says. "You two were clueless." We talk for a few minutes waiting for the food. George says walking up the stairs. "I was afraid I was going to have to kidnap you two, lock you in a room together to get you two together." Lee giggles. "If I had known that the two of you would be this good together I would've helped him." "So you decided to take me up on my dinner offer." I tell George George says.

"Well I was hoping you hadn't cleared the coins away yet. I wanted to show Lee." Lee's eyes are large taking in the table covered in gold. I see her squeeze George's hand as they look at each other and kiss passionately. Lee asks, "George you have any idea what it's worth?" With a chuckle I say, "I bet the twenty percent that's George's is more than enough to send my friend to college, a home and engagement ring for the woman he loves." Lee sucks in her breath in surprise, and a tear forms and she turns back to Super fat cock rips the young twatwm they kiss passionately.

After they break Lee gives Rachel a hug and whispers something in her ear. The two of them giggle and Lee takes George's hand. The two disappear around the corner of the living room. Speaking to Rachel I say. "I'm not sure what's going on but the two of you are up to something aren't you?" Rachel gets a devilish grin before she says, "Who me.

I'm a massage rare story sex spy camera Angel." Fortunately for me Megan is there to witness it. Her mom says, "No Rachel I've known you all your life and I know when you're up to something girl." Rachel has to confess. "Lee wondered if I would mind if they use the spare room for." Just then we hear Lee voice in obvious moan.

Lee and George are making love. We all snicker, not wanting to disturb them with our laughter. We clear the table off placing the gold into a large storage tub, using sheets to separate the gold.

Mom comments they have to be forty-five pounds of gold here. We go downstairs and wait for fifteen minutes until the food arrives. Now going upstairs the bedroom was quiet, as our parents set out the food.

We knock on the door to ask if they would like dinner. ` George from inside says. "Can we have another hour?" Rachel and I giggle before we say, "Sure thing." We leave the two lovers alone. While eating dinner we can help but overhear the two of them. Mom and Dad excused themselves shortly after dinner, only a minute or two later Bill and Helen also excused themselves. Rachel and I just giggle knowing our parents got horny by hearing the two young lovers in our spare bedroom.

I was wondering why Dad was yawning a lot more while we were living at my old home. I tell Rachel. "I think our parents are going home to make love having heard those two at it." Rachel giggles and says. "I'm pretty sure you're absolutely right. I know I want to jump your bones right now." I chuckle and say. "That hasn't changed it for me. I always want to jump your bones so if you're ever wondering about me wanting you I do all the time." Rachel pulls me into our bedroom and of course I helped undress her quickly after closing and locking our bedroom door.

Now it's our time to makes some noise, in less petite brunette with tattoos and great tits masturbates ten minutes Rachel was screaming through an orgasm, and I keep her screaming for nearly forty-five minutes before I allow myself to orgasm.

After we finally come down and catch our breath again, there's a knock on the door and George asks "Andy were you serious about letting us stay the night?" Laughing I tell George.

"If you can put up with the noise we make, I'm sure we can put up with the noise you make." We hear giggling from the other side of the door and then the other bedroom door closing. It isn't long before we both hear Lee beginning to scream in passion.

"Oh fuck yes George." Giggling Rachel pulls me close before she says. "Now husband you're not going to let them out do us, are you?" I pull Rachel close again and I begin to fondle her breasts rubbing my hands across them, playing with her nipples as they rapidly harden causing Rachel to moan.

I move my mouth to her left breast and gently begin to suck her nipple into my mouth, teasing it with my tongue and then rapidly sucking harder. Rachel's hands cupped the back of my head as she holds me to her breast. Rachel moans. "Get all you can now, soon they're going to belong to your child. I'm going to breast-feed our baby, I hope I like our baby sucking as much as I like you doing it." I moan.

"I'll like to at least taste your milk, if you had a little extra." I go back to nursing on her breasts. Rachel shudders holding me to her tightly now, just threw her legs around me and begin to rub her clit against me. Pleasure fills Rachel as she begins to spasm rubbing her clit against me even harder. Rachel shouts. "YES." Through the wall we hear Lee shouting. "FUCK ME GEORGE. FUCK ME GEORGE, FUCK ME HARD. I'M GOING TO CUM." I moved to Rachel's other breast, I begin to tease her right breast.

I nurse, lick and suck until Rachel screams. "OH FUCK YES I'M CUMMING." Rachel spurts her come on me. She relaxes her legs and they slide from my back. Before Rachel's fully recovered, I position myself and push my hard cock deep into her wet pussy. I begin with long strokes and a slow rhythm this usually drives Rachel wild very quickly. Only a couple minutes she has her legs wrapped around me tightly as she meets each thrust. Moaning loudly each time I touch bottom. We kiss repeatedly, we both love the passion we feel for each other.

We can hear Lee moaning through the walls, George and Lee cause the bed squeak and there's a light tapping is the bed strikes the wall. Rachel moans. "Fuck me hard Andy." I comply with my lady loves request and begin a faster harder rhythm pushing just a little harder against her cervix. Rachel moans louder as each time I grind into her. It doesn't take long before she's trembling is another strong orgasm begins. Rachel spurts covering my cock with extra moisture.

She screams. "FUCK YES ANDY.

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I'M CUMMING I'M CUMMING." Through wall we hear Lee screaming. "FUCK YES GEORGE. I FEEL YOU CUMMING I'M CUMMING Private aletta in a teen lesbians hardcore orgy CUMMING." Again I begin releasing a stream of cum in to Rachel; she begins a high pitched squeak like she does so often when she is in a powerful orgasm. Our orgasms seem to last for a very long time as I continue filling her womb with my seed.

Both Rachel and I pass out from the pleasure still holding to each other tightly still in the same position. We awake to a knock at our door. Looking at each other we giggle and begin to kiss as Rachel throws her legs back around my ass. Lee is outside and she asks through the door. "Rachel you okay. It sounded like you two broke something." Rachel giggles back. "Lee, the only thing Andy broke was a record for the most powerful orgasm." I realize its morning and I began to get up pulling Rachel along with me.

"We're going to grab a shower and will be out soon." Rachel and I love to shower together. I gently wash her from head to toe. Rachel loves when I wash her hair for her. I love her hands on me. She just lathers them up then runs them over my body. She makes me kneeled down so she can wash my hair.

As she finishes I pulled her close and kiss her bare belly. And say I love you. Standing again I say I love you looking Rachel in the eyes.

She gets a confused look for only a second then she realizes I was just telling the baby and her that I love them. Now tears of joy streamed down her face. Rachel pulls me close into a passionate kiss. After leaving the shower I gently dry her before drying myself. We dress and leave the bedroom. George and Lee set at the dining table sipping coffee.

Anal fuck by a monstrous big dick into the dining room the smell from them is enough to send Rachel running to a restroom, I quickly follow to help her in whatever way I can. I'm holding her hair back and gently rubbing her back as Lee comes in and asks. "What's wrong Rachel?" Rachel simply throws up again.

Looking over I respond for her. "Rachel's pregnant, it's morning sickness Lee. We'll be back out in a minute." Again Rachel stands and washes her face rinses her mouth before I begin to kiss her. Rachel says. "You really must love me to kiss me right after that." I just smile and kiss her a few more times before I pull her into the living room.

I set her as far away from the dining room as possible. Walking over to our house guests I can inform them. "Good morning, I wish you guys would take a shower. Rachel is little sensitive to strong odors." Lee giggles and George smells under his arm with a questioning look. I continue, "You two smell like sex." George says. "I'm sorry but we don't have any think to change into. There's nothing in the guest bathroom to get cleaned up with." Rachel from the couch says.

"You can use our bathroom, George you're about the same size as Andy and Lee you can use anything in my closet that will fit." The two walk past us going to our bathroom, they close the door and I can hear giggles from inside. I open the window and check the direction of the wind before opening another. Finding the wind is from the South I tell Rachel I'm going to open the dining room door. The breeze will carry the odors away but they're going from the dining room out the living room. Rachel nods her head, as I opened the door Rachel holds her breath before walking out the door.

We are on a deck my father built to give us a second egress point. I had purchased deck chairs and Rachel sits in one, before she says. "Andy I got a feeling Lee is in trouble. Her father was ultra-strict that's one reason she always acted out. He didn't give a shit as long as she was with a rich bastard. Now that she's with George, I got a feeling he's going to toss her out." I pull Rachel to me and again we cuddle even though it's a warm day.

We hear the shower cut off, we know that they will be dressed and out here soon. I tell her. "The mansion has the owners wing nearly completed it should be done in a week or so. We could always let them stay here after we moved into our new bedroom. I know you and Lee are fairly good friends, and George and I go way back. We could use some help around here especially now that you're pregnant." They come out dressed nicely, nicer than I ever remember seeing George dressed at least.

Rachel looks the two of them over before saying. "You look good you two." Lee mom ava addams teachs stepdaughter dillion harper before she bends over and gives Rachel a kiss on the cheek and says.

"I really do appreciate you helping us Rachel. I know I'm not been the best of friends all the time. But I've always been your friend and you've always been mine. I appreciate that you're always there when I really need you." Rachel gives my hand a squeeze and I know what's coming. George begins. "I hate to really ask this but can we use that bedroom for a while." I can see Lee holding onto George for support, she is beginning to tremble until she sees Rachel smile.

Rachel stands up and gives Lee a hug before she replies. "Of course Lee, you two are welcome to stay. Can you tell me why, and is there anything else we can do to help." It's been that Lee breaks down and begins to sob holding on Rachel.

After a few minutes with Rachel and George comforting her, Lee calms down enough to explain. "My father doesn't like George says he's a poor man will always be one. He doesn't accept that we love each other. He's barred me from the house as long as I'm with George. They won't even let me come in and get my clothing. My younger sister is going to bring me a few changes of clothes and that's all I will have." I ask.

"When did he do this?" Sadly Lee says. "Yesterday, just before I was leaving with George. I didn't want to ruin our evening together thinking it would be our last.

I changed my mind. If George attends college I know he will be able to make something of himself." Smiling I say. "If George's part of the treasure isn't enough to make sure George gets his doctorate, I'll be happy to make a student loan to him. A lot better than the government ones, I will not charge him any interest ever." George is a little taken aback but he says.

"Thank you Andy I know I probably will never be able to fully repay this, even if I do pay every cent back I'll still owe you." "George what the hell is friends for, you've been my friend for a long time. If I listen to you, Rachel would have lived in my arms for a long time. Now I know that you and Lee are good together and good for each other too. If you guys can hold onto that we'll enjoy keeping you two as friends." Rachel giggles before she replies.

"You two can stay in this apartment for the rest of the school year. The construction of our bedroom wing is nearly complete in the big house. We will be moving over and about two weeks or less. Since you're here you two can help us.

I got a feeling that having you two around is going to be fun." Lee hugs Rachel again before I say. "Let's go buy some breakfast someplace nice." Rachel orders a very light breakfast and I order a fairly large breakfast, George and Lee both order omelets and toast for their breakfast. As breakfast comes Rachel finishes her breakfast and eats part of mine, just little bit at a time. After breakfast Rachel and Lee go shopping I drive them to a major mall not too far from us.

Rachel buys a few extra sheet sets, more towels and bathroom supplies for the guest bathroom. Rachel also insists on buying Lee a new wardrobe for school.

George's parents don't have a problem with him moving out, and allow him to go home to get his clothing. We spent nearly six thousand dollars that day. Lee looks at me like I had just given her my last dime. That's when I informed her I make nearly nine thousand dollars a day in interest.

I tell her. "You see Lee, all have to do is keep my money in the bank, and other than inflation we make more money than we will spend." We pick up those coin sleeves at the coin dealers. I get a gray sheet it has the latest prices for the coins we found. I'm not an expert grader but I can get within about ten points of them.

I tend underestimate the value of my coins, that way I'm usually safe new porn game honoka fuck pov play free estimated sales price. Now George and I need to make sure so we'll be sending off the majority of those coins in several shipments to have them graded. With certified grades for each coin we will sell them for top dollar from them. Judging the number of the coins and there in very good or better condition were looking at quite a bit of money.

George may end up being a multimillionaire if the coins grade very well. In two weeks will be Rachel's birthday and I ordered a car for her birthday. I noticed she looked on the Internet at Jaguars I was able to obtain one in her favorite color.

It even glamour teen babe rilynn rae fucked by massive black cock child seat built by Jaguar for it. I arranged for the delivery on her birthday to school. Have a large blue bow with a name tag on it. Since we've been married Rachel has got her driver's license. Her family only had one car and because of the insurance she didn't drive or make her license.

Rachel loves to drive, and she drives us to school in our SUV all the time. That may change with the morning sickness, but I don't think she will not love to drive her new car. Jaguar is a great car to drive and I test drove one if Rachel enjoys it is much as I did. Rachel is going to shop on the far side of the city just as an excuse to be behind the wheel a little longer. We cut our shopping short so Rachel can make her appointment with her doctor.

I'm waiting in the waiting area, and time seems to slow down, I swear the clock ran backwards. The longer it takes the more nervous I become. Before Rachel is out I'm actually pacing back and forth anxious for news. Rachel finally comes out wraps herself around me kisses me and says, "I love you father of my child." Hearing that is almost as good as Rachel's proposal, it definitely was worth the wait to know for sure.

I can't help myself I'm so happy a few tears runs down my cheeks. Rachel sees it asks, "Why…" I quickly cut her off by saying, "Happy, Love so very happy!" Giggling Rachel says, "I only thought women did that." Chuckling I say, "You got to look in the fine print, expected and new fathers have the right to cry with joy." Rachel says, "Oh really" she pauses for a moment, "I bet my Dad doesn't.

He didn't when we told him the news." Still chuckling I ask, "What you mean you didn't see them when he was spinning you around the room?" Rachel looks at me and confesses, "I always close my eyes when he does that." Laughing fully I say, "So that's how he hides them from you." The next week seem to go by fast.

The Masters wing to the mansion nearly finished we begin to buy furniture for the new master and have to wait a week before it arrives. We go ahead and buy a crib for the nursery along with the things needed for a new baby like a changing table. I get a leather recliner that goes well with our new bedroom suit. Choosing the furniture for the seating area in our master bedroom and I decide to buy a TV set for it. So we also get the hunch and goes with the TV, Blu-ray player and cable box.

Purchasing the home office furniture that matches will put in the other seating area right now. I have the closed-circuit security cameras set up to be display on our TV in the bedroom. That way we can keep an eye on what's going on throughout the house and anywhere else we have a camera.

The dealership delivers Rachel's car on her birthday early in the morning between second and third periods at school. I sign for it and get the keys. George helps me attach the bow and a large name tag. After third period is lunch and Rachel will be in the parking lot to go eat at the restaurant. I meet Rachel in the hall way and we walked to the parking lot together.

She keeps looking at me sideways thinking I'm up to something. I haven't even wished her happy birthday yet, I'm afraid I'll let slip her surprise if I do. Where our SUV was, now is parked Rachel's Jaguar.

Seeing the car her eyes go wide before she turns and looks at me. I say handing her the keys, "Happy birthday Love." Rachel shouts and jumps into my arms wrapping her arms and legs around me.

The car had a lot of people standing around admiring it. Rachel's reactions let them know just who owns the car. Several of the cheerleaders disperse the crowd so we can leave. Driving away with a car full of Rachel's friends they waved at us and George and I go to the SUV to follow to the restaurant.

Rachel again jumps into my arms at the restaurant. She giggles and says, "It drives like a dream. I love you!" It takes us five minutes to stop kissing and make our way into the restaurant for lunch.

George and Lee take the SUV back and I ride with Rachel on our return trip to school. Day after Rachel's birthday the furniture delivered and set up our master bedroom, kitchen and dining area of the mansion.

We had another coffeepot in the kitchen of the mansion, and the crew helps themselves in the morning. Rachel and I have to be fully dressed every day but Sunday because the crew is continually working to finish the mansion as quickly as possible.

Rachel begins to giggle, the first time we catch George and Lee making out not realizing there on camera. They jump when Rachel buzzes them through the door to the lower garage.

Meeting them by the elevator Rachel says, "You guys got to remember this house has seachmujer madura de pezones duros en la playa on most of the doors.

So if you want tape of you having sex do it in front of a door. We'll burn you a Blu-ray of it." Lee giggles, "I might just take you up on that promise." But George blushes deeply before pulling Lee on their way back to the garage apartment. I got news for George we graded several of the coins already and I had them auctioned off yesterday. The amount that they fetched was a pleasant surprise to me. Twenty-five of the double Eagle most of them graded at UC 63 uncirculated.

The total received from the auction is one million eight hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars. George's share is three hundred and sixty-five thousand dollars.

We had still five of those coins now up for auction that were PF 69. Each one can easily out sale all 25 of the other coins, PF 69 Double Eagles are extremely rare. At least the ones up for sale are. I called George on his cell phone when he answered he was a little out of breath so I told him, "George when you finish could you come back to the house I have something to show you you're going to like." George asks, "Be over in about an hour, is that okay?" I chuckle and say, "Sure George whenever you're ready." Pulling Rachel into my lap I show her the results of the last auction.

Rachel's eyes go wide seeing the total. Then I tell her it's only for twenty-five coins that we sold. Not even the best ones yet there are five additional higher grade coins that are up for sale starting later today. George said he would come over in hour by then the auction will be final on those as well. Watching the video the first coin bidding opened and it quickly went higher than the previous total. It only took a few minutes each of the coins to sale when those five coins sold the auction closed.

Minutes later I received an e-mail with the total sale price minus the auction fees. Both auctions totaled thirteen million three hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars George received twenty percent of the total. I started writing a check for George for two million six hundred and sixty-five thousand dollars actually the money went to George's trust. Rachel and I waiting on George and Lee show up watch the six o'clock news.

During sports section they talked about one of the football players from our high school apparently had a serious injury to his knee and expected to be on the sidelines for the rest bi fellas for one beauty hardcore groupsex the season.

The same asshole that was coming onto Rachel now it's doubtful that he will be able to play college football. Rachel saying, "I guess he lost that one in a million shot at the pros." George says, "Is that the good news you guys are talking about?" I laugh saying, "Hardly." I wave George over to the computer showing him the e-mail from the auction house with the total. George sets there for five minutes with his mouth open he is in total shock at reading skinny riley reid stuffed by huge cock e-mail.

Lee finally comes in asks, "Where is George?" I point to the computer where George is setting there stunned. "He should come out of it a second or two. Go give him a big kiss. That should wake him up." I've explained to George about how the grading system worked. How coins with a higher grade marks are usually very rare saucy bimbo gets to swallow jizz cumshots brunette why the five got such a high price compared to twenty-five.

George was still in shock when Lee walks over and sets in his lap. She kissed him and he barely flinched confused she turned and reads the screen. Her eyes going wide knowing George received twenty percent of the total.

She turns back to George and start kissing him eventually George wakes up. Lee giggles, "There you are my Love." George wraps his arms around Lee he still hardly believes the news. He kisses Lee. Then turned towards me and asks, "Andy you're not pulling my leg, are you?

The e-mail is real. It's not some joke, is it?" Very seriously I say, "No George, I may pull your leg once in a while. But I would not joke about that, not that my Mom and Dad believed me about the lottery until I shown them." Turning back to the e-mail George says in disbelief, "That means my share is over 2.5 million." Lee corrects George, "2.665 million George" George looks at Lee and says, "That was thirty coins out of twelve Mason jars full." I gently tell George, "George that also was some of the best of the coins and of course they're going to get a higher price than the rest.

But there's still plenty that are in very good condition like those." George shakes his head he says, "I can't take that much money from you Andy." I knew he was going to do this, that's why I had it drawn up. Now laughing I say, "I have a signed contract and you're not getting out of it. You're going to take twenty percent and there is no, if and buts about it." George looks at me and knows even though I'm laughing I am even more serious now.

He says, "When I signed that contract I had no idea it was going to be this much. Did you have any idea they could be this much?" Now serious again I say, "Actually George, I had an idea that it would be near seventy-five percent what that is, but I'm pleasantly surprised by it." George demands gently, "Well Andy, just how much money are you thinking it's going to be when all of the coins are sold?" I answer as truthfully as I can, "Well from what we have graded so far and what those sold for probably five to ten times more than what you're looking at now." Lee now looks into George's face before she says, "Andy, George and I don't need that much to go to college.

What are we going to do with nearly twenty million dollars?" Rachel says that before I have a chance to, "Rub it in your Dad's face Lee. The asshole he wanted you to date injured his knee and it's not likely he'll even go to college." Lee begins to laugh, "I know it's not nice to laugh at someone for getting injured.

But it couldn't happen to anyone that deserved it more than he does." I love George like my brother. I don't have one other than him. I tell George, "George without you those coins would still be hidden away. Anyone other than you who found them would probably just walk out the door with them. So you more than deserve the twenty percent that I'm going to make you take." George looks little frustrated when he says, "Andy, anyone but you would let me out of it in a heartbeat.

Why are you so insistent that I take the money?" Rachel lets the cat out of the bag, "Andy doesn't have a brother or sister, and if he could choose someone to be his brother it would be you George." I have to shake my head yes what my wife just informed my best friend about.

Lee says, "Andy I'm pretty sure George feels the same way, that's why he wants you to take the money back." I'm not sure if they realize just how much money I have.

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"I don't want to brag but so you two know. Right now I have more than 100 million, setting in the local bank. Two million doesn't mean that much to me anymore. Not when I'm going to get ten more when the check gets here. Our parents won't let us give it to them out right. That's one reason we had the mansion built. George you have been better to me than most brothers I know of. Why shouldn't I want to share it with you, especially since you done so much to deserve it?" Lee giggles, "Come on George your brother is right.

I know I got the right man and so does Rachel." George stands up letting Lee stand beside him. Now Beefy dong for a curvy beauty hardcore blowjob goes down on his knee and he asks, "Lee will you marry me?" Smiling brightly Lee says, "Yes my love I will marry you." I have a confused look on my face George told me he had already asked. Looking at Rachel I see her smiling brightly.

She leans in and whispers to me. "Lee said yes once he graduated college." I whispered back as I ask "You think they're going to just go ahead and do it?" Lee looks at George and she says, "I don't care if my father approves or not. He obviously doesn't understand a man is worth more than his bank account. George I always was going to marry you no matter what. I wanted you to attend happy birthday daddy frannkie goes down the hersey highway so you could rub it in my Dad's face.

Now we don't have to wait for that to happen." Chuckling George says, "I would wait for you, I would went to college for you, I would've made a million dollars if that made you happy. I don't care what will or will not make your father happy. All I want to do is make you happy." Lee smiling says, "George my love you make me happy. You being my husband, you being the father of my children will make me happy." George chuckles and says, "Making you happy makes me happy my Love." The two of them wrapped their arms around each other, they kiss passionately.

I am looking at the two of them while caressing Rachel as they talk. Rachel has a tear of joy watching the two of them. Even for that brief moment of happiness that they gave Rachel I am grateful. I would have given all the money to given it to her, her happiness means more to me than all the money that I have.

It's then that I realized Rachel isn't the only one with tears of joy for our friends. George didn't realize it but he accidentally hit a key and downsized the email, behind the auction site was selling silver coins from the same era as the gold coins we had. I was astonished to see that they were going for nearly the half of the price as the AC 63 Eagles we just sold. Now with a chuckle I say, "George when I said five to ten, I wasn't taking account that the silver sells for nearly half as some of the gold." George laughs, "That would probably twenty percent more than what we were thinking it would be right?" With a laugh I say, "Almost like I hit the lottery again." Lee giggles and says, "Those coins are still in the Mason jars in the apartment, why don't we go take a look at them." With a chuckle I say, "This time we'll take a picture of the dining table covered in silver." There is four Mason jars with silver in them, as we open the first it looks like mostly nickels dimes and quarters, like they were poured into the jar.

I begin taking out the coins carefully, and we begin to spread them out on the table. Once we remove about a quarter of an inch of coins I notice something odd there's a stack of gold coins in the center of the Mason jar. Someone used the change to hide the other gold coins. After we remove enough coins we can easily take the top gold coin out. I've been doing a lot of research lately on coins of the era, and recognize this coin immediately is what is known as a half union, is a fifty dollar gold piece.

The coin only produced one year during 1915 and very rare. The top one isn't in great shape, it buffered the rest is a silver coins were poured into the jar. We get down to where we can take out the next half union. It's in uncirculated condition at least. Those coins should bring a good price easily more than the double Eagles. It takes a long time but we very carefully emptied the jar, there's only sixty-two half union's in the jar and easily sixty of those are uncirculated or better condition.

George working with me notices how I gingerly handle the half unions. He finally asks, "Andy what is this going to do to the total? I can tell by the way you're acting these are something pretty special." I tell George, "These are half union fifty dollar gold pieces, produced only for one year. They're extremely rare, so rare there's no one manufacturing coin protectors for them.

If the other Mason jars hold any at all we easily have more than anyone else. Your total probably doubled from this jar alone." George asks, "Andy, are you saying I'm looking at over twenty million when were done?" I chuckle and tell George, "George I have no idea how much more we're looking at. But I say easily between twenty and forty million would be your share. If we don't go real fast spacing them out we should get more money from them.

The price drops usually on the coins during the auctions if more coins are available." Rachel's giggling, "She's holding Lee up who is just passed out." One of the other aleska diamond drooling on cocks at orgy looks exactly like this one did when we started.

I would almost put money on it that is the same as this jar, the other to look like and stacked full of Morgan silver dollars. George carries Lee to bed, as I began on the jar holding what I suspect has more half unions. George takes a few minutes to return and by that time I'm down to where I'm seeing the top half union in that jar.

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By the time that jars empty we have a total of a hundred and twenty eight half union coins. At least a dozen look to me as pristine or a PF 69. We set those aside and empty the last two Mason jars, it's Morgan silver dollars in those. As I go through them I notice several 1895 Morgan silver dollars looking closely there all King Morgans. I had heard that something like twelve thousand produced from the mint in New Orleans and disappeared. Only the proofs from that year sold and resold.

Thinking of it who and what own this place prior to me it's not surprising. The entire shipment stolen and the theft hushed up by the government during that time. Because they had all the Morgan silver dollars with O mint marks they would ground the coins up and sold back as silver or just melt them back down into bars.

Of course there's no way of proving that, but these coins have no lineage like the other King Morgans. I will have to have experts check each and every one of them to ensure their not counterfeit. Each and every one of them will have to be graded and certified or I will not be able to sell a single one.

But if I do, and they are not counterfeit they may be the most valuable coins on the table, even more than the half unions. When George returns Lee is with him, they are both smiling and George asks, "Andy how long does it take to get a marriage license?" Smiling I tell him, "The paperwork takes five minutes to fill out.

There's a seventy-two hour waiting period before you have your license." George wraps his arms around Lee before he asks, "There's something else?" George has noticed my face before he asked. With a chuckle I say, strip club sex hd worlds greatest steppals daughter it was criminals that owned this place before us.

That's one reason I'm being very careful in selling off everything anonymously. Those are all King Morgans, with the New Orleans mint Mark there was twelve thousand produced that disappeared.

Those would be the only circulated eighteen ninety-five Morgans in existence from New Orleans." Lee takes a deep breath and asks, "What would that mean?" I shake my head and say, "They are either worthless, or worth more than every other coin we have." George chuckles and says, "I am glad the jars are big ass real mom son empty.

This is too good to keep on going." Chuckling I say, "Maybe we need to get some really good flashlights and go through every room off the tunnel again. Who knows what else is down there." Lee giggles, "George I got to tell you something." She pulls him out of the room.

A minute later the two of them come back. They have the ten silver dollars I given George earlier. Lee asks, "Are these like the others, have an idea what these could be worth?" Looking at those and I didn't know it at the time that I handed George ten King Morgans. I shake my head yes to answer the first half of Lee's question. Chuckling I have to say, "As to what they're worth it's up to the auction at the time. Several thousand dollars for sure maybe even a lot more." Lee says, "You mean we were playing with tens of thousands of dollars with these ten coins?" Now with a chuckle I say, "I can't tell you for sure, but it might've been millions instead of thousands." Lee laughing out loud for a minute or so turns to George, "You had no idea I was that expensive." George is a very smart person with a smile he says, "Oh yes I did.

Monica mattos aka filthy whore scene x traordinary pictures just had no idea of your worth to me." Lee pulls George up and out heading back to their bedroom. I doubt we see them again tonight. But I guarantee we know where they're at and what they're doing. Rachel giggles and says, "Let's get this cleaned up.

Then we can go make all the noise we want." We have a large container and were beginning to feel it with half unions separating them by sheets of newspaper. When were done we carry the container back to our bedroom.

Setting it down in the closet, tomorrow I will get a safe deposit box and start putting it away. Maybe I get a few of the half unions graded. An idea hits me, watching a detective TV show and they have a forensics expert that does a chemical analysis on two pieces of a knife. The tip of the knife had broken off in a bone. The chemical analysis identified the two pieces of metal to be the same knife. If I got a proof from New Orleans, one of the King Morgans with a known lineage had a chemical analysis to compare with the Morgans I have.

If they show they were from the same source of silver that would prove that they are genuine without a doubt. If all the silver melted and blended together so the chemistry of all the coins would be nearly identical. With twelve thousand coins I doubt they used the same silver or even a single melting to create the blank coins, from the first batch to the last. If I get the right proof and it matches the coins I have the coins I have are more valuable than even the proof had been.

That would solve the mystery of what happened to those Morgans so long ago. That's a very big if, and if it doesn't match the coins are worthless except for the silver in them.

Although it would make sense in a way, they could have been using a small smelter outside big ebony boobs zariah takes a big black cock in the ass tube porn melt the coins. The person who owned the bed and hidden all those coins there could have gotten caught stealing a coin or two. His associates would have shot him on the spot. No one checked out their bed in the coins hidden in a jar later used by someone else.

The only thing I see wrong with this is the time period is over thirty years wild whore azalea stone gets bent over and banged the coins would have been disposed of by then. Maybe this was a fencing operation. The coins are unusable as currency the federal government had lost all but the proofs. The coins smelted to recover the silver. Who knows, other than dead men? At least I hope that no one knows and comes looking for their treasure.

Maybe another call to the FBI is in order, our request ten percent of finder's fee in the coins I have. That will make them even rarer and more valuable. The federal government would either confirm them as genuine or counterfeit, and there's no better than the treasury to identify a claim like this. Even without the King Morgans George and Lee will be definitely well off, with far more money than they imagined.

I can't help wondering if it's karma because of the way Lee's father was acting. His actions against George backfired, what I teen cleo vixen gets bonked by personal trainer of the man tells me it's something he deserves. He has treated many others with contempt; he has maintained an air of superiority about himself, one he obviously hasn't truly earned.

Conclusion: Settling into our new life: chapter 5 After our discovery of the King Morgans, we set about trying to identify them. I called the FBI and because the case is so old they have no interest in it.

The Treasury Department also turns down any interest in a crime that occurred over a hundred years ago. That leads me to identify the King Morgans by using some proofs that I purchase. The lab takes a micro-sample from several coins from the very edge of the coin. We get lucky and the proofs match identically to the sampled coins.

With the lab results I send them off to be certified and graded. The pneumonic associations are in an uproar finding out what happened to the original King Morgans so long ago.

A few of the coins I have graded UC 63 and I put those up for auction. I was surprised as hell at how much they actually drew, so was George and Lee. I'm setting back looking at the thirty coins that have higher grade marks than those, George and I decide hold those. Until we sell all the lower graded King Morgans.

We also graded several of the half unions sending off the ones in the worst condition first we have them graded and auctioned off. November George and Lee were married. Most of Lee's family showed up for her wedding but her father was absent.

Lee had a surprise for George by Christmas. Next August George will be a father and George was a very happy man. Apparently Lee is a very happy woman and George drives her around in their new red Jaguar JLX. I know he only got the car to rub it in her Dad's face. Lee's Dad was very apologetic once he found out how much George was worth.

George shook his hand and said, "I'm the same man I was when you threw Lee out. Don't apologize to me it's your daughter you hurt." George is civil to the man, but a lot warmer to the rest of Lee's family.

It's another good thing that by Christmas the house was complete. Dad's work crews went to work on other houses they had under roof, after a much deserved two weeks of vacation over the holidays plus a bonus from me. Rachel and I did have our long-delayed marriage reception and Christmas party for all the people that came to our wedding.

We also make sure a few others were there, like Roger the realtor who helped us buy the land. Emily propositioned while at the party by a few of the jocks that came with some of Rachel's friends. Emily was flattered, or just acted that way, but she knew how these jocks were.

She spent most of her time talking to me and Rachel at the party. Emily has even stayed over a few times, that let Bill and Helen have a much-needed couples retreat. Emily enjoys spending time with Rachel.

Slutty sweeties screw the biggest strapon dildos and spray cum everywhere really missed her sister now that she no longer lives at home. Emily will come over after school, and even doesn't seem to mind when Rachel pulls me off to satisfy her needs.

When everything is said and done, it was March before we sold everything and George's accounts held over fifty million, that's even after he paid the taxes. Needless to say I was looking at how we could invest our money, Rachel and I decide just leaving it in the bank wasn't the greatest idea.

So we diversified into numerous stocks, and some bonds. When the land next to ours comes up for sale, I was thinking of buying it, but George beat me to it.

George and Lee are not trying for as large of a family, and they already have a quote from Dad on a floor plan they want built. Of course we are letting them stay until their new home is completed. Rachel's pregnancy is going along very well, the only problem were having is finding a comfortable position to make love in. Her pregnancy hasn't slowed down her craving for affection, if anything it's intensified it.

Occasionally we barely made it home before she started pulling off her clothes. I'm very happy we don't have a longer drive to get to our home. We were caught by our family more than once shedding our clothing on the way to our bedroom, it was mostly Emily only giggled as we went past. Occasionally one or both of our mothers were also at our home they would only laugh and comment, "Newlyweds." When our graduation came, Rachel was seven months pregnant by then we know we were having twin girls.

Our fathers' mild disappointment tempered by the fact we were planning on four more children. They both still hope for tocando un buen culo en la calle named after them. Rachel and I decided on Chelsea and Laura for the girls' names, but we couldn't resist teasing our Dads by telling them we were thinking of Wilma and Michelle.

Our Dads would laugh that we could tell they really didn't like the idea. Thankfully they were not identical twins. One of the girls had Rachel's hair color while the other had mine. Almost from the day we brought them home the family was there nearly constantly, and Emily did change diapers despite what she said before.

Our girls were happy and grew fast and Rachel and I were very happy together. We knew we should have waited longer to have more children, but we simply decided to let nature rule the schedule of our children. When our girls were only nine months and three weeks old is when Rachel found out she was pregnant again. Rachel and I had a beautiful little girl named Virginia. Rachel and I truly found the happily ever after life.

We raised our children and yes we did have two sons our next set of twins were boys, and we did name them after their grandfathers. Unfortunately complications with that pregnancy left Rachel unable to have any more children. Rachel was very disappointed that she couldn't give me the six children she promised. Grinning I told her, "You'll just have to stick around for the rest of the fifty years before you can get out of the prenuptial." Emily finished high school shortly after our sons were born, she moved in with us that summer to help out with our children.

She started several classes online, and decided to attend the local college. We come to an agreement where I pay her college fees as long as she stays and helps Rachel. Rachel and I never did attend college, other than a few classes to learn something we were curious about. George did go to college and got his doctorate in physics, he created his own Research and Development Corporation and he insisted I take twenty percent of it.

He said, "Without you, I would never gotten this far." It didn't take long for his Corporation to become profitable, I even helped a little with it coming up with a few practical uses for some of his ideas. Rachel and I seem to whether everything that comes our way. Our love grows stronger, as our family grows larger my dreams definitely have come true.

Rachel proved she was only out after my body, she demands it often enough which I gladly give her. Of course there's nothing that Rachel wants for, there was this one thing, but that's the start of a whole new story. Story tellers Afterword: I hope you enjoyed the story. If you're wondering if I made some of these things filthy bitches go for a muff dive, yes this is all fiction, although half unions are real, only two were ever made and there in the Smithsonian.

It is possible for an early 1900s brass bed to conceal Mason jars, but I highly doubt anyone would kept that large amount of gold coins in any one place. Considering the average wage during that time was a little more than a dollar a week.

Of course if he was a crime boss and skimming money from the counting room and other activities, he could easily collected that much gold and silver.