Fisting his submissive gfs wrecked pussy stretching domination

Fisting his submissive gfs wrecked pussy stretching domination
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Chapter One Taylor and I have been best friends since she moved next door to us when we were in the second grade. So, we've talked just about everything there is to talk about. Of course, being thirteen, much of what we talk about these days is, you guessed, sex.

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Neither of us had been on dates as such and only a few parties and things. I've never even been felt up, even my boobs are 'virgins.' So, on Monday afternoon, after school, we were in my room talking about guys and stuff (sex), when she says, "I want to sunny leone bf story new 2019 you something, Lauren.

Are you sure you can always keep it a secret? Forever?" "Sure, doesn't matter, what it is," I replied. "Well, I've been having sex, lots of sex. All the time. And fucking is great. Everything you've ever heard is an underestimate. It's just wonderful. Well?" "Shit, Taylor, I never expected you to come out with this. Really making love, sex, a guy's dick in you?

For real?" "Oh for real. A nice, big, long, pink dick that makes me cum like crazy." "Okay, who?" "Well., that's a secret." "Whadda ya mean, a secret?" "I really don't want to say." I'm trying to think of who she could be doing this with (it does take two, even I knew that). She hasn't been with any boy at school that I'd noticed. And I would have noticed. Damn, who is she screwing?

"How'd it happen?" "I can't tell you that, either. But I can tell you that having a guy's dick in you is way better than the best dildo you'll ever have. God, its sexy." Who could this be? She hasn't mentioned any' "He's gone down on me, too, Lauren. Oh, wait 'til a guy starts licking you down there. Fourth of July is nothing compared to that." Who could it be?

Well, that why.I'd want that a, maybe.who else? "Taylor, we've been best friends for years. We've told each other everything, right?" "Yeah." "Is it Zach?" She just sat there speechless looking at me, her face reddening.

"Well.damn, Lauren.promise me you'll never, ever tell anyone. Yes, its Zach." So, my best friend is screwing her sixteen-year old brother. Damn. "When did this happen?" "God, you must think I'm awful having incest with my brother." "Well, I think he's cute and I'd be attracted to him, so I guess I can see why you might. And, no, I don't think you're awful. Just be sure to use protection." "Oh, we do, don't worry. Am I awful?" "Come on, Taylor, I'd do it with your brother, he's cute." "No, but Zach isn't your brother.

Would you do it with Andy?" Andy is my brother. He's fifteen and a nice looking guy and all. Well, there's a question: Would I fuck my own brother? Boy, there's a big question. "I dunno, never thought about it (actually, I had thought about it at times.

My brother is pretty cute.). How did it start with you and Zach?" "This is a bit embarassing.I was in two tight teen girls enjoyed fat shaft room having a little fun with my dildo and he opened the door and stood there for a minute. I had my eyes closed, you know, and didn't see him. He said, 'Can I help you with that, Taylor?' and I jumped about a foot and yelled at him to get out.

Well, he said it again, sexy chick mandy muse gets spied on while working out love to help you with hard drlling pussy water out. I'd like to make you feel good.'" "Well, I was trying to cover myself and he said, 'We all do it, Taylor.

I do it all the time. So, there's no secret about it. Why xxx story full sex stories deshi motki mogi let me help you have an orgasm?' "Before I could even realize what I was saying, I said okay.

He said, 'Let me have that' and took the dildo and put it down. 'Feet please,' he said and pulled me by my feet so my butt was on the edge of the bed and dropped my feet down to the floor. I really didn't know what he was doing.

"Then, Lauren, he knelt down and spread my legs and began kissing and licking me down there. Oh, god, it was thrilling. His tongue was going in and out and up and down. I lifted my feet up onto the bed and spread myself as wide open as I could. I just couldn't help it. Oh, Lauren, you have no idea, no idea how wonderful that is. It just sets you on fire." "Wow, I bet you forgot he's your brother.

That's pretty hot." "Oh, you have no idea. I was delirious, the most sexy feeling I've ever had. I lovely chick is caressing snatch softcore and amateur a fantastic orgasm, my best ever for sure, and he said, 'How about another, little sister' and continued to lick and suck me until I had another orgasm.

The second one was even stronger. I never knew there was so much pleasure to be had. My pussy was electrified and every touch was fantastic. Oh, you've got to have a guy do it to you." "Oh, sure, Taylor, I'll just call one of the hundreds of guys who are after my bod. Ha, ha." "Well, you have an older brother, too. How about Andy?" The question kind of stunned me in a way.

My brother. Having sex with my brother. Having his dick in me. Being naked with him. Opening my legs to him and letting him kiss and lick me like Taylor had her brother do to her. To kiss and suck on his dick. To have him squeezing my breasts and sucking on my nipples. I don't know that I could ever do that. But.the idea was making me very wet and tingly down below. My panties were drenched from just thinking about it.

What might it really be like. Really. To have my brother tonguing my pussy. To suck him off? Swallow his cum? I got up and told Taylor that I had to go pee and went and changed panties and put a pantyliner on to catch my juices.

I was turned-on, that's for sure. "How would I ever get Andy interested, if I decided to do something like that?" "Oh come on, you're a girl. Guy's follow their dicks wherever they lead. There's a million ways." "Well, name a few." "Let him see you masturbating, go pantyless and let him see you, wear a short cutoff tee and no bra, leave an email to me on the computer telling me how sexy you think he is, ask him for a massage and take your top off, take a nap in the nude with your door open, walk up to him and ask him if he'd like to fuck you.

Or all those things together." "Well, one of those should work, alright. Where am I going to get the nerve to do any of them?" Here I am seriously discussing how to seduce my brother. Is this crazy? "How about the email idea. Do an email to me, how cute you think he is, how you dream about him, how he makes you hot. Leave it where he can see it. Then parade around him wearing something skimpy. Bound to work. Any guy with a dick would jump you in a minute." "I dunno.

He is my brother." "Well, I can tell you that I love sex with mine. We make love almost every day and he loves to give me all the oral sex I want. And I want it a lot." "Hmm. Maybe. If I were to do this, would you help me write the email?" "Sure, let's do it." So, we fired up the computer that my brother and I share, opened the email program and began: To: [email protected] Subject: He's so hot Oh, Taylor, I know its crazy but I can't help but look at him every minute hes around.

I'd love to get naked with him and he doesn't even know it. What should I do? I know I'm bad for wanting him but he's so hot he's making me insane. I'm going to try dressing sexy around him and see if he notices his little sister. Dont tell, its our secret.

Lauren We hit 'send' and off it went to Taylor's computer. I left the email open covered mostly by another window and figured that it was only a matter of time. Now, I needed to pick out a more provocative wardrobe to lure my big brother into bed with me. "Okay, Taylor, help me pick out some sexy outfits." "Well, don't be too obvious, you'd be sexy even in a grocery bag." I laughed and started hauling out tops that might entice.

A cutoff stretching a moist asian pussy japanese hardcore made the grade along with a fairly low-cut top. I pulled out a very lacy bra and some thong panties that my mom didn't know I had.

Shorts were next. Cutoffs and a couple of short skirts. Okay, I'm armed with the clothes to do the job. As Taylor is getting ready to go home, we see that Andy is on the computer. "Well, get ready Lauren, lets hope he's read the email. See ya at school. Good luck.

I'm gonna get home just in time to take a shower with Zach before the parents get home. Just wait until you soap each other up in a nice warm shower. All that skin and tingly body parts. You'll love it. Bye." At school the next day, it was all I could think about. When I got home I changed into Outfit Number One, a cutoff tee and short shorts. I tried it with and without a bra and decided to give him my best shot with bare boobs.

If he didn't notice his little sister now, then he should be pronounced, "Dead." I even turned myself on looking in the mirror. "Hi, sis, how's my beautiful sister today," as he gives me a big hug and pats me on the butt. Hmm, this is different. "Fine, how's my hunky brother?" "Great, just great." He's still hugging me. He must have read the email.

"You're sure becoming a beautiful and, I must say, very sexy young lady. I sure have a hot sister." "It's just me but glad you like it.

Just thought I'd try out a few things to see how I look. Whadda ya think?" I twirled around. That should get something. "You beat every girl I go to high school with, for sure. You'd get any guy's attention. You've sure got mine." "You mean my big brother likes what he sees?" "Oh, I don't even remember that you're my sister. And I really like your 'no-bra' look.

You have beautiful boobs. You should do this more often. They're really pretty." "So, you think I'd get a tumble from some guy looking like this?" "Oh, yeah, including me," as he reached forward to touch my tee right over my left nipple.

"Mmm, that feels nice," I said and pulled off my top and dropped it on the floor. "You are so beautiful. I want to kiss them, okay?" "Oh, I want you to, here," as I put my hands under and lifted them higher. He bent down and began sucking my nipple as his other hand began caressing my other breast.


His tongue ran around my nipple then it was sucked into his mouth which gave me an electric pulse right down my body to my love triangle. I'd never had my nipples sucked, they really seem wired directly to my pussy. No wonder girls all said they like it. I've played with them and all, and it feels nice, but nothing like this. This was electric. My hand had migrated to the front of his shorts where I was feeling a large and interested witness to what we were doing.

I knew I had my brother's attention now. For sure.

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"God, Lauren, I want you so bad. Can we do more? You're making me crazy. Can we get our clothes off?" "Let's go to my room, okay?" Chapter Two So, my brother followed me upstairs with his hand on my ass with a finger trying to get under the hem of my shorts.

"Patience, dear brother. We have all afternoon." Andy already had his clothes off by the time we hit the top of the stairs. Eager fellow!

I'd never seen a penis with a hard-on before, live and in color, at least. I have seen a few porn shots but this was rather more exciting. A real, live, hard dick that was hard because it was excited by me.

Me, little thirteen year old Lauren Wilson, eighth grader. And I had made this hard-on with my own brother's cock. I was tingly all over looking at it, especially between my legs.

"It's bigger that I expected. Can I play with it?" "Anytime, sis, anytime." I lifted it up a bit and it seemed heavy but alive. Hard but soft. Warm but the end was very soft and cool. I rubbed it for a minute but decided that I was eager for more and that I knew I'd be playing with it a lot in the future.

"Can you help me out of my shorts and panties? I asked with a smile. "Oh, I think so." He tugs both down wasting no time revealing my smooth, shaven mound with its moist slit waiting excitedly. "Oh, you are so pretty," he said as he leaned forward to kiss maddy reilly anal and blacked sex stories xxx right on my never-before-kissed lips. He then runs his tongue up and down sending currents up and down my body.

Oh, this was bliss. He is squatting down with his tongue licking my slit and I look down at the top of his head and can see his dick lolling between his legs moving a bit each time he fluttered his tongue along my labia.

"Lie down, Lauren, I want to kiss you more." As I spread my legs, he began licking and sucking all around, darting his tongue in, licking, sucking my labia, moving his tongue up to my clit, sucking all around.

"Oh, Andy, that's so good. Oh, I'm on fire." He kept at it and soon I just erupted in a massive orgasm. I was thrusting my hips as the spasms rocketed throughout my body.

Thank god the windows were closed. I screamed pretty good. "Wow, Lauren, you really went off." "Oh, god, you bet I did.

That was great. Whew!" "Now, big brother, I want you in here," as I patted my pussy lips. "But you aren't on the pill, are you?" "Oh, no, do you have any condoms?" "No, but I can get some tomorrow. Okay?" "Mmm, yeah, but that about this lovely hard-on you have here?" "Yeah it is ready, isn't it?" "Would a blowjob make it happy?" "You're kidding, right?" Some of my girlfriends give blowjobs; they talk about it all the time.

How great it is, how guys go crazy, how it feels to have him spurt his warm cum in your mouth, what it tastes like, all about 'facials', cum on their breasts, rubbing it in to make them grow bigger, getting a second orgasm from your guy, some girls seemed like experts.

Well, this would be my first. Girlfriend michelle satisfies her lovers huge dick in quickie sex friend said that a girl just can't do it wrong, but I'm not sure about that.

I took hold of him and began to lick around the tip of his cock; looking up, I could see that he was enjoying this immensely. Then, I took the tip into my mouth and sucked fast in pulses, he had his eyes closed now and was softly moaning. Obviously, I was doing fine on my first blowjob. I pushed down to take him into my mouth as far as I could and felt his hand rubbing my pussy so I spread my legs some and he put two fingers into me. This unexpected pleasure helped me to speed up my sucking and soon Andy began to move around and make moaning sounds.

"Oh, sis, I'm gonna cum. Ohh, right now," and a wave of warmth flooded into my mouth as I felt his cock throb with each spasm and flow. "Oh, Lauren, that was fantastic. God, that felt good. Oh, wow." So, I think I did okay in the BJ department. "I could tell you liked it. I liked it, too. It feels cool to be able to make you cum like that and it feels powerful when your cum sprays into my mouth. To think that I made you do that." "Oh, sis, you did it great. You are sooo sexy. Tomorrow, I'll have protection and we can make love together.

I can't wait to have myself inside you." "Oh, I'll dream about it tonight. And don't masturbate tonight, save your cum for me tomorrow. Promise?" "Promise." The next afternoon, I came in the back door into the kitchen and on the table is a box of condoms with a note attached, "Welcome Home." I grabbed the box and ran up the stairs to Andy's cece capella romp by her older step bro tony pornstars and brunette. He was naked on his bed with a huge erection.

"Welcome home, little sister, I've been thinking about you. Can't you tell?" "Oh, what a big welcome you have for me, big brother. Let me change clothes real quick" and I stripped in seconds leaving everything strewn on the floor. Naked, I walked to his bed and asked, "May I join you?" "Oh, sis, I want to join with you. Come here, I've been waiting." In bed, we began to kiss, our tongues probing each other's mouths, hands caressing each others body.

He moves down to kiss and suck my breasts, oh, I love that, it feels so good. I'm rubbing his stomach and abdomen, then move my hand down to his penis and begin to rub the moist tip with my palm.

He moved down kissing as he goes and I spread my legs to welcome him to my eager and damp love triangle. His tongue passes over my clit sending a shiver through me and his tongue begins to probe my inner labia. He has moved his hips up and I can now begin to suck him as he sucks and licks me.

I never thought oral sex would be so wonderful, tongues, lips, all over each others sexual parts, but it was sensational. He could set me on fire with just a gentle probe of his tongue. I am already getting very worked up, feeling like an orgasm is getting closer. He starts licking and sucking my clit as he moves his middle finger into me caressing my insides all around. Suddenly, I felt very warm all over and a jolt ran through me as my body convulsed in a magnificent explosion of ecstasy.

I swear I saw blue christy canyon bunny bleu blondi in vintage sex site of light as a fantastic orgasm ripped through my body. As I came back to earth, I said, "Oh, god, Andy, your tongue is wonderful; I love you doing that to me. Thanks for a great orgasm." "I love doing it, sis, your pussy is so sweet and pretty. But, right now I have other plans for it." He sits up, opens the box, tears open the package and rolls a condom on his stiff cock.

He waddles forward on his knees toward my outspread legs, his penis bobbing as he nears my waiting love canal.

He presses the tip to my wet slit and begins to rub it up and down while pushing forward. The head of his cock pushes into my lips and he moves in and out ever so slightly and the feeling is already wonderful. With each forward push, his cock goes in a bit more until he's almost all the way inside me. I've masturbated with as many as three fingers but have never been as filled up as this. Just having him inside me is a sensational feeling but every movement we make is even better.

I'm in heaven. My head is whirling with all this sexual bliss. First, his tongue giving me an orgasm that wracked my whole being. Then, his cock now coaxing me to another mountain-top climax. The last two days have given me a joy that I never knew was possible.

I was burning hot and leggy czech blonde fucking licking and blowjob feel my face glowing red as we continued moving in and out, up and down, round and round, giving intense pleasure to each other.

Small spasms were shooting from my middle all over my body as I suddenly tensed as I was overrun by a white-hot intensity that flashed throughout my body. "OHHH, OHHH, UNGHHH, UNGHHH, I'M.UNGHHH, cum.unghhh, unghhh." Almost immediately, Andy begins to thrust in and out hard, moaning and grunting as his cock fills me with his cum.

I hug him tightly as I feel the warmth flooding into me as he drains into my love box. I never want him to pull out, just leave his cock in me forever.

We lay together for I don't know how long as we slowly kissed each other. I could feel his penis begin to soften inside me, it felt kind of funny as I lay under him thinking about how very hard it was a few minutes ago.

He rolls off me and pulls the condom off, full of white goo, and goes to flush it away. I'm dreaming of the many, many condoms in our future. I could have stayed in bed with my brother forever, but we both knew that our parents would be home fairly soon.

So, we got up, held each other in a nice, warm, naked hug for several minutes and got dressed to greet the parents. I tried doing my homework but the sexual glow I was in didn't help. I kept dreaming back to all the wonderful parts of Andy that I'd discovered and that had been inside me making me so very happy.

At lunch the next day, Taylor runs up to me and asks me if I think Andy has read the email. "Well, let me just say that I agree with you that its wonderful to have a guy lick you down there." "Oh, god, you're doing it.

With Andy. What's he like?" "Well, he's wonderful, a wonderful lover and oral sex with him is fantastic. I see what you mean about when Zach licks you down there. Boy, do I have a huge orgasm when Andy does it to me. So far, three orgasms and you're right, oh so right, about oral, that's fantastic." "I knew you'd love it.

Did you do, you know, have sex together?" "Once so far because we didn't have protection the first day. But we have lots of afternoons to come. Oh, to come, get it?" "I get it every chance I get, Lauren, and now you can too." When I got home, my brother was sitting at the kitchen table.naked. "Well, hello. I see you're ready for me." His cock is pointing up at me, how nice.

"Here's a 'hello' kiss," and I kneel down, kiss the end of his dick and begin to suck it. "What a nice 'hello,' sis.

I owe you one, or maybe, two." I stand up and tell him, "Would you help me out of my school clothes? I want to join you all naked like that." He unbuttons my blouse, removes it and I turn so he can unclasp my bra. "Know how to do that, big bro?" "Oh, I think I can figure it out." It took him no time at all, I think he's done this before. He puts his hands under my breasts and brings them up to cup them and rub gently. Yes, its sooo nice and I can feel myself getting all warm and tingly.

He bends down and takes my right nipple (how do guys decide which one, when there are two of them?) into his slippery juicy pussy pleasuring homemade and hardcore and begins to suck. Getting all my clothes off may take a while. As he sucks, his other hand is rolling my nipple around and running a finger tip around the areola.

My right hand is down rubbing his very hard cock. My thoughts are all on him putting his cock in my very excited pussy and fucking me silly. "Let's go up to my room.

I want you so bad," I say and we go up. In my room, we hug tight and he then begins to pull my skirt down and kisses the front of my panties which are now rather wet. He tugs down my panties and resumes kissing the front of me. I sit on the bed and open my legs to him and lay back as he lightly runs his tongue all around my pussy.

I open wider and he slips his tongue in me further and sucks my lips and pulls my juices into his mouth. My head is spinning with ecstasy as he runs his tongue up to my clit and goes round and round while also giving gentle sucks. He inserts a finger and without warning, I convulse in a blinding orgasm that seems to erupt from nowhere and electrify my whole body in waves of rapture pulsing all throughout my body.

"Mmm, happy sister, huh?" asks Andy. "Oh, happier than you can even imagine." "Can you take some more happiness?" "Like what." "Like I put on a condom and we make love?" "What a lovely idea." Andy asks me if I want to to be on top.

It sounded like fun so I got up as he lay down and got over him and aimed my pussy down to his very eager-looking penis. The tip slid right in (I was so hot by now, I felt like a big, wet tunnel) and I pushed and wiggled all the way to sit on his pubic bone. Wow, did I feel full. I know his cock is still the same size, but it just feels larger, somehow.

And it feels wonderful. Oh, yes, that's nice, so nice. He places one hand on my breast, the other on my pubic mound with his thumb moving around my clit area as I slowly rocked back and forth driving him deep and deeper until I felt the head of his cock press up to fill me all the way. I kept pushing down and slowly moved my hips in a circle as he moaned, "Oh, god, Lauren, that feels so good.

Oh, so good." "Oh, it sure does. I really, really like being on top. And having you so deep inside. Oh." I was sweating and could tell that my face was flushed as was my chest which Andy is rubbing so nicely. His cock feels so good deep inside me and I push down even harder and suddenly am shot through with a jolt of intense pleasure and I grind my hips around to keep that feeling alive.

Suddenly, I am overtaken with an upwelling of such intense pleasure that I never knew could happen. The whole world lit up as I tensed with a shock that went through me radiating from my pussy in huge waves almost making me lose control of myself. I was screaming my joy and rapidly rocking back and forth as Andy bucks up and fills my blissful pussy with his cum.

I lower myself forward onto him and we hold each other tightly as the feelings continue to wash over me. "Oh, sis, that was fantastic. God, it feels so good to be inside you." "I loved you so deep in me, it really got me off.

It was the best orgasm of my life. Oh, I love being on top. My favorite." The time had raced by and it was near when our parents return so we had to get things back to normal even though my body was still on fire. All I could feel was my pussy as I straightened up things and got siter fucks brother small cock school work out.

At school the next day, Taylor asks me what's new with Andy and me. "Well, I love being on top when we fuck, that's for sure. Andy just fills me up so much. And his dick goes in farther that way.

I love it." "God, I wish I could do it with Andy." "Huh, my brother? Since when do you lust after my brother?" "Well, I haven't said much but I think Andy's hot, hot, hot." "Well, I think Zach is hot, too. To tell you the truth, I've thought of him many times while I masturbated. Lots of times." "We oughta switch brothers then." Chapter Three I couldn't quite believe I heard that and just sat there a second.

"Switch?" "Yeah, you get Zach, I get Andy." "You're serious?" "Well, I can tell you that Zach is a wonderful lover. And he has a fabulous tongue." "What do we do, just tell them we want to switch?" "Hmm, I don't know. Guy's probably would do it that way. You know the old saying, 'They think with their head, their dick's head.'" "So, we just ask them if they want to fuck the other of us?

Geez." "Yeah, that's a little direct, isn't it. What if I talked with my brother about how you were hot for him and you did the same with your brother. You know, give them the idea. See where it goes." So, we discussed a little plan.

That afternoon, after school, I found Andy working on his homework at the kitchen table. "Hi, what's up, sis? I'll be finished in just a minute. Then we can have a little fun, okay?" "Sure, don't be long. I'll see you upstairs. I'm off to get naked." When Andy came into his room, I'm sitting on the bed (Yes, naked) and, as he undressed, I said, "Well, I had an interesting talk with Taylor today at school." "Oh, yeah?

Interesting, how?" "Kind of interesting about you." "Me? What about me?" "She said she really thinks you are the hottest guy she knows. She's really got the hots for you." "Well, she's sure not the scrawny little kid she used to be. Those nice, long legs and a set of boobs that any college girl would be proud of, she's pretty hot herself. I'd be kidding if I said I didn't enjoy looking at her when she comes over. I'd love to see more of her if you know what I mean." "Well, why don't you do something about it?

Do I have to set you up, is that it?" "Well, she's your friend and.". "Okay, why don't I have Taylor over after school on Monday and you can invite her into your room to hear a new group or something." "And what about you, sis, what do you do while we listen to music?" "Oh, to tell you the truth, I'd like it if you asked Taylor's brother over, I really think he's cute." "So, how does Zach get into your room, exactly?" "You could just tell him I like him a lot and when you two go off, I'll take care of the rest.

How's that?" By now, Andy and I are standing closely and he puts his arms around me in a hug and begins to rub my ass. "I already have one of the prettiest girls in the world and you're setting me up with another." And, he gives me a big, long, deep french kiss as his hands travel around to my breasts and he leans over and begins to suck. I take his hand and lead him to the bed. "Can I get on top again? I just love that." "Anything you want, sis, anything." As I sat on the bed with my legs spread, I asked him, "Kiss me first?" "Sure." So, my lovely brother followed my wish exactly as I lay back to enjoy it.

We had a very nice afternoon naked in his room doing everything that felt good. I was on top again and loved it. It just gives me the best orgasms. And, when I'm on bottom, I feel like I'm being made love to, when I'm on top, I feel like I'm fucking. I love both feelings but they are different and it depends on what I want at the time.

I was a virgin just days ago, now I want a cock or a tongue in me every waking minute. They talk about drugs and cigarettes in school. Well, sex is pretty legal age teenager widens luscious virgin legs hardcore blowjob. Once you do it, there's always that tingle in your naughty parts wanting more.

Boy, i sure did. I called Taylor and told her everything was 'on' for next Monday and that Andy would invite Zach over, too. The funny thing is that pretty jenna haze enjoys a huge black dick everyone kind of knew what was going on but nothing was said specifically so we could all just play along.

We had to be careful during the weekend but I did have a chance for some oral sex with Andy when our parents went out for a while on Saturday. Even while I was sucking him and he was licking me, I was thinking ahead to Monday: Swap Day. Finally Monday afternoon rolled around and Taylor and her brother, Zach, were over and Andy asked Taylor to come hear a new group in his room. So, they went off and I said to Zach, "Let's play some stuff that I like," and we went to my room.

I put some tracks on my MP3 player and we sat on my bed. Zach put his hand on my back, rubbing slightly, and said, "I really like you Lauren. I think you're very pretty." "That's nice, Zach, I think you're cute and I like you a lot." "What do you think they're doing, really listening to music?" "Well, I know my brother really likes Taylor and he's probably kissing her right now, if he gets the chance." "I'd like to kiss you, if I could.

If you wouldn't mind." "I'd like that, Zach," and I leaned forward and we kissed very softly. His arm went around me and pulled me a little closer. After the kiss, I dropped my head to his shoulder and we just sat there. I looked up at him and he then kissed me again, this time we opened our lips as he slipped his tongue into my mouth a bit and slowly moved it in and out. I might be thirteen, but I know that a guy putting his tongue in and out of your mouth is supposed to be a little like making love to your mouth, you know, the same movements, in and out.

Just like, well, fucking. Mouth fucking. It did feel nice and pretty sexy. I was feeling warm and cuddly all over. This was nice. So, I turned to him and put my arms all the way around him and gave him a big, open-mouth kiss with as much tongue as I could put in. He returned with his tongue in and out and as I tried to make my lips as much like the lips between my legs as I could. So his tongue felt like he was fucking my mouth. I could tell he liked that as he started to kiss me all over my face and neck.

We go back to kissing and slowly slide down to a prone position with him over me as we kissed long and wet. This was nice, very nice.

Zach was a great kisser. Very sexy. His hand is caressing my face as he kisses me, something that I've been a fool for ever since. Slowly, that hand drops to my breast and begins to squeeze gently. "Maybe you shouldn't, Zach," as I moved his hand away. "You're so pretty, Lauren, I really like you a lot." I put my arms around him and hug him to me. "We shouldn't be too long, Zach. Andy and Taylor have probably heard the songs by now." "Well, maybe they're kissing, too.

Maybe more." "You think so. Like what?" "Well, they might be petting each other, even down below, you know?" "How much have you done with girls, Zach?" "I'm three years older than you and Taylor, so I've probably done more. I know I like kissing you," and he bent over me and began french kissing me again. I had my hands up under his shirt rubbing up and down his back as he slips his hand under my top and grips my breast and tries to work his fingers under my bra.

I pull his hand down and hug him making it harder for him to get his hand back where it had been. By now, Zach's tongue knows every bit of my mouth and he is putting it in and out in a perfect imitation of fucking; there's no missing it and, in fact, my pussy is feeling it, too. I begin a little moan to keep him interested and he tries again to get his hand under my bra. I break off the kiss and tell him, "We better stop, I'm getting pretty excited and I can tell you are, too.

Let's go see if they're out of Andy's room." We went down the hall and Andy's door was still closed. Well, what now?

We are standing in the hall and Zach puts his arms around me and says, "Good, that gives me time to kiss you again." So, in comes the tongue and his arms drop down my back and begin to rub my bottom. I hear Andy's door open and we break off the kiss, not too quickly.

They come out looking a bit flushed as I'm sure we are, too. Later, I asked Taylor whet she and my brother did. "Well, he got my top off and played with my boobs and sucked them.

I rubbed his pants but not any farther. How about you?" "Zach tried to get to my boobs but Gorgeous blonde blowjob a chick today could not pay her linger at hotel played 'hard-to-get.'" "I can tell you he loves boobs. He won't leave mine alone for a second. Not that I want him to." Everyone arranged to meet tomorrow back at our house again, things were bound to get more interesting.

Chapter Four The next afternoon, there was little pretext; we simply paired off and Taylor and Andy went to his room and Zach and I went to mine. The tongue kissing began as soon as the door was closed and we were soon both prone and moaning. Zach's hand was on my breast again and I decided to let it stay.

He's pushing his groin against me and kneading my breast as I have my hands under his shirt rubbing his back and chest. As we're kissing, I feel my shirt being tugged up and decide to let it happen. His hand slipped up and encircled my bra and began to squeeze gently. Well, this was nice and all, but I was getting hot and wet below so I decided to move things along and broke off from the kiss to take off my shirt and bra.

"That's better," I said as Zach's eyes got big (I'm sure another part did as well) and he bent to kiss each breast and lick around each nipple sending a little shiver right to my deep insides. "Lauren, you're so pretty, your breasts are beautiful. God, I love them," and he started sucking one and fondling the other as I moved my hand up his pantleg toward a rather large bulge.

He didn't wait, he moved my hand to his crotch and pressed it to his bulge. Soon, we're prone and he's sucking my nipples and rubbing my crotch through my shorts. I reach down and tug on his pants and he quickly gets the idea and sits up to take them off along with his briefs. Out jumps his dick, rather chubby and long and pink with a tip that's a bit taller than Andy's (I know, it's not nice to compare.).

I grip it and he lays back down and fastens his lips to my nipple again as I rub around the moist cock end in my thumb. Zach tries to slip a finger up the leg of my shorts but I know these shorts are so tight that he's not going to be able to get inside my panties.

Like so many girls over the years, I decide to help out and I tug my shorts off and drop them on the floor. Now, I'm naked except for my panties which are just slightly larger than a thong. Well, he can get a finger in these panties, for sure.

He's rubbing his finger back and forth along my slit which is damp with anticipation. I figure, what the heck, so I raise up, pull my panties off, get back down on my bed and lean over him and take his lovely cock in my mouth.

That'll get things started. I'm careful to position myself so all I have to do is swing a leg over him and he'll be face-to-face with my pussy. He's rubbing me again along my slit when I feel a finger gently slip into me. He deserves a nice hard suck which I give him in appreciation. "Oh, god, Lauren, that feels so good.

Mmm." Well, I think that's my cue to let him kiss my kitty, so I lift my leg over him and lower myself to where he's within tongue-range of my love nest. Zach wastes no time getting his lips on me and sucking around my wetness. I can't help but press down slightly, it feels so good.

Ah, there are so many ways to give pleasure to another person. I love to fuck but a guy down kissing, sucking and tonguing me will bring me to orgasm faster than anything else.

The feeling is magnificent. He's running his tongue slowly all around the outer part of my labia and inner thighs. Yes, yes, yes, this is good, oh, so good. His tongue feels electric as it traces around and around. I'm sucking the end of his cock and occasionally licking up and down the shaft. Then, I swirl my tongue licking around the tip round and round as he licks around me below.

Oh, wow, this feels so good. Taylor is right, Zach knows his way around a girl's lovey-parts. I tingle all over, especially down below. "Lauren, Lauren, I'm about to cum.

So if.UNGHH, UNGHH, uh, uh, oh, wow," and a new taste entered my mouth. Still kind of salty but a little grassy or something. Still, it was from a nice, new lover. "I hope that you had time if you didn't want me in your mouth at the end.

Sorry." "S'okay, Zach, I don't mind. It's okay." And he went back to what was making me most happy. He had both hands on my pussy lips and spread them apart and pushed his tongue in as far as it could go as his tongue danced around my inside. Oh, this is wonderful.

As I was hoping, he moved up to my clit and began to lick and suck. When I felt his finger enter me, my vagina clenched in pleasure and I began to rocket upwards. "Oh, Zach, oh, god, do that, do that, I'm.OOH, OOH, ungh, ungh, oh don't stop." Wow, that was an orgasm of orgasms. Maybe because it was a new guy or maybe he did it just right, I don't know. Zach moves around to hold me and gives me a big kiss full of my own love juices which cover his smiling face.

"God, I love giving you oral sex, Lauren. You have such a pretty, sweet pussy. I just love it. You are so beautiful and sexy. I just love giving you an orgasm and making you happy." "Oh, Zach, you make me very happy. I feel so good and you are such a good lover. I'm glad this happened." "Oh, Lauren, so am I.

I want us to be together and I want to give you thousands of orgasms; as many as you could ever want." "We better get dressed and see what's going on. This was wonderful. I hope you are coming back tomorrow.

To see Andy, of course," I add with a little grin. "Well, maybe Andy's sister. He's probably having a little fun with my sister. It's all kindof weird, in a way. But I love it. You're wonderful and you are so beautiful." Dressed, we peeked out into the hall and Andy's door is still closed. It's now almost five o'clock and we shouldn't risk a parent getting home a bit early.

That would ruin a very nice makeout session with my best friend's brother, my new lover. "Let's make some noise and maybe they'll get the hint." So, we stomp around not too discreetly and in a few minutes, Andy and Taylor come out looking rather like we do, the flush of sex is on us all. We all look at each other and the grins break out. Nothing is said, just understood. Later, I told Andy that I wanted to have Zach over every afternoon.

"Hmm, like him, do you?" "Yeah, how about Taylor, I know you like her, right?" "Oh, do I.


She's terrific. I'll talk to Zach tonight and let you know." So, Zach and his sister became regular after-school visitors to our house. The next afternoon, as I closed my bedroom door, I told Zach that I was ready for sex and had some condoms in my dresser. "Happens that I have several in my pocket. Good thinking, huh? Seems we want the same thing." He began unbuttoning my blouse and I helped with a few buttons to speed things ahead.

Soon, my bra was on the floor and Zach's lips were on my breasts just where I wanted them. As he sucked me, he was also undoing my shorts and pushing them down where I kicked them off. He pulled my panties off, bent down and kissed the middle beautiful girl sex story in long hair and glasses my love triangle, then he stood up as I pulled off his tee, loosened his belt, unbuttoned his shorts, pulled them down along with his shorts and I kissed the first thing I saw.

Guess what it was. I took the tip into my mouth and sucked him for a minute or two, stood up and french-kissed him with the tastes of our sexes blending in our mouths. He got the condom on and bent down to kiss and lick me, preparing my love playground for the excitement to come.

Up on the bed, I spread myself out to receive him as he bears into me for the first time. Oh, Zach fills me up and begins to nudge into me further, all the way to my depths. He may be a little longer than Andy, he seems to have driven all the way to the top of me; the feeling is electric each time he pushes forward.

"Oh, Zach, you feel so good inside me. I want you there forever." "You feel so good inside, I can't last much longer. This is so good." His thumb moves to my clit which is wet, I'm wet everywhere down there, and rubs lightly increasing the pressure little by little. That's going to do it, I thought. Sure enough, "Oooo, OOoo, UNNNH, UNNNH, Uhhhh," and I had my first orgasm where I saw nothing but bright white light glaring like sunlight blinding me.

I fell forward and kept rocking up and back, clenching my muscles around him as I did. "Oh, Lauren, I'mmm, UNGHH, UNGHH, unh, unh, unh," and I took in his warm flood of love. We hugged laying there for a long time, at least it felt that way, the feelings still swirling about us. "Oh, Zach, that was so good.

Was it good for you?" "I want you forever, Lauren. You are so sexy and beautiful, I could look at your body forever. I'm so happy we're together. I hope you feel the same." "Oh, I do. This is so wonderful." He rolls off, taking the condom with him, gets up and goes to flush it away.

When he comes back I'm laying on the bed with my legs apart and he kneels between them and begins to kiss and lick me. "God, I'm drippy wet, sorry." "Mmm, oh, Lauren, it's wonderful," and he continues to lick away. So good, this feels. Sadly, it's getting late again and I don't think I want Mom walking in to see her daughter having her pussy licked by a naked guy, she might take a dim view. Moms are like that. We had many such wonderful days together.

Zach and I enjoyed each other for two more years, until he went away to college. We still get together (yes, physically) when he comes home but, by now, I've enjoyed a number of other guys in my bed as well. Every guy is different, both in a physical way (Greg Newton had the largest penis of all. I learned that size can be nice, even wonderful but how it's used is more important.) and technique (Tom Masters was a master.

Oh do I miss him. He's in the Marine Corps.). Andy and Taylor are still a couple and plan to get married when he graduates from NYU. They are really a cute couple and still do it like rabbits whenever Andy comes home. It was fun sharing with my best friend, especially our brothers.