Hot babe high schooler karly tastes her stepmums delicious pussy lesbian and bigtits

Hot babe high schooler karly tastes her stepmums delicious pussy lesbian and bigtits
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It happened on June the 30th 2005, Alice's 19th birthday. I'd got up around 10am, absolutely exhausted from my previous days hard graft then fucking Fiona until late last night. I was seriously pleased I had the day off, it was Alice's birthday and I knew that she'd booked the day off.

My plan was to spend the day fucking Alice all over the house whilst everyone else was at work. I needed a cup of tea to wake me up so headed to the kitchen. Stood pouring a tea at the worktop was Alice, she was wearing her short silk night gown that only just covered her smooth ass cheeks and hung loosely around her breasts. "I'll have a tea please sexy" "Ooh shit, you made bloody jump you idiot! What you doing here anyway?" Getting up close to Alice from behind I took her slender size 10 waist in my hands and pulled her close, running pornpros jessie law likes to show off her little pussy small tits and hardcore hands down over the silk material onto her smooth tanned legs.

"I thought I'd take the day off and treat the birthday girl to a day of hot sex whilst the house was free." My hands had now slipped round to the front of her body, my left hand snaked up her flat stomach until it reached her pert right breast where I proceeded to pull her stiffening nipple.

My right hand was working its way over her lacy panties, my fingers following the frilly edge of her knickers until I reached the small gusset piece underneath. "Ummmmm" Alice let out a small moan as my index finger pushed her panties between her cunt lips. I pulled her knickers aside slightly, allowing just enough room for my index finger to find her moistening entrance. "Haaaaaaaa" Alice took a sharp intake of breath as my finger disappeared into her tight pussy. I quickly found her clitoris with my thumb and worked her into a frenzy, pumping my finger in and out quickly and rubbing her sensitive clit with my thumb.

She leant back against my body tipping her head against my shoulder as he orgasm built deep inside her. My cock strained against the confines of my boxer shorts and poked into the small of Alice's back.

I kissed and nuzzled her neck whilst continuing my pussy and nipple play. "Ooooooh yes ummmm mmmmmm yes oh yes" Alice moaned as her orgasm crept up to boiling point. "Come on birthday girl, be a good little birthday slut and come all over my hand" I forced my finger harder and deeper into her hole and rubbed into her clit harder with my thumb.

My finger was now slick with her juices as her pussy loosened and became more aroused. She was going to come soon as her breathing became heavier and quicker.


"Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck.YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.oh oh oh shit that's good" Alice had pushed back against me nearly knocking me off my feet as her orgasm ripped through her body. "Good little birthday slut". I told her. Removing my hand from her breasts and replacing her knickers over her now wet and ultra sensitive pussy.

After a cup of tea on the sofa I felt more than awake and ready for a bit of relief myself. I pulled my boxers down and exposed my semi hard cock to Alice. A little sticky pool of precome had oozed from my helmet and a string hung from my tip to my thigh as my cock stiffened before us. "Suck my cock Alice" she didn't need asking twice.

She crawled across the sofa and grabbed my cock, after a about five or six strokes unblock proxy sites sister brother my cock it had grown to its full thick six inches. Her fingers and thumb now unable to touch each other as my girth pulled them apart.

Alice bent forward and licked the sticky patch of precome from my leg before running her tongue up over her precome covered sticky fingers and around my helmet. I loved having a tongue flicking around my helmet and poking into my cock hole. Alice knew this and repeatedly popped the tip of her tongue into my japs eye making me squirm.

Dropping her head to my helmet Alice parted her lips and readied herself for my helmet. Alice only has a small mouth and struggles to fit more than 3" of my thick cock into her mouth at any one time.

I don't really mind so much because her mouth is so tight to my cock she gives a fantastic blowjob.

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"Oh yes Alice that's good, real good. What a way to start the day hey, getting your cock sucked". I lean back against the soft leather sofa and rested my feet on the wooden chest in the middle of the room, looking at the clock it was 11:38am. Kendra james and raylin ann have hot but freaky sex my eyes I savoured the feeling of Alice's tight wet mouth round my cock sucking the come from my bollocks which she massaged with her spare hand.

I was lost in the pleasure, feeling my hot spunk slowly rising up from beneath ready to erupt into Alice's mouth when the lounge door crashed open. "SURPRISE!!!!!" fuck it was Fiona, home with a big present in her arms for her daughter. Shit, shit, shit. All I could think was shit as Fiona stood staring at her daughter knelt over me with her arse in the air and her hand round my thick cock.

"Surprise!!" I jokingly said with a wry smile on my face. Alice jumped up and ran upstairs pushing past her mother. This left me stark bullock naked on the sofa with a very stiff ready to burst cock, and one angry mother looking on. Fiona set the present down and sat next to me on the sofa, she sat a looked at me for a minute then down at my cock.

The cock she first seduced almost two years ago, the cock that regularly entered her wanton holes and filled them with come, the cock that she readily became a whore too.

"Does that little slut suck better cock than me?" took slightly by surprise by the question I didn't answer for a few seconds. I was ready for a right ear bashing then sending on my merry way. "Well, does that little slut suck better cock than me?" repeating her question she this time grabbed my cock and gave it a squeeze and stroked it up and down.

Her daughters' saliva wetting her hands. "She sucks very good cock, not quite as well as her whore mother though" "I see, and have you been fucking my daughter long?" she continued the interrogation with her right hand on my pulsating penis. "For about seven or eight months" "Right so you've been fucking us both, and is she whore as well?" I was getting quite pissed off now, yes Fiona had caught me shagging her daughter, so what, she could hardly preach to me could she?

Here she was a married mother, cheating on her useless husband with her eldest daughters' boyfriend! Not only that she was so desperate for cock that she allowed me to have my friend fuck her and turn her into a come whore for the blokes at her old office job.

She was asawa ng seaman sex scandal dirty whore and I told her what to do, not the other way round. "Listen you fucking whore don't preach to me because you're in no position too.

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If it was such a fucking problem you wouldn't have your hand on my cock wanking me off would you? As a matter of fact Fiona that piece of tight pussy upstairs is my fucking whore and she didn't take much persuading either. With a scrubber of a mum like you she wasn't likely too was she? She certainly takes after you alright Fiona." Fiona stared at me dumbfounded, but still as I told her this her hand gripped my shaft and slowly stroked me.

Almost as if she was getting turned on by what I was telling her. Fuck it I thought in for a penny in for a pound.

I was going to see how filthy this bitches were, if they were as dirty as I hoped I could be in for a lot of fun with these two. "Now you slut how about you take off your clothes apart from your underwear and assume the position that your slut daughter just occupied, Now Fiona". Fiona's grip on my cock loosened and she stood up looking down at me. "Fucking strip you whore, you've got some cock to suck".

Fiona shed her clothes until she stood before me in luscious idol is displaying her gaped yummy slit in closeup amateur babe her matching blue bra and knickers set, her massive 36dd's were almost spilling from the confines of her bra and her gusset was visibly damp at the gusset area of her knickers.

The slut was leaking pussy juice already from that wanton well fucked cunt of hers. I moved across to the middle of the three seat sofa placed my feet back on the chest and patted the seat beside me. Fiona knelt in a not too dissimilar position and bent towards my cock her mouth opening wider and wider as my large dome got closer to her mouth. "Good fucking whore, now no more fucking whingeing and moaning I want plenty more sucking and fucking from you bitch". Fiona was a lot more experienced at cocksucking than Alice and could pretty easily fit my full 6" thick girth down her throat.

She did suck a very very good cock I must admit. Desirable floozies have fun at a party group sex and brunette the combined efforts of both Alice and Fiona, coupled with the very arousing position I now found myself in it was inevitable that my cock wouldn't take long to spill its load.

I also wanted to cause maximum mess to Fiona's face for the next part of my plan. I jumped up and positioned myself over Fiona just in time for my first powerful jet of spunk to hit her square in the face, I wanked the rest of my cock over her pretty 42 year old face coating her in sperm. Fiona sat up on the edge of the sofa and I stood before her, my cock still semi hard dangling in front of her come covered face.

"Shout Alice down here then make me hard again". "ALICE . ALICE .get down here" "Good. Now suck". I pulled the front of her bra down allowing her massive breasts to fall out and swing around as Fiona leant forward sucking my semi hard cock back to life. I could her Alice coming down the stairs, any moment now. "Nice of you to join us again Alice, why don't you take a seat next to your whore mother and help her make me hard again, there's a good little whore".

"Mum.mum!!?" "She can't talk right now Alice, she's busy. Take a fucking seat". Alice continued to watch as I held her mother's head with both hands and fucked her mouth with slow strokes, my cock eventually growing to its full jaw splitting thickness. "Mum.mum what the fuck!!" I released Fiona head redhead having some solo fun fingering hotgvibe she looked up at Alice, her face still covered in my spunk.

"What the." "Yes Alice that's my spunk all around your mums face, she loves it when I come on her face, tell her whore" "Alice honey it's like this." I interrupted Fiona and told Alice how it was myself. "How it is Alice is this, your useless fucking dad hadn't fucked your mum here for over 6 years, 6 fucking years Alice with no cock!! Now your mum here couldn't keep her hands to herself one morning almost two years ago and seduced my cock.

Since then Alice your mother here has turned into my personal whore, she sucks and fucks me and anybody else I see fit ok? Then we come to you Alice, I'm sure your mother would like to hear about her angelic daughter?" I grabbed Fiona's head and fed my cock down her throat again.

"You suck my cock whilst I tell you about sweet little Alice here. This little slut let's me take advantage of tasty cougar amber jewell gets wet and ready with very little resistance and within a month or so I've got her down cottage lane Fiona, sucking and fucking that same filthy farmer that has had his mature hoe jessica taylor has hot foreplay with bf pornstars hardcore in your pussyarse and mouth." "What.

the same." "Yes Alice the same cock you regularly suck and fuck has been up your whore of a mother. Not only is that Fiona your little Alice here is amateur couple blowjob hairy male fetish latina booty stockings pov a fuck toy for her boss Paul.

You are both a couple of dirty filthy whores are good for nothing but sucking and fucking cocks. So Alice get down next to your mother and share my dick otherwise word could spread". Fiona looked up at Alice with her lips still round my dick and gave her a look, a look of desperation I thought.

She didn't want her husband to find out and all her close friends and family that she and her daughter were good for nothing cock whores. Alice walked round the chest and sat next to her come soaked mum still sucking my cock. I released Fiona's head from my hands but her head continued to bob up and down my shaft. "Fiona let Alice have some, don't be so greedy. We've got all afternoon and there is plenty to go round.

Hahahaha" I couldn't help but laugh. My mind was already running away with itself, what fun I could have fucking these two, also I could have so much fun whoring these bitches out. Alice had removed her silk night wear and was now only in her knickers, I reached down and mauled her bare breasts, playing particular attention to the area she loved most, her nipples.

"Fiona, remove your knickers and sit back there.that's it, spread them fucking legs and show me your cunt.very nice. Fuck Fiona your wet! Hey Alice your mums' cunt is soaking watching you suck cock you carry on girl. Fiona play with your pussy and don't stop till you fucking come ok". I alternated my gaze from Alice sucking my cock to Fiona masturbating her wet cunt; Fiona was sliding 3 fingers into her wet hole and rubbing furiously on her clitoris, breathing heavily trying to bring herself off.

I'd had enough of getting my cocksucked and wanted to watch mother and daughter both masturbating to orgasm. "Get your panties off Alice and do the same as your mother, bring yourself off".

I perched on the chest and admired the scene before me. On the left was 19 year old Alice, her tanned legs spread and her smooth tight little cunt accepting her two slender fingers.

The fingers of her free hand worked her clitty and pulled her hard little nipple that stood proud from her pert, smooth 34c's. Her sexy size ten body was a fantastic sight to behold let alone with spread legs and a tight wet shaven cunt on show. Next to her on the sofa with splayed legs was her 42 year old mother. Three fingers were easily being devoured by her mature more experienced well used wanton pussy. Again she was neatly trimmed; this is how I told them to keep their pussies. Her enormous 36dd's/ e's hung down from her bra.

She had large dark areola and big hard sensitive nipples that she occasionally tweaked. At 42 Fiona didn't have a bad body, she was between a size 14/16 but had gorgeous curves in all the right places. She was a proper filthy milf who loved cock, what wasn't to find sexy about this woman.

"That's it you whores play with your pussies and come on your hands; I want to see you leak your juices before I fuck you both". Surprisingly Alice was the first to reach a climax in very noisy fashion. She gripped the back of the sofa with one hand and thrusts her two fingers hard into her hole one last time. "Arrrrrrrggggghhhhhhh yeeeeeeesssssss" as she withdrew her fingers her pussy walls contracted and a small trickle of sweet juice was visible running from her pussy and over her ass hole onto the leather.

She went to sit back slumped against the back of the sofa but I pulled her up. "You can wank me whilst we wait for your mother, stick a finger in your arse you slut I know that gets you going". As Alice stroked my cock we watched as Fiona popped a finger into her anus and fucked both her cunt and ass at the same time. "Can you see what a whore your mother is Alice, she loves fingers and cocks in all her holes".

It took at least five more minutes for Fiona to bring herself off, when she did though she leaked an awful amount of pussy juice coating her puckered anus and making a little pool under her arse on the sofa.

With the amount of juice Fiona produced I often wondered whether she'd be able to squirt.

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Fiona lay spread on the sofa and dripping sweat, the come on her face was crusting up in spots and looked a right mess. I pushed Alice back onto the sofa and told her to spread her legs. "Right you sluts who wants some cock first?" neither spoke, nor did I expect them too.

Ok I'll decide. I looked down at them both on the sofa, both with legs splayed and inviting wet pussies on show. "Sorry Alice elders first, get her you whore".


I said grabbing Fiona's legs and pulling her to the edge of the sofa until her arse hung over the edge allowing access to both her holes. I pushed her legs wide apart totally exposing Fiona's wet sex. "You can watch and get that pussy nice and loose for me, I'm fucking you in a minute" Because the sofa is quite low down I was able to kneel between Fiona's legs and drive my thick cock into her vacant hole.

She screamed out as my thick girth stretched her cunt and drove hard into her warm tunnel. I reached up pulling on her nipples and mauling her big soft tits as I drove my cock harder and faster into her cunt, after bringing herself off only a few minutes ago she was still very sensitive and my forceful fucking soon had her coming for the second time. My cock was slick with Fiona's juice as I pulled it out and manoeuvred between Alice's slender legs. I again pulled her to the edge and nudged my helmet at her tighter pussy hole.

With my girth Fiona's cunt still felt tight, but it was nothing compared to how Alice's walls gripped my shaft like a vice as it pulled her pussy lips apart, exposing her pinkness and leaving her clitoris with no real mixed wrestling male bodybuilder vs fitness girl place. "God your daughters cunt is fucking tight Fiona, ooh yeah so fucking tight" I had to fuck Alice a lot slower for a while until my girth had opened her tight tunnel to its desired width.

Fiona was close enough to me so I entered my middle finger into her anus, right up to the knuckle. Fiona moaned a little but soon had her own fingers in her pussy enjoying having two holes filled.

"You see that Alice, my finger working your mums asshole ready for my cock. Maybe I'll fuck your dirty little arse for the first time today hey? Fuck your arse for the first time in front of your mum. Would you like me to do that Fiona hey, fuck your daughters' ass in front of you? What am I asking you whores for anyway if I want to fuck your asses I will do won't I?

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Stupid fucking whores. I increased my fucking speed into Alice and within a minute her so she came for the second time all over my cock. Pulling out I spun Fiona on to all fours and slammed my meat into her from behind, I told Alice to get in the same position ready for me. I was not far from depositing my second load of come so had to be quick.

I gave Fiona ten quick thrusts in the doggy position then slide into Alice from behind to give her ten of my hard strokes. My come was ready to blow and quickly jumped back across to Fiona and finished myself off in her cunt, I pulled out and nudged my helmet into her asshole.

Come leaked from her battered pussy hole and down her thighs as my dick popped past the resistance of her rectum. Fiona came immediately as my thick cock ripped her tight ass open, her orgasm lasted a full minute until she became comfortable with my rod in her arse. "You best finger your little asshole Alice and fetch some Vaseline, you need to open your ass up ready for my cock, because you're going to become a proper whore like your fucking mum here, she fucking loves cock in the ass don't you slut?" "Yeess I .

I .love it in my ass, fuck me, fuck me hard" Alice had disappeared to the bathroom looking for something to lube up sunny leone with daisy marie sex strip porn story tightest hole, "YOU FUCKING HEAR THIS ALICE ? YOUR FUCKING WHORE MUM IS BEGGING TO BE FUCKED HARD IN THE ASS.I HOPE YOUR GOING TO BEG LIKE A DESPERATE WHORE?" Alice returned with a bid pot of Vaseline and got back on all fours.

I still hadn't started fucking Fiona yet, she was just underneath me with my dick buried deep in het anus. I snatched the pot from Alice and dug out a big blob, I smeared it around her puckered anus working it into her bum a little applying a bit more pressure each time with two fingers until they popped into her dark hole.

"ARRRRRRRRR shit!" I rammed my two fingers as deep as possible then pulled them out halfway and rolled them round and round gradually working her anus looser. "Fucking work two fingers in your arse till I'm ready for you, the looser you make it the less painful it'll be bitch". I left Alice working two beautiful teen lesbian super kiss around her asshole, desperately trying to loosen it up for the cock that was soon to be entering it.

I pulled out of Fiona then nudged it back at her entrance, her bottom entrance. "Time for a nice hard ass fuck Fiona" I slammed home slapping my swinging bollocks against her puffy pussy lips over and over as my meat ripped into her, forcing yelps of pleasure from Fiona.

"Listen to your mum Alice she loves it, she'll be coming again soon". I wasn't wrong Fiona came twice in fifteen minutes as I gave her arse a proper pounding; Fiona was spent and collapsed on her front on the sofa.

Her legs were slightly spread showing me her well reamed out cunt and asshole. Her thighs were sticky from come and pussy juice and her face was crusty from her earlier coating. "Total fucking filth that's what you beautiful blonde babe has her asshole drilled Fionatotal fucking filth" "Right then Alice you little slut, are you ready to become a proper fucking whore like your mum?

Ha ha of course you are. Fiona sit up and watch me swinger show young couples blowjob orgy cosplay group sex and babe your daughters tight ass, come on fucking watch". Alice was on all fours beneath me; my thick solid shaft was hovering over her puckered entrance. I'd made Fiona kneel at the side of Alice near her ass so she had the perfect view of my cock disappearing into her daughters brown hole.

After about five or so minutes of tentative prodding with my helmet, Alice's anal passage gave way and my cock rushed inside. "OOOOHHHHH MYYYYYYYY FUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNN GOOOOOOOOOOOOD" Alice screamed the fucking house down for a couple of minutes as she tried to free herself from being impaled on my sword. I gripped her waist tight until she eventually calmed down. "I'm gonna fuck you nice and slow Alice then come in your arse for your first time.

Fiona you stay there and watch me fill her ass with come". I slowly slide my cock in and out of Alice's anus for about ten minutes, she was almost crying as she came for the first time with cock in her ass. She never came again and seemed very relieved when I flooded her rectum with come and pulled out. Before they had time to disappear I got a snap on my phone then told them to clean up.

And both come back down here naked, ready for round two. Two whores are better than one. I and others would eventually have a lot of fun with the two sluttiest women any one family could've produced.

More stories to follow.