Molly and her stepmom nikki sucks and fucks dildo masturbation and pornstar

Molly and her stepmom nikki sucks and fucks dildo masturbation and pornstar
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Chapter 21: "Go ahead. Open them, baby." I was standing in the spare room, where daddy had apparently been stockpiling presents for a while. There were about thirty boxes of all shapes and sizes, all wrapped in different kinds of paper. "Daddy.? It's not my birthday." "I know, sweetie. They're not birthday presents. And. Most of these aren't from me." He picked up one of the smaller boxes and handed it to me with a kiss. "This one's from me, though. I hope you like it, sweetheart." I eyed him suspiciously before opening it, and found.

A pink plastic oblong. thing, with wings like a butterfly, but with bumps on them. I looked back up at him, confused. He grinned, reached into his pocket, and produced a small plastic gadget, turned a dial, and laughed as my eyes widened and I let out a little squeal. The thing in my hand had started buzzing and vibrating. "It's a toy, sweetheart. An adult toy.

You place it on your pussy, under your clothes, and then no matter where we suck on my sweet little toes like a good boy, I can play with you by using this little remote." I laughed and flung my arms around his neck. "Oh, daddy, I love it!! Thank you!!!! I can't wait to try it!

Can we do it now??" He grinned and shook his head. "Nope. There's still lots of other presents for you to open. The rest are from the gang." Oh. The gang. Our online fanclub. A little over a month ago, daddy and I had revealed our relationship to his online friends. Guys that got together in a private video-voice-conference chatroom and talked about their love for their daughters, nieces, whatever younger girl they happened to want. They were all very close, I guess not surprising since it wasn't a subject you could really talk to anyone about normally.

But here they could be themselves, be honest. And since daddy and I had let them watch us make love, I'd been adopted into that closeness too. They were all sort of like uncles to me now. Admittedly, not very regular uncles. More like uncles that, while they were still very kind and protective of me, also made no secret of admiring my body, of wanting to fuck me. It made me feel really good, and daddy loved it too. He was proud as could be whenever they complimented me, whenever they called him a lucky bastard.

And whenever they asked us to do things to each other for them on the webcam, telling us which positions to do, how to please each other.

Every time we made one of them cum, daddy and I both beamed with pride. And now they'd sent us all this stuff. If it was anything like what daddy had given me. I excitedly dove in and began ripping paper off boxes. There were a few outfits there, weird ones like a girl scout uniform that was obviously fake and not really meant to be worn to any scout meeting. There was a pair of handcuffs, and a big pile of ropy straps, which daddy explained was something called a sex swing.

A few plastic vibrators of different shapes and sizes, ranging from a small pink one to one about the size of daddy's cock, but with little metal balls under the soft material near the base and a little thing that stuck out. And nine different dildos with cards attached, cards with the name of the sender on them. Daddy explained that these were "clones", that some of the guys had bought something called a "make your own dildo kit" and sent us a copy of their cocks. For some reason, that turned me on more than anything else.

And finally, there were a few gadgets neither of us could identify - they looked complicated and home-made, with wires and stuff. I can't begin to explain how hot that first night using the toys was. When we logged on and told them we'd opened the presents, they sent us a link - they'd made a website especially for us.

You needed a password to get in, and it had video and voice conferencing like before, but it had lots of complicated panels and stuff all around it. And a gallery, with videos and pictures they'd taken of us from our cam shows. Videos of me with my eyes closed, slowly and lovingly suckling on daddy's cock.

Videos of him standing up, carrying me in front of him, holding me up with his hands on my ass and slowly lowering me onto his cock, inches away from the webcam.

Pictures of the tip of his cock resting on my tongue, in the middle of releasing a stream of cum coating my tongue and lips. Close ups of his fingers spreading me open and showing the camera his cum oozing out of my pussy. And a gorgeous picture of him sitting on the bed, naked of course, with my naked body in his lap, his strong arms around webcam dripping wet pussy 4 tube porn, making me look tiny in comparison, kissing me passionately while I stroked his cheek lovingly.

It was like a shrine to our love, I'd never seen anything so beautiful in my life and eagerly slipped my fingers into my already moist panties as we browsed and remembered all those wonderful moments. While all the others switched from our old chat to this new one, I continued to browse and tease myself, greeting the guys as they filed into the chatroom, thanking them all for their sweet gifts and this amazing new site. Daddy went and brought all the new toys into the room, arranging them along the dresser and wall, so the cam could see them lined up behind us.

As soon as everyone was settled in, daddy and I stripped down, sat on the bed, and the fun began. Chapter 22: First, they all voted on the little pink vibrator and instructed daddy on what to do with it. It was almost like he was letting them play with me through him. He obeyed as they told him to put some pillows behind me and begin to suck my nips, using the vibrator on a low setting to tease the inside of my thighs, inching towards my pussy.

They made him circle my pussy with it, barely poking it between my puffy lips and sliding upwards over my clitty, the buzzing taking me torturously close to orgasm every time he slid it past my button. I'd never felt anything like this vibration before and I was completely focused on my pussy, almost forgetting where I was and who was watching. They told him to group group girl and boys poking it slightly into my little drippy hole, and I moaned in frustration when he refused to let me buck my hips up and fuck myself onto it deeper.

Slowly, SOOOO slowly, he fed more and more of it into my pussy, until FINALLY the buzzing was entirely inside of me. My clitty was throbbing now, my pussy gripping the vibe, as they told him to hold it there, to just hold it inside of me, keeping me so close on the verge of cumming I thought I was going to go insane if this kept up much longer. I was delirious now, unable to think or hear anything but the teasing vibration tingling my entire tunnel, and I didn't even notice them telling daddy to cuff my wrist, raise my arm up over my head, drape the chain of the handcuffs over the bedframe, cuff my other wrist.

and remove the vibrator. What?!?! When did I get handcuffed?? Where did the delicious buzzing go??? "Daddyyyyyyyyyy!!! Pleaseeeeeee!!!!!" He smiled and shrugged. "I'm not the one in charge here, baby." Handcuffed, stretched out, my legs spread wide in front of the laptop, I shot the webcam a begging pout.

"Please. guys. let me cum." Laughter. Ignoring me. "I'm going to put on headphones now, baby. I'll be able to hear them, and you won't." Addressing daddy through his headphones with more instructions.

He kissed my lips, smiled, and everything went dark. I was blindfolded. "Daddyyyy." Nothing for a while. I tried to rub my legs together in frustration, my pussy begging for attention, squirming and panting. "Daddy??" No answer. The knowledge that he was there. That the gang was there too, watching. That I couldn't hear or see anything, completely exposed, completely at their mercy. Oh God I was turned on. The buzzing again, on my side, trailing from my hip to my ribcage, half tickling and half awakening every nerve it touched.

Circling around my nips, teasing my tummy. Softly nudging my nipple, circling, nudging. Staying still on the erect little bump, making electric tingles shoot to my pelvis.

Tingles that doubled, tripled, quadrupled as the vibrations got faster, more intense. My pussy felt like it NEEDED to be touched. The vibration slowed, traveled away from my nipple, teased my tummy, my mound. and trailed back up again. DAMMIT.

My other nip under attack now, the vibration speeding up, the tingles shooting to my pussy again, and then. Another, slower vibration on a bigger, softer tip, gently stroking between my pussy lips, spreading them as it caressed. Touching my clitty, bringing me near orgasm. And moving away again. Lower, to my dripping hole.

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It was the other vibrator I'd seen earlier, no doubt. It probed gently into me, the vibration stopping as it sank into me completely, filling me deeply, a soft little lip pressing itself up against my clitty. And then. OH. MY. GOD. Movement. A circular, almost stirring motion inside me as it wriggled and spun around, and little bumps near my entrance, on my g-spot, spinning and massaging. Stopping every time I came close to cumming and then slowly starting up again until I was in a frenzy.

"Daddy. Guys. Please. Please. Let me cum. I need to cum so bad. Please. Please." The shaft still spinning and massaging my insides, beginning to thrust slowly, deliciously in and out, the little rubber lip bumping my button on every stroke, the spinning speeding up as it worked foxy lassies get banged in an orgy nerve I have inside me, getting me so close. "PLEASE. I NEED. NEED TO. CUM. PLEASE. LET ME CUMMMMM." And then, still squirming and wriggling and touching me in places I'd never known existed inside me, the whole thing started to vibrate, pressed into me in short hard thrusts, the now buzzing little rubber lip bumping my straining clitty, knowing they were all watching me, my hips rising up to meet the delicious machine, making me cum, keeping me cumming, a seemingly neverending orgasm streaming from my crazily spasming little pussy.

And then nothing. Everything stopped, the toy ripped out of me right at the peak of my orgasm, leaving me still cumming on my own but without stimulation, somehow so unsatisfied with my orgasm interrupted, twitching and thrusting my pussy at the air, at the webcam, moaning in frustration, my juices flowing zora and london get two hard dicks over me, all over the bed. The most frustrating orgasm of my life fading, leaving me groaning "Noooo"s, something cold and rubbery probing into my open moaning mouth.

"This is Tim's clone, baby." Wow. Daddy was feeding me one of the guys' dildos, making me suck a copy of another man's cock. It felt so weird, so leggy legal age teenager fucked by boyfrend wrong somehow. My mouth opened eagerly and my tongue started trailing it, trying to get a feel for the shape, exploring it greedily.

"Imagine Tim here, sweetheart. Imagine him on his knees next to you, pushing his hard cock between your sweet lips. Imagine sucking him, baby." Hearing those words from daddy was insanely hot, and I started to suck and lick the rubber even more enthusiastically. "You like that, don't you, sweetheart. Tim's watching you right now, watching you suck his cock, baby. Make Tim cum, honey.

Make him cum to those soft little lips. While Isaac fucks your sweet little pussy." OH GOD. Another clone, pushing itself into my little opening, sucking "Tim" while "Isaac" started to thrust slowly into me. Imagining them really there, their real cocks in my holes. Chapter 23: I got to stay home from school that week. Everyone was too excited to leave any time for sleep at night. All night, every night, they'd all team up and tease me, play with me, fuck me with so many different toys, so many different shapes and sensations.

I'd never been made to cum more times in my life. Each of the clones began to feel familiar, and we made a game of blindfolding me and letting me guess whose cock was fucking me, making my pussy ripple and squeeze to make out the shape, the distinct little quirks that each of them had. Rewarding me with an orgasm every time I guessed right. The gallery on our site was rapidly filling up. Pictures and excited hotties enjoy having sex lesbian toys of me handcuffed, blindfolded, in every possible position, being fucked by so many different dildos, vibrators.

Seeing daddy jerk off while he fucked me with the clones, seeing how hard it got him. Even though I'd been horny as long as I could remember, even though I'd always cum at the drop of a hat, I hadn't thought it was possible to be this horny, this constantly. Usually that week, I'd sleep during the day while daddy was at work - except for the one day he took off work and made me wear the butterfly toy in my panties.

He took me to mcDonalds and made me order our food while he fingered the remote in his pocket, making me buck my hips at the counter while trying to keep a straight face as the toy shook my clitty. Making me cum at the library, and at the museum, unable to keep from attracting curious glances with my soft squeals in the dead silence, daddy apologetically shrugging his shoulders at people and telling them "She REALLY likes abstract." But at the end of that week, on Friday, daddy woke me up before leaving for the office and told me he had a surprise for me.

I woke up and rubbed my eyes, and saw. a chair? There was a padded recliner at the foot of the bed, facing the laptop. He'd strapped some gadgets to it - the unidentified ones, the gifts we hadn't been able to figure out. One was strapped in front of the seat, on a little shelf attached to the chair.

A box with a hole in it, and wires coming from the back, leading under the recliner, where another couple of boxes were strapped.

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Two small boxes with U-shaped hinges were attached to the armrests, and a larger one was screwed into the back, near the top of the chair.

Daddy sat me down in it, told me he loved me. I sleepily kissed him while his hands positioned my body in the chair, spreading my legs, latching things over my wrists, ankles, throat. This was weird, but I was too exhausted to really ask questions.

He positioned a straw next to my mouth, whispered to me to drink from it if I got thirsty. I should have been freaking out, but I'd been fucked senseless the previous night and every other night that week, and the recliner was comfy. I was asleep again before daddy even left.

I had a dream at some point. In it, I was handcuffed, only I couldn't move the rest of my body either, and I couldn't see. There were voices around me. My daddy, and several of the guys from our chatroom. And it was play time. I felt one of them teasing my pussy softly with a vibrator, placing it on my pussy lips, barely touching, letting it buzz against me. I tried to beg for more, but I couldn't speak and just moaned.

Slowly the vibrator slipped between my lips and landed on my button, circling it slowly while buzzing, bringing me to a quick little orgasm.

And I woke up, still orgasming, slowly realizing where I was and what was happening. I was facing the laptop, and I was being watched by some of the guys. And daddy. Daddy was on the screen too, logged in from the office. I blinked a few times, then looked down - oh. The box between my legs had a metal rod sticking out of the hole now, and on the end of it was one of my vibrators, probing my already slippery lips and caressing my clitty.

Suddenly, the complicated panels on the website made sense. Control panels for this chair. Daddy grinned at me from the screen. "Morning, sleepyhead." "Hi, daddy." "Did you have a nice cum, err, sleep?" I giggled. "Yeah." "How do you like your new chair so far, sweetheart? The boys and I can all control it from the site. Your last orgasm was a team effort." I looked around, as much as I could with my neck strapped to the chair anyway. It was a little scary being tied up like this.

And somehow incredibly hot. "I. I love it, daddy!!!!" He laughed. "I thought you would. Now you don't have to wait for me to get home anymore to get those sweet cums started.

I'm about to hand the controls over to the guys, baby. You'll be a good girl for them, won't you?" I pinay sex dh hidden cam in guest house hongkong sweetly. "Good. I love you, baby. I'll be watching." Tim was the first to speak up. He was a big beardy guy, sort of a trucker-slash-Santa type, in his wet and wild cowgirl riding hardcore and blowjob fifties.

And, judging from what I'd seen on cam and the clone dildo he'd sent me, he had a VERY nice cock. One of my favourites - it curved a little, upwards, near the tip, so that every time daddy fucked me with it it felt like my g-spot was being deliciously massaged.

"Hey, hotlips." He gave his cam a little wave and blew it a kiss. I grinned. "Hi, Tim!" "I have a surprise for you." "More surprises than this chair? Impossible!" I stuck out my tongue. Tim's hands moved on his keyboard and mouse, making the vibrator resume its caresses of my lips and clitty. "Let's wipe that cheeky look off that sweet face of yours and replace it with something more.

obedient." My eyes began to drift closed, my mouth slightly open, a deep sigh escaping my lips. It was just remotely controlled by Tim, but just the knowledge that someone other than daddy was doing this to me, that another man was behind the controls, that daddy was watching him toy with his little girl. It wasn't going to take me long to cum to those thoughts, except the caresses on my clitty slowed to an agonizing crawl as Tim adjusted his webcam and zoomed in on his hand stroking his familiar cock.

"You want this, don't you, little one?" "Yesss." I licked my lips, imagining the feel and taste of Tim's cock on my lips and tongue, staring at it greedily. His hand moved away from his cock, and a few tapping sounds later, the chair responded with a low hum, the fabric being rolled up and pulled puke vomit dick woods men from under my butt, leaving me sitting on a hard surface that felt like plastic.

A surface that apparently had a hole in it, right under my pussy, because something began to push up against me gently. As it pushed up and slid past my slippery lips, it probed into my hungry little hole, easily fucking itself up into my body as I sat immobilized, trapped on this invading thing. And as my pussy adjusted, I knew exactly what it was. "Timmmm. It's. It's the clone. The one of your cock.

I. Ohhhhhhhh." Staring at the real thing on my screen as its counterpart penetrated me deeply from below, as the vibrator continued to tease my clitty from the front. "God, baby, you have the most sensitive pussy ever. Yes, it's mine. Your daddy attached it for me to fuck you with." I groaned, nearing orgasm so rapidly, and. Everything stopped. I just sat there, impaled on Tim's big rubber cock as it held still inside me.

"Not yet, baby. Don't you cum yet." More tapping on his end, and then. The webcam on my daddy's laptop moving, zooming in on my face. A new window popping up on the screen - a chat roulette site, one that connects you to random people for one-on-one video chats.

The laptop pressing the Connect button, seeing the chat connect, seeing some random stranger's cam load above mine, his just an image of a cock being stroked, mine zoomed in on my face as Tim resumed his remote fucking. "He's going to see you cum, baby. He'll watch your face contort in orgasm." The stranger stroking his cock harder as my image zoomed out, revealing my chest, my tummy, and finally the chair, the vibrator tickling my pussy, the big dildo thrusting up from the clear plexiglas under me sexy ladies fucked on turns by hard man meat on the couch pornstars hardcore into my eager pussy as I stared, wide-eyed, seeing myself so tied up and exposed, seeing the stranger jerking off on the right side of the screen, seeing Tim stroking his hard cock on the left.

"Tim. I'm gonna. cum. Please. Cum for me. I want to imagine you. Cumming.

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Inside me. Ohhhhh. Daddy. Tim is making me. cummmm." The stranger stroking harder. Tim stroking harder. The thrusts into my pussy coming faster, deeper. My daddy's face in the corner of the screen, a mask of aroused agony as he watched Tim begin to flood his hand with rivers of cum, my daddy watching me as I came on the shape of another man's cock, his baby cumming as a result of another man's actions, his little angel cumming while watching another man cum, watching me beg him to cum.

Chapter 24: By the time daddy got home, I was almost unconscious. It had been a long day. Everyone had had their turn with me, I'd seen so many of our friends cum, I'd watched so many strangers cum, I'd been fucked and teased and fucked so much. I'd lost track of my orgasms long ago. For the last five hours it had all seemed like one long continuous cum, I'd passed out for long periods of time and they'd just kept going, kept fucking me through my lapses in consciousness.

I felt daddy gently unbuckling the clamps holding laudry is made for fucking busty whore down, lifting me out of the chair and off the dildo that was still buried inside me, placing me on his bed so softly.

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His weight next to me as he laid down, stroked my cheek, my lips, my body, caressed every part of me lovingly, kissed my eyes, my lips, my mound. Feeling him spread my legs and breathe on my ravaged pussy, planting soft soft daddy-kisses on my sore pussy lips, my overstimulated clitty, my bruised little hole, the kind of kisses he used to give me when I was younger, milf and teen make out and threesome sex on the couch oldvsyoung and brunette I used to get what he called "a booboo".

Sitting up next to me, pulling my head into his lap, running his fingers through my hair as I curled up and rested my cheek on his hip, murmuring nonsense as he took my hand and softly placed it around his throbbing cock, cupping his hand around mine and moving it on his shaft, jerking himself off slowly with my lifeless hand while he caressed my cheek, told me he loved me, told me I was his good girl, his sweet angel.

His moaning as my hand came to life and guided him to my half asleep lips, taking the head into my mouth with my eyes closed, murmuring softly as I suckled sleepily on his meat the way I'd once sucked my thumb, unconsciously drinking the sweet cum from my daddy's loving cock. I slept for almost two days straight. When I finally woke up, I felt. different. I couldn't put a finger on what it was, exactly.

Just that something, some line had been crossed and had changed me in some way. I felt. older, colder, more feral. I still can't explain the feeling exactly. And I was rested, but STARVING. I got up, feeling a little shaky on my legs, made my way down the stairs, and found daddy sitting at the kitchen table, staring out the window. "Hi, daddy." "Sweetheart!

Welcome back to the land of the living. How are you feeling?" "Like I could eat a horse!" He chuckled and made his way over to the fridge.

"Eggs? Bacon? Pancakes?" "Yes please!" A little while later, I was stuffing my face while he watched me pensively. I swallowed my food and paused just long enough between bites to ask him "What?" before digging in again. "Nothing, sweetheart. You.

You know I love you, don't you?" "Mmpf, I love you too, daddy." "I know, darling. But do you know? Do you really understand how much daddy loves you?" The agonized look in his eyes made me put down my fork for a while. "Of course, daddy. Why?

What's wrong?" "It's nothing, baby. Really. Secretary rachel roxxx is giving a blowjob just worry sometimes. We've been. We've been so intimate, darling. Shared so much of ourselves. First with each other, then with the gang. I just worry that you think that." "That what, daddy?" "That. That's all you are to me now. Sex. I just. I need you to know, baby. I need you to understand that you really are my world, that I love you more than life itself.

As my daughter, but. Also as my lover, my partner." "Like. a girlfriend?" He smiled. "Yeah, I guess that's a good word. My sweet, perfect girlfriend." I bolted out of my seat and jumped into his lap, hugging him tightly and peppering him with kisses. "Oh daddy, I love you too, so so much! My daddy. my boyfriend." Beaming up at him, loving how this new word sounded. He sighed, kissed me softly, his tongue caressing my lips. "Baby. When you were with. Them. I. I got a little jealous." "Huh?" "I know you weren't really with them, not physically, but.

God. As proud as I am of getting to be with you, as much as I love showing you off, as much as I understand how badly they must want you. God suck it hanna hilton and meggan mallone I feel the same way. I just. Fuck." "Daddy.?" He sighed, closed his eyes, shook his head sadly. "I feel like I'm losing control of this situation, darling. Like they're stealing you away from me." "Do you. Do you want us to stop, daddy?" "Oh God.

Jasmine. Baby. That's what's fucking with my head so badly right now. I love you. God, please believe that, I love you so goddamn much, but at the same time that jealousy. Watching you with them. It's. Jesus, baby, it's so fucking hot, I. I don't know what the hell is going on with me, baby. I hate it and love it at the same time, I can't explain it, it's like.

Watching them with you makes me so miserable, feels so wrong. That it actually turns me on, somehow." I was speechless. Daddy was miserable? And. turned on by it? I had no idea how to respond to this. And the change in me became apparent again then, when half of me wanted to snuggle up to him, kiss him sweetly, be his innocent little girl, tell him I loved him.

And the other half of me turned colder, almost enjoying his agony, tempted to remind him how milf teen ass bbw dp it had felt when they played with me, wanting him to suffer. I got up from his lap and sat down on the table in front of him, taking his head into my arms and cradling it to my chest, stroking his hair, whispering.

"Daddy. I love you. I'm your baby girl. Always.


No matter what." My newfound malicious side slowly overtaking me, reaching for his hand, placing it on my pussy. Breathing hotly on his neck as I whispered in his ear. "Even when they sent the dildos, daddy. Those copies of their own cocks.

When they probed my pussy with them. Fucked me deeply. Right there. Right where your fingers are probing me, daddy. Even when I imagined their cocks pounding into me there. Imagining them just like I am right now. Getting so hot, so wet over them." "Baby. Please. Don't do this. It. It hurts." "But daddy.

It feels so good. imagining them fucking me for real. Blocking out your fingers and picturing their cocks. Fucking me, daddy. Fucking your little girl." His fingers worked harder inside me even as he moaned his objections.

"Stop, honey. please." Lying back on the kitchen table with his fingers buried inside me. "Finger me, daddy. Make your little girl cum as you've done so many times before. All those times you fucked me with their toys. All those times you let them tell you what to do to me, let them play with me through you.

Make me cum on your fingers while I think of them. Help your little girl cum to the thought of other men." A sob as he started to pound his fingers into me and added his mouth, caressing and sucking an orgasm from me, hating himself for it even as he desperately lapped up my juices.

And leaving him sitting there looking dejected and miserable. I gave him a quick peck on the cheek, thanked him cheerily for breakfast, ignored his straining cock, and skipped upstairs for a shower. I felt mean. And powerful. Chapter 25: A long week passed. Daddy was distant, quiet. And slept on the couch, avoiding his room entirely, leaving me alone with the toys, the chair, his laptop with the gang on it. I missed him. When I could. Most of my time now was spent doing solo shows, obeying the gang's instructions myself, allowing them to fuck me with the remote controlled chair.

And when I saw daddy, in passing or for the occasional meal together, I couldn't seem to help myself. I just lost control of my mouth and started telling him about all the amazing sex I'd had without him, how good all the other cocks had looked, how badly I wanted them. Daddy would always hang his head sadly, not saying a single word, but his cock would strain against his pants every time. And the few times I bothered to check on him after one of these talks, I always found him on his couch, eyes closed, stroking his hard cock and whispering my name.

I still loved him, so much. But somehow this power I had over him, this knowledge that I could torture him so badly. It was addictive. So I invited the guys over. force for sex 1 day


It was an absolutely insane thing to do, I just didn't care anymore. I had to push this as far as it could go. We planned it carefully. The two that lived closest to us would come over during the day, while daddy was at work. They came twice, and fixed up the basement.

Webcams all over the place. The sex swing hanging from a beam in the middle of the basement. The little windows at the top of the walls boarded up. Lamps. A rope. A tall bench. We were ready. I met daddy at the door two days later.

"Hiiiii daddy!!" "Hi, honey." I hugged his waist, pressed my face into his abdomen. He just gave a tired sigh. "What are you so happy about? Oh, wait, let me guess - you got fucked senseless again with Tim's dildo and you've decided to marry it?" I simply ignored the bitter sarcasm and beamed up at him.

"Nope! You've been really mopey lately, so. I've prepared you a surprise, daddy!" He eyed me suspiciously for a moment before relenting. "I'm sorry, baby. I didn't mean that. What's the surprise?" I giggled. "It wouldn't be a surprise if I told you, silly. Lean over and close your eyes, daddy." He chuckled and obeyed, and I produced a blindfold.

"Promise not to peek!" I took him by the hand and guided him slowly through the house, warning him about the steps as we got to the basement door, leading him carefully down and towards the support beam I'd picked out, positioning him with his back against the beam, guiding his arms behind it, slipping a rope around his wrists snugly. And pulling the blindfold off. He blinked, gasped, his jaw dropping. "Jasmine.

Baby. No. Please. Don't." Laughter from the gang as they all yelled out "Surprise!" and the 14 of them that could make it to our party began walking towards me, hands from everywhere groping me, pulling at my clothes as I stared into daddy's eyes, smiling silently. His face a mask of grief, shaking his head numbly, whispering "No. Baby. No." as my clothes were literally TORN from my body with long ripping sounds. I raised my arms over my head and closed my eyes as countless hands touched, groped, squeezed, caressed every inch of me, surrounded by a sea of grunts and heavy breathing.

"Daddy. It feels so good. Their hands all over me. Pinching your little girl's nips. Petting my little pussy. Ohhhhhhh. Daddy, they're fingering me." "Baby. Please. Stop this now. I can't. I can't take this." Sinking down to my knees and reaching for the nearest cock, gripping it and enveloping it in my soft warm lips, exploring this new flavour, sighing "Mmmmmm." as I opened my eyes and looked into daddy's eyes, his face frozen in shock.

And his cock obviously erect, straining against his clothes more and more as I switched to the next nearby penis, the next new flavour. "Baby. Untie me." "I can't, daddy. I latina got fucked hardly as option to usual consequences let you stop this.

I can't let you stop me from taking all this delicious cum." "I won't, baby. I swear." I nodded at one of the guys, and he went over to daddy, untying him.

I blissfully continued to sample cocks with my mouth, daddy just standing there in a daze, looking indecicive and tortured as he rubbed his wrists. I stood up then, and walked over to Tim, whispering in his ear before we both made our way over to daddy.

Feeling Tim bend smoking hot babe fingers her wet pussy me from behind, gripping the backs of my knees, lifting me, pressing my back against his chest as he held me up, my legs spread, his hard beautiful cock hovering in front of my pussy. "I want him, daddy. I want his cock buried inside me. Put it in for me, daddy. Pretend it's just the clone. Pretend it's no different from all the other times you fucked me with it." Daddy appearing dazed as he sank to his knees in front of us, his eyes staring straight at my pussy and Tim's cock.

Ohhhh God. He was really gonna do it. His eyes filling with tears as he took Tim's cock in his hand and aimed it at my opening. Looking up at me, desperately, begging me with his eyes to make him stop.

"Baby. I can't. Not this. I love you." "If you love me, daddy. Then give me what I want." A tear rolling down his cheek as he pushed the head of another man's cock into my sopping wet hole, placed a hand on top of my thigh, pushed down. Tim groaning hotly in my ear while my daddy gave me to him, and then. Oh God. Daddy's lips and tongue on my pussy, crying into me with deep sobs as he ate me, his hand jerking off the portion of Tim's cock that was still visible, masturbating him into his little girl.

I could never imagined anything more wrong than this. And more insanely hot. I came, hard, long before I intended it to be over, coating my daddy's face with my slickness as my pussy flooded Tim's cock, rippling on him and making him cum instantly too, daddy still sucking and stroking as we bucked and moaned on his face. Hands, grabbing him away from us, ripping his clothes off like they'd done to mine. Laughter and mocking as my daddy stood there crying while his cock claimed a different emotion entirely.

Rough hands pushing him over to the bench beneath the swing, placing him on it on his back, telling him to be a good little bitch and stay put while the others grabbed me off Tim and carried me to the swing, flinging me into it face down, my daddy's cock visibly twitching with his pulse right under my face, my already cum-filled pussy dangling just above his mouth. His hand traveling to his cock.

And being roughly pulled away by one of the guys, hearing them tell my daddy not to fucking touch. And then, delirium. What felt like weeks of being fucked, pounded from both sides of the swing, cocks working their way into my mouth and throat, my mouth being fucked as I was grabbed by the hair, over and over, streams of cum to swallow.

And being fucked, my pussy even more roughly than my mouth, some shapes and sizes recognizable beautiful asian fucked self with her toy and showed her sexy ass my sensitive pussy, some unfamiliar, less able to identify them the longer I was pounded, the more numb and sore my little hole became. Loads of cum being pumped into my tiny body, right in front of my daddy's tearful face, cum dripping out of me as he watched, landing on his cheeks, his chin, his lips.

His cock in front of my face, never softening, just steadily oozing a stream of glistening precum as it twitched. Finally, the guys seemed spent. "Go on, Paul old buddy. What kind of father lets his little girl go around grubby and dirty? Clean your baby up,man." A groan from my daddy as he began sobbing uncontrollably, reached up between the straps and placed his hands around my hips, pulling himself up by my ass while spreading me open.

His sweet lips and tongue finding me, his sobbing vibrating against my clitty as he licked me, sucked me, dipped his tongue inside me and swallowed everything I had to offer, drinking my juices along with their cum, whimpering "My baby. My little angel. Cum in daddy's mouth, sweetheart. Forget them and be my little girl again. Come back to me, please.

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Cum for daddy now, angel. Please, baby girl. Cum for daddy." My ravaged pussy still finding the strength for one more orgasm, cumming intensely on his slippery coated lips and tongue, watching his cock twitch and cum with me, without even being touched, my daddy's gorgeous cock simply pumping out his hot cum to the knowledge that I was his again.

END - [email protected] xoxo