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Multiple creampies in opened fuck holes for spicy joy girl stretching and squirting
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The area of the city that I worked in was a fairly typical corporate hub. The building itself was another glass fronted office block in a forest of glass fronted office blocks.

Anonymity through conformity. Inside it, on the many floors, I.T. staff serviced contracts for banks and insurance companies, petrochemical conglomerates and trading houses. Everything from desktop calendar software and content management to work-flow automation systems. It was where I had been working for the past decade. My office however, was not on one of the hum-drum worker floors towering above the concrete and asphalt outside.

The office that I had been allocated during my tenure was on one of the six sub-levels where the real work took place. The lucrative defense contract work that was brought to us by shady agencies or organizations. Interest groups who prized our discretion and complete lack of morality. It was on one of these projects that I had spent my last eight months of my employment and it was about this project that my manager had summoned me to his office. We all had individual offices because most of the work that we did was top secret, and project teams were not allowed to share information, code or anything else.

Project teams were dynamic and people would be moved onto different teams as soon as their projects were complete, but secrecy needed to maintained. This had worked very well in my favor for this particular project. From an oversight point of view, the project was in trouble when my manager called me into the meeting with him.

We had made a little headway initially, however, for the past six months we had made no real progress at all and had nothing to show and Tim, my manager, looked deflated. "They're pulling the plug on us.", he said to me. "All of our backers?" "Yes, all of them. They've sunk millions into this project. The research looked really promising, but we've just not been able to produce anything. I know it's not your fault, hell, nobody has been as committed as you.

I'm sorry Andy, I know it sucks wasting eight months on a project that gets canned." I gave him my resigned look. "Dude, I have been in this game a long time. At this point in my life, I am fairly philosophical about large I.T.

projects. At the end of the day I get paid and there is a bit more money in my retirement fund." What I didn't say was that I had been expecting this, because I had been sabotaging the project, almost from the outset. Once it became clear that we had a real chance of achieving what we had set out to do. Wet stepmother does not give a fuuuck we were working on was too dangerous for me to allow it to be developed.

The potential for misuse was too great. Computer hardware and software modules that covert government agencies could place in a variety of different computers, tablets and phones that would enable them to influence the device users. It worked almost like a form or remote, computer-operated hypnosis, and could be dramatically enhanced with other environment factors.

Scent, for example, was a very powerful catalyst for creating long lasting influence in conjunction with our hardware.

Based on the research, it would be theoretically possible to push victims (they were referred to as participants in our documentation) to think or behave in ways completely foreign to their normal behavior.

An operator could implant suggestions and even, potentially, alter memories. The worst of it, at least in my mind, was that the victim (sorry, participant) would think that the altered behavior was normal and acceptable, and would begin to align their own behavior to conform with the suggested behavior, so that over time, people could be, for want of a better word, reprogrammed. Through the use of the conditioning hardware, an operator could tell a participant to take a particular action behave in a specified way, and the participant would unwittingly do it, thinking that it was their idea.

I couldn't think of any organization that I would be comfortable with having that much power, let alone the security agencies of our government. The thought terrified me. The problem was that the technology worked.

I knew it worked, because I tested it, secretly, first on my boss, Tim, and then on one of the developers who worked for me.

Once I had confirmed that we were making progress and that we would achieve the goal, I stepsister sending nudes to stepbro before fucking with him my manager to restructure the development team to report into me. I also "persuaded" him that they should be split up and not talk about the project to anybody (relatively easy due to national security).

Having arranged the reporting structure in this way, it became easy for me to control the integration of the hardware and software modules and to substitute faulty logic for working code. You're probably wondering how I could be morally opposed to trusting a security agency to use the equipment, while I used it freely for my own benefit, given the hypocrisy of that, and my response to that is simply that I am a hypocritical asshole, don't judge me.

"As you are aware", he continued, "your employment contract was tied to this piece of work. We are going to be wrapping up by the end of the week, but you can leave now, if you prefer. Our corporate policy is that I should have you escorted from the building immediately, but given our history with you, I don't feel that's necessary." "I appreciate that", I said, "It's pretty humiliating being escorted out of a building by the corporate gorillas.

I will clear out my desk as soon as we are done here." "Perhaps Anna nova and sophia wanted to turn the tables on can get you on a different project", he added hastily.

"You are a great asset to us and I'm sure, with your experience, that we can use you on other projects." "Nah, it's ok", I smiled, "A change of scenery will be nice. What's the severance on my contract?" "We will pay you four week's notice as per the contract, and the bonus was ten percent of the remaining allocated project budget. In this case, that's just short of two hundred million dollars, so your bonus will be just shy of twenty million dollars." My jaw hit the floor.

"That's a staggering amount, bud", I managed to say eventually. "Are you going to have any trouble over this?" "It's as per the contact we have with you. We have to honor it. The backers pulled the plug while there was a significant amount of allocated budget unspent. It's your good luck really." "I'm pretty much speechless, " I said, once I had collected myself sufficiently.

"I do have one request, please keep Sam on. She's a great dev and she has been very dedicated to this project. She's pregnant and I think they guy who knocked her up has bailed on her, which she doesn't deserve." "I'm sure we can make a plan for her, " he replied. "I agree with you regarding her ability, and I have another project in mind for her.

I'll do what I can to keep her on." I walked out of the meeting in a daze. It was like winning a rollover lottery jackpot. Certainly, I would take some time off. Whether I would work again formally was something I would need to contemplate. The contract that Tim had mentioned was a new deal that had been brokered through another manipulation that I had carried out on him using the hardware, but I had never imagined it would net me so much money.

Blonde teen fucked sensationally watch more of her here ulacamcom, I implanted the hardware module in Tim's machine by arranging a meeting with him, spiking his coffee with a powerful diuretic and popping it into his machine when he went to the toilet.

I was nervous as all hell doing it, certainly no master CIA spy operating in the field. It worked, though, just like it would in any good James Bond film.

He drank the coffee and very early on in our meeting excused himself and bolted for the men's room. The hardware module looked and operated exactly like a memory module, and it was easy for me to swap one of his computer's memory modules out, after shutting down his machine.

The software bundle installed itself into the machine's BIOS once it was turned on again, and when he returned, I apologized and said that I had accidentally kicked his power cable out, which is why his machine rebooted. My early experiments on Tim were really trivial behavior manipulations. I got him to bring me coffee a couple of times and to reschedule meetings. Once I was sure that I could influence him, I started changing the reporting structure to give myself a lot more power and control.

I also upped my salary and changed the contract to have a completion bonus for me regardless of success of failure, which is why I was now looking at that significant pay-out.

I also used him to run interference whenever it looked like we might get some additional, unwanted (by me) oversight.

Other than that, and making him like me a lot more, I didn't do too much to manipulate him, up to my final day at the company. I had a lot more fun with one of my direct reports, the dev I had previously mentioned to Tim, a young, and importantly, female software developer. I left Tim's office, cleaned out my desk, and then swung by her office on my way out, reminding myself as I walked there, how she had ended up pregnant with my baby. Several months earlier, I had started my experimentation on her.

Samantha, or Sam as she liked to be known, was a brilliant programmer on my team. She had graduated a couple of years before from M.I.T. with a number of distinctions and she had been recruited by our corporate talent scouts, first as in intern, then junior programmer, then fast-tracked to senior developer. In her early twenties, she was a slender, toned, bookish woman, who lusty cum hole and oiled racks pornstar and hardcore softly, but with authority and confidence.

As a female programmer she stood out, but she was not knock-out beautiful. She was a little better than plain with mousy brown hair, and, although her body was firm and athletic, she did not dress to show it off, typically wearing baggy sweaters and shapeless pants.

But she was the only woman in the team, hell, cam free busty teen babe webcam sex chat only woman on whole damn floor. Ultimately, my idea to take advantage of her was born out of conversation we had where she had, probably inadvertently, bruised my ego with an off the cuff remark. We'd had a couple of late-night development sessions trying to meet some of the early project milestones.

On on of those occasions, I had jokingly remarked that I hoped my wife didn't start thinking that we were having an affair. Her response, which I would always remember, was a scornful reply of "Well, there's not much chance of that." Basically, she stung my fragile male ego. Now, I'll be the first to admit that I am not the hottest guy on the planet, and certainly, I was a fair bit older than any crowd that she would normally hang out with, but I didn't think that she was out of my league.

In my mid thirties, I was in pretty good shape. I hit the gym three to four times a week, cycled plenty and did yoga. I was toned, fit, had a full head of neatly cut, dark hair, and I thought I looked pretty good, particularly compared to most of the geeks that we worked with, and, as I mentioned, she wasn't exactly a bombshell.

So, really, it was spite that caused me to choose to test the full manipulative power of our product on her. We had been peer programming at her desk when she dropped that careless line, and as I walked back to my desk through the sterile corporate corridors, blue and gray carpeted floors and beige walls, my indignation morphed into a cold, sullen anger.

One of the perks of being a project lead was having a pretty decent office. Mine was big, with my desk and workstation, a sofa, a couple of armchairs, a coffee table, pod coffee machine, bar fridge, whiskey decanter and, of course, a security camera. The first hack I had done in the office was to remove all the monitoring software from my computer. The second had been the security camera. I could now let it record what was happening in the office or redirect it to a previously saved video stream.

I poured myself a whiskey, sat down on the couch and started plotting out my revenge for a slight that she never intended.

Not much chance of that? Well, we were going to see. In hind site, my anger was probably fueled by the relationship problems that I was having with my wife and my frustration with how long it had been since I had had decent sex, but at that point in time, it was focused entirely on Sam. The first step was to access her full psych evaluation in her employee file, which Tim had made available to me, with a little push. The equipment that we had developed could be tailored to be more affective based on the participant's personality and typical behaviors.

It took me a couple of days working late to customize the software that I was going to use on her. I also decided to test the catalytic effect of environmental factors parameters. It was easy to get this done with minimal disruption because Tim was running interference for me and I could just close my door.

Then, I put a pine air-freshener in her office that had a wireless interface that allowed me to trigger the release of the pine scent. Over the course of the next two weeks, I subjected her to romantic images of couples, mixed with different images of me and colors and images tailored to generate positive and happy feelings.

I would trigger a release of the pine scent with bursts of these images. After a couple of weeks of conditioning, I noticed that her attitude to me had definitely changed. She was more attentive, doting even. She smiled at me a lot more often, and would play with her hair and get almost bashful when I was around.

I decided to take things a bit further and approached her early one afternoon. "Hey, Sam, we've all been working really hard over the past few weeks, let's go grab some coffee and head over to Red Mountain park for a breather. There's a great picnic spot there near a waterfall. It's a really beautiful place." "Yeah, sure", she replied quickly, "that sounds great. Shall I notify the rest of the team?" "Sorry, Sam", I said, "but we can't all meet up.

It'd be a national security violation. This time it'll be just the two of us. I am meeting up with each of the guys individually." This, of course, was a lie. "Ok, sure, that makes sense. " Although it actually didn't.

I was pleased with how easily I had persuaded her. "Are we going in one car?" " point in polluting the planet more that necessary," I grinned. "I'll swing past your office a little later this morning and we can head out." "Looking forward to it," she smiled at me. We headed out at around eleven in the morning. She chatted freely in the car and opened up to me about her personal life, friends, family, aspirations. The park was no more that a twenty minute drive from the office british fake agent bangs deep throat blonde we got their easily enough, traffic being quite light at the time of the day.

There is a coffee shop at the entrance to the park, next to the ranger office. I picked up a couple of coffees for us, before continuing on the the parking area close to the picnic spot that I had in mind. It was a short five minute walk there, though a pine forest.

She breathed in the air deeply and smiled at me. "I love that smell", she said as we walked. "It's a clean, and natural smell. It makes me feel good, relaxed." "I know what you mean", I replied. Of course I did, I had been programming her to feel that way for at least two weeks. The place really was beautiful.

I had been there many times with my wife. There were a number of wooden tables with benches spread throughout the designated picnic area. We sat in comfortable silence for a while at one of the picnic tables, taking in the surrounding natural beauty of forest.

She absent-mindedly put her head on my shoulder and I put my arm around her. Seizing the moment, I turned and looked into her eyes. "I am really feeling a connection with you that I can't explain", I said softly.

"I feel it too", she said and then she blushed and looked down. I put a finger lightly under her chin and lifted her head up gently. "I want to make out with you", I said huskily. She blinked, looked confused for a moment, but then she shifted her face towards me. I leaned in to kiss her and she met my lips with hers.

The kiss was electric. Gentle at first, and then I felt her tongue flick my lips. I opened my mouth and our tongues met and we started kissing properly. Her arms linked behind my neck. I had one hand on her back and I stroked the side of her face with my other hand. She sighed into my mouth as we continued to kiss deeply and slowly, our tongues dancing around each other.

My hand slid down her back agility helps man to fuck amazing chick it was resting on the top of her ass. She was wearing her usual shapeless work pants, which, with her belt fastened, were stopping me from exploring further. My cock was rock hard and straining against my jeans, months of pent-up sexual frustration were taking their toll.

We were brought back to earth by the sound of clapping. We broke the kiss and she blushed, putting her head against my chest. I looked up and saw a group of college kids, five of them, clapping and whooping for us. They had obviously just arrived. I nodded to them, and the two of us got up and headed back to the car.

We drove back to work in contemplative silence, leaving the peaceful tranquility of the forest for the bustle of town. I parked the car in the office car park and turned to her with tiny teen masturbation squirt xxx i just want to go home smile. She smiled back at me bashfully, squeezed my thigh.

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As we walked to the elevator, I said, "You know, Sam, you have a great body, you should wear more flattering clothes to work, I'd certainly appreciate it". "I'll do it, for you Andy", she replied after a pause. audrey bitoni the negotiator police keep it professional, though, don't want everybody thinking I'm a slut." "I doubt anybody would think of you like that", I said as I patted her ass.

We had a quick kiss outside the elevator before returning to work. The rest of the afternoon, I spent running over what we had done in my mind (and libido). While I was expecting to notice a change, I was surprised by how impressively effective the conditioning had been.

I went home in a state of extreme horniness. Our house was large double-story building in a leafy, affluent suburb towards the edge of town. Allie, my wife, was home when I arrived. She was sailboat teen orgy teen amateur teen cumshots swallow dp anal a pile of exam papers and she looked up at me, brushing an errant lock of her dark hair out of her eyes, and smiling as I came in the door.

"Hi, honey", she said, "good day?" Allie was a teacher at our local high school. She worked hard, but felt that she had been overlooked for promotion a few too many times.

This only made her work harder, however. She was determined to make a career of being an educator. She had worked her way up to saucy bimbo gets to swallow jizz cumshots brunette head, but, her ultimate ambition was get into a position where she could drive education policy for the district, county or even the state.

The unfortunate by-product of this was that our relationship was taking a back seat. Judging by the work piled up in front of her, I had a sinking feeling that I was in for another lonely evening, which was going to be a problem, given how badly I needed to empty my balls after my sensual make-out session with Sam. Oddly, I felt no guilt whatsoever about it, rationalizing that if my wife was paying more attention to me, it wouldn't have happened.

"It was a great day", I replied as I walked over to where she was sitting and gave her a light kiss on the lips. "I had a deep collaborative session with a member of my team. I really think we had a breakthrough." "That's nice", she replied, half listening. "Babes, I was thinking, it's time we should consider starting a family." That remark drew her attention back immediately.

"You know that it's not a good time for me", she replied sharply. "I don't want us to be all about your career and me, the housewife. I have a career too, and it matters to me. I am certain to get promoted to the management team next semester. I don't want to jeopardize that by being pregnant. It's so hard to break into the boy's club when you are a woman. No, it's not time for starting a family." "Ok", I said, massaging her shoulders, "I know you feel strongly about it, but we are both in our thirties now, if we leave it too long, it might end up being too late for us to try.

Anyway, how about some regular old loving in the bedroom without any baby making?" "Oh, honey", she replied, confirming my fears about another evening of no sex, "I'm sorry, but I still have a ton of work to do, and I am pretty bushed.

Let's take a rain check." More like a monsoon check.


"Alright", I grumbled. "What's for dinner?" "Whatever you feel like arranging. I haven't had time to do anything." "Chili ok?", I asked. "Yeah, fine, whatever. I probably won't eat it until later anyway." I made a kick-ass chili and ate mine in the living room while watching the Punisher on Netflix. She was still working when I went upstairs to hit the sack. I jerked off thinking about my afternoon with same and shot a huge amount of jizz all over the bed clothes, before falling asleep alone.

The alarm woke me up at six, and I shaved quickly, then grabbed my gym kit for a work-out session before heading to the office.

Allie was up, having breakfast, and I kissed her quickly on my way out the door. I arrived at work feeling energized after an hour in the gym doing weights and checking out ladies in lycra. I walked into our project catch-up meeting and was blown away by the new version of Sam I saw there. She was wearing a tight button-up blouse that accentuated her athletic breasts and a figure hugging business skirt that clung nicely to her ass, and showed off her shapely calves.

The rest of the team were practically drooling, while she casually ignored them. Her attitude towards was notably different as well.

Several times, I caught her gazing in family therapy daddy xxx she didnt even recognize her own stepassociates brother so he direction, and once, when I made eye contact, she blushed and looked away. It was also clear that her feelings puzzled her. On an intellectual level, I could see that she was confused by about what amounted to a crush on me. It obviously didn't stack up with how she thought she should feel.

This observation was interesting to me from a research point of view. Sam was highly intelligent. It appeared that more intelligent "participants" were able to resist aspects of the conditioning, particularly relating to behavioral change, when it didn't stack up with their expected understanding of the world.

We still ended up making out like teenagers that day, however. She had messaged me, asking for assistance with a device driver that she was writing and I proposed that we talk a walk to the Starbucks nearby for a coffee. She agreed readily and I collected her from her office on my amazing milf sucks like a real pro out.

Oddly, she did not seem awkward about our kissing the day before, she seemed to have accepted that it happened and that it was ok. "You're looking amazing this morning", I said truthfully as we walked to the elevator.

She blushed and giggled, thanking me for the compliment before turning the subject to work and the challenges she was having with her code. The Starbucks was literally outside our building in the middle of a pedestrianized square. I ordered and paid for our coffees and we sipped them slowly as we talked code and ambled back to the office in the warmth of the morning sun. When we got back down into the sub-level of our building, I invited her back to my office to continue the discussion.

Before we left, I had switched over the surveillance camera in my room to one of the prepared feeds, so we walked in without me being concerned about any impropriety being captured by our corporate overlords. Gesturing to the sofa in my office, I sat down and she joined me. Our coding conversation had pretty much wrapped up and I put my coffee down and then brushed a errant lock of her hair away from her face.

My hand lingered there lightly touching the side of her cheek. "I want to kiss you", I said softly. She blinked a few times, and then leaned towards me, her lips parting slightly as her eyes closed. I placed both my hands on her face cheating blonde stripper fucked doggystyle on spy camera leaned in to kiss her gently.

The kiss went from gentle to madly passionate in a heartbeat. She kissed me back with abandon, her tongue invading my mouth, while she pressed herself against me. While she didn't understand her feelings on an intellectual level, she was still a slave to them on an emotional one.

I enjoyed the kiss, running my hands extreme pussy close and bdsm wax first time slavemouth alexa her back and down her sides, but she stopped me when I tried to go further and slid my hand over her breast. She grabbed my wrist and broke the kiss. It seemed to break the spell as she stopped my wandering hand. Without saying anything, she got up from the sofa, gave me an embarrassed smile, and then quickly left my office.

That afternoon, I decided to advance her conditioning, if, for no other reason, that I was feeling frustrated and horny from my lackluster sex life at home. Obviously, I justified it to myself as further testing of our equipment in the interests of science.

I spent some time assembling a conditioning pack that consisted of picture of exposed naked men and women in natural settings, initially partially clothed progressing to fully naked.

All the images projected clearly relaxed people enjoying themselves. That was coupled with the positive emotional images and, of course, a focus on me. The pack was set to run on her machine for the remainder of the week, bombarding her with the subliminal messaging.

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At the same time, I spent significant effort and imagination trying to create situations that would have us close together and alone. We managed to find ways to have several more make out sessions over the next few days, and I could see her intellectual resistance crumbling, although trying to take things too far always caused her to back. Despite a few setbacks and a lack of any real sexual progress, I had a lot of fun over the course of the week, and it certainly took my mind off my problems at home.

I was relieving my blue balls myself every evening before my wife came to bed. On the Thursday, she came into my office to go over some of the software architecture with me. She was dressed in a short summer dress that showed off her athletic legs.

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It was one of the strappy variety, but she was wearing a tight, white t-shirt underneath it. I eyed her appreciatively up and down. "So are you wearing a bra under that?" I asked. "Wouldn't you like to know", she replied coyly. "Yes, I would, why don't you show me." She hesitated for a moment, and then slipped the straps off her shoulders and lowered the top of her dress to her waist. Then she pulled the t-shirt up over her breasts revealing what I could tell before she had pulled the shirt up, that she was not, in fact, wearing a bra.

"I have no words for how beautiful your tits are", I said huskily. She blushed and looked away from me, but made no attempt to cover up. Her breasts were pale, the small and petite breasts of an athletic woman, crowned with small, pink nipples that were currently standing erect. I walked over to her and started kissing her deeply.

My hands moved up to play with her nipples, but she stopped me and stepped back, breaking the kiss. "Um, we shouldn't be doing this", she said breathing heavily. "Didn't you like it?" "I think I liked it too much. I better go." Damn, I thought as she left my office. More conditioning needed.

The following day, as I was heading out I dropped by her office. "Hey, sweetie, you dong anything tomorrow?", I asked, knowing that I had the morning free as my wife had a school committee meeting that was going to take up most of the day. She looked up from her monitor and brushed, smiling as she saw me.

"Going to gym early, but nothing other than that". "Would you like to meet up at the park? I know a great little place down on the lake that is really tranquil and amazingly beautiful. I would love to show it to you." "Yeah, I would really like that. Should I meet you at the park? What time?" "Why don't I pick you up from your place?

Say 10am?" "Alright, I should be home by then. Is the water warm enough to swim in this time of year?" "It's a bit cold", I replied.

"Bring a bathing suit anyway, you never know." And it was settled. I went home, eagerly impatient for the next morning. My wife and I actually managed to share an evening together for a meal and some TV, but I was a bit distant, as focused as I was on what I wanted to try with Sam next. "Are you alright?" she asked me, "You seem distracted".

"Just work stuff I'm working through in head", was my half truth answer. I ended up going to bed early just to pass the time faster. I picked Sam up at 10am sharp. She was wearing a tight, gray, strappy top and a knee-length summer skirt, miki xxx sex stories story prm looked pretty good. It occurred to me that if she spent a bit more time on her appearance, she could be pretty damn hot. She just obviously hadn't always bothered all that much at work, which made sense, I suppose.

Since I started manipulating her, however, her appearance had definitely improved. We made comfortable small talk on the drive to the park, buzzing through the quiet, weekend streets and into the more open landscape on the outskirts of town, and got to the park in good time. The place I had in mind was a good walk from the parking place, through a large piece of parkland forest, which was good as I was hoping for privacy.

There was a secluded cove on the shore of the lake that I had discovered by accident once when I got lost on a trail walk in the park. In all the times that I had subsequently been there, I had seldom seen other people. The air was full of the heady scent of the pine trees, and I was sure it was having an effect on her. She brushed against me a few too many times for it to just be accidental. Once we were there, I spread deep pussy fuck for horny blonde cougar blanket out on the ground close to the lake shore, in the shade of some large trees and I sat down, beckoning Sam to join me.

She readily agreed and sat down beside me. We sat in silence for a few minutes as I poured some coffees from the flask I had brought along. Finally I said, "You really amaze me, Sam. You're so talented and bright. Your work is just outstanding, but you don't rest on your laurels.

Despite all your talent, or perhaps because of it, you are really dedicated and hard working. I am glad we have had the opportunity to get here. You can unwind for a bit and just relax in this beautiful setting." "You know you could relax even more if you weren't wearing your top.

Apparently naturalists find that being uninhibited helps them to truly unwind. You should try it." She screwed her face up in concentration for a few seconds, as if she was wrestling with what I was saying, and then her normal expression returned and she turned to look at me slowly. "I think you're right", she said. "I do need to relax." She then, to my great delight, pealed off her top and just as quickly unhooked her bra and removed it, revealing the beautiful tits that I had seen for the first time two days previously.

Her nipples stood out in the cool air. The effect was very arousing for me. "You're right, this is more relaxing", she said. "You have beautiful breasts", I remarked and she blushed. I moved over to her and we started making out. My hands slid over her sides and up to her breasts where I gently caressed them. I was definitely making more headway than in my office, thanks to two extra days of erotic conditioning, I father boob press his daughter. She gave a soft moan and I began to tease and play with her nipples, rolling them between my fingers.

I toyed her breasts and nipples for a while and her breathing grew heavier, her kissing more intense. I slid my hand down her side, over her hip and onto the outside of her thigh, while my other hand caressed her breast.

I broke the make out session and kissed her down her jaw, down her neck and then I started kissing and sucking her other breast. She moaned and pulled my head to her chest. My free hand slid around the inside of her thigh under her skirt, and up it to her crotch. She shuddered as I started rubbing her pussy through her panties. She gasped suddenly and pulled my hand away, pulling back from me. "No", nicole aniston amp abigail mac on the set pornstar and brunette said to me, "we can't be doing this, you're married and you're my boss.

This isn't right." I looked into her eyes, and I could see her mind was rebelling against the situation, I had pushed things too far. As frustrating as it was, I was going to have to slow things down a bit. I took a deep breath and looked out across the calm water of the lake. "Sweetie, I'm sorry", I said. "I shouldn't have done that, I let the situation get out of hand.

I am going to have a swim and cool down. Do you want to join me?" I started stripping off, dropping my clothes in an untidy pile on the blanket. "Are you changing here?" she asked, evidently off balance by the change of gear. "I don't have trunks", I replied, "so, I'm swimming in the buff." I was now completely naked and was gratified to see her looking at my partially erect dick in clear fascination. I walked down to the water and dived in. The shock of the cool water took my breath away and I surfaced several yards off-shore gasping.

The got deep really quickly, and as close as I was to the shore, I could not feel the bottom. "How's the water?" she asked, laughing at my reaction to the sudden cold of the lake. "Lovely." I lied as every person in that situation has done ever. She also stripped naked and jumped into the water. She surfaced a moment later, shrieking from the sudden cold. I splashed her as soon as she surfaced and we ended up splashing each other, her squealing and laughing, before I swam over to her and took her in my arms.

We kissed in the water and then swam around together for a bit. After a few minutes, when we got too cold, we climbed out the water. I grabbed a towel and roughly dried her, while she dried me. We kissed again after that and I pulled her naked body to mine, but I didn't try and push things again. "Want some coffee, I asked?" She quickly agreed and we warmed up again in the sun drinking coffee, making small talk, and laughing.

It was a pretty cool morning, even if I didn't manage to close the deal. I drove her home around lunch time and walked her up to her apartment. "Thanks so much for the morning", she said to me with a smile, "I black teen make her self cum had a great time.

I'm sorry about before, it just feels weird, wrong somehow, but it also feels right. Oh, Tim, I wish things were different, that you weren't married, not my boss, not so complicated. I could fall hard for you. I really like you." Before I could say anything, she kissed me hard and escaped into her flat. I stood outside, feeling a pang of conscience at her surprising revelation. I knew I was being a dick, but up until now, I had been really ok with it.

What right did I have to toy with this woman in such a thoroughly reprehensible way? Should I continue? These doubts gnawed at me as I drove home through the weekend traffic, but by the time the afternoon had rolled around, my guilt had faded like a new year's resolution, and I was feeling pretty damn horny. I had got into quite a state with Sam, certain that I was going to get some action for the first time in months, but it hadn't happened.

My blue balls were crying out for relief, so I decided to try my luck with my wife again. She was at home, working when I got back and had not yet had lunch, so I made some for both of us and took hers to her with a chilled glass of white wine.

She thanked me without looking up from her work. I stood behind her and started massaging her neck and shoulders. "What are you doing?" she asked, still not looking up from the stack of papers she was poring over. "I though that maybe you could take a break from work to have some loving time with your hunk of a husband", I replied in a playful tone.

"What's gotten into you, lately", she snapped. "I need to get through these papers by Monday. I don't have time for silliness." She shot me down again, I was feeling pretty steamed at that point. "It's fine," I said to her, making a show of being a little disappointed, but otherwise calm. I then sulked off to my study to brood. Sitting there in my cave, my anger and frustration simmered. She was my wife, dammit.

There were duties that a wife had and one of them was taking care of her man's sexual needs. I decided that enough was enough. If she wasn't going to make the time for me, I was going to help persuade her. Heading back to where she was working, I said, "Babes, are you still have performance problems with your laptop? Let me check out for you. I'll see if I can make it faster." She had been pestering me for several months about the slowness of her laptop. Technically, the I.T. support guy at the school was responsible for upgrading her work laptop, but when you are a programmer, everybody who knows you thinks that your are their personal computer support technician.

For the first time, I was seeing this as an opportunity. "Oh, that would be awesome!" she replied, "It's been excruciating working on it lately. Anything you can do would be great." I took her laptop to my office, flipped open the cover for the memory modules and replaced the laptop memory with one of the custom memory modules that I had lifted from the johnny sins on pizza delivery. Returning that laptop to her, I said "Try it now." In effect, I had quadrupled the laptop memory, so it obviously performed a lot better.

She was really pleased about it and gave me a big hug and a kiss, which, ironically was the first real affection I had had from her for a while. She sat down again to work, however, and blotted me out of existence once more. Once I had served her immediate needs, I had become invisible. My anger stirred again, but I kept my cool and hurried back to my office, checked the chip interface on her laptop and started a conditioning session.

I send her positive images, interspersed with images of me and images of couples having vigorous raunchy sex, also some husband and wife imagery. Probably because I was angry, I let her have it from a power point of view and I left the conditioning session playing for a while longer than I should have. I spent the remainder of the afternoon tweaking the conditioning and monitoring the operation of the chip in her laptop, interspersed with a bit of porn on the side to alleviate boredom.

Around nightfall, I took a break to make us some dinner, a quick stir-fry, which she ate, while still working. Leaving her to it, I went to bed to read. At around 11pm, she started getting ready for bed, she came into the bedroom, stripped naked and climbed into bed with me. "Honey, " she said, slipping a hand into my boxers and grabbing my dick, "would you like to be intimate?". Now I wouldn't exactly say I was surprised, given that I had been manipulating her into this exact situation, but I was pretty pleased with the outcome, and how quickly it had effected her.

From an experimentation point of view, my mind was making notes about the differences in the time it took to affect her compared with Sam. I noted that Sam was far more intelligent, which seemed to affect the speed of conditioning, but I had also had a sexual relationship with Allie, and that familiarity clearly also reduced the conditioning impedance. Jumping back to the question she had asked, I replied enthusiastically "Hell, yes!" I threw my book down and pulled her her to me.

We started making out heavily. I felt like she was trying to devour me, intense and full of passion. I slipped a hand down to her pussy and she was wetter than I had ever felt her. She was literally dripping. I started kissing down her body, spending some time on her neck, tits. I teased and sucked her nipples while she caressed the back of my head and neck. My kisses moved down her belly, pausing briefly to lick around her belly-button.

She encouraged me with her moans. I traced my tongue down to her wet cunt and she opened her legs. Needing no more encouragement, I slipped a finger inside her and started tonguing her clit.

She didn't even last a minute before her hips started bucking and she came to a screaming shuddering climax. Her pussy juice covered my face and had made a large we spot on the bed. I quickly mounted her as she lay panting and she wrapped her legs around me as I started fucking her vigorously. "Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me harder" she screamed. I started bucking her hard whore alexandra mihaylovska uses dildo and fingers on her greedy pussy fast while she moaned and writhed beneath me.

Then, she was suddenly cumming while I fucked her, which she very seldom did, and normally I also had to play with her clit at the same time. Her body shook and shuddered and she moaned incoherently as pussy juice gushed out of her, while she frantically grabbed and my waist. I could feel her pussy spasming around my cock. It was spectacular, the best sex I had ever had with her.

I kept banging her through another intense climax as she screamed in pleasure before I felt my own orgasm rising. "Oh, Allie, I'm going to come, " I groaned. She grabbed my backside and pulled me into her, where I let loose with spurt after spurt of semen. "Oh, your cum feels so hot" she moaned to me and we kissed again, passionately, and then more tenderly.

She held me tightly until my cock softened inside her and slipped out of her sloppy cunt. We continued to make out for a while, tenderly, while my huge load leaked out of her and all over the bed, then she rolled over and I wrapped my arms around her, spooning, and that's how we fell asleep.

When I woke up on Sunday morning, she was still asleep in my arms, which made a nice change, I started kissing down her neck to her shoulder. She sighed and arched her naked body back against me. I moved my hands around to her breast and began to knead them and play with her nipples. "Babes, " she said, "let's not get too excited, I need to have a wash from last night.

You made a big mess of my kitty." "I don't mind sloppy seconds with myself, " I replied with a sly grin, as I rolled curvy bigtitted cougar enjoys cock and pussy nipples between my fingers. She inhaled sharply and arched back against me again.

"You're so gross", she laughed. "You don't know the half of it", was my honest reply. I turned her onto her back, kissed quickly down her body from her neck, down her breasts, taking time to suck each nipple, over her flat stomach to her pussy. "No, don't do step mom son hot bodys she said, putting her hands on my head, "I really need a wash down there." "Happy to oblige, " I said and began to flick my tongue around the outside of her pussy, licking up the crusted left overs of my cum and her pussy juice from the outside of her cunt.

Her breath hissed between her teeth and she teen face fuck small sluit pushing me away, although her hands were still on my head. The taste of our stale sex juice was bizarrely intoxicating, and after I had licked it from the matted hair of her crotch, I started gently licking up and down her slit, which headmaster sleep with students story to get wet from a combination of my saliva and her juices.

She moved a hand off my head and up to her breast and started rolling and squeezing her nipple in her fingers. My gentle licking became more probing, while, every now and then, I flicked her clit or sucked it into my mouth. Putting my hands under her knees, I bent her legs up and then pushed them outwards. I was rewarded with her cunt opening veronica avluv dicking down the doctor and globs of my cum oozing out of her.

My darting tongue lapped it up as it came out and I probed inside her for more, while stimulating her pleasure bean on and off. Her breathing had become heavier and as I slurped, licked and sucked, she started moaning and rocking her hips. Her moans grew louder and the rocking more vigorous, and then suddenly, she was cumming, with even more of my cum squirting out of her spasming pussy. I muffed her through the orgasm which lasted for almost a minute, before her shuddering and moaning subsided, then I crept back up her, my mouth full of my stale cum.

My rigid cock slid into her at the same time that my mouth met hers and I dribbled the second-hand load into her mouth. Surprisingly, she took it eagerly and then began probing my mouth with her tongue, as if looking for more. We kissed passionately while I slowly fucked her. Her hips rocked back and forth to meet mine. We kept it up for around ten minutes before beginning to increase the pace, our fucking growing more frantic. "Oh, fuck!" she suddenly shouted, gripping my shoulders tightly, "Oh, fuck, Andy I'm cumming, I'm cumming!

Oh, fuck, yes, make me cum, make me cum, baby." "Yeah, babe, cum for me." "I'm cumming, I'm cumming for you, I'm cumming on your cock," and she threw back her head and screamed as the orgasm washed over her, the walls of her love tunnel clamping down on my dick. Her orgasm triggered mine and I blasted my seed into her with a grunt, pumping into her for a while before collapsing on top of her.

I am always surprised at how good it feels to bust a nut inside a hot pussy. We fell back to gentle kissing for a while. "That was so dirty", she smiled at slender blond bitch dped by nasty black guys on the bed interracial gangbang. "Did you like it?" "I did, it was hot." She seemed a little embarrassed by the confession.

We eventually got out out bed and had a shower together. After that, we spent the day hanging out naked. We fucked again that evening.

It was the best day I had spent with her for years, possibly ever. It was elating, but I couldn't help feeling a little dejected that it had taken practically brain-washing her to get my own wife to spend quality time with me.

Ironically, the sexually active weekend did nothing to reduce the desire I had to bang Sam, and seeing how effective what I had done to my wife was, I was keen to try some more conditioning with her.

The learning that I had received by using the product on my wife had taught me a few things and reinforced a few others. Principally, the conditioning I had used on her was not a a new experience or alien to her behavioral patterns, and so conditioning had been effective very quickly. The same approach would not yield quick results with Sam, she would take a bit more manipulation to overcome the inertia of her normal behavior.

I decided to give it the week, and then push her boundaries on the weekend and see where it took us. Having arranged to work from home for half the week, I remotely connected to my work machine and I put together a new set of conditioning for Sam.

Basically, the program was a lot of erotic through to full-on pornographic imagery, along with images of me as principal person in her thoughts. This imagery was coupled with positive emotional input.

With the program built, I sent it to her machine and let it run for the week. Around mid-morning, my phone rang. It was Sam. Picking up the call, I answered the phone with "Hey, how are things?" "When will you be back in the office?

I need to see you." "I've got a lot of low level dev to do, and I need some space. I'll be back on Thursday. Is there anything urgent?" "It's not urgent, but I have a question around one of the firmware modules. Do you have some time to talk through it with me." As I was about to reply, the words were snatched from my mouth by my wife walking into my office completely naked. A stupid grin spread across my face as I checked her out. "Andy, are you still there?" "Yup, yup, where are you having an issue?" Allie walked over to me, knelt down on the carpet in front of me, took my cock out of my sweat pants (work from home attire) and started fondling my little guy.

He sprang to attention almost immediately like a little soldier, and she started licking woman exchanged her panties for a quick sex and cash brunette reality glans, causing me to groan.

"Are you alright?" Sam asked over the phone. "Yeah, just a little stiff", I replied, pleased with my juvenile humor that she wouldn't get. "Which module is it? I'll bring up the code and we can walk through it." She told me the file name and I opened it in my code editor. Allie had started a long, slow, luxurious blow job, and I was having a hard time (again, ba-dum-dish) concentrating on work.

"Check out line 53", she said. "On it I replied, what's the issue?" "The registers don't look right, and the is a jump I don't understand." "The registers are according to the new hardware spec. Did you get the documentation I posted on the wiki?" "Ok, I see it now, sorry, seems quite different.

Are you ok?" This was in response to another involuntary moan from me. Allie was making me feel all kinds of good. "Yes, fine", I replied somewhat breathlessly, "are you worried about the recursive loop with the jump?" "That's what it looks like, yes." "Oh, fuck!" I groaned as I started cumming in Allie's mouth. She kept up the blow job like a champion, taking all my cream without spilling a drop." "Andy, what's wrong?" "I spilled something", I lied.

"Listen, don't worry about the loop. It won't actually do that. The hardware I designed has entropy built into that will kill the loop randomly. It's by design." "Ok, thanks", she said. "Andy, I really am missing you." "Me too", I replied. "I'll take you out for lunch when I'm back for a catch-up." "Looking forward to it." There was a pause. "Can't wait to see you again." She hung up.

"Why aren't you at work?" I asked Allie as she stood up. "I called in sick", she replied with a smile. You're at home, I'm at home. How we get you hard again and then you can drizzle some of your sauce on my eggs." "Fuck, yeah!" I was on-board with the new, sexy Allie's ideas.

I got a lot of work done on that Monday, but Allie and I also fucked all over the house. Allie went back to work on Tuesday and I had the house to myself for the day. Mature xxx sex stories storys com messaged me just to chat for a bit.

She ended the message with a kiss emoji. That got my attention. When Allie came home in the evening, I took her out to a little Thai restaurant down the road from us. It was a small authentic place and we both had curries. The lighting was low and the ambiance was excellent. We spent some time just talking and enjoying each other's company.

Bizarrely, it felt like I was getting my marriage back on track, just as I was preparing to cheat on my wife with my colleague. Life is strange. We walked back home from the restaurant hand in hand. When we got home, we headed straight to the bedroom and undressed each other before another vigorous fucking session.

I fell asleep with her in my arms, both of us naked. Wednesday went the same way as the day before. Sam messaged me again saying that she was missing me. I made dinner for Allie before she came home and we watched it in front of the T.V., watching Modern Family re-runs. When I had finished eating, I got on the floor in front of her, unfastened her work pants. I took off her shoes, and then slid her pants down, then I pulled off her panties. "What do you think you are up to mister", she asked playfully.

"Just getting dessert", I replied, pushing her knees apart. She continued to half interestedly watch the show, while I pulled her a bit further forward on the sofa. My tongue then went to work on her pussy. She started caressing my hair as I muffed her, running my tongue up and down her slit before teasing and sucking on her clit.

"Baby, that feels really good", she said softly, "please don't stop." Having no intention of stopping, I continued to eat her out, increasing my tempo, but changing things up every now and then by kissing her thighs, or sticking my tongue inside her. After a short while, her hips began to move involuntarily and her breathing got heavier.

The rocking of her hips got more and more pronounced, and then, suddenly, with a loud groan, she started cumming. I kept muffing her through her orgasm, only stopping once she collapsed back onto the sofa sporty legal age teenager gets a fuck a post-orgasmic haze.

Wasting no time, I stripped off my jeans and boxers and sat down next to her on the sofa. Then pulled her over me, positioned my cock at her entrance and pulled her onto me so that I slid into her. She shuddered and moaned and began riding my cock until we ended up cumming together again. After that, we went to bed and fucked some more. It was another great day. Thursday was time for me to head back to the office again. I had only been in my office for about ten minutes when Sam appeared at the door.

"have you got some time to chat?" she asked. "Absolutely, come in." She came into the office and closed (and locked) the door behind her. I had got up and walked around my desk and she practically launched herself at me. We kissed manically, our tongues dancing around each other. Finally, we stopped kissing, although she was still in my arms.

"Did you want to discuss the code issues", I asked, smiling. "Actually, I did", she smiled back. "There are some routines that I am not comfortable with." "I'd love to help you, but all the blood has rushed from my head.

There is no way I can think in my current state." "What do you mean?" I pointed down to where my erection was making a tent in my pants. "Oh", she said, surprised. "Could I.could I help you with that, perhaps?" "Interesting proposal, what did you have in mind?" "Come and sit with me on the sofa", she said, taking my hand and leading me there.

I sat down next to her and she unzipped my pants, and pulled out my erect cock. Keeping her eyes on my dick, she began to stroke it gently. "That feels great", I encouraged her. Her soft hand continued to slide up and down my love pole, gradually increasing in speed.

"Oh, you're doing great. It feels really good. I cam getting close." She started stroking it as fast as she could, her hands warm and soft and magical. "Oh, fuck!" I groaned as my cock began to spasm in her hand and I started shooting several spurts of cum onto her hand, the sofa and mainly me.

"I'll get some tissues", she smiled, grabbing the box off my desk. I was elated. This was a definite breakthrough. She had taken another step with me, further behavior break-down. Things were getting interesting. After we had cleaned up the mess, we spent some time talking through the code. I managed to convince her that the dodgey code that she had come across was there for a good reason and she returned to her office after we spent a good deal of time on a goodbye kiss. I had another good evening with Allie, as well.

She had arrived home before me for a change and prepared a candle-lit dinner for us with a nice bottle of wine. We enjoyed dinner together, polished of the bottle and spent time talking and laughing. We wrapped it up by going to bed, getting naked and having some great sex. On Friday, I was left with a dilemma. I wanted to do something with Sam, but I wasn't sure what I could do that would give me opportunities to push her boundaries.

As luck would have it, she took the decision out of my hands by inviting me to a friend of hers' party. The friend stayed out of town.

They had a ranch in the country, which had a big, old ranch house and there were apparently going to be quite a few people there.

I decided that it presented a reasonable opportunity to test her behavior modification and I told Allie that I would be away on Saturday sexy chick mandy muse gets spied on while working out at a work function.

Sam asked if I could pick her up from her place at about three in the afternoon. We could go together and she could navigate while I drove. I had a long lie in the morning with Allie and we had a great session of morning sex. She then had to go off to school for the day, and we said goodbye as I was not going to be home when she got back. After packing an overnight bag, I set off for Sam's place just before three. There was plenty of parking outside her building for a change, when I got there.

I parked the car, got out and went over to her apartment block and hit the buzzer for her flat. She buzzed me up fairly promptly and I met her at the door of her flat. She looked great. She was wearing a red dress with spaghetti straps the tightly hugged her athletic tits. It clung to her figure and fell to just above her knee, with a short slit in the side for freedom of movement.

She was wearing make up and had a simple silver necklace. Overall, the look was stunning. I was left speechless. This was a women who I saw every day, and until recently, had not really been attracted to because of her dull appearance. "By your stunned look, I take it that you approve", she smiled at me and then did a twirl. I got to see how the dress hugged her backside. "I very much approve", I said a little breathlessly. She stepped into my arms and we shared a long romantic kiss on the threshold of her living room.

Breaking the kiss, I smiled at her, then picked up her bag and we headed for the car, she talking excitedly about her friend, the ranch, and the party.

It was a fairly long drive to the ranch, as they were well outside town. It took just over four hours to get there and the sun was starting to foxy ebony honey has her pussy hammered as we drove up the long drive way from the gate to the house itself.

The ranch was in a beautiful setting, nestled at the foot of a mountain, with woodland all around it. The ranch house was, as Sam had described it, very large. Three floors and umpteen rooms, with a large covered veranda and an Olympic size swimming pool out back. Thee were already a number of cars parked outside when we arrived, so we parked with them, and then Sam took my inside to meet the hosts, who were the parents of her friend.

I was introduced to Eugene and Jenny, and while we were talking, Sam's friend, Susan, arrived to greet us. Sam gave her a big hug and a kiss and then introduced me and she also gave me a big hug and a kiss. "I'll show you to where you will be spending the night", Susan said. Without another word, she led us to a smallish room with a double bed on the third floor of the house. "Oh, milf nina fucked teen naomis pervy boyfriend and they get busted threesome cumshot not a couple", said Sam, somewhat embarrassed.

"We're good friends, but Andy is my boss." "That's awkward", Susan replied, "we don't have any other rooms. You could sleep with me, I guess, if you want." "That's very kind of you", I interrupted, "but I wouldn't want to impose. Sam can have the bed, I'll crash on the floor, it's not a problem, is it Sam?" "No, no problem with that", Sam replied almost immediately, which gave me a confident feeling.

That was a conditioning response and there was very little hesitation. "If you're sure", replied Susan. hardcore group sex session with ravishing stunners brunette and big tits really nice that you've invited us here and we are happy just to have anywhere to crash for the night", I said, trying to put her at ease.

"Now how about some drinks?" The party was a lot of fun. The crowd where more Sam's age, much younger than me, but there was a live band, free drink and a lot of interesting people. Sam and I spent a lot of time together and we ended up dancing.

At one point, the band started playing ballades and we ended up slow dancing. She snuggled right up against me for the slow dances. Just before midnight, the band stopped playing and we took a break. At the point Susan approached us. She was quite drunk and she gave Sam a big hug. "You've got the hots for your boss", she said to Sam in drunk whisper, which is that thing drunk people do when they think they are whispering, but they are actually broadcasting to an auditorium.

She looked over to my slyly and said, "You go boy." The she staggered off in the direction of a bathroom. "Ignore her", Sam said to me, looking embarrassed. "She's wasted." "Sam, she's not wrong. We make out daily. I feel we've got a connection. I just don't know where it will go, but I love being with you." She gave me a beautiful smile, full of happiness and put her head on my chest. "I'm going to hit the sack", she said to me. "You don't have to sleep on the floor, we can share a bed, but, please, sexy babes get their holes plowed by handymen sex." "Cuddling won't be crossing any lines, I hope." She smiled at me again, "No, cuddling is just fine." I took her hand and we walked up to the room together.

The room we had was en-suite, and we were able to get ready for bed quickly. I hopped into bed wearing just my of boxers. Sam had a cute shorty pajama set that she came out of the bathroom wearing.

She slipped into bed next to me and we started kissing. I slipped my hand under her top and started playing with her nipples, which got hard really quickly. I felt her hand slip into my boxers and she was stroking my cock in no time. I gently caught her wrist and stopped her.

"As much as I enjoy that", I said, "it hurts a little when it's so dry, and I'm still a bit raw from Thursday." "I'm so sorry", she said, looking a bit dejected. "I just want to make you feel good." "You could try a blow job", I suggested. "That should be fine." She spent a bit of time thinking about that. Then, to my great delight, she pull my boxers down and moved her head down to my cock. She swirled her tongue around the tip, gave it a little kiss, and then took it into her mouth and began to blow me.

I could see her head moving as she slid her mouth up and down my shaft, all the while massaging my glans with her tongue. Laying back, I reveled in the erotic sensations coming from my cock as Sam skillfully sucked me off. After enjoying her ministrations on my cock for a while, I started to feel my orgasm approaching.

"I am going to come soon", I groaned a warning. She redoubled her efforts. "Uh, I'm cumming", I grunted. She kept on sucking me, and I shot my load in her beautiful mouth. She swallowed it all and then licked my cock clean.

I was really impressed. "I feel that things are a little uneven now", my voice was a little shakey still from the orgasm. "Let me make you feel good." "No sex", she replied. I responded by kissing her deeply.


I stroked her face and kissed the side of tiffany nunez in own personal black bookwormex doll neck. My hand wandered down her sides, under her pajama top and I started playing with her breasts. Her breathing quickened and she arched her back up, trying to push her tits closer to me.

I squeezed them down against her ribs as I roughly squeezed and rolled her nipples. We kept kissing as my hand slipped down from her breast, traced lightly over her stomach and slipped under the elastic of her shorts. She gasped as my fingers lightly traced the outside of her pussy, before I ran a finger up the length of her slit. She was very wet. Using her juice, I moistened a finger and dragged it slowly over her erect clit.

She shivered with pleasure as I began to tease and play with it. Every so often, I slipped my fingers back down her clit and slid them inside her, massaging the inside of her love tunnel, before coming out to play with her clit again. Within a few minutes, she was panting and thrusting her hips against my fingers and then her orgasm washed over her.

We kept up the kiss and she squealed and moaned into my mouth. The kiss became more gentle and less frenetic as her orgasm finished and she put her hands behind my neck, playing with my hair. I finally pulled away from her, smiling.

"That was great", she said at last. "Thank you for being so patient with me." "Can I ask you a favor?" I decided to push the boundaries a bit more. Nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that. "Of course" "Will you sleep naked with me? I want to feel your soft skin against my body. No sex, I promise." She considered for a moment, and then pulled off her top and slipped off her shorts.

She then turned her back on me and snuggled up against me. I whipped off my boxers and pulled her close and we fell asleep spooning. We woke up in each others arms. I rolled onto my back and she snuggled up against my side, her head on my shoulder.

Almost absent-mindedly, she began stroking my cock. She turned her face to look up at me and started slowly jerking me off. Using the arm that she was lying on, I started caressing her backside to encourage her and she picked up the pace. I lay back and luxuriated in the hand job and before too long I started cumming, shooting my load all over my stomach and chest.

Without a word, she half sat up and licked it off me, swallowing everything. It was so erotic, I rolled over, rolling her onto her back and shimmied down her body so that my face was level with her pussy. I gently pushed her legs up and apart by applying pressure to the back of her thighs and I started eating out her pussy enthusiastically. She was super horny, so it was no testament to my skill that she was very soon cumming all over my face.

After she came down from her orgasm, we made out for a bit and then we showered together, packed our bags and went downstairs. There was a grand, ranch house breakfast on the go when we got downstairs. Several professional chefs were cooking a bunch of fantastic smelling things and we sat down to a great meal before we found Sam's friend, Susan, and thanked her for a great slim teena gets screwed in a gangbang. After that, we headed home.

Sam snuggled up against me in the car and I put my leg on her thigh. She was wearing a short denim mini-skirt and a the tight red top from the day before. I slid my hand further up her thigh until it slipped under her skirt. To my delight, I discovered that she wasn't wearing any panties. "I discovered this morning that I forgot to bring a clean pair", she said by way of explanation, "so I decided to go commando." "I have to admit that I am very happily surprised", was my response as I started stroking her bare pussy.

She shivered and pressed more tightly against me. The next few miles were spent quietly with my stroking and teasing her, fingering her every now and then and then diddling her clit. Before long, she was cumming on the front seat of my car as we drove along the high-way. It was a great trip home. I stopped outside her apartment building and she invited me up, however, I wanted to get home, so I declined, after which she kissed my passionately in the car. In public.

It was a bit risky, but I enjoyed it all the more and I savored the memory of the kiss as I drove home. Allie was catching up on her marking when I got home. It looked like she hadn't got dressed yet, she was wearing her short dressing gown.

To my delight, she stood up from her work as I entered the house, walked up to me and kissed me deeply. "Honey, I'm home", I said breaking the kiss. "Did you miss me?" Instead of replying, she undid the belt of her dressing gown and let it fall open.

I saw that she was naked underneath it. "Does that mean you are planning on taking a break from work now?" "I need you inside me", she replied huskily. We made love right there on the floor, just inside the front door of the house, and I creamed her pussy with a huge load, probably, in no small part, due to the sexual tension I had experienced with Sam that morning.

Allie managed to finish her work, and I made dinner for us, and then we fucked again that evening. At work the next day, I decided to take Sam's conditioning up a notch, with the object of nailing her on the weekend. Racquetball is one of my favorite sports, and I am a member at a small racquetball club in town. It only has four courts and is seldom used early on weekend mornings.

Sam had mentioned before that she had played a little, so I was planning on getting her there under the pretense of playing a game, but using the situation to fuck her pert little pussy.

I set her conditioning to sets of me, positive feelings and images, sport, sex, and upskirt shots of pantyless women. I also spent the week trying to hang out with her as much as possible. There was definitely something going on. We had a couple of lunch time make out sessions in my office. On Tuesday afternoon, I offered to collect her from her flat and give her a lift to work, which she eagerly accepted.


On Wednesday morning, she buzzed me into the building. I went up to her apartment door, but before I could knock, she flung the door open, stepped up to me, threw her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately.

She broke the kiss, suddenly shy, but I took her hand and we walked, hand in hand to my car. When I dropped her off on Wednesday evening, we kissed outside her building in my car, again in public, and then she invited me inside for a coffee.

I declined, saying I had to get home, but thanked her for the invite. "Maybe next time. Hey, would you like to have a game of racquetball on Saturday morning, early, say 8 o'clock?".

"Yeah, sure, " she replied a little surprised. "I didn't know you played." "Not much, " I lied like a pool table hustler, "but I know you do, I it seems like a great way for us to spend some time together, and that is something I am very interested in doing." "Cool, yeah, it's a date then. Where will we play, at the gym? Shall I meet you there?" "Nope, I'll collect you at 7:45. It's a small club where I am a member." "Ok, " she smiled, "I'm looking forward to it then. See you tomorrow morning." She gave my hand a squeeze and left the car.

I almost had a pang of conscience again, but I am really too much of an asshole to let it actually bother me. I took her to and from work on Thursday and Friday. We made out vigorously in my car on both days sexy blonde natalia starr creams while dildo fucking I dropped her, but on Friday, I wanted to test the water, so to speak.

While we were making out in the car, in the parking lot of her building, I slid my hand down her side, along her grey business skirt on the outside of her hip, then thigh, then I applied gentle pressure on the inside of her knee.

Her knee moved with my hand, opening her legs. Sliding her skirt up a bit, I let me hand run gently up the inside of her thigh, before letting my fingers trace from the top of her inner thigh over the gusset of her panties. She didn't object or try and pull away. Her breathing got heavier and her kissing more passionate. My fingered traced up and down over the outside of her underwear. I could feel the heat emanating from her hidden folds as her panties became noticeably damp.

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While my index finger traced over her underwear covering her slit, my thumb slipped into the leg of her briefs and I felt her hot wet pussy as she pushed her crotch against my hand. My other hand was stroking the back of her neck, I removed it and used both hand to reach under her ass on the car seat and slide her panties off. I then slipped one finger inside her, while I diddled her clit with the other hand. I enjoyed the feeling of her clean-shaven pussy, which has alway been a fantasy of mine, but I had never been able to persuade Allie to do it.

Her pussy was slick with her juices and she was thrusting her hips against my hands and sighing and moaning into my mouth as I petted her sopping folds. It felt so naughty with us sucking each others tongues while I fingered her pussy in a public car park.

Before very long, I could feel anissa kate big tits maid service orgasm coming on. She began to make short squeaking noises and her legs started twitching involuntarily.

She came with a loud sigh, her stomach muscles cramping and her pelvis jerking against my hands. When she finished, I held her tightly, she panted raggedly against me for a while until she caught her breath. "Oh, wow" was all she said. "I need to go now," I said, looking into her eyes. "Will you do me a naughty favor?" "You bet, " she gasped. "When I pick you up tomorrow, you shouldn't wear any panties, and wear a skirt, it'll help you keep cool while you're playing, as well as being sexy." "Sure, that makes sense." She gave me a lingering kiss and then got out the car and headed for the building elevator.

I picked up her panties, that she had left in the car and dropped them in a trash can before heading home, a thrill of anticipation ran down my spine.

Allie was keen to spend the morning with me on Saturday, so I had to make up a bull-shit excuse about fixing something at work, then I left home early. It was just before 7:45 when I pulled up to Sam's building on Saturday morning. She was waiting for me in a tight, white sports vest and a short, pleated tennis skirt. She tried to open the door and get into the car, but I had kept the door locked. Opening the window I said, "Lift up your skirt". "Here?" she balked.

"Yes, here. There is nobody around." She lifted up her skirt and I took in the sight of her uncovered, smooth pussy under the skirt. I nodded in appreciation and let her into the car. "Pull up your skirt", I said as we pulled off. She immediately pulled it up, exposing her pussy. With one hand on the wheel, I dropped my other hand into her lap and started teasing her bare cunt.

She leaned her head back on the head rest and closed her eyes. We didn't speak while we drove, but, again, there was a real sexual tension between us. Her pussy was slick with her juices and my teasing fingers would elicit a gasp from her every now and then. The drive to the club took about 10 minutes, and I toyed with her for just about the whole journey. She was sopping wet by the time we arrived. Her face and neck were flushed and she was breathing heavily.

As soon as the car was parked, I jumped out and opened the door for her, snapping a picture of her bare pussy on my phone as she climbed out of the car and straightened her skirt. The club had a key-card door lock and I let us in with my membership card. The usual club smell of wintergreen, wood polish, rubber and the musty odor of old sweat greeted us as we entered. I took her to the first court, leading her through the small door in the back wall.

We both stretched a bit. She deliberately bent over for me, flashing her bare cunt before we warmed up by hitting the ball around a few times. "Let's make things interesting, " I said.

"The loser of each set has to take off a piece of clothing." "What if somebody else arrives?" "It's pretty unlikely, besides, that just makes it more exciting." She looked at me with a slight smirk. "Ok, you're on. I hope you are ready to be playing in the nude." Funny thing, as it turns, out, I am really good at racquetball. I took the first set easily. I must admit, though that it was awesome watching her tearing around the court in a skirt and no underwear.

"You hustled me, " she griped. "I didn't say I was bad, " I replied blandly, "and I can't help it that you assumed that I was. In any event, a dare's realblackexposed rane revere pov sexperience natural tits and hardcore dare".

She stuck her tongue out and me and then she took off her top, exposing a white sports bra and her flat belly. It was a sight worth drinking in, certainly for me in my, at this point, semi-aroused state. It was more of the same for the second set, as I thrashed her easily. She frowned at me, but removed her sports bra, exposing her small athletic tits. I was getting seriously distracted at this point and I was so busy watching them jiggle as she played that I almost lost the third set, but I recovered focus in time to beat her.

She took off her skirt and stood on the court naked apart from her shoes. Her firm ass flexed and clenched as she prepared to play. Again, I was reminded of how I had looked at her before I had started down the road of conditioning her. My judgment of her had been that she was not the most stunning of women, and actually kind of frumpy, but standing there in the buff on the court, I had to admit that her body was sexy as hell.

"What happens now?" She asked. "If you win a set, I'll still strip, but if I win, you will need to do a forfeit of my choosing." "Ok, let's go." Because I was focused again, I took the fourth set quickly. I walked over to her and kissed her. "The forfeit is that you have to let me lick your pussy." "That sounds like more than a reward than a forfeit", she said coyly. I dropped to my knees in front of her and started teasing her cunt with my tongue. She opened her legs a little and put her hands on my head, partly for balance and partly out of passionate arousal.

My tongue probed into her cleft and then slipped upwards to her erect clit causing her to gasp with pleasure. I alternated between flicking my tongue over her clit and sucking it sean lawless doggy fucking xianna hills young pussy my mouth. Soon she was panting from the erotic stimulation. Her arousal built up to a crescendo and she suddenly started bucking her hips against my face and probing tongue, throwing her head back and moaning loudly.

I muffed her through her orgasm and then stood up and held her. She was limp in my arms, and trembling slightly, but she tilter hear head up to mine and started kissing me tenderly. "Sam, I'm sorry, I don't care that I'm married. I don't care that I'm your boss. I want to fuck you hard and fill you with my cum, " I said to her huskily, breaking the kiss.

"Oh, yes, " she replied, completely aroused, "Do it. Fuck my busty blonde lesbians big dildo pussy licking fingering. Fill me up with your hot cum. I want to feel it inside me." I turned her around, placing her hands on the wall of the court, and then I dropped my shorts and jocks, and plunged my engorged cock straight into her pussy, feeling her wet heat immediately.

Her pussy was tight and hot and I loved it. She was making little whimpering sounds and thrusting back at me as I fucked her rhythmically. Her knees partly collapsed as she came again, but I caught her and just kept fucking her as a third orgasm took her and she moaned and shuddered in my arms. I could feel my own climax approaching and I thrust into her as deeply as I could, grinding against her cervix as I unloaded the contents of my balls into her womb.

Once my climax was over, I pulled her back against me, she turned her head towards me and we kissed with my cock still buried in her pussy. "I should have done that sooner", she said when we finally broke the kiss. "It felt so right. I also don't care that you're married, and I'm over the issue about work awkwardness, have been for a while. You don't need to commit anything to me. I don't need you to leave your wife. I will be happy if you just fuck me whenever you can.

Whenever you want to." We kissed deeply again. "My body, my ravina tantan ka seks story xxxxx is yours." I pulled her to me in a tight embrace and we kissed passionately, almost frenzied. "Let's go shower, " I suggested shakily, after my cock softened enough to slip out of her. We gathered our kit and went into the shower together. Turning on one of the showers, I adjusted the temperature until it was pleasantly warm.

"Do you think you can suck me hard again?" Her expression was strange, at first confused, changing to a gradual realization as if my question had been an idea of hers. She went down on her haunches in front of me and started licking and sucking my flaccid cock.

The sight of my cum dripping out of her open pussy and being washed away in the shower stream along with her enthusiastic blow job woke my cock up in short order, despite my recent orgasm. Pretty soon, I was hard and ready to go. I pulled her to her feet and we fucked again, standing up. I was holding her and she had one leg wrapped around my backside as I slid my cock in and out of her pussy. We kissed enthusiastically as we fucked. "Oh, yes, fuck my hot pussy", she cried, running her fingernails over my back.

"Please fill me with your cum!" She came again twice before I came in her for a second time and then she held me tightly until my dick slid out of her. We spoke very little after that. She wanted to keep close to me, in contact, holding hands or just touching me.

I dropped her back off at her apartment, and she invited me in. We fucked in her bed, after which, we both fell asleep in each others arms. About half an hour later, I woke with a start. She moaned in her sleep, but did not wake up.

Slipping out of bed, I got dressed and went home. Ironically, Allie was waiting for me to get home. She was super horny and looking for loving. It was an effort coaxing anything from my worn out dick, but I managed to get hard by talking her into masturbating for me and we fucked for a long time after that.

We also spent most of Sunday banging each other. I was exhausted by Monday, but I still managed to collect Sam from her apartment. She answered the door naked, and pulled me inside for some quick sex, before getting dressed. "I don't want you to wear underwear, anymore," I reminded her. "Your cum is going to drip out of me, " she replied.

"I know, " I said, "and you think that is very exciting and erotic, particularly the thrill that somebody might see it, which is why you are going to wear a short skirt." She immediate flushed with excitement and went and changed into a short skirt. As I followed her out of the apartment, I could see my cum running down the inside of her left leg. It was a hug turn-on for me. Once I got to work, being the unrepentant pervert that I am, I started to send her more images of me, positive, happy, loving images, sexy ladies fucked on turns by hard man meat on the couch pornstars hardcore with a lot of office porn, just to keep in the mood for our work banging sessions.

With my office have a lockable door and a disabled security camera, we spent a lot of time in "meetings" which always ended in her taking my cum in her pussy. It was amazing how much my sex life had transformed from a few weeks previously.

I had gone from something like a six month dry spell to fucking two different women and having sex at least once a day.

About two months after Sam and I had started fucking, I arrived at her apartment to collect her for work, as had become our ritual. She had buzzed me into the building and when I knocked on her door, she invited me inside, and led me to the couch. "I need to tell you something, " she said, "and I don't know how you are going to take it.

I'm pregnant, but I don't want you to flip out, it's ok. I am happy to raise the baby myself, I won't make trouble for you or your wife and I am not looking for child support." I was stunned, "But surely you're on the pill, " I started. "Well, no", she said, "I get hectic side-effects from the pill, and it's been a while since I have a boyfriend", she busty lena rims her stepsis sweet ass at me lovingly, "before you, that is.

So, anyway, I wasn't on the pill and so." She trailed off because I had a stupid grin on my face. "Babe, I am so proud of you, and so happy that you're going to have my baby. I will take care of you, so don't worry. It might take a little while to get things sorted out. I am not going to be leaving Allie, but I want you to come and live with us, also as my wife, although, obviously not formally." She took my hands in hers, tears welling in her eyes.

"Oh, I would really like that, but I can't imagine that your wife will be happy about it." "I'll see to it that she invites you personally into out family." I kissed her tenderly, and we ended up stripping down and fucking on the couch, then I took her to work, with my cum leaking out of her and running down her legs, as usual.

Jumping back to the day of my retrenchment, I stopped by Sam's office as I was leaving the building. She was in her second trimester and her baby bump was visible under the loose maternity dress she wore. "Hiya, I have been laid off, " I said, walking in and sitting down on the spare seat in her office.

The smile that had appeared on her face as I walked in was replaced by a horrified, shocked expression. "Oh, no! Tim, I'm so sorry, that's horrible." "Don't worry, " I replied with a smile. "I was expecting it and things have worked out really well for me.

And don't worry about us. I will be going to sort things out now. I expect you will japanese brother sister incest creampie hentai erwisht able to move in in the next few weeks or so. I have also negotiated for you to keep your job." My words did nothing to stop the tears appearing in her eyes. "But I won't see you, " she wailed. "Not as frequently, but I'm sure I will be able to pop by your place most days, and you will be moving in with us soon, I promise." "Ok, she sniffed, I'm just so used to seeing you all the time, but I'll be patient.

Please don't leave me waiting too long." "Don't worry, I won't." With that, I kissed her on the forehead and then walked out of the building for the last time. As it turned out, it was over two months before she moved in, but that's another story.