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Hot lasbian girl xxnx mp4
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Dancing, jumping up and down, she bent down to swish mom and son japan movies hair in circles. Home alone and feeling free that Saturday afternoon, Saruh practiced her ritual of listening to House music loud in the living room, a space in the house where as long as she can remember was off limits for fun; her mothers shrine, possibly the only part of the house that never saw dirt but felt the cleaning touches of a woman daily.

Leaning over an oversized couch seeking a thrill, Saruh turned up the volume, leaping back onto the plush carpeted floor to lift her skirt high up for extra leg movement she began to grind onto the air sideways, doing some sort of robotic movement while she pulled her shirt up twisting and turning her abs in various ways.

The sexual movement turned her on immeasurably. She ran her hand up her young firm thighs onto her uncovered crotch and up onto her stomach, tracing her finger up under her taut heavy breasts while she leaned backwards with her eyes closed.

For a sixteen year old she had the body of a classic painted angel. She had a nice body, not skinny and not overweight. With heavy C-cup breasts, long legs accompanying her 5'6" frame of soft tautness, Saruh was a mixed race eye candy for those who love curves with their little incest mind candy.

Short brown hair, sharp brown eyes and pouty lips plastered on her face made her pleasant to the eyes. Saruh looked up at the time on her ihome after a quick break to cool down. 3:58 p.m, time for daddy to be home.

She quickly pulled her little American eagle pink shirt over her tight fitting red bra and got on her knees and hands as soon as she heard the front door close. Pulling her skirt over her ass, she spread her thighs far apart and started moving her ass up and down, a dance she leaned a few hours earlier from a raunchy music video. She made herself not think and just danced as dirty as she could, pleasuring her muscles with every movement.

She heard the faint sound of keys drop in the hall leading into the living room but she pretended not to have heard, with the music so loud and what not. She felt invincible in her mind thinking that it was possibly a good two minutes since the keys dropped. The music went off and the last thing she heard in the silenced air was her deep huff of a moan as she turned seductively to face whose he thought was her father. Both her parents stood a few feet from her exposed, her father trying not to look while her mother, hands crossed and a hand over her open mouth stared at her daughter in shock and disgust not uttering a word.

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She slowly stood up covering her body. "Is this what you do when we leave you for a few hours!? Dancing around my living room like a cheap BET whore!? Look at my carpet!? What… you're just going to stand there!? Get fucking lost!" Her mother threw her purse at her and she ran off upstairs in a mock shock. She stopped halfway up and heard her fathers mumbling voice.

Probably trying to ask her why she threw things at her daughter. Not even a second passed and they were in a building argument. Her mother grabbed her keys and yelled about going to buy something, slamming the front door as mandy bright milf fucked by bf and stranger tripped out the door.

"Urgh… finally," she sighed walking back down to the kitchen. He sat in his home office and stared at the work before him, mind not at bay. The thoughts racing through his mind amazed him. Nothing in his world would've ever prepared him for this. Saruh, touching her body onto the carpet, the way his baby girl looked made his cock hard and his mind rambl.

Why was he thinking about this? He didn't know. And what was she doing upstairs? He ran his hands through his hair, clearing his voice as if to stop the thoughts and continue on a different path of thought.

Leaning back onto the chair he looked up on a book shelf and saw a picture of his young step-daughter, Saruh, beautiful as ever glowing in the light of day with her huge brown eyes hidden to shade the brightness of the sun. The only thing that could've messed the happy thoughts was the hard member in his pants and Saruh laying in the sun outside.

Two slow hours had passed and the heat of day was simmered down to perfection and Saruh lay on a bench in the back yard flipping through magazines, partially wet from a previous swim. She lay on her soft teenage back, knees up and spread slightly as she held an old Vogue magazine high in the air to block the sun as she religiously read it, arching her back up.

Filled with excitement she squirmed with exciting squeals as she flipped every page with her ipod in tow. He couldn't help but stare. Led by the evil thoughts in his swim trunks he thought of joining her for a swim but all he could do now was look out into the backyard, replaying what he had seen with his wife earlier.

He carefully adjusted his junk and pulled his towel up front and marched right to the pool, avoiding any chance to glance over but couldn't help noticing her tight bikini bottoms sunk into her pussy ever so sweetly creating the plumpest young camel toe.

He stopped dead in his tracks and stared. Twenty minutes ago he'd just had the most satisfying cum session that he could recall, now he's seeing something he's had fetishes over. He cussed under his breath and threw his towel down, diving into the cool and crisp water. She couldn't help but put down the magazine as water splashed onto her face and her ipod.

"What the fuck!?" She sprung up jumping canon-ball into the water right on top of her father in fits of giggles as she pummeled down. In a slight shock he sunk down near the floor, looking up and being met by the joining of her two young feet.

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He couldn't help but laugh under water, pushing her up with him as he floated up. As soon as he popped his head out of the water his gaze was met by two bronzed full breasts peaking out of the cool blue water, glowing, bouncing heavy and seemingly swaying to his name.

Saruh pulled her top onto her breasts as she finally composed herself in slight embarrassment and couldn't help but laugh at the look on his face. "Don't stare too much, daddy," she said in a-matter-of-factly, laughing and springing towards him to wrap her hands around his shoulders. He could only move forward, keeping his mind on his hips, slowing his urge to make those breasts bounce unreasonably hard.

"they're big ey?" She added winking. "Yes but … Saruh! Damnit you need a new swimsuit." He moved a little, agitated. "No, mines fun, it's your fault it came off!" She said splashing water onto his face. "You don't want your mother seeing something like that." He splashed her back in a little fit of anger. "What do I care," she let go nerdy curvy milf in for a plug ride swam a few inches away, "she's just fuckin' jealous." He just stared as she dove under water, her butt cheeks jiggling, glistening with water, bikini wedged and all disappearing under the cool blue.

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Chris couldn't help but groan and follow, wrapping his hands lightly around her smooth thighs under the water, sliding his fingers on her, down her ass-crack to her plump pussy slit as she glided around him in a tantric way, swaying the oxygen from his mind in sultry movements. Everything that was female on her body jiggled in the created waves and his mind was spent. He couldn't take his mind off what he was tempted to do. His cock was hard and his mind was going blank, so slowly without causing a shock to her so enjoyed state of teasing; he rose up from under the water and slowly left the pool filled with horny guilt and caveman intentions.

She came up for air and watched him leave the pool, absent mindedly smiling at her as he grabbed his towel furiously and fast paced himself up the back stairs disappearing into the house with a serious frown. Saruh just blinked in confusion.

She blew it, or is he scared? She thought of things over and decided he must be scared. "Damn pussy." she mumbled and swam on her back floating off into space.

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Chris's trunks fell as soon as he slammed his bathroom door, wrapping his fist around his cock, straining to let out every single thought he had brewing in his balls. His mind drifted off to the bronze breasts floating outside, he wanted to suck and slap them. His baby girl, the little naughty woman outside, he wanted to fuck her. Fuck her and fill her with his cum.

losing track of time as he enjoyed every electric jolt that flew around his body as the menacing dirty thoughts grabbed hold of his whole being. He wanted to sink his hard cock into her selfishly, his baby, his daughter, his. To plunge her small body and ravish her for what it would be worth. Rape her senseless, take her virginity and make her his little bitch.

He groaned beating his meat to oblivion not believing his mind. 6'7" fairly tanned in most areas yet still pale by standards, he stood mightily with a head full of brown shiny hair, now a shambled mess as he leaned his head back in a deep groan as spurts of his cum sprayed the air landing on his broad chest. "Saruh," he breathed sliding down the wall with his back as he tried catching his breathe. "Honey!? Are you in there?" His wife knocked on the door slightly, trotting away distracted.

He quickly wiped everything with his wet trunks and put them on, splashing water on his dry face, wiping it off as if to look as he hadn't been swimming too recently.

"Yes dear?" He walked out in a relaxed manner. "Oh, I was wondering if Saruh even came out of blonde and brunette babes nasty way sex room since I left." She stared of him in mock disgust, smiling as she watched his body disappear into his shorts. "Uhm," he took a fast glance into the backyard. No trace of any previous activity or Saruh, he shook his head and passed by his wife slowly. "Do you mind if I joined you?" She breathed lightly, as if covering her stern voice from her previous bitching.

She slid her hands up his solid back and onto his manly shoulders, drawing her body onto him. He closed his eyes in a second of thought. Maybe he could just let out his now building frustrations of Saruh with her.

He opened his eyes at the shock of his thoughts. He felt uneasy and tried to only think of her mother as he turned around to kiss her and invite her for a swim.

She didn't have Saruhs body, yet his wife sometimes dressed as if she did. Chris never did mind, she was keeping herself young in her own eyes, and he could only respect the woman he loves and avoid any taunts that came that way. She was a bit more preserved and conservative than he or his daughter.

Very republican in bed is what he referred her ways as. Her stern ways and commanding nature were things he easily could ignore and enjoy the funny sarcastic woman he married. She walked toward to water in a brown one piece suit, hugging her every curve and crease in the most feminine way.

If he could he would love to put her on canvas. He groaned in the treasures he had fucked porn emrika girl seex hot given; two women with amazing femininity. She walked into the cold water smoothly, swimming towards him and wrapping her hands around his waist. He breathed slowly, controlling his fast paced mind.

She loved to take things slow but he didn't see that happening. Her hands slid his trunks down and her fingers traced his thighs, in and out they went from his trunks. He grabbed her hands and pinned them firmly behind her swiftly, looking at her dead in the eyes as he pushed his trunks down, freeing his hard cock and plastering it onto her stomach hard. "Chris! Take it easy, I'm just trying to relax and have fun." She wiggled and he pressed her firmly against the edge of the pool.

She was never a big fun of his random caveman rough arousals, preferring him romantic if not gentle. "I'm not." He growled pulling her swimsuit bottom sideways by her leg not even bothering to pull them completely off he grabbed her thighs apart, pressing himself between her and sliding her up the wall so she was face to face with him. She was angry, pushing him away from her but that just fueled him on. Chris's arousal was beyond recognition; he pushed his hard cock on her pussy, threatening to slam it inside her as hard as he could.

"Chris, please just fucking stop. I didn't want this!" She wailed as he pushed his head into her, grabbing her ass cheeks apart as he pulled her onto his cock and pushed into her as hard as he could. Her eyes couldn't focus well enough, she had to keep watching.

Saruh threw her towel down and sat near the kitchen bench, mouth open and heart pounding. He was fucking her. Right inside the pool and she was able to watch. Saruh moaned unwillingly every time Chris pushed into her mother. How fucking lucky was she to finally catch him doing what she wanted done to her. His mind was gone.

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Filled and driven older amateur kim brosley sucks amp bounces on his hard dick lust he ripped her bikini top down, biting a breast into his mouth as he greedily sucked on her nipple.

His wife was bitching and screaming at him but wasn't able to hide the moans that escaped every time he slammed his fat cock inside her. Pulling her head back by her hair he growled at her to stop bitching, biting her neck hard and rubbing her clit, quickly, almost in an animalistic drive he fucked her, feeling her breasts rub against him in hard friction as the water around them splashed uncontrollably only unheard because of the moans drifting in their backyard.

She complied for now. He made the mistake to look up and he saw Saruh. Saruh couldn't take it and ran to the back yard, sitting on a bench behind a few flower pots, she watched, not able to resist rubbing herself over her swimsuit. She stared so hard and her eyes eventually met his. She ghasped, paused and raised a finger to her lips in a hush. Chris groaned heavy feeling as if his nuts might explode once he saw Saruh and where her hand free was.

He ground his teeth together and picked up his already fast pace, fucking his wife senselessly. Saruh got on her knees on the grass and pushed her bikini top apart making her big breasts bounce out, squished together by the material. Their ample full look caused a twitch from his part but nothing like when Saruh parted her legs, leaned back onto her elbows and slid her finger into her bikini, moaning softly as she caught her hand up with his pace.

She mouthed words that drove his groin insane just imagining what she was saying. Grinding onto her hands, touching what she could and arching her body in the most seductive ways. He couldn't believe his lustrous eyes but that was it.

That little slut would be his. He felt a hard kick into his side and his whole body stiffened in cramping pain and pleasure as he let out more than he could possibly cum, over and over until he couldn't hold himself up anymore. He groaned loudly into his wife's ear as he let her go, slowly sinking down into the water.

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