Sister force brother in sex

Sister force brother in sex
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It was a Saturday in May, I usually left base on Friday night and spent the weekend at home with my parents and my old school mates.


However, this weekend I decided to stay on base and study as I was falling a bit behind and my 3 roommates (we were 4 to a room) had gone home to Sydney for the weekend so I had a quiet space to study with no distractions. At about 7pm I had had enough of study and I had skipped the evening meal at the mess so I decided to have a shower and then go over to the club and have something eat and a beer or two and then come back to it.

Like lots of things back in those days maintenance was poor and slow and the light bulbs in the bathroom had been blown for about a week. It didn't really matter most of the time as there were frosted over windows high up in the room that let daylight in so morning and straight after work there was enough light to see to shower and shave.

The shower room had a row of 6 showers one side of the room ashley and amber play strip hi lo 6 basins with mirrors above on the other with a bench in the middle to sit on or to put your clothes on while you got dry. The showers had wall but no doors so if was light you could see each other in the mirrors across the room and in the middle at the bench. However tonight it was late so knowing I was just going to have a quick shower I thought I could easily do it in the dark.

The windows up the top let some light in from the street lights so it wasn't totally dark but it was hard to see. My plan was to just shower, dry a bit quickly and then go back to my room with just a towel around me to dry off properly. I had just turned on the water and was waiting for the hot to come through when I heard the door open and a guy came in and asked if I knew where the light switch was, I laughed and told him the bulbs had blown and he might want to wait until morning.

He said if I were okay in the dark he would try it too. I didn't recognise his voice but that wasn't strange as there were about 80 guys in the living quarters and we didn't all study the same subjects. I had the water cfnm nasty real bitch gets a cumshot now and started to shower.

He went into the shower next to me and started to talk. He said he had only arrived on base that morning. I asked where he had come from and he said Adelaide. I asked him why he didn't wait until Monday morning to arrive and he said he was only 17 and didn't have a licence or car so he to follow the travel plans they made for him and that had him arrive today.

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I said okay that made sense but added that must suck having to arrive on a new base on a weekend with no one around. He agreed but wasn't much he could do about it.


It was dark and I wanted to get out of the shower but he kept talking so I listened but eventually I turned off the water and got out. Almost straight away he turned off his shower too and got out.

Being dark I didn't want to trip so I just sat down on the bench and started to dry my hair. I could just see his shape in the dark but not his face or anything.

He said it really is dark and I agreed. Then he sat down next to me on the bench. As he eve hewson artist robin hood down his leg touched mine so I moved mine away.

Then I felt his leg against mine again and my body started to tingle so I didn't move my leg to see if was just an accident or if he did it deliberately. He then said sorry I didn't mean to sit so close, I said that's okay it's dark and I didn't mind. I then felt his hand on my leg, at first I jumped out of surprise and he pulled it away really quickly but it felt really good so I stayed quiet and didn't move.

A few seconds later he put his hand back on my leg and started to rub my leg moving up to my cock. I was so shocked in one sense but in another I was so horny, my cock got hard in seconds. Then I heard him ask did I like it and was it safe in here to fool around a bit.

I was almost speechless, this was my first sex encounter and I was petrified to talk. I didn't know if I should say yes it's okay to mess around in here or should we go back to my room as I didn't want this to stop and I didn't want to scare him off.

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I guess horniness won out and I said it's dark in here it should be okay and no one else is around. He said okay and he rubbed his hand up my back and leant over and put his hot mouth over my cock, I thought I was going to cum straight then and there as his lips were massaging the end of my cock as he slid his mouth all the way down to my balls.

I was dizzy with emotion I don't know if it was I had just lost my virginity, or I was scared of being caught or ava addams fucked sleazy guy was just this really hot mouth over my cock. All I knew for sure was I just didn't want it to stop. Regaining some sense of what was happening I thought I had better respond to him so I started to rub my hand through his hair with one hand and with the other hand I felt out for his cock.

The whole sensation just got hotter and when I felt his cock it was hard and wet at the end. I stroked it in the same motion he was moving his head on my cock and he started to respond moving his hips and moaning. The noise got me worried that someone could hear so I said shhhh maybe we had better go back to a room. He took his mouth off my cock and said he would be quiet so I said okay. He stopped sucking my cock and started kissing and biting my neck. It felt electric as he bit me and I stroked his cock harder but I started to worry about marks on my neck so I moved my head away and went down to suck his cock.

I had never sucked a cock and in fact thought I never would but here I was caught up in sex so hot I couldn't stop. The taste was strange but not foul so I just slurped on his cock trying to do what he had done to me with his lips. He put his hand around me and started to stroke my cock as I had done to him. After only a few seconds he started moaning again and said he was about to cum and I felt I filthy teen slut double penetrated and facial cumshot too so I just kept sucking and I felt his cock swell up in my mouth and them he shuddered and cum shot into my mouth.

He stopped pulling me and relaxed I guess recovering from the cum. Then he said Ill finish you off too now and he went back on my cock sucking it like a mad man.

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Before long I had lost my mind, I think and I was moaning and shouting and then I let go a load of cum like never before. I felt totally drained as my cock erupted, I was panting and jerking as I slowly came down of the high. It was the biggest cum sensation I had and and is still the most memorable to this day. We sat there in the dark for a few minutes and he said we had probably have another shower so we both got up and quickly showered again.

After the shower we dried and went back to our rooms. As we parted I said let's meet at the club later and he said ok. It was only after I got back to my room that I realised I had no real idea what he looked like, all I knew was what he felt like and his rough silhouette.

I did know his voice so hopefully I could pick him on that. I went over to the club and started talking with some mates, playing pool and having a few beers. I was watching who came in to see if there was someone new I hadn't seen before and was obviously only 17 but I didn't see anyone. The bar was about to shut at 10pm so I finished my drink and headed back to my room. As I walked past the bathroom I heard a voice say are you having another shower?

I turned around and there was the young guy. He had a track suit on and was drinking a can of beer. I said no but you can come to my room and we can talk or something. It turns out he had come into the bar and I must have been at the toilet as I didn't see him so he bought some cans and went back to wait for me.

We were both a bit drunk but we ended up back in my room pornd sex stories pani chootna full story this time in my bed where we messed around until about 1am both cumming another 2 times.

The next day when I went to the bathroom to shave and get cleaned up I noticed all the marks on my neck but luckily they were low enough down to put a shirt collar over to cover up.

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The sight of them made me horny though. Well that is the short story of me losing my virginity and it was actually easy to write as I remember it like it were yesterday!