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Lustful night party callie calypso natalie lust 508 tube porn
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ANCHORAGE: I am nineteen years old and getting an early discharge from the U.S.A.F. in Anchorage Alaska. It is part of an agreement between me, the Alaska Command Commander and his friend the Manager of a brand new Penny's store in Anchorage. A month ago, I happened to be at the on-base skiing facility, sexy brunette woman dp by hard man meats in the bedroom two young girls of about fourteen and twelve were struggling on the slope as I was skiing down it.

I stopped and helped them to get straightened out with their skis and showed them a basic snowplow maneuver and how to fall if nothing else is working out. They were very grateful and seemed to have things in order, so I moved down to the lodge to have a hot cup of cocoa. I was then joined by a well-dressed gentleman, who asked if he could sit with me.

I looked around and saw many open seats available, but since I had been taught at least minimum standards of politeness, I rose and welcomed him to join me. He asked about my drink, I informed him as to what it was. With this, he nodded.

"I saw what you did for those two girls on the slope. Very kind of you." "Oh, it was nothing. They were having some difficulties, but with a bit of help from me, they got their act together.

Cute girls." "Well, I would like to thank you for that, since those were my daughters that you helped." "I'm sorry, sir.


I meant no impropriety in my remarks." "No, offense taken young man." And with that he gave me his business card and told me to contact him if I wanted a job in his store.

Then he moved to join his two daughters now seated at another table across the room. I rose to leave with no notice taken by any of the three of them and moved on to report for evening duty. At the time, the U.S.A.F. was wondering what to do with me. I had mild emotional problems which I was working on and progressing in controlling, but they were still causing mild disruptions among my fellow airmen and I had about a year and a half of duty left.

So the Penny's manager, Mr. John Blacken and the colonel got together and worked out the following. I would be transferred to the U.S.A.F. Reserve with a promotion to Staff Sergeant, I would serve at my current duty station one weekend a month for the next sixteen months, I would go to work for Penny's and I would continue to 'grow-up.' I signed on to the agreement gladly.

When I reported for work the first day at the store, I was assigned to the stockroom to start. After only about four hours of paperwork and discussions of company policies and procedures, I was put to work. I found it instantly to be interesting work for me. To check in truck loads and then have them dispersed to the proper departments, or to the Fairbanks store was important and well within my immediate capabilities. I liked the fellow workers right away, too.

That weekend, I was invited to join the manger's family for Sunday dinner, after their attending church. I was glad to go, since I knew no one in the whole state of Alaska, except for my former fellow airmen. He and his wife were very gracious to me, but the girls, their only children were somewhat aloof and reticent around me.

It didn't seem that their father was very pleased about that, either. Their attitude and behavior bordered on rude, but didn't quite make it full bloom.

But, I pretended no to notice, and had a fine time with the parents. I could tell that they were very taken with me. After six months, I was moved to the sales floor as I had been there long enough to be quite familiar with their products. I was first assigned to men's wear and had to wear a business suit to work. I guess I looked pretty good in it, because I now at the age of twenty was getting a lot of attention from my female customers. I was doing no dating at the present, just hanging out at the local roller rink, but taking a much lower profile there than before when I got into trouble with some sailors who took umbrage at my success with the young ladies.

I contained myself to one to skate with and they didn't even seem brunette bbw plumper takes a big cock recognize me out of my airman's uniform. I also started summer classes at Alaska University (Anchorage) chloe carter is a groupie willing to do anything pornstars hardcore start my educational way.

Since, I wasn't taking much of a load at the time, the G.I. Bill stayed latent for me. I had a cousin of my Dad who lived in the area and he put me up in a spare bedroom for as long as I wanted to stay. This also impressed the manager, John and his wife. I think that they would have insisted I stay with them, while I pursued my education, except for the presence of their two young daughters.

The girl that I was skating with at the rink, was Native-American and a dear soul. Because of tribal pressure, she would never marry me she made clear. But, she with a wide smile assured me that I would do until a proper young man of the tribe came forward to claim her hand.

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She was very lovely and so nice and proper in public that even John welcomed her to come to their house on some of the Sundays. This appeared to be of some irritation to the daughters. Nina, the native girl, wanted to up the ante between us, but we had no place to play.

I was living with relatives, you know. And at my current income level, I could not afford a motel or hotel room for the two of us to play in. So, to solve that problem, we went to the drive-in movie theater, that only operated in the winter because of daylight issues. It was so cold on movie nights that we had to have heaters in the cars along with the speaker. So, no one would be bothering us no matter what went on in the car. Nina was very honest and forthcoming about what she liked and what she would share with me.

She particularly liked oral on her pussy, because it felt so good to her and the guys on the reservation thought themselves above that service to a woman. So, I made sure that she got plenty of that from me. So, I in turn was allowed most anything that I wanted including anal. After a couple of times sharing these things with her, I asked her, "Are you sure you don't want to marry me?" "I certainly would if I could, was her reply.

But, with the way my family and tribe is, it just isn't possible. But, we can have a lot of fun in the meantime, can't we?" "For sure!" was my response to that thought. Right after that brief discussion, I kneeled down in the floor space of the back seat, while she lowered her panties under her skirt and I went to work on her favorite thing.

She was supposed to be monitoring the activity around the car, but missed the approach of a young woman security monitor. When she saw what was going on in the car, she tapped the window, but when she saw my face and Nina's and the expression on Nina's face, she laughed and mouthed to me to 'Carry on!" And then she left us alone.

Nina got very hot this time, with her girlish cum leaking very heavy out of her seventeen year old pussy. I was trying to lick it up as quickly as possible, but having some difficulty in that. So she motioned for me to come up onto the seat with my head facing up and she promptly lowered her pussy to my face and continued to empty herself into my appreciative mouth.

She was getting to see the movie between gasps and moans, but I was seeing nothing but a lit up pussy and a gaping open vaginal entrance. I didn't care at all. With her dynamic climax over, she had me move up some more and took my dick up into her mouth to fully activate it.

When that was succeeded, she moved over to sit down on it and to plunge it latina got fucked hardly as option to usual consequences into her lower body.

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She whispered to me, that she wished that this would be allowed to produce a baby for us. But, that it was not possible because of the birth control that she was on. She remarked that if I 'accidently' got her pregnant, that the tribe would step aside reluctantly to let us marry without any serious repercussions to her. But, sadly that was not to be.

What was though was that I powered up my cum to her insides and we held each other closely for horny years old girl getting cum in mouth rest of the movie. John never held it against me that I was semi-dating Nina. He thought that she was cute too, and considered her as a 'fill-in' until I found the right gal to have for the rest of my life.

He and his wife were hoping that one of their daughters would be that one, since I had finished my first two years of a Business degree and had been made Sales Manager of the store. They felt that I had a bright future with the store, and my income was coming up to the threshold of my being able to live on my own. My father's cousin wouldn't hear of it, though, until I graduated from college. He felt that I being there was a constant encouragement for me to finish what I had started, and a very good lesson to his own children to pursue their futures aggressively, too.

One of their daughters, of the age of eighteen was actually very sweet on me, but I didn't want to show disrespect to this fine family that had helped me so far by pursuing their daughter, when I didn't know what their attitude would be about it.

Little did I know that one of the reasons for me still being there was just this issue. Since the girl was close enough to be of a similar background but far enough in relationship to be eligible to marry me that is exactly what they desired.

And they were preparing to do some maneuvering to accomplish that goal for her. John's family had the same idea, but were unsure of which daughter to favor to be aimed (actually pushed) towards me.

And I, of course, was totally oblivious to all of this and having a great time with my little native friend that I wished in all of the world that I could marry. Things came to a head about a year later. I was now done with my third year of college, and had been promoted to Assistant manager of the Anchorage Store. Pretty good for only four years with the company.

I was getting some advance placement in my degree with credit for my knowledge and experience on the job. And everyone on the job was on good terms with me.

My Air Force obligation was done, but I re-upped in the reserves and now was in line to be a Reserve officer upon my college graduation. In the meantime, I was now a Master Sergeant in the reserves. Nina and I were still dating officially now.

But, she was gone on some kind of a two week native sabbatical important to her place in the tribe, so I was alone. Alone and vulnerable to the chaos that was coming my way. When I got home from work on Wednesday evening, I had already finished my college work on my lunch time at work and had no classes to attend that night.

So, I anticipated watching a little T.V. news, writing a couple of letters and getting to bed early for a change. As I drove up to the house of my Dad's cousin, I noticed that both the minivan and the pickup truck were missing.

The thought went through my head, "It is the middle of December, they might just be out Xmas Shopping, since the mall is open very late, and all of them had school or a job to fill their day." I was also feeling a bit 'needy,' since Nina had been gone for almost two weeks then. And I wasn't much into self-gratification. So, as I opened and entered the front door, I could smell dinner cooking in the kitchen and got a brief glance at Melba, the eighteen year old daughter and she was wearing as far as I could see the sexiest costume that I had ever seen on her or any other girl that I had known.

Sexy nomi blew a guy fast and hard involved a very short skirt, with apparent bright blue panties, a matching bustier, with red showing from underneath of a bra, and nothing else.

I couldn't see her makeup from this angle. I said to myself, 'Huuuuuh," and sat down to watch the T.V. I expected that if the dinner was for me, she would either bring it to me or invite me into the kitchen. And I expected that she was rushing through the house to change into something more presentable to christy and zoey enjoy squirting on sofa young man that she had no romantic connection with.

About fifteen minutes into the news, I saw her shadow come up behind me and turned to greet her. She had my dinner on a plate all ready for me and a light ale to be served with it. She also had only her panties and bra on, barely. I looked up at her and she leaned down to give me a kiss right on my lips.

I smiled appreciatively to her, but was just too stunned to talk. She patted my shoulder and then took her place sitting right next to me as I enjoyed a very well prepared meal in her presence. After finishing eating of it, and turning to thank her for such a fine meal, she presented herself as now totally nude and took me into her arms eagerly for I wasn't sure of what. But, she removed any doubt of that when she murmured, "They won't be back for another two hours." That took me by the balls, for sure.

She then put my hands on her breasts, very shapely and firm by the way, and began to undress me right in the living room. When I looked up to her in question, she just smiled and continued her work on me. When she had my pants and shorts off, she lowered herself to the floor on her knees and proceeded to give me a masterful blow job.

As this was progressing, I was moved to reach under her and massage her titties, which she seemed to like very much. When I was partially elevated, she moved up on to the couch and with her feet on either side of me placed her steaming pussy right on my lips. Being the gentleman that I am, I proceeded to give it the attentions that it was so eagerly desiring.

With this she began moaning and murmuring her love for me and how much she wanted me for her lover and husband for life. I started at that, but she held my head up to her pussy and clit to get her climax, which came soon after.

Then she reached down while again on the carpet and lifted me up so that she could lay down on her back on the sofa. She then laid down and spread her pretty legs and invited me to 'do your duty, big guy.' I got the message, but right at that time, I heard the unmistakable sounds of a minivan and truck pulling in. She yelled out, "Oh shit!

And ran off to leave me to get quickly dressed, which I did, because only my lower half was nude, and to face the family. They came in and saw me on the sofa nibbling at the remains of my dinner, and greeted me, like they knew what had been planned for me. I just smiled like I didn't know what was supposed to have happened, and picked up my plate, delivered it to the dishwasher in the kitchen and then made my way up to my bedroom.

That night I slept very little, and so in the middle of the night, I packed all of my transportable possessions and loaded up my SUV, and drove off into the night.


I did leave hand written messages thanking the family for putting up with me for so long and to Melba for such a wonderful dinner. I had saved up some money over the previous years and so found a home in a quiet part of town and settled in to it, to eventually buy it. The family never said a word about this, and I was always welcome to come to dinner with them, and frequently did to enjoy their wonderful cooking.

Melba never looked me in the eyes again, though. And I never did say where my new house was to them, just gave them a post office box number to forward any late arriving mail for me. Just over a week later, I suffered/enjoyed another lover's ambush. This time by Alicia. I was invited to John's house for dinner on a Sunday night and arrived to find no one home except for the older daughter of the two that I had helped on the slopes years before.

She was now nineteen and a beauty. And evidently under heavy fire from her folks to put out a full-court press to try to land me. She had never seemed so very impressed with me as a possible beau or even as a friend. The thanks that I got on the slope from her was among the few words that she had ever shared with me. I began to wonder if she was lesbian, though I had no qualms about that.

Several of my best employees were of that persuasion and not above giving me a hug or kiss at times, either. Just in a sisterly fashion, though.

But, I refused to ever date anyone from work anyway. But, I had arrived some time before dinner, which I could smell still cooking in the kitchen with evidently her alone to watch over it. She advised me that her attractive model exposes massive ass and gets butthole screwed would be back home in an hour or two, so that I should make myself comfortable. That was about twice as many words as she had ever shared with me in all the time that I had known her.

After a bit, she asked if I would like to come upstairs and view her latest effort at painting. I said, "Sure,' since I had seen some of her work and it was very good, indeed. When we got to her room, she closed the door behind us and I was sort of unnerved by that, but not enough to make a run for it.

The idea of maybe fucking John's daughter grown up or not, gave me the willies. Not because she was unfuckable, but because of his possible response to it. He was still my superior, you see. Well, she let there be no confusion about what was intended here, she unzipped a couple of zippers and undid a velcro closure and she was naked before my eyes and a beautiful nude, too.

She then moved up to me and leaned up to kiss me, without a lot of enthusiasm, but rather effectively anyway. As she was doing this, she moved my hands up to her rather small but delightful breasts.

And with that, my sensual motor took over, I had her down on the bed with my mouth on her pussy and my middle finger up her vagina, before she could register what was going on. But, her body knew and it was gloriously responding to my treatment with shakes, shimmies and copious amounts of young woman cum. She seemed very surprised at her reactions to this. Probably never been actively sexed by a male before. She signaled me to reverse myself in to the 69 position, and then she loosed my male member from my clothing and began to suckle and kiss on it.

From the reactions aunty sex with old man I noticed from the other end I figured that she was enjoying this too. And then with a bit of passion and a lot of urgency, she lifted me up off of her and laid back for me to do the 'dirty' as some young people call it. But, she whispered, "Only up my ass, please!" So from the missionary position, I elevated her behind and worked myself right up into her ass.

It wasn't hard to do, either. I then gently, but soon with more increasing power at her bequest began to pound up into her. She was really getting into this now and soon to her total surprise, she mounted an extravagant climax with squirting cum shooting out all over my tummy.

As she was still up in this, she let out, "Dad said that I would……" and then the statement ended. She then reached up to pull me down and hugged me to her body until it hurt me. Then she whispered into my ear, "Thank you, James! I never knew that being with a man could be this much fun or moving. I like you very much and always step mother fuking step son. And Dad so very much wants one of us, his daughters to marry you because he admires you so much and wants the best for his girls.

But, James, it isn't going to happen. I love my friend Rosie so much. So, let's pretend that this didn't happen when my parents get home. And I think that I would like to repeat this some more in the future, maybe with Rosie with us, too. You are just too cool, James!" So, we did so, and much to her parents consternation. We saw each other once in awhile and have continued to do so right up to this day many years later.

She is one of my best friends and a wonderful social date when the occasion mandates one. When Nina got back she had tough news for me. She had met a young native from the State of Washington and sparks had flown and they were tentatively set up to marry in a year if nothing got in the way of it.

She could see the sorrow in my eyes and so took me immediately to bed and fucked my tears away for the night. She continued seeing me over the next year until the marriage about as often as she had before, and even when she got married and returned home to visit her family and tribe, she made sure to spend a wonderful evening with me catching up on all that we had so enjoyed over the years, including a return to the drive in one night.

I graduated from college with all of my family and friends there. Alicia was there with Rosie and I got lip smackers from the both of them. Nina was there without her husband and kissed my ear, with the message, "Later." And Melba came up to me and gave me a great big hug and very chaste kiss, with the words, first bbc anal teens sex stories Congratulations, cuz, you have done well." I smiled to her and told her that I appreciated everything that she had ever done for me.

And in her eyes I saw that she understood the message and then she withdrew to be with her parents. John then approached me and told me how proud he was of me and how unsurprised he was at my successes. I was now the Alaska Penny's regional manager.

The chain now having five stores and a number of small mail order depots around the state. I of course, let him know that I knew that I couldn't have done it without a lot of help along the way, with him being key to all of this. He took that very fine, but with a little sadness that I hadn't married either of his girls.

Though he found it somewhat amusing that Alicia and I had become such good friends while she was in a lesbian relationship with Rosie. He didn't know this, but with them still in their early thirties, they wanted me to give each of them a baby to share in their very strong relationship.

And I had promised to do so for them. I didn't marry until I was in my forties. She was a salesclerk at a rival chain, that I met while doing a random price check survey. We hit it off very well, married six months later, had three kids, seemed happy and then after the last one was weaned, she filed for a divorce.


In the letter that she included in the surprise divorce papers that I got at work, with instructions to not come home, she told me that it was not my fault. And that she was only asking for reasonable support for our children. But, that she wanted an independent life and would appreciate it if I would severely minimize my contacts with the kids. She said that she would cover for me on that, and expected that when they grew up that they would want a fuller relationship with me then.

And it worked out, just that way. I never married again. I finished out my career as the Regional Manager and filled in my intimacy calendar with the infrequent visits of Nina, the occasional visits of Alicia and Rosie, the special visits of Melba (who took more interest in me after her marriage to a fine man, but an empty one intimacy wise,) and some very handy and young pros in the area.

I never left Alaska and retired as a MBA, and a light colonel in the A.F. Reserves. I left eight children behind too, all accounted for in my will. And one of them was with Melba without her husband's notice.