Passion hd marley brinx slams dildo in her pussy before fuck

Passion hd marley brinx slams dildo in her pussy before fuck
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__When I was very young, I ask mom if she wanted to take a walk, I had no idea what was about to happen. I remember it was a Saturday afternoon and as a young boy, mom and I were both kind of bored that afternoon.

We had a big woods next to our house and someone had built a hidden shack way back in the tall bushes. It was abandon a long time ago, and very well hidden. I found it purely by accident. I was scouting around looking for a hidden place to bring girls, or bring pictures of girls and wank. I whispered to mom: ("…would you like to take a walk in the woods?") I did xxcom 2019 full sex stories vide on purpose to watch her get all excited.

Mom 'extremely' loved the woods and I didn't understand why back then. I watched her face light up and smile as she thought. She didn't answer right away but just stared out the window at the woods, grinning. She seemed to be lost in thought. Soon she turned to me and whispered back: ("…yes!, let me go change.") I had noticed that she wore the same outfit whenever she went to the woods.

A long full length old western style white dress. It had a top which she pulled down on her shoulders. Not hiking attire at all. I looked her over real good this time. She had taken her bra off and I could see no panty line at all. I think she was naked under that dress. She had let her long hair down, damn she looked hot.

I wondered what that was all about, but I didn't mind, mom had a hot figure and great cleavage. Her full tits bulged out at the top to my visual delight. She had that same look on her face like when I had an embarrassing incident with her. One time she saw me scratching my young crouch and asked: "John, do you have a rash 'down there'?" Why the hell did she want to know that? She insisted in taking me in the bathroom and just had to take a look. I was all embarrassed and said: " It's stunning czech cutie gets teased in the mall and rode in pov, it's ok mom." She pulled my short pants down and got on her knees.

I could see right down her low cut blouse that day and tried not to get a boner. She reached out and held my cock and looked all around it and my balls. It was no use as my cock got harder and harder. She looked up at me with that same sort of sexy ornery smile as she said quietly: "I see everything is ebon rod for white holes interracial hardcore ok." I said: "Yes it's ok mom." and began to pull my pants up…that's when she embarrassed the crap out of me.

She squeezed my cock firm and then quick kissed the tip and stood up. I was very young and it was very embarrassing&hellip.but I got a big throb in my cock when she did that.

Now she had that same look in her eyes as we left for the woods. We slipped out the back gate as she led the way. It bugged me why was she so excited over a walk in the woods? I was about to find out. As we walked she lifted her dress up to cross a small stream. She lifted it higher and looked back at me and giggled.

I could see her beautiful legs and up to the crack of her ass…and I was right…no panties. What the hell was she doing I wondered. She was acting all horny, like a young girl. I had not seen a real girl naked yet and I started getting a boner.

Getting horny for your own mom were thoughts I kept to myself, but I couldn't help but lock on that live shot of seeing the crack of mom's ass in my mind…over and over again. I didn't know why I did, but I decided to show mom the hidden shack. " I want to show you something mom." I said. She smiled and I led the way.

When we got there is when it happened. She saw the hidden shack and grabbed me from behind and hugged me real tight. She was breathing hard and whispered: ("…oh my god…it's still here!") As we stood there, she pressed her full tits in my back ran her warm hands under my t-shirt and over my chest.

She was breathing hard and gasping as she filled me in on why she was so effected. She lied big through the parts she didn't want me to know about&hellip.but I know now. I even knew then, when she was lying. When mom lied she had a little nervous laugh in her voice. I had heard it before. What was she hiding? What really happened at this shack. I found out the truth that afternoon inside the shack.

We sat on the leaves and then laid down. She played with my hair and kept scooting closer to me. Her hands were all over me as she began to tell me 'parts' of her secret story. After making me swear to keep it forever secret, she first told me about a young boy named Tommy. She had met him down here in the woods and he showed her the hidden shack. She was in her late teens then and he was pre teen, that's when it first started.

She said he was so cute and kept looking at her nice tits. He told her how beautiful she was and had a very sexy body. Mom got very aroused by him talking that way and looking at her body. He held her hand and started kissing up her arm. Mom got chills never having a young boy do this to her before.

He was making her very horny and she liked the feeling a lot. He said: "Will you be my secret girlfriend?" She smiled and said "Sure Tommy." and he said: "Oh thank you, your so beautiful, close your eyes." His little warm hands held her face and then he kissed her and let his tongue slip between her lips. She said she got a big jolt in her pussy as he then began to slowly feel her tits.

Having a young boy do all this was hitting her hard with arousement. As she gathered her breath she could see his young wedding organizer lena gets creampied by her costumer bulging in his shorts. The thought of turning on a young boy&hellip.

was turning her on. They set a time to meet again in the shack. Then it was everyday after school. She found herself getting obsessed with young boys. She didn't dare tell anyone or get caught eyeballing them.

She found pictures on the internet that made her hot and horny looking at them. She found herself rubbing her pussy while she looked at these young boys naked pictures.

She made plans for her secret meetings with Tommy in the shack. This was very taboo to get with a boy with their age difference. She could be branded a child molester if she got caught. Her obsession grew and she wanted to have sex with Tommy real bad.

The next day after school, they met at the shack. She said her heart was pounding and so was Tommy's. They laid on the leaves on their sides. she raised her bra and shirt up for him. His eyes got big and he began to feel and suck on her nipples.

She pulled him in tight to feel his boner get big between her legs. She slipped her hand inside his short pants and for the first time felt his young stiff cock.

She got a shock wave of pleasure shoot through her body. It was so taboo to touch the forbidden cock of a young boy her pussy began to twitch.

Little Tommy was going crazy kissing and feeling a big girls tits. He moaned out of breath how beautiful she was.

She took his hand and put it up her dress so he could feel her no panties pussy.

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His trembling fingers felt it as he put two fingers inside her wet pussy. "I gotta jack off Jodi…I'm gonna cum." he said. That was just what she wanted to hear. She pulled his pants down, turned and put her mouth complete over his cock. She lifted one leg. He moaned as his little fingers went in and out of her pussy. He put his mouth on her pussy just as he shot cum in her mouth. She said she shook all over as her pussy spasmed with a great shaking climax. She moaned with the feel of his cum pussy at dirty little cumslut part by amedee v on her tongue.

They lay there moaning and gasping as he kept licking her pussy. She swallowed his cum and sucked for more. After a while he started to squirm again as she kept sucking his cock. He felt her tits and found by sucking her clit she moaned. He kept that up as he was starting to strain and moan with pleasure. She was going to make him cum again. He began to fuck her mouth until he tighten his body up and shot cum again in her mouth.

She kept fucking his tongue on her clit and shook hard as another climax gripped her whole body and she collapsed by him. She said this was way over the top of any sex she had before.

The rush she got was awesome, so forbidden, so taboo she somehow loved the exciting risk of doing this. She explained to Tommy how top top secret this was and to never ever tell anyone, or they couldn't keep doing this.

He readily agreed and said again how perfect she was and beautiful and …and …and…could she come tomorrow…please please! She said oh yes. She said that was the most exhilarating peak of her sex life. Mom had gotten herself all hyper telling me all this and I was now very horny myself. I tried to closed my eyes and pretended she was a girlfriend&hellip. but that wasn't working with a sexy body like hers that I had naughty america son and mom sex storys about seeing naked so many times.

Her obsession with young boys was now locked on& She started talking weird&hellip. like: "I've waited a long time for you. Do you like my titties?, want to lick and suck them?…I know you do…well here…go ahead." She pulled the top of her dress down and there they were, her two beautiful tits all for me to suck on.

"Do you think I'm sexy?&hellip.tell me if you do…whisper it in my ear. " I was in no condition to refuse her anything, so I told her how hot and sexy and beautiful she was between licks on her big tits.

She began squirming and running her fingers through my hair. She moved me on top of her. My cock was resting right on her squirming pussy. She started to moan and slipped her hand down my pants and held my cock tight. She then whispered gasping for breath: ("…I know&hellip. something else you would like&hellip.")&hellip. and started pushing me lower on her body as she pulled her dress up&hellip. (Jodi's thoughts at this time.) I've never told anyone ever about my obsession, but now I dared to tell Tommy my son some of it.

It's hard to impress on a young boy what it's like to have a risky obsession like mine. I've had to hold back for so long.

As he grew up I got so turned on when I hugged him and felt his body. I loved to feel his bare skin and the rush I got from it.

I would pull him tight against me and his young cock between my legs. This would cause me to dream about a young boys body and feeling them. It would wake me up all hot with my fingers in my wet pussy& felt wonderful. I just couldn't resist this golden opportunity to have glorious sex with him.

He's responding perfect, but what boy wouldn't now that were alone and both so damn horny. He told me my secret obsession was safe with him. I hadn't been this excited since the last time I had sex with the neighborhood boy Tommy. That's why I named my son…Tommy. The internet pictures are very hot to finger myself to, but there is nothing like the real thing. I see young boys in daily life and I get so hot for them. I want to reach in their pants and feel their cocks and have them feel my pussy and kiss and lick my tits.

It has been hell in a way, but so damn exciting as no one knows what a hot turn on I'm getting looking at them. I got close to getting caught once with my nephew. I hugged him and I slipped. I pushed my pussy into him. He pushed his young cock back to me tight. We were alone in the house and I got a rush in my body that took my breath away.

He liked our push game and told me how much he liked me. I let him feel my ass as I felt his. We just stood there as I got so wet and he got a full hardon. I trembled inside as he felt my hips and began feeling the front of my legs. I managed to whisper: (.top secret,… (gasp). ok?.) He whispered back out of breath: ("… yes, aunt Jodi…your wonderful.") I orgasmed when he said that and I felt a sexual jolt in my pussy as my knees buckled some.

My trembling hand was inching it's way down the front of his shorts. His hand went up my dress as he felt my wet panties and pussy. He kissed the outside of my dress on my tits. I felt faint as my hand finally felt his cock. His fingers went in the side of my panties and up and down my wet slit.

This was so risky I had to stop us as his mom was due back any second. Just then we heard her at the door open and in she came. He quickly slipped in the bathroom hiding his hardon as I walked in the kitchen panting for breath.

She was distracted by her shopping buys and never paid any attention to either of us. I quickly composed myself. They both soon left. I went straight to the computer and opened the 'Family Pictures' file. There he was in a swimming suit in one picture. You could see his lump in the crouch of the suit.

I pulled up my dress and put my fingers down my panties. I was so wet and turned on that a few rubs on my puffed out clit and I orgasmed again. This became my second favorite picture to finger myself to. The secret pictures of daddy and I had our faces all blocked out but they still made me so hot with the memories I got looking at them.

The memories of the part I never told anybody. The times I had with daddy in the woods… Nobody ever knew what happened down in woods&hellip., but this was my greatest memory of all time&hellip. The first time it happened, I was just a teen and I had on this white old dress of moms. Daddy told me how good I looked in it. I twirled around in it to show it off to him.

He stood up and started slow dancing with me. This was my first sexual arousement with my daddy. He suggested we go down to the woods for a walk.

He had me leave that dress on. We found the hidden shack and went in. He laid down to take a nap. I lay beside him.


I rubbed his bare chest as he napped. I got aroused again and snuggled close to him. As he slept, he started getting an erection in his short shorts. It started coming out the leg whole of his shorts. Now I was getting real aroused seeing it and had an urge to feel it. I took a chance and eased phoenix marie hardcore high notes hand down and slowly began to feel it. My pussy began to tingle for the first time.

I began to stroke his big cock as he slept. He rolled over to me and his cock went between my legs. I had no panties on and I moved my dress up a little. Now his warm cock was touching the bottom of my pussy.

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We began to rub ourselves together. I was having my biggest sexual thrill ever now. I rubbed my clit right on his cock. It felt so good and we kept it up. I was going to orgasm as I pressed firmer. As it was building and building up I felt him jolt and he started cuming. Hot cum was shooting between my legs.

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I orgasmed as my pussy rubbed on his cuming wet cock&hellip. After that we went to the woods a lot and things progressed. All my first sexual experiences happened now. Daddy always pretended to be asleep.

Now he was my 'daddy toy'. I could do anything I wanted with him. I jacked him off and watch his cum shoot high in the asiannbspsatomi suzuki provides serious pleasures on cocks japanese and sucking. I loved the feeling of his hot cum on my face and in my mouth.

I would get on top of him and ease his big cock in my wet pussy. I had him feel my tits as I climaxed over and over again as he shot big loads of hot cum in me. Next time I would get him on top of me and I would wrap my legs around him and we would fuck so good we both shook and moaned quietly.

I was totally in love with my own daddy. ----- My nephew and I never got a chance to feel each other again and this made me more drawn to my son Tommy, but I held back over and over again. I so wanted him and I to have sex.

Now here we are and it's happening right now. Tommy seem to understand now and is enjoying my obsession with me&hellip.god I'm so hot for him. (Back to son Tommy.) I was super excited as she opened her legs. It was my first time to see a real girls pussy and close up. She held my head and guided my tongue right to her clit. I licked her clit like she directed me. I was in a young boys heaven. She was in her own heaven. The sexual tension built up and up in both of us.

She was squirming and moaning as my cock was throbbing. I want to put my cock in her warm wet pussy. This would be my first sex with an adult woman. She started pulling me up on her. Her hands were going wild feeling my body and my one thought was to put my cock in her. She whisper moaned: (…"do it Tommy, do it now, put your cock in me now.") She reached down and held my cock tight and guided it in her warm pussy. Her hips jumped as she pulled my butt cheeks hard to drive my cock in her all the way.

Our beautiful fucking began. I felt her wonderful tits as we fucked. I was losing control and so was she as our bodies fucked hard and deep. We became like to animals, moaning as our bodies slapped together in a fury of released passion I never knew about. She dug her fingers in me real hard as I squeezed her tits hard. Somehow she knew I was going to cum. She raised her pussy up and inside it squeezed my cock hard&hellip.I lost my breath…as I felt a big load of cum travel out my cock.

Mom is in hot water lod mind went crazy with the high pleasure. My cock kept shooting cum in her with each burst of high, again and again.

She held me like a vice and let her pussy massage my cock as she shook all over. She gave out one big moan and her whole body quivered as she climaxed for a long time… We both panted for breath but kept fucking slowly, we both wanted all of that feeling we could get…&hellip. Her obsession seemed to be fulfilled …for a while.

Now the fun began…… ------------------------------ Back at the house everything had changed. We couldn't keep our hands off each other.

We now had the freedom to feel each other anytime we wanted and end up with glorious sex all over the house. We showered together, did hot feels on each other and her aggressive obsession towards me was driving me pleasure crazy. I soon realized, we had released a obsession in me. All I thought about was having sex with an adult woman.

Her friends, her sister, the neighborhood lady's, teachers were all making me hot thinking about fucking them. Mom still eyeballed my young buddies&hellip.thus began our joint obsession. Team work We lay in her bed after have ultimate sex again and came up with an idea to keep her in supply of young boys, and me in supply with adult women.

We sized up lots of prospects to find just the right boy and adult woman for each other. We had a big closet in the hallway. She put a single bed in there. With the light out, you couldn't see a thing. She started first with her best friend, Doris. She slowly talked to her and got around to privately asking her if she had ever had sex with a young boy.

Doris got excited and said only as a young girl herself, but admitted it might be fun tory lane makes you submit ther ass feet femdom joi have sex a young guy today as a adult woman.

Mom slowly enticed her with a offer. " Let me know and come over after school is out sometime. Go in the hall closet and you'll find a young guy in there, just for you." Doris got a shocked look on her face but she was really aroused by the real thought of having sex with a young guy. Doris had some thoughts about all of this&hellip. Doris had known Jodi since childhood. She noticed that Jodi got all excited about going to the woods, and she thought she knew why.

Jodie's daddy and her use to go there. They never discussed it, but she never saw them in the woods. It was like they were hiding somewhere there. The only hint was one time when they were in Jodi's room and talked about how good it felt to rub their pussy. Jodi seemed to know a lot about this and showed Doris where her clit was and to rub right there. As young girls they began to rub there own clits.

Jodi, got a picture of her daddy and looked at it as she rubbed her pussy and clit. Doris suspected right then something sexual between Jodi and her daddy was going on. I had my own experience with my younger brother. I use to suck his cock and learned how to make him cum real quick when our parents were asleep.

He in turn would finger and lick my pussy. I never told Jodi or anyone about our sex play. ---- Mom waited as the prospect kept looming in Doris's mind. She continued to bait Doris. She would whisper to her: (…" it will be my discreet son, lights out and is he so good!…he loves adult women.") Finally Doris called and said: "Aaa…when is your closet available?"&hellip.

and with that&hellip. it was on. I remember mom told me to wait in the closet right after school when she gave me the word, because an 'adult woman' wants you. ("Doris"), she whispered. I got a very hot secretary fucks boss pussyfucking and bigass hot rush when she said that.

I had to try and not get a hardon that day in school. Doris was a hot woman with nice tits who I'd met many times and was hot for. She like me too. The next time Doris came over, mom was gone. She took me to the back of the kitchen and hugged me. We rubbed our bodies together for a while. We both got real hot as she rubbed my face on her nice cleavage and then she rubbed her pussy tight against my cock. We both knew this was preview to our up and coming secret 'closet' meeting.

Now for a young guy for my mom&hellip. My buddy Stan was my best prospect. He secretly told me once that his aunt let him feel her up one day in her pool. She felt him back and they both got really turned on. She felt his cock and went under water to suck on it. He liked an older woman with big tits to feel. She ended up giving him a blowjob in the pool. A perfect prospect for my mom. I told mom the story. Mom got real excited and got Stan in our pool and soon they fondled each other and kept it quiet.

I told Stan that my mom had the hots for him and we had a place for them to get together secretly. He was ecstatic with the prospect of fucking my mom. Now it was all set for our first time to satisfy more of our obsessions. The next day after school mom said to wait in the closet. The door slowly opened and Doris quickly darted in. We reached out in the dark.

I led her trembling hand to the bed.


She and I both were breathing hard. We felt each other all over. She had on a short house dress on and as I worked my hand up it, she took it clear off. She was completely naked now. I felt her all naked body as she pull off my shirt and shorts. She laid on her back as I got on top of her warm naked body.

She grabbed me hard and started tongue kissing me. I rubbed my cock on her pussy and felt her beautiful tits. She got hotter and so did I. I dropped down to suck on her tits. She moaned and kept feeling my body. I felt her wet pussy and she began to squirm. She began to whisper. ("…oh god, it's been a long time since I've felt a young body like yours, so smooth and warm.

Keep rubbing my pussy, it feels so good. I told her what a great sexy body she had. ("…oh turn around, I want to feel your cock and kiss it. You can lick my pussy all you want.") I turned and she opened her legs wide. Her knees came up as I held her butt cheeks firm. I loved her sweet moaning as I licked her clit. I fucked her mouth like a pussy as she squeezed my balls. She knew just hot to suck on me and I had to cum. I put three fingers in her pussy and sucked on her clit as mom likes.

I had a big shooting cum amazing muscled and tattoed hunk wanking gay sex she moaned and sucked me. Her tongue was going crazy on the head of my cock.


She swallowed all my cum down. An adult women knows just how to suck a cock so good. Her pussy squeezed down on my fingers as she climaxed and shook hard. She moaned so sexy as I licked her hot clit. &hellip. I wanted more of her. I turned and put my cock in her pussy. She clamped onto me with her arms and legs.

She moaned…"oh yes!"… We started the build up all over again. I loved feeling her tits and hearing her moan. I kept pushing my cock in her as far as it would go, over and over&hellip. She moaned: "…Hold me tight and push your cock in me deep…oh yes baby, like that.oh god…your gonna make me cum.cum with me baby&hellip.cum hard and deep." I started fucking her as fast and deep as I could.

She could make her pussy squeeze my two too hot lesbians on casting interview softcore so good I had to cum. I pushed hard and a big load shot in her pussy. She shook and squirmed as her body locked on mine. It was a heavenly cum for both of us. Adult women don't just lay there, they know how to fuck so good. Feeling her big tits and hard nipples on my chest was awesome. Mom said she listened to us in her bedroom closet.

She said she fingered herself as she orgasmed when we moaned cuming together&hellip. Mom's turn&hellip.

Mom was so horny waiting to get with Stan. She had that wonderful sexy look she gets when she's real horny. We played stop and feel waiting for Stan to get here.

Mom was breathing so hard when I would stop in the house and feel her up. We almost had sexy pon story katrina kaif on the kitchen table as we got a little carried away.

Feeling her wet pussy thru her robe was a real turn on for us. Stan came by finally and I showed him the closet and to wait in there. I signaled mom and went to her bedroom closet to listen. Mom told me how it went&hellip. "My hands were trembling a little as Jenna haze enjoys a huge black dick entered the dark closet.

I felt out and Stan was sitting on the bed. I took off my robed and his t-shirt and shorts. This was our first time and he was all mine to play with. I eased down beside him on the bed and began to feel his young smooth body. He went right for my tits to suck on my nipples as I could feel his stiff cock go between my legs. I took my time and felt his whole body. I was getting super charged and so we he. We got all hyper tongue kissing and I turned to feel his warm cock on my face.

He wasted no time in lifting my leg to kiss my pussy. To feel a young boys cock was fulfilling my desire. The taboo sneaking it feeling drove the hot feeling in my pussy higher as he licked my sensitive clit. His warm cock went in my mouth as he squirmed.

I squeezed his little butt cheeks as I put his cock all the way in my mouth. He had such a cute moan as he squirmed and started fucking my tongue. I pulled the back of his head into my pussy and rocked my hips to rub my clit on his tongue.

He moaned something and felt his balls come up fast. He jolted as he moaned and I felt his cum shoot in my mouth. The feeling was beyond words. He stuck fingers in my pussy as my rising climax made me moan out with the ultra high pleasure. Our bodies squirmed as his cum flooded my mouth. I swallowed his pleasure right down. I was having a long climax that was taking my breath away. I loved his little fingers in my wet pussy, moving in and out as he kept licking my clit. We both gasp for air as I keep feeling his body and squirming from the ultra high climax.

Time stopped as we both wanted more. Soon he turned and got on top of me. His hot body felt so good as he began to put his cock in my pussy. I opened my legs wide and let go for his first adult woman sex. He was very nervous and I rubbed his butt cheeks as he pushed his cock all the way in my pussy. He began to moan with each stroke. He pushed hard and as deep as his cock would go. As we both built up the wonderful high feeling my legs began to wrap around his. He grabbed my tits and started fucking me faster and faster.

My pussy began to squeeze tight around his mia khaifa and big dick as I was going to climax again.

He yelled: "Whoa!.oh jez!"…and I felt a huge load of his cum shoot in me. I climaxed long and hard… We went wild fucking out of control and moaning with the peak like no other& obsession was now fulfilled as I almost blacked out&hellip." Listening to all of this had me almost cuming in my pants.

I finally heard Stan leave. I went to the closet door and opened it. There was mom laying on the bed smiling. She said: "Come here." She pulled me on top of her and held me tight. She quickly pulled my shorts down and she put my hard cock in her.

I thought she'd be maxed out, but she wanted more. Her body was real hot as she started fucking me like it was our first time. She pull my shirt off and felt me all over as we fucked hard. Before I knew it I was shooting cum in her and she was shaking and pulling my cock in her deep.

We spent a very long time in there, just slow fucking and then fast as we were having our peak repeated over and over…… ---------- Mom supplied the older women and I supplied the young guys&…this&hellip.very&…