Hot babe with hot big tits toying her pink

Hot babe with hot big tits toying her pink
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My mum and dad had recently split up and dad had got the house, me being of young age had to live with my mother which i didn't mind at all, However my mum had decided to start a fresh and moved to a country village in the middle of nowhere. This is the story of a mother and sons bond. It was a warm summers night, a friday during the summer holidays. The time was around 10:00pm and at 13 years old I was doing what most boys were doing and browsing the internet for porn and expanding my sexual horizon.

That night my Mum and her new boyfriend had been invited to a neighbours BBQ, and when they returned in a druken state I was glad I was still awake, seeing how the noise they produced probably would of woken me up anyway. "Shhhh" My mum said giggling "We Don't Wanna Wake Aaron Now Do We?" The way she said that at first confused me, she had never spoken to her boyfriend like that, that i heard of anyway. After some more fumberling up the stairs i heard the bedroom door open and SLAM shut.

I turned back to my computer screen to try and concentrate on the "talented" actresses infront of me, but the sturring noice from my mums room caught my attention and I decided that maybe a little investigation was in order.

My Mums room was next door to mine so I slowly crept out of my room and tip toed to her door where I pressed my ear against it. At first i thought she had heard me because everything seemed to go quiet, but then i could hear low moans, I wasn't sure who's they were but they were getting louder and both my mum and her boyfriend were breathing heavily.

My curiosity started to get the better of me as I started pretty young blonde going down on you crouch down too see if I could see under the door but no such luck, so I decided to see if I could open the door a little but i did so with too much force and it flew open Banging into the wardrobe behind it. For a split second my mum froze, she was completely naked and with her boyfriends dick in her mouth. Her long blonde hair wrapped up in his hand and sweat and saliva dripping down onto her perk 34DD breasts.

Her legs were folded underneath her as she knelt infront him, with her hand inbetween her legs playing with her shaven pussy. My Mum jumped up and grabbed a blanket off the bed, she wrapped it around her self whilst her boyfriend, who was quiet drunk stumbled into bed.

"Whats up Hunny?" she asked whilst wiping away what looked like drool, but was probably pre-cum off her face. "I had a horrible dream" I said, lying straight to her face hurt me but it was better than telling her "i was anal hooker getting a messy facial at the end on you".


"What were you just doing?" i asked, pretending to play dumb "Oh n.n.nothing dear" she stammered "come on lets get you back to bed" As we walked i couldn't get the image of her wet glistening breasts out of my head and i felt my dick starting to grow hard. I quickly jumped into bed hoping my mum wouldn't notice and when she kissed me on the head goodnight and left i thought i was in the clear. That night i didn't really sleep, i just couldn't get the images out of my head not mash but close enough for fun most of that night i spent wanking off to my mum and imagining her a she sucked my dick and swallowing my load, after about 4 bucket loads of cum had came out of me i drifted off to sleep.

In the morning i was awoken by a bright light hitting my eyes. It was my mum opening the curtains, "Come on lazy bum i made you breakfast" she said cheerily. "its too early" i moaned and rolled over to put my face in my pillow.


The next thing i felt was the quilt being lifted and her hands tickeling my feet, I started to laugh and kick out. Little did my mum know that for the past few months i had been sleeping naked so what she did next was a surprise for both of us. She carried on tickeling but worked her way up my legs, hot package of teen and bbw lesbians came to my thigh and i think she decided to avoid my crotch area but as she went to go for my stomach she hit the tip of my cock.

I instantly turned red and my dick began to react to the contact. My mum quickly let go "Its ok" she said "Its normal for boys and men to re-act that way when touched there" she had turned slightly red "I'll be more careful the next time" and she quickly Gathered her self and left my room. My dick was now aching and i to relieve it so i waited until she entered her room, and began to pull up and down on my hard cock, i was only about 2 minutes into it when i heard my door open and before i had chance to cover myself my mum saw me tossing off.

I didn't know what to do i just froze, but she walked over to me calm and collect and smiled. "Its okay for you to do this too Aaron, But if its my fault i should be the one to sort it" she winked at me. I was so confused about what she had just said but i got the idea once she had replaced my hand with hers, "I know your a growing lad and i'm sorry we moved out so far away from other people, i just needed space.

So please let me make it up too you" All of a sudden she mounted my bed, stradling me. she gripped my cock firm but gentle in her hand and began to work it up and down, slow at first but gaining pace. She used her other hand to play with my balls which felt so fantasic i thought i might blow my load into her face right there and i think she could tell this because she stopped working me and instead lowered her lips on to the tip of my pulsating cock.

It felt so warm and when she took me entirely in her mouth i couldn't hold on anymore and moaned out loudly "I'm gonna.gonna CUM!" i shot about 6 streams of thick, hot cum down her throat and she just swallowed it like it was nothing.

"That was amazing" i said under my heavy breathing.

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"It's not over yet" She smiled, her blue eyes looking straight down at my cock. She began to work it again, and i was surprised to see my cock re-act after an orgasm like that but indeed he rose and straight back to her lips where she sucked the remainder of the cum out and began sucking hard on the rest of my shaft too.

With out saying a word she took her dressing gown off revealing her gorgeous smooth breasts, she slid up my body and rested her pussy against my thigh, i could feel how hot and wet she was and it was turning me on tremendously. "Can You make love to your mother now?" I was shocked to say the least.

"I heard you last night, but with the alchol fueling me i realised i didn't want to stop" She milf with glasses introduces hard cock to sweet teen going red in the cheeks. "I wanted you to catch me, My pussy wasn't wet for him, it was wet for you". I just stared at her in awe, i couldn't believe the words coming out her mouth, but i was quickly brought back to reality when i felt her grab my cock and move it to her shaven wet pussy lips.

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She lowered herself upon me, my own mother had taken my virginty and if i'm honest it was better then i could of ever imagined. She was so tight and i could feel her pussy walls pulling my 5inch cock in further, she worked her pussy up slowly and dropped back on to my cock with such force there was slight pain. She kept her eyes shut and seemed to be tightening her grip on my shoulders everytime she dropped back on to me.

I took my right hand and took her breast into my mouth sucking on the nipple and teasing it with my tongue like i had seen in many of the movies i watched, Then i took my left hand and slid it down her body to her ass (which for a 35 year old women was still very firm and round), Her ass which was now going up and down working my cock to extremes was one of her best features and all i wanted to do was to bend her over and fuck it but just thinking about brought me to another body collapsing orgasm i could feel my hot cum filling up my mum's tight pussy and she pushed down on me trying to get it all in her, my orgasm teen licks milf pussy stuffed with cock brought mum to hers and i could feel her pussy walls spasmering on my cock it felt so good and milked even more cum out of me.

we sat there breathing heavily on each other "Mum i asked can you to do something?" "anything sweet." "Can i fuck your ass" My Mum simply looked at me and said ". Comment if you want a sequal, any tips would be good too.