Double trouble for a bbw amateur slut hardcore and blowjob

Double trouble for a bbw amateur slut hardcore and blowjob
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The following story is taken from my ebook MY WANK LINES volume 2, available on Amazon. I feel dirty all the time. Just feel dead sexy. When I'm hanging about with the lads on the estate and they've all got their hands down the front of their trackies having a good fiddle with their dicks, it makes me feel dead horny.

Don't you wanna go up to all those fit scallies and say to 'em, "You horny fuckers." And like you wanna grab their dicks through their trackies, don't you? And you wanna pull their trackies down and grab hold of their big sweaty scally dicks. All my scally mates, they make me feel dead horny. All my mates, they all know I'm a dirty bastard. I do something well dirty when I'm feeling horny. And they all know when I'm gonna do it.

Like we'll all be hanging about on the corner or outside Cellar 5 and they'll see me getting stiff in my trackies. I'll not hide it. I'll just be standing there talking to my mates and one of the lads, he'll see what's going on in my trackies and he'll say, "It's getting stiff again, lads." And all the lads, they'll all look.

And my horny dick, it'll get well hard in my trackies and all the lads, they'll see it tenting my trackies and they'll say, "Horny boy's got a boner again!" It's just normal now. Happens to me nearly every night, especially man loves sex and massage likewise hardcore handjob I've not had a wank before going out.

And they all know, all my mates, they all know what's to follow. They all know what's gonna happen next once my dick starts tenting my trackie bottoms. They all know that once my horny dick has got well stiff in my trackies it means only one thing. Don't matter where we are outside Cellar 5, outside the chippy, on the corner, where ever. Once I'm stiff in my trackies, that's it I just gotta get naked. My top, my trainers, my trackies, my boxers, my socks it all comes off. And the lads, they help me.

They strip me in the street, they help me get naked. Yeah. I get naked me, a horny slim teenage boy. I get naked and my hairless boner swings free in the open air. Sexiest feeling ever. All the lads love it when I get naked. They love seeing my hairless boner swinging free in the open air.

So there I was outside Cellar 5 naked and I was parading up and down, back and too past the off licence, a naked slim boy with my hairless boner swinging free in the open air. Only this time I was feeling more horny than usual. People were coming out of the off licence, men and women, and they was disgusted with me and I was getting off on being naked and showing 'em my hairless boner.

Coz I shave my pubes, my dick looks even bigger than what it is, and it sticks out all proud from my slim body and I can feel a cool breeze blowing round the root of my dick where it's dead sensitive. And the breeze blows over my smooth balls and between my balls and my arsehole and like there's a nice big drop of pre-cum on the end of my dick, on the french high school girl shemales of my bell-end which is like well swollen and shiny and purple.

After a bit I usually put my clothes back on but this time I grabbed my cock and started stroking it outside the off licence and…I was wanking myself off in the open air, having a dirty naked wank outside the offy in front of people.

My mates couldn't believe what I was doing. Neither could I.


I just felt so fucking dirty I couldn't help it. Had a wank and they all saw me. My mates, some of 'em was laughing. They said I'd fucking lost it, said I was off my head. This was the first time I'd ever wanked off outside and I was doing it naked in front of people coming out of the offy.

This bloke a big fucker he said I was a dirty queer, said if I didn't put my clothes back on he'd knock me out. So I just stood there right in front of him, spread my legs, pushed my hips forward, pointed my purple-headed dick right at him and had a dirty big wank.

Ha! I went, "Oooh!

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Look at my dick! Look how big it is!" And I wanked of right in front of him. He called me a weirdo and then he fucked off. Ha! I freaked him out big time. I told my mates to get their dicks out. "Come on' lads.


Let's have a mass wank outside the offy!" At first they was a bit scared like so I went and pulled Jamie's trackies down coz I could see he had a boner in his trackies.

When his dick sprang up all naked in the open air that started all the other boys off then. One by one the lads dropped their trackies. They was all up for it now.

One by one all my mates got well dirty and they all stripped off outside Cellar 5. This was the dirtiest sight ever a gang of fit scallies all naked with their dicks on bone. Some of the lads were smooth like me, had no hairs round their dicks and their balls and they let their hairless boners swing free in the open air. The other lads had pubes round their dicks but they still looked well sexy.

She loves to please his pulsating donger

We all pranced about naked outside the offy, our cocks bobbing up and down in the open air. People were still going in and out of the offy and we was getting some really nasty looks, but like we was also getting lads and girls gathering round looking at us prancing around naked and they was loving it. Indian big tits glirl on cam camaster they loved it even more when me and my mates started wanking our dicks.

We had a big naked circle wank. I said, "Let's go for it, lads. Let's wank our dicks till we cum!" Yeah. We was going all the way.

We stood in a big circle and we aimed our big dicks in the centre of the circle and we was all gonna wank till we spunked up and…These girls, they came up to us giggling and they slapped me and Jamie on the bum, and then another girl came up and she slipped a hand between my thighs, had a feel of my balls.


We let 'em do whatever they wanted to do. This lad, didn't even know who he was, he came up to us and he was laughing and he went and got behind me and he pressed himself up against me.

He was wearing jeans but I could feel his boner pressed up against my arse and he put his hands on my hips and slid his hands round to my belly and I took my hand off my dick just for a bit while he grabbed nagaland dimapur girl xxx vidoes of it…the dirty lad had a quick feel of my hard cock, gave me a quick little wank then he fucked off. I carried on jacking my cock and all the lads carried on jacking their cocks and now we'd closed in on each other.

The circle had got well tight and we was all close to each other and we wanked our cocks and we got closer and closer till all our cocks were touching. Me and my mates, we was now rubbing our cocks together, slapping our hot sticky boners together, sliding our sticky wet bell-ends together, wanking off over each other's cocks, and thick white jets of spunk squirted out of bulging cockheads.

Boy after boy after boy jizzed over each other's dicks. Dick after dick after dick spurted thick creamy cum all over our mates' naked bodies.