All full sex stories sex 20 30 minute

All full sex stories sex 20 30 minute
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He lay there watching her sleep for a little while. His cock still hard from drinking in her naked young body.

Now sharing the same bed, the same sheets, she lay sound asleep just inches from him. He stroked his hardness in her direction, sure that if he were to cum it would find it's way to her perfect flesh. He shook his head and tried to regain some fatherly composure.

He could not in good conscious try to have a sexual relationship with his baby girl, even if she was having congress with the dog. It was not his place. He needed a drink. He sat up and contemplated the situation. With a long sigh, he rose and headed off to the kitchen for some whiskey.

With every step his thirst for the drink grew, until he was salivating as he shakily poured himself his first shot. His mind raced with visions of his daughter's tiny body shaking and writhing under the thrusts of his old dog Rufus.

Her innocent lust, unabashed desire for these new delights. He wanted to protect her from the world, but also to give her all the joy possible. He poured himself several more shots before he began to swig directly from the bottle, and his thoughts began to blur. He slumped down in his chair and nodded off for a bit. He groggily awoke in the middle of the night, not unaccustomed to this predicament of alcoholic slumber in whatever chair he was in. He rose rather unsteadily and staggered off to bed.

When he slipped into his bed sheets, he was drunk enough to mistake his daughters warm body laying naked in his bed for that of a mystery woman. He was happy for his new prize, as he clambered clumsily under the sheets toward her. His eager wandering hands found their way to her little hole and his fingers probed her, finding her warm and still wet with the dog's cum he climbed onto her and grunted into the back of her neck as he guided his drunken cock into her little pussy.

Her tight slit felt so good on his cock as he fucked her little body pinned under his lumbering weight. Her face buried in the pillow, as his thrusts brought stepdad is a teacher and teaches me sex closer and closer to his release.


She whimpered into the pillow as he drilled her. Awoken in such a strange manner, unable to move, but feeling the nice fullness like Rufus delivered, but different. slower and more deliberate. She could smell the whiskey on her fathers breath and fear shot through her. She wasn't sure what to do, so she just lay there silently, not wanting to provoke his anger. She tried to relax and just enjoying the sensations he was delivering.

Soon his thrusts quickened and his whole body tensed up as he groaned heavily in her ear. He collapsed against her, his body draped half over hers as he quickly fell asleep without even pulling out of her. She didn't mind. In fact she had enjoyed the feelings, and could still feel his cock twitching inside of her.

He woke her up again a few hours later, groggily resuming his course of action, and filling her little hole with another load of his cum before collapsing on her again. She had never felt so close to her father. This was like a dream come true. She only hoped that he'd make her feel as nice as Rufus did. The rooster woke them both up in the morning.

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Her daddy twitched inside her, she could feel him hard again, grinding against her. He groaned and slowly roused to a conscious state. a state where he could begin to digest the situation. Here he lay on top of his little baby girl with his cock hard and inside of her - he was in fact slowly fucking his sweet daughter as his revelation unfolded before him.

He threw himself off of her and recoiled in the sheets on the far side of the bed, silently wondering what he'd done. His little girl rolled over and faced him, her eyes wide. He stared back at her, wondering what she must think of him. what a monster he was. His self loathing was instantly quelled by her sweet innocent smile which grew bigger than he'd ever seen it. He reached out and swept her forehead with his fingers and apologized, hoping against hope that he hadn't hurt her.

She giggled and told him he was being silly. She sat up and asked him why he had stopped, because she thought it was a really nice way to wake up. His jaw nearly dropped, as his mind reeled from her reaction. He was beating himself up for no reason. His daughter was so special, and their new relationship was not something to turn into a shameful darkness, but a loving exploration. She crawled across the bed to her daddy, and snuggled up against him. He opened his arms and wrapped his sheet around her naked young body.

Running his fingers along her perfect smooth flesh and marveling at his luck. He kissed her neck so gently, and with each kiss he felt her pressing herself more firmly against him. His hard cock was twitching against her buttocks. His baby girl wiggled her ass against him. He whispered in her ear how much he loved her, as his hand slid down her side, savoring the smoothness of her young perfect skin, seemingly his for the taking.

She snuggled into her daddy's warmth, feeling so safe and warm, but also a longing. a wanting she didn't fully understand. She really liked it when her daddy had his thing inside her this morning. It had felt very different than Rufus, and it didn't make her feel the same either. She wanted to try it again, but wasn't sure what to ask for.

Before she could say anything he began to rub his hands over her body. His fingers slid down her side, and she giggled because it tickled, and because it tickled she squirmed and pressed her wriggling little body even harder against her daddy. She felt something pressing between her legs, something hard and hot. As his hands moved over her body, she wiggled and 2 girls at cosmetics shop tube porn and felt his breath hot against the back of her neck.

His hands slid up over her chest and he lifted her onto him as he rolled over onto his back. Now she was wriggling just against his body, and could feel the hard hotness pushing against her bum. He held her body against his with one hand, while the other moved down to her hole.

He slid his fingers through her cum filled slit and prodded the opening. He couldn't believe what he was about to do. But there was nothing that could stop him now. Gripping his shaft, he unwedged it from underneath his little girl's butt and guided into her tight little pussy.

He eased it in slowly, and felt her body respond immediately. She arched her back ever so slightly and pushed back against him as he slowly entered her with his length.

He slowly filled her, then equally as slowly withdrew, his first witting violation of his daughter's physical body. This went beyond mere naughty thoughts, beyond jerking off in her room, beyond everything that was reasonable and right. hot awesome chick and her ardent man

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But it felt so damn good. His conflict may have heightened his sensitivity, or perhaps it was the taboo thrill of fucking his baby girl.


maybe it was the fact that she was so small and tight, but whatever the cause, he had never been so hard, so lustful, so driven. French anal forced rape uncensored cock felt like it was a mile long and a mile wide as he slowly pumped himself into her. She was enjoying it too, he could hear her faint panting on top of him. He began to stroke her little clit with his thumb, while continuing to hold her body tight to him with his other arm.

He had never enjoyed a sexual act as much as he was enjoying every single thrust into his daughter. He fucked her like this for what seemed to be an eternity.

Time slipped away as they silently bonded in this new wonderful way. So tenderly he loved her. He whispered in her ear what a good girl she was, how good she felt on top of him, how happy she was making him.

He felt her body tensing, as he rubbed her little clit faster. He drove his cock into her deeper and pushed her little pelvis down onto his length as she started to cum and he whispered in her ear how much he loved her, his beautiful baby girl. His one and only. If he could have seen her face as she came, as she heard his words, we would have seen the true definition of bliss.


She had had so many new and wonderful experiences and feelings lately, but this was miles above those. She was somewhere else. Transported. Peaceful. Loved so completely. But all he felt was the enormous eruption in her loins, his cock buried inside of her while every muscle on her body shuddered against him, her pulse, her heat, her guttoral moans ebbing into gentle whimpers as her body yielded to it's exhaustion and she melted onto him.

Her spent limbs going slack at her sides, and her head lolling back against his jaw. He inhaled deeply as her hair fell across his face. He thrust once more into her hot little cunt, still clenching him spasmodically before his came too. His cock bursting at the seams inside her hot little hole.

His seed gushed into his little girl, quickly spilling out, as his cock filled her every inch of her, with plenty to spare. He held onto her still, loving the feeling of their orgasmic bodies speaking their own muscular language. His cock twitched as her pussy clenched. Two happily spent bodies, bonded forever by this union. Staring at the ceiling through wisps of his beautiful girls cute teen amirah receives mouth fucking from stepbro, watching as the sun cast its earliest rays high across the room.

He wondered as he lay there, just what the future had in store for him. A hopeful smile across his face, and a long lost sparkle twinkled in his eye once again.