Twistys logan drae starring at do it good

Twistys logan drae starring at do it good
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It is an exclusive club. men only, if the name wasn't clue enough.The Gentlemen. That's all I know about it from you. And I'd have never even known that much if it hadn't been for a slip of your tongue.

I hadn't sought any details. it sounded boring, besides you never seem to attend any club meetings or the club did cash for beautiful teen cali hayes in swap for blowjob hardcore meet often. I had come to your place unannounced. your folks were in India and you wouldn't still let me come over if I'd asked.

You suggest that we go out for lunch and while you get dressed, I browse through your bookshelf. Something catches my eye. looks like a wedding invite. gold on grey. I pick it up and see that it's an invite to The Gentlemen's council. The stationery is impressive, elegant. Inside the envelope there's a card that just has the name of what I assume is a Villa or chateau. And the most interesting part is a brass key, ornately designed and stamped with a C.

I place the key and card back in the envelope and the envelope back next to the books on the shelf. and I turn around and say "So, your club's finally meeting." You continue belting up and just answer with an "Ahaan". Well, your response is as boring as I expect the club activities are. I laugh and mention that probably the club is full of old, moneyed men whose heads float up in the clouds. looks like that from the invite.

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You reply with "yes. as old as I am." Then you grab me and kiss me and slide one hand inside my jeans and I soon forget all about the club. Back home, all I can think of is how you fucked me on your bed, in your house. That's like up there in my list of adventures. I get busy with work though still glowing with triumph and satisfaction.

Lying down to sleep at night, I am reminded of the invite. especially the key. I think I will ask you to give me the key for keepsakes if you aren't attending the 'council'. With nothing better to do, I run a search for 'The Gentlemen' on Google.

Nothing of any relevance turns up. besides the search term isn't exactly exclusive. Then, on a hunch, I search for the address/name on the card. I was right. a chateau. My heart wants a new adventure. While talking to you on the phone, I casually ask your plans for Saturday (the day of the council). You tell me that you have to attend the council at 2.

you'd be free by 7 and you'd come over to my place. After I hang up, I decide that I am going to be at the council on Saturday. I have no idea how I'd sneak in or what the consequences would be if I get caught. My plan is to escape the moment I see your car in the driveway. Saturday morning, I am a bit nervous and all excited about the adventure I am about to set out on.

I am also afraid. I do not want to piss you off. I am out of the house at 12 and drive to the chateau, all the while thinking about what punishment you'd give me for my misdemeanour if I get caught. I don't think you'd leave me. I am not going to tell anyone I know you. I reach the chateau cute blonde babe loves to fuck her friend 1.

There are no cars around. I park mine a little away and walk to the gate. The guard looks at me and asks me something in Arabic. I don't understand. so I shake my head. He repeats and adds the word 'party' in English. I assume he is talking about the council. which it seems is a party. I nod this time and he lets me through. This is stupid.

What am I doing here? Does the guard not know that it's only for men or maybe it is just a party and women are allowed. But why would you not tell me that. you take me to all sorts of parties.

why is this different?! I am mad at myself for coming down here. I don't need to know anything. not anymore. I turn to go back, but the guard moist and wild cowgirl riding pornstar and hardcore left his station and is now guiding me towards the chateau. He crosses the front entrance and walks to a side, and when I wait, he gestures towards a door at the side.

He knocks on the door and a Filipino maid opens it. He says something in Arabic and she looks at me and gestures me to follow. With a sigh, I decide to see this to its end. I probably can still sneak away in to a bathroom or something if I see you. The guard leaves us and the maid turns to me, looks me over.

almost appraising me and then tells me that I look old. That's a weird thing to say. I look askance at her and she adds that I am still pretty. Gee thanks. Old and pretty.


Whatever! She takes me to one of the bedrooms. weird place to take one of your first 'guests'. but I forget all about it when I see the room. It is opulent, yet elegant. screams of money. but very tasteful. I love the place.

I know you would love the place.

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She then leaves to get me something to drink. She comes back with a tray with a bottle of wine and a crystal glass. She tells me that it is better if I drink it all up before the event starts.

I look up at her. confused. why drink the whole bottle of wine. She says it helps and adds that it seems it is my first time. Frankly, the conversation is scaring me. I am about to tell her that I don't want to attend the party after all when this huge guy walks in. He looks like he hasn't ever heard a no from anyone.

Ever. He looks at the maid, then at me. then back at the maid and growls about me not being ready yet. Then he picks up the bottle and thrusts it under my nose and growls that I drink it up and soon. I do need a drink. what have I gotten myself into. I take the bottle from him and pour myself a glass.

the way he looks at me, I practically gulp down the wine. It hits me like a train. I have a problem with fast drinking. maybe if I drink up, I'll pass out and when I wake up I can just leave. I drink up directly from the bottle.

Someone, the maid, takes the bottle away from me. I am floating. at least, my head is. I can feel hands on me. gripping my arms tight. lifting me off the chair. It's the brute. I want to shout and punch him. He is gentle as he starts to undress me. I am horrified but I can barely hold up my head to protest.

I think I am naked. I feel naked. The maid and the brute, beauty and the beast, are doing something to me, to my body and face. is it make-up. I smell something sweet. Someone touched me down there. rubbed something there. I am in and out of consciousness. When I finally wake up, my head still feels light, euphoric and I exposed petite woman likes be my tight queen for violated.

I look down at myself and I am wearing a belly dancer's costume. except I have pasties instead of a blouse. The harem pants are strung beads. if I move my legs, they part. revealing everything. because obviously it's crotch-less. I totter to my feet and look at my reflection. I look good and I look younger. I'd shaved down there in the morning in anticipation of our 7 PM tryst.

but it's never smooth and I didn't have time to go to the salon for a Brazilian. But someone had given me one. I was soft to the touch. I wondered if it was the brute or the maid. I hoped it was the brute. The maid came in as I did a pirouette for the mirror. She smiled and asked me to follow her. I was led to another room where the brute was standing over a bed on a trolley.

it was a little wide for a hospital bed and too elaborate but that's what it reminded me of. He asked me to lie down on it. I only hesitated for a moment before I saw his whip. He shackled my wrists on the top of the bed and my legs to the bottom corners with leather thongs attached to metal rings. I saw that the bed could be tilted 90 deg., and that's what he did. Then he covered the standing bed with a circular curtain that's used by magicians.

Wait. am I the magicians bunny!? He then blindfolded me. tight, cutting off the slightest sensation of light. The whole contraption with me in it was then rolled.

to somewhere. Suddenly, I could hear voices, laughter. the party? And as the rolling stopped, a hush fell. It felt unreal. Deprived of the sense of sight, I felt my other senses were suddenly sharper.

I didn't know if I was the only woman in the room. or hall. I wondered if you were there. And panicked at the thought. As I bit my lips, trying to think of an escape route, a male voice started talking. His voice was ceremonial as he boomed. "As you all know, we haven't met in years at the behest of our former Chancellor. Now that he has moved on we have chosen our new Chancellor and we are here today to officially present him with the ring and shield. He has been sent the key which he graciously accepted." At the mention of the key I let out a whimper.

You are the Chancellor, the C stamped on the key. shit. and you are obviously here if this ceremony is for you! But why am I here? The voice continues.


". as is the tradition, we have the sacrificial maiden ready." Wait. what? Sacrificial maiden? That's wrong on so many levels! "She shall now be presented to His Excellency. He shall have the first kiss and the first fuck and for his ears will be her first moans and her first screams and her sizzling blonde latina gets an anal creampie drop of blood.

Bring forth the maiden." I am rolled to a stop a little ahead and I just have a moment to compose my face before I hear a whoosh that suggests the curtain's up! And a sharp intake of breath. which has to be yours. There is absolute silence, and just the sound of footsteps walking towards me.

And then the slide of metal against leather. a sword, perhaps a dagger! I guess you'd want to kill me now. what with me being practically naked in front of your club! I suddenly feel a sharp pin prick between my breasts and I feel you close, I can smell your perfume and the cigarettes as your warm breath blows on my lips.

I feel the kiss. It is not angry, but your whisper is. All you whisper is that I will pay for this. dearly. Then I feel you turn away from me. and you fetish anal for king rocco siffredi porno italiano italian porn loud that you have accepted the sacrifice. And you add in a lighter tone that there may not be any leftovers for anyone after you are through. There is laughter at that. There is some noise like people milling about.

is everyone leaving? I hope so. Or maybe it would be better protection from you if they stay. You are back with me and so is that pin prick which I assume is a dagger. You trace my bare breasts with it and press the tip on the right pastie.

I bite my lips and whisper a sorry. With a sudden movement, you nick me below my collar bone, drawing blood. It stings but your lips cover the cut and you lick the drop of blood. Then you kiss me and I can taste the metallic taste of my blood.

I ask you if everyone else has left the room. I can almost feel you smile dangerously when you reply that you are going to fuck me hard till I beg and scream in front of all those watching. You tell me that you are going to cut away what little I am wearing and let everyone see me bare.

And then you are going to leave me. I am almost in tears. You cut off the leather thongs freeing me from the shackles. I feel the rush of blood back in my arms. Instinctively my hands move to my blindfold but you hold my wrists and pull them away from my face. and you turn me blonde babe sells subwoofer and pounded by pawn dude hardcore big dick and push me towards something made of wood by the touch.

a chair back, a guillotine. I don't know! Then you have me bend over at the waist with the wood supporting me and snap on handcuffs on my wrists behind me. Your hands part the beads of my harem pants and you softly palm my exposed bum cheeks. When you take your hand away the beads fall back covering me up. You mutter something and then next I feel is the dagger in the waist band of my pants and an upward thrust and the beaded pants slink down my legs.

I cringe inside imagining all those eyes on me. I am glad that I am too scared to be wet. I whisper another apology which goes unnoticed again.Or maybe not. because I feel the stings of a hundred bees on my bum which could only mean a cat-o-nine flogger. I squeeze my eyes shut and try to will away the pain as blow after blow falls on my bum. Some of the strands snap against my cunt lips and it's like my bottom is on fire.

I bite my tongue to avoid screaming but I can't stop from whimpering aloud. When I feel your palm on my bottom again, I am almost relieved but it's short because you spank me hard. raining tight and meant to hurt slaps. I am unashamedly crying now. You pull me up and turn me around towards you. I can barely stand. "Hope that felt good. as much as it felt for me." "Please, drop it. let's get out of here.

or let me go.

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I am sorry." "No, you are not sorry. and I am not done with you. Nor are the others. Now down on your knees, you slut." I kneel down, tears streaming down my face, stinging me at my collar bone where you cut me. I can't help but think that I so love to be treated rough by you. but not like this. not with people watching. It is fine in my head but not when it is actually happening to me. You are mad, angry at me and the way you slap me around is hurtful.

You rip of the pasties off my nipples. It hurts like hell. I try to be stoic and focus on pleasing you as you push your cock into my mouth. It sort of helps me gather my senses.

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I love this. I love you. When it comes to the others. no, I won't think about it now. I start to move my tongue slowly around your cock, wrapping my lips and bobbing my head on your cock when you pull my hair and hold my head in place while you proceed to face fuck me at your own, extremely rough pace. When you come, you come all over my face, my neck and my breasts. I try to get up but the pants at my ankles makes me trip. You hold me before I fall. I am exhausted. and I am in pain.

A little gentler than before, you make me sit on the bed. and then you undo my handcuffs from behind and great blowjob from a great sexy slut 16 tube porn them back up in front. Then you push me till I lie flat on my back and tie my cuffed wrists to the shackle. You push my legs far apart and when I try to close them, you tell me that you want everyone to see what a nice pussy the little slut has.

I feel something hard being pushed into my cunt. I am hardly wet. and it feels painful. The feel like beads, large ones. maybe some sort of dildo. Suddenly, it vibrates and then stops and vibrates again. Your finger finds my clit and you tease it in sync with the vibrations.

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"Come for your audience, slut! Show them what a trained slut you are." I close my eyes and try to transport us to my bedroom. all this should have had me orgasming multiple times then. That helps. and I start to get wet. I am shaken from my reverie when you flog my breasts. I twist and writhe to avoid it but the strands land unerringly.

I had managed to not scream until now but combined with the vibrator and your ministrations to my clit. it all comes out in a screaming, shuddering orgasm.

I almost expect loud applause but there's only silence. I am still shuddering from that explosive orgasm when you untie my blindfold and tilt the bed straight. There was no one in the room. just you and me.

Relief floods through me and almost gives me another orgasm.


You lean in close as you undo my handcuffs and whisper that it isn't over for me. The real punishment is what I will be getting back home.