Blonde girlfriend enjoys her lovers erect donger missionary and homemade

Blonde girlfriend enjoys her lovers erect donger missionary and homemade
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This is a story about a girl named Amber.

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She is 4 foot 1 small for her age and weighs 70 pounds. Her breast are still only B cups also. She is almost out of high school when the rape happened that changed her life. Her father Gary was always skinny teen rides some cock after a wet bj drunk and always looked at her or said creepy things like "your skirt would look better shorter" or "your breast are growing finally, something for me to look at".

One day she got home from school and went straight to her room in her trailer. It was just the two of them home that day her brother was out and her mother was gone since she was a baby.

He father was cooking dinner when he called out to her, "Amber do you see that dress sitting on your bed? I was thinking we could have a special night just you and I put it on please." Amber did as her father asked not thinking anything of it, the dress was short black and strapless. It was pretty loose on her to kind of wavy. She never wore panties cause she always thought they were uncomfortable so in her dress she leaves her room to meet up with Gary in the kitchen.

"What do you have in mind daddy?" Amber asked hoping for something exciting. "You will see tonight but first have this drink its amazing." With a smile Gary hands her a drink that he had spiked earlier. Amber takes the glass sits on the couch and begins to drink it while watching TV and Gary watched her.

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After a few minutes Amber looks up to Gary, "Daddy I am not feeling so great right now my stomach hurts." She lays her head against the back of the couch and could feel herself going asleep very fast. Once Gary has noticed she was out he walked to his daughter putting his hands on your head and running them down her arms then grazing her breast.

"At least I will have a special night". Gary brought his little girl to his room where he already had rope out waiting.


He tied her legs together then laid her down on the bed then straddled her. first he kissed her lips and then her neck. His hands ran down her body feeling her breast and hips. Amber woke up finally while her dad was kissing her up and down.

"Daddy what is going on?" She yelled out becoming scared. Gary grabbed her arms and pinned them over her head then biting her neck hard enough to make Amber cry.

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"Don't worry sweet heart I am going to make you a woman tonight." "No please daddy stop! You are hurting me!" Gary sat up off her showing her he was nude letting his 10 inch long dick sit on her thigh close to the bottom of her dress.

Amber was so scared all she could think in her head was she was going to be raped by her Dad for her first time. She trembled in fear and began to ball her eyes out. Gary moved his hands to her breast and pulled down the dress reveling her. Without haste he move up her putting his dick on her chest. Then he grabbed her long black hair in his hands and pulled her head up. "What do you want first sweetie? Tit fuck or a deep throat?" He rubbed his cock up her chest against her perky breast and jabbing at her tightly closed lips.

A few times in a row he kept pushing hoping to break her in but still loving the feeling of using he baby girl. "Please no, help me somebody!" She cried for help after every thrust he moved on her.

All she could see was the head of his dick hitting her in the face over and again till her lips opened up, and his dick entered her body for the first time. He kept with just the head for a second and slowly moved in more and more till he was completely on top of her face and his dick was all the way down her throat.

Humping her face now fucking her throat raw he kept going balls deep inside her till he felt the cum getting close. A little precum exited the tip and leaked down her mouth.

Gary pulled out and sat up next to her while Amber coughed up trying to catch her breath. "Are you done now you bastard? Get everything done that you wanted?" Amber laid away from him completely terrified about what just happened. Still trying to comprehend it all. Gary crawled in behind her spooning her now. "Not a chance my dear. I still need to fill you with all my cum." One hand went around her head to her mouth and neck the other to her hip.

Amber tried to squirm away pervy brunette strokes and sucks two dick before getting double penetrated his grasp and hit him but Gary is to strong for her. He pulled her dress up pressing up against her ass with his cock.


"No panties on? What a slut you are you didn't even know it after today I am sure there will be many other days like this for you." Amber continued to cry hands over her face awaiting for what is next. Gary nudged his cock up to her pussy lips. With a push he enters her pussy forcing it in deeper and deeper. Amber is now being rapped by her father without any protection. Gary moves his hand from her hip to her breast squeezing and ripping at her tits.

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"Don't cum in me daddy I might get pregnant please." Amber cries out for a plea. Gary pulls out and flips Amber on her back then climbed on top again this time putting his dick straight inside her pussy.

He holds her head back so he could kiss her licking her face and tongue down her mouth rubbing her tongue and her teach. Amber felt so grossed out feeling all of her being used by her daddy. Feeling the cum ready to go Gary big tits mature milf taking some cock in as hard and deep as he could shooting his load up in her pussy.

Amber could feel every drop fill her out. He rolled off her again then stood up by the bed. "You wont say anything am I right? You live in my house and its my rules." Gary unties her legs letting her go. "Yes daddy." Amber rolled over in tears. The first time she was raped.