Momo ichinose jav idol extremely pretty small butt standing fuck real babe innocent looking stunner

Momo ichinose jav idol extremely pretty small butt standing fuck real babe innocent looking stunner
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'I really want to kiss you tonight' He purred into her ear. She could feel his breath on her neck.


Just as he was about to lean in there friend came over. Nick had to settle with kissing her on the cheek. A shiver ran down Sophie's spine.

Sophie always got a thrill going out with her cousin and his friends.

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She was only 16 but because of her luscious curves and pretty face she could get into anywhere, which as her cousin and his friends were 21 was useful.

The rest of the time at the nightclub was pretty uneventful with them getting more and more drunk. Eventually about 3 am Jay took them home, as he wasn't drinking. Nick n Sophie tried to quietly enter the flat they shared with nick's parents. Laughing and giggling they tripped up the stairs to Nick's room. Nick stripped off as he usually did to slip under the covers.

Sophie couldn't help but stare at his tall slender frame his tattoo's making him even sexier. She loved the way he ran his hand through his short spiky hair when he took his top off. 'Hope you aint looking at stuff you shouldn't be' Nick giggled slipping into his bed.

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Sophie perched on the edge as she always did. 'Its bleeding freezing tonight' She whined. 'Get under the covers if your cold' Nick offered. Sophie knew she lebians playing with each others oiled ass and pussy really but she couldn't resist. She snuggled into his duvet and started watching tv suddenly she felt a hand caressing her back. She froze not knowing what to do but the longer it went on the more she relaxed.

Sophie could feel herself becoming wet. She rolled onto her back and was about to ask him what he was doing when Nick rolled on top of her and planted his mouth on hers before she had time to speak. His hand rubbed the back of her neck while his tongue explored her mouth.

She couldn't believe what a good kisser he was. She began to writhe around underneath him. She pushed him off and made to get up. Nick grabbed her wrist. 'Hey, where u going?' 'To my bed, night' Sophie pulled away but he held on tight.

He stood up next to her, Just looking up into his gorgeous brown eye made her want to melt. Nick ran his hands from her hips up her sides until they were placed around her neck. He bent down n kissed her again.

Sophie felt her knees go weak. He gently pushed her back on the bed as he was kissing her.


His hand wondered up her top and under her bra he tweaked at her erect nipple, Sophie shuddered. She'd surrendered to him now. Sophie ran her fingers up his back feeling his soft skin. Nick began kissing her neck. His hard on pressing against her leg. Sophie began to moan as his hands traveled down between her legs. Massaging her through her silky panties. Her wetness seeping through onto his hand.

Sophie gyrated her hips against him. 'I want you' he whispered into her ear. He hooked his finger into the elastic band of her panties and pulled them down. He slowly moved so he was kneeling on the floor in front of her. He pulled her to the edge of the bed and looked at what she had to offer him. He opened her legs as far as they would comfortably go.

Her wetness big bob mom my friend in the light through his window from the streetlights. He worked his index finger into her pussy her juice dripped down his finger.

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Nick wiggled his finger around causing Sophie to moan n thrash. He bent his head down and let his tongue take care of her clit while his finger did the rest. She tasted sweet and smelt musky. Tasting her was causing his rock hard dick to throb with desire. 'Do wicked anal with gf in a masterful manner Nick do it to me' Sophie panted with desire. She sat up and pulled at his boxers until they fell revealing his hard 8 inch dick to her.

She layback inviting him into her. Nick took one look at her and lunged. His cock felt like it was going to split her in 2. She'd never felt so full. He lay still allowing her to adjust to him. Slowly he began to rock his hips. Sophie pulled her legs up fastening them around his waist.

She purred n cooed into Nick's ear. 'Harder Nick harder!' He thrust in an out of her hot wet pussy going faster and harder than he thought possible. 'Cum in me pppplease' Sophie whined. Nick could feel her lusciously wet cunt grabbing and milking his pulsating cock. He couldn't control himself any longer.


releasing jet after jet of hot cream deep into her. It was all to much for Sophie who collapsed into her own orgasm. 'That was amazing!' They lay next to each other and soon fell asleep.